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Non Dharmic emotions lead to destruction

Non Dharmic emotions  lead   to destruction

(Based on a  small write up posted in Facebiook-given  at the end.)

There  was a king called Dasaratha ,
Who destroyed   himself  completly ,
Due    to his  desire   for his pretty wife,
By sending  his  god like son  to forest

There was   king  of Chedhi  called Shisupala,
Who destroyed  himself   completly ,
Due to his  great  outburst  of anger,
When he  forgot how powerful  was Lord Krishna

There   was  king   called   Duryodhana ,
Who destroyed     himself   completly ,
Due to his unbridled   greed   for kingship,
Forgetting how   strong and right  Pandavas  were

There   was  a powerful asura   called Ravana,
Who   destroyed    himself    completly ,
Due to  his misplaced passion  for a lady,
Thouggh he had a pretty wife  and a huge harem.

  There   was a powerful Rakshasa  king called  Surapadma,
Who was completly   destroyed    by his pride,
Which made   him think  he was most  powerful  ,
And  God Shiva can never   have a child  who can kill him,

There    was great king   called  Kamsa  ,
Who was completly destroyed by his envy,
Which made him think   that   he can very  easily destroy,
The eighth   darling    son   of  his very dear sister.

The   great  saint poet   Valluvar  who wrote,
Umpteen verses  using seven words   only ,
Has  due to this  possibly told    that “Dharma  lies in avoiding
Jealousy, Desire  , Anger   and bad words”

‎Based on the  post of many of my friends .THaks to them all

காமத்தால் கெட்டவன் தசரதன்
குரோதத்தால் கெட்டவன் சிசுபாலன்
லோபத்தால் கெட்டவன் துரியோதனன்
மோகத்தால் கெட்டவன் இராவணன்
மதத்தால் நானே பெரியவன் என்று கெட்டவன் சூரபத்மன்
மாற்சரியத்தால் கெட்டவன் கம்சன்’’

Dasaratha  got destroyed  by  love ,
Shishupala got destroyed  due to anger,
Duryodhana   was destroyed by greed,
Ravana    was destroyed by passion ,
Soorapadma got destroyed by pride,
And Kamsa  was destroyed  by his envy,

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Vellai nirathoru pooonai

Vellai  nirathoru pooonai
வெள்ளை நிறத்தொரு பூனை
A white coloured  cat

(My  sad  comments  on this great poem:-
Here is another great poem by  Mahakavi BHarathi .Seeing all around him, he felt   that even in our country   colour  is going to make people  inferior or superior.In this simple song he tells us that , just like kittens of different colours are  same,people  of different colour   are same. I had written in a poem:-

Why God did you create me black? A girl asks the Lord  


Oh  Krishna
There are none who would want  not to see you,
But  There   are none   who would want to see me
OH Krishna ,
There  are  none who hate you after  seeing you,
But there  are none  who love me   after  seeing me,

Oh Krishna .
It is always   welcome to you,
And always  no entry for me

Oh Krishna
No one can see  my good mind,
But  all of them  only see the colour of my skin,

Oh Krishna ,
The people   to whom I belong hate  to see me  ,
If Woman means prettiness, what am I?

Oh Krishna ,
You are  not worried, for people come to see  you made of rock,
 Was there  any need for  you , to create me as black.)

Mahakavi  BHarathiyaar

Translated by

(Hear this moving song   in a   young girl’s voice-

Vellai  nirathoru pooonai-yengal ,
Veetil  valaruthu kandeer ,
Pillaigal pethadhappoonai-Avai,
Perukkoru niramaagum

வெள்ளை நிறத்தொரு பூனை;- எங்கள் 
வீட்டில் வளருது கண்டீர்
பிள்ளைகள் பெற்றது பூனை 
அவை பேருக்கொரு நிறமாகும் 

You have seen a white cat ,
Groeing in our home  ,
That  cat gave birth  to kittens,
And each of them  were of different colour

Chambal niramoru kutti  -Karum,
Chanthu niramoru  kutti,
Pambu niramoru kutti-Vellai ,
Palin niramoru kutti

சாம்பல் நிறமொரு குட்டிகருஞ் 
சாந்து நிறமொரு குட்டி 
பாம்பு நிறமொரு குட்டிவெள்ளை
பாலின் நிறமொரு குட்டி 

Ash coloured was  one kitten,
Dark black coloured  was another kitten,
One kitten was  of the colour  of the snake,
And another  was of the colour  of white milk.

