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Akshaya Tritheeya

Akshaya Tritheeya on 18-4-2018

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Akshaya Tritheeya (Festival of un ending prosperity ) is the festival celebrated on the third of Amavasya in the Mesha month(Chithirai) all over India . It is a day when several great things have happened according to Hindu religion:-
1.Lord Brahma created the Kritha yuga on that day (Time measurement in the earth)
2.It is the day on which goddess Lakshmi rose up from the ocean of milk and blessed all the world with Gold as well as prosperity
3.It is the day when Goddess Lakshmi occupied the chest of Lord Vishnu
4,. It is a day when Lord Parasurama was born(Some people believe that Lord Balarama was born on that day)
5.It is the day on which Saint Vyasa started composing Maha Bharatha and Lord Ganesa started writing it
6.It is the day when Lord Khubera gor back the wealth that was usurped from him by Ravana
7.It is the day when Lord Krishna ate the Beaten rice taken by Kuchela by saying Akshayam
8.It is the day when the Pandavas and Panchali received the “akshaya pathra (never ending vessel)” from God Surya
9.It is the day when Goddess Parvathi became Goddess Annapurna and got the Akshaya Patra from Swami Bindu Madhava and from which she gave people food during the great famine in Varanasi
10.It is the day on which the river Ganges descended to earth from head of Lord , as per the request of King Bhageeratha
11.It is the day on which Lord Krishna gave unending(Akshaya) Sari to Panchali and protected her when she prayed to him chanting the Akshaya Manthra
“Shanka Chakra Gadha Pane , dwaraka nilayachyutha,
Govinda , Pundareekaksha , Raksha maam, Saranagatham
Oh Lord holding Conch , Holy wheel and mace in his hands ,
Oh Avchyutha who stays in Dwaraka ,
Oh Govinda , Oh lotus eyed one,
I surrender to you , Please protect me
12.The construction of chariot for Puri Ratha Yathra begins on that day
Things to be done during Akshaya Tritheeya:-
It is believed giving things in charity on Akshaya Tritheeya day beings great returns
1.Jala Dhana (giving water) If you giver water to the thirsty , you would become prosperous
2,Vasthra dhana (giving cloths) By giving cloths, you would get cured of your diseases
3.Kumkuma dhana (Giving of Kumkuma to married women) Ypur husband woul get longer life span
4.Chandana Dhana( Charity of Sandal paste/sandal wood) prevents accidents
5.Thamboola djhana(charity of betel leaf with nuts) . Gets you prosperity
6.Nalikera Dhana(charity of coconuts) , Relieves agonies of our ancestors
7.Dadhi swetha Dhana(charity of butter milk) Makes you attain great knowledge
8.Udha kumbha dhana(Charity of water in a pot) Desires would get fulfilled
9.Padaraksha Dhana*( Charity of slippers) -avoids hell after death
10.Chathra Dhana (Charity of Umbrella) removes unecpected obstacles
11, Dhanya Dhana( Charity of cerals) –avoids accidents
14.Dhadyodhana Dhana(Charity of curd rice) Your life span would increase
15.Madhurya Dhana (charity of sweets) Problems in getting married would be removed
16.Gavadhana Dhana (Charity of cattle feed) you would become prosperous
Any charity given during the day which you can afford would make you rich.
1. Trurmeric, salt , hand pounded rice and milk= Goddess Lakshmi would live in our house
2. Gold , gems , new dress etc Goddess Lakshmi would bless your home and Lord Khubera would bless you
3. Silver –Goddess Saraswathi would bless your home
III Pooja to Goddess Lakshmi

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