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Meppathur’s Naivedhya to his Kochu Guruvayurappan

Meppathur’s  Naivedhya  to his Kochu  Guruvayurappan


(Based on what  I read in Whatsapp.Thanks  to original author)

The day  the great  Mepathur   wrote  “ayur-Aroghya-Soukhyam”
And completed   his   great book   as an offering  to Guruvayurappan,
He   wanted   to offer   something else   to his Lord  as Naivedhyham,
The special   offering, where we say “what I give is not mine”

He  asked   the little  one who was  doing   all sort  of mischief,
“Dear Child  , What  do  you want?”  and that child  laughed,
“Till now   I was asking   you that   question     and always ,
You used   to ask me  for freedom from disease  afflicting you”

“Okay, I like  immensely   the   paal payasam  offered in this temple.
And why don’t  you offer   me that?” ,Meppathur was dumb,
And shook   his head   to tell  the child ,I cannot afford”
“Oh said the child , please  offer me  some Jaggery  and Avil(beaten rice)”

Meppahur replied  “For the past   100   days  , I was very sick  ,
And  could not earn anything and now I  am very  weak  ,
And do not have   even that   to offer to you, My Swami”
And the child laughed , “Okay offer  me  little butter  that I like”

Meppathur   replied, :Oh Swami   you know  I do not have ,
Even that”   and the little  mischievous   one    told him,
“I understand   that also, Give me a thulasi leaf and some water”
Meppathur  said “Oh Lord  , how can I  , when I cannot  move?”

The  mischievous one said, “possibly your legs  ,
Are  paining and I have decided   to get satisfied,
With one drop  of your tear  , when you   will  cry,
Just now   saying “Oh God  , I cannot offer you anything”

Meppathur   wailed and cried  and cried  and cried,
And shed   tones of tears  and  the black baby  ,
Walked  out from his temple  , came  near him and told,
Never ever  can any one  offer a better Naivedhya than this.”

Monday, March 25, 2019

How can you do “punya”?

How can   you  do “punya”?

Transcreated  by
P.R. Ramachander

(I read this in Tamil and liked it.As usual, I injected my thoughts in it   and wrote it in English  .I hope  all of you will agree  )

Punya (Sanskrit: पुण्य) ( the opposite  of Papa  meaning sin)  is a difficult word to translate; there is no equivalent English word to convey its exact intended meaning. It is generally taken to mean 'saintly', virtue, 'holy', 'sacred', 'pure', 'good', 'meritorious', 'virtuous', 'righteous', 'just', 'auspicious', 'lucky', 'favourable', 'agreeable', 'pleasing', 'lovely', 'beautiful', 'sweet', 'fragrant', 'solemn' or 'festive', according to the context it is used.

To do what  we have to  the best  of our ability  is Punya,
And only a person   who wishes   the well being  of others,
Can do Punya  and  money  is not needed  ,
But  only   money   is   needed  to  do  punya.

Think that  sorrow  of others  is yours and  become sad,
Pray that  even if  you do not   get   any  reward,
Others   should  get   that  reward   by grace of God,
And also think that   all beings   are your friends and relatives.

Please   pray God to help you  , to be able to  give,
Loving thoughts  for   their    good to all others.
Please pray    God to help  all others  who need it,
And request him to spread unselfishness   every where.

God   would   agree  to your selfless  request,
And make   all other  to live without any worries,
And    God will   credit  some Punya to your account,
For which you   have  not spent  anything whatsoever.

You have not spent any thing  , you did not work for it,
You did not get angry    with any one,You did not lie,
You did not beg for it    from any one  and  ,
Without  losing   anything  You  have earned  Punya

It looks  as if this  simple way is difficult  to implement,
No  , it is not at all  difficult   for any one  in the world.,
Some time  daily   ,  wish  , that  , some one  should be happy,
Initially  it could be  to your   relation  or  close friend.

Slowly  , once   that list gets exhausted, You will pray,
To Some one   whom you do not know  and then everyone,
He would be a bad person  , a person who does  some sin,
But  you will realize   that  it is not at all  important  to  you,.

AS  soon as you see an ambulance  , pray for that patient,
When you see   an accident   to the  possible victim,
Slowly  You will start   doing  it to all   beings,
And even trees   which has   been cut  by somebody.

Do not pray  “Oh God let all  people  be happy”  ,
But  personally   to every person   you can think,
And great  Punya   will come   and reach you,
Please  do not think   that this  is impossible .

