Saturday, December 13, 2014

Problems caused by Sani after Sani Peyarchi

On December 16th Saturn is leaving  the Thula   Rasi and entering  the  Vrushiga rasi .
This would mean  that
1.It will not be ashtamathil   sani for those  born in Meena Rasi(Pororattathi  4th padam, Uthrattathi   and Revathi)
2. It would not be Ezharai   Sani (sade sathi)  period  for those who are  born in Kanya Rasi(uthram 2, 3,4  padams, Hastham   and Chithra   1, 2 Padams)
3.It would not be Janma Sani  for those   born in  Thula Rasi(Chithra 3, 4 Padams , Swathi  and Visagam 1,2,3 Padams)
4.Ashtamathil Sani would start for   those  who are born in Mesha Rasi  (Aswathi, Bharani   and Karthigai I padam)
5.Ezharai  sani  (sade sathi)   would start   for those  born  in Dhanu Rasi (Moolam, Pooradam,  Uthradam I padam)
6.Janma sani would start   for  those born in Vrushiga rasi (Visagam 4th padam, Anusham and Kettai)
       A general prediction would be
1.       Those   born in Meena rasi and Kanya Rasi   would get rid of all problems caused to them by Sani.
2.       Those born in  Mesha rasi and Dhanu rasi   would start   facing problems due to Sani
3.       Those born in  Thula rasi would find their problems to be of reduced intensity.
4.       Those  born in Vruschiga Rasi    would find their problems  of increased  intensity .
What type of problems and how intense etc would be decided  by the position  of  Sani in their horoscope as well as  power of Sani  and these can only be predicted  by an astrologer after  thoroughly   studying  a person’s  horoscope
     I have been finding   that those   who with faith read the  “Sani Vajra  Panjarika Kavacham “ on Saturdays , would  find that   their problems becomes  manageable as   told in the Kavacham
If the son of Sun God is in eighth, twelfth, first or second house,
Daily reading this Kavacham , no misery would ever be caused.

This is true  to a very large extent .You can find   the Kavacham with english anslation in
Worship of Lord Hanuman or Lord Venkatachalapathy or Lord Ayyappa on Saturdays     have also been found beneficial