Sunday, September 24, 2017

Whatsapp Upanishad

Whatsapp Upanishad

Translated  from Tamil by
P.R.Ramachander( i found it interesting , as I do not own it )

1.What has come to you , has not come only to you
2.Anything   whichj comes to you, does not belong   to you
3. Send everything  in the same route by which it has come
4.Do your duty without expecting any recognition.
5.Dedicate  all the good  and all the bad  to Whatsapp
6.AS soon as you send it, what had been yours would  belong to some one else
7.Everything in whatsapp   originates  from face book or another Whatsapp  group

7.You have not  thought anything new, and so do the work  without any expectation

Friday, September 22, 2017

They stood like a rock and were not upset

They stood like a rock   and were not upset

Translated by

(This is the translation in my own words of a great  posting by  Smt Meena Rajan , who  is a  school teacher  and has chosen  transfer of knowledge  to tiny kids as  a chosen duty. Though  much younger to me, my pranams to her for this  great mega thought process. She and me   graduated from Annamalai university)

Even when his   father   ordered his killing .
His son Prahladha   was not upset,

Even when he  became a slave  to owner,
Of cremation ground , King Harischandra  was not upset,

Even when her   own son Bharatha  abused  her,
Queen Kaikeyi was   not upset,

Even when  he was insulted before his near and dear,
The scholar   Vidhura   was not upset,

Even when he   fell on the   arrow of bids,
Grandpa  Bheeshma   was not upset,

Even when she   became a young widow ,
With five children  Queen Kunthi  was not upset,

Though  he was a scholar when he became penniless,
And forced to beg , Kuchela   was not upset,

Even though   he knew   that he  was going to die,
Sage Markandeya   was not upset

Even when he was devoid  of limbs,
Kurma dasa    was not upset,

Though he was  blind from birth  ,
Saint Sur das was not upset,

Even when his wife  insulted him,
Saint Thukaram was not upset,

Even  when  her husband   troubled her,
Gunavathi bai was not upset,

Even when his   two hands were cut,
Charu   dasa   was not  upset,

Even when his legs and hands were cut,
And he was pushed in well , Saint Jayadeva was not upset,

Even  when SAnjaya   was made to work ,
With a  sinner king, he was not upset,

Even when his  one year baby   fell in ,
Boiling water and died , Poonthanam did not get upset,

Even when his own brother  ill treated him,
Saint Thyagaraja was not upset,

When Jesus   was crucified  unjustly ,
He also was   not upset

Jain monks   who  fast unto death,
Willingly never get upset.

Even when  sacred water mixed with poison  was given,
King Swathi Thirunal was  not upset,

Even when his    two eyes were blinded,
Koorathazhvar was  not upset,

All this was possible ,  because  they all strongly believed ,
That come what may, God was  always with them,
How do we   get   that  strong faith ?
WE can get that faith by  believing ,understanding and praying
This will lead your mind   in the right path,
And  make you mentally and physically strong,

Prayer  of any religion  to any god or to any saint,
It Could be meditation, chant  or singing,
But done with faith  and following right conduct,
Would help you cross any  problem   easily,
And grant you   great power of the soul.
All these  people    did that,
Why don’t you start?

Let us develop unshakable faith in God ,
Let us decide  that pure  love is God,
Let us with stability  lead  a life of truth,

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hawk, God and work

Hawk, God   and work

Rewritten by

(Based on a facebook post by my friend  Dinakar Raj.My thanks to him)

There was   a hawk  living  on a barren stone,
Which was   a fanatic devotee   god and ,
It used to meditate  on god daily  but one day,
It suddenly got a doubt “ Does God  know that,
I am meditating on him “ and ten it  consoled itself,
Since God is everywhere , he does know  this also.

