Saturday, December 31, 2016

Are we happy miserly donkeys who enjoy life?

Are   we  happy   miserly donkeys   who enjoy life?


(The idea  is not mine but based on a write up called  “Equations”  in Whatsapp.My thanks to whosoever  conceived   this great idea.)  

All  man and women  eat , work  , sleep  and enjoy,
But poor donkey does  eat , works  hard and sleeps,
And   does not know  what it is to enjoy,
And so   we call a man and woman  who does   not enjoy  as donkeys.

All  men earn money  , eat because of it and sleep,
But poor donkey    does not earn money for himself,
And poor thing does  not understand  what it means,
And so   we call a man who does  not earn  any money as  a donkey

Some  women    eat , sleep and   do not  spend  money,
But poor donkey   does not have any money,
And poor thing    does not  know what “Spend”  means  ,
And so can  we call woman does not spend money  as a donkey.

Thus  it is crystal  clear   to  all of  us normal ones,
That a man who does not allow  a woman to spend ,
And a woman   spends  money so that man cannot earn,
Are    doing  great help  to each other by not allowing  each  other to become a donkey.

It also is clear   that  man is a donkey who earns  money,
And a woman is a donkey   that  does not   spend  money,
And when they  both decide to live together  and enjoy
They would become  two happy donkeys  who earn and  do not  spend.

Welcome , new year

Welcome  , new year

Jumana Junaid , Sri Lanka

Translated by

All over the world there  is celebration today,
For earth is going start a new   rotation,
Developing pretty wings  ,
The world   is  going to fly    as a thing of art.

Crowds of clouds   should spread   everywhere,
So that     rain falls  every where  sweetly,
The rivers  should  get filled up  and flow ,
Observing limits  so that,
The mother earth   would  laugh   with joy.

Let   minds become joyous ,
And  let  the hearts   throb with sweetness
The breeze  would waft, waves would ebb,
And the nature   would recite  a great poem

The earth is going to start a new rotation,
And my  worries  are slowly ,
Moving away  and  settling down,

Would you open as a new flower in the universe,
Let all the world become a work of art,
Let all hearts broken in to pieces come together again

Let moon  come   and smile ,
Let waves  of sea  sing  ,
Let every thing that you desire,
Always  become sweet realty,

Before   the tears  of sorrow dries,
Those   which fall down due to thunder,
Should become  a  small piece  of snow,
That  gets   dissolved in  to the ocean.

With  Truth as the axis the world should now rotate,
Justice should ebb everywhere and become stable.

Get  lips that   only utter the truth,
Become hands   that only do good ,
Think  so that  heart becomes great,
Let differences of caste  and religion vanish,
Achieve   every thing  only  by justice.
The earth   would rotate peacefully
And would start  telling ,
The remaining   history of the morrow.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Honest wood cutter and trigonometry

Honest wood cutter  and trigonometry


(An old story   retold . Hamsabai  SAnthana Krishnan reminded  it to me by a post in face book)

Once upon a time there  was an wood cutter,
Who  by nm misfortune  lost his axe  in a well,
And  he started   crying   the name of  God.
God came and took out   a golden axe from  the well    and gave it to him,
And he   said , it is not his   and the  God offered him a silver axe ,
And he said it is not his   and God  offered  a   steel axe ,
And he said it was  his and took it  from God,
And  God along with that  gave him the golden and  silver axe ,
And told him , it was a present for his   honesty,

Next day in the same well  wood cutter lost his wife,
And he as usual cried  and summoned  God,
God came   and   took out    from the well ,
The   divine    dancer Menaka  of Indra’s court,
The wood cutter said , it was  his wife ,
God was shocked   and asked   him,
“Where   has your honesty  gone?”
And wood cutter   replied  seriously ,
“Suppose I say  she is   not my wife ,
You will take  out Ramba  and  then again  my own wife,
And appreciating  my honesty  you would  give  me  all three  of them,

One wife is Ok , Bigamy is not legal  and trigonometry is the worst.”

God is kind when he gives or when he denies

God is kind when he gives or when he denies

Translated  by

( The Tamil original was sent to me  by a member of Whatsapp   group. I do not know  who wrote. My grateful thanks   to whosoever who   wrote it.)

