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Our Kolu has two parts this year II Gems who contributed Stotra Rathnas

Our Kolu has two parts this year II Gems who contributed Stotra Rathnas
(This great KOlu was set up by my daughter Smt Meera Venkatesan. She feels that it will be apt for us because in our own way we are drowned in stotras written by the Gems of great writers)
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Bhaktha Lahari
Adhi Sankara
Adhi Sankara who poured stotras after stotras,
Praising almost all Gods of India with extreme devotion,
Poonthanam , the great devotee poet in Malayalam,
Descibing his Guruvayurappan in words shining in simplicity,
The great mepathur, who gave his health to his guru,
And got it back due to his selfless devotion,
The grandma of ancient Tamil Nadu ,
Who taught her people devotion drenched in simplicity,
Naha Kavi Bharathi
The roaring lion Maha Kavi Bharathi,
Who loved his country and his God more than himself,
Aandal the Simple girl found by a saint in a garden,
Who fell in love with her God and Married him,
Sage Agasthya
The ancient saint Agasthya who brought water to south,
And victory to his lord Rama, by teaching him a prayer,
Aruna giri Nathar
The saint of the purple mountain who with a melting heart,
Drowned us all in unalloyed devotion to Muruga,
The ten headed Ravana who roared a prayer,
To his lord Shiva, which resembled an earthern tremor,
Kalidasa the great wood cutter who married a princess ,
And churned the heart of his goddess with a gem of prayer,
Vedantha Desigar
The Vaishnavite Gem called Desigar , who preferred to be poor,
And sing prayers similar to emerald, gems and Diamonds,
The humble Peasant THulasidas who wrote story of Rama ,
In Language of common man and gave us a great prayer to Hanuman,
DEva Raya Swamigal
The saint poet of Lord Muruga who makes all our heart light,
By giving us a prayer that makes the Lord Skanda take care of us,
BHeeshma Pithamaha
The grand father Bheeshma who gave up his happiness to make his father happy,
And taught Yudishtra , the gem of of all prayers of thousand names of Vishnu,
Prathivadhi Bhayankaram Annagaracharya
That great poet Annangaracharyar who composed a song,
To wake up the lord of us all and each of us , daily in the morn,
Abhirama Bhattar
The great devotee Abhirama Bhattar who made Goddess Abhirami,
To make the new moon day in to a full moon day, to defend his innocent lie,
And the horse face saint who gave us all , thousand diamond names,
To pray our mother goddess with a melted heard and a deep wet eye,
Are all here in this Kolu created by my darling daughter Meera ,
As her song of devotion to all of us specially we two.

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Mummy tells her son Rama “Ramayana”

 Mummy tells  her son Rama “Ramayana”


(once upon a time I was a story teller to children. I thought  , why not try  telling Ramayana  in my fashion and this is the result)

“I am sleepy  , tell me   a story Mummy “ , said Rama,
And Mummy  laughed   and said,  “Why not?”
 “Long long ago , there  was a king called  Dasaratha.”
Rama said  , “funny name  , what does  it mean.”

Mummy laughed  “Ït means  he can fight  with ten people,
And that  king had  three  wives” and Rama , was not happy?
“Why Mummy? . in all my friends  homes  there  is only one Mummy.”
Mummy replied ”Kings are big people  and so  they marry many people”

Rama said Öh” and Mummy said, “ there  were  no children ,
In their home “and Rama nodded” like the aunty  next  door,
And did that  king do any pooja  like the next door aunty? “
Mummy replied ,  “yes  and a  man came from pooja with a bowl. “

Rama was surprised “Never heard of  anything like that”  and mummy said,
  “The bowl had four spoon  of kheer  and Dasaratha  gave  one spoon ,
To the three queens, Kausalya, Kaikeyi   and Sumithra and
The  one more spoon  Sumithra  , whom all liked. “

  “After   some time  Kausalya   got  one baby boy,
Kaikeyi  another baby boy   but Sumithra,
Got two baby boys.”Rama jumped  up and said,
“ I know  one baby boy per one  spoon of kheer,
Oh Mummy , I am only  one boy , did you,
Take  only one spoon of kheer” and she just smiled.

