Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recipes for some Deepavali/Diwali sweets

Some Deepavali sweets

These were selected by Mrs Ramachander from the addendum which came with Aval Vikatan and Kumudham Snehithi (tamil Magazines of October month) . I am giving them in English so that people who do not know Tamil can try them out.

1.Deepavali Halwa

Materials needed
¼ cup sago rice
1 cup corn flour
¼ cup maida
4 ½ cup sugar
1 cup ghee
Juice of one lime
Cardamom powder
Cashew nuts
Food colour

Soak separately sago rice, corn flour and MNaida for 8 hours.
Boil sugar in 1½ cups of water
Add Sago rice , Maida and corn flour and keep on stirring keeping stove in medium flame
Add I cup of ghee slowly
Add lime juice, cardamom powder , cashew nut roasted in ghee
Keep stirring till the mixture does not stick to the vessel
Pour in a plate coated with ghee
Cut in to pieces and serve

2.Kala Jamun

Materials needed

1. 2 cups of grated Sugar less Khova
2. Rose syrup
3. 3 table spoons of sugar
4. 4 cups of sugar
5. 3 cups of water
6. little saffron
7. Cardamom powder

Mix grated khova, rose essence, cardamom powder, 3 table spoons of sugar (without adding water) and keep it for 2 hours
Make in to balls without cracks and fry them in ghee till they are brown
Add 3 cups of water in 4 cups of sugar and boil for 15 minutes
Add the fried Jamuns
Once soaked take out the Jamuns and serve

3.Mohan dal Laddu

3 cups of Bengal gram dal powder(Coarsely ground)
¾ cup of ghee
2 ¼ cups of sugar

Mix the the Dal powder and ghee and fry till the mixture becomes golden colour.Add Cardamom poder and take out from the stove
Add sugar to 1 ¼ cups of water and boil (Kambi padam)
Add the Dal powder mixture mix it and pour in a plate.
Cut in to pieces .You can decorate with Badam, Cashewnut and Pista before cutting in to pieces.

4.Mothi choor Laddu

2 cups of Besan
2 table spoons of white Rava
1½ cups of sugar
1 few drops of orange colour
Sufficient quantity of ghee to fry
Saffron, Almonds, cashew

Mix Besan and Rava in one cup of water
Add sugar to 1¼ cups of water and prepare syrup (Kambi Pagu)
Rub the besan mixture over hot ghee in the H+Jarani with small holes
Fry till the drops become golden colour
Put it in sugar syrup
Add little saffron, cashew not almonds etcand mix
Make small laddus

5.Milk Cake

1 tin Milk maid(condensed milk)
1½ cups Maida
2 cups sugar
1½ cups butter
Cut cashew nuts ¾ cup

Mix all the above put in a heavy bottom vessel .Keep on stirring while heating in a mild flame
When the mixture does not stick to the vessel , remove put it in plate and cut in to pieces.

6.Gulabhi Burfi

1¼ cup Maida
2 ½ cup sugar
One cup butter
Rose essence few drops
½ cup cut cashew pieces
½ cup cut Tutty fruity pieces
¼ cup milk powder
Add all these things and heat them over mild flame in a heavy bottomed vessel and stir
Add few drops of essence when the mixture does not stick to the vessel
Pour it in a plate and cut in to pieces


Grated carrot 1 cup
Grated Beet root 1 cup
Grated Chow chow 1 cup
Slightly heated Besan flour 3 cups
Suger 9 cups
Milk 3 cups
Ghee 3 cups
One pinch of edible Camphor(Pachai karpooram)
One spoon of Cardamom powder
Milk Khoa 1 cup
Cut cashew pieces one cup

Mix all the above and heat them over mild flame in a heavy bottomed vessel and stir
Remove from stove when the mixture does not stick to the vessel

Pour in a ghee coated plate , cut in to pieces

8.Cashew Coconut Pal khoa

Milk 8 cups
Saffron one pinch
Sugar 2 cups
Soaked cashew not 10
Grated coconut one cup
Ghee 4 tea spoons
Little cardamom powder

In a thick bottomed vessel heat milk in a low flame and keep on stirring till it becomes half. Add groud cashew nut and coconut and continue boiling till is becomes further half . Add sugar and keep on stirring Add cardamom powder and cashew and remove. Make small balls for serving

9.Dry Fruit Boli

Soaked skinned Almond, cashew and Pista 10 each
Raisins , dates 4 each
Ground jaggety , grated coconut 1 cup each
Maida one cup
Kesari powder a pinch
Cardamom powder a pinch
Ghee one cup
Gingelly oil 4 tea spoons

Grind all nuts as well as coconut without adding much water
Add jaggery to this mixture and heat till it is well cooked. Add cardamom powder and make small balls of this mixture
Mx Maida , kesari powder , Gingelly oil , knead and spread them like chapathis. Keep them on banana leaf ., keep the balls prepared earlier, close with another chapathi and spread a little.
Head them in thava over mild flame .Coat both sides with ghee and take out.

10.Khoa –Kesari Sukhiyan

One cup of Milk khoa
One cup of Maida
Rava 2 cups
Pinch of Kesari powder
Sugar one and half cups
Cardamom powder little
Ghee one cup
Oil as much as needed

Roast Rava in ghee till it turns red . Boil five cups of water. Put Rava in boiling water .Once cooked put Sugar and Kesari powder Also add khoa as well as cardamom powder.Remove from flame and make it in to small balls.
Add little water to Maida and Kesari powder till it gets in to the consistency of Bhajji dough. Heat oil. Dip the Rava-Khoa rolls in to the maida dough and fry till it becomes to a golden colour.

11.Gujarathi Ladu

Besan I cup
Atta ¼ cup
Ghee ¼ cup
Vanaspathi five table spoons
Cashew nut , raisins little
Sugar 1 ½ cup

Roast Besan and Atta in a Kadai till good scent comes
Take out , add sugar and powder the mixture. Roast cashew and raisins in ghee and evenly add to this powder.
Take ghee and Vanaspathi in a Kadai , heat , put the above powder, mix well and make them in to dense balls.

12. Diamond biscuit

Maida 2 cups
Sugar ½ cup Baking soda one pinch
Salt ¼ tea spoon
Oil as per need.

Add sugar , salt , soda in to maida and spread like puri. Cut the puri into diamond shape and fry the pieces in oil.