One day while meditating  the hawk  became  very hungry,
And it wanted   to know  whether  the  God would feed him,
And then it heard God’s voice, “  I will give you food today.”
And happily the   hawk  went on meditating  on the rock,
Slowly its   hunger  troubled   him too much  ,
But its faith in God  , assured him that  God will feed him,
But till evening nothing happened   and the poor hungry hawk,
Was about  to get down from the rock   and suddenly God asked him,
“I have provided  food for you  ,  did you eat it, is it sufficient?”
The hawk shook  its head to say no, and god told   him.,
“Turn back and see”  and the Hawk saw a huge dead rat there,
And it asked God, “Thanks  but you delayed it too much,”
And then God said, “without  even an effort  to turn back and see,
How do you expect   to get your food , Without doing work,
You would never  be able to get   my grace.”

Hawk from that day   worked   as well as meditated,
Understanding that  without the   worship called Work,
No  God   would give   him anything  ,

And to  those devotees who work, there would be no wants.

God is beginning less and endless principle

Bhagawan  is an anadhi anantha thathwam
(God is beginning less  and endless principle)

Rewritten by

( an atheist finds a concept  of  endless and beginning less   truth laughable .Rajagopal Srinivasan has posted  in face book , that  even in science  such concepts  are there. Thanks to him)

One atheist approached     a saint and asked,
“Please tell me   who is God and how he would look like?”
The said told “He is   the  universal  divine lustre,
Which does not have end or beginning.”

The  Atheist asked “How can there  be anything,
Which does  not have  beginning   or end.
What you say is against   the tenets  of science,
Which tells exactly even the distance between earth and sun”

The saint asked the atheist , “What   is the basis of science?’
And he  replied  , “The basis of all science  is mathematics”
And the saint asked “What is the basis  of mathematics?’
And the  atheist   replied “ It is    the numbers”

The saint asked  , “Can you please  tell me the  highest number?”
And the atheist told some number   and saint told a  bigger number,
And later   the  Saint requested the atheist  to tell the  smallest number,
And here   again  the atheist   failed   miserably.

Then the Atheist told “Ah, I know it , it is the infinity”,
And saint said , “infinity  is a symbol representing ,
A concept   and is not a number and do you not know ,
That the largest  as well as smallest number is represented by that symbol?

Then the saint  further  told “ You said   that science,
Is something    which had beginning   as well as end  ,
And you now   agree  that only a symbol represents its ends,
And  cannot you  agree with me that , my concept of  endless God is Okay.”

Five senses are greater

The heart of the poet cries that man with six senses is inferior to  the animal with five senses

Five senses  are greater 

Poet  Vairamuthu

Translation by

Are the  five senses   greater,
Than    the    six senses.

No animal   grows a paunch over its stomach,
Have you heard of  bird  with a paunch,
Or even a rabbit   with a paunch

Do you know no animal gets  diabetes,
That no bird   sweats or  that,
No  bird  builds a nest  and leases out.
Or no bird steals another bird’s land.

Oh man , please   listen ,
Joint   family   system ,
Has not got broken only  in  the forest,
Please   receive   this in your mind.

No bull  goes near a  cow with ,
The scent  of pregnancy ,
One wife   for one man, a motto for you,
But life   for a  dove for no dove,
Touches the  mate of another dove.

When there are   tremours in the earth ,
The birds fly , flap their wings , and  join together
Oh Man now  tell me,
Whether  Six senses  is better  ,
In wisdom , than five senses.

You sit on the hide of a dead deer ,
You fan yourself with a peacock fan,
You decorate yourself with elephant’s tusk,
And also    the bones   of a camel,

Oh Man, if one day you die,
Since some times even earth will  refuse you,
WE started   cremating you  in fire,

Tamil original

 ஐந்து அறிவு  பெரிது
ஆறு  அறிவு சிறிது
கவிஞர் வைரமுத்து

எந்த விலங்கும்
இரைப்பைக்கு மேலே
இன்னொரு வயிறு வளர்ப்பதில்லை

தொப்பைக் கிளியோ
தொப்பை முயலோ
பார்த்ததுண்டா ?
எந்த விலங்குக்கும்
சர்க்கரை வியாதியில்லை தெரியுமோ?
இன்னொன்று :
பறவைக்கு வேர்ப்பதில்லை
🏢எந்த பறவையும்
வாடகைக்கு விடுவதில்லை
எந்த விலங்கும்
தேவையற்ற நிலம்
கவனி மனிதனே

