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Mei unarthal-36th Chapter of Thirukural- (Understanding the truth)

Mei unarthal-36th Chapter of Thirukural-
(Understanding the truth)

Translated by

(The main activity of   an ascetic   is to find and realize the   ultimate     truth. In this chapter Thiruvalluvar   puts great  emphasis on this .He says that  unless   we realize   the ultimate truth , we would not be  able   to avoid  future  births.

1.Porulalla  avaththai  porulendru  unarum,
Marulaanaam  maaNaa  pirappu

1.We believe   that untruth  is truth, and due to,
This  misconception   we would have  a sorrowful life.

2.Irul neengi  inbam payakkum  marul neengi,
Masaru   katchi yavarkku.

2.Those  who come out of this misconception and know the real  truth ,
That knowledge   would remove the darkness of ignorance and give them pleasant life.

3.Iyathin  neengi thelinthaarkku   vaiyathin,
Vaanam   naniyathu taithu.

3,To  those   who come out of their doubt  and know   the real truth,
The heavens   would  be nearer  to them than this earth.

4.Iyunarvu   yeithiya kannum  bayamindre,
Meyyunaruvu  illathavarkku.

4.Those   who do not have  wisdom to know  the real truth,
Have know use   for knowledge  out of the senses.

5.Yepporul yethanmai  thayinum  apporul ,
Meipporul  kanpathu arivu.

5.Whatever  may the nature   of any particular  thing,
To know  its  real truth   is the real wisdom.

6.Katheendu  meiporul kandaar  thalai paduvar  ,
Matheendu  vaaraa  neri.

6.Those  who after learning  , realize the real truth,
Would  reach the great way  of avoiding future  births.

7.Orthullam   ullathu  unarin   oruthalayap,
Perthulla  vendaa pirappu  .

7.If a person’s mind thinks and realizes  the real truth,
Then definitely we need not think that he will have  another birth.

8.Pirappenum  pethaimai  neenga  chirappenum,
CHemporul  kaanpathu   arivu.

8.For  removing  ignorance   which is cause  of future births,
And wisdom consists   in realizing the God   through  truth.

9.CHarpunarnthu  charpu keda ozhukin  mathazhithu,
Charthara chartharu  noi.

9.Knowing  the real truth  , a person should behave   without  attachments,
And if he does that  the sickness  .

10.Kamam, vekuli , mayakkam   ivai moondrin,
Namam keda kedum noi.

10 When  we get rid  of attachment, hatred  and  confusion,

Then   sorrows   would not come near us.

A Happy birthday poem ,

A Happy  birthday  poem ,

Raja Thatha


 I am sure  all  but  the  young ones would agree  with me  that  , A man really needs  wife as a companion only when he   really  becomes  old. Without her   by his side , he becomes  miserable.Here is an ode   to my old wife:-

 Wife mine , you came to my home ,
As a pretty  , lovely  lady  companion to me,
Those   were  the days  when I thought ,
That   you were  brought    there to act as my slave,
To fulfill  all the   wishes  that I had in my mind.

Slowly times changed , you became a  lovely mother ,
And I found  that  your attention to me was  halved,
And I too was  very busy those days  in the rat race ,
To earn more and more  important positions  and more  and more wealth,

You  were  sweet Mummy to my kids , capable nurse to my parents,
Great manager  of all  my affairs  including wealth ,
A wonderful  cook , whom I could not miss  even for a day,
And teacher    and  trainer   to  my kids  when they grew up,
But  I was  just another   scientist   and nothing else .

Parents  mine and that  of yours bid farewell when their time came,
And the kids   in our home developed   wings and flew   away,
Leaving both of us   in the  lonely   hellish  nest   that we are in today,
And my office decided  that  this oldie  is of no use  and should retire.

The  happy busy lovely home  which was  filled  with laughter  and smiles.
Was  turned  in to a  grave  of   simple   silence.
Whenever   the little babies of children   came to visit us,
Our  faces   were  filled   with smile and joy  ,
But they  too  returned back to their homes,
Leaving the eerie  , tasteless and suffering silence of loneliness.

My  golden Chellam , you  are  my only   companion now ,
And I feel like   singing . “Jaya reme , Manorame , mama dehi Karavalambam*”.
And even without that  singing , you knew  that without you,
I  was not even a big zero  but a   tiny , tiny   nothing,
But you did not mind  for   you are   to me now,
Friend , nurse , guide  , manager  and a  psychotherapist,
And you do not mind   all these  jobs  ,
For  you want  to be my everything  till both of us part.
A Very happy birthday darling  and let  more such birthdays  come,
For without you as a    companion  , I  do not want to live.

            *”Oh Jaya Lakshmi  , Oh stealer  of minds , give me  the support  of your hands.”

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Thuravu-35th Chapter of Thirukural- (Leaving out attachments.)

Thuravu-35th Chapter  of Thirukural-
(Leaving out  attachments.)

Translated by

      (The hall mark of an ascetic   is to detach himself from this world.Thiruvalluvar says   that detaching from any object removes sorrow due to the object. He emphasizes that an ascetic should not have   anything called  me and mine.)

1.Yaathanin  yaathanin  neengiyaan , nothal,
Athanin, athanin  ilan.

1,The person who detaches himself from a particular object ,
Will not become    sad  because of that thing.

2.VeNdin uNdaka  thurakka, thuranthapin ,
Yeendiyar paala pala.

2.If a person wants sorrow less life , then he  should,
Detach himself at a young age  itself,
And due to that  he would attain several joys.

3.Atal vendum  iynthan  pulathai  vidal  vendum,
Vendiya yellaam orunku.

3. Those who look for permanent   pleasures , should  control,
Desire coming out of  those  five sense organs and also,
Completely  leave out all pleasures coming  out of those five organs.

4.Iyalpakum nonpirkondtu   inmai  udaimai.
Mayalaakum  mathum   peyarthu.

4.Nothing should be present   which will attract  an ascetic  ,
For those things would be the  cause to create  desire in him.

5. Maththum  thodarpaadu   yevankol pirapparukkal,
Uththarkku   udambum migai.

5.To the ascetic  aiming at cutting off birth, What is the Need,
For a body and so why  keep desire   on all other  things.

6.yaan, yenathu   yennum cherukku  aruppan  , vaanorkku,
Uyarntha ulakum   pukum.

