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Epic hero saint Ramanuja

Poet Vali has   penned  an epic on Saint Ramanuja , which he called  as  Ramanuja  Kaviyam.  This short poem on Ramanuja   is taken from   that book. I have great admiration to  the saint    Ramanuja as a great social reformer born 1000  years earlier. I know  many  of my friends   will disagree with my opinion but here  is a great  poem on him.

Kaviya thalivan Ramanujan 
Epic   hero saint Ramanuja 

Kavinjar Vaali

Translated  by

(I always look   Saint Ramanuja    who lived  one thousand years   back  as the greatest  Indian social reformer .He was  one of those   great religious scholars  , who thought  one thousand years back   that

1.There  is no  difference  between  human beings due to  their birth
2. That our God understands   not only Sanskrit  but all  languages   that we speak.

He was  possibly  the first  Brahmin leader   who thought  the Vaishnavism of Tamil Nadu   propagated  by people  belonging to a  mix of religions is really   great  and not only he respected  it but merged it    with the  Brahmin religion.  He made it a rule   that no worship or ritual  is complete    without   reciting   few  Tamil Pasurams. . This great poem of Vali   is possibly  one of the greatest   tribute  that  we can give to that   great sage   during his one thousandth birthday.)

பாட்டில் வைத்துப்

எதிராஜன் -
எனப்படும் ராமானுஜன்தான்...
அற்றை நாளில் -

தனியார் துறைக்குத்
தாரை வார்த்த முக்தியை -
பொதுத் துறைக்குப்
பெயர்த்து வந்தவன்;உய்வழி -
பேசிய மறைகளைப்
பெட்டியில் மறைக்காது -
தேசிய மயமாக்கி
தேசத்தவர்க்குத் தந்தவன் !
It was  that Ramanuja   who was also known as Yathiraja,
Whose   greatness    spread   by the   songs  composed  by king of poets Bharathi  Dasan,
Who caught   hold of “Salvation”  which was  given away    to private  enterprise ,
And  transferred it to the Public sector  and who  did not hide in a box  ,
The secret  Vedas which taught   the way    to   salvation,
But nationalized  it   and  gave it to our   country men.
சமயப் புரட்சி - ஓர்
இமயப் புரட்சி !
அயல்சனம்; இரண்டும் -
சரிசனம் - என
சாதித்தது இவன் தராசு;
உடனே -
உறுமியது வைதிக மிராசு !
The revolution  of religion that   be brought about   was a  Himalayan  revolution,
His balance    told him that Harijans  and other people   were  just equal,
And when he told that the  Vaidika   capitalists    roared.
 வர்ணங்கள் நான்கால்
வரையப் பெற்றிருந்த -
மன்பதை -

ஒரே வர்ணத்தால் - இவன்
ஒஹோவென வரைந்தான்;
வழக்கம்போல் -
வைதிகன் இரைந்தான் !
 The humanity   that   was drawn by four colours   was drawn,
In a great manner    by him with only  one colour,
And as usual    the Vaidikas    shouted.
இவன் -
கீழ்சாதிமேல் கைபோட்ட
மேல்சாதி; இதனை -
முதன் முதல் செய்த
முப்புரி நூல்சாதி !

தீண்டாமையைத் -
தீண்டியே கொன்றான்;
நிற்க -
சாயச் -

தெருக்குலத்தார் தம்மைத் -
திருக்குலத்தார் என்றான் !
He was the higher caste   who hugged    the lower  caste,
And was the first  Brahmin   to do so.
He destroyed  untouchability   by touching them,
And he called   street living poor  who did not have  shade over them,
And did not have wall    for them to lean as  “Divine people”
இது மட்டுமா விந்தை?
இன்னும் இயற்றினான்
எந்தை !

காமக்கிரியை புரியும்
கணிகையர்குலப் பெண்ணுக்கு -
ஈமக்கிரியை புரிந்தான்;

புள்ளினம் யாவிற்கும்
பறந்திட இடங்கொடுக்கும் -
வெள்ளிவானாய் விரிந்தான் !
ஈர மனத்தவன்; எனாமலே -
ஈயும் இனத்தவன் !
Is this    the only miracle    that , he   who is our father   did much more,
He did  cremation  rites   to a girl from a  family of prostitutes whose job was   selling passion,
He  spread in to a silver   sky which gave  place    to all the   birds,
He had  a  very soft mind  and without   another asking  , he was giving  them.
இருக்கும் நீரெலாம் -
இரக்கும் நிலத்திற்கீந்து -
இறக்கும் மேகமும் -
இவனும் ஒன்று;
நரகம் வருமென -
நன்கு தெரிந்தும்...

