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A rich , social man with four wives

A rich , social man with four wives

Rewritten by 

(This is based on material  published in Tamil  paper “Malai Malar”  which was  posted  in face book by my friend Bhanu  Ravi. I was charmed  by the philosophy   of the poem. That paper  must have   got it from the web site . )

A rich man with lots of friends ,
As well    as lot   of relations  ,
Had  four   different wives,
He was   very fond  of the fourth,
And loved her more than all,
He loved  a lot  the   third,
But never    showed   that he loved her
He  loved  the second  and went to her
AS and  when he faced problems 
But  did not bother about the first at all

The man  became    very old   and ,
Was   lying  in his death bed to die,
He called    all his   four wives ,
And pitiably   asked   them,
“I am about to go  to other world,
Which of you   would come with me .”

The fourth said, It is simply  not possible,
The third said , I would come   up to cremation ground ,
The second said, I would marry again and go away,
But the first    said  “Wherever you go, I would come “

All of  us human beings  have    these   four wives,
The fourth   is   the body who lives with us,
The third are   all our    friends    and relatives,
The second is our  property    and wealth ,

And the first  is  the soul , who is always  with us.

The great Sastha had played midwife

The great  Sastha   had  played  midwife to a suffering woman here in this temple-Sadaiyudayar   Sastha

Compiled by

THE TEMPLE of Sri Porchadaichi and Sri Sadaiyudaiyar Sastha is situated among paddy fields surrounded by hills on the old Koprathope Road that connects Kalakkadu and Papanasam and Kizha Ambur villages skirting the Western Ghats.The temple is near a village called  Parayan Paapankulam   It is not a temple built according to the Agama sastras. There is no flag mast or prakarams Or money box    The gods consecrated at this temple are  , SRiSadaiudayar , Sri Rajarajeswari  , Sri Durgai and Sri Bhadrakali  are not worshipped at night Every year during the Fridays of Thai(Makaram ) month, morning worship and night   worship and milk abishekam takes place.Also the subsidiary deities are worshipped that night, But suppose the first day of   Thai  month  comes on a Friday pooja  is not performed on that day . On Thai month Fridays  Annadhanam  is done by the temple trust  This trust also provides Accommodation to devotees coming from outside in Kallidai Kurichi  provided   they are informed( Sri A.Sankararaman  9788936516).  On normal days   if pooja is to be performed   priests  R.Ramachandran(9360616422)  or S.Kumar ( 04634-253844)   have to be contacted   Please  note   that  No  lady of any age is allowed entry in to  this temple And it has a moving  tale behind its origin.

A brahmin from Kizha Ambur was taking his pregnant daughter home for delivery. Dusk fell as they appraoched Pappankulam, a slight drizzle started and so did the girl's labour pain. The father desperately prayed to Sastha and looked around for help. Finding a hut nearby he approached it hoping to find a woman.

There was none and he returned crestfallen. But to his delight and relief he found that his daughter had delivered a boy and a dark skinned woman had played midwife. The girl did not know the woman's identity.

Sure that it was none other than Sastha who had appeared as a Harijan woman to save his daughter's life, the brahmin profusely thanked Him and offered whatever he had with him — raw rice and coconut that the girl was taking home from her husband's place.
He heard a voice that said that it was the deity, Sri SadaiUdayar of the temple located nearby, that had helped the girl and that she would give birth to eight sons all of whom would serve the Lord of that temple. The oracle came true and the tribe, known as ettu pillai kootathar, became staunch devotees of the Lord.

Sri Sastha of the temple is seen as an endearing child, in a standing posture. The members of the family, spread across the country, visit the temple now and then to offer worship. In the olden days Sri Sastha, Sri Raja Rajeswari and the other deities were housed in thatched sheds. Hence the temple, even after its development, is referred to as kudisai.
The offering continues to be raw rice and coconut (kapparisi). Cooked food is not allowed. Only a learned priest from the family does the puja — once in a day and that  too in the morning. Devotees do not visit the temple after 5 p.m. During Thai  month all the members of the family (adimai as they are referred to) gather and offer worship in the night on all Fridays. Before the festivities, the Harijans in the neighbourhood are invited to Ambur and showered with gifts.

The members performed Kumbabhishekam in 1933 and 1969. Now they have made arrangements to conduct kumbabhishekam on June 30. For details contact K. Narayanan 04634-287337 and Uma Shankar 0462-2554487

Sri Sastha of the temple is seen as an endearing child,in a standing posture. Sri Sadaiudaiyar is Bala jadathari ( a small boy with matted hairlocks)Sastha with a dhandam in his hands. If you would watch the photo closely, he is with Sri RajaRajeswari (Ponnunchadachi- golden haired goddess) and Icha and Kriya Sakthi (BadraKali). A temple was built in that place with the other deities like Chinna Madan, Periya Madan and Nalla Madan.Sadavudayar had assured that the decedents of the family of that woman should worship Him and he will take care of every one in the family.

