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How did Tamil Month Names originate?

How did Tamil Month Names originate?


(Based on a write up in Kumudam Bhakthi  )

Most of us know  in the solar calendar  that we follow,
The month is named after  the rasi in which  sun is there that month,
But  most of us are unable  to understand , the tamil names of these months.
And  here   is an attempt   to explain, why those names are given,

All of us who follow solar months   know that  full moon ,
Of each of those  months  fall on a particular star  ony.
The  full mon of the chithirai month   always  falls,
On the  chithirai(chithra)   star and the month is called Chithirai.

IN the vaikasi month   the full moon falls   on the  VIsaka star,
And so it is called Vaisakam and in spoken language Vaikasi,
In the month  of Aani  , the full moon falls on Anusha(anuradha) star,
And month  is called  as Aani after   the star Anuradha.

IN the month of AAdi , the full moon falls on  poorada  star,
Which is called as Poorva Ashada and the month is called ashada or Aadi,
In the month of AAvani the  full moon  falls  on SRavana  star,
Called as thiruonam in tamil    and the month  got its name from that.

In the month  of Purattasi, the  full moon falls on Uthraatathi,
Which is called Uthra Proshta padam  and the name comes  from Protta,
In the month of Aypaasi , the full moon comes on Asvathi star,
Which is Sanskrit is called  asupathi   and asupathi month became Ayppasi.

The full moon day of Kathigai month is on Karthiga star and it is named  after it,
In the Margazhi month , the full moon day is on Makeeram  , called  ,
As Marga  seershe in Sanskrit    and the name  obviously came from  it,
And in Thai moth full moon is on Thykshyam star , known as pushyam or poosam in Tamil.

IN the maasi month full moon comes on Makam star  , which is called,
Maagam   in tamil   and the name is just a colloquial  corruption of it,
And in Panguni month  , the full moon cames on  either pooram or Uthram,
Which are called Poorva and Uthara Phalguni   stars and Phaalguni bacame Panguni.

Saint and a horse thief

Saint and a horse thief


(I was terribly impressed by the morel of  the folk tale published in a Tamil Magazine)

A samint was  travelling  on a horse , and on the way side ,
He saw some on lying unconscious and he  immediately got  down,
From the horse  to  help that  poor man  and though he tried his best,
He could not wake him   and with lot of effort , put  that  man on his horse.
And as soon he did that, the man rode away stealing  the horse  with him.

Few days  later the saint went to a horse  market  ,and there he saw,
The thief  along with his horse  , trying  to sell  his horse ,
And when the saint went and identified that man who  stole his horse,
But the saint told him, “Do not scared  and keep the horse yourself,
But never tell any one how   you got it from someone who tried to help you.

The saint continued , “If you do that , all those  hear it  from you,
Would get scared  tp help others and this would  result,
In no one even trying to help any one who is  suffering.
This would  thus   toll the death knell  to humanity in this world.”
And I ask, “Should  our media tom-tom about such incidents  endlessly?”


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Ship wrecked stranded devotee and god

Ship wrecked stranded devotee  and god


(Based on a story in Tamil posted by my facebook friend  Sri Guru Moorthi .Thanks to him)

One  great devotee  of god  was once ship wrecked,
And got stranded in an island   devoid  of any human  beings,
And he prayed God   to some how help him ,
And take him back to his loving family at home.

Nothing seemed to happen and he started  collecting,
AS many things as possible that were brought to the island,
By ocean waves   and slowly  and surely  , he built a hut,
And started living in it with roots and fruits as his food.

But daily   he used  to worship god  , sing prayers ,
And request Him to somehow   save  him from the island,
But one day after  food hunting  when he returned back,
He was shocked  to see his hut burning giving out huge  smokes.

He  started  abusing and shouting    at the God  , who did this,
Inspite of his sincere  devotion  and   soulful prayers that he sung,
And suddenly he saw a ship coming towards   the island,
To save him and he  was not able to understand how they found him out.

They told him they say the fire and smoke  in the island,
And suspected a human being in distress and came to save him,
And the devotee started  crying at the mercy of God  who set fire to his hut,
Just to save him and felt ashamed that  he abused   to that  God.

Even in our ordinary life   , we face  similar situations,
When  the God does not  answer our prayers but brings more troubles,
WE forget that the great God knows   everything  in this world,
And knows  the perfect  method  to answer all our prayers

Santhana Gruhe sthitha Vrudha Ashtakam

Santhana Gruhe sthitha  Vrudha  Ashtakam
(The octet on oldies  living in their children’s home)


(Based on the tamil write up by  my face book friend  Padmanabhan Subramanian, Thanks   to him)

1.Being  always there  in the  home  doing nothing at home,
They   try  to be critical of all activities of  all people of the home,
And this  is not only  not liked  but also  hated by younger ones,
And so it would be better  that they tell their opinion  only when requested.

2.Most of the youngsters  feel that  the old people  are a  burden,
Because  though , they are able to do,  they do not   do even  small help in their homes,
In spite of most of them being  pay bills, go to the bank , baby sit for some time and cut vegetables,
But they say , “I have done lot of work  earlier and so I keep quiet” making  youngsters hate  them.

3.Most of the elders  simply relax , ordering others   about , most of the time in a harsh tone,
And they become agitated  if their orders are not obeyed   expeditiously  every  time
It would be better that they do not think that they are  the bosses  in the house,
But  think about how   they would  be  able to   cooperate  and contribute  to joy in the house.

4.All the senior people   should remember   that  , their  daughter in law   has parents ,
And it is her right   to love as well as  help them and their son  should also be civil  with them,
And  they should not at any time  in their speech compare   their daughter  and daughter in law,
For  this would animosity in their daughter in law  and never increase their daughter’s love .

5.All the senior citizens would have   very close   friends   as well  as dear  relations,
But if they want  to invite them to the home  of their  children , it is expected,
That they should  inform them  early and get their   consent and also choose a proper time,
Especially   when they expect  to join them for tea, lunch or dinner.

