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Prasnothara Ramayana

Prasnothara  Ramayana


(I got this idea   from reading   a series of similar  question and answers   about Ramayana  in Malayalam. I feel this would help us to teach Ramayana in the modern way. To the audience we can ask questions from one onwards. Some one would answer, if not we can always help them. WE can also encourage  audience to ask sub questions. In this way of learning Ramayana  there would  be audience  participation.
  We can also    use this to conduct quiz programme   on Ramayana  -a modern method of poularising it )
1.Who  wrote  Ramayana?   Sage  VAlmiki

2.What  does Valmika  mean?  Ant hill

3.In Which Yuga   did Ramayana take place  ?  Treta  yuga

4.Who told  the  story of Ramayana  to Valmiki?  Sage  Narada

5.Who advises  Valmiki to write    Ramayana ? Lord Brahma

6. Did Valmiki   write  it? No he taught  it to Lava  And Kusa

7.How many verses  are there   in Valmiki Ramayana? 24000

8.Which  incident  made  Valmiki sad ?  Killing  of a Male bird by  a hunter

9,What is the first  verse  composed by Valmiki?

Maa Nishada Pratistham Tvamagamahsāsvati Samaa

Yat Kraunchamithunaadekam Avadhi Kaamamohitam

(Oh hunter , since  You have killed a Krouncha from the pair , when they were infatuated with love  , for that reason you would be denied  a pleasant life for a long time to come. )

10.How  many chapters(Khandams)   are there  in Ramayana?  Six

11.What are the chapters of Ramayana? Bala Khandam,.Ayodjya Khandam, Aranya Kandam,  
                                                       Kishkinda  Kandam,  Sundara  Khandam   and Yudha  Khandam

12.Who took incarnation as   Rama  and Sita?  Lord Vishnu   and Goddess  Lakshmi

13. In which kingdom was   Rama  born?  Kosala

14. In which city   Rama  was born? Ayodhya

15.Which was the river flowing   through Kosala? Sarayu

16. Which clan did Rama  belong?  Clan of the sun (Surya vamsa)
17.Who was  Sumanthra? He was the minister and Charioteer  of Dasaratha

18,What does  Sumanthra  mean? He who gives good advice

19.When Ravana  visited  Ayodhya   who was its king?Anaranya

20. Who was ruling  the country  of Anga?  King Roma Padha

21.Who was   santha?  SAntha was daughter of Dasaratha  and adopted   daughter of Romapada

22.When did Anga   get rain?  When the feet of Rishya Sringa   touched Anga

23. Who was  Santha’s  husband  ?  Sage  Rishya   Sringa

24.Who were  the three  chief queens  of Dasaratha?  Kausalya, Kaikeyi  , Sumithra

25.What Yaga   did  Dasaratha  conduct ? He conducted  Aswamedha  sacrifice

26. Who presided   over that ? Sage Rishya   Sringa

27,What yaga did the sage Advice him for getting sons?  Puthra kameshti

28.Which God came out of the fire   with Payasa ?  Agni

29.First to which queens Dasaratha  gave the Payasa ? Kausalya   and Kaikeyi

30.Who gave Payasa  to sumithra?  Kausalya   and Kaikeyi  gave  Payasa  to Sumithra

31.Which star was Rama  born? He was  born in Punar Vasu star

32.What does  Saumithri mean?  Son of Sumithra

33.Bhartha  was whose  incarnation?  Conch

34.Lakshmana  was whose incarnation ?  Adhi Sesha

35.SAthrugna   was whose  incarnation ? Sudarsana

36. What does the name  Rama mean? He who attracts

37.Who was  the Guru of Rama?  Vasishta

38.Why was king Kausika   called  Sage  Viswamithra? Because  he gave  Gayathri  Manthra  to the

39.Which Rakshasas   were   troubling Viswamithra? Thadaja, Mareecha   and Subahu

40,.What   Manthras   did  Viswamithra  teach  Rama and Lakshmana ? Bala   And Athibala

41.What was the use oF Bala  and athibala  Manthras? Not to get sleep   and hunger

42 Who was  the first person killed  by Rama?  Thadaka

43,Who was king of Videha ? Janaka

44,whar was the name of  the bow of Janaka ? Shiva Dhanus (Tryambaka)

35.Which laduy was cursed to become a stone? Ahalya

36.Who was Sadananda ? SAdananda   was Ahalya’s son  who became  minister to Janaka

37 What is Sitham? Plough channel

38.Name of Laakshmana’s wife  ? Urmila

39.Name of Bharatha’s wife ? Sruthakeerthi

40,Who prevented Rama  going back to ayodhya  after marriage? Parasurama

41. Who was  Mandhara? She was a servant of Kaikeyi given by her father

42.What were  the 2 boons asked by Kaikeyi?Bharatha  should be made king and Rama   should go to forest for 14 years

43.What word was  given by dasaratha  to Kaikeyi’s father?He would make her son as  the next king

44.Who cursed Dasaratha  that he should part with his son? A vaisya sage in the forest