Interestingly, the elephant of Sastha is in front of the Ganapathy in the templeThe members of the family, spread across the country visit the temple now and then to offer worship.In the olden days Sri Sastha,SriRajaRajeswari and the other deities were housed in thatched sheds. All the family members and the people from 7 villages including Kalakkad, Ambasamudram, Kallidaikuruchi ,Ambur, Alwarkurchi will participate in the pooja. This pooja will be performed in all Thai Fridays and in the daytime of all days

For abhshekam and Pooja  
Please Contact :
Trustee, Swamy Sadaiudayar Temple,
153/80, Sathyamoorthy Street, Tirunelveli Town - 627006.
Ph : 0462-2334803, email :
Treasurer & Trustee
Swamy Sadaiudayar Seva Trust,
29, S.P.Sannathi Street, Veeravanalloor,
Tirunelveli Dt - 627426.

Ph : 04634-287337

My humble salutations to all mothers

My humble salutations   to all mothers


In our country what all jobs does   a home maker(House wife) do?
1.If there are four people in the house they would want to eat   different dishes to each of them ?. Mother cooks and satisfies them all. Is she a cook?

2.How many times mother has washed our mud stained   shirt and made it white? Is she a washerwoman?

3.The scars of the pinch in  my hand  when I did mistakes in mathematics    are still in my hand. Is she a school teacher?

4.Mother’s broom should reach to clean , the courtyard, kitchen  and even  toilet . Is she a  cleaning maid?

5.Several times  Mother’s home cures for head ache , stomach ache  and cold have been cured. Is she a  doctor?

6.When children became feverish, she used  to  wet  our forehead with cloths and when we get wounded , she used   to  clean it up and apply medicine. Is she   a nurse?

7.How many marriages, birthdays, parties  and other  functions Mother has  managed to get it done well? Is she an event manager?

8.Without mother’s intervention and punishment we would have   quarreled  and hurt others incessantly. Is she   a Police?

9. Mother has been by the bed side of many old people   and was praised by them. Is she a geriatric  nurse?

10.Mother used to maintain our garden, look after  our pets  and maintain lot of domestic animals. Is she a orchardist or a dairy woman?

11. Mother    was the life  and soul of my father. He never had to look outside her for happiness. Is she  one who satisfied  all the needs of my father?

   You all know there is no end to the roles   that  she has played  in  each and every home .If we decide to compensate   her    for all the roles that   she daily plays , possibly each of us have to go bankrupt  .

   Recently there was a survey in USA  , where  they estimated   the compensation package  that needs to be given to a normal housewife. They estimated   that every month she has to be given around 11000 dollars. This compensation is equal to that of a judge or a senior marketing executive  in a company. The survey estimated that  a housewife works  about   13 hours per day. Ofcourse  this does not include  her salary  for her role as   a wife.

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Auvayar meets Muruga outside a bank

Auvayar  meets  Muruga outside a bank


(I have taken the idea from a whatsapp post as I liked it.My acknowledgements to the original author.)
“Greatly   tired   you look ,Oh Muruga “  said Auvayar,
Replied Muruga , “ Had  lots of notes of   five hundred,
AS well as one thousand  , all old notes  , and so,
I went to change   them in the   great banks  of India,
Some how I could  manage    in that great   crowd,
As I had  twelve hands  as they are  inking  every hand.”

Muruga   continued  , “Oh great   old   woman ,
I have very many doubts  , please do answer them.”

The old woman   with lot of  reluctance   agreed,
For  she too had   gone to change notes  and was confused.

Muruga asked “Please   explain , what is white  and What is black?”
Replied the lady, “Tax paid   is white and  tax not paid is black.”

Muruga   with great curiosity asked , “How much white  and how much black”
The  old woman replied , “White  is as big as a palm   and black  is  the area of the world.”

Muruga further asked, “How much was shot at and now much not?”
The old lady replied  patiently, “ Shots fired  at  money  in Indian homes,
And what   was  not shot at   was the money in Swiss banks?”

Muruga further asked “What was aimed   to be destroyed and what was destroyed?”
The  answer  ready lady said, “Black was aimed at  but cash in all homes  was destroyed.”

Muruga   wanted know,” Do Ambani and Adhani   need blessings of  Goddess  Lakshmi?”
The old lady replied , “Not at all needed  the blessing  of those who rule is sufficient.”

Muruga further wanted to know, “What is omnipresent  just like   my father?”
The old lady smiled   and replied, “AS if you do not know, Black is omnipresent”

Muruga further   wanted   to know, “What are  the three  things needed to live in India?”
Auvayar replied, “Ofcourse   Pancard , Adhar   card   and   debit or credit card.”

Muruga was greatly pleased with the answers   and  wanted to give her a boon.

And Auvayar asked , “A king  gave me a  golden gooseberry  though  I did not need it,

Oh God  bless me so that  , there  is no income tax raid   of my  possessions.”