6.He who cuts of pride  of me  as well as  mine  , would ,
Enter  a world where  even Devas   would enter.

7.Paththi  vita idumbaikal  paththinai,
Pathi   vidaa thavarkku.

7.Till  these  two attachments (me and mine)  are  deeply attached   to the mind,
Sorrows   also would   get   attached  to that person.

8.Thalaipattar   , theera thurnathaar mayanki,
Valai  pattaar   mathayavar.

8.Those who are completely  detached from desires,
Are those  who go to land of salvation  and others,
Are those   caught  on the  web of   desires.

9.Pathathaththa kanne  pirapparukkum   maththu,
Nilayamai  kana pedum.

9.As soon as one   gets  detached , future births  would not be there  for him,
And among others birth-death cycle  would  exist.

10.Paththu paththaththaan  pathinai  appaththai  ,
Paththuka   pathu  vidarku.

10.Get only attached  to God   who is detached and,

This will help a person to get detached from things.

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Nilyamai-34th chapter of Thirukural (Understanding nothing is stable.)

Nilyamai-34th chapter  of Thirukural
(Understanding  nothing is  stable.)

Translated  by

   (THiruvalluvar emphasizes  in this chapter   about  the instability  of everything in life .Possibly he wanted    to  tell this firmly   to the ascetics..I feel that  this chapter  should be again and again read  by people   who live as if this life is stable   and  everything  about  life  is stable  .While translating  I remembered   about a story  from Mahabharatha . It seems one day   King Yudishtra   sent back a  beggar promising him alms on the next day .BHima his brother  , it seems started   celebrating  because  his elder  brother  was confidant   of living   through the night.)

1.Nillathavathai  nilayina  yendrunarum ,
Pullarivaanmai  kadai.

1.Those who believe   unstable things are stable,
Are   people   with very low  intelligence.

2.Koothattu  avai kuzhaathathe perum chelvam,
POkkum   athu vilnthattu  .

2.A man getting great wealth is like  large  number of people  coming to see a  dance,
And the wealth   would go away like  crowd returning home  after the dance.

3,Arkaa iyalpithu   chelvam  , athu pethaal,
Arkupa   aange   cheyal.

3.Wealth is  unstable   and so when we get it,
WE should perform   stable acts   like  Dharma(charity)

4.Nalen ondru poal kaatti   uyir eerum ,
Valathu   unarvaar   perin.

4.A period of a day is  like a sword which  slowly removes  soul  from our body,
And those   who are  wise  know   about this.

5.Naachethu vikkulmel vaaraa mun nalvinal,
Mer chendru  cheyya pedum.

5.Controlling the toungue , before we get a hiccup,
We should  do fast  the  acts of Good Dharma.

6.Nerunal ulanoruvan   yindrillai   yennum,
Perumai  udathu  yivvulagu.

6.The person who was alive yesterday  is not with us today,
And world has  this property of  this great stability.

7.Orupozhuvathum  vaazhvathu  , ariyaar karuthupa ,
Kotiyum alla  pala.

7.People ignorant  of   how long  the soul   would be with  thebody,
Would be  spending their time in crores  of thoughts(wishes).

8.Kudambai thanithoxhiya pul parathathee,
Udambodu uyiridai  natpu.

8.Just like bird   deserting  the nest , in which it lived ,
Is the  relation between body and the soul.

9,Uranguvathu poalum CHakkadu , Urangi  ,
Vizhippathu   poalum pirappu.

9. Death  is like a  sleep   and birth ,
Is like waking up from sleep.

10.Pukkil  amaithindru kollo udambinul,
Thuchil irundha  uyirkku.

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Random thoughts of one whose original roots were in Puthukode.(Puducode), a village in Kerala.

Random  thoughts of one  whose original  roots  were  in Puthukode.

     I belonged  to an astrologer/Musician  family  of Puthucode and my grandfather left that village   about 120  years back  and moved  to Chelakkara, which is the only village  of Kerala   which I knew but somehow  Puthukode  struck  to my name  in  spite  of these  120 years.In this life  of 76  years , I have  visited Puducode  some 8-9  times. Only twice  have  I stayed  in the village  of my forefathers for  a  day. But  I loved the village  and I was proud  of the village  where  my grandfather   had  his roots, Whatever  I write below   are really random thoughts , which are  information   that I have heard  from my father  and my co-brother Sri. P.V.V.Raghavan whose  soul  always lived in Puducode, though  his body  lived in Mumbai .Had he been alive  he would have called  this as ignorant  thoughts , but  I really  want to call it as   random thoughts. Shall I begin my thoughts by A prayer  song  addressed to Goddess Annapurneswari of  Puthucode.
A prayer  to Goddess  Annapurni  of Puthucode by  Smt,P.S.Chellamma Teacher , Mani Mandir  , Puthucode
Puthukkottu  Annapurneswari  Akshara Mala Stotram
Translated  by
1.Annapurneswari , Akhilandeswari ,
Abhaya  Pradhayini  , Puthukodiye

1.Oh  Goddess  Annapurna   who is the Goddess  of all the universe ,
Who gives  us protection   and who lives  in Puthucode.

2.Aadhi parasakhi, Aananda Bhairavi,
Aadhiyai  theerpai , Puthukodiye

2.Oh Primeval divine  power  who is the joy filled  BHairavi ,
Please  destroy our sorrows, Oh goddess  who lives  in Puthucode .

3.Innalai  ozhithu , inpathai tharuvai  ,
Ishta varam tharum  Puthucodiye

3.Please destroy our pains   and give us pleasure  ,
Oh Goddess of Puducode who gives desired boons.

4.Eesanin nayagi , Devi Maheswari,
Iru padam paninthom  , Puthukodiye

4.Oh consort of Lord Shiva   who us   the   the greatest  Goddess,
WE salute  both your feet, Oh Goddess  who lives in Puthucode.

5.Ullilum irunthu, veliyilum irunthu,
Ulagathai kaappai  , Puthucodiye.

5.Living   inside   as well as outside ,
Please  protect  the world, Oh Goddess  who lives  in  Puthucode

6.OOnathai neeki  , ookathai tharuvai  ,
OOrellam pugazhum  puthukodiye.