🐅🐆🐘🐃கூட்டு வாழ்க்கை இன்னும்

கண்டு கொண்டால்
காளை பசுவைச்
உனக்கு வார்த்தை

🕊புறாவுக்கு வாழ்க்கை

🕊எந்த புறாவும்
தன் ஜோடியன்றி
பிறஜோடி தொடுவதில்லை
🐅🐘🐆பூகம்பம் வருகுது எனில்
அலைபாயும் விலங்குகள்

🕊அடிவயிற்றில் சிறகடிக்கும்
பறவைகள் அங்கிங்கும் அலை மோதும்

மானிடா. இப்போது சொல்
ஆறு பெரிதா ?
ஐந்து பெரிதா ?
மாண்டால் -
🐲மானின் தோல் ஆசனம்
🌳மயிலின் தோகை விசிறி

🐘யானையின் பல் அலங்காரம்
🐫ஒட்டகத்தின் எலும்பு ஆபாரணம்
         நீ மாண்டால்

மண் கூட  நிராகரிக்கும்
என்பதால் தானே
நெருப்பில் போட பழகினோம்

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What does “Narayana “ mean?

What does “Narayana “ mean?


(This is an old folk tale. I remembered it after  reading  the face book post of Kumar Ramanathan
 . Thanks to him)  

Sage Narada   who keeps on chanting “Narayana”
Suddenly    had a doubt-“What does “Narayana “ mean?”
One great scholar whom he   approached told him,
“Naara” means water and “ayana” , means abode ,
And so  “Narayana “ means “He whose  abode is water”
Another scholar  greatly differed    and he said  ,
“Nara” means  man  and “Ayana” means abode ,
And so “Narayana” means “Man’s final abode”,
Another  devotee shook   his head  vigourously,
“Ayana “ means “goal”  and so “Narayana” means “goal of man”.
Not at all  said another “It means “ Shelter of the universe”
Another scholar laughed “It means, ”He who resides in everything he creates”

And poor sage   got   terribly confused ,
And decided  to ask “Lord Narayana  himself”.

Lord Narayana   requested Sage Narada ,
To go to banks of river Narmada  and ask a bee there,
And sage Narada   went to the bee and said,
“Narayana , means  what?” but as soon as,
He said  “Narayana that   bee  died,

Sage Narada  went back   to is lord  , perplexed ,
And Lord Narayana then sent him   to approach  a parrot,
And as soon as he started” Narayana”, that  parrot died,
And Lord Vishnu    sent him to a  just born calf,
And it also   died  as soon as it hear , “Narayana”,
And without hesitation  Lord Narayana ,
Sent Narada   to the  just born  prince of Benares,
And with great reluctance   the sage approached  the prince,
And the prince replied,”I was the bee , the parrot and the calf”
And till you told    them   those being had not heard “Narayana”
And as soon they heard , they died  and got rebirth  as higher being,
And since there  is no other   higher birth , I will keep on chanting,
The word “Narayana” that you taught me and attain salvation,
Please know “Narayana” means, “He who gives prosperity while alive”
And “He who   cures   the disease of Samsara” in this earth.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Grand parent express flights

Grand parent express  flights


(Based on a write posted in face book in Tamil .Thanks to the author)

There are  special grand  parents flights  most of the week days,
Flying to USA  or England  or  Australia   or Germany,
Whose  tickets   would be blocked  by young parents,
Who are  living  in those countries and struggling to look after their kids.

Most of the passenger couples  or some times  old ladies,
Would never have   seen the  inside of any flight   anywhere,
And their preparation to   this awesome journey  would start,
On the day  when their kids inform them  they are  expecting.

They would start  immediately  the job of VISA  application,
By going to a good studio   to take  Visa   photographs ,
And either their children  or their friends or some agents ,
Would  help them    to apply   fondly for the VISA.

All  the  members of foreign returned   grand parents  association,
Would scare  them to death, by telling them , how on the appointed day,
They have to go very early  to the  embassy   to stand in the Queue,
And they would also tell them  that , if they say  the truth their VISA  would be refused,

The same association members   would teach them how to dress  up,
For the VISA  interview and  take lessons on how  to face the interview,
How to dress properly   for the purpose, though   the people who take the interview ,
Would really not bothered. How they talk   or how they dress.  Or how confused they look.