Dharma Sastha as Linga in this great Sasatha temple of Tamil Nadu

Dharma Sastha  as Linga  in this great  Sasatha temple of Tamil Nadu 

Peruvembudayar  Sastha temple
Compiled by

( This is the rarest temple of Dharma Sastha  and is very special. People believe   that this Sastha  and his consorts answer all your prayers.Many of my friends  belonging to Thirunelveli district  of Tamil Nadu, may have   this Sastha  as their Kula Deivam. I request them to add more information about this temple)
     This is  the most important Sastha temple in Thirunelveli district. It is located in a village called  Rajakalmangalam   which is  situated in the high way between  Valliyoor  and Nanguneri . This Sastha temple is different fromm all other   Sastha temples, because Sastha   and his consorts Poorna and Pushkala    are in the form of  Linga in this temple.
     The story of Sastha   is slightly different as per the stala puranam.  It seems an Asura   threw Goddess  Mahalakshmi in to the  ocean. Lord Vishnu took the Koorma avathara   to save her. But this Asura was not killed and he started  troubling all devas .Lord Shiva then created Lord Sastha and ordered him to kill the Asura.  Lord Sastha   successfully   managed to do that   and later Lord Shiva gave Lord Sastha and his consorts   the form of Linga and consecrated them  on the Koormagiri  Hill near   this village .Lord Vishnu  in his Avathara   as Koorma is supposed to have   visited   this village  and  worshipped Lord Shiva inthis place.  It seems the poojari  who resided in the village   daily used to climb the hill to worship God Sastha. Once he fell down while climbing and broke his feet. It seems immediately Lord Sastha   came and told him that he did not want to cause further problem to his devotee and asked the Poojari to consecrate him   in the   village itself. He said his idols in the LInga form are already present in the village below a  big neem tree  and the priest could recognize  the spot  by watching for red and white ants dragging flowers to worship him. The villagers recovered the idols and bult a big temple for him. Since  big neem tree is called  “ Peru Vembu” in Tamil   the deity was named as  Peruvembudayar Sastha and the Sthala Vruksha of the temple is a neem tree People believe that it was this Sastha who was born as Lord Ayyappan and killed the ogress   called Mahishi.Records show the Pandya,, chola and Chera kings as well as many Sidhas have visited thie temple.
 Devotees who are not able to go to Sabari Mala visit this temple and complete their vow
 Arrangements for the stay of pilgrims and Annadhanam to them is made  by the   temple trust. This Sastha is the Kula deivm  of large number of people belonging to Thirunelveli district.
Temple address
Arulmigu Sri Peruvembudayar Sastha Annadana Trust
Vagaikulam, Sasthapuram, Rajakalmangalam. Perumazhinji.
Tel No: 09003799344, 09363346436

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Teachers-the gods who are always blamed

                          DEDICATED  TO ALL TEACHERS  WHO READ THIS

Teachers-the gods    who are always blamed

Translated  By

(This poem in tamil was quoted  by Hamsabai    Santhanakrishnan.   She had dedicated it to   all teachers    who are members of the  Facebook. After  translating it with many changes , I am rededicating   it to all teachers who happen to read it.)

Writing on the black board with a chalk   constantly,
And getting  both their  lungs   full of Chalk   powder,
But teaching  , teaching   and teaching, so that they improve
The school teacher   has developed  pain in his  heart  for ever.

The society   which  punished  the teacher  for punishing
The  useless student so that  he can achieve something in life,
The society   which added  pain to him for showing the way,
Perhaps  stamps  on him ,  because  he is a ladder for students climb.

The proud   society which insults the  teacher
Who  ought  to   be respected, does ,
Never think  why the  need really arose,
To  hit   the God , who protected and protects.

For  teaching with a shouting voice   so that  ,
Even the  back bencher   is also able to hear,
Does the reward  and honour  consist  ,
Of beating , insulting   and hitting  them?

The society  which  considers  the teacher ,
Who considers  each student as his child ,
AS an enemy  is like one  who wounds the sculptor,
Thinking   they are  wounding the stone ,
Would  possibly never get  a pretty statue.

They   go  as a teacher to the school in the morning,
But return  as a parent  daily in the  evening,
Tosses   in his  bed  and spends a sleepless night,
For   shouting   at the student   in the school.

On one side  the sting by  the tension created  by examination,
And on the other side   the sting   by  the student
 Who refuses  to cooperate,  the poor teacher  ,
Stands in the middle    and suffers  and only suffers.

They call  one day as   the “teacher’s day”   and on that day ,
He would be engulfed  by greetings from all sides,
Though  each of them know , “This praise ,
Is only for t that day , from next  they would  find his fault.”

They would   say “sacrifice yourself as  what you do,
Is nothing but   social service”  and next day they would  sacrifice you,
They  would say  “You are   the architect of society “ and next day  ,
They   would call you  “the worst  enemy  of society.”