6.Please remove my handicaps  and give me enthusiasm ,
Oh  Goddess  who lives  in Puthucode who is praised  in all places.

7.Rishikal  yaavarum  pothri vanangidum ,
Veda  SWaroopini Puthukodiye.

7.Oh Goddess  who lives in Puthucode  who  is worshipped,
And praised  by all sages   who has the form of Vedas.

8.Edutha kariyam  vethri kidaikkave  ,
Endrendrum  Kaapaai  , puthukodiye.

8.Please  protect us  always and help us  to succeed,
All jobs that  we take up  , Oh Goddess  who lives in Puducode

9.Yezhaikal yengalai  , endrum kaappai  ,
Yethathaazhvillamal  puthukodiye.

9.Please protect us   poor people ,
Not bothering  about our status , Oh Goddess   who lives in Pudukode.

10.Iyngari   sankari devi , krupakari  ,
Iswaryam tharuvaai  , Puthokodiye.

10.Oh Goddess  with five hands , who is consort of Sankara and who is very charitable,
Please  Give me wealth  , Oh Goddess  who lives  in Puthucode

11.Onpathu devikal ondraai   serntha,
Oyyara  roopini  , puthukodiye

11.Oh Goddess  with pretty  form,
Made by joining  together of nine forms, Oh Goddess  who lives in Puthucode.

12. OM yendrezhuthaal  odiye varuvaii,
OM Sakthi nayagi, puthukodiye.

12.Please Come  running in the form of letter “Om”,
Oh Goddess   of the letter om  , Oh Goddess   who lives in Puthucode

13.Oushadhamai   un namathai   japithaal,
Vyadhiyai   theerppai  , puthukodiye.

13.If we chant  your name   as medicine ,
You would cure our disease, Oh Goddess who lives in Puthucode.

14.Ambike nin thirupadathai   paninthaal,
Adaikkalam tharuvai  , Puthukodiye

14.Oh Mother  if we   salute    your divine feet ,
You would give us protection , Oh Goddess  who lives  in Puthucode

15.Ajnanathai neeki  , jnanathai thauvai ,
Jnana  vikasini  , Puthukodiye

15.Please   remove   our ignorance nd give us wisdom,
Oh Godess  who increases wisdom, Oh Goddess  who lives in Puducode

16.OmShakthi Nayagi  , Om Sakthi Nayagi  ,
Om Shakthi Nayagi, Puthikodiye

10.Om Shakthi who leads, Om Shakthi who leads,
Om Shakthi who leads, Oh Goddess   who lives in Puducode.

Now   some info about Puthucode, its temple , its Navarathri festival   and its famous Puthukottu  Pulungari.