 “ Dasaratha  called  his  Guru  vasishta  to name the boys.
He named  Kausalya’s son  as Rama, because  he was pretty.”
Rama jumped   up and down   “and so Mummy  I too am pretty”
She said  “ The Guru called  Kaikeyi’s son BHaratha   because  he would rule well.”

“He named one son of Sumithra as  Lakshmana  , because ,
He  was perfect and the other Sathrugna because ,
He will kill  his enemies  “ and Rama asked “Munmmy ,
How   could the guru  knew  all  this about the babies?”

Rama’s Mummy said  “Vasishta was   a great sage  ,
And he  knew  what  is going   to happen for all.”
Rama said , “Mummy  I wish   I knew  him” and mummy smiled,
And Said ,  “Äll the four children went  to Guru’s school  to learn”

“ After  some time    the Guru told Dasaratha    that  his children,
Have passed out and on that  day an angry   sage  called Kaushika,
Came to Dasaratha’s palace  and told  him , “Some  asuras  ,
Are  not allowing  me to do pooja,Please send Rama to help me.”

Rama asked “who are  asuars” and his  mummy   replied,
“bad people who trouble  Good people” and  “Dasaratha,
Did not want his very small  child to  go and fight  with,
Asuras  and he asked,   “shall  will come instead  of him “.

The angry sage got very angry  but Guru of Dasaradha,
Advised him to send Rama , because  it would  be good  for him”
Rama said  “I  do not follow Mummy, you always say,
Fighting with any one   is bad “and mummy smiled

“True Rama” but Rama  was an expert in fighting  and,
Unless  he fights , how can we   drive   away bad people”
Lakshmana who liked  his brother  , too too mmuch,
Went with them  and both brothers killed all the bad people.”

“The sage was glad  and told them that he will take them,
To Sita’s SWayamvara.”Rama said  “mummy you are going very fast,
Who is Sita   and  what is SWayamvara”, Mummy continued ,
With a smile , “there  was another  king Janaka  with just one wife”

“He too did not have any children, “Rama said “ Oh  then , he did,
Pooja  and that person came  out” , Mummy said , “No  , he thought,
He will raise  a garden” Rama said  “funny mummy  , Is there,
Any tree, which gives  babies”, Mummy said , “not at all””

“But when he dug the land  he got a box and it had,
A lovely girl baby”” Rama could not keep quite  ,
 “Öh Mummy let us  dig a  garden , I want a sister”
Mummmy laughed out loud “these things do not happen any more.”

“That king named her “Sita” and   that king had   a huge  bow,
Which even hundred people  could not lift,  but one day  ,
When the golden ball  she was playing with  , went  below,
The box, Sita  simply lifted the box and took her ball.”

Rama said Öh “ was   she as strong   as Rama or was she,
KIngkong” Mummy  said , “neither  but she had great power.
And so  her father  decided she will marry a person ,
Who also can lift  the  bow”, Rama said “sounds Okay”

Rama said , “Mummy did  your father  ask  Daddy,
To cook  Pista, like  you , before you married him”
Mummy said, “Do not be silly  , Daddy does not know how to cook,”
And  let me tell you   , “what  is SWayamvara?”