But  in spite  of all these  hypocritical  remarks ,
Of the society  , in which    they  are forced  to work and live,
They would be teachers  and teachers   whether  they  die or live,
They  would  always be  “the gods  of learning”   who do teaching as their duty

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You are son of your mother and the husband of your wife

You are  son of your mother   and the husband  of your wife


(A tamil  creation , gave wings to my imagination  and creativity)

To a mother  you were  the end of all her pain   and birth of all  joy ,
And to the wife  you are the birth of joy and partner  in suffering  ,
The world  of mother  is you and only you for all  time to come,
And the world of wife   you  are only  a great  part of her  life.
Your contentment, joyful life and happiness make your mother happy,
And your wife   waits to share  your contentment, joy and happiness,
The mother   is the sculptor   who chisels   you  to   become great,
And  the wife   is happy   with showing you off   as a great  statue ,
You are  the  mother’s world  of joy, happiness   and security ,
And you are also   the wife’s  world  of joy, happiness  and security/

Mother   carried you   in her womb,
Wife carries you  on her neck,
Mother gave  birth to you ,
Wife  adopted  you as  hers,
Mother gave you heart  throbs,
Wife  throbs you   in your  action,
Mother  was   your first cradle,
Wife is your    second cradle,
Mother  is your first God,
Wife is a God equal   to mother,
Mother brings you till the  arena of sports ,
Wife is the one who participates  in that sports,
Mother is  your soul ,
Wife   is your soul and body,
Mother  is yesterday and today,
Wife is today  and tomorrow,
Mother is  creation of  your  World,
Wife is  the upkeep of your world,
Without wife  a great mother   would not be there,
Without mother a great wife   would not be there,
The greatness  of nature  is in creation of woman,
And the greatness of woman  is in motherhood.

ATM daddy is given an AADHAAR (Support) card

ATM  daddy is given   an AADHAAR (Support)  card


(Idea got from what I read in   Whatsapp)

There is upright  gentleman called Ramu,
Who was owning   his own start up,
After marriage  Ramu was  in real  heaven,
With his wife and soon they  got a  son,
The Son grew upo to a little boy ,
And due to  sorrowful fate  Ramu’s wife ,
Departed   to heaven leaving them alone ,
Ramu was around forty and the   was ten year old.
Though well meaning friends   and relations ,
Compelled  Ramu   to  get married   again,
Ramu said   that he did not feel a need,
Because his son , the gift  of his  wife was with him.

Years rolled  by   Ramu’s   son Kittu  got married,
When he was twenty five  and brought home his wife,
Ramu  had  made Kittu    a manager  of his big company,
And life went on  , with KIttu’s wife  managing the house ,
One day  while starting    for his office , Ramu ,
Requested   his daughter  in law  for  some curd to drink,
And she said that  curds  were exhausted  in the house,
Ramu went to office   and when Kittu  was about to depart,
KIttu’s wife   gave him a big bowl of curds,
Kittu    ate it silently  and went to office   as usual,

After a few more days , one day  Kittu told Ramu,
“Appa  , I want you to get   married again,
And have   selected  a suitable nice partner  to you.
Also I have decided   to move   in to a rented  home,
And  work in our  office as   your employee drawing salary”

Ramu did not understand but   obeyed  his son ,
And on the day Kittu along with his   wife was moving I out,
He told Ramu,  “ I did all this , so that  you can get your cup of curd.
You have been   all these  days  my ATM(Anbu Thanthai Maganukku),

And I want  for you   to have  an    AADHAAR, all your life .” 

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Welcome of MIL to DIL

Welcome of MIL to DIL

Translated by

(The  idea is not mine but I found it in the face book posting of  Vishwanath Das and I liked it.
MIL –Mother in law, DIL – Daughter in law , FIL-Father in law and SIL –Sister in law)

The new DIL   came and settled down,
The MIL summoned her    and told her.
This home   is run  based  on rules,which is ,
Just like    the ministry  of our country.

Ofcourse   your FIL  is the prime  minister,
He would look   after  the defence  ministry,
AS well   as the  ministry  of Foreign affairs,

I am the   deputy  Prime minister  of this home,
I  look after  Home, finance as well  as Textiles,

My son who is   your husband   is the minister,
Of Labour , transport and domestic affairs,

My daughter  who is your   dear SIL,
Would be   the minister  in charge  ,
Of  Planning, implementation and entertainment,

Hey DIL  please do tell  what would be your choice,
We thought   after   a cabinet meeting  yesterday,
To allot you, food and kitchen, cleaning   and washing,
And  family    and home welfare, Is it OK

The DIL did   not even think for a minute  and told,
I do not want any of these   important portfolios,
But I would be the leader  of the opposition,
Who would forever   find out all your mistakes,
And  be permitted to stage a walk out very often

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Never this time a poem by Sri Prasoon Joshi after Mumbai attack on 26/11 , eight years back

Never   this  time  a poem by Sri Prasoon Joshi   after Mumbai attack on 26/11   , eight years back

Translated by

These are the words written  by Prasoon Joshi   whose heart was bleeding on  seeing the inhuman, mindless , cruel murders that took place  in Mumbai on a 26/11  some 8 years back. Being not well  versed in Hindi , I have taken the help  of  translation of  DR.Hemant Sant   , though there are many translations available in Sulekha dot com to understand these  lines. With tear filled eyes  I remember that   worst   day which showed to the world that  a Mumbaikar  is not a coward but   a great freedom fighter  who stood as  one forgetting all differences of caste , religion    and native place
Hear it sung  by Amithab Bachan, who though not born in Mumbai is a great Mubaikar.