Puthucode  or Puducode is a village   in Palakkad  District of Kerala .It was   one of the biggest Agraharams  in Kerala , which consisted  of 500  Brahmin houses  once upon a time. As of now the centre of the Agraharam  is occupied  by  a very pretty  and a very big temple of Puthucode  Bhagwathy and in another corner  is a Shiva Temple . The  Brahmins of Puthucode consider that Puducode  Bhagwathi   is Goddess Annapurneswari .But  The Goddess  does not have the usual form of Annapurneswari with a ladle  and pot in hands but  holds Shanka and Chakra   in Both hands.  Though  most of the Brahmins believe that  this temple   was  established by the Tamil Brahmins themselves , most of the Keralites believe  that  it is one  of the  108  Devi temples  .While some Bramins   believe that the idol of the Bhagawathi  was brought out from the temple tank   by One Rama Sastrigal, others believe that  this idol was got made in Trithala   and was brought  by few Brahmins  carrying  the idol on their heads without keeping it on the earth   any where  and without taking rest.  There is Prathistha of Ganapathi as well as Lord Ayyappan in the temple  .There is also a Bhootha  Prathistha   and Sarpa Kavu inside the temple There  is a  practice of Chanting  Shyamala Dandagam   which praises  Goddess  Saraswathi by   the  Brahmins of the village. For some period the Temple was given by the Tamil Brahmins   for  Management to the Naduvil Madam .But in 1982  an organization of  Tamil Brahmins called  “Sri Annapurneswari   pooja Coordinators(SAPCO) was formed  and since that   time  only Tamil Brahmins manage   the temple .The daily Pooja of the temple  is done by a Tamil Brahmin priest. This association  was formed   under   the leadership  of the owner  of “Vadhyar boats”  a company  manufacturing boats  in Madras , who  is from Puducode.Maha Periyavaa   is supposed to have visited  the temple   and stayed  there  one month. Later  Swamy Jayendra  Saraswathi   of Kamakoti peetam    also visited the  temple.
     The people of Puducode with great pride say  , there is no greater  Agraharam  than Puthucode .The Village   was populated  by great Vedic Pundits, Scholars  in Sastra , Astrologers , as well as Carnatic Musicians.At the initial stages   there was only a school run by one  Gopalakrishna Iyer  in the village   which used   to give education up to elementary level.  At that time to study up to high school  , students had  either to go to Alathur or Thiruvilvamala..Poor and middle class students  used to walk down to and fro while rich families used to hire a home and employ a cook so that  their children can study there .Later  a Sanskrit Pata Sala   called  “Hari Hara  Pathasala “ was established  by one  Justice Sundaram Iyer   who  was  from Puducode a  prominent  Madras High Court judge  during the early part of the 20th centuary.  This was integrated  in to an English medium  higher secondary  school   with greater emphasis  on Sanskrit by  one Sri P.R. Narayana  iyer.This institution also became a Sanskrit College   in later days.
    Puducode village   was also a great centre  of education in Sama Veda , where late  P.K.Gopala Vadhyar   who was   an expert in the THanjavur  method  of Chanting  Sama Veda  ,  lived.He was an expert in Kauthuma Tradition of chanting Sama Veda(Called Ramanna patam )    , though  this style of chanting  has almost  disappeared from its home Thanjavur.,.Howard university entrusted the  job of recording this unique method of chanting to one  L.S.Rajagopal of Trichur  .I understand that   the major part  of chanting of Sama Veda   by  Gopala Krishna Vadhyar   has  been preserved  in that university. The BHavan’s branch of Puthucode has also preserved   these  records.
Among Puthucode's well known residents are the late Shri Puthucode Krishnamurthy, a Carnatic musician,  Mr. M.H. Krishna Iyer- of Manapadam Gramam(Ex Deputy collector)  ,Mr. P. Rajagopal I.A.S of Kanakkannur(Ex collector Palakkad)  and Justice Mr. P R Sundaram Iyer of South Village. Mr. P C Sriram, a well-known cameraman in Indian Cinema, is the grandson of Justice P R Sundaram Iyer. Mr.O.Rajagopal Ex-Union Minister Railway is from Kanakkannur, Puthucode.”( http://www.puthucode.com/). A great  expert in Sastras   called  Ambi Satrigal   also lived   there.
   Puducode was   also a great centre  of Carnatic music in Kerala.” Some of the great musicians of the earlier times were Seshu Bhagavathar, Venkichu Bhagavathar, Seetharama Bhagavathar who served in the court of Cochin king, Visweswara Bhagavathar and Madhu Bhagavathar who was an expert in Veena. Among the present day greats is Puducode Krishnamurthy Bhagavathar  (http://orkut.google.com/c20656126-tcf335210d4bb02bd.html) .I also understand that  the Asthana Vidwan of the  Guruvayur temple   at one time was a tamil  Brahmin belonging to Puthucode. Some members of the Bhagwathar  family were  also astrologers  and some Sastric Pundits. I know that there  was a Deekshithar  and Ganapadi   family   belonging to Puthucode .I am one  of the member of the Sastri/Jyosyar/BHagawathar   families  of Puthucode and my father used to tell me   that ,  with  our family   there  was a referral  book  which was a  the Palm leaf  manuscript dealing with  Rules and rituals  of Brahmin tradition and whenever a  need for  interpretation  of the rules  was needed  , Tamil Brahims   from all over Kerala  Used to come  to Puthucode  and consult that Manuscript which was with our family .Our Family  is big one with lots of Branches   and in spite  of my best efforts  I could not  trace  this great book.
   The Greatest  festival that  Puthucode celebrates  is the Navarathri  ,It is a time when representatives  of almost all the 500 original families  come back to their  village.Elaborate   arrangements  for their free  stay and free food  is arranged  by the Brahmins  of the village . The procession carrying Goddess is called  Shiveli. From the first  to the fifth day  the Shiveli is held only inside  the temple, While the sixth day the Goddess  goes out to the Thekke    Gramam(south village) , On 7th she goes  to the  KIzhakke   Gramam(East village)  , on 8th    to the Vadakke Gramam (North village   and on the ninth day to the  Padinjare gramam (west village) ,.The celebrations on each of these days  is simply gigantic  along with large number of Elephants,  several top ranking  artists playing Pancha Vadhyam , Chenda etc  , Bursting  of crackers .The Goddess goes out  three times to those  Gramams on each day.There would  be Shyamala Dandakam chanting in the   extremely   well decorated temple   , followed by the great  feast .The Major  main Dish is  the Puthukottu  Pulungari and Olan and the famous  Idichu Piuzhinja Payasam (also called Sada sadayam) .  On the ninth  day  night  the goddess   comes out for  a pig Hunting  (Panni Nayattu) ,She goes  up to a place where a wooden pig is kept  and is supposed to kill it by  using  bows and arrows.On the tenth day is Arattu .The Goddess is taken out   and gets  dipped in a temple tank and returns. While returning she  is supposed  to go 15 times around the temple .The people there  especially Children go on shouting  and playing  loud instruments   and make the elephant run faster and faster .At the end, the  elephant touches   the flag pole  and enters her  temple bringing  to an end the  festivities.
    In the Souvenier  Published  during the  Kumbabishekam of the temple , the preparation  of Puthukottu Pulankari  is given in detail .Based on it I have made   a recipe for the modern home.
Puthucode Kovil Pulungari/ Pulinkari
Pumpkin 150 g, Yam 150 g, Ash gourd 150 g, Plantains 50 g,Raw rice 10 g, tur dhal 25 g, dried chillies 3, Fenugreek (Mentha) 5 g, Tamarind 50 g, Coconut (shredded) 25 g, Mustard 2 g, green chillies 5 g, Jaggery 20 g, curry leaves, Coconut oil 25 g and some quantity of curry leaves and salt to taste.
1.Cut and cook Ah gourd and yam together in a cooker
2.Also cook Tur dal in the cooker
3. Cut and boil pumpkin and plantains
4. fry rice till they pop and powder it
5.fry fenugreek (Mentha) to golden brown and powder it
6.Grind coconut and green chillies together
7 Extract Tamarind juice and boil it for 5 minutes
8. Add all vegetables, jaggery, and cooked dhal for 10 minutes
9.Add rice powder and boil for 5 minutes
10. Take out from stove and immediately add coconut paste, mentha powder, coconut oil and curry leaves and stir.
11. Season it with mustard and dry chilies in coconut oil.

       I would be grateful   if corrections and additions    are  made to this  random jottings   so that   even after  100 years  people would know  about Puducode  in all its  glory.

.Kollamai-33rd chapter of Thirukural (Not killing)

.Kollamai-33rd chapter  of Thirukural
(Not killing)

Translated  by

(It is interesting to note that After dedicated  one chapter to  not eating meat THiruvalluvar    dedicates    another chapter to not killing. He clearly says   that killing is evil.Here he is not dealing with killing for food but   with killing perse )

1.Aravinai yaathenin  kollamai, koral,
Piravinai   yellam tharum.

1.Dharma   consists  of not killing because,
Killing leads  to all other evils.

2,Pakuthundu  palluyir   omputhal  , nool oar,
Thokuthvaththul yellam thalai.

2.Sharing and  nurturing   several lives is the greatest ,
Among those mentioned  as Dharmic acts by all writers.

3.Ondraka  nallathu   kollamai   maththu  athan,
PInsara   poyyamai nandru.

3.Not killing  is only  one Dharma  , which is the greatest,
And the next that follows  it is “Not telling a lie”

4.Nallaru yena paduvathu yaathenin, yaathondrum,
Kollamai choozhum  neri.

4. When  you enquire   what is the  best Dharma,
It is  the good habit  of not killing any thing.

5.Nilai anji neetharul  yellam  kolai   anji,
Kollamai   choozhvaan thalai.

5.Those  who adopt  the penance of not killing ,
Due to being scared by killing are much better,
Than those ascetics   who left   domestic life being scared of it.