ஓதற் கரிய
ஒரு மந்திரத்தை - ஊர் உய்ய

ஓதினான் கோபுர
உச்சியில் நின்று !

இது மட்டுமா விந்தை?
இன்னும் இயற்றினான் எந்தை !
He  and  the dying cloud  which gave  all the water   which it had  ,
To the land    that   was begging    for it , were   exactly the same
He  climbed up on a  temple tower and taught  a manthra ,
Which should   not be taught  to any one  , so that the town people would become great,
Is it the   only miracle    that he did  , no, this father  of us   did very many more
முக்கா டிடுகின்ற -
முகமதியப் பெண்ணுக்கு -
நிக்கா முடித்தான் -
நாராயண னோடு;

அரங்கன்பால் -
அவளுக் கிருந்த...
அலுக்க வொண்ணாத
அன்பைக் கண்டு - அவளைத்
துலுக்க நாச்சியாய்த்
துதிக்கிறது நாடு !

ஆக -
ஆயிரம் ஆண்டுகட்கு முன்பே...
மதப்புரட்சி செய்த
இவன் கைக்குள்
இருந்தது -
சண்டித்தனம் செய்த
சனாதனக் குதிரையின் லகான் !
He celebrated the marriage of a lady of islam    who wore a  Burqua   with lord  Narayana,
And seeing   her love towards Ranganatha, the   country prays as  Islamic    wife of the lord
Yes,  that great one  performed   religious revolution one thousand    years  back,
And in his hand was  there  the  the string to control  the adamant  horse

இருபதாம் நூற்றாண்டின் - இரு
இணையற்ற சிந்தனையாளரோடு...

உவமித்து ராமானுஜனை -
உரைக்கப் போயின்...

பூணூல் -
போட்டிருந்த -
பெரியார் எனலாம்; திருமண் -
ஆறிரண்டு -
அணிந்திருந்த -
அம்பேத்கர் எனலாம் !

If we compare   this Ramanuja   to two incomparable social reformers  ,
Of the twentieth centaury   and tell   about it ,
He can be called  Periyar with a sacred  thread  ,
And Ambedkar   wearing   the twelve Vaishnavite marks.

Some knowledgeable free tips to the husbands to keep their wives happy.

Some knowledgeable free   tips to the  husbands to keep their  wives happy.


(These great tips in typical tamil  commercial lingua    was posted by my   friend  Srimani Venkatraman , I am  only passing it on to people    who do not know Tamil)

When your mother in  law    is  observing penance ,
With concern get angry with    your darling wife,
“Mother  is  suffering    greatly   doing all this”
And see   the face of better  half filled   with joy

When you and   your dear   wife   are  watching TV ,
And when  Kalyan jewelers    advertises  ,
For a new    gold   diamond Mela , even though,
You do not mean it say “We have to buy that”  and see  her face.

When   your   and  yourself    are   enjoying  doing nothing,
When  your class mate   calls you for a party and get together,
Say Loudly   in the phone , “I  cannot    come to any treat,
AS I have  to go to temple  with my wife”  and see her turning happy.

When you   are  talking   some absolute    rubbish    with your   wife,
Make your face and voice  full of sorrow   and tell your wife,
“For a  long time I have   not    seen your  parents  and I am ,
Feeling like inviting them” and see   yor wife’s face light up.

Ask  often your wife, “How come     you are so pretty,”
Discuss   with your pretty sister in law atomic physics,
Put wife’s picture after  make up  as wall paper  in your phone ,
Do Not shout “Oh my god”  when you see  her face  as soon as she wakes up.”

Whatever   trash your dear wife cooks  , enjoy ,
Every morsel   and tell her , “No one can cook like her”
And if she  beats you with   chapathi  roller pin,
Fall down , cry  and struggle but never get up and  shout at her.”

