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Sacred kolam for Chithra Pournami (30-4-2018)

Sacred  kolam   for  Chithra  Pournami (30-4-2018)


Chithra pournami  is a festival  meant to pray to  Lord  Chithra  Guptha  , the book keeper  of Lord Yama . Like all  other festivals  on that   day  the home is decorated  by a Rangoli(Kolam) .On line search will show  many kolams but they are  all  normal KOlam designs.  I also saw  a Kolam design in the form of a Radham(chariot)   in one of the web sites. 
   Two days back , I   received a  phone call   from  a family friend and an octogenarian  Smt Thailamba Mami ,belonging to Puthucode   but settled  in Bangalore  . Me and my wife  consider  her more like  our elder  sister (because it was she who introduced us to Bangalore  fifty years back) but   we have not  heard   from her for a long time  . She told us   that her   daughter in law   regularly briefs her  about my write   ups  in face book  about  several festivals    and she had  a request to make to me  .I said, “Any thing Mami.”
   Then she said  that right from  her child hood   she was taught  a peculiar KOlam to be drawn on Chithra Pournami day and she wanted   this KOlam which very few  people know    should be preserved for posterity .The kolam   according to her    is drawn  in such a way that  it has  entry from north, east and west but not  the south  indicating that  those   who do   draw   it and pooja  on that day   would go to heaven    and not hell. With namakarams to THailambal Mami  I am giving   the image of the kolam  as well a photo of Mami who   even at the old age   wanted  the sacred kolam   to be preserved for   our future   generations  . 

Monday, April 23, 2018

The gutter of flowing thoughts and acts

The gutter  of flowing  thoughts and acts

Binu Thomas

Translated from Malayalam

(Thanks my friend  for these great flow of thoughts)

The greatest  gutter in the world  flows  ,
Unfortunately through   the mind of human being ,
Unfortunately  only  when thoughts come  out of it,
AS words  , sentances, pictures  and acts we recognize it.

Though some people   due   to   their intelligence , education,
AS well as their command in language are able to decorate ,
The gutter of their mind and try to  make it appear   as some other thing,
Some time, their  real look , opens the screen   and comes out.

If  a person does not take bath   but wears  pretty silk cloth,
Does the dirt and smell of his   mind   ever disappear  ?
And like that  though  decorated greatly , a dirty mind,
Shows itself out by  polluting  the good world by  uncivilized words.

Not even a   single flower   does  not open in  some of these
Gutters  Of  the mind, possibly   because  , the content of poison,
Of the belief   in those minds    has increased   so much,
That   good   thought like flowers    are  killed instantly

Sunday, April 22, 2018

What a fool is a human being ?

What a fool  is a  human being ?

(I was jolted   when I read it i Hindi  .I said to myself, “Oh God what a fool i am?)

Translated   By

When he is praying to God, he thinks , God is listening to him,
But when he  shouts at God  , he forgets this,
When he is doing good deeds, he thinks  God is seeing him,
But   when he is doing a sin, he forgets about it,
When he is foing charity  , he thinks God lives in every one,
But when he steals, he forgets about it,
When he  loves, he thinks, God has  made this entire world,
But when he  hates  , he foegets abut it.

In spite of all this, we think   he is the most   wise   , all knowing being

            मनुष्य कितना मूर्ख है |
👌प्रार्थना करते समय समझता है कि भगवान सब सुन रहा है,
👉पर निंदा करते हुए ये भूल जाता है।
👌पुण्य करते समय यह समझता है कि भगवान देख रहा है,
👉पर पाप करते समय ये भूल जाता है।
👌दान करते हुए यह समझता है कि भगवान सब में बसता है,
👉पर चोरी करते हुए ये भूल जाता है।
👌प्रेम करते हुए यह समझता है कि पूरी दुनिया भगवान ने बनाई है,
👉पर नफरत करते हुए ये भूल जाता है।
👌..और हम कहते हैं कि मनुष्य सबसे बुद्धिमान प्राणी है।

Curious little daughter- My reason for working night shift

Curious little daughter- My reason  for working  night shift

Translated by

(This is based  on a   good write  up by my scholarly   face book friend  Vasu Iyengar . I believe   that  intelligence   has  three  top ingredients- Curiosity , memory   and power of  understanding .None of   us can   become intelligent  unless  we are curious.  If you a curious daughter  like this    and discourage  her from being curious , she would not   become  intelligent  Fortunately  the mothers of all children know this   and  whatever may be the troubles that have to undergo, they will  never discourage a child   from being curious.)