“During  those times when a girl wants to get married,
They  will call one day, all boys  who want to marry her ,
And ask her to select  the boy  she wants  to marry and that is Swayamvara”
Rama jumped and told, “keep swayamvara  for me tomorrow”

Mummy  said “do not be silly, , The sage took  Rama and Lakshmana,
To the kings place   but on the way Rama stepped  on  a stone,
And the  Stone became a lady called  Ahalya”” Rama said,
Mummy , Please do not send me there, I do not want to make a  stone  in to a girl”

Mummy continued, “Rama broke the bow easily  “and Sita  liked Rama,
And Sita’s father  called  Rama’s  Daddy and Mummy   and  very grandly,
The marriage of Sita  and Rama  was celebrated”, Rama  caught hold,
Of  his Mummy’s hand , “Please Mummy  , I too want to marry that Sita”

Mummy  laughed and told, “hey little   bundle  of Mischief,
You are still a baby  and when you grow up  , I will find a Sita for you.”
Mummy continued, “When Sita and Rama   were returning  back,
To Rama’s place , one angry man called Parasurama  stopped them.”

He told them, “Hey silly Rama, You seem to be proud  that you have  broken,
A silly  bow  that  this girl had, I will not allow  you to go from here  .
Till you break my bow also and Rama easily  did” Rama said,
To teach that angry man, Rama should have given the  bow to Sita to break”

Mummy said , “”Wonderful kiddo  , This thought never occurred to me,
Rama, Sita and his parents reached  their place   and lived   happily,
And Dasaratha  became old and wanted Rama to help him to rule his country,
And he wanted to  make Rama also a king  and all people became happy.”

There was  a hunch back called Mandhara  who was a servant of  Kaikeyi,
And  she did not  Like Rama  becoming  the king”, Rama asked “Why?”
She said “ When Rama was  a baby he threw  a ball at  Mandhara and it hurt her,
And so she hated  Rama, and so she went  and told  Kaikeyi “ÿou are a fool”

“She told Kaikeyi  , “Rama is not your son, .Ask Dasaratha  to make  ,
Your son Bharatha  the king”Kaikeyi told her “”how can I do it?”
Then that crooked hunchback told “Once  you saved Dasaratha,
And he  had promised  to give you  any two things  that you want.”

 “ So when Dasaratha  returned from his office  , Kaikeyi asked,
“Do you  remember you had promised  any two things you want?”
Dasaratha said ofcourse, and she asked, “ My son Bharatha  ,
Should become the king  and Rama should go  to forest  for 14 years”

“Mummy  , that is very bad, Let her son become the  king  ,
But Why should , Rama go to forest?” jumped up and down our Rama,
But then his Mummy   said “all  people   felt like that ,
But  Rama went to forest  along with Sita and Lakshmana”

“Unfortunately being very sad , Dasaratha   died  and ,
Bharatha who had  gone to his uncles place   for vacation,
Came back, shouted aty Kaikeyi,  refused  to be the king,
And went along with all   to  the  forest to call  back Rama”

“I like Bharatha , Mummy  , he should have beaten his mummy”,
Said Rama and his Mummy told “ Will you ever beat me  Rama”
Rama said ,”” never mummy, because  you are my darling”
Rama’s mummy hugged him  and said , “ My darling”

“When Bharatha met Rama, he refused to come   and told him,
To be king for fourteen years   but Bharatha refused and asked,
For Rama’s slippers  and went back  and made Rama’s slippers  ,
As the king, And Rama  along with Sita  went further in to the forest.

“Mummy  , What Bharatha  did is wrong, how can poor   Rama,
Walk in the forest barefooted”, his mummy   agreed but continued,
“Rama, Lakshmana and Sita built to a pretty hut in a place ,
Called Panchavati and started   staying  there. Happily”

Rama asked,””How can they be happy Mummy , Barefooted,
That  too in a small hut” and Mummy continued, “One day  ,
A lady  called Soorpanakha   approached  Rama  and asked him,
To marry her  , but Rama playfully told  “I  already have a wife”

Rama asked, “But Mummy his father   had three  wives”
His mummy  laughed a lot and replied, “True  , but he was not,
As great  as his father and he sent the lady   to Lakshmana,
And Lakshmana  cut off her  nose   as well as  her  ears”

Rama said ,” Ït is bad of Lakshmana , he could have told ,
I too have a wife in Ayodhya” Mummy said “but  he did not”.,
And Soorpanakha  went   to her ten headed  brother  in Lanka,
And told him, Ï saw a pretty girl  in forest for you”