These   are but only preliminary     tips    as to ,
How to lead   a happy  life    with your wife ,
For any other   extra tip  , pay a fees  ,
Of one thousand  rupees and  register yourselves.

Instead of cleaning your face you clean the mirror

Instead  of cleaning   your face  you clean the mirror

Translated from  Hindi

"Insaan, Ghar badalata hai ... Libaas badalata hai ..... Rishte badalata hai ... Dost badalata hai .... Phir bhi pareshaan kyon rehta hai .... Kyon ki woh khud ko nahi badalata " ....

Isiliye to Mirza Galib ne kaha tha:

"Umer bhar Ghalib yahi Bhool Karta raha, Dhool Chehre pe thi, aur Aina saaf karta raha"
Man changes his home.
He changes his cloths,
 He changes his relationship,
He changes his friends.
But how come he is always worried?
It is because   he does not change himself
 Because of this  perhaps  Mirzaa Ghalib told
“All  his life GHalib was making only this mistake,
Dirt was in the face,

And he kept on cleaning the mirror”.

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Matchless devotion to Lord Krishna

Matchless  devotion to Lord Krishna

Transcreated by

(I read this   story written in Tamil in a whatsapp message .I was simply shaken. I am sure you would also experience it)

One devout  priest   in an ancient temple of Krishna,
One day opened   the temple    for morning  Pooja,
And he was shocked to see one cowdung    spot ,
On Lord  Krishna’s ears    and he was   greatly shocked

He always locked   the doors  of the temple with great care,
He always kept   the key to the temple  below  his pillow,
And  he had never seen   an open  temple door .
In any of the  mornings  in his entire  life.

With great sorrow , he removed    the cow dung spot,
Cleaned   the  form of   the   lad Krishna ,
Whom he loved   with all his    heart ,
And started hois morning chores   at the  temple.

All the devotees   had gone away after  worship,
But a   very  friendly devout   unlettered  poor old woman,
Was still   sitting   in the temple  , with her  tear filled eyes,
Fixed   on that lad. Who makes our life joyful.

The priest who considered her as his  friend asked her,
“Mother   why are you crying?”   and that old lady said,
“Yesterday   my Krishna    ate  tonnes of butter ,
And I am   sad that  it might have not digested  and it may be aching”

The priest enquired “WQhat did you wish for yourself?”
And she replied, “ All I want is my Krishna  should be healthy ,
And joyful and I am also worried    that  hundreds of devotees,
Keep on asking something   and he is forced  to  lift his right hand always”

“I wish that  they would  stop their requests   for some time,
For otherwise   his hand will start paining  . Did not he  with the same hand,
Give Saris to Panchali    and drive   chariots   to Arjuna .
Which would have    caused him pain? At least now let him rest.”

“Also he keeps on holding    his flute  and I am sure,
That   would have added   to his pain. I keep on,
Requesting him to take rest and    hand down his right hand ,
But some how   he does not   seem to bother   at all.

The priest closed   the temple   with  great   feeling of guilt,
And could not   sleep properly   and around five AM,
He felt as if some one    was waking him up and then ge saw the Lord Krishna,
Who told , “It is not your mistake. Leave your body here  and let your soul come  with me.”

Then Lord Krishna   and the soul of the priest   went to that old woman’s hut,
And they are  cleaning   her floor  as well as  kitchen stow with cow dung,
And after that  job was over  , a little of the   cow   dung was left in her hand,
And  she threw  it outside her home   saying “Krishnarpanam- I give it to Krishna.”

And the cow dung went   through    a samall hole in the roof of the temple,
And got attached to the Gods form   and then the priest understood ,
What had happened and next day , he cleaned    the   cowdung ,
And did Pooja as usual    but the old did not come that day.

Next day morning  the God again woke up the priest   and told,
That the old woman was dying anf if he goes   to her home ,
He would be able to see    strange sights    which no one else,
Would be able to  see   and the priest rushed    to her home.