6.They due to  their experience would be  in a position  to give  proper  advice   to give to youngsters,
But times have changed  and so if they have   any opinion  ,
It would be better , if they tell it in a soft tone , detailing   the possible,
Positive and negative results .and leave it to  the youngsters to decide.

7.After  they become old  , under no circumstance   should they,
Give all that they have   to the younger generation  , under the impression,
That  it is the duty of the   young to look after  them and they would do it,
But  keep sufficient money of their earnings  with them for medical and other emergencies.

8.The grandpa and Grandma   should under no circumstance ,
Interfere in the strict upbringing of their grand children by their children,
They should  not give money to the grand children  without the parents knowledge ,
Nor should they advice  the children to tell lies nor bear false  witness to them.

Phala sruthi
If the  old  parents living in their children’s home,
Read this great octet and follow  its principles,
They would spend  their old age  as if in heaven,
And their children  would   treat them like gods.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

An old mom’s poem of tears to her son

An old mom’s poem of tears  to her son

Rewritten by

(This poem describes  an event  which is going to come in the life of each one of us. I wish parents  take a video of how much trouble  in involved  in bringing up babies   and show it to their son, when each of them grow for long years  and reach their  second cycle of being a baby.

“Oh son , we are  helpless , please  understand us.”

Based on a whatsapp  post. I thank that  anonymous great author)

My darling son, My dear son,I love you a lot   , My  son,
When I keep  the first step on ”old age”,
My weariness  would test you, please  be patient.
Please have little patience and do not sneer at me.

When food falls   from my hand while eating ,
Do not shout at me but remember  those days,
When i fed you as a  little baby , showing you the moon,
When  you used to not only drop but  spit your food.

Do not get angry  when I dirty and wet   my dress,
But remember those days  when you as a babe,
Used   to wet our  bed   all through the night,
And how  I  used to have winks  of sleep  in between.

Be patient with me when I keep  on repeating  the same thing,
And remember those   days    when  to sleep at night,
You used  to make me read  the  same story of the  magician,
Again   and again endlessly  without me getting bored.

If I refuse  to bathe   do not   blame   me as a lazy goose ,
But remember  the  hundred and one techniques,
That  I used to employ   to   make   you take   the bath,
And how  I  some how succeeded in my task every day.

It is simply not  possible  for me   to understand  and apprectiate,
Newer techniques  , newer knowledge, when you   tell them to me ,
With a speed  of cyclone , Do not belittle me , but  teach me slowly,
Again and again, as  I used to teach you   when you   were a  little kid.

At times  due to my age I may forget  , I may even cut  of links,
Of an interesting  conversation, do not  wail for wasting your time ,
But    sit near  me and console me  and remember  those days,
When I  would postpone all my jobs and listen to your meaningless  babble.

When my legs   do deceive me   and I  totter , do not stare at me ,
But remember   the days   when with great  love and affection,
I used to extend  my hands  lovingly    towards  you  ,
So that  you do not totter  and fall but learnt to walk.

One day  I would tell  you that I have lived  sufficiently,
And prefer  to die and  at that time  do not sorrow,
But know that , till  a certain age life does not have  meaning,
And after a certain age   there  is no meaning in further  living.

Time will  come when you  would  understand all  this,
And now my son all   that  I want  is a dear smile  from you,
Oh son, again and again I want to tell you that “I love you.”
And I have a humble   request, “Do all  that  you can to make my end peaceful”

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Pancha Thanthra (five tricks) to get happiness from our life?

The Pancha Thanthra (five tricks) to get happiness from our life?

Rewritten in English by

(Based on a write   up in Tamil posted  in whatsapp . Thanks to the author)

1. The important needs of a family happiness.

Without any doubt for happiness of the family income is needed,
Along with that are needed unity, humanity, hobby, appreciation and health,
Without    any of which    life would be   drab as   well as uninteresting,
Whether   you get only   income in tens or hundreds   or thousands per day

Happiness   of the family   also depends on   our maturity, children and mutual unity
For without   maturity    all the decisions   that we take   would   be always wrong,
For without savings we would get crushed into a heap when sudden need for money is there.
For without children    we would be living a meaningless and aimless life.
And without unity, the hell like family   would be working at cross purposes.

2. What does a wife   want from a husband?

A wife wants Him to love her, talk to her without wounding her and not to get angry
For these three qualities of HIM is the real   essence of an ideal married life,
Further she wants him, not to find fault in her cooking, never shout at her in front of others,
For these her ego as a cook is hurt badly and as her ego suffers a jolt before her friends.

She   wants Him to be on her side always, accompany her to functions,
For these give her   inner confidence and makes others think that he loves her,
She wants him to consult her. Hear what she tells patiently and support her ideas,
For these make her feel that she is a capable home worker who has a part in running the home.

She wants him to appreciate her, take interest in family and talk to her without reservations,
For no one can live without appreciation and the other two makes her    feel her happy,
She wants him to take her outside once in a month   and also have an annual vacation.
For these two   gives her a change from the   drab routine of the humdrum of life.

She wants him not to hide anything from her, have belief in her and tell her all important things,
For these makes her feel that she is not just a home   worker   and nothing   else,
She also wants him not to appreciate other ladies and be contended with her prettiness,
For she feels that   her   role   as a wife to him is recognized by him and he loves her.

He should do small helps to her, fulfil her basic needs and love her as much as his mother,
For she feels that he has interest in her as a person who loves   him without reservation,
She wants him to take timely food, tell her about guests before hand and also tell her where he is going,
For house management and   care of him is considered   by her   as very important.

She wants him to remember her birthday, know her likes and that he should not dislike her family,
For these   three things make her feel that he cares   for her and also likes her family,
She wants him never to tell a lie and that he should give her pocket money,
Because if he lies she cannot believe him at all and it would be nice that she has money to spend.

