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Warning letters from God of death, which we ignored

Warning letters   from God of death, which we ignored


(Based on a pretty   well written story  written by   scholarly friend Vasu Iyengar.  Thanks to him)

One  person called Suresh  took bath  in the ganges ,
And while he was returning  he met a black man,
And when they started   talking with each other ,
Suresh told   everything about himself     to that new black friend,

But later Suresh realised   that the black stranger,
Had not told    anything   about himself   and when asked ,
He told , “Do not ask about  me for  I am a friendless peson,
For  once people  know   about  me they   get scared  and run away.”

When Suresh  insisted  , he told , “I am Yama , the god of death,
No person in the world  likes  me to come to his house.”
Suresh told , “I do not have any problem  , provided  ,
You send me a  warning  letter  before  you come to my house.”

Yama agreed  and Suresh thought   that  since ,
He will get a warning  letter , he can settle  everything,
And happily  go away from the world with  Yama.
And started  living very happily  and without botheration.

The hairs of Surssh   turned   White, his eye sight  reduced,
All his teeth fell down and due  to joint pain he  became  unable to walk,
And one day  Yama came   to him   and  told  in a friendly voice,
“Please come with me   Suresh,    as your time   has come  ..

Suresh shouted   at God Yama   and told  that he was cheat ,
AS he did not bother  to write a  warning letter  to him.

lord yama  laughed  and told , “My friend , i did.
My first letter was  the whitening   of your hair,
I thought you would understand  that I was telling you,
That though your hair is white , your mind was black ,
But instead  you purchased the best dye  and coloured your hair.

Then I made your eye sight less  thinking   that  you would,
Understand and  turn your  sight inward but you purchased spectacles,
And then I took away your teeth  thinking   that  you would ,
Stop  desiring  for delightful food  but you put on dentures.

Then I made your joints stiff  thinking   that  when  unable to walk,
You would  be always  sit  at home   and meditate  on God ,
But  you  had hip and joint   replacement surgery  and

I cannot send any more letters   to a fool  like you,.,

How Achan Deekshithar became Vaksha sthala Acharya ?

How  Achan Deekshithar  became Vaksha sthala  Acharya ?


(I did not know this story but read it   somewhere in Whatsapp. My thanks to the author)

There  was a great  Scholar  called “Appayya  Deekshitha”  .His grand father’s name  was” Achan Deekshitha”  .He was also called “VAkasthalaxcharya(The learned man of the chest)” ,There  is an interesting story behind it.
It seemd  King Krishna  Deva Raya  had come to Worship Lord Varadaraja  of Kanchipuram .Among the learned  Invitees  “Achan Deekshithar”  was also one  . When the Purohith  showed  camphor lamp to the God   , the king felt that the God  was  bending   and examining   some thing..
The king asked  “Achan deekshithar” for the possible   reason for this  and he replied

“Kanchi Kanchana gaurangim  veekshya  Sakshadhiva Ascharyam,
Varada  ASAmsayapanno Vakshasthalam   Avekshathe “

காஞ்சித் காஞ்சந கௌராங்கிம் வீக்ஷ்ய ஸாக்ஷ£திவ ச்ரியம்
வரத ஸம்சயாபந்நோ வக்ஷஸ்தலம் அவேக்ஷதே

The God  Varada seeing  your golden   wife   beside  you ,
Became  surprised and felt  she was Mahalakshmi  herself,
And  examined   his  chest  to see whether his wife  was  still there.”

The king enjoyed  the poem very much   and along with great  presents  ,

Gave him a title “Vaksha sthala(The chest)”  and from then  on” Aachan deekshithar”  was named  as “Vakksha  Sthala Acharya,”

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An elderly lady advises a young wife

An elderly lady  advises   a young wife


(Based on a  blog which I read long back My acknowledgements    and thanks  to the author. Many people possibly  of the fairer  sex may not agree  with this ..I crave  their pardon)

One   elderly lady   who  has great experience ,
Addressing    young  married  ladies  told
“Most  of the men  become  mentally  depressed,
Due  to erratic  and autonomous    behaviour of their wives.”