There    was  a very  big temple  in a holy place,
And there  was a servant there who  kept on and on ,
Working for the God    and  the temple every day ,
And one day he felt  sad that God was always standing

That  day after   every one  had left   he asked the God,
“Your legs must be paining   a lot   as you are  always standing,
And I feel extremely sad   that I can do nothing for it ,
And so if you agree I will stand in your place  one full day.”

God smiled   at him and told  “That is a great thought ,
And it would definitely   help me   a lot , and so,
You stand in my place   tomorrow, the entire day,
But You should neither move nor talk   as you would be God.”

The servant   agreed   and early morning  he relieved  the God,
And stood in the place  of God  like  a statue.
A rich man came   and put  One rupee in the Hundi,
But  a big money bag of his  fell down on earth  and he went away.

Then came a very poor starving man    and put one paisa ,
In the Hundi  and told, “That is all I have my god,
And tonight  I would happily   starve  as I have given it to you”
And then he saw the money bag of  rich man , took it  as a gift of God  and went Away.

Some time later  a  Chieftain  of a ship anchored nearby,
Came there , saluted  God  and prayed, “Oh God protect me.”
And at that  time the rich man returned   with police ,
And Got that chieftain    arrested  for stealing his money bag.

All this while the servant  of the temple   was standing like a rock,
But he felt bad for the chieftain    and  told  in a  Godly voice,
“ No that   chieftain is innocent , release him.
He also told   them all   that happened and they went back gratefully.

After every one has left  God came and told the   servant  ,
“Thanks for   giving me rest   but you have not obeyed my orders,
The rich man is a black marketer   and  I wanted  him to give his money,
To the poor man   who has given his all and was prepared to starve.

The Chieftain of the ship was a good man  and  if he  goes back immediately,
His ship would break in a storm and he would lose all that is his,
And so I wanted  him not to  go today and brought back the police and the rich man.
And I wanted  the rich man to do a good deed  and also  save the chieftain.

You  do not have   complete   faith in me   and disobeyed me ,
Please understand  I never  err  in anything I do,
And I   help  or punish the devotees  according to their Karma,
Whether  I give or even  when I do not give , there is kindness involved there.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Dedicated to all women- greatest creation of Lord Brahma

Dedicated  to all women- greatest  creation of Lord Brahma


( I have read this in Tamil several times   and this is based  on a post in face book by my friend A G Kesavan. Thanks to him.)

God  Brahma   finished   creating all  beings including man ,
And at last  started creating   a  woman,
Narda   who was his son   was  waiting  to talk to him,
Brahma worked   without rest  and worked for six daya and night.

God Brahma    after   finishing   this great job of his,
Asked   his son, why he   was waiting   for him,
And Narada  replied , just to talk to you,
But now I want to know   why so much time  for this being.

Brahma   smiled   and started    telling his son,
“I was creating   a woman  and it is a very complicated job.
In her life    she should  eat anything that is available,
At any time , without murmuring  whether  she likes it or not.”

“She should be able to manage an adamant mischievous child in a minute,
She should know   how to cure anything from small wound  to broken heart,
If she happens  to be sick, she should cure herself   and work for  day and night,
For doing all these miraculous jobs   she would be provided  with only two hands.”

Sage Narada  was wonderstruck  and expected  that creation,
Would be as hard  as a stone   and touched   that woman,
And was surprised   to find  , she is very   tender and soft,
And told Lord Brahma , “This is injustice , she should be hard.”

Brahma  again smiled, “True her body is soft but her mind ,
Is so strong that  she would be able to do any  of her jobs,
Very efficiently  , very fast  , Without breaking down  and with,
Great tenderness  and make every one pleased.”

“She   would be able to bear  any type  of burden,
Tolerate  the greatest  pain  ever possible in the world,
And would be able   to  stifle   anger, love,
And sufferings well   within her,  without difficulty.”
“Only she perhaps can revel her anger by a so mile,.
She would be able fight  and win for causes she considers are right,
And she would be able to shower  love without any expectation.”
Narada  said “Surprising , can she  think and decide  to this extent”.