3. What does a husband expect from his   wife?

He wants her to wake up early and know about office and school timings and get him and children ready,
So that   she can finish of all the chores of family and see that he is not late to office and children are not late to school,
He wants her to have a smiling face and be hospitable   without bothering for time.
So that   he is not worried that she is suffering and his friends like him to be hospitable.

He wants her to consider his mother as her own and also obey his house people,
For they are the people who like him    and he wants her   to keep them pleased,
He wants her not to find fault with males always, and not keep on ordering him about,
For if she finds fault with males, he may feel that she does not like him   and ordering him about is not pleasant.

He wants her to work for peace   and unity of his family and not tell about his faults to others,
Because he feels that she splits his family and all his faults told by her   will make him unpopular,
He wants her not to suspect him, and be secretive   about   his family problems,
If she suspects him life would become miserable and her talk about problems   would be misused by others.

He does not want her   to talk about family   problems as   soon as he returns from office,
Because he would be already carrying with him the office problems and this would make him miserable,
He wants her to be in good terms with his family members and be contented with what they have,
For by doing that his family would support them in times of crisis and contentment brings happiness,
He wants her to have desires within limits and take interest in children’s education,
Because while contentment grants him happiness, Children’s education is the root of their future,
He wants her to limit family expenses within his income and desist from picking his pockets,
For large worries can be avoided by proper expenditure and he should not be taken aback by missing money from his pockets.

He wants her to tell him her wants in advance and help him in future planning of the family,
Because both these actions would bless him with serenity and peace,
He expects her tell   everything that happened in day before retiring to bed,
Because this will keep him informed   of the pluses and minuses of every day.

She should defend him in her parents’ home and have patience   as well as humility,
For He does not want to be badly thought by in laws and these qualities makes his life happy,
He expects her not to interfere when he corrects the children and he expects her to cook all that he likes,
For once she interferes the children will not obey him and good food is a basis of good life,

He expects her to look nice when he comes home, talk clearly and have good general knowledge,
For he loves her much more when she is pretty and unless she has general knowledge she would not be respected,
He expects her to talk clearly, not buy unnecessary things and be a spend thrift,
For He wants to know her ideas   and wants to save   money for their mutual future.

4. The reasons for   the reduction of happiness of a family

Frequent quarrels, finding faults of each other, not keeping one’s word,
Not able to get what one wants, lack of belief and faith   in each other,
Inability to go on vacation trips, not providing mutual help, lack of guests,
Misplacing each other’s things, lack of cooperation in new ventures,
Lack of give and take, wounding each other by words As well as,
Inability to create happy situations makes the life of a family miserable.

5. Ten commandments   to lead a happy life

1, Love each other and take interest in each other
2. Do more and more work with enhanced interest?
3. Talk sweetly avoiding words   likes me and mine,
4. Try to understand   , respect and praise   each other,
5.  Do each action with maximum   energy,
6. Hear what others say and respond properly
7. Accept   the faults of others and ignore them,
8. Be   straight forward, humorous, timely and sweetly
9. Handle   every person in the way that is most suited,
10. Do not judge a person in great hurry, just by one look.

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Bitter pill can be presented as a sweet syrup

Bitter pill can be presented   as a  sweet  syrup

Retold by

(this is an old folk tale which was posted by my face book friend  Bhanu Ravi .Please  judge for yourself  whether  it is a bitter pill  or sweet syrup. )

One great  king one day saw   a dream  ,
In which he saw   himself without any teeth,
And since he was  not knowing   what it meant,
He sent for all  the great  astrologers of his country.

One astrologer  after   examining many great books told,
“It indicates that  all your family members would die before you,”
The infuriated  king   ordered that  this astroger  be imprisoned,
And then all  his other  invitees   started shivering  to open their mouth.

However a  wise  young man , again examined   his great nook and told,
“Oh king  , you will live very long , much longer   than all your  family members”.
And the king was   greatly pleased  , honoured him  and gave him presents.
And so though you tell the truth do tell it in a sweet  way and not the  bitter way.

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People who have influenced my life-AP Naganatha Iyer (My Periya Mama) of Vridhachalam

People   who have influenced my life-AP Naganatha Iyer (My Periya Mama)    of Vridhachalam 


  Sri A.P.Naganatha iyer  who was popularly  known as  Chellappan was my   eldest uncle and he had a hotel in Vridhachalam. During his childhood , driven due to  poverty in his house, I understand he spent   a few years as a cook  to a tamilian family  in Burma. Later  after working in many places , he started  loking after our hotel in Secunderabad. It was at  that time  that he got married to  the daughter  of a  well known scholar Sri Rama Sastrigal  of Palakkad , IN the years 1942-44  when I was  two years old  , he was the manger  of the hotel run by my father  in Secunderabad and  they were  living along with us  in our home .I was  a little baby   at that time. Since they were just married   and did not have   any children they used   to love me as if I was their eldest son. I was Mami’s pet.  She was a sofy spoken angel . Possibly since there   was no study table  in my home,I used to  make my Mami bend, keep my slate  on her back and write. She was   an extremely soft and nice lady but Mama   , though very good was  short  tempered.Even after  more than 70 years, I remember  how I used to get scared   of  him during those days. Later  My Mama and Mami left  Secunderabad   to establish a hotel along with their younger   brother APS  Iyer    in a near by village .During the Razakkar  movement  of the pre independence days  , my Mama left Hyderabad    and established a hotel in Salem of Tamil Nadu .After  a few years he shifted to Vridhachalam , where he had a hotel very near to the Junction   and not very far off from Manimuthar river.
When I got admission to  B.Sc(Hons)  in Annamalai university , I  did not get admission  in the hostel during the first year. Mama came with me and requested one of his distant relation in Chidambaram  to accomadate  me in their home,I was 17 at that time. Due to my father I had learnt to recite  Vishnu and Lalitha Sahasranamams as well   as Sri Krishna Karnamrutham, which I used to read daily. But Mama was   a Devi Bhaktha  and used to daily read  Devi Mahatmyam. I used to very often go to Vridhachalam and stay with him , mami and Children(Who were all much younger to me)   almost every week end. Due to Mama I got attracted to Devi Mahatmyam  and started  doing Parayana  of the great book along with him. Mama was a very strict but very loving father and he used to get angry   with children and  some times Mami also .But once the anger leaves him , he  became a  loving father and mother. Once during   our annual vacation, my Periyappa   an Aleppy passed away and Mama had to rush to help his sister .it was at that time he requested me to rush to Vridhachalam and look after   his hotel   during his absence .I really enjoyed doing it.
   Mama was a very  devout man and he used to have his own Bullock cart. Almost every week, he used to take all of us to Vridheswara temple as well as a Murugan temple  in a nearby village .It was  the first and only time that  I travelled in A bullock cart.  Mama loved me very much and knew under what circumstance I was studying  . During my second year , Mama suddenly made appearance   in our hostel and gave me my first wrist watch .He said , it was a  great gift for me  and  it was with me  for another 8 years when I purchased a favre  Luba wrist watch(I was employed by then)