“I am  only telling  what   is happening  inmany families,
And not   exaggerating     even a little  bit,
Oh  my dear   young  , pretty modern ladies,
I am telling this to you    as a mother  to  all of you.”

“Your husbands   are the greatest  boon to you  ,
Gven by   God himself   and so please love them.
Look after  him with love  and also love  his parents,
Who have   sacrificed  everything to  bring him up.

“If  you do that . your husband  will lead a happy life,
Without   any guilt  that  he did not look after his parents.
And that peace   and joy would  keep him alive for a long time  ,
And look after   your needs   with love and joy   for a long time.”

“Please understand   that  neither  your brother  or sister or your own children
Or any other relation cannot give  the unselfish love that  he can give.
AS long as theu ir husband is alive most of wives    do  never understand,
That only as long as he lived  , they can lead a happy  auspicious life.

AS long as he is alive  only a lady  can  lead a  happy  carefree life ,
And as soon as  their husband   breaths his last, their life will become dark,
Those friends and relations   who were  near you when he was alive ,
Would  forsake you and go far-far  away , scared that responsibility  would come to them,
From that day onwards due the burden of    duties  and  responsibilities ,
Will fall on you   and you would start   tottering  unable to lift the burden.

You would feel as if your entire world has  become  suddenly empty,
And  there  would be no bosy to nurse  or help you  when you fall sick,
AS your children would  have settled  far away    from you and be unable,
To look after you  and so please    do love your husband  and look after  him.

Never  give him any trouble because  no near  and dear ones ,
Would be able to  fill  up the void left by  him at any time.
Please  understand this   and make life  a joyful dream,

And I am telling  you all this , having  experienced   the loos of  my husband.

Prayer of the soul to God

Prayer   of the soul   to  God

Swarnalatha Natarajan

Translated by

(I just read  it and felt like translating it. God bless  you Sister)

1 hr · 
அடிக்கடி பல பாடல்களில் பலர்
இறைவனை இரைஞ்சி வேண்டி கேட்ட வரிகளின் தாக்கத்தினால்
ஈர்க்கப்பட்டு வார்த்தைகளாக
எனக்குத் தெரிந்த விதமாக தொகுத்து
தவறுகள் இருப்பின் திருத்தவும் . திருத்திக் கொள்கிறேன்.
பெரியவா சரணம்
காலையில் உன்முன் விளக்கேற்றி
மலர் அலங்காரம் பல செய்து
பாக்கள் பலவும் பாடி உனை
நித்தம் தொழுதிடும் வரமருள்வாய்

Grant me a boon to light a lamp in front of you ,
Decorate you  in many ways   with many flowers,
Sing  several songs    which pray   to you,
And daily   without   fail salute you.
தவறுகள் நானும் செய்துவிட்டால்
தண்டிக்காமல் உணர்த்திடுவாய்
வரமாய் பல நான் கேட்கவில்லை
பக்தியும் ஸ்ரத்தையும் மட்டும் தா

If I happen to do any errors and mistakes,
Please make me realize it   without punishment,
And I am not     asking you   many boons,
But give me faith and devotion towards  you.

என்றும் உனையே மறவாமல்
யாரையும் தூற்றிடும் குணமின்றி
உன்வழி நானும் நடந்திடவே
உன் அருள் மட்டும் நிதமும் தா

Without   any time ever forgetting you ,
Without having  the habit  of  chiding others ,
Grant   me daily  your blessings ,
So that  I walk on your path

உன் சேய் எனக்கு எவை வேண்டும்
என உனை அன்றி யாரறிவார்
ஆதலால் வரமெதும் கேட்கவில்லை
எதை நீ கொடுத்தாலும் ஏற்கின்றேன்
அதையே தாங்கும் வலிமைதனை
மட்டுமே எனக்கு அருளிடுவாய்

Excepy you who will   ever know ,
What your child wants    and needs,
And so I am not asking any boons  ,
And I would   accept anything that  you give me
But please  only grant me the strength    to bear it

உன்னை வேண்டிய எவருக்குமே
மலை போல் துன்பம் வந்திடினும்
பனி போல் அதனை நீக்கிடுவாய்
என்பதை நானும் அறிவேனே
பின்னர் எனக்கு ஏது பயம்

To all those   who pray  to you,
Even if mountain like sorrow   comes .
You would remove  it easily like a mist,
And    I know very well   about this,
And so what   is the need of fear ,.