45.Who gave wooden hide to Rama  to wear ?Kaikeyi

46.Did Sita  also wear  wodden hide?No

47.Who drove Rama to the  forest ?Sumanthra

48.who  heled them cross  river  Ganges? Guha

49.Who was the first  saint met by Rama  and Sita in forest ?  Bharadwaja

50.In which place  they started staying ?Chithra  Kuta

51,Which river did they cross  to reach Chithra  Kuta? Kalindi

52.Who informed  Rama of his father’s death  ? Vasishta

53.Who ruled Ayodhya  when Rama  was in forest? His slippers

54.Who was  Ravana’s mother? Kaikasi

55,who was  father  of Kaikasi? Malyavan

56.Who was  Ravana’s father? Visravas

57.How was  Visravas  related  o God Brahma? He was grandson of Brhama

58.Who was  the half brother of Ravana?Khubera

59.Whiy Ravana  cannot be killed by non humans?By boon of Brahma

60.Who was   the wife of Ravana, who gave her to him?Mandodhari  given by Parvathi

61.Who was Mandodhari’s father? Maya, the architect of asuras

62.Who cursed Ravana  that his death would be due to a lady? Vedavathi

63.Ravana’s grand father  and Rama;s guru were  ib one group , which one? Saptha  rishis

64.Who curses that  city of Lanka would be destroyed by Monkeys? Nandi

65How many people can ride  in Pushpaka Vimana?Any number, it can expand as per need

66.Who tied Ravana  by his tail? King Bali

67.Who gave  Sita ornaments in the forest? Anasuya

68.Rama killed which asura  in Danaka  forest ?Viradha

69.Who gave KOdanda bow and magical quiver  to Rama? Sage Agasthya

70.Which was the second place  where  Rama  and Sita lived? Pancha vati

71.Which friend of Dasaratha  was living nearby? Bird Jatayu who was a hawk

72.When Ravana prevented flow of a river, which king defeated him? Kartha  Veeryarjuna

73.Who was the golden deer? Marreecha, uncle of Ravana

74. Tell names of two sons of Ramava? Indrajith,Akshaya  kumara

75. In form did Ravanna  come to abduct Sita? As a Brahmin Sanyasi

76.What did Marrecha shout while dying? Hey Lakshmana

77.What is the protective line left by Lakshmana   to protect Sita? Lakshmana  Rekha

78.Who fought with Ravana to save Sita? Jatayu

79.Where did Sita drop her ornaments?  Kishkinda

80.Where was Sita kept in prison? Asoka Vana

81.Which  rakshasa  with only head  was killed by  Rama?Kabandha

82.What special fruit  SAbari gave to Rama?  Her tasted fruit
83.Who told Rama  that Sita was taken to Lanka? SAbari

84. Which is the mountain where Bali cannot  climb? Rishyamukha

85.Which saint cursed Bali  and made him not enter Rishya Muka?  Sage Mathanga

86.Which monkey first met Rama? Hanuman

87.What did Rama promise  Sugreeva? That he will kill Bali

88.What did Sugreeva promise Rama? He will search  for Sita and help to recover her

89.What is special power of Bali? Half the strength of his enemy  would come to him

90.From where  did Rama kill Bali? FRom hiding

91.Who was the wife of Bali? Tara

92. Who is son of Bali? Angadha

93.Who consecrated  Sugreeva as king? Lakshmana

94.Who was father  in law of Ravana ? Maya

95.Who explained the way to different directions? Sugreeva

96.Who was the leader  to southern side ?Angadha

97.Who was Sambathi? Elder brother of Jatayu

98.Who was Jambhavan? He was a bear and son of Brahma

99.Who hit baby Hanuman with Vajrayudha ?  Indra

100.who was the mother  of Hanuman? Anjana

101.Who encouraged Hanuman? Jambhavan

102.Which mountain    rose from middle of sea? Mainaka

103.Who was sent by  devas to test Hanuman? Surasa

104.Which Raksgasi dragged   the shadow  of Hanuman?Simhika

105.On   which mountain is Lanka  located? TRikuta

106.At what time  did Hanuman reacj Lanka?  Dusk

107.Who is Lankini or Lanka  Lakshmi? Watch women of Lanka

109.When Brahma’s curse was re,oved from Lankini?When Hanuman hit her
110.Who is youngest son of Ravana? Akshaya  Kumara

111. Who killed  Akshaya  Kumara? Hanuman

112.Who told Ravana  that killing Hanuman is wrong? Vibheeshana

113.Who ordered to lit Hanuman’s tail? Ravana

114.Who was guard of Asoka Vana? Dadhi Mukha

115.When did Rama   start for war? Hastham star

116. Who was the commander of monkey army?Neela

117.Whom did Rama   entrust to superwise the army?  Lakshmana    amd Angadha

118.Who told Ravana that Rama is Vishnu  himself?  Kumbhakarna

119,Who told Ravana   to release Sita and beg for Rama’s pardon?  Vibheeshana

120.Who was chief minister of Ravana  ?Prahastha

121.Why did Vibheeshana  leave Ravana? He did  not agree to his advise

122.Refusing protection to one who surrenders  is equal to what sin? Brahma  Hathya