As soon as he entered , the old lady breathed her  last  and the priest,
Could see  coming down in a heavenly chariot to take her soul  to heaven,
But the priest heard the old lady    telling lord Krishna , What is the need for all this?,
My only request  is  that my children should look after you properly”

AS soon as she told like this the heavenly chariot   dashed against a wall,
And burst in to pieces and Krishna told her , “ Are you not my mother?
I am bound to obey your wishes   and saying this he made her in to two golden ear globes,
Wore it and went away  and next day the priest saw  his Lord Krishna wearing   the same globes.

NRI –Poem in Hindi

NRI –Poem in Hindi

Translated by

( This was posted in my whatsapp   group by my friend  Ranganathan. My thanks to him.)

ना इधर के रहे
ना उधर के रहे
बीच में लटकते रहे

Did not belong to here,
Nor could get belonged to there,
They were   keeping on hanging in between

ना India को भुला सके
ना videsh को अपना सके
NRI बन के काम चलाते रहे

They could not   forget India,
They  could not make  foreign countries  their  own,
 They became an NRI  and managed  things.

ना हिन्दी को छोड़ सके
ना अंग्रेजी को पकड़ सके
देसी accent में गोरो को
confuse करते रहे

Neither could  they  leave  Hindi,
Neither  could  they   catch hold of English,
And  in an   accent  of Desi Indians,
They kept on confusing those   white ones

ना shorts पहन सके
ना सलवार कमीज़ छोड़ सके
Jeans पर कुरता पहेन कर इतराते रहे

 They could   not wear shorts,
Nor  they  could leave Shalwar  Kameeze,
And they  got used  to  wearing  Kurtha   over jeans

ना नाश्ते में Donut खा सके
ना खिचड़ी कढी को भुला सके
Pizza पर मिर्च छिड़ककर
मज़ा लेते रहे

They  could not eat  Donuts    for breakfast  ,
Nor could they  forget  Khichdi and Kadi,
Then they  used to sprinkle   chilly  powder,
On Pizzas and started enjoying it.

ना गरमी को भुला सके
ना Snow को अपना सके
खिड़की से सूरज को
Beautiful Day कहते रहे

Neither   could  they forget  heat,
Nor could they  make  Snow   their  own,
And  seeing Sun through window,
They  went on telling “beautiful day”

अब आयी बारी
जाने की तो
हाथ में mineral पानी की बोतल लेकर चलते रहे

लेकिन वहां पर.............

Then came   the chance ,
To come to India,
And when  they  were  going there,
They were  wandering carrying   mineral bottles

ना भेल पूरी खा सके
ना लस्सी पी सके
पेट के दर्द से तड़पते रहे
तिरफला और डाइज़िंन
से काम चलाते रहे

They could not eat  Bhel Poori,
Nor could they  drink Lassi,
They were  suffering   by  stomach ache  ,
And some how they  managed  ,
By eating Triphala    and Digene

ना मच्छर से भाग सके
ना खुजली को रोक सके
Cream से दर्दों को छुपाते रहे

They  could not run away from Mosquito,
Nor could  they        stop that scratching ,
And by using the cream they were  hiding   their  pain

ना इधर के रहे
ना उधर के रहे
कमबख्त कहीं के ना रहे😜😀

They did not  belong to here ,
Neither they  belonged  to there
And those  wretched ones  did  not belong to any where

Dedicated to all NRIs

The costliest gift that God can give

The costliest gift    that God can give


(This is a famous story which I have written in my own words .If at all  I meet God , I will  ask him only for this precious gift.)

More than ten people   were involved   in a great worship,
Of God in one   of    the greatest   temples   of India,
Each of them felt    that they lacked   something in life ,
Which was  preventing    them from   becoming happy.

Suddenly   The God was   inside   the sanctum   came out ,
In person and asked   them , “though you are   all my devotees,
All of you seem to be not   at all happy   and  if I can ,
Give you what you want  and make you happy , I would be glad.”

One of those men told  , “ I seem to have much less  money  ,
Than all others  and am sorrowing because  of that only,
Oh God   , if you can perhaps give  me lots and lots  of money,
I am sure   I would be happy. “ God said “So be it”   and he became rich.

Another man told  “ I seem to have   a wife    who is not    that pretty,
And so whenever  I take her out  , I feel sad  on seeing more prettier girls,
Oh God  , if you can perhaps    make my   wife   the prettiest in the world,
I am sure   I would be happy  .” God said “So be it “ and his wife was adorned with prettiness.