உன்னை நன்றாய் பற்றி விட்டேன் 
என்னை காப்பது உன் வேலை
உன்னைத் தொழுவது என் வேலை
என நானும் நிம்மதியாக
உன்னிடம் பாரத்தை இறக்கி விட்டேன்

I have   caught   hold of you strongly,
And it   is your job to protect me  ,
It is my job   to salute you,
And thinking   like this without botheration,
I have unloaded    all my budens  with you

நல்லதும் கெட்டதும் உன் செயலே
நல்லது வந்தால் உன் பார்வை
என்னிடம் உள்ளதென நான் கொள்வேன்
கெட்டது வந்தால் என்னுடனே உள்ளாயென நான் அறிந்து கொள்வேன்

Good  and bad    are your job ,
If good comes , I would assime  .
That you are  looking at me  ,
And if bad comes, I would think,
That you are there to protect me.

ஜய ஜய சங்கர எனும் நாமம்
ஜபித்து உன்னை வணங்கி நின்றால்
ஹர ஹர என்றே துன்பமதை
போக்கி நித்தம் காத்திடு நீ

If I chant  “Hail, hail Sankara “
And stand saluting you.
Saying, “I destroy”   to my sorrow ,
You please remove that and protect me .

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The moral of the story is—

The moral   of the story   is—


(read   this old meaningful  story  in tamil   from a facebook post  by Rajagopal Sreenivasan. Thanks to  him,)

There   was a  very honest cutter 
who had great  devotion to God,
And one  day , he went to the  forest ,
And saw  a fox without  front  legs  there

The wood cutter  became    very sad  .
That God has left   this poor fox to starve,
And suddenly    a tiger   came to that  spot ,
And wood cutter  rushed  and hid himself well.

The tiger   killed   a big deer   and ate  its flesh,
And whatever  was, he was  not able to eat ,
He left there  and went away   and the fox,
Slowly  moved near the  deer and ate  to his fill

Woodcutter   jumped   with a   great joy and said,
“The moral of   the story is  “God will  never  allow,
Any one to starve  “ and  from that  stopped   working,
And sat  starving  in the   corner   of his home , for some time

No food came  and the wood cutter   went  to the temple ,
And cried   before God and said ,”What mistake  have I committed,
By which you are  making   me starve  to death  without food”
And God told “The moral of the story that  you said was wrong”

“You should have  learnt  on that   that  , the being,
Who has strength  should work hard , eat  whatever it needs,
And then leave   the remaining  to beings which cannot work”

The wood cutter understood    and  started   working forthwith.

How to deal with problem of Thathas and Pattis

How  to deal   with problem of Thathas  and Pattis


One great  problem  with all  young ones,
Is  the irritation caused by  Thathas  and Pattis,
By their so called  uncalled  for advices,
By their constant   complaints and criticisms.

 A.Request  to Thathas  and Pattis

Thathas  and Pattis   should   remember that  ,
The   earth rotates  with speed and changes,
And   the present world that they are  in,
Is not at all  the   world   they were  brought up

They should remember  that   their   son and Daughter in law,
Are living in a  world   which is  filled   with tension,
And in these   tsunami   of life  that they lead ,
They may  many times   fail  in  their duties   towards   elders .

Old age  is a proper time for  Thathas   and Pattis  ,
To start   religious activities   but   they should,
Know that  they started it   when they became old,
And so too  their son   would do it  when he becomes old.

A humble    request    to Thathas  and Pattis ,
Please  do not interfere  in the  life of young ones ,
By ramming in to their life    your  own ideas,
But do tell them what  you think, if they ask.