123.Who consecrated  Vibheeshana as king of Lanka ? Rama

124.What did Sukha the spy say to Sugreeva?  To leave Rama and join with Ravana

125.What is the name of Rama’s bow?  Kodhanda

126.Who was entrusted   to build bridge across the sea? Nala

127.How many days it took to complete  the Bridge? five and half days

128.Which Rakshasi had pity with Sita  in Asoka vana?  Trijata

129.Who jumped towards Ravana   when he came to see Rama’s army? Sugreeva

130.Who was   the emissary sent by Rama to Ravana? Angadha

131.What did Soorpanakha advice Rama?   To give back Sita

132.What happened during   first day war with Ravana  and Rama? Ravana   was defeated

133.What will happen if Kumbhakarna is woken up before six months slrrp? He will die

134.Who killed  Kumbhakarna  ? Rama

125.When Indrajit sent Nagastrhra and made Lakshmana fall, who saves him? Garuda

126.When Indrajit killed everybody by Brahmastra   which three  people were alive? Hanuman, Jambhavan    and Vibheeshana

127.Where did Jambhavan sent Hanuman to bring  Sanjivini to make them alive?  Himalayas

128.Who tried to prevent Hanuman on the way? Kala Nemi

129.Who gave warning to Hanuman about it ? Dhanyamala

130.Why did Hanuman bring  the mountain instead of drug? He could not recognize

131.What Yaga  Indrajit wanted to  perform to win in the war? Nikumbila

132.Who can only kill Indrajith?   His father in law

133.Who were the daughters of Adhi sesha? Wife of  Indrajith

134.What other qualitywas needed to kill indrajith?  He should not have eaten or slept for 14 years

135 . Who was Lakshmana?  Incarnation of Adhi Sesha

136.Did he take food or sleep for 14 years ? No

137.How was it possible? Due to Bala and Athibala  manthras taught by  Viswamithra

138.Who killed  Indrajith?  Lakshmana

139.Who killed Dhommraksha ?  Hanuman

140.Who killed Vajra Damshta ? Angadha

141.Who killed Kumba and Nikumba  ? sugreeva

142.Who sent Charriot to Rama  to fight with  Ravana? Indra

143.Why was Rama not able to slay  Ravana?  Every time  his head is cut a new  head will come

144.Why did Ravana   get this power? Because he swallowed   the pot of Nectar

145. Who  taught  Rama the manthra to kill Ravana? Agasthya

146.What manthra   was it?Adithya Hrudaya

147.By what Asthra did Rama kill Ravana?  Brahmasthra

148.Who conducted Coronation of  Vibheeshana?Lakshmana

149.Why did Rama  did not conduct?Rama cannot enter a city for 14 years

150 Why did  Rama ask Sita to enter fire?to avoid bad name

151.By what means did Rama travel back to Ayodhya?  By Puspaka  Vimana

152.What was   the first stop of this Vimana?  Kishkinda  to take family  members of monkeys

153.What was  the second stop of the Vimana?  Hermitage of Bhardwaja

154.Why did Rama   send Hanuman urgently to Nandi Grama? To prevent suicide  of Bharatha

155.On which star was Rama’s coronationconducted? Pushya/Poosam

156.  Which sage conducted the coronation? Sage Vasishta

                   I am stopping here   and not dealing with Uthara  Ramayana


Life -a short travel together

Life  -a short  travel together


(Whatsapp message in Tamil .Thanks to the great one  who wrote it)

One young lady   was travelling in a bus,
One very fat lady   got up  in to the bus ,
And sat near  this young lady  with lots  ,
Of bags on   a bench whose   length was less.

The fat one almost pushed   the young lady ,
Whose   discomfort  could be seen by all ,
And after   the fat lady   left the bus,
I asked the youngone, “how  come you kept quiet?”

She said , we are going to travel together  only for a short time,
And I felt that , for such a  small discomfort, there   is no need ,
To shout at her or make  her small  and uncomfortable  before others,
Any way  , I am   going to get down  in the   next stop,

I thought  , is not our  life also  like that ,
Is it not a   small jouney together and ,
What is the need for us  to quarrel, 
Argue and spread unhappiness  all around.

If some one does   that to you , please keep quiet,
For after all  the  time for our travel together is very small,
WE do not know   how long our journey will be,
And should we  not  make that indefinite  period pleasant.

Suppose  I have  hurt you, please  pardon me  ,
I also   would pardon you , for all the troubles you gave,
For  our travel together   is only for  a short period,
Let  us strive   to make this period   happy and joyful.

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                     “HUMAN SILENCE”  Means  WHAT?