Yet another  man said , “ I seem   to be a weakling    affected  by so many health problems,
And so whenever  I see others , I compare their  physique       with mine   and I become sad,
And so  , if you can perhaps   make me    very strong   so that  world is jealous  of me ,
I am sure   I would be happy  .”  God said, “So be it “ and he became  strong making others jealous.

Yet another  told, “All my life I have been trying    to become   a great poet and,
When I see   other poets    write poems    which are  very pretty and regal,
I feel sad   that  I am not able  to write   like   any of them  who are great,
And perhaps  If only  you can make me a great poet “ God said “So be it “  and he became  great poet

And all other people  there  got all that  they wanted   and one more  shabbily dressed man,
Who was a weakling , who was not a poet  , who was not all   pretty and whose   wife was ugly .
Was the only   one remaining  and God with   great kindness   called  him to come to his side ,
And asked him, “Each of them are happy  as they got what they want, Will you please  tell what you want?

That ugly poor, weak man who seemed    to have nothing with him  laughed in a humble manner,
And said, “ All my life    I have   been   jealous of others   and    was toiling   with worries ,
In my mind and I had riches, health  beauty   and so on but  never had peace   of mind,
And so all that  I want is mental peace  and I am giving you all my worries .” God said , “Please wait,”

Then God requested all the others   who had   got all that they wanted   to   go from there,
So that he can think as   to what   to give to this poor man but none   of them left,
And they  all became very jealous   on that remaining poor man  and  felt  bad,
That God was going to give him   some thing much greater   than what they   have got.

All of them again became extremely sad but that poor man got peace of mind
And with a humility   and a smile  realized   that God without  saying “So be it”
Has given him  the most precious gift  that    he wanted and he thanked  God   and told him,

“I am grateful to you  God as   I am now peaceful  and I do not want   anything more.”

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Extra key?

Extra key?

Translated by

Suppose   I  happen to come ,
First   from office  ,
There  is a need   for first key?

Suppose   you happen to come,
Early from office,
There  is a need for the second key?

Supoose  our son happens   to come ,
 From his school early  ,
There is a need for   third key?

But suppose  mother  is not  living ,
IN old age home    but in our home
There is no need for lock or key?

A husband asks “How come my darling?”

Oh wives   , note these down and  make him  not   to  repeat the same questions again,  as he also is  a human being.

A  husband asks  “How come my darling?”


(When I  wrote   “ A wife asks “ Jow come my darling?” . the men and husbands    wanted a  similar   questionnaire     to be sent to the wives.  So to please   my friends I wrote this more in fun   with truth being a distant relative  . )

After   an d before   our engagement  ,
You acted as if you were   very shy,
And would not talk to me   before others.
But How come darling    you never seem to stop talking nowadays ?

When you go   to a shop   to select  a Sari for yourself,
You used to take   hundreds of hours   and spend ,
Thousands of rupees    but how come darling ,
If I need a shirt , the time to shop is five minutes  and cost  is just below thousand?

Most of the days    when I go to office   to earn money,
You do to the beauty  parlour  to spend    that money,
And how come darling , your made up beauty   does not last ,
Even for a few hours  and every one say that I am handsome  without all these.

When there is celebration in your family   , you seem to think,
That none of your family  members know anything ,
And you  go well  in advance  and how come darling,
When there  is a function in my home , it is those three days?

Right from the days   before   the marriage  , you seem,
To hate   dowry   and used to say   that our home members,
Are fleecing    your people   but how come darling ,
Whenever   your family  is in need , my money flows there  like ganges?

When    my very old   parents    inform us   that  they,
Are coming  , I find either   you are   very sick  ,
Of children have exams   or that  your busy  with your work,
But how come darling you   are always free when your parents visit?

When my people    come to visit  to our  home,
You seem to think too  much of expenses ,
And   the food is  usually simple   with Rasam and side dish,
And how come when your people come , we take  them to five star hotel?

When   the children of my siblings come for a visit,
You seem to get terribly annoyed at their mischief,
And find it extremely difficult   to cook any dishes,
But how come   when your brother’s children come , we roll a red carpet?