Ultimately these two oldies would be asked  some  silly simple questions,
And would get   multiple   entry  VISA   though  they  do not need it  ,
And then the travel agent would    give them the ticket   for USA,
And their relations will take them to airport   and leave them at the gate.

Though these two old ones would be  expecting   hundreds of problems,
Nothing at all    would happen  and after  a comfortable    travel,
Being fed with their own food   almost   every  two hours  , they would reach,
That air port  where   they need to change   the plane within two hours.

Though they are tense  nothing  terrible would happen   and helpers,
Would put them   on wheel chairs    and see to is they catch their next flight.
And then they would start  feeling nervous about the  custotms and immigration,
As they would have packed  big pickle jars and several  packets  of several eatables.

Though they expect   that  all that they   are carrying    would be thrown in a dust bin,
Nothing like that   would happen 99 % of the times   , because the immigration  officers there,
Know what   goods to expect to be carried  by oldy passengers of the grand parent express from India,
And once they come out they would see  their children and grand children and jump with joy.

Once they reach their children’s home , they are  all sure to be disappointed,
At not being able to see  the USA  that  they have seen  in Tamil and Hindi movies,
They would live comfortably there    after  a few more months  attending several  birthday parties,

Visiting several   great zoos, parks, cruises  and malls  and leave USA  without wanting to return.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Those wingless unfulfilled dreams

Those  wingless unfulfilled   dreams

Translated by

(Sri Na. Muthukumar (12 July 1975 – 14 August 2016) was an Indian poet, lyricist, and author. Best known for his Tamil language  film songs, he received the most number of Filmfare Awards for Best Lyricist in Tamil  and was a two-time recipient of the National Film Award for Best Lyrics .
This poem of his  shakes  us with great emotion and brings tears in to our eyes,making us recall   those unfulfilled dreams of ours)

மழை பெய்யா நாட்களிலும் 
மஞ்சள் குடையோடு வரும்
ரோஜாப்பூ மிஸ் வகுப்பின்
முதல் நாளன்று
முன்பொரு முறை எங்களிடம் கேட்டார்
"படிச்சு முடிச்சதும் என்ன ஆகப் போறங்க?"

The  teacher   who was  like rose  ,
Who used to  come   with an yellow  umbrella,
Even on the days   when there   was no rain,
On the first day of our class  once  asked,
“What are you going to become after studies?”

முதல் பெஞ்சை யாருக்கும் விட்டுத் தராத
கவிதாவும் வனிதாவும்
"டாக்டர்" என்றார்கள் கோரஸாக
இன்று கல்யாணம் முடிந்து
குழந்தைகள் பெற்று
ரேஷன் கடை வரிசையில்
கவிதாவையும்; கூந்தலில் செருகிய சீப்புடன்
குழந்தைகளை பள்ளிக்கு வழியனுப்பும்
வனிதாவையும் எப்போதாவது பார்க்க நேர்கிறது.

Vanitha and kavitha   who never  vacated ,
Their seats in the first bench  in a chorus said , “Doctor”,
Once in a while  I see Kavitha , who got married,
Standing in the ration shop queue ,
And Vanitha , with a comb tucked in her hair,
Bidding bye to her children going to school.

"இன்ஜினியர் ஆகப்போகிறேன்" என்ற
எல்.சுரேஷ்குமார் பாதியில் கோட்டடித்து
பட்டுத் தறி நெய்யப் போய்விட்டான்.

Sureshkumar  who said , “I am going to become an engineer,
Failed in a claa in between and had gone  to  weave silk yarn.

"எங்க அப்பாவுடைய
இரும்புக் கடையைப் பாத்துப்பேன்"
கடைசி பென்ச் சி.என்.ராஜேஷ் சொன்னபோது
எல்லோரும் சிரித்தார்கள்.
இன்றவன் நியூஜெர்சியில்
மருத்துவராகப் பணியாற்றிக்கொண்டே
நுண் உயிரியலை ஆராய்கிறான்.