My Little daughter came   to meet me, before I slept ,
And asked me  .”Daddy  , why are  mosquitoes  biting  only at night?”
And she also wanted   to know   ,”when those  poor ones will sleep?”
And I said, “They will sleep when they feel sleepy?”

My daughter    then asked “I sleep   when it is night,
But when will  these poor mosquitoes    sleep,?”
I said,  “they will  sleep when they take  their food.”
And she told  “Mummy told   it does  not eat our food.”

I yawned  but my little one said  , “Daddy , one more question?”
“Where   is the home  of  the poor    little  mosquito?”
I said , “It does  not have a  home  because  it is too small”
And then she asked “I too am small but I have a house”

Then I said to her , “This home   was built  by your daddy.”
And then my baby’s   face brightened   and she   asked,
“Oh  Does it mean that  mosquito   does not have  daddy and mummy?”
And then I told her.”It has   but they too are small  and do not have a house.”

Then  she asked , “Who decided   to call it a  mosquito?”
And I told “God” and she asked , “Will mosquito   bite  God?”
I said , “No,  they would not? “ and she asked “Why?”.
I said , “God is big, he will beat   it  , if it bites  him.”

Then she asked  “Does it mean, God   is a  bad person?
I got wild , “ofcourse he is good.”  And she asked,
“Why  did such a big God   then beat  such a small mosquito”
I said, “I am feeling sleepy , Why are you not sleeping now?”

“Daddy  , please, few more   doubts  please, Why is  it biting us?”
I was  about to cry  and said ,  “ It is   feeling   Hungry.”
She asked “Will it eat idli , I do not like  it and I will give it mine.”
I said, “It does  not  idli”  and she asked, “Is it because  it is hot , will it drink cold  Lassi?”

I shouted   at her  , “Shut   your   mouth   and sleep.”  And she ,
Raised her  little finger   and asked  , “Daddy , ony one  more question?”
I  said , “Okay”  and she asked  “Does   it have   teeth?”
And I said “No”  and she asked, “Then how  can it bite?”

I became terribly  angry and said  , “Unless  you close  your mouth,
I will   give it to a  ghost?”  and she wanted to know  “ Will,
Mosquito bite the  Ghost  ?  Or will  Ghost bite mosquito”
I shouted  and called my wife  and ordered her  to take  care of my daughter.”

She asked , “Why ? I have  work to do in the  kitchen   and cannot  you,
Take care  of this darling    and answer    her   very simple Questions?”
And I told my wife  , “tomorrow  onwards  I am   asking my boss ,
To shift me    to the night shift  , otherwise  I will become mad.”

Saturday, April 21, 2018

An unsocial old man alone in his home.

An unsocial old  man alone in his home.


He   was   a very old man of   very  unsocial type ,
And he   did not have  any friends  to talk ,
And he spent   all his time  in  reading,
And writing  in the  computer but never talked.

She     too was  old,  more   social than him,
But   she spent all  her time in,
Learning to sing   prayers, going to temples, 
Cooking and various   other handicrafts.

She   wanted   to attend  a marriage ,
And he said  , Okay you do go  ,
AS I am not   interested  in ,
Meeting people   and wasting my time there.

She asked  him,”how will you manage ?”
And the reply   was a sarcastic laugh   from him,
And he told her  .” I know how   to cook,
And   even if you are  here, I rarely talk  with you.

She   did go   for a few   days  and  on the first day,
He did not feel   her absence    at all  but the next day.
He felt , he was  missing  her  and the  third day,
He felt   miserable    without   her in the home

When she returned  , with sincerity   he told her.
“I missed   you a lot “  but then she laughed at him and told ,
“You know  how to cook   and you  do not like to talk,
And how did you miss me  “ and he   said  ,
“Without   you I felt   our  home was a vacuam”

Friday, April 20, 2018

The joy of giving

The  joy  of giving


(Based on a face book Tamil post  , posted  by very many people .I  want to thank the  original author.)