When   by misfortune   I bring an office friend home ,
You seem to be shabbily dressed   and do not   bother ,
To give him even a cup of tea , but if it is your friend,
How come darling you are well dressed  and order food from hotel?

You seem to like    those   horrible looking   idiots  on the screen,
Too- too much for   their personality and   six pack look ,
But how come darling   you do  not like any heroines,
And call them all worthless  ladies showing their all?

You seem to watch   TV serials   endlessly   from morn to night,
Not allowing   any one else    to come  near the remote,
And when me or kids    want   to  watch a cricket test ,
How come darling ,  you feel that  we are watching  useless programmes?

After   your  coaching our kids    for exams ,   their marks,
Seem to    go down like   a waterfall   but ,
How come darling  when    the kids want me to coach them,
You seem to feel it is better  they go back to their idiot teacher .

You    seem to watch the TV    endlessly   and whatsapp ,
Every minute   of your time    to your very many friends,
And How come darling ,   you behave idiotically ,
Are bereft of common sense and lack general knowledge?

Monday, March 20, 2017

A wife asks “How come my darling?”

Oh husbands  , note these down and  make her not  repeat the same questions again, She also is  a human being.

A  wife  asks  “How come my darling?”

In English by

(The original in Tamil had been posted by  Hamsabai Santhana Krishnan   in face book .My thanks to her.)

After   our engagement  , you used  to come,
To my home   daily saying   that it was 
Birthday, lover’s day , women’s day  and so on,
But  how come my darling  nowadays   you forget   even my birthday?

When you   go to  select  a shirt for yourself.
You never select a cloth  of more than  rupees twenty five a meter,
But how come my darling   if my    father  presents   you a shirt,
You   only select Park avenue   shirts and Raymond  pants?

When you have   a function   of your family  ,
Your office always  gives you  a week holiday,
But how come my darling  , if it is a function  of my home.
Your office seems to have inspection, auditing  and meeting?

If there   is a function involving your family members ,
You work like a donkey  and never even take  one minute rest?
But how come my darling   when it is a function   in my family,
You dress superbly and  not even lift a  twig  ?

If some one of your family    celebrates,  without ,
Even taking a bit   of loan , you give a present of twenty five thousand?
But how come my darling   when    a member of my family celebrates,
Your income tax is due and you have to take a loan to pay  rupees  one  thousand?

When the children of your sister   or brother   come here,
To spend the vacation, even  if they break  AC or washing machine ,
There   seem to be no problem because    they are children  ,
But how come my darling if my brother’s son breaks a ten rupee toy, you call  them monkey army?

When some guests   from your home    come to visit us,
You apply for leave   and  get excited to show round our town,
But   how come my darling when some one    from   my home comes,
There is meeting in your office and you come after  midnight?

When I ask you to buy    a   ear stud   or a necklace ,
You jump from earth to sky   and shout   at the  top of your   voice,
But how come my darling you stand like a simpleton  for  asking me for my necklace,
To finance  building of the home or     buy a vehicle for you?

When we go to shop a   new Sari for me  , your purse ,
Seems never to open  and you get upset if it costs more than five hundred,
But how come my darling    when we both go to the  office party,
You shout at me    for not wearing  a decent Sari as if   to insult you?

When I spend  more than one hour    to make up  ,
And wear  the best Sari  I have , you never  seem to appreciate,
But on the way  when we  meet the  horrible lady typist of yours ,
How come my darling , you  use  great words   to appreciate  her dress and looks?

When you have a slight fever   or a simple head ache ,
You   shout  so much and  always take rest,
But how come my darling when I am sick , you want me  ,
TO call a friend to prepare a five course lunch?

When you  come to our front door  , you find it ,
Difficult  to  ring the bell  , due to your big paunch,
But how come my darling you tell me   who  has  a pretty  chubby  look,
That your office steno  is a slim beauty   and I am useless.

When one   of your friend comes   from outside town,
You both spend the   entire   night in the bar,
But how come my darling  , when I meet   an old class mate in the road ,
You  drag me saying , we are late for bus  and there is cricket  match?

When we are  seeing some serials  in TV , you snatch the remote,
From us   and keep on   watching  news channels  one after other always,
But how come my darling when our    son asks , who is president of India,
You say Amithab Bachan  or Rajendrakumar   and tell our son to ask me for the correct answer?

