Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stotras for mothers and would be mothers.

Stotras for mothers and would be mothers.

I would like to point out several stotras which would be useful to girls who want to be mothers and also mothers. This definitely does not mean that there are no other stotras which would help them. These are some of those which I have come across:-
1.Stotras to marry according to ones wish
Swayamvara parvathi manthra mala stotram is the prayer which was used by Goddess Parvathi to marry Lord shiva and this same prayer was used by Gopis to marry lord Krishna. You can find along with translation in

2.Stotras for married women to get children

1.Vamsa Vrudhi Karam durga Kavacham This is an extremely effective prayer to get children. You can find it along with translation which also contains instructions on how to use it in

2.Puthra Prapthi Ashtakam This is a prayer addressed to Lord Narasimha of Mattapalli , which is in Andhra Pradesh. The God is requested to give a son in this prayer. The stotra with its translation is available in

3.Sashti devi storam. This prayer is extremely popular in the east of India. Sashti devi is Devayani , who was the wife of Lord Subrahmanya. She is believed to have six heads and rides on a cat. It is strongly believed that she answers our prayers and blesses barren women with sons. The stotra with a translation is available in

4. Slokas number 6 and 46 of Soundarya Lahari are supposed to help us in getting son. You can see my translation of Soundarya Lahari in Please note that there are yanthras attached to these slokas. They should be drawn , worshiped and later worn by the individual.

3.Stotras to protect mothers during pregnancy and ensure a safe delivery

1. There is a temple in Thikarukavur near Tanjavur of Tamil Nadu. The presiding Goddess is Garbha Rakshambikai. If you pray her it it is believed that she would ensure safe delivery. There are two stotras about her , one written by Sage Sounaka(
) and the other written by Brahmasri Sengalipuram Anantha Rama deekshithar ( ) . Both these great prayers can be used to ensure safe delivery.
2. Sloka number 29 of soundarya Lahari helps in avaiding abortion and ensuring safe delivery.

4. Prayer to ensure increase in intelligence of children
1. There is a prayer addressed to Lord subrahmanya to increase the intelligence of our children. This is called Pargana Vardhaka Karthikeyatotram . Devotees believe that it would improve even mentally retarded children. It can be found in

2. The first five stanzas of Sasakthi shiva navakam helps one to get expertaise in different fields of learning. Depending on his need please teach the concerned sloka to him .It can be found in

5.Prayer to ward of diseases of self as well as children

1. There are two great stotras called apamarjana Kavacham and Apamarjana stotram both addressed to Lord Vishnu which are supposed to clear of all diseases. They can be seen at

2. There is another prayer addressed to lord Shiva to get cured of all diseases called Srava roga hara Maheswara Kavacham

6. Prayer to help our children to live a healthy , joyous and wonderful life
There is a prayer in malalayalam addressed to the ten avatharas of lord Guruvayrappan to protect our children from all dangers and illnesses as well as to help them grow him in to a wonderful person. If you do not know Malyalam please read only the translation. It can be found in