When C.N.Rajesh told  , “I would look after  ,
The steel shop of my father”, every one laughed,
But he is now a doctor   in New Jersey ,
Who also does  research in microbiology.

"பிளைட் ஓட்டுவேன்" என்று சொல்லி
ஆச்சரியங்களில் எங்களைத் தள்ளிய
அகஸ்டின் செல்லபாபு டி.ன்.பி.ஸ்.சி. எழுதி
கடைநிலை ஊழியனானான்.

Auastine Chella Babu, who made us all surprised,
By saying  “AS  a pilot I would drive a plane”
But he passed out   state public service commission,
And is employed   as the last grade  government servant.

"அணுசக்தி விஞ்ஞானியாவேன்" என்ற நான்
திரைப் பாடல்கள் எழுதிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறேன்.

I who told that  I would become a nuclear scientist,
Am today writing    songs    for Tamil Films.

வாழ்க்கையின் காற்று எல்லாரையும்
திசைமாற்றிப் போட,
"வாத்தியாராவேன்" என்று சொன்ன
குண்டு சுரேஷ் மட்டும் நாங்கள் படித்த
அதே பள்ளியில் ஆசிரியராகப் பணியாற்றுகிறான்.
"நெனைச்ச வேலையே செய்யற, எப்படியிருக்கு மாப்ளே?" என்றேன்.

Though the storm of life  has  pushed us   to a scattered destiny.
In different directions , away from our aim,
The Stout  Suresh   who told , “I would become a teacher”
Is working in the same school as teacher ,
And I asked him, “Friend , you realised  your dream.”

சாக்பீஸ் துகள் படிந்த விரல்களால்
என் கையைப் பிடித்துக்கொண்டு
"படிச்சு முடிச்சதும் என்ன ஆகப் போறீங்க?
என்று மட்டும் என் மாணவர்களிடம் நான் கேட்பதே இல்லை! " என்றான்.
- ®நா. முத்துக்குமார்💯

He held my hand   with his chalk quoted fingers,
And said ,” I never ever   ask the students of my class,
“What are you going to become after studies?”

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Life is like a south Indian Lunch

Life  is  like a south Indian Lunch


(I  felt like writing this after  reading  the very great nterpretation of lunch items by Maha Peiyava. Anantha Koti Namaskarams to Him)

Some  one asked   the saint   who knew everything ,
Why we   during a feast  eat  Sambhar   first,
Then Rasam , followed by  Payasam,
And end everything by taking butter milk.

The saint   did not even think for a   second but told,
The thick , pungent sambhar  is termed as Kuzhambu ,
Which  also means    “get confused “ and  is the state of youth  ,
Of all of us  where “I” dominates and makes life a turbid  confused state

The second dish is   called  Rasam   by us  ,
Which is  less spicy  but  clear  and also could mean ,
“The juice or essence   “ , which     we do get  by our  experiences
When the “I”  which is murky gets away and life becomes more clear

After   we  taste  the essence  , we are ready,
To enjoy the true journey of life    and   make   it sweet  ,
By taking  the  sweet  dishes and enjoy it,
And  become ready    to face   anything in life

After the pungent   state of “I”,
After  the “essence “  state of Rasam,
And after   the sweet   taste  of Payasam,
WE are   ready   to take the  stable butter milk.

Butter milk  is  unchangeable  like God,
It again comes , after  ego like  butter ,
Is removed from the murky and sour selfish life,
And  tells us that   we have now reached the end.

The forever cycle of life

The  forever  cycle  of life


During my childhood , my father , used  to tell me:-

a.One generation only works  to earn, second generation saves what  is with them    and the third  generation spends all that is saved and never works  and the fourth generartion  again starts   working

b. No one in the world   suffers   for more than 30 years  and no one   enjoys , more than thirty   years.

As a child  I did  not understand but now I do.