6.Kollamai merkondozhukuvaan  vaazh naal mel,
CHellathu   uyir  unnum   koothu.

6.The God of death   who takes away life , would not bother,
About those   who take up  the penance of “not killing”.

7.THannuyir neepinum cheyyarkka, thaan pirithu,
Innuyir  neekum vinai,

7,Even if a person is likely   to loose his soul,
He should not do the act  of taking away another life.

8.Nandrrakum  aakkam  peritheninum   chaandrorkku  ,
KOndarum   aakkam  kadai.

8.Even if the  income is big by killing some one else,
The noble people, that income is deplorable.

9.KOlai vinaya rakiya   maakkal  pulai vinayaar,
Punamai therivaar akathu.

9.Those animal like men  who  take up “killing “ as work,
Would be  considered  as “Evil minded”   by good people.

10.Uyir udambin neekkiyaar   yenba  , cheyurudambin,
Chellaathee  vazhkkai avar.

10.The learned people say that  those   who killed  in early birth,

Would  be the diseased  ones and those   who lead evil life  in this birth.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Inna cheyyamai-32nd chapter of Thirukural- (Not causing sorrow to others

Inna cheyyamai-32nd chapter of Thirukural-
(Not causing  sorrow to others.)

Translated by

(Thiruvalluvar   feels that all persons including an ascetic should not do acts   which bring sorrow to others.He says that  if some one troubles  you,  try to do good to him in return and then forget about it.)

1.Chirappu yeenum  chelvam  operinum  pirakku  innaa,
Cheyyamai  masaththar   koL

1.Even is we get  wealth which gives greatness to them,
Faultless great people would not cause   sorrow  to others.

2.Karuthinnaa  cheithava kannumm maruthinna,
Cheyyamai  Masaththaar  kol

2.Even if  some one  gives  them  sorrow  due to enmity,
Faultless   great people would not harm to him in return.

3.Cheyyamal  cheththaarkkum   innatha cheithapin,
Uyyaa vizhumam   tharum.

3.Inspite of a person not doing harm to him , if a person,
Feels enmity  and causes trouble to him,
That action  would give him sorrow   from which he cannot escape.

4.Inna cheithaarai oruthal  , avar naana,
Nannayam cheithu vidal

4.The method of punishing  a person causing  sorrow to us ,
Is to make him ashamed  by a good act in return  and forgetting about it.

5,Arivinaan aakuvathundo   pirithi noi,
Than noi poal  poththaa  kadai.

5.What is the use of   our wisdom  , if we  do not consider ,
Sorrows of others like our own sorrow  and try to remove it.

6.Inna yena thaan unarnthavai   thunnamai,
Vendum  piran kan cheyal.

6.When we realize that   an act would cause   sorrow to others,
We should  desist  from doing that act   and cause   trouble to others.

7.Yenaithanum  yejnjnandrum   yaarkum  manathaanaam,
MaNaa cheyyamai   thalai.

7,However small an act may be, if it causes  sorrow to others,
You should never  think of doing it any time   to all others.

8.Thannuyirku   innamai   thaan arivaan  yenkolo,
Mannuyirkku   inna cheyal.

8.What  causes  a person  to do acts which  trouble others,
When he realizes that such acts  done by others   would cause  trouble  to him.

9.Pirarkku innaa  murpakal cheyyin  , thamakku  innaa,
Pirpakal thaame   varum.

9.If we do acts   troubling others in the forenoon,
Those  troubles  would come of their own accord in  the after noon.

10.Noi yellam noi cheithaar  melavaam  , noi cheyyar  ,
Noi  inmai  vendubavar.

10 All troubles  come back to people   who cause  trouble,and so,
People  who want to live without trouble , would  not trouble others.

Vekulaamai-31st chapter of Thirukural- (Not getting angry

Vekulaamai-31st chapter of Thirukural-
(Not getting angry)

Translated by

    (Thiruvalluvar attaches great importance   to this aspect of a person’s conduct .Naturally   he would   give more emphasis   in case of an ascetic..He feels only evil comes out of anger)

1.Chellidathu kaapaan chinam kaapaan  , allidathu  ,
Kaakin yen , kavakkal  yen?

1.The one who controls  anger  where  it is effective ,
Is the one who controls  anger, If not   what   does ,
It Matter  if he  controls  or not controls.

2.Chella idathu  chinam theethu , chellidathum ,
Yil  athanin   theeya  pira.

2.Getting angry in places  where  it is not effective,
Would cause  harm to ourselves and there  is nothing ,
Which is   greater evil in getting angry where  it is effective.

3.Marathal   vekuliyai yaar mattum , theeya  ,
Pirathal   athanaal  varum.

3.You should forget  getting angry   against every body,
For   all  evil things are only  generated  by one’s anger.

4,Nakayum   uvakayum   kollum chinathin  ,
Pakayum   ulavo pira.

4.Are there  more  greater  enemies than anger ,
Which kills  pleasant feeling  and joy  in the heart.

5.Thannai thaan kaakin   chinam kaaka , kavakkal  ,
Thannaye  kollum chinam

5.If you want to protect yourselves , control anger,
For if not controlled, it would destroy you , yourself.

6.Chinamennum chernthaarai  kolli , inamennum,
Yema  punayai  chudum.

6.Anger which destroys those   who adopt it , would also,
Would  destroy  the good people   who support  and save them.

7.Chinathai  porul  yendru kondavan kedu  ,
Nilatharainthaan   kai pizhayaathatthu.

7.He  who uses   anger as a weapon  would be destroyed,
As sure as the  suffering of  the fist  when it hits the earth forcefully.

8.iNar  teyi  thoyvanna   inna cheyinum,
Punarin   vekulamai nandru.

8.Even if one makes us suffer by pushing us in raging fire ,
It would be better  if we do not get angry at them.

9.ULLIyathellam   udaneithum  uLLathaal,
ULLaan  vekuLi yenin.

9.Suppose  one completely  banishes anger from his mind,
Then all that   he desires  would  come  to him immediately.

10.Iranthaar  iranathaar  anayar chinathaith,
Thuranthaar  thuranthaar  thunai.