Translated  by

When  others are  questioning  you  it means  “I agree”
When parting from   friends it means “sorrow”
When working very hard it  means “hope”
When deeply  in love  , it means “torture”
When attempting   after failure, it means ”patience”
When we have won  , it means  “humility”
When we  have unknowingly   committed mistake , it means “fear”
When we have intense  desire, it means  “expectation”
When we   are angry, it means “boiling up”
When we are   nearing our aim, it means  “power”
When we  intensly  struggling , it means ,”strength”
When we are not accepting  what we dislike , it means “opposition”
When we  fall down and get up, it means  “shame”
When we are  thinking of our loved ones  who are  not with us “sorrow”
When are  thinking of taking revenge, it means ”anger”
When we   are using our knowledge , it means  “joy”
When we are  intensly tired, it means ”sleepy”
When we lying  down without movement   surrounded by relatives , it means  “death”

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I have become a senior citizen

I have   become a senior   citizen


(On the  day  after  our   sixtieth  birthday, they say we are  senior citizen .I  think that   they are  telling us not that  we are old and that   we are bald or our hairs are grey  , but they are  telling us that  we have fully ripened   and are  mature  in our  actions and thoughts  .What I have   written is based on a tamil write up  about  senior citizens   and most of it   suits me  but what my other   senior citizen friends.)

I  have   become   a senior citizen ,
Because  I have  started  loving myself,
And  Because  I realize that   the world  will rotate ,
Even when    I   am no more  there

I   have become   a   senior citizen  because  ,
I  do not bargain    with hawkers ,
I do not ask for change from  auto drivers,
And I am happy   that  I am able to remember  the past.

I have   become a senior citizen because  ,
I do not  find mistakes   in what others say,
I am not bothered about the dress I wear,
And I avoid  being with people   who do not respect me.

I have become a   senior    citizen   because ,
When others create problems  based on me  , I keep quiet,
When I feel some thing  , I  do tell it   without  bothering on others,
And I   give up my pride   for the sake of friendship.

I have become  a senior    citizen because  ,
I  realize  that any day from now on could be my last,
I live   for  my happiness   in life and I understand,
That  I am totally responsible for  my happiness  not any one else