Yentha niramirunthalum –avai,
Yaavum  ore   tharamandro,
Indha niram   chirithendrum-ikthu ,
Yetham  endrum chollalaamo?

எந்த நிறமிரு ந்தாலும்அவை 
யாவும் ஒரே தர மன்றோ
இந்த நிறம்சிறி தென்றும்இது 
ஏற்ற மேன்றும் சொல்லலாமோ

Whatever   may be their colour,
Are they not of the same kind,
How can we tell   that one colour ,
Is inferior and the  other superior?

Vannangal   vetrumai pettaal  -athil,
Maanudar   vethumai   yillai  ,
Yennangal   cheigaigal   yellaam –ingu,
Yaavarkkum ondrena  kaaneer.

Just because   their colours  are different  ,
Human beings  do not differ ,
Whether it is thought or action  , please,
See  that they are   same   for every one.

வண்ணங்கள் வேற்றுமை பட்டால்அதில் 
மானுடர் வேற்றுமை இல்லை;
எண்ணகள் செய்கைக ளெல்லாம்இங்கு 
யாவர்க்கும் ஒன்றெனல் காணீர் 

What a tragedy ?Why are we loving a white cat more  than a black one?

No selfishness in a prayer please

No selfishness  in a  prayer  please

Recreated  by

(Rewriitten based on    write up by my friend , who isa scholar  who never  asks  anything himself –Sri Sivan jaykat)

One day I happened  to meet  Lord Krishna ,
And I asked him , “Do you know why  I pray you?”
Lord Krishna  with a pretty smile told ,”Only you will know,
For  my job is   getting   the prayers   from you people.”

I nodded  in agreement told  , “True  Krishna,
I too was nagging you daily to fulfil all my wants,
And I know  millions  of people do it, I pity you,
As to which prayer   would you be able to attend?”

“For me all devotees   and all prayers are the   same,
To me all languages   are the same  , all castes are thesame,
Dont think   that  I am a man like you to be biased.”
He replied and I had  to agree   with him one hundred percent.

Lord Krishna   smiled again and told ,”The requests ,
That   come to me are   some times selfish   and sometimes,
To the good of all and it may be asked by asura or deva ora man.
But I do  take a decision  , only based  on the request.”

“Hey see , the one who really believes  in me  ,
Would never ask me for anything as he  would feel,
That it is my duty to look after him , whether  he asks or not,
And to that devotee I am the mother  and to me he is the child.”

Did not  read your great poet  Mahavi Bharathi sing,
“One kitten is like ash , another  black,
Another the colour of a snake and another of milk,
But they are  all kitten and how can there be differences among them.”

“You need not chant a prayer to  please me  ,
For you would   be wasting   your time  as well as effort,
When you ask anything , I would see whether  your mind is wet,
And I would be  waiting for you  to ask for others and not for yourself.”

I realized   what  he told me   and remembered  about a  Guru,
Who conducted  prayer sessions , where  first he  will  group them,
In to  two each, ask them to understand the need of each  other ,
And then ask each of them  to pray for fulfilling   the  need  of his partner.

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Venni Karumbeswarar temple of Kovil Venni

Visit   the  God who cures Diabetes, which is the major disease nowadays

Venni Karumbeswarar   temple of  Kovil Venni

Compiled by

(I saw about this temple  in the post of Athreya Gothram Bairava Ramani  and I collected   more info from various web sites. Thanks to Ramani    and the several web sites)
   This temple which is 1000-2000  years old   is situated   in a village called  “Kovil Venni”  near (5 km)  Needamangalam  of Thiruvarur district  of Tamil Nadu.
This place  was once upon a time called    as THiruvenni,   Venni thonnagar   or Venniyoor , The rays of the sun fall   on the Lord on 2, 3, and 4th   day of Panguni month. Lord in the temple is a Swayambumurthy. The Bana of the Shiva Linga appears as if covered by sugarcane bundles. The mandapam located on the outer side of Karuvarai was built at a later stage like Agazhi. Naalvar with Shankaracharya paintings can be found in Artha Mandapam. There are lots of inscriptions found on the outer walls of Karuvarai. 