B. Request   to sons and daughter   in laws

Thathas and Pattis  do not   expect   AC rooms,
Privacy  , car   at their command  etc   for them,
But   what all they need   is  a humble love ,
Please ask about their welfare in the morning  and evening.

Most of them feel terribly  lonely    as their friends ,
And close relations   live far    away   and so  ,
It would be great if children can   help them  to contact ,
Their friends   and   relatives    frequently   by phone  ,
By providing them a separate land line  and also a cell  phone.

As youngsters several friends   of yours  as well as your wife’s
would be  visiting you often , If you do not mind  ,
Please introduce them to your parents   to talk some sweet nothings
And tell  your friends  , that you are lucky to have parents like them.

Thathas and Pattis    by their  inability due to their   age,
Are very touchy  about criticisms    and being jeered   at,
Do not please tell them  they   are   useless  for anything at any time,
Or they forget everything  always or  that without you they cannot live

Most of the   Thathas   and Pattis    would   be affected  ,
By very many health problems, please see   to it,
That  they undergo frequent health check ups  ,
AS well as   see to it that they take  their medicines regularly

Encourage   thathas   and Pattis   to   constantly  use ,
Cell phones and lap tops  and if  they are  interested,
Arrange to teach them to paint   , tell stories, teach cooking , maths    etc,
And  in their hearing  tell your children , how great they were.

One of the major problem for them    is to spend time,
Depending on their health  , request them to pay  current bills,
Accompany children to school, Help   you in cooking  ,
Or cutting vegetables  or any such small   activities

Please  provide  money to the Thathas   and Pattis,
Some money for expenditure   either    from their pension,
Or your own savings   so that  they can happily   give presents,
To your children  or present knick knacks   to their dear guests

Please   consult them when  are taking important decisions,
For   they  have   huge cache   of great experience,
And have   suffered   and struggled when they were like you,

And some times   they may come out with brilliant ideas 

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Parakalakottai Podhu Avudayar temple

Parakalakottai Podhu Avudayar   temple –Shiva temples which opens  only  on Monday midnight

Compiled by

(I came to know about this peculiar temple   from a face book post of my friend. May Lord Shiva  bless him. This is Karthigai month and next Monday there is a festival in this temple))

Parakalakottai is  a temple which is11 km   from Pattukottai  , 50 km from THanjavur  and 67  km fromKumbakonam.There is a very peculiar temple in this  village  ,The t five hundred   year old  temple  is called   the temple of Madhyapureeswarar /  Pothu Avydatar  (Podhu  means public or unbiased  and Avudayar  is the platform on which   the Shiva lingsa rests . Actuually   there are no  vigraha  or idol inside the temple  , There is huge banyan tree   beneath which is the  prathishta  of the feet of Shiva. The tree itself  is considered as the Vimana   over the lord  ,
    There is a very interest story about this temple. It seems there  were two saints called  Vankobar( saint with great anger)   and Mahakobar(Saint    with great  anger). It seems they once started arguinfg as  to weather leading  the lif of householder  u is superior or whether  the life of a sanyasi is superior. They went to Chidambaram temple    and  requested   the God   to take the correct decision. It seems God told them to to Parakalakottai.  After   the last pooja in Chidambaram, on a Monday   at midnight  Lord Shiva came there , sat below a banyan tree   and after  hearing their arguments   gave an unbiased  judgement that both are  of equal merit  if properly followed.  Because of that  he was called  as Podhu Abvudayar(Impartial  God’s  judgement seat)   and people started him   worshipping   below that   tree.,Because God came there on a Monday that too after  midnight  , the devotees   started worshipping him  on Mondays after midnight .The temple opens at 10PM   and then  the entire tree  is hidden with white   cloth and  a  linga like shape is  made using  Chandana Kappu(sandal wood), nose mouth, forehead etc   on that  .While doing this the   entire  temple is hidden by a screen ,At 11,30  Nandi  , Ganesa , Maha kopa  , Vankopa  and Pedda Perumal(Guardian deity)  are   first worshipped and exactly at midnight   the temple opens. The eldest devotee who is assembled there is allowed to enter   the temple first   and he is honoured. The temple  is kept open   till sun rise  when Anna Dhana   would take place   .Then the temple is closed   till next Monday. The Banyan tree  is also  considered to represent planet Jupiter   and its leaves   are given as Prasada. People  preserve those leaves   in their homes   g having faith that it would bring prosperity.
  There is a strange practice of women  offering new coconut leaf brooms in  the belief that  they will luxuriously long  hair.
     Only on the day of pongal festival (thai Pongal)    the temple is kept open from 7 am     till evening  It seems othe sun light   on that day falls on the constructed  Linga, Except for this , no other  festival is celebrated in the temple. When the temple is closed worship is offered to the door  of the temple  People do pooja and salute the Banyan tree   within the temple  on these days. It seems people who want to get married   tie a Mangalya(thali) on the tree and those who want child birth   tie a cradle on the temple.

