Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am 70 today

The age of 70 is a middle age today. In fact in USA , they are employed and work hard at this age. But to me it is an old age. By the grace of God, I do keep up a good health till today.
Also by the grace of God, I have achieved all that I wanted in life. As a boy belonging to a poor family, my dream was to help my family to become rich. I think to a large extent I succeeded. As a scientist, my dream was to help Indian agricultural science as well as the Indian farmer. I have succeeded even here. I have published more that 150 research papers and three books, My recommendation of how to select arecanut seedlings , is being practiced by farmers for the past thirty years. My dream of developing soft ware for Indian farmers met with a resounding success. As a husband and father too I succeeded in doing what I want . When I retired in 2000, I wanted to do something to my community, my religion and people in general. My efforts lead to research on my community and establishment of the web site It also lead to to several yahoo groups and a trust called KIT (Kerala Iyer Trust) to help my community. I have translated so far 449 stotra rathnas in to English and these are available in
With help of my friends like Mr.Ravi, many of these are being published as books.
AS a grand parent I wrote several stories for children and put it in All these are being read and re read by children all over the world.
In the last 10 years , I have helped thousands of people belonging to different communities and different countries in matching horoscopes for matrimony as a social service.
All these have been made possible because of the 1000% blessings of God. I want to salute him on this occasion, Ramachander