   If I am  very  much attached to Sanskrit prayers  it was due to my mama.After 1960, I rarely had occasions to meet him.   The last time I met him was when he was sick  and had started having problem with dementia.He could not  recognize me .I wept uncontrollably .  I am sure he  along with my Mami must be  in heaven , and sitting at the feet of Goddess  and  he must be reciting  Devi Mahathmyam.

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Guru shows the way to see God

Guru shows   the way to see  God

Retold  by

(Based on a  meaningful face book post .My thanks to that author   who wrote it)

One  very learned person   went to a guru and told,
“I have learnt   several religions of  world  but ,
I am not knowing   which of them would lead me to God?”
And the  Guru took him     to the bank of a very big river.

Then Guru told him , “The answer   to your question ,
Is in the other shore   and so if you   want   to learn the answer,
Build a boat yourself   , go to the other   shore .”
And the learned person started   building boats.

The guru  pointed out  mistakes   and problems   in each boat he built,
And due to great anxiety   to know the answer , he did not  bother about them,
Took a boat   and reached    the other shore    and soon  he found,
That  there  is nothing or nobody in the  other shore  to give him the answer.

When he returned  back and shouted   at the Guru  , he replied,
“A little while ago  , you were greatly   enthused  to know the answer,
And did not  give any importance   to    the boat by which you travelled.
Just like that  all relegions would take you  to God, provided   you have enthusiasm”

Has it not been told   in our    great religion  that,
Just like   rain water   everywhere   reaches   the sea ultimately,
All   the religions   of the world    do lead   to Lord Kesava,
And I feel all  that you need is faith   and enthusiasm

Only good partners can build a good home

Only  good partners  can build a  good  home

Rewritten by

(I wrote this  based on  a  tamil write up in  face book by  Mohan Krishnaswamy.My thanks to him)

There was a  person who always   fought with his wife,
And he would    daily challenge   her, “One day ,manage my office,
Then only    you would realize  all my difficulties “ and one   day,
She lost her calm  and said , “OK”,  meanwhile you manage  our home   and see

So the next s day  , she went   to the  office  , instead of him,
And she saw   the office was was very dirty   and though   she was,
The wife of the owner  , she herself  swept  and cleaned the office,
Then she examined attendance register   and gave warning to all those   who were late.

She  managed  everything well and when she   was about to start home,
Her secretary reminded about the  daughter’s marriage   reception   of her manager,
She  art tended the marriage  ,  told convincing excuse  for her husband’s absence,
Gave suitable presents , took dinner with them , though all her thoughts was about her  home.

When she reached   her home  , her husband shouted her  , “Your children,
Are not human beings but monkeys . They do not obey me, they do not study at all.
When asked to eat, they do not eat, and I beat them black and blue  ,
And have made them sleep   in that corner  and alsoI have not eaten as I could not cook properly.”

The lady became very sad   that her husband has  needlessly   beaten her  kids,
Rushed to the bed room  , switched on the light   and asked   her husband,
“Why have you made this boy sleep here, he is the kid of neighbouring house”
And then he told, “Oh possibly that is why he was   crying loudly and  tried to run away.”

They both then understood  that without love, kindness   and efficiency,
Of a housewife  , house will not run   and the role of man in earning money was great.
And in these days when both of them are home makers and office workers ,
Unless  both of them understand each of them   are equal  in everything home will not run.

Magical goblet which reduced anger

Magical goblet   which reduced anger

Rewritten in english ,

( I was greatly charmed by this story posted by  my friend  Rajagopal  Srinivasan and my thanks to him))

There was a great king  in a great country,
And the only   problem of his was his   short temper,
And due to this    be became    very unpopular ,
With   all his people, who really  liked him for his  other qualities.

A saint visited   the kingdom   and the king  ,
Requested the saint to help him get rid of his great anger ,
And the saint   then gave him   a pretty goblet,
And told   the king , ‘drink three goblets   of water,
From this magical goblet   whenever   you get angry.

The king started   following this very great   faith,
Abd found it  worked like magic and  his anger   reduced a lot,
And after a few  years the saint   came again  and met the king,
Who saluted him , thanked  him for     his magical goblet ,
But the saint laughed and told , “It is an ordinary goblet purchased in the market,
But it was effective because , the drinking of water  gave you,

Time to think and it was   your thought   that reduced your anf ger.

Maha Periyava tells his angry devotee , “treat your wife well”

Maha Periyava tells  his  angry  devotee  , “treat  your wife well”

Retold  by

(I was charmed by   the simplicity  of the story  and clear understanding of human problems by  Maha Periyava. This story was was posted in tamil by  Rajagopal srinivasan. Thanks to him)

One devotee  of Maha Periyavaa   went  before him,
Along  with his    wife   and submitted     to him,.
“My wife is always sick and always lying down.
Does not cook or look after   babies  and  I am in troble.”