In praise of Holy Places and rivers

n praise of Holy Places and rivers

Compiled and translated by

Anantha Narayanan  Vaidyanathan  

In all temples in Tamilndau, and in temples following the Tamil system of Agamas, after the formal pooja, especially on festival days, the scholars and devotees, stand before the deity in reverence and after presenting their respects,
recite the glory of the Vedas, Puranas, Itihasas and also describe the greatness of various landmarks and holy places all over Bharatha Varsha.
The deity is addressed as
देवदेवोत्तमा देवता सार्वभौम अखिलाण्डकोटि ब्रह्माण्डनायक
devadevottama devataa saarvabhauma akhilaandakoti brahmaada naayaka.
the lord of lords, the leader among gods like the emperor having control over the whole earth, the master of great universe consisting of many croses of celestial globes of Brahma..
( If the presiding deity is Mother, then the female gender is used in addressing Her)
यो नरः कुम्भ्कोणेस्मिन् क्षणार्धमतितिष्ठति
करस्थं तस्य कैवल्यं किमुतान्या विभूतयः॥
yo naraḥ kumbhkoṇesmin kṣaṇārdhamatitiṣṭhati
karasthaṁ tasya kaivalyaṁ kimutānyā vibhūtayaḥ||
The greatness of Kumbhakonam
If it so happens that a person stays in Kumbhakonam even for half a second, all divine grace and accomplishments would be withing his grasp.. What to talk of other worthy things he can attain.?
कावेरीतोयमाश्रित्य वातो यत्र प्रवर्तते।
तद्देशवासिनां मुक्तिः कुमुतः तीरवासिनाम्॥
kāverītoyamāśritya vāto yatra pravartate|
taddeśavāsināṁ muktiḥ kumutaḥ tīravāsinām||
the greatness of Kaveri
When the wind that has crossed the banks of River Kaveri passes through the villages in the landscape, all the people who are embraced by that wind get liberated from all sins and attain emancipation or Moksham..
And if that is so have we to speak anything about those who live in the banks of Kaveri.. ?
They are ever emancipated..
गङ्गा गङ्गेति यो ब्रूयात् योजनानां शतैरपि।
मुच्यते सर्वपापेभ्यः रुद्रलोकं स गच्छति।
gaṅgā gaṅgeti yo brūyāt yojanānāṁ śatairapi|
mucyate sarvapāpebhyaḥ rudralokaṁ sa gacchati|
Greatness of River Ganga
If a person repeats the word Ganga, Ganga, even thousands of miles away from where Ganga flows, he is relieved of all sins, and he would reach the abode of Shiva the Rudra in the afterlife.
अहं काशीं गमिष्यामि तत्रैव निवसाम्यहम्।
इति ब्रुवाणः सततं काशीवासफलं लभेत्॥
ahaṁ kāśīṁ gamiṣyāmi tatraiva nivasāmyaham|
iti bruvāṇaḥ satataṁ kāśīvāsaphalaṁ labhet||
The greatness of Kashi.. the Varanasi
Those who always talk with great sincerity that they want to go to Kashi and that they would live there alone, would attain all the merits of the one lucky man who really stays in Kashi.
हालास्यनाथाय महेश्वराय हालाहलालङ्कृतकन्धराय।
मीनेक्षिणायाः पतये शिवाय नमो नमः सुन्दरताण्डवाय॥
hālāsyanāthāya maheśvarāya hālāhalālaṅkṛtakandharāya|
mīnekṣiṇāyāḥ pataye śivāya namo namaḥ sundaratāṇḍavāya||
Greatness of Halasya.. the Lord of Madurai
Pranams to that attractive dancer of Tandava style, Shiva the lord of the damsel with eyes as vibrant as a pair of fish.. Meenakshi.. who is the master of Halasya.. and also the wonderful Lasya dance, who is adorned with the dark hue of the Poison Halahalam in His neck.. and who is Maheswara.. the Lord of all Gods.
कृपासमुद्रं सुमुखं त्रिणेत्रं जटाधरं पार्वतिवामभागम्।
सदाशिवं रुद्रमनन्तरूपं चिदंबरेशं हृदि भावयामि॥
kṛpāsamudraṁ sumukhaṁ triṇetraṁ jaṭādharaṁ pārvativāmabhāgam|
sadāśivaṁ rudramanantarūpaṁ cidaṁbareśaṁ hṛdi bhāvayāmi||
Greatness of Chidambaram
I meditate at the core of my heart the Lord of Chidambara who is a veritable ocean of mercy, who is of attarctive demeanour, who is having three eyes, who sports matted locks, who is having Uma Parvathy on his left, who is the epitome of eternal peace.. Sadashiva, who is Rudra, who is of universal.. and just having a form pervading eternity.
वेङ्कटाद्रि समं स्थानं ब्रह्माण्डे नास्ति किंचन।
वेङ्कटेश समो देवो न भूतो न भविष्यति॥
veṅkaṭādri samaṁ sthānaṁ brahmāṇḍe nāsti kiṁcana|
veṅkaṭeśa samo devo na bhūto na bhaviṣyati||
Greatness of Venkatadri.. the abode of Lord Venkatesha the Balaji
There is no holy place on the face of this earth that would match Venkatadri in glory, and there lives Lord Venkatesha for whom there was no equal before Him and for whom there can be any comparison in future too.
रघुवीरपदन्यास पवित्रीकृत पांसवे।
दशकण्ठशिरच्छेद हेतवे सेतवे नमः॥
raghuvīrapadanyāsa pavitrīkṛta pāṁsave|
daśakaṇṭhaśiraccheda hetave setave namaḥ||
Greatness of Sethu..
Pranams to the hallowed shore of Sethu.. which was purified by the dust flowing from the holy feet of the bravest of the Raghus.. Rama Himsel.. Pranams to Sethu who played a vital role in the beheading and annihilation of the ten headed Raskhasa.. the Ravana.
सदा परिमलोल्लास वासितम् पल्लवोपमम्।
मुखं वरदराजस्य मन्दस्मितमुपस्महे॥
sadā parimalollāsa vāsitam pallavopamam|
mukhaṁ varadarājasya mandasmitamupasmahe||
The Glory of Kanchi
We worship with great affection the sweet smile of Varadaraja of Kanchi.. the smile emanating from His face which is as tender as a fresh sprouting leaf, which exudes fragrnce and enthusiasm and divine beauty for ever and ever..
अहोवीर्यमहो शौर्यं अहोबाहुपराक्रमं।
नारसिंहं परं शौर्यं अहोबिलं अहोबिलं॥
ahovīryamaho śauryaṁ ahobāhuparākramaṁ|