Lord Brahma   with happiness  told  , “Not only   she,
Would be able to think but    also reach   correct decisions.”
Narada saw some water flowing  in her eyes  and asked Lord Brahma “What?”
Lord Brahma replied, “they are her tears and through them  ,
She can express her sorrow, joy , worries and  wonder.”

The sage said, “Great creation , Six days  are not sufficient  to create her.
But   does she have  any defects  ?” and laughingly   the God told,
“ Yes , none of creations   so far    are picture  perfect ,
“She can never  ever  understand , what  is her worth .”

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

March of ability in the time machine of life

March  of ability  in the  time machine of life


(This  material was posted in Tamil by my face book friend   Kutti Sankar  Kalidaikurichi.I  have   rewritten   what he had given   in my own way. My thanks   to him.,)

After  you attain the age  of twenty,
Whether  you live  in your mother land,
Or  whether you  live in a foreign land ,
Does not make  any difference  whatsoever,

After   you attain    the age   of thirty,
Whether  you work at night  ,
Or whether   you work during day,
Does not make  any difference  whatsoever,

After    you attain      the age  of forty ,
Whether   you are less learned  and  own a business,
Or whether  you are well learned  and draw a salary,
Does not make  any difference  whatsoever,

After    you attain the age   of fifty  ,
Whether   you are  pretty or ugly,
You would get  to silver mines on head  ,
And  also slight   wrinkles   I on your skin,
And so it does not make  any difference  whatsoever,

After   you  attain    the age   of sixty .
Whether you  are  the boss or subordinate ,
You would    retire from service  and do nothing,
And so it does not make  any difference  whatsoever,
After  you attain    the age of seventy  ,
Whether   your home is big or small,
The area  that you  can move about  would be same,
And so it does not make  any difference  whatsoever,

After   you reach    the age   of eighty,
Whether you have  lot or less of money,
You would eat less and your needs would be less,
And so it does not make  any difference  whatsoever,

After     you reach the age   of ninety  ,
Whether   you are  male   or female,
Since the difference would have faded,
And so it does not make  any difference  whatsoever,

After  you reach    the age  of hundred ,
Whether  you are walking or lying down,
There would  not be anything    for you to do,
And so it does not make  any difference  whatsoever,

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Angel called Amma(mother/Mummy)

The Angel  called  Amma(mother/Mummy)


(This is based on the write up of my friend Neyveli  Murali in tamil. In  his write up, it is a baby   who is sent to this world . I have modified  it based on Hindu belief of rebirth  of the  soul.  I have also made very minor modifications  .Thank you my friend. )

One day  God summoned   a soul   whom he  liked ,
And told him, “ I want you   to go   as a baby to earth   and live there,
Because   a lady   is expecting to deliver a child there soon.”
But the soul  protecsed , “ I am happy here , I don’t want to go.”

God said , “ You would live there  as happily   as you live here.”
The soul said  ‘You look  after me well  here, what about the earth?”
God said, “I have arranged for an angel  to look after  you there.
That angel would love you and you will like her  better than me,”
“You are sending me there  as a  baby , I would   not be able,
Either   to talk or walk, I would  not understand   the lingua that they talk”
Said the soul  and God said “That angel would look after  everything”
Then the soul did not know what   to ask   but  asked God,
“I like talking to  you here , how can I do it there?”, God smiled,
And told , “that angel would teach that  also to you.”
Soul was sad and  asked God,  “There would be bad  people there,
And who would protect me  from     all of them ?”
God said, “Even by giving herself up, that angel would do that.”
The soul started weeping and asked   God,
“From now on would I not be able to see or talk to you.”
God said , “Do not worry, The angel will call you  by  my name,
Always talk to you about me   and later  would teach you,
How you can come back to me  .Also I would be there with you,
But   you would not    be able    to see me.”
The soul  started  hearing sounds  of earth  and asked,
“Ok God , I would go, What is the name of   that angel?”
God consolingly said  , “Her name is not that important ,

But you would call her   Amma(Mummy) “

Monday, December 26, 2016

Fat and cheap Idli vs Thin and costly Dosa

Idli  philosophy  -Part II

Fat and cheap Idli  vs Thin   and costly  Dosa

P.R.  Ramachander

(I  wanted to further   write on philosophy  of Idli and  chanced to read post of Hamsabai  Santhana Krishnan.  I have just added   two or three  more points  to what she has  already written in Tamil )

One  Idli  is made of one ladle dough and so is one dosa
One Idli costs   ten rupees  , but One Dosa   costs  forty rupees

Possible reasons

1.Idli is a small  circle  , Dosa  is a  large circle,
Teaching us   that  if  our mind is  made in to bigger  circle  ,
Rather   than a small circle  , the respect we get would  go up

2.To make 50 idlis  it takes  fifteen minutes,
But too make  50 dosas  it may   even take I one hour,
Proving that   if you do not hurry up  in your jobs,
The value   of your   job would definitely   go up.