For   making   such a wish , you need not work,
You  need not spend, you should have  good thoughts,
Should   fill your mind  completely with those  thoughts,
And I am sure  , God would bless   you for all  that punya.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Do not get jittery at the time of your death

Do not get  jittery at   the  time of your death

Translated  By

World does not give   any importance  to your dead body

Your friends and relatives would do all the  needed   rituals for you

1.They    would remove your cloths
2.They would bathe you
3.They will make you wear  new cloths
4.They  will take you  out of the house
5.They will  take you   to the cremation ground
6.Several  people would come with you
7.They would be   concentrating  on cremating you
8.Your belongings  would be removed from you
* Your  belongings

Please clearly understand

A.The world    would not be bothered about you
B.Economy   would not get affected
C.All  your jobs would be given to some one else
D.Your wealth   would go to your ward

F. Though you  had lots of wealth and  prosperity,
You will not feel that   you are without them
AS soon as your dead  your name   would go away
Even relations will ask, When will   the body come

So  do not deceive yourselves  by  not bothering  about  , the honour of your family  , qualification   and position when you are alive itself  .They all  would not come with you

The worry about you   would be  divided   in to three

1.Those who know you will say “poor one”
2.Friends  would remember you for some time
3.Your family would rememv ber you    for a few months
4.Your relationship     with people would come to an end
5.Your real life    would start then only

#The things  that will go away   from you


What have you  earned  and kept for sake  of your soul
So keep interest on the following matters.

1.Without fail  go to the temple
2. Meditate  on God
3. Do charity  without  others knowing it
4. Tell  good things about God
5. Think about your soul.
6. Do activities which God  would appreciate
7.Do not do evil  to anybody
You are  searching  for some thing in the world,
You keep on searching
Only the above is the truth

Tamil Granma’s advice to other ladies

Tamil  Granma’s  advice  to other ladies

Translated   by

(Ofcourse   the   good advices   are very old  and next generation of  girls, will say   , we  are telling  impossible things    and make fun of them)

நீரால் கோலம் போடாதே
நெற்றியைக் காலியாய் விடாதே
குச்சியைக் கொளுத்தி வீசாதே
இரவில் ஊசியை எடுக்காதே

Neeraal  kolam podathe ,
Nethriyai  kaaliyai   vidathe  ,
Kuchiyai koluthi veesaathe
Yiravil  oosiyai   yedukkathe

Do not  put rangoli with  only water,
Do not leave your forehead  bare
Do not light   a stick   and throw it
Do not take the needle at night

கால் மேல் காலைப் போடாதே
காலையில் அதிகம் தூங்காதே
தொடையில் தாளம் போடாதே
தரையில் வெறுதே கிடக்காதே

Kaal mel  kalai poadathe  ,
Kalayil adhikam thoongaathe ,
Thodayil thaalam  podathe
THarayil veruthe  kidakkathe

Do not cross   your one leg with another,
Do not sleep too much in the morning
Do not keep beats on your thigh
Do not lie down on  bare floor

மலஜலம் அடக்கி வைக்காதே
நகத்தை நீட்டி வளர்க்காதே
ஆலயம் செல்லத் தவறாதே
அதிகமாகப் பேசாதே

Mala Jalam   ADakki veikkathe
Nakhathai   neeti valarkkathe
Aalayam   chella   thavarathe
Adhikamaaka   pesaathe

Do not forcibly stop  nature’s calls
Do not grow your nails long
Do not miss to go to the temple
Do not talk too much

எண்ணெய் தேய்க்க மறக்காதே
சந்தியில் நீயும் உண்ணாதே
விரிப்பைச் சுருட்ட மறக்காதே
பகலில் படுத்து உறங்காதே

Yennai theikka  marakkathe
SAnthiyil neeyum unnathe
Virippai    churutta  marakkathe
Pakalil paduthu urangathe

Do not  forget   to apply oil
Do not   take food in the dusk
Do not forget to fold your bed sheet
Do not sleep   in the day time

குளிக்கும் முன்பு புசிக்காதே
ஈரம் சொட்ட நிற்காதே
நாமம் சொல்ல மறக்காதே
நல்ல குடியைக் கெடுக்காதே

Kulikkum  munbu  pusikkathe
EEram chotta  nirkkathe
Naamam  cholla  marakkathe
Nalla  kudiyai   kedukkathe

Do not eat food before bathing
Do not stand  with water dripping from you
Do  not forget to chant the names of God
Do not spoil   good families

தீய வார்த்தை பேசாதே
நின்று தண்ணீர் குடிக்காதே
எதையும் காலால் தட்டாதே
எச்சில் பத்தை மறக்காதே

Theeya   vaarthai  pessathe  ,
Nindru  thanneer  kudikkathe
Yethayum kaalaal   thattathe
Yechil pathai   marakkathe

Do not talk bad words,
Do not stand   and drink water
Do not knock anything   with your feet
Do not forget  not to eat food eaten by some one and clean fallen food from the vessels and plates

எல்லாம் சொல்லிக் கொடுத்தாரே
எந்தன் குடியில் மூத்தோரே
எல்லாம் கேட்டு வாழ்ந்தோரே
என்றும் வளமாய்த் தீர்வோரே