This is the birth place of noted Tamil Scholar Vennikuyathiar belonging to the Sangam Age. One of her songs in Purananuru mentions the war of Karikal Chola known as Vennippor - war of Venni. The Battle of Venni was fought by Karikala Chola between Pandya and Chera kings. The battle resulted in absolute victory for Karikala Chola and the Chera King Uthiyan Cheralathan starved himself to death. The battle, dated approximately 190 CE, is considered historical and Karikala is believed to have contributed to this temple’s development after the victory. He won the Pandya, Cheras and other chieftains with the blessings of Mother Pidari Amman at the age of 18. This is mentioned as the Great Victory in an epigraphic note. It is believed that worshippers of Pidari Amman have no fear of enemies. Celebrating their victories, Karikal Chola and Emperor Muchukunda have done extensive renovations to the temple

There are no shops near the temple and so  people going to temple   should carry necessary pooja materials. If they are coming for cure of diabetes , they should bring Rava and Sugar   with them.
    The God   of this temple is Venni  Karumbeswarar  and the Goddess   is Soundara Nayagi (also called as Azhagiya nayagi)  .Venni  is a white flower called Nandiyar Vattai  which  is considered  as a flower dear to Lord Shiva.  The God in this temple appears as if he s made of tying   sugarcane stems . The god is also called as Rasapureeswarar  m, Trimbakeswarar and Venni nathar It seems this entire place   was once covered by sugarcane(Karumbu)   and Nandiar vattai (venni)  and two saints came here  and they found the Statue of God here and built a temple for him. There was some argument as   to  which should be the Sthala Vruksha(Temple tree)  and both   had different opinions and they finally decided  to call the God as  Venni Karumbeswarar    with Venni as the sthala Vruksha. Both Thirunavukarasar and Thirujnaa Sambandar   have sung about this temple, The God and Goddesses face east . The holy tanks of Surya Pushkarani and Chandra Pushkarani are situated  opposite the temple. is situated opposite the temple. Other deities in the temple include Murugan,Narthana   Vinayagar, Gajalaxmi, Bairavar and Navagraha. Goshta moorthies include Narthana Vinayagar, Dakshinamoorthy, Lingothbavar and Durgai.
    People with  Diabetes come to this temple  with a 50:50 mixture of sugar   andwheat Rava   and go round the temple sprinkling the mixture .It is believed that  as the ants keep  on removing sugar  , our sugar level would also get reduced ,After this they should worship the God and goddess  of the temple   and offer the God  SArkarai pongal.
iT is believed  that  if  ladies whose Valai Kappu , ceremony is over   come here and tiea few bangles in front of the goddess  , they would have   a sae delivery,
 People   With Shukra dosha come here   and light lamp before  Lingothbhavar  , For destruction of their enemies people pray before Pidari  Amman.
Nine dat  Navarathri  celebrations in September –october , Panguni Uthram , Chithra  Pournam , Vaikasi visagam  , Aani Thirumanjanam  , Trikarthigai , Thiruvadirai  , Thai poosam   and Masi magam are  celebrated in the temple.

The Temple is located at about 8 Kms from Needamangalam, 10 Kms from Avalivanallur, 13 Kms from Haridwaramangalam, 20 Kms from Mannargudi, 36 Kms from Thiruvarur, 26 Kms from Thanjavur, 31 Kms from Kumbakonam and 81 Kms from Trichy. This Shivasthalam is about 26 Kms from Thanjavur on the way to Needamangalam via Saliyamangalam and Ammapettai. Immediately after Ammapettai, one has to get down at Koil Venni bus stop and take a branch road going towards north for about 2 Kms to reach the temple. Koil Venni located on Tiruvarur to Thanjavur route. Nearest Railway Station is located at Koil Venni and Nearest Airport is located at Trichy.