This cycle  of our life  is wonderfully  brought  out in a  tamil write up in face book that  that I read (posted by Venkatesan Ramalingam) and which  was  translated  by me:-

When worries increase , thought process would become great,
When thought process  becomes great  , speech would get reduced,
When speech   gets reduced, action would become special,
When action becomes special,  fame would increase,
Wheb fame  increases , wealth would increase,
When wealth increases, our joy   would increase ,
When joy increases , our life   would bloom,
When life blooms,   egoism      would increase  ,
When egoism increases, our talk   would increase,
When talk increase  , actions would decrease,
When actions start decreasing  ,  fame   would start decreasing,
When fame starts decreasing  , wealth would start decreasing,
When wealth starts decreasing  , life would become dark,
And when life  becomes dark , worries would start increasing.

    I am sure each of you   are in one stage  of this cycle and I am sure   , you all think that the stage in which you are  there   would continue forever.

No my friends. If you become rich, you would not be rich forever . if  you are poor, you would not be poor forever, if your suffer that   suffering is not forever   and if  you are enjoying , you would not enjoy forever.

Friday, September 15, 2017

The stone that did not know how to cry

The stone   that did not know how to cry


(Based on the write up  posted by Mrs Vijaya  Sundar  in Tamil . Thanks to her  for posting the gem and thanks to whoever wrote it.)

My father did not know  how to cry,
Even when he worked like   an animal  for the family,
Even when he struggled  hard to  wipe off  the hunger from us,
He never cried  , blaming that  his life was bad, because he did know  how to cry.

Though carrying his wife in his mind and children on his shoulders,
Though carrying   all the responsibilities of  his family on his head,
Even when he was perplexed  of life   and  not knowing which way to go,
My father   did not know    how to cry,.

Realizing that his  family   would get shattered,
If he gets worried , he stood like a  rock,
And we thought   that  he was indeed a rock.
And we would attach ourselves to our mummy ,
And keep our distance from the stony pa  of ours,
But that   stone  never knew   how to cry.

WE would say that  the words that   he talked were few,
But when we are in  deep trouble due  to defeats in our  life,
WE would search   for the firm hands of that stone   for support ,
So that   we would be  stable  and be able to stand firm,
But that stone  never became unstable    and never cried.

Though he had has never hugged  and kissed us,
He  was the  one who stood  far far   away from us  ,
And getting drowned  in  his flood of emotions,
But in spite  of   that  he did not know   how to cry

Though the food we ate  , the cloths we wore ,
The  education     that we  underwent for years,
Were a result   of  his    dripping   sweat,
He had never  told  us about that   , even once  ,
But he stood like a stone   and never  cried

Though he who never   used to talk even a  few words to us  ,
He would spend all his time talking  to every one,
About  how his children    were   very great,
And when we scoffed at him in spite of it , he never cried.

WE who keep on praising   and praising ,
The affection showered on us by our Mom,
Never even realised the affection ,
Of that man  whom we called  our father,
But he never  cried because of it.

If we  get  the first hairs on our upperlips ,
Or when  we   are called  a pretty girl by  the world,
His  mind and face  would be bathed   by great pride,
If by chance we grew taller   than him ,
He would feel as if he himself has grown more tall,
He would allow  us to walk  in front of him,
And   would with pride  enjoy our progress,
But when we never realized all that , he never cried.

When we achieve any thing,  we never used to think
That our father was  the chief contributor,
And when we put on airs before him and boasted ,
He    did not know    how    to cry.

Our father   did not know how to show his affection ,
He did know how   to fondle us   and praise  us,
He did  not know how   to   make false claims
He did  not know how to show out  his suffering,
He did  not know how to save money and keep it to himself
And unfortunately   that simpleton did  not know how to cry.

Even when  all of us  who owed  our  greatness to him,  hurt him,
Even when he is made  in to a servant  by  his daughter in law ,
Even when without mercy , love and affection, he is thrown  out in to an old age  home,
He  did  not know how to cry,  for  he can bear anything  for the sake of our happiness

Whether   we wanted to show  our affection,
Whether we wanted to  beg for pardon for mistakes committed
Or whether   we  are broken down and wanted to cry
It would  always be better   for us to tell him

For that   stone did  not know how to cry.