Maha Periyava   smiled and told   that  devotee ,
Had you told  this to your friend, he will ask you to divorce her,
Had you told this to your family , they would have asked to marry again,
Had you asked the astrologer , he would   ask you to do worship  the planets,
Had you consulted a doctor, He would prescribe lot of medicine and make your purse empty,
And had you told any old lady, he   would have told   you that it is   due to black magic,.”

Maha  Periyava  continued , “Having come to me  , instead of asking me  what to do,
You were   shouting at her   and appeared  as if  you are   going   to beat her ,.”
When the devotee  lied and said  , “it was not like     that at all “,  the great one ,
Got angry and told him,  “Never ever come to see  me again and that  is your punishment.”

The devotee  got very much upset   and requested  Priyava’s  pardon  .
And promised  him  that he would look after   his wife  properly ,
And Periyava then consoled   him and directed   him to approach,
The Kottakkal  Arya  vaidya  Shala  and  that wife    recovered  fast.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

He and she crossing the bridge

He and she crossing  the bridge


(based on the write up by Viswanath Das .My heart felt thanks to him and if you like this  thank him rather  than me)

He and she   were returning   from a stroll,
In the country side   full of hills and dales,
At a time   when evening fades   and  ,
The darkness  of night   started   rising.

They had to cross a   rope bridge  on the way,
And as it started  raining  he ran  and crossed  the bridge ,
And at that she reached   the  bridge and  due to darkness,
And torrential rain she   was   scared  to cross  the bridge  alone.

In the   streaks of lightning   she could see  him on the other shore ,
And  she  shouted   at the  top of her voice   for him to come back,
And help her   cross  that bridge , but he  did not even see at her ,
And with great scare   and  even great helplessness  she crossed the bridge.

While crossing she was sad  that  her companion  did not even do this small help,
And felt that   all men are   selfish brutes   who are   not bothered about their companions,
And when she reached   the end of the bridge she saw   that  the rope bridge had got cut off,
And he   was tightly   holding it with struggle   as well tears in his eyes   for her safety.

Some times  he  appears  to be a  silent brute  not bothered about  his family,
But when you go near  to him  and see  him   closely  , she will realise ,
That  he has dedicated  all his life for them   and  unable to  work  further ,
He  was  shedding silent tears because , he was  holding the bridge of life  so that  she can cross.

The innocent boy and God Buffalo

The innocent boy and God Buffalo


(This is a folk tale , which i have heard in Kerala ,It  again tells us that  faith is most important  to see  God)

There   was a well  known great sage  ,
And a foolish boy became his   disciple ,
And the sage   and his   wife  made that boy,
Do all the menial  jobs  in their home.

Daily the boy used to request  the sage,
To teach him that  manthra   by chanting which,
He could   see  God in person, and the   sage,
Never used to that but make fun of  him.

One day  the sage had promised    to teach him ,
The manthra   the next day but when he approached,
HE simply chided   the boy  and called him “Buffalo”
And the innocent boy thought   that was the  manthra .

 He then Went to the forest and started  chanting “Buffalo, Buffalo”
And his devotion was so intense  that the Gods decided  to bless him,
And since no god had a buffalo form,  they sent  Lord Yama ,
Who rides  on a  Buffalo    to go  in front of to boy, along with his Buffalo .

Lord Yama   went to the boy  and blessedhim and asked him,
“I am God   and  have come before  you and  what boon do you want?”
And boy saluted God asked him to wait and ran to his guru   and told him,
“Sir , God Buffalo has   come before me , What boon should  I ask?”

The sage   thought that the foolish boy    was made   and told him,
“Oh is it so, ask him to remove half of my moustache  and also  ,
Make   the land surrounding  my house   in to a lake .”  and the boy ,
Ran back   and asked Lord Yama , the boon   that the sage wanted.

Lord Yama controlled his laughter , gave the boy  that boon,
And also gave him the   boon of wisdom, prosperity  and great luck,
The boy immediately became a wise  e rich man  , thanked God,
Went back and  saw that his Gurus house  was surrounded by lake ,
And he had  half moustache ad  the Guru  fell  at his feet and wept. 

Sage , cowherd and the God

Sage  , cowherd   and the God

Rewritten  by

(I read this  Tamil  story   in the post of my facebook friend Rajagopal Srinivasan  . My thanks to him)

There was a sage   who used to wander .
From place   to place   in search of  God.
Wherever  he went  , he used   to take bath in a river,
Sit  below a tree   and meditate  on God.

One day a cowherd saw him doing   that  and asked him,
“Sir why are  you doing this?”  and the sage replied .
“If I do it God will   appear   before   me “  and the cowherd,
Believed him,  took bath in the river  and started  to meditate below a tree.”

After  some time  God appeared   before   the cowherd and said,
“I am god , why do you want to see  me?”  and the cowherd   replied,
“How do I believe   you are God?” and God said , “I am definitely god”
And the cowherd said .”I j know a sage  , who might have  seen you and I will ask him.”

Then the cowherd tied God to a nearby tree  and went   to the sage,
And requested, “I also did like you  and one person has   come before me,
And he says he is  God and  can you  please identify him   for me.”
The sage laughed, “You are a  silly boy  and how can God  come before you?”

When the  boy insisted , the sage went with him   but could not see God,
But the boy could see  him and when the sage   started making fun of him,
The boy requested God to show himself   to the sage also  and as per his request,
God came  quickly   before   the sage   and then disappeared  and sage fell at his feet.

When the cowherd asked the boy  , how come , he did not  show himself to sage,
The God said, “You believed   the sage and had great faith   that  you would see  me ,
But  the sage  does not have   real faith  but  is obeying   his guru and meditating on me.

I can be seen by  only  people    who have real  faith and not by those who act as if they have faith.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Reasonable expectations of a wife ? and husband’s opinion of those wants.