“But when  I went to bring her , One Rama cut off my  ears and nose.”
Ravana became angry  and asked  his uncle Marreecha   to dress up  ,
Like a  golden deer  and run before Rama’s hut. And when Sita saw,
The deer  , she wanted it and Rama chased the deer deep in to the forest”

Rama said “Sita should not have done that, Which fool will believe,
That  a golden deer can exist” and Mummy continued,
“Ravana took off Sita from  her hut  , took her to Lanka,
And kept her  in prison in a park called  äsoka vana”there.

Rama told “better  than Rama Mummy   ,He is still in forest,
And Sita   has reached a park,”Mummy continued  , “Rama
And Lakshmana  searched  everywhere  but could not find Sita,
And then on the way  they  met a monkey called  “hanuman””

Rama  asked , “What  is the use  of monkey , Mummy  ,
They can perhaps   climb trees and steal Bananas”
Mummy replied  “Hanuman was not like that.
He was God and he was minister  to Sugreeva”

“Sugreeva was  another God monkey and requested,
Help of Rama to defeat  his brother  monkey Vali,
Who was very strong. . Rama said, “mummy,
Monkeys will  fight each other even if they are Gods?”

Mummy smilingly said “Rama killed Vali, made   sugreeva  ,
The king of monkeys  and all the  monkeys  ,
Searched all over the world  For Sita and Hanuman,
Reached  Lanka by  crossing  the ocean by jumping over it

Rama said, “you always call me monkey but never allow,
Me even to jump and cross a pool of water”and Mummy said,
“I  never called  you Hanuman monkey” and “ any way,
Hanuman met Sita  , met Ravana  , and  burnt  Lanka,”

Rama said””monkeys  will always  be monkeys” and Mummy
Continued”He jumped back, met Rama  , told everything ,
And Rama  with all moneys   started  towards Lanka”
Rama said  , Ïf one monkey can burn Lanka , with so many monkeys     !“

Rama with help  of monkeys built a  bridge   and when he was,
Doing that  Vibheeshana , the good brother  of Ravana ,
Came and surrendered to Rama”  .Rama said, “oh,
He had a good   brother too , and then what?”

They crossed the ocean   and  after   great war,
Rama killed Ravana  and in a plane  owned by Ravana,
Reached  Ayodhya  , where  he became   the king”
Rama said  “Mummy I am sleepy  , Sri Rama Jayam”

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Translated by

(I read this in tamil  in a post  by my friend Sri sivam Perumkulam)

Mother   phoned   to her  son,
Öh Ramu , come home  urgently,
Your wife   is very sick, and the son.
Asked “what  happened to her?”

Her neck  is turned  to the side,
Her  mouth is slanting and ,
And her  hands   are  pulled,
To one side,looks like a stroke.

Son asked  ïs there  a phone in her hand,
Mother said, “ÿes , ofcourse,
But    she is not speaking in  any one,
The son laughed ”no problem, she is  taking a selfie?”

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The special name which will do everything for us

The special  name  which will do everything for us

Rewritten by

(Many people  including my friend  , had posted  about an incident  of A vaishnavite  approaching  Parmacharya   and his telling this  great  verse of Thirumangai Azhvar.Hope you will all pardon me   for rewriting this way)

One  follower   of Srivaishnavism ,
Aprroached   the great Paramacharya,
And  asked him,” Ï do want  to read all pasurams,
But I have no time ,can you help me? “

With a  smile  Paramacharya replied  ,
“ Once Goddess  wanted to know  ,
Short cut to read thousand  names,
Of Lord Vishnu and Lord  Shiva told “Rama””.