Read it in Hindi script 

I salute those Mumbaikars

Is Baar Nahin
(Not this time)

Is baar jab woh choti si bachchi mere
paas apni kharonch le kar aayegi
Main use phoo phoo kar nahin behlaoonga
Panpaney doonga uski tees ko

This time when my  little girl,
Comes to me with her bleeding scratches,
I would not   blow air and  calm her down,
I would see to it her   pain  increases to the top

Is baar nahin
Never this time

Is baar jab main chehron par dard likha dekhoonga
Nahin gaoonga geet peeda bhula dene wale
Dard ko risney doonga' utarney doonga andar gehrey 

This time when I see faces  with pain written on them,
I would not   sing a song  and  try to reduce their pain,
I would allow  the pain to increase, so that it goes deep in side them

Is baar nahin
Never this time

Is baar main na marham lagaoonga
Na hi uthaoonga ruee ke phohey
Aur na hi kahoonga ki tum aankhein band karlo,
gardan udhar kar lo main dawa lagata hoon
Dikhney doonga sabko, hum sabko khuley nangey ghaav

This Time I would not apply   ointment,
Nor would I  put a bandage with cotton,
I would never tell, “Please close your eyes”.
I will tell “Turn your head, I will apply  burning medicine”
I will show  every one  those wounds   with their naked eyes

Is baar nahin
Never this time

Is baar jab uljhaney dekhoonga, chatpatahat dekhoonga
Nahin daudoonga uljhee dor lapetney
Uljhaney doonga jab tak ulajh sake

This time when I see confusion  and  trembling of  body and mind,
I would not run away , so that I can see and  swallow  those dismembered  bodies,
I would allow them to get confused, till that time they get more confused

Is baar nahin
Never this time

Is baar karm ka hawala de kar nahin uthaoonga auzaar
Nahin karoonga phir se ek nayee shuruaat
Nahin banaoonga misaal ek karmyogi ki
Nahin aaney doonga zindagi ko aasani se patri par
Utarney doonga usey keechad main,
tedhey medhey raston pe
Nahin sookhney doonga deewaron par laga khoon
Halka nahin padneydoonga uska rang
Is baar nahin banney doonga usey itna laachaar
ki paan ki peek aur khoon ka fark hi khatm ho jaye

This time I would not blame Karma and loose    a chance,
I would   never   make another  new beginning,
I would not become a detached  actor on the pedestal,
I would not allow   a new life   with great ease,
I would allow it to   get down in the  mire of blood,
On the road   with twists   and turns  ,
I would not allow   the blood on the wall to dry,
I would never allow   that colour   to fade,
This  time I will not allow it to become this wayward,
And never allow any one    to get confused  between,
The red spit  of the chewed paan  and the blood.

Is baar nahin
Never this time

Is baar ghawon ko dekhna hai
Gaur se thoda lambe wakt tak
Kuch faisley
Aur uskey baad hausley
kahin toh shuruat karni hee hogi
Is baar yahi tay kiya hai...

This time we have to see  those wounds,
With seriousness   for a longer time  ,
Some decisions have to be taken,
And afterwards   we have to take action,
For some where   we have to begin,
And this  time  , a decision has been taken


Real devotion is doing our duty- three different stories

Real devotion   is doing our duty-  three  different stories

Devotion or Bhakthi   has  been defined   in various ways by various savants    and sages. Here are  three   methods   to define devotion through stories. The first by a face book friend  in Tamil , the second from Upanishads    and third from a popular   folk tale of Tamil Nadu. I think all of them agree   that  doing  once duty and dharma   is real devotion.Has this not been told in  Bhagwad Gita-    Do your duty  without expecting  any results.

1,What makes one peaceful


There was   a very rich man in a city,
Who used to follow     all rituals ,
And worship God    daily   for,
More   than hour   but lead,
A life  without any peace,

In the same city   there was a cobbler,
Who used to keep a  small picture of God Narayana,
And salute   it daily   before  he began his work,
But he was leading   a peaceful happy life.

Sage Narada   was puzzled and met Lord Narayana,
And Asked him , “ I am not able   to understand ,
Why the rich man  who worships you does not have peace ,
And the Cobbler   who gives you one salute  has lot of peace.”

Lord  Narayana    requested   sage Narada   to meet both,
And ask them  one question, which he told  Narada,
The sage met   the rich man     and  told   him,
“I am coming   from Lord Narayana “ and .,
The rich man enquired “What is the lord doing now?”
Sage  Narada   replied,”He is trying  to send ,
An elephant   through  the nozzle of a small needle”
The rich man , laughed and told “An impossible task,
And even the    great God    cannot    do it”

Then the sage went    to the   cobbler   and told .
The same thing    and the cobbler    replied  ,
“He is the God who  kept a huge  banyan tree  in a small  seed,
He is the one who showed the entire  universe  in his mouth,
And this    is an extremely     simple   job for him,”

The sage went and reported   to the  God as to what Happened,
And  the Lord told him, “Devotion to me   is not doing rituals properly,
But having complete   faith in me , surrendering   to me,
And   do all the duties    of the  life in the world properly,
The rich man suffers  as his   life  is more  of a drama,
To convince the world that  he   is a great devotee ,
And Cobbler is at o peace   because  he follows what I told,”

2.Narada   wants to find out   greatest devotee


Sage  Narada    who   every second of his   life ,
Used to chant  “Narayana , Narayana  “
Once became very proud   and thought ,
That he  is the greatest  devotee of  the Lord.