The temple is open   8 Am to  12 noon   and from 5 pm – 8 PM

The temple priest can be contacted  in 9626769424/ 9842294416

Match stick

Match stick

Posted  by
SWarnam  Meenakshinathan

Rewritten in english by

Matchstick lit the lamp,
Everyone saluted the lamp,
But that one  who appeared mad,
Saluted the match stick and ,
I asked   him  , “Why?”
And he said, “Is not that which brightens,
Greater than  that which is brightened?
Is not the teacher   great   than the student?”

விளக்கை ஏற்றியது
விளக்கை வணங்கினார்கள்
கீழே எறியப்பட்ட
தீக்குச்சியை வணங்கினான்
"ஏன் தீக்குச்சியை
என்று கேட்டேன்
"ஏற்றப்பட்டதை விட
ஏற்றி வைத்தது
உயர்ந்ததல்லவா" என்றான்

Nenmeli Sradha samrakshana Perumal

Nenmeli  Sradha samrakshana  Perumal

A place where God will do Sradha for people who could not do Sradham or to people who do not have anybody to do Sradham.

Compiled by

(I saw about this temple in a post by my friend  Prof  Viswanath Das , Half the article is a translation from his post and the other half from a web site .THanks and acknowledgements to both of them.)
      This temple is located  in nEnmeli   which is 5 km   ftom   CHengalpat  town  on the road to Thirukazhukundram  . The deity is called  Sri Lakshmi  Narayana  Perumal  and the Ulsavar of the temple is called  “Sradha samrakshana Perumal” meaning God who protects   the Sradha) . The sthalam is called with the name "Pundareega Nallur" (Pindam vaiththa Nallur) and is considered sacred and is equivalent to Gaya and Kasi.
  This God is   believed to do Sradha( worship of our dead ancestors called Pithrus) , when for some reason    we are not able to perform it.. It could be that  we have lived in a place where  there are no priests or just left it due to non belief. When a couple   die without children, there would  not be anybody to do sradham for them. People hesitate   to do sradham to people who have committed suicide  , people who have met a bad death, people   whose profession  is  black magic etc. This non performance of Sradha  to Pithrus (whatever   the reason may be)  would make  our Pithrus(manes)   curse us . This can bwe detected  by our  children having Sarpa dosham or or our family  not getting any male child to do Sradham for us. IN all such cases people can  go to this temple (even ladies can go)  and  get Sradha  performed  by the God to all those  ancestors,
        There is an interesting story behind this. “Sthalapuranam :
“The place where the temple is situated once was under the kingdom of Arcot Nawab. And, in this kingdom, lived an aged couple - Yagna Narayana Sharma and Sarasavani. Yagna Narayana Sharma had a Guru - Yagnya Valkiyar, who belonged to Suklaya jeer Vedam. Yagna Narayana Sharma worked as a Diwan in the Nawab kingdom and both he and his wife Sarasavani had a great bhakti towards Sriman Narayanan.
Because of bhakti, the money, which they wanted to pay to the Nawab, was spent towards Deiva Kainkaryam. And as a result of this, they both were ordered to be prisonned. But they don't want to accept the punishment and thought they spent the money only for good needs and for Deiva Kainkaryam. So, they went towards the Pushkarani of Thiruvedenthai Divyadesam and let their death happen in the Pushkarani.
But after their death, both of them were worried that they didn't have any children to perform the Srardham for them. It is Bhagavan Sriman Narayanan who knows all of his Bhaktas thoughts and He fulfills them. And, He himself performed the Srardham, Thithi for the couples and even today the first theertham is given to the family members of Yagna Narayana Sharma and Sarasavani. And even today, the Perumal himself perform Srardham for the people, who doesn't have son or anyone else to perform  Sradha   to them “ (From with thanks)
   People who want to do SRadham (Because they were not able to do it  or for person who do not have  people   to do Sradha) should reach the temple at 11 AM along with  Turmeric , Gingelly  , Dhurbha grass  , Pavithram , Thamboola   as well as Banana  fruit and do SAnkalpa for Sradha to their pIthrus and dedicate  it to the God.
Then along with priest  theys shold go to the back side of the temple along with  priest   and again to SAnkalpa and offer it to the God .This is SRadha samrakshanam(Protection  of Sradha) 
     They shouldagain come before God   and do detailed worship of the God  along with all rituals  .There just like the Sradha  cooking in out homes  , Ven pongal  , Curd rice and PPirandai thuvayal are prepared and  offered to the God  ,It ids believed   hat God accepts   them from us and satisfies our manes(Pithrus)  .It is believed by doing so we can avoid or even get rid of  Pithru SApas
The Pithru Poojai, which is performed during Amavasai and Ekadasi thithi, is said to equivalent to that of the Srardham that's being performed in Gaya.
The priest   of the temple can be contacted  at  04427 420053