Your   great  saint THirumangai Azhvar has told,

“ it will give  clan, it will give wealth,
It would   completely   destroy  ,
All the sorrows of the devotees,
It would give salvation  and blessing,
It would give a person  position of power,
It would  do much more  than one’s mother,
And I have   found out this   word,
And it  is the  name  “Narayana”

(குலந்தரும் செல்வம் தந்திடும்
அடியார் படுதுயர் ஆயினவெல்லாம்
நிலந்தரம் செய்யும் நீள் விசும்பருளும்
அருளோடு பெருநிலமளிக்கும்
வலந்தரும் மற்றும் தந்திடும்
பெற்ற தாயினும்ஆயின செய்யும்
நலம் தரும் சொல்லை நான் கண்டு கொண்டேன்
நாராயணா என்னும் நாமமே. )

And so  perhaps your search ends here 

Song :Kando, kando (malayalam)

Song :Kando, kando  (malayalam)
Picture Ittymaani Made In China
Sung by   Mohanlal | Deepak Dev | Vaikom Vijayalakshmi (who is really blind) 
(The text in Malayalam can ve read in the video .It has been typed first stanza by stanza  followed by the meaning)

Image result for Song :Kando, kando innolam (malayalam)

Translated by

Kando  kando innolam
Kanatha  Chandam kando
Inella   melle  ororo
Pooncholayee  thonuunnundo
Ithu   varnamezhum kannu akke
Thaaneedum naalu  yennano
Neril  kandathellam
Aa aa  Ahaha.. oo

Hava you seen , have you  seen,
Have   you seen the beauty  you have not seen,
Not today but  slowly  one by one
Are you feeing  it is a flower garden
This  with mixing all the seven colours covering the full eyes,
The day when I get  is when
All that  I see  of my own self,
Is it true
Aa aa  Ahaha.. oo

Thaali  peeli  kaadu  ooram
Thaazhampoo  poothittundo
Poonkaathae   neeyaa  kaadu ooram
Ponnu oonjalum  kettittundo\
Eee    varnamezhum kannu akke\
Thaaneedum naalu  yennano
Neril  kandathellam neraano
Aa aa  Ahaha.. oo

In  the edge  of the forest full of   wild plants,
Has the pandanus  flowered
Oh  flower wind  , have you in the edge  of the forest,
Tied    a  golden swing
This seven colours filling the eyes,
The day I get is when,
All that  I see  of my own self,
Is it true
Aa aa  Ahaha.. oo

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Mappila Lamayanam- A Malayalam folk version of Ramayana written by Moplas

Mappila  Lamayanam- A Malayalam  folk version of Ramayana  written by Moplas 


Mappilas    are a  section  of Muslims of Kerala..They are  supposed to be the  oldest  native  Muslim  community  of  South Asia. They speak a peculiar dialect of Malayalam( mixed a lot with Arabic words)   and this is called  Mappila Malayalam.
    This community  have their own folk  music   tune called  Mappila  using the Mappila Malayalam . This is  very poular  in Malayalam   and are used  as tunes  in many Malayalm films,
   A version of Ramayanam story  , very popular among them   written in Mappila  pattu  tune is “Mappila Lamayanam””  .It has been published  in a book form, which I could not get.Here is how  it begins.It is a simple retelling of the story that  they have heard  from their  Hindu brethern.

പണ്ടു താടിക്കാരനൗലി പാടിവന്നൊരു പാട്ട്
കണ്ടതല്ലേ ഞമ്മളീ ലാമായണം കതപാട്ട്
കര്ക്കിടം കാത്തുകാത്തു കുത്തിരിക്കും പാട്ട്
കാതു രണ്ടിലും കൈവിരലിട്ടോരിക്കൂട്ടും പാട്ട്
മൂന്നുപെണ്ണിനെ ദശരതന്നിക്കാഹ് ചെയ്ത പാട്ട്
അമ്മിക്കുമ്മായം മറിഞ്ഞും മക്കളില്ലാ പാട്ട്
പായസം കുടിച്ചു മൂന്നും നാലും പെറ്റ പാട്ട്
നാലിലും മുത്തുള്ള ലാമന്റേലുകൂട്ടും പാട്ട്
നഞ്ഞുനക്കിയ പടച്ചോന്റെ വില്ലൊടിച്ച പാട്ട്
കുഞ്ഞുകുട്ടിതങ്കമോളെക്കൈ പിടിച്ച പാട്ട്
ഹാലിളക്കിത്താടിലാമന്വൈ തടഞ്ഞ പാട്ട്
ഹാല് മാറ്റീട്ടന്നു ലാമന്നാട്ടിലെത്തിയ പാട്ട്
നാടുവാഴാന്ബാപ്പ ലാമനെയന്നൊരുക്കിയ പാട്ട്
കൂനീ നൊണകേട്ടന്നെളോമ്മ വാശി കാട്ടിയ പാട്ട്