He went to the Lord Asked him .” please ,
Tell me     as to who is  your  greatest devotee?”
The  Lord immediately replied  “Ofcourse,
It is Raikwa   the   cart man  without any doubt.”

Sage Narada felt disappointed    and wanted ,
To see that  Raikwa   who was greater than him.
He went   and observed   him very closely  ,
Raikwa  used  to wake  up and say , “Oh Narayana”
Then he was   busy all the day  in his jobs and duties.
And  after a tiresome day , before sleeping , he told , “Oh Narayana”

The sage Narada    who used   to chant  almost million times,
“Narayana , “Went back  to the lord   and said “You are unjust”
But the lord with a smile told   him  , “Please take this pot full of oil,
Keep it on your head and go round   the world ,
“Taking care   not to spill  , even  one drop of oil”

Sage Narada   agreed   and went round the world  without  spilling,
Went back and   told Lord Narayana , with great pride “I have done  it”
Lord Narayana   asked the sage , “How many times   you chanted my name?”
The sage  burst into laughter “Not even once during  this great job.”

Lord Narayana told him , “That Raikwa   is doing much    greater job,
Than you, but  in spite   of it , he tells  my name   twice a day.”
And you even with a much simpler  job   are not  ,
Able   to remember    me at least once in a complete day.
And that is why he  is a greater devotee   than you  .”
Sage Narada   understood it  and agreed to  it.

3.Devotee  who burnt a crane


There was  a devotee   in the olden times ,
Who left his family hungry    and uncared
And  went on doing   thapas , chanting ,
The name of Narayana  millions of times,
And one  day a crane dirtied   his head,
And the devotee  stared  at the crane,
And it became ash and fell down.

The devotee   became very proud   and thought,
That he was the greatest devotee  in the world,
And went for  requesting   for food  to a house,
The house lady said , “I am attending  on my husband ,
And as soon as   the job is over, I shall attend on you ,
The devotee  stared  at her   and she asked  him,
“Do you really  think that  I am yet another crane .

The devotee was disturbed    and simply did not understand ,
How the lady knew   and told her to direct him  ,
TO the greatest    devotee   whom she knew ,
And she told him  “approach    the butcher of the village”

The devotee was shocked   but with great   reluctance ,
Went to the butcher’s   home   and ordered  him,
To tell how    he was a great devotee   and the butcher said,
“I am busy with work  of supplying   meat to my customers,
And later I have to comfort   my old parents  and sick wife.
If you can wait    till   all these   are over ,I shall  talk to you,
The devotee  stared at the butcher  , who told  him,
“I too am not the   crane” and the devotee   decided to wait.

Late   at night after   all his daily    duties   were over,
The butcher came out    and told the waiting   devotee,
“The greatest devotion to God    is to attend to our Dhamra,
I had to  look after  my customers , parents and wife,
And the  dharma of the lady   whom you met,
Is to look after her husband. In between    we too,
Do chant   the name of God and that is great devotion”

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Father Advises daughter after marriage

Father  Advises daughter after  marriage


(The entire idea  was written by one of my face book friends Sri Halasya Sundaram Iyer  My grateful acknowledgements to him )

Darling daughter , I do need  to advice you ,
Though  it is normal   only for a  mother.
To advice  her daughter  while she leaves her,
I thought   that I too need   to advice you.

I know that  you   have great  admiration r to your father,
About his personality, decision making power and so on,
But dear daughter   never tell  about  it to your husband,
For no male like   another male to be praised by his wife.

Do not expect   your adamant   behavior    to be pardoned,
By your   husband  , till  he understands  your childishness,
As your father’s affection to you was blind   and prevented,
Him  to be angry with you at any    time, as you are his child.

Little arguments   and differences   are bound to arise  between you both,
But    at that time never even by error   say,”I am going to my father’s home,”
And whenever  your opinion  is asked  by your loving  gusband,
Never ever say, “ I will consult my father  before telling you a decision.”

Remember from now onwards   you both only have   to take decisions,
Make your  darling understand that from now on he is  your world,
And make him  sit   on the   throne of your mind   as   your king,
AS this is the only way   that your life  would  be  filled with joy.

Remember that a man’s anger   is really expression of his love ,
And never   show your anger   against him  and please know,
That   the mental adjustment   of your  mother   who is my darling,
Only changed  my short tempered nature and mage me   in to a human being.

To summarise   my little  one , Never sing the praises of your father,
Never ever   compare  him who is your king to your father ,
You  are the  sweet  little  bundle   of your father ,.
And this will  never help you for  from now on your husband is your hero.

Please prove    the  good habits   and culture  ,
That I taught    you this long, as your   great asset,
By  joining   with your husband , loving him ,
And  by establishing  a sweet  and  well meaning   married life.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

What all we can download?

What all    we can download?


Ramu    was a young intelligent boy ,
Working in one  top software   firm,
He left to office  at  eight in morning   and   did not,
Return  before  night  eleven o clock.