 On the four Mondays of  Karthigai month (November-December) special worship is  offered to the God.Special pooja is also offered  on the last Monday of the Tamil year.Millions of people participate on this day’s festival. ON festival days    , devotees offer  paddy yields from their lands, pulses with husk , gold coins etc according to their status to the lord  Some of them even offer    household articles ,A huge pandal is erected on these days to collect   these offerings.

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Thiuvetriyur temple of Valmeeka Nadhar and Bagam piriyal

A small temple which cures diseases of the feet , brings together separated couples  and helps to get married soon

Thiuvetriyur temple  of Valmeeka Nadhar  and  Bagam piriyal

Compiled by

THiru vetriyur is a small village   in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu  ,From either Karaikudi   or  Madurai you can reach THiruvadanai  and Thiruvetriyur is 12 km from there  . The God presiding over the temple here  is Lord Shiva  with the name Valmeekanathar and Goddess  Parvathi is called Avirbaktha Nayagi    and called as  Bagam Piriyal

   There is a very interesting     story about the origin of the temple , WE all know that  Vamana   took the form of TRivikrama   and measured  all the worlds  in two steps and kept his   third step  on the head of Mahabali . Mahabali being a great  devotee , Dharma devatha   cursed   that  Lord Vishnu  should  develop   anthill like growth(cancer or Foot eczema ?)  on his feet. When he was not able to get cured of this it seems sage Narada   went to Kailasa   and represented the fact to Lord Shiva,  Lord Shiva instructed Lord Vishnu   to take bath   in all the 18 sacred theerthas   and reach the temple of Adhi rathneswarar  of THiruvadanai  , When Lord  Vishnu reached there  , in his dream Lord Shiva  instructed   hi to go to Thiruvetriyur and take bath   in the Vasuki theertha there  and hug and worship the Shiva linga there  , He also called mother Ganges    and requested to her to pacify   the Dharma  devatha,.. AS soon as Lord Vishnu worshipped the Shiva linga  called Valmeeka nathar (called in tamil as pazham puthu  nadhar) his  disease  disappeared.

     It seems sage Agasthya came to this place and worship the Lord Ganesa  below the   Ant hill  , This Ganesa is called Agasthya Vinayagar, People who have difficulty in fixing marriage  come here worship the Ganesa, bathe him in milk   and Offer a mangalya to the Nagar(snake statue) near by.

  The Goddess Avirbaktha Nayagi    called  Bagam piriyal, it seems never parts   from her lord  .It seems  by praying to her  husbands who have separated  from wives join back with them.  Vaery many  ladies come here  and worship her   to solve   all their  problems.The Goddess  is also called  Maruthuvachi amman(Goddess  doctor) .When some person has a poisonous insect bite it seems , he is immersed  in Vasuki theertha   and  Abhisheka is done to the Goddess   and gets completly cured

One of the major festival in this temple   is Poo choriyal, which is held on the last Monday of AAdi month.

The temple   is open from   6 Am to 12 noon   and from 4 Pm to 8 Pm.
From Madurai: 

                         come to thiruvadanai through thondi bus and get thiruvetriyur bus at thiruvadanai bus stand.