Pandu  Thadikaranouli  padi  vannoru pattu,
Kandathalle jnammalee   lamayanam  katha pattu,
Karkkidakam   kathu kathu   kuthirikkum pattu
Kathu randilum  kai viralittori kootum pattu,
Moonu pennine   dasradhannu  nikhah  cheitha pattu,
Ammikummayam  marinjum  makkalillaa  pattu,
Payasam kudichu moonum  nalum  petha paattu,
Nalilum  moothulla   lamande   koottum paattu,
Nanju nakkiya   padachonde  villodicha patttu,
Kunju kutti   thanga mole   kai pidicha pattu
Haalilakki   thadi lamannu vai  thadanja  pattu,
Halu matheettannu  lamanu  natilethiya  pattu
Nadu vaazhanu baapa lamane orukkia  paattu
Kooni   nona   kettnnneLomma  vaasi  kattiya pattu

The song sung long time back by a  bearded  saint,
Have we not  seen this  Ramayanam song,
People wait for Karkidaga month(July-august)  to sing this song,
People  put their  fingers in their ears  to sing this song,\
The song describing how  Dasaratha  married three  girls,
The song describing happy married life, with no  children
The song where the three  of them drank payasam and  gave birth to four,
The song about the eldest among them Rama
The song of the breaking of the bow of the God  who drank poison,
The song   where the pretty  golden girl was married,
The song where a Rama loosing his temper  stopped this Rama
The song of how they reached home after  bringing  down the temper
The song about how the  father arranged Rama  to rule  the country
The song where the mother after  hearing lies of Kooni, became adamant  gives  in detail   about the origin  of this version of Ramayana  .I understand that an English translation by   one  John Richard Freeman is available

Raja Thathavin Arichuvadi

Raja Thathavin  Arichuvadi 
A  part of my contribution for translating  Tamil Bhakthi as well  as popular  works


(I  was recently translating  Thirumandiram  of Thirumoolar.One of my friends told , he was  one of the pillars  of Tamil literature.This made me think about  the translations   that I have made  from Tamil to English. I  have  translated  Kambar  , Thiruvalluvar  , Avvayar  , Shiva Vakkiar  , Thirumoolar , Pattinathar , Sambandar  , Manikhya vasagar , Aandal, Periyavachan Pillai , Vedantha Desigar, Abhirama Bhattar , Arunagiri nathar, Deva Raya Samigal  , Durgai Chithar, Maha Kavi Bharathi  , Gopala  Krishna  Bharathi, Oothukadu  Venkata  Subba Iyer , Papa Nasam  Sivan, Neela Kanda Sivan . Kannadasan etc etc
  I am just a palakkad iyer who happened  to study  Tamil in school   and read lots and lots of  Tamil  books In Annamalai  university  where I am a student. Pardon me if I have committed any mistakes.)


 Sage Kasyapa

Aruna Giri Nathar

Thirujnana  Sambandar

Manikka Vasagar


Vedantha desika

Kula Shekara azhvar 

Periya Vachan pillai

Abhirama Bhattar 

Deva  Raya Swamigal
SAnthanantha Swamigal 
Pamban Swamigal

Papa Nasam Sivan
Neela Kanda Sivan