Once  when I was studying  in college  ,
My father   took me   to see a   famous circus,
And we   were  waiting  in the queue ,
To buy  the  ticket   to witness  the show

One  man was   standing  in front of us,
And along him were   eight   kids  ,
All of them   below    the age  of twelve,
Their dress  was clean  but poor

They were all of them eagerly   waiting ,
To see  the circus  and  the eldest  ,’
Was telling them  about  what all,
Wonderful animals   and tricks they will see.

The lady   at the counter   asked   him,
How many tickets   they want  and ,
He told her  , two adults and eight children,
And she told  him the amount  that was needed.

He was shocked   as he did  not have that much,
But he asked   his wife to take   the children,
And said soon he would   come  with the ticket,
And my father  was   also  seeing all  this.

He then  dropped   the hundred rupee note,
He had on the floor and took it  and asked   that man,
“This note has fallen  from your pocket  sir”
And that man immediately   uns dertood my father .

He said   with tears   dropping from his eyes  on the note,
“Sir  , I cannot tell you   the value of this  note to me now,
And Millions  of thanks   to you “ and took the note  from my father ,
Purchased   the tickets    and went to witness  the circus

WE  both   did not have   any other  money with us ,
And returned  home   with   mind   filled with joy,
And  felt  million times  more happy  than seeing the circus,
And thus my father  taught me, the  joy in helping others

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Darling Radha’s puzzling replies

Darling Radha’s puzzling  replies

Translated by

(This  verse  in Sanskrit with Tamil   commentary   was posted by my scholarly   friend  Sri Vasi Iyengar . Having enjoyed it , I thought I will make an attempt to take it   to those   who do not know Tamil.Thanks my friend)

Once  Lord Krishna   went to  see  his darling  Radha ,
And unfortunately    the   door to her  house   was bolted,
And  Lord Krishna   knocked   at her   door with impatience ,
And Radha came   to the door and asked”Who is is please?”
Lord Krishna   replied , “Hari”  and since “Hari”   also meant monkey,
She asked  “What does  Hari want to do here? Go to the garden ”
Lord Krishna  became   impatient   and said, “Darling  , It is  Krishna”
Since Krishna   also means black she said, “I am scared of Black monkeys calling me darling ”
By this time  Lord Krishna    did not know   what to do and said,
“Dear  pearl , do you not know  , I am Madhu sudana” and Radha .
Instead  of taking it as  killer of Madhu , took it as “One who drinks  honey”,
And so advised him  “Climbing plants  have  flowrs  with honey , go there”
And Lord Krishna   became   speechless , by the  replies  of his dear one 
 And let that  helpless God  protect us.

(Based  on Sanskrit sloka

KOyam dwari? Hari , prahyupavanam  saakamrukasyathra  kim,
Krishnoham,  Dayithe  , Pibemi   sutharaam   Krishnadaham  Vanaraath,
Muktheham  Madhu sudana  , pibalathaam  thaameva thanveem ale  ,
Itham   nirvananikrutho  dhayi dhayaa   Hreetho Pathu va.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Please Doctor , do not become rich by making me poor

Please Doctor  , do not become  rich by making me poor


(Based  on an old post in Tamil made by Pattabiraman Sampath .My thanks  to him.)

One patient    entered     a doctor’s room,
And the doctor asked    him “What is your problem?”
And the patient   told, “I would tell you about that   but before that,
You have  to read , what I have written in this  paper.”

“But before   you read  I have humble request to you,
If you have high BP ,keep  one tablet   to reduce it “,
The Doctor laughed,  and   told the patient  ,
“Okay I will read  it though I do not understand  about  the BP”

The  patient had  written:-

I know    your consultation   fees  is rupees   two hundred,
If you do not  prescribe  needless  tests   and do not  insist,
That I have to get them only  . in the  lab  that you  choose ,
I am willing    to pay you   a consultation  fee of  rupees five hundred

Please    do not recommend me to get   admitted   in hospital,
Unless  there  is a need   and I would give   you a fee  ,
Of rupees  of two thousand rupees , if you do not insist on
Admission   in the   five   star  hospital    of your   choice.

WE realise  doctor   that  you have    spent lots of money,
To study and  though   you are   are also a  honest person like me,
You feel that , not only you should get back the  money you spent,
But also get sufficient money so that your son can be educated.