Malini   was an equally intelligent girl,
Busy    in  a very big    soft ware   firm,
Which was  little far away   from the town,
And so had to leave home   at  five Am,
And used   to return   at night   ten pm.

Their  parents   scoured   heaven  and earth,
For finding a  suitable  match for both,
The horoscope  of Malini  and Ramu matched,
And after   video chat  , whatsapp  message exchanges ,
They decided  to get married and tied the knot.

By the time  Ramu   woke up daily,
Malini would have  gone to office ,
And when both returned at night ,
They slipped off to sleep in a  minute.

After about   a year  , Ramu’s mother,
Was greatly worried that no good news was there,
And approached   an astrologer  to enquire,
When she would  become a   grand mother.

Ramu’s  parents   and Malini’s parents,
Did lot of  poojas  , prayaschithas ,
And went to several    temples,
Though    the good news  did not come.

Time did  pass   very fast   and an expert  doctor,
Using new   techniques  , did make  ,
Ramu and Malini   as proud parents,
And the little one was brought up by,
Mothers on both sides    and   AAyas.

The little one grew up and  after  a  great effort,
Met her parents   who were  always   busy,
In their cell phones, tabs and lap tops,
And asked her mummy , “How   was I born mummy.”

Mummy  too busy to raise   her head    replied,
“May  be some stork   brought you   from somewhere?’
The child not satisfied   google searched,
But did not  get any  reply  she could understand,
And went to  her mother , again after  seeking,
Appointment in the weekend   and asked her Mummy ,
“Mummy   was I born to you   or did you download me from laptop?”

Anger-the curse that makes you lose everything

Anger-the curse that makes  you lose  everything


(These again are not my original thoughts  but   thoughts of a great person   which I read and copied in Tamil , long back. Unfortunately, I did not note down his name .Being short tempered , these lines    attracted and influenced me . I remember   that great sage Durvasa    lost all his greatness  and power   as soon as he got angry  and had to start doing penance   again. If you are like me  , please read this   and try  to reduce   your anger.)

Those   who get angry  for anything   and everything,
Are the enemies to their  own  prosperous lives.
If we try to find out    why they get angry
WE would understand    their as  well as our problems.

Some would get angry, if things do not go   as they wish,
Some when others   do not obey     their orders,
Some if they   not  immediately   follow  what they say,
Some  if others do not agree  with them and talk back.

Some  if others  point out    about   their faults,
Some if others complain about  persons whom they like,
And all these   type  of  anger  is not  proper and just,
And   would indicate   they  are not mentally mature.

With  little patience , if we enquire  with patience  ,
And hear with patience    what they have   to say,
Without getting   angry we can do many things,
And  this would  make  our life  full of peace .

Some  will  get angry  due to physical   disabilities,
Some would get angry if their   sleep is disturbed,
Some will get angry   if   they    do not get in time,
What they want , whether  it is  good or bad.

If we happen to talk    with persons   of this nature,
If we talk   with  love and with a   gentle smile,
We can   put out their  anger   with great speed,
As  talk with love and concern has that power.

All acts    done    when one is angry would be unwise acts,
And so when we  talk with   an angry person , we need to take care,
If one gets angry   , there  isa possibility  that we may become sick,
And we may loose our friends   and relatives  and forced to live alone.

They  would be creating   large number of enemies around them,
They would be  called as   snobs  as well  as short tempered idiots,
And so after  you come out of anger  please think about  ,
Why you got angry and identify   your role and part in it.

This would help you  to control   it next time  when it occurs,
And there is also a  need  to learn and train yourself   to control  anger
AS soon as  you get out of anger  please request for pardon ,
And make a decision every morning  not to get angry that   day.

Anger   would  reduce   all the prosperity and name   of yours,
So,”Leran to laugh  and  if not learn  to keep your mouth shut “
There is no evidence that anger wins but several that patience wins,
You please   be like  Sun , t you would shed light  and live in peace  .

Friday, November 18, 2016

Pattinathar songs sung before cremating his mother.

Pattinathar songs sung before   cremating his   mother.

Translated by

(Here  is a great poem of sorrow written by a great Shaivite saint called  Pattinathar ( Some people believe that he lived 50 years before and some others 1000 years) ,He was a trader by birth   and  was also referred to as Thiruven Kadar. When he renounced the world he had promised his mother that  he would come and do her cremation. As per the words he came  and reached the crematyion ground.He regot removed all the firewood stacked   to burn his mother’s body and  kept her body on Banana stems and leaves   and is supposed to have sung these  ten verses. It is believed  the  pyre he made  gstarted burning and the cremation was done .In these  verses you would find how difficult Saint Pattinathar found to cremate  his mother’s body. Under similar circumstances  Adhi Sankara   sang the Mathru Panchakam    and almost   similar  feelings have been expressed by him.( )  Every individual reading these   great works   would shed tears remembering his own mother.) .

1.Iyiranndu   thingalai   angamelaam nondhu pethu
Payal yendra podhe    parintheduthu  -cheyyaviru,
Kaipurthil yendhi , kanaka mulai thandhaalai ,
Yeppirappil  kaanben yini?