Reasonable expectations  of a wife ? and husband’s  opinion of those wants.


(  My face book friend Hamsabai Santhana Krishnan has posted 37 needs that wife will have  out of her husband . I would like to thank her  for the interesting post  .I have translated those 37    and have added  the possible reaction to her wants by her husband  .Hope you enjoy them.)

1.He should love me and like me. (Provided she loves me like that)
2.He should not  tell anything  that would wound my mind(depends on what she tells me)
3.He should not get angry(Do not do things which will make me angry)
4.He should not find fault   with my cooking(Cook well)
5.He should not shout at me  before others(Do not make me shout)
6.He should defend me under all  circumstances(I will to the maximum extent)
7, He should accompany me , for attending  important events (Provided I have time)
8.He should consult me before taking decision (Depends on what the decision is about)
9.He   should  patiently hear   when I talk.(Most of the time I do not hear what she says)
10.He should support  my opinion(If ever you have an opinion , I shall consider it)
11.He should find out and appreciate me  when I do  anything novel(Show them to me when  am in good mood)
12.He should consider  family and children more important than money(Without money, I cant make them happy)
13.Atleast once in a week , he should open up his mind and talk to me frankly(provided , she listens  to me )
14.He should take me out   at least once in a month (If it involves expenditure ,  give me time  to consider)
15.At least once in a year , he should take me to a tourist place( depends on how much I am able to save in a year)
16.When I talk about children’s education , he should listen with interest  (done)
17.He should not  hide anything from me (depends on the subject under consideration)
18.He should have faith in me (mutual  )
19 He  should tell me all important matters (all matters  relating to  home affairs and definitely not office matters)
20.He should not appreciate   any other lady in front of me (agreed)
21,He   should like me , even though others  are prettier( agreed)
22.He should realize that I too have problems like him.(grateful to know that you think I have problems)
23.When I am sick, he should be with me  and look after  me (Provided I get leave from office  )
24.He should fulfil all my small, small  wants. (If small means Diamond necklace, difficult)
25. He should do small, small  helps to me. (would try as I do not know cooking or looking after children)
26.If babies dirty themselves, he should not go away saying it is your child.(I will say our child definitely)
27.He should have same degree of affection to me as he has to his mother(If she has same degree affection to me as  her father)
28.He should take   timely  food(I am not a government official)
29.He should not bring guests without informing me in advance. (Would try my best)
30.He should inform me before going to any where (depends on where I go)
31.He should come back  in  time (time?)
32.He should worry about home also(Most of the time I am worried about home)
33.He should know  my date of birth ( I do not know my own date of birth  and refer to AAdhar card.)
34.He should know  my likes(Provided you tell about them, when I am in a mood)
35.He should not have bad habits like lying,  drinking  , affairs etc(agreeable?)
36.He should never find fault with my  family members(If reverse is observed , then yes)
37.He should give me pocket money.(what for?)


Ten commandments to senior citizens in making

Ten commandments   to   senior citizens in making

Translated  with minor changes

(I saw a Malayalam write  up about this . I do not agree  with many commandments  as these cannot be universal commandments   but  would make one think  before taking important decisions in life)

1.Nurture   your children well but give what you can to  other poor starving children
2.Do not live only for children but live for yourselves also.
3.Live  with family  and children as partner  and not as  the only provider
4.At no time give away all  that you have earned to your   children, wife and family
5.If children make you work for themselves , compel them to work for you also  including bank loans
6.Let not your love and hope  on children be   too much
7.Do not get imprisoned by family but live as a social being helping others
8.Draw  up an exact plan to  maintain your health , wealth   and family  in your old age
9.Do not believe in children  and leave your mother land   to settle abroad

10.Find and reserve time   to live for yourselves

Monday, August 7, 2017

Sensual pleasure is not stable , But Divine pleasure is stable

Sensual pleasure  is not stable ,    But  Divine  pleasure is stable.

(Differences   between them)

Translated   from Tamil text

(Many of my friends have posted this  in Tamil .I do not know  who the author is.My grateful acknowledgment to the   real author. Tamil word used for Sensual pleasure is Chithinbam( small pleasures)  and that for divine pleasure is  Perinbam(  great pleasure)

1.If  attracted  by creations pleasure  is sensual,
If  attracted   by   the creator   pleasure  is divine.

2,If we  make use  of creations , pleasure  is sensual,
If we worship creations , pleasure  is divine,

3.If we see  creation as creation  , then pleasure is sensual,
If we   see creator  in creations , the pleasure  is divine.

4.If we think , this life  is because of me , pleasure  is sensual,
If we think   this life is because  of creator  , pleasure  is divine,

5. If we think  that   we are the body  , pleasure  is sensual,
If we think    that we   are  the soul, pleasure  is divine.

6.If we get peace  for some time and lose it  , pleasure  is sensual,
If   the peace   we get  is perennial, then pleasure is divine,

7.If we do everything for our selves , pleasure is sensual,
If we do everything for others , pleasure  is divine.

8.If we think we   are doing it  , the  pleasure is sensual,
If we think , God is  doing it, pleasure is divine,

9.If the enjoyment comes from outside , pleasure is sensual,
If   the enjoyment comes from our inside , pleasure is divine.

10.If we get  pleasure  and we want more , the pleasure is sensual,
If   we do not   want any more pleasure , the pleasure  is divine.

11.That which hides  permanent  divine pleasure is sensual pleasure,
Divine pleasre  is that  which is beyond sensual  pleasure

12.That which   connects body with mind, is   sensual pleasure ,
That which connects   soul with the body  is divine  pleasure,

13.The sorrow  which appears like joy  is sensual  pleasure  ,
The sorrow   which becomes   joy  is divine pleasure.

14.If we say   god   is some where  , it is sensual pleasure  ,
If we say   God is everywhere   , it is divine  pleasure,

15.Sensual pleasure   gives   weakness illness  , sorrow and death,
Divine pleasure   gives a great life   without death.