3. Idli is fat  and does  not have  any  taste of its own,
Bur Dosa  is Slim  and  has  a taste   of its own,
Any  thin person  with his own ideas  is wise and liked by more
And any fat one without any idea of  his own  is a fool and is not liked by many

4.Idli  is  prepared  without   any other thing except the dough,
Dosa   is prepared  by adding oil  to the dough.
A fat person who does not get knowledge  is not liked,
But a thin person who has knowledge  is liked.

5.The varieties of Idli  using the normal dough  is limited,
The varieties  of Dosas  using normal dough is nearly one hundred,
The esteem of a person depends  on how many forms he can shine.
And so  Idli rarely shines   but Dosa   shines forever.

Every coin has two faces

Every coin has    two faces


( The thought process was triggered   by a  tamil post of my friend   A G Kesavan  in face book. My thanks are due to him )

When four friends    go a hotel ,
Togather   and  take food,
If one of them pays the bill,
Does he want to show  us he is rich,
Or  does he show   that our friendship,
Is greater    to him than the money?

Suppose  some friend does an action,
Which is   considered   not good by us ,
And  he   says  “I am sorry  , friend”  first,
It  may mean he has  committed a  mistake,
Or that he considers that he respects ,
Our friendship   more   than his ego?

Suppose   some friend  whom  we are,
Not bothered   to contact   by phone,
Contacts us  , It may mean,
That he   does not  have any work,
Or  That  he   likes  us  and  ,
He wants to talk to us.

Suppose   some friend of ours,
Does not   bother to  laugh  ,
When  we v crack a joke  ,
It may  mean   that our joke is useless,
Or that  he     is a very serious person,
Who does not laugh    at any one’s jokes.

Suppose   some friend   of us  ,
Does not recommend   our name  ,
For  some  job with his another friend,
It may mean  that  he   believes ,
That   recommending some one is dishonest ,
Or it may mean, we are not worth recommending.

Suppose   a friend of ours   in school/office,
Does  not  bother  to share   his lunch with us.
It may mean  that the food he brings is useless,
Or it may mean , he does not like   to eat,
Any food other than food  prepared in his home.

Suppose  a friend of ours  does not join,
With us    in talking  harmless   gossip,
It may mean that  he considers ,
The  matter concerning others,
Should    not be discussed or,
It may mean he is a prude who acts  like honest.

So friend , every coin  has two faces,
And every action can be explained ,
In more than one way and ,
If we take   the negative side only,
Without any reason , we are inviting misery.
Please understand “Life is short  but pretty”

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas to all of you 2016

Merry Christmas    to    all  of you 2016


Our  religion which no one  established.
Ad told   us   that  , whatever  God  we  salute,
Any where  in the world   would reach  our God Narayana,
Just like   the water  which falls  on earth,
Any where   in the world  , reaching the sea.

All   those    who showed   us all ,  the way to God ,
Any where   in  the world   were  Godly saints   to us ,
Each  of these  Godly persons   showed us  different paths
But   we knew   that   the way  had the same  goal-the God.

One of these   great godly  ones   who showed  us the Way,
Was Gauthama the Budha  , who after   great search ,
Came to know  that it is   desire   that blinds  us,
Prevents  us   from seeing  the path to God.

Far  our away   from our land  was another Godly one,
Who was born in a stable  to a carpenter   couple.
And he    taught   us all   that  the way  to God ,
Would be clear  to us   if  we  have faith  in us  as well as God.

In the southern extreme   of our great   country was born,
A Boy    after   the death of his father    and he  told us ,
That   the path   to the God  is very    simple  ,
Once we realize that   he and we   are no different.

