Friday, January 13, 2012

Translations of Panchakam, Sashtam, Sapthakam, Navakam, Dasakam and Bhujangam

Stotras also exist in some rare forms , the most popular form being ashtakam. Some Stotras , call themselves as stotras, others sthuthis and yet others sthavams. In these the number of stanza rules are not followed. Here are the particulars of stotras in these rare forms, which have been translated by me:-
Panchakams are prayers with five stanzas. These are rarely used in praising a deity but often used to tell us some important message. I have translated few Panchakams to English . They are:-
1.Guha Panchakam
2.Maya Panchakam
3.Janaki Panchakam
4.Athma panchakam
5.Guru Paduka Panchakam
6.Kasi Panchakam
7.Kaupeena Panchakam
8.Mathru Panchakam
9.Sadhana Panchakam
10.Vairagya Panchakam


Shatkams are prayers with six stanzas. This prayer form is also very unpopular with great writers for praying to God. I have translated three shatkams. They are:-

1.Nirvana Shatkam
2.Skanda Shatkam
3.Shriya Shatkam


SApthakams are prayers with seven stanzas. These are also stotra forms which are very rarely used. I have translated two sapthakams . They are

1.Hari sarana Sapthakam
2.Subrahmanya Sapthakam (Tamil)


Navakams are prayers with nine stanzas . These are also rarely used. I have translated two navakams. They are:-

1.Sashakthi Shiva Navakam
2.Aarya Navakam


Daskams are prayers with ten stanzas . This form of stotra also is rare. I have translated six such stotras written in the dasaka form. They are :-

1.Nyasa Dasakam
2,Gauri Dasakam
3.Sastha Dasakam
4. Dharma Sathru asraya Dasakam
5.Bhoothanatha Dasakam


Though there are several stotras where 12 nmes are mentioned , there are very few with twelve stanzas. The most famous (I have yet to translate it) is the Dwadasa stotram written by sage Madhwachaya. I have translated only stotra with this speciality. They are:-

1.Dharma Sasthru Asraya Dwadasam

7.Bhujanga stotras /Bhujanga Prayata stotras and Dandakams
Bhujanga means snake . The Bhujanga and Bhujanga prayata stotras are written in a meter resembling the movement of a snake . Adhi Sankara Bhagawat pada has written many stotras praising various deities using this style, the most famous of these being Subramanya Bhujanam.Dandakams are Poems which have more than 26 letters per line .. Since it is extremely difficult to write , very few poets have attempted it. The most famous prayer written using this meter is Shyamala Dandakam. Here are a list of these type of prayers that I have translated:-
1.Vishnu BHujanga Prayata Stotram
2.Dasa avathara Bhujanga stotram
3.Sri Rama Bhujangam
4.Shiva Bhujanga prayatha stotram
5.Bhavani Bhujangam
6.Devi Bhujanga stotram
7.Saraswathi Bhujanga Prayatha Stotram
8.Saraswathi Bhujanga prayata ashtakam
9.Subramanya Bhujanagam
10.Sri Sastha Bhujangam
11.Hanumath BHujanga prayatha Stotram
12.Shyamala Dandakam
13.Garuda Dandakam


Raghu Vijay Raghavan said...

Dear Sir,
God bless you for your efforts!
Here is a stotra that I would like you to translate:
आधारे लिंग नाभौ हृदय सरसिजे ताल मूले ललाटे । द्वे पत्रे शोडषारे द्वि दश दशदळे द्वादशार्धे चतुष्के ।। वासान्ते भालमध्ये उ फ कठसहिते कण्ठदेशे स्वराणां। हं क्षं तत्वार्थ युक्तं सकल तनुगतं वर्णरूपं नमामि॥ आधारे प्रथमं सहस्र किरणे ताराधिपं स्वालये। माहेयं मणिपूरकं कृतिपुतं कंण्ठे च वाचस्पिम्। भ्रूमध्ये भृगुनन्दनं दिनमणे पुत्रं त्रिकूठस्थले।। नाडी मर्म सुराहुकेतु कुळिकां नित्यं नमामि आयुष्ये।।
The stotram is about the 7 chakras and kundalini.I have tried in vain to get a copy and check for mistakes.

Best wishes,

Prakash Pandey said...

you may find the first part in devi bhagavatam, second part i am not sure