Thank your God for the time is short

Thank your God for   the time is short


(I read this golden words of wisdom, in a whatsapp  message in Tamil. Millions of thanks to you  who thought  about it. I will now forever  remember  that the time is short)

A thin and very pretty  lady was travelling   in a bus,
A fat lady with many bags  got in to it  and sat near her,
The thin lady was  no doubt inconvenienced but kept smiling,
And after some time   the fat lady  got down  from the bus and went her way

An old gent who was  sitting  on the opposite seat  ,
Asked the young lady, Why she   did not protest , even though,
She was greatly  troubled by   the fat lady, and the pretty lady replied,
 “The time of our travelling together is very short and so why protest”.

How true  and what  great  , golden words of wisdom  from one  so young,
If only each of us understand that  the time   that  we are likely to travel  together,
With any one else  is necessarily short, why should we   disrespect them,
Shout at them, get angry    at them and make life miserable for both of us.

Suppose  some one wounds your mind  , please keep quiet  and smile,
Suppose some body wilfully  troubles you  , please keep quiet and smile,
Suppose some body insults you  , please  keep quiet and smile,
For the time that we   and that somebody  are going to be together  is very short.

None of us know how long we or he or she is going to travel together,
Soon the place for us to get down and say bye   would come,
In this short time  , let us love and honour   him or her  ,
Let us  forget and pardon  and let us say, thank god as time is short.

I am telling each and every one    who reads  this or to whom I have talked,
Please pardon me , for I do not know when I  would have   to depart,
I would pardon you, for I do not know   when you have to depart,

But I am sure that  time is not forever   but   extremely short.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

She , he and they

She  , he and they


(Parents of yesteryears   depended  on their son and always thought, that she who married him was their slave and that poor she suffered , waiting  for the time when she   will become they and the story  was repeated  ad infinitum.
Times have changed

Girls are   brought up as  independent persons who  is as good as any son. When anyone(whether it is he or they)  tried to make her slave, she rebels .He unlike the He of yester years  wants , His Her   to lead a happy life  and build up a wonderful   and joyful home

So it is time that  they of His  changed suitably,

Thanks to Radha Sriram because her post gave me  the idea for writing this.)


When she   was born in her   home  , they knew that  one day  she would go away,
And they did not know ,  what type of life she will  have to lead , after leaving them,
And so   they decided to honour   her wishes, welcome   her  forward    thoughts,
And allow  her to study  what she wants  and make her totally  independent.

AS a result   she  grew up in to   a person  who loved remarkable independence,
She knew that, to be born as female   was not inferior  and she  is equal to all males,
She learnt  that work is worship and  she  started to earn   as much as any male she knew,
But as a woman she loved to build a home, to become a wife and a mother with  a loving family around her.


But when he   was born his parents   thought that  he would be with them forever,
And  they spoiled him, by giving all that he wants , and  become an ATM to him rather than parents,
Even if  he did  not obey them  or wandered   with friends   and came back after  midnight,
The parents thought ,  that it was natural for a boy to be like that, and give them all leeway.

                                                        HE and SHE

But when he got a she  and she got married to him , his going out   with her ,
Seemed to them as wrong as they felt that  one day he   will desert them along with her .
Though he might have disobeyed them earlier and might have   talked rudely  to them earlier,
They who tolerated all , become agitated and worried, by  the self same actions after   she came.

But their love to him made    them feel that   he can do no wrong  ,
And they turned all the blame    for all he did,    not on him but on  her,
The poor , innocent she   who came   along with him to their home,
Started   suffering a lot  not for her mistakes but  those of his.

She was not that unlettered  yet to be moulded  bride  of yester years ,
She was as educated as him and earned  as much as   him  and knew the world as much as him,
She could get any international  recipe by google  and order  any food of her choice by an app,
And there is nothing   that   she needs to learn    from his mother to run her house.


They who are   his became scared   of her when she earned and took  decisions,
The independence which she learnt in her home , appeared   to them  as  a wrong behaviour,
She was not having devotion to him  or to them like God but she  wanted him and them  to be her friends,
And she   did  not want to be scared and  obey them or him like a slave  and make her life miserable .