1.After  suffering  severe   pain in all her limbs  for ten months,
She gave birth    and lifted   me softly as soon as  she knew it was a boy,
And then    she carried me in both her hands  and fed me   from her golden breast,
In which of my future   births   would I be able  ever  to see her.

2.Mundhi thavam kidanthu, munnooru naal chumanthe,
Yanthi pakalaa  achivanai aadarithu -thonthi
Chariya  sumanthu pethra thaayaar  thamakko,
Yeriya   thazhal  moothuven.

2,She did great penance   and  worshipped ,
Lord Shiva for    three   hundred   days,
And then carried me  in her hanging paunch,
And have birth to  me  and  would I,
Light   the fire   to that   mother.

3.Vattiiilum thottililum   maar melum  , thon melum,
Kattilulilum vaithennai   kadalithu mutta,
Chirakilittu  kappathi cheerattum  thaikko,
Virakilittu     thee  mootuven.

3..She loved me putting me in a basket  , swing ,
On her chest  and shoulder and  then ,
Pleasantly  spoiled me by putting  me on feather bed ,
And would I lit   the firewood to burn that mother .

4.Nondhu chumandhu pethru   novaamal   yethi ,
Mulai thanthu   valatheduthu thazhaameyanthipakal,
Kayyile   konednnai   kappathum thai thanakko
Meyyile    thee  mootuven?

4.She suffered pains, carried me  and gave  birth to me ,
Then without pain lifted me    and  suckled me   from her breast,
And then nurtured me without   giving me   any pain ,
And also protected me    day and night carrying me in her hand,
Would I set fire    to the body  of such a mother.

5.Arisiyo naan iduven , aathaal thanakku,
Varisayittu paarthu magizhaamal  Uruchiyulla ,
Thene amruthame  , chelva drvya  poo ,
Maane Yena   azhaitha   vaaykku?

5.Would  I put   rice   to my mother instead,
Of  becoming joyous by    giving great presents to her,
In  the mouth   that called  me Oh tastey honey  ,
Oh nectar , oh flower  of prosperity   and oh deer.

6.Alli iduvathu arisiyo, thai thalai mel,
Kolli vaipeeno?Koosaaman   meLLa  ,
Mukham  mel Mukham vaithu, muthaadi ,
Yen Makane yendru    azhaitha  vaaikku.

6.Should it be rice that    I take and put,
Should I set fire   on the head of my mother?
To her mouth   by which without hesitation
She    gently kept her face  on my face.
And    fondled  me   and said , please kiss me son.

7.Munnai itta thee   muppurathile  ,
Pinnai itta rthee    then ilangayil  ,
Annai itta    thee   adi vayithile,
Yaanum itta    thee moolga moolgave.

7. The  first fire was put by Shiva  on three  cities,
The later fire was  put in southern Lanka by Hanuman,
The fire   that my mother purt is in the bottom of my belly,
And let   the   fire  put by  me catch up   and burn.

8.Vekuthe  thee yathinil  , venthu   podi Chamba ,
laaguthe , paviyen ayya ho maga ,
Kuruvi paravaamal   Kodhatti   yennai,
Karuthi  valarthedutha  kai.

8.It is getting cooked   in that fire and it becomes,
Powdery ash, I am alas   a sinner   who burnt ,
That hand   which caressed and protected me  ,
From  flying birds   and  nurtured  and brought me up.

9.Venthaalo  , sona giri   Vithagaa ,nin pathathil,
Vanthaalo, yennai maranthalo, santhamum ,
Unnai nokki uganthu varam  kidanthu,
Yen thannaye   eendrdutha thai.

9.Did she get fully burnt , Oh  magician of  red mountain,
And did she  reach    your feet , Did she   completely  ,
Forget me, My  mother who gave birth to me ,
After doing  great   penance thinking about you.

10.Veethru irunthaal, annai   veethi  thanil  irunthaal,
Nethru irunthal  , indru venthu    neeraanaal,
Paal thelikka yellerum   vaarungal  , Yethendru irangaamal,
Yellaam   Shiva mayameyaagum.

10, My mother was   sitting and she   was in the  street,
Yesterday she was there  and  today she was burnt and became ash
All of you please   do come to sprinkle   milk,
Without pitying   as everything is filled with Lord Shiva.

தாயாருக்குத்தகனகிரியை செய்கையிற்பாடிய வெண்பா
பையலென்றபோதேபரிந்தெடுத்துச் -செய்யவிரு
யந்திபகலாச்சிவனையாதரித்துத் -தொந்தி
கட்டிலிலும்வைத்தென்னைக்காதலித்து - முட்டச்
தந்துவளர்ந்தெடுத்துத்தாழாமே - யந்திபகல்
வரிசையிட்டுப்பாத்துமகிழாம - லுருசியுள்ள
கொள்ளிதனைவைப்பேனோகூசாமன் - மெள்ள


லாகுதேபாவியேனையகோ - மாகக் குருவிபறவாமற்கோதாட்டியென்னைக்
வந்தாளோவென்னைமறந்தாளோ - சந்ததமு
நேற்றிருந்தாளின்றுவெந்துநீறானாள் - பாற்றெளிக்க
எல்லாஞ் சிவமயமே யாம்.