From Trichy: 

                         Come to thiruvadanai through rameswaram bus and get thiruvetriyur bus at thiruvadanai bus stand.
                  THIRUVETRIYUR & POST,
                  THIRUVADANAI TALUK,
                  TAMILNADU, INDIA.

                  PIN - 623 407.

Lesson of life

Lesson  of life


Rewritten in   english by

My friend   was   like a touch me not plant  ,
Some times   he would blow out in great anger ,
And some other times  , he will  cry like a young girl,
Some times he will laugh and some times  take deep breath.

Once I decided   to give him a  prescription,
Which I had given earlier   to another  friend,
And  made   him absolutely  normal ,
I wrote it   and gave   it to my friend  .


1,DO not change yourself  so that  you impress  others,
But you   be yoursels as   you always dreamt and wanted.

2.Life is for living   and not for acting and so do not act,
BY doing so  you would not only deceive others but yourself also.

3.If you want  joy, search  for the most important thing in life ,
Do not run after    everything that  you see   or desire.

4.Though lot of rain water falls in the ocean ,
Nothing is visible but  even if a drop falls  on a leaf 
It is clearly visible   and so show 
 Your effeciency in the proper place

5.Those who appreciate you when you win,
May not know who you are   but those who love you
Would be visible to you  when you fail and fall down

6.Your life is not measured   by the efforts   that you  put 
But by the  time and way that  you  put that effort

7,Courage is to own your mistakes   and   correcting it

8,It is true that   your effort is important but
You should begin your effort   after   determining,
When and in what circumstances   you should do it ,
This is the difference between achievers and  non achievers.

9,Just because some  one told do  not accept it ,
Follow  the expert who is interested in you  ,
If you do not do it, your time would be spent
On gathering glass pieces   instead of diamonds

10.It is not true that  a  strong man
Does not know pain   , because  
Only he knows pain and accepts it

11.Even if  your pain   causes another to laugh  ,
 Assure yourself that  your laugh
Should not cause  pain to  some one else.

12.Whatever you expect  would not
Automatically come  rather If you achieve anything
 By sweating  a lot and after great effort  ,
Then recognition would come to you.

13.You should make  your children understand  
Even when they are  young about “what  is effort?”.
If they understand that  life is not easy,
They would not suffer later.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

She who is everything

She  who is everything


(I read it in Malayalam , posted by some one   who did not know the author. My humble thanks to the original author)

She was  a pretty body to me  ,
When I visited  her home  ,
To see  the bride   and her family,
And approve her  for marriage.

After  my engagement  ,
When we talked   to each other ,
She became  my lover and ,
After marriage  she became my wife.

When  she consoled  me when I was  sad ,
She   became    my   very close   friend.

When she argued   defending me in front of  others
She became   my efficient advocate

When I was sick and she looked after me,
She became my efficient doctor and nurse

When   I am hungry and when she  cooks all  that I like
And feeds me  , she became a  great cook and chef

Due to her affection   and love reserved
And showered only on  me   , she became my  mother

When she chides  and corrects  me,
When I err  , she became my father

By showing    and guiding me  always,
On the right path, she became an efficient guide

By  entertaining me   some times,
With her girly mischief , she became my daughter

When she awoke  me   with a kiss  from my  lazy sleep,
She became  my auspicious wake up  sight

In the rainy season   when the atmosphere  becomes cold.,
Due to her  tightly embracing me , she became  my comforter

Due to her always waiting to hear my words  ,
Without ever getting bored  , she became my fan

By teaching me that even the enemy  ,
Should be tamed by love  , she became my teacher

Due to her living only for me  as my darling ,

All through her life  , she became my everything.

What does God who is our partner need from Us?

What  does God who is  our partner  need from Us?


(Based on a write up received by Whatsapp.My thanks to the author)

One poor person had lost his job ,
And requested  a rich man  to help him,
But the rich man said, I would make you  ,
My partner and all that   you need  todo,
Is to give me   ten percent   of what you get.