Then came another   Godly saint  , who told us that.
The only way   to God is absolute   surrender   to him,
And he   also told us  , this    surrender  can be achieved,
By us   by developing   selfless   devotion to God.

Much later   in the   northern part  of country  ,
A saint   arose  , who  thought  that  all knowledge ,
Is definitely God whom    we all   should  worship with fervor,
By reading   that knowledge  passed on  by all the Godly saints.

Having   brought up  in this culture  of great tolerance ,
Which told us   to hear , analyze  and adopt  what we have been  told,
And which   told us    to search   God   in our own way .,
I consider all of you as my own siblings  and I say ,

                   “Merry Christmas   to all of you in honour of a  great  Godly saint.”

The tragedy of being a woman

The tragedy  of being a woman

Translated  By

(When I read this  in Tamil as posted by  Pasupathi Nathan   in face book, though male , my eyes got filled up with tears. I have never thought of a woman’s life from this miserable stand point..If I call all women as  “ the ocean of  misery” I would be making a mistake  as many  of them do lead a happy life and  are a source of joy for every one around  . May be this poem is trash  and hyped imagination  .But I felt that those who do not know Tamil    should read it.
Though  unfortunately a lady  is pictuarised  as a trove  of  love , from where a man has every right  to get joy  by stories, movies, TV serials  etc. How many of us are  ready to see  this other   side of their ilfe. A worst side-dark side, neglecred side  This is  supposed to be   in the words of a female school teacher )

In all those times   when the children of my class ,
Run to me    and tell me, “Miss  , she has attained age”,
I laugh within my mind in bare  nothingness,
Today  also one little child , punished  by nature,
Is standing  in the corner  of the class room with a bent head.

Every month  some baby in my class   becomes   adult,
With  red stain in   the back  of her white  uniform.
Amidst   the students    roaring   with laughter,
When I see  her walking back,  I feel very  bad,
Then   an invitation would come from her house ,
And all children  woud go and give her  a present,
As  her teacher , I too have    to give her a present,
After the celebration is complete , she would again be sent to school.
While   sending  her to school   they would   warn her  ,
“Do not play in the ground, Come directly from school to home  ,
Do not cycle     for a very long distance etc ” and she  will come to study.

Pimples would start appearing in her face,
At night   she would start getting multi coloured dreams,
A one sided love to some  boy  would bud in her  mind,
She will forget that  and again   she will get another love,
And some day    , she  would really become an adult,
And then only she would know   about this world.

She would realize that  all around her  the world  is only a drama,
In this world   , if she gets   some male  , who knows ,
How to honour   her feminineness , who hears all that she says,
Who is interested  in her  heath,  who kisses her   with love  ,
Who wipes   her tears   when she   is sad,
Who knows how to carry her     for all the time to come,
Then  she would  live a life  and
Suppose she does not get one male  like that,
Like all other ladies   she would also become a robot,
Crushed in the wheel of time, Raped  in  the trade of marriage,
She would one day wake up    after   all the suffering,
And understand    what really is the world of males.

She would then understand  the number of varying types of men,
One  who acts saying he is in love, one who berates her saying she is puppet,
One who  is not able to tolerate her who shouts her  saying   her skin in black,
One who says  marriage  only ,  if he is paid money,
One who calls her a prostitute if   she argues,
One who  strikes  her on her  cheeks , if she retorts him,
One who tortures her  within four walls of a room,
One who teases  her in public, drunkard .,
Lazzy bum  , spendthrift   and so on.

Unable to do anything  ,  neglected in everything,
Unable to express   the desires of her mind,
Unable to show outside  the needs of her body,
She would  marry    some stranger,
Give birth to babies, nurture them,
Get baked  by the side of stove in the kitchen,’
After serving needs of her husband whenever he needs it,
Just like every lady , developing gray hairs at thirty,
With   skin folding at forty , she would become a hag  in fifty,
And   would die   when she   attains seventy  .