16.Sensual  pleasure   gives fear  , instability  , suspicion and  feeling that we have erred,
Divine pleasure   does not fear   is stable   and is very pure.
17.Getting joy out of small   feelings   is sensual pleasure,
Merging   with the boundless  Brahmam is  divine  pleasure.

18.Using others   for our sake is sensual pleasure ,
Sacrificing  ourselves  for others is divine  pleasure ,

19.That which is limited and can be measured  is sensual pleasure ,
That which is   beyond meaure  and endless  is divine  pleasure

20.That which  makes intelligence dull  is  sensual pleasure,
That which  makes intelligence  shine    divine pleasure

21,Worshipping only beauty  is sensual pleasure,
That   which makes ugliness  and beauty  as one  is  divine  pleasure.

22,If we do an act    with a purpose  it is sensual pleasure,
If we do an act  not bothering about result then it is Divine  pleasure

23.That which is sweet   and later becomes bitter is sensual pleasure,
That which is bitter in the  beginning and sweet afterwards  is divine pleasure

24.That which does not have mercy  , that which does not have character  is sensual pleasure,
That which has mercy   and that which is  according to Dharma  is divine pleasure,

25.That which sees  every thing as body is sensual pleasure,
That which sees every thing as soul is divine  pleasure

26.Enjoying pleasure in  sense organs is sensual pleasure,
That  which takes  you beyond sense organs  is divine pleasure

27.If our mind wanders in the earth, then it is sensual pleasure,
If  our Mind  takes refuge   with God   then it is divine pleasure

28.If  we are lead to fear of death  , then it is sensual pleasure,
If we are able to win over death , then it is divine  pleasure

29.If we   stay within our mind it is sensual pleasure,
If we   are   able cross   and go beyond the mind , it is  divine pleasure

30.If we  see everything as different then it it is   sensual pleasure,
If we are able to see  everything as one , it is divine pleasure

31.If we are seeing everything   in parts it is sensual pleasure,
If we see everything   as unifified whole then it is divine pleasure

32.If we become egoistic , then it is sensual pleasure,
If we forsake ourselves then it is divine  pleasure,

33.If we get pleasure in flesh then it is  sensual pleasure
If we are able to loose ourselves in love then it is   divine pleasure

34.If  male  and female get joy with each other  it is sensual pleasure,
If we male salutes  a  female then he gets divine pleasure

35,That which is only at time of sleep is sensual pleasure,
That which  is even with us in all states is divine  pleasure.

36.That which can be given  by  beings is sensual pleasure,
That  which can be given only by God is  divine pleasure

37.If we catch hold of the world we get   sensual pleasure,
If we catch hold of the God, we get divine pleasure

38.That  which is not bothered about welfare of others , is sensual pleasure,
That which is not bothered even about our own welfare is divine pleasure.

39.The pleasure which does depend  on pleasure is sensual pleasure,
The pleasure which does not depend on pleasure  is divine pleasure.

40,Ignorance wants to have   sensual pleasure,
Wisdom wants to have   divine pleasure

41,Becoming joyous by getting   something  is sensual pleasure,
Becoming h joyous by giving   is divine pleasure

42,Loosing our power   leads to sensual  pleasure,
Becoming   the great power leads to divine pleasure,

43.That   which  attaches one self is sensual pleasure,
That which detaches is divine pleasure

44.That which changes  and jumps is sensual pleasure  ,
That which does not change  and is stable  is divine pleasure.

45.That which is temporary  is sensual  [pleasure,
That which is permanent   is divine  pleasure  m

46,Living the  unstable life  of the world gives sensual pleasure,
That which makes you reach the feet of the God  is divine pleasure

47.Leading an householders life   leads you to sensual pleasure,
Living in a household and thinking about God leads  you to divine pleasure.