Her upbringing , her education, her independence , her love  and her sense of duty,
Made her firm  on her very proper  behaviour, aimed at  building a loving home,
And definitely not become a humble slave  to whosoever it is in this world,
And so , if they want to live peacefully and happily   , they will have to change.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pre marriage advices to a son by his mother

Pre marriage advices  to  a son by  his mother


(I was   surprised to read   a tamil post on this by  Hamsabai Santhana Krishnan .The idea was fabulous and much needed. With minor modifications, I have written it in english.May God bless the author of the  Tamil write up)

Oh son , this may come as a great surprise for you,
For I decided   that I should  advice you before  your wedding day,
You may possibly be surprised   and within your mind wonder,
Why this advice to me  as  you  know it is given only to girls.

All these   years   your mother  was   the only lady for you ,
Who cooked for you  , who kept the  house   neat,
Who coached  you in time of need , who sang, who took correct decisions
And who drew Rangoli  and who according to you is the lady great.

There  is nothing wrong in it   and I always   enjoyed  being crowned like that,
But from now on keep  the thought that “Mother  is the best” , hidden deeply in your mind,
And understand that  there is no need   to tell it to  your bride  of today and wife  of tomorrow,
Yes it is a mask ,   but use it with intelligence  and  you would spread happiness  all around.

Even before the novelty of the relationship fades do not tell her , who is your wife,
That my mother has suffered greatly  and so you have to respect   and obey her ,
For she may think, why this man married me  for he could have continued  as her son,
And once this  bitter seed    is planted  in her mind , it would grow in to a great  hurting banyan tree.

Make her understand  that from now on she   is your world and everything to you,
Never tell her   that my parents do quarrel  for she may start  quarrelling with you  soon,
While drinking your coffee  do not make slurping   sound , for she may think ,
That  I have not brought you up well , put on best behaviour and make her have respect to  me.

Since you have not tasted any   other food except that   cooked  by me , it is natural,
For you to like it and love it but  do not l keep on telling    that  poor new wife,
My mother’s SAmbhar. My mother’s ghee roast   etc  and compare her cooking with mine,
Please remember I do not know how to drive a car , bake breads or  nothing of  time management.

From tomorrow   she  is your partner in all aspects  of your life,
She  has come to you leaving her home along with a transplanting shock,
THough she too has  dreamt  pleasures   from married life,
Give her   time to adjust   to her new wedded life and always praise  her. 

To summarise
Do not sing praises  of mother , do not compare her   with me,
Do not earn  ever  the name of Mummy’s pet , as it is not good,
Do not depend  on mother at any time  , allow her to take needed rest ,
Tell her that your mother  would help her in need  and also praise her mother,

Praising your father  or her father    would never  upset her,
Remember  that  she is not a  pleasure   giving machine ,
But a human being very much like   you   and would ,
Also be out of mood, angry, jealous  and sad  at times like you.

Oh son, I want you  to be happy  and hence these  advices.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Village crow feels city is hell

Village  crow  feels  city is hell


(Based on a story posted by  Bhanu Ravi. Change crow in to man  and you would find it the real life of a city.)

An urban   crow came to a village  ,
And  persuaded strongly,  a village  crow,
To accompany him to the town,
Because   towns are  the real heavens.

When they both arrived   the  urban crow  ,
Showed several muti storey buildings  of the town,
But the village crow asked, “Where do we live?
I am not able to see  a single tree   here”

The urban crow did not reply  but showed ,
The village crow , the millions  of vehicles plying there,
But the village   crow told, “See how much black smoke ,
Is coming from them .I am sure soon  the people  would become black like  us”

The village crow  felt dirty all over   and wanted ,
To take a bath  and the urban crow   took it to a river,
And  village crow said , “This is a gutter  not a river,
And where  do you take  bath and urban crow  replied, “only if it rains”

Urban crow then told  ,” let us go to  shopping avenue,
So that  we can eat some thing “ and the village crow replied,
“Why shopping avenue”   and the urban crow  replied, “to steal  and eat”
And the village  crow  returned to his village where  life was honest , clean and Pleasant