“Miss  , she has attained age”,
Today  also one little child , punished  by nature,
Is standing  in the corner  of the class room with a bent head

Friday, December 23, 2016

My world in my palm –real world far -far away

My world  in my palm –real world far -far away

Translated by

(This is the faithful translation of a post  , posted by Hamsabai  SAnthana Krishnan. I enjoyed reading it, though my world  is the real one and not in my palm)

I am not able see the  face of those  who pass by,
I am not able to understand  thoughts of who laugh  at me from behind,
All my travel is with bent head . touching  the touch screen,
My world was in my palm ,
My cell phone became my lover and my wedded  wife  moved far away.

All relatives  and family member  in the family   group,
Friends  and their friends in  the friendship group,
After the hum of the night owl  and before    the cocks   xrowed,
I started   getting in Whatsapp,
I started forgetting  the spring called truth,

Birthday greetings to unknown people,
Condolences for death  of strangers,
When some body    sent  the message “Hi” , I replied “Ha”,
Somehow when my  own son called  me “papa”,
I lifted my eye brows  and with fiery look burned him.

I saw the status of others   and enjoyed it,
I wondered on reading  profile of others,
I got immersed in their picture message,
Interested  in downloaging the video,
After  washing hand , I could not  ,
Remember  what all I ate.
Keeping in my mind   the Sambar of uncle;s home,
The papads   fried by  the aunt, the tomato bath of sister’s home,
And   the   different dishes told by my sister  in law,
I quarreled   with my wife, who gave  nectar like food  ,
Saying that  it was worse  than the worst poison,
I laghed myself , cried myself  , wondered  myself, enjoyed myself,
But some how I did not realize that I am no more myself,
I went on complaining   that everything  is in the android,
I started searching   for places   where  there was net work connection,
My laughter, sorrow  , shyness , singing , dancing,
Family  , relations and friends  were in Kimoji ,
But When I lifted my head and saw,
There  were no one  before me,
The relatives   and friends passed  me by,
With my world  in my palm,
This is the Whatsapp world,

No need for any relations

Teacher the God

Teacher  the God


(Ofcourse I love teaching, I respect  teachers and whenever  possible thank God   for the wonderful teachers  that I had, without whom, I would not be what I am. This is based on a posting by  Narasimham Kota, a face book friend in English. I have used the material and put it in my own style .Next time you meet any teacher  any where , Salute him , for he/she is GOD)

Once during a  public function to award ,
All  the greats in  the society  , very many,
Great ministers , CEOs , Doctors  ,financiers , lawyers
Soft ware  geniuses  , musicians  and teachers met.

Some small talk was   there  before the function,
Each great  told why he is great   and why his job is great,
And all people  listened   with great care  this useful talk,
And all of them observed that the teacher did not tell anything.

One CEO  asked , a poorly dressed   teacher  sitting by his side,
“I am sure  you hate  your job and would not   want any one ,
To become a teacher like   you and possibly  , you  have not done,
Anything great as  all of us , who are great have done.”

The teacher  smiled   and told the CEO in no uncertain terms,
 “I make   all your kids  work much harder  than you  can ever imagine,
I make them feel   that all that I teach  are the greatest knowledge  they ever know,
I make them sit  on their benches  for 40 minutes, hearing all that I teach  with attention,
While you can’t make them sit for  two minutes, without giving them cell phone , IPOD or movie.”

“I make them wonder  at the knowledge , I make them question with curiosity,
If they err , I make them apologize, I make them love and respect  all that they do,
I  make them take responsibility  for the work they do, I make them write,
And make them understand  that keyboarding   is not   everything.
I make them read  all the books and make them understand reading is better than googling ,
I make them  understand maths , make them do calculation and not depend on calculators,
I make them understand the value of life , I make them question   about blind beliefs,
I tell them  that  the God is one for every one  and unless  we all understand this well.
From this very modern age   we would be   slipping back   to the old stone age  .”

I teach them science   and tell them, not to assume anything but try to prove it,
I tell them  to use God given gifts, work hard and be curious so that  and then race to success.

.After all this,  when you judge me as   simply a teacher without money and riches,
I hold my head high  and not bother   for your silly  words expressed without thought ,
And say to all of you ,”But for teachers like me, you will  not be what  you are,
CEOs, Doctors, Engineers, Politicians , Lawyers , soft ware    engineers   and so on.”