!0 ,Those  who get  in to extreme anger   are like dead people  ,

And those   who forsake it completely   are  equal to ascetics.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Vaimai-30th Chapter of Thirukural ( Speaking Truth)

Vaimai-30th Chapter of Thirukural 
( Speaking Truth)

Translated by
1.Vaimai yena paduvathu   yaathenil , yathondrum  .
Theemai illatha chollal.

1.The word truth would mean   that  which,
Does not cause  any harm to any one.

2.Poimayum  vaimai idatha  purai theerntha,
Nanmai payakkum yenin.

2.A lie  is also truth  , if  it  causes,
Faultless    good  to others.

3.Than nenju arivathu poyyarkka  , pointhapin,
Than nenje thannai chudum.

3.Do not tell what your  mind knows  well as a lie,
If you tel then your own mind  would scorch you.

4.Ullathathal poyyathu ozhugin  , ulagathaar,
UllathuL yellam ulan.

4.If one   does not lie according to his conscience,
He would   occupy  the mind of all people of the  world.

5.Manothudu  vaimai mozhiyin, thavathodu  ,
Danam   cheivarin thalai .

5. If a person tells  truth according  his conscience,
He would be  better than people  who  do penance   as well as charity.

6,Poimai  anna   pugazhillai  , yeyyamai  ,
Yella    aramum  tharum.

6.There   is no act  which gives as much  fame as not lying,
And it would  not  put him in sorrow and also   give him all Dharma.

7.POiyamai poiyamai   aaththin  arampiRa,
Cheyyamai cheyyamai  nandru.

7.If one constattly practices  ‘not telling a lie”,
There would be  no need for him  to do other  Dharmas.

8.PuRam  thooymai  neeraan amayum   akam thooymai,
Vaimayal  kana pedum.

8. External  cleanliness  is  maintained by water ,
And the internal cleaniness  of mind is maintained  by  speaking truth.

9.Yellaa vilakkum vilakkalla  , chandrorkkum,
Poyyaa vilakke  vilakku.

9.For the learned and good people  all lamps are not lamps,
But the lamp that shows them light  is “talking truth”.

10.Yaam meyya kandavathul illai   yenai thondrum,
Vaimayin  nalla pira.

10.Among all the things that   we have truly see, There is,
Nothing  which is greater than speaking truth.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

kaLLammai-29th chapter of Thirukkural (Not stealing property of others.)

kaLLammai-29th chapter of Thirukkural
(Not  stealing  property of others.)

Translated by

(THiruvalluvar in this chapter emphasizes that  an Ascetic should not  steal   the property of others. He has emphasized    the same thing as an important quality  of the householder in Chapter 18 Vekkamai. While there  he emphasizes that  stealing is a crime here he tells  , even the thought  of stealing  is a great crime.)

1.YeLLamai  venduvaan yenban yenaithondrum,
KaLLamai  kaakka  than nenju.

1.He   who does not  want others   to abuse him ,
Should  protect his mind so that  he does not  steal property of others.

2.ULLathaal uLLalum  theethe , piran porulai,
KaLLathal kaLvem yenal.

2.It is bad to think of evil acts by the mind,
And so thinking  to steal others property by mind  is also bad.

3.KaLvinaal  aakiya aakkam   alaviRanthu ,
AAvathu  poala   kedum.

3.The income from stealing would appear great,
But in the end it would destroy our wealth  and then get destroyed.

4.KaLavin kan  kandriya   kaathal   viLaivin kan,
Veeyaa vizhumam   tharum.

4.The desire  to steal property of others would give rise ,
To   never diminishing great sorrow , when we  try to implement that desire.

5,Arul karuthi  anbudayar  aathal  porul karuthi  ,
Pochappu paarappar kan yil.

5.The  love  others due to compassion   would not  arise ,
In those  who are waiting the chance  of stealing from others.

6.ALavin kan   ninrozhukal  aaththaar  kaLavinkan,
Kanriya  kaadha lavar
6.Those  who have great desire  to steal   property of others,
Would not be able    to live  obeying  rules of justice.

7.KaLvenum  karaRi vaaNmai   alavennum,
AAththal purinthaar  ka

7.Those  strong people  who live in justice , would not,
Have  the strength  arising out of  ignorance of  stealing.

8.ALavarinthaar nenjathu   aRam poala   nirkkum,
Ka:avarinthaar  nenjil  karavu

8.In the mind of those who live according to justice , Dharma  would  stay,
And in those   who knows how to steal  treason  will always stay.

9.Alavalla   ceithange  veevar kalavalla  ,
Maththaya   thethaathavar .

9.Those   who  do not  know  good acts  but know  only stealing,
Would do unjust acts   and would get destroyed  immediately.

10.Kalvaarkku   thallum   uyirnilai  kallaarkku  ,
Thallathu  puthel  ulaku.

10.This  world where we live  would push away those who steal,

But te heaven will welcome those  who do  not engage  themselves in stealing.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Koodaa Ozhukkam-28th Chapter of Thirukural (Conduct that has to be avoided.)

Koodaa Ozhukkam-28th  Chapter of Thirukural
(Conduct  that   has to be avoided.)

Translated by

   (Thiruvalluvar  wants the conduct of sages should be above board   and not evil. These  ten  verses clearly bring out the fact that  there  were many sages  even then who  were acting as if they are sages.)

1.Vancha manathaan  padiththozhukkam   poothangal,
Iynthum   agathe   nakum.
1.Seeing the lying conduct  of an evil minded  person ,
The Five elements   in his body  would laugh  within  themselves.

2.Vanuyar thothatham   yevan cheyyum   thannenjam,
Thaan  ari kutha  padin.

2.If a person does  acts  which  are  considered by his  own mind as evil,
There is   no use  of his having a sage like   form touching the sky.

3.Vali yil   nilaimayaan  valluruvam   peththa,
Puliyin  thol porthu  meithaththu.

3.He who does not have   strength  to control his mind,   in spite ,
Of having a huge sagely form , is like a cow grazing , covering itself   by a tiger’s  hide.

4.THavam marainthu  allavai   cheithal  puthal marainthu ,
Vettuvan   pul  chimizhthu  aththu.

4.Doing   acts   which are not proper  to a sage ,   after  assuming a   sagely form,
Is  equal to a hunter  who hides  in a bush and catches   the birds.