The address of   the temple is  Address : SH58, Nenmeli, Porunthavakkam, Tamil Nadu 603001

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Then and now

Then  and now

Translated from  Malayalam

(Image gives original text)

During those days
One small pot of water    was sufficient for  cleaning oneself
One  hurricane lantern used to give light throughout the night
One small  vessel of  Gruel  was the  fuel for the entire day
One   dilapidated hut was the cage   for lots and lots of love
But today
Even one tank of water    is not sufficient for  cleaning   a person
No halogen bulb  is sufficient to light the path of any person
Even a heap of rice is not sufficient to satiate  any one’s hunger
No concrete bungalow  can li the wick of joyful love

Prove that and live a great life or at least get defeated and win

Prove that and live a great life  or  at least get defeated and win


(Based on the   write up and posting   of several people.Thanks to  the  original; author)
Prove that   you would “Up to the end love her”   with mother,
Prove  that you  would “ forever protect  his name “,  with father ,
Prove that you would “love her only  till the end”   with  your wife,
Prove that  “you would always support him”   with your brother
Prove that “presents to her would never be  a burden to you”   with your sister 
Prove that  “ even if the entire world opposes    you would be always with him”  with your son,
Prove that “You would never   be able to bear her sorrow” with your daughter ,
Any other  proof to any body else   is a sheer   waste  ,

For  if you are defeated   would you ever win?

II.Get  defeated with mother  , her love will increase,
Get defeated    with father , t your wisdom will increase
Get defeated  with wife  , the happiness  would get doubled
Get defeated with mother , his affection would increase,
Get defeated by relations  , the bons with them would become strong
Get defeated   with friend, friendship  would  become strong
And so please get defeated and achieve  victory ,

Live with love   and make others lead such a life

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A letter from a girl to her unknown future husband

A letter  from  a girl to her   unknown future  husband

Writeen  based on a  Tamil post


(I was  greatly moved by this  letter.My thanks to Rajagopal Srinivasan    who had posted   the Tamil  Original)

My dear  future   husband,

I am waiting    for your arrival,,
I do not know how  you would  look like  nor the place that  you live   at present,
But I know    you will come in search of me
Because  that is fate for
God has created  me for you and  you for me
I am your dear  wife  , Oh my dear  husband

You might at present be in love with some other girl,
Or you might have   been defeated in love   and is sorrowing
Many girls might have teased    you and made   you cry,
My darling   do not  get   worried, because   that might have been due  to my prayers
I have been created for you and you only
I am born    for you only ,
When you come to me  , I will hug you with love
I would make you forget  those  of  your earlier   love affairs   in your tears
And then you will understand that I am your only darling

I do not need your beauty
I do not need your money
The only thing  that I want from you  is   that you should be a good male following  Justice and Dharma
Do not get worried , my great love will make you  forget your earlier life
I am another soul   who would make your future pretty

I am not near you now
But when you surrender to me, I would never go away from you
Except death nothing has the power   to take me  away from you
Where are you, I am keeping  myself   fit only for you

Evem if 100  children were born to me , my love for  you will not diminish,
Because you are my first child
I am waiting   for your arrival
I am waiting for the day of our wedding  as determined by God

Oh my dear darling .
Without worry wait    for me

Yours ever faithful,

(your future wife) 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Some good are bad and some bad is good

Some good are  bad and some bad is good


(Based on  a post of  Meena Rajan,)

Ten rupees  is too much to give it to a beggar,
Thousand rupees  is too small  to go for shopping

Too much bore   to read  to read one page of Gita,
Very interesting to read  hundred pages  of a  weekly

One hour is too much time to worship a God
Three hours is too less  time to see a motion picture