*சிற்றின்பத்திற்கும் பேரின்பத்திற்கும் உள்ள வித்தியாசம்..?*
சிற்றின்பம்இது நிலையற்றது
பேரின்பம்இது நிலையானது
இந்த இரண்டிற்கும் உள்ள வேறுபாடுகள் பற்றிப் பார்ப்போம்
01. படைப்பினால் ஈர்க்கப் பட்டால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*படைத்தவனால் ஈர்க்கப் பட்டால் பேரின்பம்.*
02. படைப்புகளை அனுபவித்தால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*படைப்புகளை ஆராதித்தால் பேரின்பம்.*
03. படைப்புகளை படைப்புகளாய் கண்டால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*படைப்புகளில் படைத்தவனைக் கண்டால் பேரின்பம்.*
04. என்னால் தான் இந்த வாழ்க்கை எனில் சிற்றின்பம்.
*இறைவனால் தான் இந்த வாழ்க்கை எனில் பேரின்பம்.*
05. நான் இந்த உடல் என எண்ணினால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*நான் இந்த உயிர் என எண்ணினால் பேரின்பம்.*
06. அமைதி ஆனந்தம் சிறிதே பெற்று பின் இழந்தால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*அமைதி ஆனந்தத்தை நித்தியமாகப் பெற்றால் பேரின்பம்.*
07. செய்வதெல்லாம் தனக்காக என்றால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*செய்வதெல்லாம் இறைவனுக்காக என்றால் பேரின்பம்.*
08. செய்வது நான் என எண்ணினால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*செய்வது இறைவன் என எண்ணினால் பேரின்பம்.*
09. புறப் பொருட்களில் நிகழ்வில் சுகமுறுவது சிற்றின்பம்.
*அகத்திலேயே நித்திய சுகம் பெறுவது பேரின்பம்.*
10. இன்பத்தை அடைந்தாலும் மீண்டும் வேண்டுவது திருப்தி
அடையாதது சிற்றின்பம்.
*வேறு எதனையும் விரும்பாதது பூரணமானது பேரின்பம்.*
11. நிரந்தர பேரின்பத்தை மறைப்பது சிற்றின்பம்.
*நிலையற்ற சிற்றின்பத்திற்கு அப்பாற்பட்டது பேரின்பம்.*
12. உடலோடு மனதை தொடர்புப் படுத்துவது சிற்றின்பம்.
*உயிரோடு மனதை இணைப்பது பேரின்பம்.*
13. இன்பம் என்கிற வடிவிலிருக்கும் துன்பமே சிற்றின்பம்.
*துன்பம் போல் அறியப்பட்டு இன்பமாவது பேரின்பம்.*
14. எங்கோ இருக்கிறான் இறைவன் எனில் சிற்றின்பம்.
*எங்கும் இருக்கிறான் இறைவன் எனில் பேரின்பம்.*
15. பலவீனம்., நோய்., துன்பம்., மரணம் தருவது சிற்றின்பம்.
*மரணமில்லாப் பெருவாழ்வைத் தருவது பேரின்பம்.*
16. பயம்., சஞ்சலம்., சந்தேகம்., குற்ற உணர்வு தருவது சிற்றின்பம்.
*பயமறியாதது., ஸ்திரமானது , தூய்மையானது பேரின்பம்.*
17. சிறு உணர்ச்சிகளில் இன்பம் அடைவது சிற்றின்பம்.
*எல்லையற்ற பிரம்மத்தில் கலப்பது பேரின்பம்.*
18. பிறரை தனக்காக பயன்படுத்துவது சிற்றின்பம்.
*தன்னை பிறருக்காக அர்ப்பணிப்பது பேரின்பம்.*
19. அளவுடையது., முடிவுடையது சிற்றின்பம்.
*அளவற்றது., முடிவிலாதது பேரின்பம்.*
20. அறிவை மழுங்கடிப்பது சிற்றின்பம்.
*அறிவைப் பிரகாசிக்கச் செய்வது That which sees everything as soul  பேரின்பம்.*
21. அழகை மட்டும் ஆராதித்தால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*அழகற்றதும் அழகும் ஒன்றானால் பேரின்பம்.*
22. பயன் கருதி செயல் புரிந்தால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*பயன் கருதாது செயல் புரிந்தால் பேரின்பம்.*
23. முதலில் இனித்து பின் கசப்பது சிற்றின்பம்.
*முதலில் கசந்து பின் என்றும் இனிப்பது பேரின்பம்.*
24. இரக்கமற்றது., ஒழுக்கமற்றது சிற்றின்பம்.
*கருணையுடையது., தர்மமானது பேரின்பம்.*
25. உடலாய் அனைத்தையும் கண்டால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*உயிராய் அனைத்தையும் கண்டால் பேரின்பம்.*
26. புலன்களில் இன்பம் துய்ப்பது சிற்றின்பம்.
*புலன்களுக்கு அப்பால் சென்றால் பேரின்பம்.*
27. மனம் உலகில் அலைந்தால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*மனம் இறைவனில் ஒடுங்கினால் பேரின்பம்.*
28. மரண பயம் ஏற்படுத்துவது சிற்றின்பம்.
*மரணத்தையும் வெல்வது பேரின்பம்.*
29. மனமாய் இருந்தால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*மனதைக் கடந்தால் பேரின்பம்.*
30. வேறு வேறாய்க் கண்டால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*எல்லாம் ஒன்றெனக் கண்டால் பேரின்பம்.*
31. பகுதியாய்க் கண்டால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*மொத்தமாய் கண்டால் பேரின்பம்.*
32. அகங்காரம் கொண்டால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*அகங்காரம் துறந்தால் பேரின்பம்.*
33. தசையில் சுகம் பெறுவது சிற்றின்பம்.
*அன்பில் தன்னை இழப்பது பேரின்பம்.*
34. ஆண் பெண்ணில் இன்புறுவது சிற்றின்பம்.
*ஆண் பெண்ணை வணங்குவது பேரின்பம்.*
35. துய்க்கும் நேரத்தில் மட்டும் இருப்பது சிற்றின்பம்.
*துய்த்து விட்டால் நீங்காதது பேரின்பம்.*
36. ஜீவராசிகளால் தர முடிந்தது சிற்றின்பம்.
*இறைவனால் தரப் படுவது பேரின்பம்.*
37. உலகைப் பற்றினால் சிற்றின்பம்.
*இறைவனைப் பற்றினால் பேரின்பம்.*
38. பிறர் நலனைக் காணாதது சிற்றின்பம்.
*தன் நலம் கொள்ளாதது பேரின்பம்.*
39. இன்பம் இல்லாத இன்பம் சிற்றின்பம்.
*இன்பமான இன்பமே பேரின்பம்.*
40. அஞ்ஞானம் விரும்புவது சிற்றின்பம்.
*ஞானம் விரும்புவது பேரின்பம்.*
41. பெற்று மகிழ்வது சிற்றின்பம்.
*கொடுத்து மகிழ்வது பேரின்பம்.*
42. சக்தியை இழப்பது சிற்றின்பம்.
*சக்தியாய் மாறுவது பேரின்பம்.*
43. பற்றுக் கொள்வது சிற்றின்பம்.
*பற்றற்று இருப்பது பேரின்பம்.*
44. மாறுவது, தாவுவது சிற்றின்பம்.
*மாறாதது நிலைத்தது பேரின்பம்.*
45. நிலையற்றது சிற்றின்பம்.
*நிரந்தரமானது பேரின்பம்.*
46. உலக வாழ்க்கை வாழ்வது நிலையற்ற சிற்றின்பம்.
*இறைவன் திருவடியை அடைவது நிலையான பேரின்பம்.*
47. இல்லற வாழ்க்கை வாழ்வது சிற்றின்பம்

*இல்லறத்தில் இருந்து கொண்டு பரம் பொருளை நினைத்து வாழ்வது *_பேரின்பம்_