5.Paththaththom yenbar  padithozhukkam   yeththendru,
Yetham  palavum   tharum.

5.Those who say  that they  have cut off all   their attachments  ,
And engage themselves  in evil acts , would be forced to ask,
“What mistakes  have  I done?, when they are  attacked by sorrows  later.

6.Nenjil thuravaar thuranthaarpoal  vanchithu.
Vaazhvaarin van kanaar yil.

6.There  are no  people of greater evil than  those,
 Who have not  got detached of desires  but  act like  that.

7.Puram kundri  kandu   Anaya renum   akam kundri,
Mookil  kariyaar   udaithu.

7.Though they  appear  outside  red like seed  of Kundri mani(Arbus  precatorius/Gunj)
The mind  of most of them  is of the colour black  like the tip of that seed.

8.Manathathu  masaka  maandaarneer  aadi,
Marainthozhukum  manthar   palar.

8.There  are very large number of people   who have  a dirty mind,
But  who act as if they are great  sages.

9.Kanai kodithu   yaazhkodu chevvithanganna ,
Vinai padu   paalal kolal.

9.Though arrow is  straight  it is cruel , though  Yaazh(A musical instrument)  is bent,
It gives out sweet music and so people should be judged by their acts.

10.Mazhithalum  neettalum  vendaa , ulagam,

Pazhithathu   ozhithu   vidin.

Dedicated to Manga Kunnan of Chelakkara

 Dedicated  to Manga Kunnan of Chelakkara


    I am again trying  to take  back to the  old Chelakkara  Gramam.  There  was a very interesting character called  “Manga KUnnan” roaming the  CHelakkara  Gramam during those days .He was a  harmless and very helpful  mad man of Chelakkara.He always used   to keep on Chanting  “Ippa THanne, Ivada Thanne”   and walk along . The Mamis of the Gramam used  to entrust him several peetty jobs like buying   things from the market. They all  knew  that Manga Kunnan was   extremely honest  and efficient . People used to say that  his name was  “Mangakunnathu  Krishnan Nair “ and he once belonged to a good family  near PLacode  village .This cherished  photo  was  Passed on to me by my cousin Babu Subbaraman , who has permanently settled in  USA.While thanking   for that  nice gesture I would  like to dedicate  this photo  to that  good old mad man , who was   the part  of the life of many of us .I am sure Manga Kunnan never  would have imagined   that  his photo would any time  come  in the internet and that  too in Facebook.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Thavam-27th Chapter of Thirukural (Penance)

Thavam-27th Chapter of Thirukural

Translated  by

(In this chapter  THiruvalluvar gives the nature of penance(thapas)  that an ascetic has   to undertake.  Bearing all the sorrows that comes our way and not causing sorrow   to others   is  THapas  according to him.He also clearly  tells us that  a householder need not do Thapas but has   to look after  ascetics.)

1.Uththa noi thondral   uyirkuru kan cheyyamai <
Aththe  thvathir   kuru.

1.Bearing  all their sorrows that occurs
And  not causing sorrow to others   is Penance.

2,Thavamum  thavamudayaarkku aakum , avam athanai,
Akthilaar  Merkolvathu.

2.Only those who have  good Karma can do penance,
Others attempting  it is a waste.

3,Thuranthaarkku   thuppuravu   vendi  marantharkol,
Mathayasvarkal   thavam.

3,Possibly  for protecting  those   sages who  have given up  everything,
The Householder   has  forgotten penance.

4,Onnaar  theralum  uvanthaarai   aakkalum,
Yennin   thavathan   varum,.

4.The ascetic gets the power  to suppress  those  who trouble him,
And to  lift up those  who do good to them.

5.Vendiya  vendiyaangu  yeithalaal  , ceithavam,
Yeendu   muyala padum.

5.Since all that  is desired can be achieved  by penance,
Even the householder   can try to  engage  in the difficult  to do penance.

6.Thavam  cheivaar  tham karumam  cheivaar , maththallar,
Avam cheivaar  aasyulpattu.

6.Those who do penance are  engaged in their duty,
And others are  wastefully doing it because  of desire.

7.Chuda chudarum pon poal oli vidum thunbam,
Chuda chuda norkirpavarkku.

7.Heating and  further  heating makes the gold shine  ,and like that,
If penance  is continued  when  heated by sorrows, the true knowledge  would  shine in them.

8.Thannuyir   thaan   ara peththanai  yenaya  ,
Mannuyir   yellam thozhum.

8.He who has got out of the feeling that  his soul is himself,
Would be saluted by   all the souls.

9.Kootham kuthithalum  kaikoodum  noththalin,
AAthal thalai pattavarkku.

9.Those   who achieve  mastery  over  penance ,
Can even  win over   the  God of death.

10. Yivar palar  aakiya karanam   norppar  ,
Chilar  palar   nolaathavar.

10,The people who have  great achievements are few,
Because  only few do penance  and many do not.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pulal Maruthal-26th chapter of Thirukural (Saying “no” to meat)

Pulal  Maruthal-26th chapter  of Thirukural
(Saying  “no”  to meat)

Translated by

(The poet seems to be a great   advocate  of Vegetarianism . He seems to abhor the idea  of killing another  for eating its meat. It is very important to note here  that  this advice  is not  included  in the Dharma  of householders but has  been included  in the section dealing  with duties of ascetics.)

1.Thanoon perukkathirkku than pirithu oon unban,
Yenganam   aalum arul.

1.How can  the person who eats flesh of others ,
To  grow his own “flesh”, can ever have  compassion.

2,Porulatchi   poththathaarkku  illai  arulatchi,
Aangillai m  oon thinpavarkku,

2, Those who  do not save cannot rule over wealth  ,
And those who w eat  meat cannot have  compassion.

3,Padai kondaar nenjam poal  nandrookaathu ondran,
Udal chuvai  undaar manam.

3,The mind of those  who carry a weapon  goes towards killing ,
And similarly  those  who eat the flesh of others, cannot have compassion.

4.Arul allathu   yaathenil  kollamai  koral,
Porul allathu   avoon  thinal.

4.Compassion   is about  not killing other beings ,
And that which is not compassion  is eating  their meat.

5.Unnamai   ullathu uyir nilai oon unna ,
Annathal  cheyathu  Alaru.