The poor man agreed   with joy and soon,
Became  very rich and thought   that  it is a waste,
To give   ten percent of his money  to his partner,
Who seemed to do nothing at all and stopped giving it.

This is what   is happening   in  the life  of each of us,
WE are born with nothing  and God  makes us  his partner,
Giving all that   we need   our body  , our senses,
Our brain , our  mind , which are  all invaluable.

For giving all this  God wants us  remember him,
Just for ten percent of   the time , to show our gratefulness,
And if   we   who have got    everything   from him ,
AS his partner   do not give his   his commission ,

WE are also as  ungrateful    and treacherous  like that man.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Non Dharmic emotions lead to destruction

Non Dharmic emotions  lead   to destruction

(Based on a  small write up posted in Facebiook-given  at the end.)

There  was a king called Dasaratha ,
Who destroyed   himself  completly ,
Due    to his  desire   for his pretty wife,
By sending  his  god like son  to forest

There was   king  of Chedhi  called Shisupala,
Who destroyed  himself   completly ,
Due to his  great  outburst  of anger,
When he  forgot how powerful  was Lord Krishna

There   was  king   called   Duryodhana ,
Who destroyed     himself   completly ,
Due to his unbridled   greed   for kingship,
Forgetting how   strong and right  Pandavas  were

There   was  a powerful asura   called Ravana,
Who   destroyed    himself    completly ,
Due to  his misplaced passion  for a lady,
Thouggh he had a pretty wife  and a huge harem.

  There   was a powerful Rakshasa  king called  Surapadma,
Who was completly   destroyed    by his pride,
Which made   him think  he was most  powerful  ,
And  God Shiva can never   have a child  who can kill him,

There    was great king   called  Kamsa  ,
Who was completly destroyed by his envy,
Which made him think   that   he can very  easily destroy,
The eighth   darling    son   of  his very dear sister.

The   great  saint poet   Valluvar  who wrote,
Umpteen verses  using seven words   only ,
Has  due to this  possibly told    that “Dharma  lies in avoiding
Jealousy, Desire  , Anger   and bad words”

‎Based on the  post of many of my friends .THaks to them all

காமத்தால் கெட்டவன் தசரதன்
குரோதத்தால் கெட்டவன் சிசுபாலன்
லோபத்தால் கெட்டவன் துரியோதனன்
மோகத்தால் கெட்டவன் இராவணன்
மதத்தால் நானே பெரியவன் என்று கெட்டவன் சூரபத்மன்
மாற்சரியத்தால் கெட்டவன் கம்சன்’’

Dasaratha  got destroyed  by  love ,
Shishupala got destroyed  due to anger,
Duryodhana   was destroyed by greed,
Ravana    was destroyed by passion ,
Soorapadma got destroyed by pride,
And Kamsa  was destroyed  by his envy,

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Vellai nirathoru pooonai

Vellai  nirathoru pooonai
வெள்ளை நிறத்தொரு பூனை
A white coloured  cat

(My  sad  comments  on this great poem:-
Here is another great poem by  Mahakavi BHarathi .Seeing all around him, he felt   that even in our country   colour  is going to make people  inferior or superior.In this simple song he tells us that , just like kittens of different colours are  same,people  of different colour   are same. I had written in a poem:-

Why God did you create me black? A girl asks the Lord  


Oh  Krishna
There are none who would want  not to see you,
But  There   are none   who would want to see me
OH Krishna ,
There  are  none who hate you after  seeing you,
But there  are none  who love me   after  seeing me,

Oh Krishna .
It is always   welcome to you,
And always  no entry for me

Oh Krishna
No one can see  my good mind,
But  all of them  only see the colour of my skin,

Oh Krishna ,
The people   to whom I belong hate  to see me  ,
If Woman means prettiness, what am I?

Oh Krishna ,
You are  not worried, for people come to see  you made of rock,
 Was there  any need for  you , to create me as black.)