nārasiṁhaṁ paraṁ śauryaṁ ahobilaṁ ahobilaṁ||
Greatness of Ahobilam.. the abode of Narasimha
Wonderful is the strength and vigour of His
Wonderful is the power and dexterity of his pair of hands
Wonderful is His valour.. the valour of the man and the lion
Wonderful is the cave abode.. Ahobilam.. wonderful indeed.
चौर्येण वा शङ्करसेवया वा शातोदरी सङ्गमवाञ्चया वा।
भूताः वसित्वा पुनरेकरात्रं मध्यार्जुने नास्ति शरीरबन्धः॥
cauryeṇa vā śaṅkarasevayā vā śātodarī saṅgamavāñcayā vā|
bhūtāḥ vasitvā punarekarātraṁ madhyārjune nāsti śarīrabandhaḥ||
The glory of Madhyarjua.. the Shiva temple of Tiruvidaimaruthur
( It was here that Indra took refuge in the abode of Shiva to escape the attack of Brahmahatya in the form of a devil.. because Indra killed the brahmin Vritra..and Vishvaroopa too.. The devil is not able to enter the temple because of the power of Lord Shiva.. So the devil waited near a gopuram.. after chasing Indra.. And Indra just worshpped the god and left the temple through another gate.. It is believed that all sorts of physical servitued or imprisonments or captivity would end once we go to this temple.. )
Whether it is for theft, whether it is to worship Shankara, whether to be in the company of source of other enjoyments, once living beings come to this Madhyarjuna and live here for one night, they would escape from all bondages that could happen to their body..
बालांबिकेश वैद्येश भवरोगहरेति च।
जपन्नामत्रयं नित्यं महारोगनिवारणम्॥
bālāṁbikeśa vaidyeśa bhavarogahareti ca|
japannāmatrayaṁ nityaṁ mahāroganivāraṇam||
Greatness of Vaitheeswaran Koil
If we chant the three names.. Vaidyesa..( vaitheeswara..vaidyanatha), Balambikesha.. the consort of Balambika.. Bhavarogahara (remover of all worldly illness) we would be relieved of all illness.
पञ्चापकेश वैद्येश भवरोगहरेति च।
जपेन्नामत्रयं नित्यं पुनर्जनम् न विद्यते।
pañcāpakeśa vaidyeśa bhavarogahareti ca|
japennāmatrayaṁ nityaṁ punarjanam na vidyate|
Greatness of Panchanada
If we recite the three names Panchapakesha, ( who wears five hole waters in his head) Vaidyesha.. ( the lord of Doctors) and Bhavarogahara( remover of all illnes) we would be blessed with ultimate emancipation from rebirths.
यन्मूले सर्वतीर्थानि यन्मध्ये सर्वदेवताः।
यदग्रे सर्ववेदाश्च तुलसीं तां नमाम्यहम्॥
yanmūle sarvatīrthāni yanmadhye sarvadevatāḥ|
yadagre sarvavedāśca tulasīṁ tāṁ namāmyaham||
The greatness of Thulas
I prostrate before the Goddes in the shape of Thulasi plant
Whose root is the abode of all holy waters of pilgrimage
Whose stem houses all the Gods
And the tips of whose leaves house the four vedas
त्रिदलं त्रिगुणाकारं त्रिणेत्रं च त्रयायुधम्।
त्रिजन्मपाप संहारं एकबिल्वं शिवार्पणम्॥
tridalaṁ triguṇākāraṁ triṇetraṁ ca trayāyudham|
trijanmapāpa saṁhāraṁ ekabilvaṁ śivārpaṇam||
The glory of Bilvam
I offer with great respect at the feet of Lord Shiva a leaf of Bilvam
Which is having three petals
Which embodies the three gunas Satva, Raja and Tamas
Which has three eyes or is found in the shape of the three eyes of the lord
Which represent the Trident.. the triple headed spear of Shiva
Which is capable of annihilating all my sins incurred during my three lives.
॥एकादशी माहात्म्यम्॥
शुद्धं भागवतस्यान्नं शुद्धं भागीरथीजलम्।
शुद्धं विष्णुपदध्यानं शुद्धं एकादशिव्रतम्॥
||ekādaśī māhātmyam||
śuddhaṁ bhāgavatasyānnaṁ śuddhaṁ bhāgīrathījalam|
śuddhaṁ viṣṇupadadhyānaṁ śuddhaṁ ekādaśivratam||
The glory of Ekadashi
Ekadahsi occurs two times a month.. the eleventh day in the new moon cycle and the eleventh day in the full moon cycle.. The day is considered very dear to Lord Vishnu
Purest of the pure is the food shared with a devotee of the Lord, the Bhagavata
Purest of the pure is the holy waters of Bhageerathi, the Ganga
Purest of the pure is the holy action of meditation upon the holy pair of feet of Lord Vishnu
Purest of the pure is the fast and worship undertaken on and in connection with Ekadashi.
the slokas in Malayalam
യോ നരഃ കുംഭ്കോണേസ്മിന് ക്ഷണാര്ധമതിതിഷ്ഠതി
കരസ്ഥം തസ്യ കൈവല്യം കിമുതാന്യാ വിഭൂതയഃ॥
കാവേരീതോയമാശ്രിത്യ വാതോ യത്ര പ്രവര്തതേ।
തദ്ദേശവാസിനാം മുക്തിഃ കുമുതഃ തീരവാസിനാം॥
ഗംഗാ ഗംഗേതി യോ ബ്രൂയാത് യോജനാനാം ശതൈരപി।
മുച്യതേ സര്വപാപേഭ്യഃ രുദ്രലോകം സ ഗച്ഛതി।
അഹം കാശീം ഗമിഷ്യാമി തത്രൈവ നിവസാമ്യഹം।
ഇതി ബ്രുവാണഃ സതതം കാശീവാസഫലം ലഭേത്॥
ഹാലാസ്യനാഥായ മഹേശ്വരായ ഹാലാഹലാലങ്കൃതകന്ധരായ।
മീനേക്ഷിണായാഃ പതയേ ശിവായ നമോ നമഃ സുന്ദരതാണ്ഡവായ॥
കൃപാസമുദ്രം സുമുഖം ത്രിണേത്രം ജടാധരം പാര്വതിവാമഭാഗം।
സദാശിവം രുദ്രമനന്തരൂപം ചിദംബരേശം ഹൃദി ഭാവയാമി॥
വേങ്കടാദ്രി സമം സ്ഥാനം ബ്രഹ്മാണ്ഡേ നാസ്തി കിംചന।
വേങ്കടേശ സമോ ദേവോ ന ഭൂതോ ന ഭവിഷ്യതി॥
രഘുവീരപദന്യാസ പവിത്രീകൃത പാംസവേ।
ദശകണ്ഠശിരച്ഛേദ ഹേതവേ സേതവേ നമഃ॥
സദാ പരിമലോല്ലാസ വാസിതമ് പല്ലവോപമം।
മുഖം വരദരാജസ്യ മന്ദസ്മിതമുപസ്മഹേ॥
അഹോവീര്യമഹോ ശൌര്യം അഹോബാഹുപരാക്രമം।
നാരസിംഹം പരം ശൌര്യം അഹോബിലം അഹോബിലം॥
ചൌര്യേണ വാ ശങ്കരസേവയാ വാ ശാതോദരീ സങ്ഗമവാഞ്ചയാ വാ।
ഭൂതാഃ വസിത്വാ പുനരേകരാത്രം മധ്യാര്ജുനേ നാസ്തി ശരീരബന്ധഃ॥
ബാലാംബികേശ വൈദ്യേശ ഭവരോഗഹരേതി ച।
ജപന്നാമത്രയം നിത്യം മഹാരോഗനിവാരണം॥
പഞ്ചാപകേശ വൈദ്യേശ ഭവരോഗഹരേതി ച।
ജപേന്നാമത്രയം നിത്യം പുനര്ജനമ് ന വിദ്യതേ।
യന്മൂലേ സര്വതീര്ഥാനി യന്മധ്യേ സര്വദേവതാഃ।
യദഗ്രേ സര്വവേദാശ്ച തുളസീം താം നമാമ്യഹം॥
ത്രിദളം ത്രിഗുണാകാരം ത്രിണേത്രം ച ത്രയായുധം।
ത്രിജന്മപാപ സംഹാരം ഏകബില്വം ശിവാര്പണം॥
॥ഏകാദ്ശീ മാഹാത്മ്യം॥
ശുദ്ധം ഭാഗവതസ്യാന്നം ശുദ്ധം ഭാഗീരഥീജലം।
ശുദ്ധം വിഷ്ണുപദധ്യാനം ശുദ്ധം ഏകാദശിവ്രതം।