5.Being are  keep  themselves alive  by others not eating their n meat,
And the hell will not open its mouth  to eat those who do not eat meat.

6.Thinar  poruttaal   kollathu   ulagenin  yaarum,
Vilai poruttal   oon  tharuvaar   yil.

6.If people do not  kill to    eat other   beings,
Then  merchants  selling meat  would cease to exist.

7.Unnamai vendum  pulaal pirithondran,
Punnathu   unarvaar perin.

7.Meat  is only  a wound  in the body of a being,
And those  who know about  it , would not eat it.

8.Cheyirin  thalaipirintha  katchiyaar  unnar,
Uyirin   thalai pirintha  oon.

8.People with clarity  in thought, would  not eat,
The meat  got from a body which has  lost its soul.

9.Avichorinthu   aayiuram  vettalin  ondranm,
Uyir chekuthu   unnamai   nandru.

9,Not eating  its meat  after killing a being,
Is much greater  than doing thousand  fire sacrifices by   offering  ghee.

10.Kollaan  pulalai maruthaanai kaikoopi  ,
Yellaa  uyirum   thozhum.

10 The person who does not kill  nor eat meat ,

Would be saluted  by  all beings.

Friday, September 18, 2015

25.Aruludamai-25th chapter of Thirukkural (Being compassionate)

Thuravaram(ascetism) –second  section   of First book of  Thirukural
(Dharma  of Ascetics)

25.Aruludamai-25th chapter   of Thirukkural
(Being compassionate)

Translated  by

    (It is very interesting to note that  the great poet believes that Compassion   is the first necessary   character of all ascetics. He feels that  compassion is the only support  of their life as they need not bother to   go to the dark world of sorrows )

1.Arutchelvam   , chelvathul chelvam  , porut chelvam,
Pooriyaar kanum ula

1.Compassion  is the  greatest wealth among wealth,
And the  wealth of plenty is seen  even among ordinary people.

2.Nallatthal  nadi   arulalga pallaththal  ,
THerinum akthe  thunai.

2,Using a good path , observe  quality of compassion,
For in spite of geat research, that is the only support to our k life.

3.Arul chertha nenjinarkillai , irul cherntha,
Inna   ulagam pugal.

3.To those with a compassionate heart , there is  no need,
To enter the dark world  of   great sorrow,

4,Mannuyir ombi arul aalvaarkku  illenba ,
Thannyir   anjum vinai.

4.To those who protect   others  due to compassion ,
There us nothing  in this world  which is scary.

5.Allal  arul aalvaarkku   illai  vali  vazhangum,
Mallal maa  jnaalam kari.

5.Those who are compassionate  never suffer sorrow,
This can be known by observing people who live in this earth where the wind blows.

6.POrul neeki pochaandhaar. Yenbar arul neeki,
Allavai cheithozhuguvar.

6.Those who do cruel deeds   without any compassion,
Would not attain  the wealth(Dharma)   that they aim at.

7,Arul illarku  avvulakam  illai, porul illarkku ,
Yivvulagam   illakiyangu.

7.Just like  those having  no wealth cannot  enjoy life in earth,
Those who do not have  compassion cannot   enjoy life in heaven.

8.POrulatthaar pooppar  orukal   arulaththar  ,
Aththaar maththathal arithu.

8.Perhaps a man without wealth can become wealthy,
But those   without compassion  can never get out of downfall.

9.Therulaathaan  meiporul  kandaththal  therin,
Arulaathaan   cheyyum aram.

9.One without compassion  cannot find the  ultimate truth by learning,
And similarly  he cannot get good Karma  by doing good acts.

10.Valiyaar mun thannai  ninaikathaan  thannin ,
Meliyar  mel chillum idathu.

10.When the personwithout compassion  causes  trouble to weaker persons,
He should also think about possibility  of strong ones troubling him.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Quo Vadis -My thirukkural translations?

Quo Vadis  -My thirukkural translations?


   THirukkral has 133  chapters (note 3+3+1=7)  arranged in three   books viz Arathupal( Book of Dharma) , Porutpal( Book of wealth)  and Kamathupal  (book of love .).Possibly the most accepted   commentary  is written  by Parinel Azhagar(Pretty one  on the top of horse ),Several commentaries in Tamil   exist.  All the commentators are   of the opinion that  Thiruvalluvar  did not  write a chapter on salvation   because  he felt that  those  who live according  to the tenets  that  he has explained  , salvation is automatic..Thirukkural was first translated   in to  Latin first and later  in to English which  was made  in 1886.. It has been later translated  in to 13 different Indian languages   languages. Nine  asian languages   and 14  european languages. Since  I have studied  Thirukkural with lot of interest., I  wanted to translate  it in  my own style. I was hesitant  as  I was  not a master  in Tamil lanuguages and also I thought   there is no further need    of one more  translation  .Anyway , I did the first   chapter  of Kural  entitled praise  of God   and  uploaded  in several social  forums.Many people   seem to like my   translation and I was  encouraged  by many   to translate. I started   doing it   about a month back and as on today  I  have translated  24  chapters.
     AS mentioned    earlier   , the first chapter  is a chapter  praising God.The second is  the praise  of rain, the greatness  of those   who forsake   the  world  and the   fourth   is about a need    to lead   life according   to Dharma,
    The next   twenty chapters  deal about place  of a householder  in the world    and  the next 19 deal  about   how a householder can make his life ideal. The  fifth  chapter  emphasizes   the need for a  Householder  .In the next two chapters  Valluvar  emphasizes  the need of a  wife of good virtue  ., need for children to make it bright.Then he emphasizes   the need  for a house holder to love other, need   for hospitality, talking of only sweet   things. Gratefulness, unbiased nature, need to have  humility, need to have good behavior, not desiring   the wife of others, need for patience, need to be not jealous, need  not to desire wealth earned by others, need not to back bite, need to avoid  talking non sense. Need to  desist from doing evil acts, need  not to expect  gratefulness, charity and getting fane
      From 25th chapter  to 37TH Chapter , Valluvar   deals about  the life of a detached person and in 38 , he deals  about fate. This would bring to and the first book of kural dealing with Dharma.

      I believe   that  as long   as  atleast few people like it  and not many do not like it at all, I should  continue  what I am doing  If any of you think  that my effort  is a wasteful exercise , I am willing to   stop these  translations .