Yellaam  cholli  koduthaare
Yenthan kudiyil moothore
Yellam kettu    vaazhnthore
Yendrum valamai    theervore

You who taught  us everything
You who are   elders of the family
You who obeyed everything and lived
You who always lived with prosperity

Man always wants more

Man  always wants more


(rewritten from tamil  post in Whatsapp)

One  multi  billionaire  made a  public  announcement,
I am going   to distribute   all  my wealth   to all those  who want,
And he requested people   in the  palace   ground  of our city,
And when he went next  day , the huge crowd filled  the palace

He told them .”I have plenty  of money   for each  and every one of you,
Please do come  one by  one   and take  it from  me” ,
But the crowd of people thought  that the money may get over,
And fought   with each other to come   first in front  of the rich man.

However much he tried   the rich man    was not able  to give money,
To anybody   and he again announced.”The first man   who comes,
Would just one rupee   and the second one two rupees   and so on,
And if you come as  the millionth member  , you will get one million”

Suddenly no body  of the vast crowd   was   seen   any where,
Because  each of them wanted  to be the  one millionth person,
And due to their  desire   without any limitations ,
The millionaire   went back home   with all   his money.

Two boons from well of miracles

Two boons  from well  of miracles


(it is an old folk tale that  I have read,)

One  greedy   merchant , who thought  he is intelligent,
Was once   driving back in his      empty  cart  , through  a forest.
He was very   thirsty    and he saw   a well  in the wilderness,
But   when he    attempted to draw   water    from that  well,
“Who is   taking water  from this  well of miracles   guarded  by me?”
And the merchant   with shaking    voice  managed to utter,
“I am a poor  trader  going home   and I am very thirsty?”

Then the   ghost guarding the well  replied in a loud tone,
“ You can ask anything   from me   including water  ,
After  putting   a gold coin in the   well, onlt two rtimes”
The greedy merchant thought, why waste  a gold coin for water,
And  after putting  a gold coin he asked”I want a  cartload  of jewels and diamonds”
And immediately   his cart was  filled   with what he asked.

The merchant  then thought, it is risky  to take these  through forest,
And again put a gold coin and asked ”These  should not be  visible to others”
And the ghost said “So be it”   and on the way  , he met several  dacoits,
Who asked him, “Poor merchant, you were  not able to get anything “
And with great  joy he reached  home , called  every one  in his home,
And said , “see our cart filled   with  shining   costly   gems and jewels.”
And they all  laughed at him  and said , “Are you mad for you have an empty cart”,
And then only he realized  what a  mad boon he asked  , from the ghost.

Hey pleasure , where are you available- a hindi poem

   "सुख"  तू  कहाँ   मिलता    है
Hey pleasure  , where are you available

Sanjay  Kumar Jain

Translated by

( This is a great Hindi poem , about search of happiness , Hear and read it in Hindi  )

Hey  , Pleasure  where  are  you available,
Do you  have   a proper  address

Why are   you sitting without address,
What  is your  final decision about it?

Where   all   I searched   for you?
But  I could    not get  you any where.

I searched   for you  in tall  homes
I searched   for you  in big, big  shops

I searched  for you  in all tasty food, 
I searched   for you  among all rich peoples

But they also  were searching   for you,
And they were also asking me   about where you were

“Sir , do you have   any ides,
Where  this pleasure   is living”

I did   have the address  of sorrow,
Which I used to meet , morning , noon and evening.

Getting worried   I wrote  a complaint,
But even this    search   was of  no use

Now   my age  is going   downhill
My energy  was reducing

But yes, I   had its o picture
And even now  my desire  is remaining

I will not accept   defeat
I will   search for the  secret of pleasure

It was with me in my young age,
It was  living along with me

But When I grew up big,
My pleasure  took leave  of me

Again I would    not get   defeated.,
I will start my search again.

One day I hear   a sound,
“Brother  , where   you searching me?”

“I was hiding     within yourself,
And I was living  in your own house.”

None  of the wealth   , is mine,
AS I am not  interested inmoney

I am in the    smile   of children

I was with you when you   were drinking  tea with your wife,
I was with you   when you were  living with your family

I was in the blessings   of your parents
I was in the  dishes cooked  in your kitchen

I was in the success    of your children
And I am in the  stable   affection of the mother

Most  of the time, I am living with you,
And most of the time  I  talk to you

I am but just a realization,
Please stop  your search of me

In whatever you get   realize the happiness
Think of only today  and never about tomorrow

Do not search for   tomorrow’s  sake today

Never become   unhappy for my sake
Never become unhappy    for my sake

Saturday, March 23, 2019

WE have made a resolve of 'non stop' India

WE have  made  a resolve  of non stop  India

(A great Hindi song  praising   the  glory of  PM modi’s  rule sung   by Sankar Mahadevan  (breathless)