Saturday, October 27, 2018

You always be yourself

You always be yourself

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(posted in Tamil   in face book   by my many friends  .Thanks to all  of them. )

Gold is costly tin is cheap,
But what you can make  with tin,
Cannot   ever be  made with gold,
And so you always  be yourself

Water  of the Ganges  is indeed sacred,
Water  of the   well  is ordinary
A thirsty person  does not wait  for ganges  water,
And so   you always   be yourself

Peacock  is indeed very pretty,
Crow   is  little ugly to look at,
But offerings to ancestors is given only  to the crow,
And so  you always   be your self

Lion   is very  strong   and very fierce.
A dog definitely  is not  as strong as lion,
Lion eats you, dog is grateful,
And so   you always be yourself

Silk   cloth shines and glitters  ,
Cotton  is thick  and ordinary,
But when it is hot , we prefer to wear cotton
And so you always be yourself

Sky  is pretty  blue and Vast,
Earth is rough and crowded,
But on sky we cannot k live,
And so  you always be yourself

Today is not like yesterday,
Today  may not be like yomorrow,
But each of us have  to live  as it is now,
And so   you always  be yourself

You always be yourself,
There is nothing to be ashamed about it,
There is nothing to be   sorry about it,
There is nothing  painful   about it,
There is nothing   vulgar about it,

Day in and day  out  improve yourself,
But you always be yourself,
A day   will soon come ,
When the world   would  want to live like you

One day   the world  would make you  ,
As its model,
You always be yourself,
One day   the world  like to walk,
Like you  .
You always be yourself

Do not change yourself   ,
For sake of some one  else,
And  loose those who live for you,
You always be yourself

Poonithura Agraharam, Cochin

Poonithura Agraharam
(I have taken this write up   from Keralaiyers dot com web site. Long long back I wrote   about several  Tamil Brahmin agraharams in Kerala , )