One last question  my darling, Are   you hearing the news from TV or  ogling at   the news reader?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Donkey adjustment -the new philosophy of life

Donkey    adjustment  -the new  philosophy   of life

Posted in Tamil  by
Prof.Viswanath Das

Rewritten in English by

There   was a merchant  with roaring business  in good old times,
Who used   to go to various places   to do his trade,
And one day     he met with an accident  and he  could not walk,
And so he    purchased   a healthy donkey    and started   riding on it.

After  that  his  travels became   without  any rhyme  or reason,
Days together   he went to east then   a day or days   to west or north,
Then he  would perhaps travel   again to east   or west or north,
And no one knew   to which direction he would go the next day.

Then  his friends   and relatives one  day stopped  him on the way,
“What is happening to you?  Some days you   go east and some to north?
Some day you return early    and some days   extremely late .
Is everything all right   with you and your   trade ? we are worried.”

Then the merchant told them  , “ after   that accident,
You know I depend on this   donkey    to go   anywhere I want,
And though I nurture him with love , he would   not go,
To the  direction that   I want  him to go”

“My only means  of livelihood is trade   and I cannot leave it,
Nor can I fight   with this donkey and so  he carries  me ,
To the direction that  he likes and I finish my jobs in that  direction.
Neither have  I any problem nor does the donkey seem to have a problem”

So  if we   want to lead    our life   without  problems,
We have to understand how   to adjust    with a donkey,
That is life , where   if we adjust  with donkeys  everything  would be fine.
This is   even  okay   in married life   where   we have to  adjust with husband or wife donkey.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mother and Wife

Mother and Wife

Transcreated by

(I had  read a similar   essay   recently in face book. My acknowledgements to the friend who posted it.)

Mother carries you   in your womb ,
And wife    carries   you  all her  life,
Mother   gives   birth to you  and  nurtures
And  wife adopts   you  to nurture

Mother gave    you heart throbs,
And  wife gives you throb to achieve,
Mother is    the first cradle ,
And wife is the second   cradle.

Mother   is your first   God,
And wife  is a god equal to mother,
Mother brings you near sports arena,
And wife makes  you participate  in the sport of life.

Mother is the soul, wife  is body and soul ,
Mother  is yesterday   and today,
And wife  is today  and tomorrow,
Mother is birth  and wife growth

Without wife  motherhood does not exist,
Without  motherhood , good womanhood does not exist,
Natures   greatness  is in  creation of womanhood,
And greatness  of womanhood  is  in motherhood

Daughter , Daughter and Daughter

Daughter  , Daughter and Daughter

Rewritten  by

(This is based on a slightly  different write  up in english   posted on the same subject in the face book. Unfortunately  I did not note the name of the contributor ,May God bless that Anon friend .Sons do love their parents equally and would  sacrifice their all  for their sake but a daughter  would be a daughter)

Ram  and Sita  got married  in high fashion,
And they had a house warming  of their own home ,
And next day  , they decided   to celebrate  the entire day,
And  sealed an  agreement  that  to no one  they will open the door.

Ram’s parents   were   the first  to knock   at their door,
And respecting his agreement with Sita , Ram did not open the door,
And then  Sita’s parents   arrived  and  knocked the door ,
Sita crying pleaded with Ram and he  opened the door for them.

Years later  Ram and Sita   had a very pretty  son,
And  they did celebrate    the birth of   the son ,
And then one  more   son was   born to them,
And no celebration worth   talking    was  carried out

After   two more years   the warmth   of their home  ,
Was  increased by the birth of cherubic   anjel like  daughter,
And Ram went over board  , called all  his friends and relations,
And threw   a very huge party   , like which the iown has  not seen.

Sita   asked Ram  with little   hesitation   the reason  ,
For the   very  huge   celebration     and Ram replied.
“She is the  one   who is   going to open the   door,
One day for both of us , come   what may , with a smile.”

“She is the  one   who   would   forgo  her food one day,
And feed    us   and become   happy to see  us eat,
And  I thought  that   her arrival    was  worth  heralding ,

AS she is  a great hope for  us, as we  would soon be old.”