Mahakavi  BHarathiyaar

Translated by

(Hear this moving song   in a   young girl’s voice-

Vellai  nirathoru pooonai-yengal ,
Veetil  valaruthu kandeer ,
Pillaigal pethadhappoonai-Avai,
Perukkoru niramaagum

வெள்ளை நிறத்தொரு பூனை;- எங்கள் 
வீட்டில் வளருது கண்டீர்
பிள்ளைகள் பெற்றது பூனை 
அவை பேருக்கொரு நிறமாகும் 

You have seen a white cat ,
Groeing in our home  ,
That  cat gave birth  to kittens,
And each of them  were of different colour

Chambal niramoru kutti  -Karum,
Chanthu niramoru  kutti,
Pambu niramoru kutti-Vellai ,
Palin niramoru kutti

சாம்பல் நிறமொரு குட்டிகருஞ் 
சாந்து நிறமொரு குட்டி 
பாம்பு நிறமொரு குட்டிவெள்ளை
பாலின் நிறமொரு குட்டி 

Ash coloured was  one kitten,
Dark black coloured  was another kitten,
One kitten was  of the colour  of the snake,
And another  was of the colour  of white milk.

Yentha niramirunthalum –avai,
Yaavum  ore   tharamandro,
Indha niram   chirithendrum-ikthu ,
Yetham  endrum chollalaamo?

எந்த நிறமிரு ந்தாலும்அவை 
யாவும் ஒரே தர மன்றோ
இந்த நிறம்சிறி தென்றும்இது 
ஏற்ற மேன்றும் சொல்லலாமோ

Whatever   may be their colour,
Are they not of the same kind,
How can we tell   that one colour ,
Is inferior and the  other superior?

Vannangal   vetrumai pettaal  -athil,
Maanudar   vethumai   yillai  ,
Yennangal   cheigaigal   yellaam –ingu,
Yaavarkkum ondrena  kaaneer.

Just because   their colours  are different  ,
Human beings  do not differ ,
Whether it is thought or action  , please,
See  that they are   same   for every one.

வண்ணங்கள் வேற்றுமை பட்டால்அதில் 
மானுடர் வேற்றுமை இல்லை;
எண்ணகள் செய்கைக ளெல்லாம்இங்கு 
யாவர்க்கும் ஒன்றெனல் காணீர் 

What a tragedy ?Why are we loving a white cat more  than a black one?

No selfishness in a prayer please

No selfishness  in a  prayer  please

Recreated  by

(Rewriitten based on    write up by my friend , who isa scholar  who never  asks  anything himself –Sri Sivan jaykat)

One day I happened  to meet  Lord Krishna ,
And I asked him , “Do you know why  I pray you?”
Lord Krishna  with a pretty smile told ,”Only you will know,
For  my job is   getting   the prayers   from you people.”

I nodded  in agreement told  , “True  Krishna,
I too was nagging you daily to fulfil all my wants,
And I know  millions  of people do it, I pity you,
As to which prayer   would you be able to attend?”

“For me all devotees   and all prayers are the   same,
To me all languages   are the same  , all castes are thesame,
Dont think   that  I am a man like you to be biased.”
He replied and I had  to agree   with him one hundred percent.

Lord Krishna   smiled again and told ,”The requests ,
That   come to me are   some times selfish   and sometimes,
To the good of all and it may be asked by asura or deva ora man.
But I do  take a decision  , only based  on the request.”

“Hey see , the one who really believes  in me  ,
Would never ask me for anything as he  would feel,
That it is my duty to look after him , whether  he asks or not,
And to that devotee I am the mother  and to me he is the child.”

Did not  read your great poet  Mahavi Bharathi sing,
“One kitten is like ash , another  black,
Another the colour of a snake and another of milk,
But they are  all kitten and how can there be differences among them.”

“You need not chant a prayer to  please me  ,
For you would   be wasting   your time  as well as effort,
When you ask anything , I would see whether  your mind is wet,
And I would be  waiting for you  to ask for others and not for yourself.”

I realized   what  he told me   and remembered  about a  Guru,
Who conducted  prayer sessions , where  first he  will  group them,
In to  two each, ask them to understand the need of each  other ,
And then ask each of them  to pray for fulfilling   the  need  of his partner.