Poonithura is a small village in Tripunithura. The nearest railway station is Tripunithura and railway junction is Ernakulam. The nearest bus stops are Petta and Gandhi mukku. from where you can get a bus to travel to any other part of Kerala. Even State Transport Buses stop at Petta on request.
Some of the families are Cherukottaram, Bhagavathar, Mattathu, Alappattu, Matathil parambu, Mangalappalli Alunchuvattil, Koyumma, Kuruvikkad and Chandrappalli,. Though it is a small place its people have contributed to the country in the fields of art, music, films, etc.
Those famous in the field of Carnatic music are Bhagavathar Viswanatha Iyer, his son T.V.Gopalakrishnan, Tripoonithura Radhakrishnan, T.V.Vasan, T.V.Ramani. They belong to the family of Appadurai Bhagavathar of Bhagavathar House. Also from this house hail the world famous T.N.Krishnan and T.N.Rajam. Then, the film producer late Sri C.V.Hariharan of Cherukottara Madhom who created a kolilakkam with his film KOLILAKKAM, the film in which matinee idol Jayan lost his life in a crash scene retake. Actors like M.S.Tripoonithura and Gomathy Mahadevan, Asianet compere Savitha also hail from this place. Mattathu madhom Rama Iyer was the Tripoonithura Samooham president. Another veteran Shri Sankara Iyer was honoured with Ponnadai by the People’s Urban Cooperative Bank of Tripunithura — which completed 80 years — as he was the first person to have a running account with that bank from Day One. His son distinguished himself miles away in distant Ghatkopar, a suburb of Mumbai. Shri Subramaniam was closely connected with the North Welfare School, a South Indian School. He served this institution with distinction in several capacities, as Secretary, Treasurer etc. Late Sri R.Vaithikutty Iyer was the Dewaswom Kariakkar and a teacher of Mangayil High School.
There is a small temple in the middle of the village. The village is an Ottamadhom village and not a gramam. The deity of the temple is Lord Krishna. Gokulashtamy is celebrated on a grand scale in this temple even today. The youth of the village who are interested in music conduct bhajans every Thursday night regularly. There is another temple adjacent to this temple, where there is no idol. The legend is that Lord Poornathrayeesa when he came to Tripunithura first sat in this particular temple and afterwards shifted to the main temple. So every year during the PARA UTSAVAM when the Lord comes to this village the deity is kept in this temple and a special pooja is done. The Devaswom employees are given a feast and then only the Lord leaves this village. The main idol in the Poornathrayeesa temple of Tripunithura is in a sitting position. It is said that when Maha Vishnu came to Kerala, He stood in Guruvayoor, so the Lord is in standing position there. When He reached Tripunithura He sat, hence the sitting posture here and when He reached the southern most end of Kerala,i.e., Thiruvananthapuram He lay down, so Lord Padmanabha is seen in a reclining position. Another important feature of the Poornathrayeesa temple is that though the main Utsavam is conducted in the month of Vrischikam for 9 days there are no fireworks in this temple as the God is afraid of fireworks. There is another one day utsavam known as Onpatham Theythi utsvam or theepiticha utsavam on Tulam 9th. Years back on Thulam 9th the temple was engulfed in fire and in memory of that every year on that day the temple’s surrounding is lit with camphor. The uthrathappam that is the neyyappam made on uthram days as prasadam is famous. There are many sarppa- kavus, the main being the Yakshi kavu.
Every year on the 10th of Medam Pathamudayam is celebrated here. There is a pond near the Kavu and one near the temple also. Most of the houses were having sarpa kavus. But now the sarpams are being slowly shifted to a place near the temple. It is said that in Kerala utsavams start with Tripunithura utsavam and end with Trichur pooram. Recently a hall has been constructed near the temple where regular religious discourses are conducted. This hall is named as Bhagavatha Mandiram. As now most of the families have disintegrated many new houses have come up. Many people after retirement from various cities have settled here because of its nearness to Ernakulam.
Pooni means the "containment for arrows ", "Thura means Parking place " . The belief is that in Mahabaratha Arjuna dropped his "puni" before lord krishna  after the  battle in this place.




(The idea is taken from a whatsapp message in Tamil)

When a learned Guru was making offering to God ,
One of his students laughed and asked him,
“You say God has accepted what you have offered,
But how come everything that you have offered is still here.”

Guru made that student to learn by heart a tough poem,
And when he could recite it without seeing and without mistake,
He showed him the poem in the book and asked him,
“The sloka you have learnt is still here , but you also are having it .
What we offer to God is like that , Both of us will have it,
After he has received it from us and we have given it”

Friday, October 26, 2018

Different Women in different roles

Different  Women in different roles


(Based on what I read in Whatsapp.Thanks to original author. I do not like  Onion Pakoras   during rain)

It was   torrentially raining   cats   and dogs ,
Ramu   some   how manged   to reach home,
Dreaming   of hot  onion pakoras and  tea,
And  praised his wife and  asked  her for them.

She who was   really   tired  due   to severe work,
Not only   refused   but  also shouted   at him,
For making that demand and  just vanished,
To  complete   her afternoon   nap and rest

Ramu felt bad  , locked   the home  and reached,
His parent’s home  in the next street and Ramu’s father,
Was requesting  for onion Rava Upma  with negative result,
And as soon his mother saw Ramu  , she asked him to wait.

She said   she will make  onion pAkoras in a jiffy,
But Ramu told her   that  he would prefer Onion Rava  Upma,
And she rushed to make them    and Ramu’s father  ,
Thanked his son   for the kind   gesture  .

Ramu returned back   to his home   to see his wife  ,
Saw her making potato  Bajji  for their son and   the self same,
Onion Pakoras  for her brother  who has  come to visit  to them,
And   just as Ramu  entered  his BIL  had the last bite  of Pakora

Ramu  thought that  our women are  best possible mothers,
Wonderful   sisters   to their   brothers who come for a visit,
But he felt that   as far  as  giving the food needed by them is concerned,
They are  not at all  good wives, May  be not true  pf all women