One by one all those   great stood  up and clapped     and clapped  ,and saluted that teacher
For  they knew  God created them  but  it was teacher the God who made them what they  are.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Oh Doctor , change your method of treatment

Oh Doctor  , change your method of treatment

This great poem possibly stresses on need of General practitioners  who would consider the patient as a family member    and teach him lessons of health, warn him  of habits which are pernicious  etc. All of us rush to a five star  hospital   as soon as we are sick . To the doctor who attends on us , we are nobody.
AS a common man , I am for recording this song and distributing among the common people. If they follow it  they would be more healthy .May God bless   all doctors and make them advise/teach/talk to  their patients.

Kavi Perarasu  Vairamuthu’s   poetry on  medicinal treatment,
Oh Doctor , please    change your method of treatment

Poet Vairamuthu

Translated by
P.R. Ramachander

(The tamil original is given after the  English translation )

Oh  Doctor  , you will tell us to open our mouth ,
And we would open it so wide  that you would see our stomach,
You would ask us to put   out our toungue ,
And we would put it out like  the Kali of Calcutta,
You would ask us to   show our back to you.
And take deep breath, Only at that time we would breath,
That is all, You would say the blessing word, “do not get scared,”
You would write some  unreadable words, in your illegible   writing,
And in two words   you will sing the national anthem , “Three  times.”

No Doctor  , this is not sufficient, Our  need is not that,
The patient  is  a common man , Tell him in understandable  words,
The patient is your student  , please   teach him.

Tell him “do not breath through mouth. There is no filter in the mouth”
There  is even a theory  on how   to breath, How many  common people  know about it?
“The air that you breath , should touch , the bottom of your lungs,
If does not touch  the bottom but only   its head” teach them.

“Do not touch the liquid fire called  Arrack, It would burn your liver,
Liver   is a donkey and when it carries heavy load it would not get  up, “  scare them.

“If  one of your legs  bloats up, treat it immediately , it is a sign of Elephantiasis  .
If both your legs bloat  up, immediately take care, There may be problem in your kidney”

“Is there incurable rashes in your mouth ?Is there a  non melting tumour  in the area of heart?
Request them to examine   them. The stranger Cancer might have written A,B, C, D   there.”

No sickness  is sorrow  ,
It is an internal war to  drive away,
The unwanted  thing from  your  body,
Sugar is not a disease , Tell him  it is a defect

Tell him that undigested food   and unspent   strength,
Are   the wheels  of the cart  of cremation.

They are  dumb people without a luster  inside,
Even if they die  due to sickness  great,
They would say they died   due to coming   of ghost.

Please teach them.
Tell them that Yoga is a trick  to remove sickness ,
Ask them to roll  the  fire of the soul  ,
And make it stand  in the middle of their forehead.

Change their  pattern of eating .
Do not keep food remaining in  the plate,
But always keep space  in stomach

Sit down with hunger ,
Get up with hunger,
Tell them  Doctor,

Tell them uncooked food is nectar,
Take lessons on need of raw food to them,

Do not make medicine   as your food,
Make food   as your medicine

Oh man , come get   released ,
From the prison  of tablets.

A man who was straight became a hunch back , Why?
It seems he  took only   tinned food.

One man  was bit by a poisonous d snake ,
But why he did not have  poison in him,
It seems it was  because he only took   food without salt.
As a healthy man , you need only half gram salt,
You are nurturing your life  by heaps and heaps of salt,
Are   you a  plant or a climber?
Tell them to   start thinking, for  this is the truth

Oh Doctor  , ask every human being this question.
Does the morning  start   with constipation “
Does it end  without any worries of mind.