No doubt  while reading a newspaper,
Thousands of doubts  while reading religious books

Very difficult  to chant the Vedas for five minutes,
Very easy to gossip for three  hours

Last   to enter   the temple,
First to enter  new release picture

Twenty minutes meditation is extremely tough,
Five hour  useless chit chatting  is extremely easy

Two minutes saluting of God  is boring,

But cell phone  chat   for hundreds of hours is Okay

Hanuman gets TA sanctioned

Hanuman gets TA  sanctioned


(This is a very old story that I had heard and thanks to sri Rajagopal srinivasan, I remembered it)

Lakshmana   fell  in the battle  with Indrajit,
And Hanuman was  given order  to bring  Sanjeevini herb,
And he flew in the sky  , could locate the mountain,
But not the herb, brought  the mountain  and Lakshmana got up.

After  reaching Ayodhya  , Hanuman submitted  a  bill,
For drawing   his   tour allowance     and it   was rejected,
The  accounts  officer told  , Rama was not the king ,
And so could not sanction the   tour, Hanuman  being,
A class four   officer is not entitled to fly  and as it was ,
Not needed to bring the mountain , excess baggage  is not allowed.

Hanuman made representation to Lord Rama   who was,
Unable   to instruct   his accounts officer   and  requested him,
To withdraw his bill  but   the finance minister  of Rama,
Called  the accounts officer   and threatened  him with dire consequences.

Next day   the bill was passed and now   the accounts officer wrote,
Though Rama was not the king , as he was officer in charge  at Ayodhya ,
And he could sanction the tour   and allow Hanuman to fly due to emergency,
And allow him excess baggage  because had Hanuman brought ,

The wrong medicine , he  has to again undertake the tour  and that too by air. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

In defence of belief in God

In defence  of belief in God

King of poets Kannadasan
(A former atheist who became a great believer in God)

Translated by

“Muthiah was a staunch atheist and a follower of the Dravidian  atheistic movement. He had great love for the Tamil language and  culture, and excelled in Tamil literature prose and poetry. He once read the Thiruppavai of Andal,  and was amazed at its mystic poetry, that was to have a deep and  everlasting impact on him. After a lot of introspection, he decided to  reconvert back into Hinduism, renamed himself as Kannadasan, meaning the servant of Lord Krishna (In Tamil Kannan means Krishna, and in Sanskrit, Dasa means servant), dug deep into understanding Hinduism, and wrote his series of books on Hinduism titled "Arthamulla Indhu Matham".(from )Here  is a  quotation from that   great book, translated  in to english, so that those who do not know Tamil  can understand