Translated  by

(hear   the song  breathless   -   )

ऋतु बदली है जैसे रुख बदला हो
ruthu badli hai jaise rukh badla ho-
season has changed just like our view

जैसे बढ़ती निराशा का कोहरा छटा हो
 jaise badhti nirasha ka kohra chhata ho-
Just like the fog of of our increasing  disappointments

जैसे भारत की अब नई पहचान है
jaise Bharat ki ab nai pahchan hai
-Just like now India has a new recognition

चारों दिशा होता नवनिर्माण है
charon disha hota navnirman hai-
On all four directions there is  new reconstruction

युवा में वायु सी रफ़्तार है
yuva men vayu si raftar hai
Among the youth there  is speed in their tempo of lives

कौशल, उत्साह की भरमार है
kaushal, utsah ki bharmar hai 
which is filled   with welfare  and enthusiasm

स्किल इंडिया इसका विस्तार है
Skill India iska vistar hai 
Skill India is its increasing   breadth

समृद्धि सबका अधिकार है
samriddhi sabka adhikar hai 
Prosperity  is the right of every one

जन-धन से जन-जन तैयार है
 Jan Dhan se jan-jan taiyar ha
i From wealth of people  there is readiness  of people for people

मुद्रा से बढ़ता व्यापार है
Mudra se badhta vyapar hai
 Due to the new currency  there is increasing trade

अपनी पहचान है, अपना आधार है
apni pahchan hai, apna Aadhaar hai
WE have our own recognition, our own AAdhar

भ्रष्टाचार अब निराधार है
bhrashtachar ab niradhar hai
Corruption is now   without any support

हिन्द के शत्रु की अब हार है
Hind ke shatru ki ab haar hai
The enemies of our  India are now getting defeated

हो रहा न्याय है, बढ़ रहा जोश है
 ho raha nyay hai, badh raha josh hai
Justice is happening, there is increasing enthusiasm

हुनर अपार है, इंडिया का शेर अब करता दहाड़ है
hunar apaar hai, India ka sher ab karta dahaad hai
 There is a great honour, Our India’s  lions(share)  are  creating a roar

स्वाभिमान से हम चल जो पड़े हैं
swabhiman se ham chal jo pade hain
WE have been going further   with our self respect

हर बाधा छोटी और हौसले बड़े हैं
har badha chhoti aur hausle bade hain
Every problem has become small  our belief in ourselves  is increasing

नॉन-स्टॉप इंडिया का संकल्प है
 'Non-Stop India' ka sankalp hai   -
Our  resolution is “Non stop India”

रुकना, थमना अब विकल्प है
 rukna, thamna ab na vikalp hai-
Stopping   and delaying is never there

जो था अति अब दिखता अल्प है
jo tha ati ab dikhta alp hai-
Once is appeared  too much , now it looks as if it is small

कल्पवृक्ष यह बढ़ रहा है ऐसे सागर चाँद को देख बढे ऐसे
 Kalpavriksh yah badh raha hai jaise sagar chand ko dekh badhe aise-
The all giving tree is growing here just ebbing of sea on seeing the moon

दुनिया के नक़्शे में उबर रहा है
duniya ke naqshe men ubar raha hai –
WE are ebbing out  in the  sight of the world

बदलाव आँखों से जो दिखता है
badlav ankhon se jo dikhta hai-
 the change that  we see  with our eyes

जन-जन का मनोबल बढ़ रहा है
 jan-jan ka manobal badh raha hai-
Is increasing the strength  of mind of all people

स्टार्ट उप इंडिया की लहर चली है
Start Up India ki lahar chali hai-
The wave of Start up India is flowing

सूरज से ऊर्जा निकली है रोशन करती
Sooraj se oorja nikli hai roshan karti-
The energy from sUn has been harvested and it is giving light

स्वच्छ है देश और नीयत साफ़ है
swachchh hai desh aur neeyat saaf hai-
The land is clean and our behavior pure

गाँव शहर सब जुड़ रहे हैं जैसे एक साथ हों
gaanv shahar sab jud rahe hain jaise ek saath hon-
Village and town are getting attached , just like they were one

इच्छाशक्ति ऐसी प्रबल है, देश की रग में ऐसा बल है
 ichchhashakti aisi prabal hai, desh ki rag men aisa bal hai-
There  is a great power in our  resolution, In the sinews of the country  there is power

नॉन-स्टॉप इंडिया का संकल्प है,  नॉन-स्टॉप इंडिया का संकल्प है,  नॉन-स्टॉप इंडिया का संकल्प है.
'Non-Stop India' ka sankalp hai,  
'Non-Stop India' ka sankalp hai,  '
Non-Stop India' ka sankalp hai!

WE have made a resolve of non stop India
We have made a resolve  of non stop India
WE have made  a  resolve  of non stop india