Vaira Muthu

கவிஞர் வைரமுத்துவின் மருத்துவ கவிதை...
வாயைத்திற என்பீர்கள்!
வயிறு தெரியும்படி
நாக்கைநீட்டு என்பீர்கள்!
கல்கத்தா காளியாய்
நாக்கை நீட்டுவோம்!
மூச்சிழு என்பீர்கள்!
உண்மையாய் சுவாசிப்போம்!
அஞ்சேல் என்று அருள்வாக்கு சொல்வீர்கள்!
வாசிக்கமுடியாத கையெழுத்தில்
வாயில்வராத பெயரெழுதி
மூன்றுவேளை... என்னும்
பாடி முடிப்பீர்கள்!
போதாது டாக்டர்!
இதில்லை டாக்டர்!
நோயாளி, பாமரன்!
நோயாளி, மாணவன்!
வாய்வழி சுவாசிக்காதே!
காற்றை வடிகட்டும் ஏற்பாடு
எத்துணை பாமரர்
சுவாசிக்கப்படும் சுத்தக்காற்று
சாராயம் என்னும்
கல்லீரல் எரிந்துவிடும்!
கல்லீரல் என்பது கழுதை!
படுத்தால் எழாது!
யானைக்காலின் அறிகுறி!
சிறுநீரகத்தில் சிக்கலிருக்கலாம்!
அறியாத புற்றுநோய்
ஆனா ஆவன்னாவெழுதியிருக்கலாம்!
துரத்துங்கள் டாக்டர்!
நோயொன்றும் துக்கமல்ல!
அந்நியக்கசடு வெளியேற
உடம்புக்குள் நிகழும்
உள்நாட்டு யுத்தமது!
குறைபாடென்று கூறுங்கள்!
செரிக்காதவுணவும் எரிக்காதசக்தியும்
சுடுகாட்டுத்தேரின் சக்கரங்களென்று
சொல்லுங்கள் டாக்டர்!
ஊமை ஜனங்களிவர்
பிணிவந்து இறப்பினும்
முனிவந்து இறந்ததாய் முணங்குவர்!
யோகம் என்பது
வியாதி தீர்க்கும் வித்தையென்று
உயிர்த்தீயை உருட்டியுருட்டி
நெற்றிப்பொட்டில் நிறுத்தச்சொல்லுங்கள்!
உணவுமுறை திருத்துங்கள்!
தட்டில்மிச்சம் வைக்காதே!
பசியோடு உட்கார்!
பசியோடு எழுந்திரு!
சொல்லுங்கள் டாக்டர்!
அவிக்காத காய்களே
அமிர்தமென்று சொல்லுங்கள்!
பாடம் நடத்துங்கள்!
உணவை மருந்தாக்கு!
மனிதனே வெளியேவா!
கோணாத ஒருவன்
கூனனானான்! ஏனாம்?
அவன் டப்பாவுணவுகளையே
விஷப்பாம்பு கடித்தும்
விஷமில்லை! ஏனாம்?
அவன் உப்பில்லாவுணவுகளையே
ஆரோக்கிய மனிதனுக்குத்தேவை
அரைகிராம் உப்புதானே!
உப்பைக் கொட்டிக்கொட்டியே
உயிர் வளர்க்கிறாயே!
செடிகொடியா நீ?
உண்மை இதுதான்!
மனிதனைத்தேடி மரணம்வருவதில்லை!
மரணத்தைத்தேடியே மனிதன் போகிறான்!

Seeing Arundathi and Dhruva at 12 noon on marriage day – Is there a need?

Seeing Arundathi and Dhruva  at  12 noon on marriage day   – Is there a need?


There  is a function in the marriage  when  the iyer groom points out Arundathi  star  who was an epitome of virtue and  Bride points out  The Druva star (Pole star)  which is famous for piety and constancy .
   When I got married (47 years back)    this happened   after  dusk , when the stars  have appeared  in the sky. Our priest   simply  pointed a  portion of the sky and asked  me to ask my wife “Have you seen Arundathi?”  and later my new wife asked me , “Have you seen Dhruva?” Since I knew the place where  these stars would be I was aghast   when the priest asked  us to look at some other direction..  Several HOmas need to be done and completed before night.

    Times  have changed. No one wants to have a two session marriage  -morning and after  dusk nowadays. So the Vadhyar is told that  everything should be over by lunch time  (poor vadhyar) and so iin several marriages that  I attend nowadays   the “Looking at  Arundathi   and Dhruva”  is conduced around 12  noon.   No stars   would be visible  anywhere but still  the bride asks “Have you seen Dhruva?”   and groom asks  “Have  you seen Arundathi?”

  In one of the recent marriages I attended , the Vadhyar   did  the ceremony   in side the marriage hall. With great curiosity I asked him , “Is it Okay?”   and he replied “Any way they are  not going to see  any star outside there. So I thought , let me finish the formality comfortably here itself?”

Oh my God, When we cannot do it, Why not we drop it all  together?