நான் ஒரு இந்து.
இந்து என்பதில் நான்

I am a Hindu  and am proud,
To be a Hindu.
நான் கடவுளை நம்புகிறேன்;
அவனைக் காட்டியவனைப்
I believe   in God    and I  appreciate,
The one who   showed him to me.
அந்தக் கடவுளைக் கல்லிலும்,
கருத்திலும் கண்டு
I am seeing that  God  ,
In stone   as well in my  thought ,
And I salute him.
ஆன்மா இறைவனோடு
அமைதி இருதயத்தை
ஆட்சி செய்கிறது.
நாணயம், சத்தியம்,
தர்மம் இவற்றின் மீது
நம்பிக்கை பிறக்கிறது.
When the soul   merges   with God ,
Peace   Rules  over our mind,
And I start  believing  in honesty ,
Truthfulness    as well as Dharma
நேரான வாழ்க்கையை
இருதயம் அவாவுகிறது.
பாதகங்களை, பாவங்களை
கண்டு அஞ்சுகிறது.
Our heart   starts   desiring  ,
For leading a  honest life ,
And start  getting scared  ,
Of crimes   and sins,
குறிப்பாக ஒரு இந்துவுக்குத்
தன் மத அமைப்பின்
மூலம் கிடைக்கும் நிம்மதி,
வேறு யாருக்கும் கிடைப்பதில்லை.
கடைசி நாத்திகனையும்,
அது ஆத்திகன் என்றே
அரவணைத்துக் கொள்கிறது.
Specially   the peace   that  a Hindu,
Gets from   his religion  ,
Is not got by followers of any  other religion.
As it embraces   even the  last  non believer ,
As a  person who believes.
என்னை திட்டுகிறவன்தான்
அடிக்கடி நினைத்துக் கொள்கிறான்;
ஆகவே அவன்தான் முதல் பக்தன்
என்பது இறைவனின் வாக்கு.
இந்து மதத்தைப்போல்
சகிப்புத்தன்மை வாய்ந்த மதம்
உலகில் வேறு எதுவும் இல்லை .
God has   told that  he who chides me,
Is the one who most  often  thinks about me,
And therefor he is my greatest devotee.
There is no religion in the   world  ,
Which is as tolerant   as Hinduism.
நீ பிள்ளையாரை உடைக்கலாம்;
பெருமாள் நாமத்தை அழிக்கலாம்;
மதச்சின்னங்களை கேலி செய்யலாம்;
எதைச் செய்தாலும் இந்து
சகித்துக் கொள்கிறான்.
ஏதோ பரம்பரையாகவே
பகுத்தறிவாளனாகப் பிறந்தது
போல் எண்ணிக் கொண்டு,
You can break   the statues  of Ganesa  ,
You can wipe off   the “Namam” of Vaishnavas ,
You can make fun of   all symbols  of his religion ,
Whatever you   do, a Hindu tolerates  this,
Possibly under the   impression  that ,
Generation after  generation ,  he has been tolerant
பாத்திரத்தை நிரப்புவதற்காகவே
சாஸ்திரத்தைக் கேலி செய்யும்
பகுத்தறிவுத் தந்தைகள்
இஸ்லாத்தின் மீதோ,
கிறிஸ்துவத்தின் மீதோ
கை வைக்கட்டும் பார்க்கலாம்.
கடந்த நாற்பது வருசங்களில்
ஒரு நாளாவது அதற்கான
துணிவு ஏற்பட்டதாக தெரியவில்லையே!
Let those   fathers  of rationalism ,
Who make fun of  the books of our religion,
Only for the sake of filling up their pockets ,
Touch   Christianity  or Islam.
In the last forty years  of rationalism,
So far no one    has dared   to do that.
பாவப்பட்ட இந்து மதத்தை
மட்டுமே தாக்கித் தாக்கி,
அதை நம்புகிற அப்பாவிகளிடம்
ரேட்டுவாங்கிச் சொத்துச் சேர்க்கும்
நான் பார்த்திருக்கிறேன்.
I have seen only   those  so called great people ,
Who have attacked   and attacked poor Hinduism ,
Collect money from those innocents   who believe them,
And   build   up  a huge    wealth.
அவர்கள் பேசுகிற நாத்திக வாதம்,
அவர்கள்குடும்பம் நடத்தும் வியாபாரம்
என்பதை அறியாமல்,
வாழ்கையையே இழந்து நிற்கும்
பல பேரை நான் அறிவேன்.
The atheism   that they speak about,
Is the business  run by their family,
I know many people  ,
Who have lost their entire life ,
Without knowing this.
பருவ காலத்தில் சருமத்தின்
அழகு மினுமினுப்பதைப் போல்,
ஆரம்ப காலத்தில் இந்த
வாதத்தைக் கேட்டு
ஏமாந்தவர்களில் நானும் ஒருவன்.
Just like  prettiness   shining and,
Attracting others    in their youth,
I am also one   who got deceived ,
By their   arguments.
நடிகையின்மேக் அப்பைக்
கண்டு ஏமாறுகிற சராசரி
அன்று இந்த வாதத்தைக் கேட்டு
ஏமாந்தவர்களில் நானும் ஒருவன்.
அந்த கவர்ச்சி எனக்கு
குறுகிய காலக் கவர்ச்சியாகவே
இருந்தது இறைவனின் கருணையே!
Just like the average man,
Getting deceived by the make up of an actress
I am also one of those who got deceived,
By their   false arguments.
By the grace of God   that attraction,
Was fortunately short lived for me.
என்னை அடிமை கொண்ட
கண்ணனும், ராமனும்
இன்று சந்திர மண்டலத்துக்குப்
பயணம் போகும் அமெரிக்காவையே
ஆன்மீக நெறியில் திளைக்க
அமெரிக்காவை விடவா
ஈரோடு பகுத்தறிவில்
பணத்தறிவில்' முன்னேறிவிட்டது
என்று சொல்லலாம்.
Rama  and Krishna who have enslaved me,
Has also made  USA which    undertakes trips to moon,
AS their slaves and have made them follow the spiritual life,
Has  Erode(the centre of atheism)  outbeaten,
USA   in their rationalistic thinking .
No, possibly it has overtaken them in money based thinking
ஆளுங் கட்சியாக
எது வந்தாலும்
ஆதரித்துக் கொண்டு,
தன் கட்சியும் உயிரோடிருப்பதாகக்
காட்டிக் கொண்டு,
எது கொடுத்தாலும் வாங்கிக்
கொண்டு வாழ்கையை
சுகமாக நடத்துவதற்கு,
இந்த நாத்திக போலிகள்
போட்டிருக்கும் திரை,
Their rationalism   is only  a   screen ,
Erected   by these  artificial atheists,
To fill up their coffers  by  receiving free ,
Anything they get   and lead a  pleasant life,
By   supporting any party which is a ruling party,
So that   their own so called  party  is also kept alive.
உலகத்தில் நாத்திகம்
பேசியவன் தோற்றதாக
வரலாறு உண்டே தவிர,
வென்றதாக இல்லை.
இதை உலகமெங்கும்
இறைவன் நிரூபித்துக்
கொண்டு வருகிறான்.
In the history of the world,
An atheist   has always lost  ,
And has  never at any time won.
This is being continuously,
Proved   by God all over the world.
அவர்கள் எப்படியோ போகட்டும்.
 இந்த சீசனில் வாழ்ந்து
கொண்டிருக்கும் சில மனிதர்கள்
கோவில்களுக்கு முன்னால்
பகுத்தறிவு விளையாட்டு
விளையாடிப் பார்க்கலாம்
என்று கருதுகிறார்கள்.
இதை அனுமதித்தால்,
விளைவு மோசமாக இருக்கும்.
Let us ignore   them completly,
Some people    at this time   are feeling,
They can play game of atheism  ,
In front of our temples,
If we   permit this  ,
The result would be disastrous.
நம்பிக்கை இல்லாதவன்
கோவிலுக்கு போக வேண்டாம்.
நம்புகிறவனை தடுப்பதற்கு
அவன் யார்?

Let non believers   not go to the temple ,
But who is he to stop the believer?
அப்பாவி இந்துக்கள்
பேசாமல் இருக்க இருக்கச்
சமுதாய வியாபாரிகள்
கோவிலுக்கு முன் கடை
வைக்க தொடங்குகிறார்கள்
When  the innocent Hindus   are ,
Simply keeping quiet,
These communal   business men,
Are establishing   their stores,
In front of  our temples.
வெள்ளைக்காரனின் கால்களை
கட்டிப்பிடித்துக் கொண்டு
போகாதே போகாதே என் கணவா
என்று பாடியவர்களுக்கு
நாட்டுப் பற்று எங்கிருந்து வரும்?
How would those   who hugged  the feet of the whiteman,
And   begged   them not to go , will ever  love their country?
நாட்டு பற்று இல்லாதவர்களுக்கு
தெய்வப் பற்று எங்கிருந்து வரும்?
  தெய்வப் பற்று இல்லாதவர்களுக்கு
நாணயம், நேர்மை இவற்றின்
மீது நம்பிக்கை எங்கிருந்து வரும்?
How can those   who do not love  their country,
Ever develop   faith in God,
How can they ever get faith on,
Honesty   and life  without bias?
இந்த நாலரை கோடி (அன்று)
மக்களில் நீங்கள் சலித்துச் சலித்து
எடுத்தாலும், நாலாயிரம்
நாத்திகர்களைக் கூட காண முடியாது.
 பழைய நாத்திகர்களை
எல்லாம் நான் பழனியிலும்,
திருப்பதியிலும் சந்தித்து க்
Even if you sieve  and sieve  ,
You would not find four thousand,
Atheists among    the forty five million,(At that time)
People of   Tamil Nadu ,
And I have been meeting  many of these ,
Old atheists in Pazhani   and Thirupathi.