People like  us doctor    are   from the    lower middle class,
And though   health is important to us  , we cannot   spend  ,
All we have ,  needlessly and unnecessarily   on it  ,
And unless    you make us    spend needlessly  , you will not become rich

So unless   you take an oath, on  your God , on your parents  ,
Your wife   and children  , that  you would  prescribe treatment to me   .
Honestly  and without bothering    about your income ,
Then    only   I am interested   in getting treatment from you.

Doctor did go in search   of the   BP   tablet

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Few Tamil proverbs illustrated by stories

Few Tamil  proverbs illustrated by  stories


(I am a story teller and I like to trach others by telling stories.I did illustrate 100  Malayalam proverbs by stories.A school in Coimbatore    teaches proverbs   to its students by using my stories  and they requested me to illustrate tamil proverbs also in a similar manner.I did it.This is the result .)  

1.AAthula Kottinalum alanthu than kottanam

Even if you want to pour in a river , you should measure and pour.

 Kuppuswami was a very rich man of Madurai . People used to say that even if he does not do any work , he would always be rich. When all people of the town started talking like this, Kuppuswami started to spend money like water . He never bothered to think, whether he can afford or whether it was worth spending that much or how much he was spending. After a few years , Kuppuswami found that he had lost all his wealth and he does not have even money to eat. Then a wise poor uncle of his , who had become rich by speding money in a proper manner told, “AAthula Kottinalum alanthu than kottanam”

2. AAthil thanner Alai mothi chendralum, nayin dhaham nakki than theerum

Even if water rushes wave after wave in a river , the thirst of a dog would br quenched only by licking.

RAmu and Somu were two brothers belonging to a poor family in Pollachi. Their father Munuswami who was a vegetable merchant gave them lot of support for education. Both of them studied well and got good jobs. By that time MUnuswami and his wife had become very old . Ramu thought that earning more money was not important but looking after his father was important. Somu wanted to become very rich. While Ramu lead a comfortable life with necessities , he could not afford luxuries. He and his family rarely went to a hotel .Somu went on earning and could afford anything that he wanted. He rarely ate food in the home . Due to eating very fatty , unhealthy and not good food, Somu became very sick. The doctor who examined him told that he had to eat only rice gruel , that too two times a day. One day Somu’s father came to visit him and told, “AAthil thanner Alai mothi chendralum, nayin dhaham nakki than theerum”, like that all the riches you have are of no use. You have to only drink rice gruel.

3.Aapathil ariyalam Arumai nanbanai

    You can recognize your dear friend , only in times of danger

Abdulla was a modern day youngster living in Madras. He was having large number of friends. Whenever his father wanted to him to pay more attention to business , he always use to tell him, that he has such a large number of friends that he need not worry at all . One day vexed with his father he asked him, “Appa, how many friends do you have?” .His father Ismail replied, “Son , I am not as lucky as you . I have just half a friend , in this world.” Abdulla was surprised . His father continued. “I have a feeling that you do not have any friends at all.” Ismail , then gave him , a gunny back full of cotton. He poured red ink all over it and told Abdulla. “Take this bag to each of your friends houses and tell them, “ Without knowing I have killed my servant . Please help me.” Abdulla did exactly like that. All his friends , were scared even to talk to him. They drove him out. When he came back dejected , Ismail told him, “Now please go to my friend Arumugam and tell him the same thing,.” When Arumugam heard these words, He immediately took the bag from Abdulla and phoned to police, “Unfortunately I have killed a man. Please arrest me.” Later when everything was clear Ismail told Abdulla , “Aapathil ariyalam Arumai nanbanai”

4.AAchi pichai yedukka , Thambi kumbakonam ponaaram

When Mother was begging , my brother went to Kumbakonam .

Robert was a very irresponsible youngster . Though his family was poor , he used to spend all he earned in unnecessary Luxury items. His father and mother tried a lot to correct him but they could not. Then they took him to their pastor who told him, “AAchi pichai yedukka , Thambi kumbakonam ponaaram” .This is exactly what you are doing. When your parents and family are suffering for want of money, you are unnecessarily spending it. Unless you stop it , God would not forgive you. Robert understood the pastor and reformed himself.

5,Aada theriyathavanukku Medai konal

For the one who does not know how to dance , the stage is warped.

 Shivarama Krishnan was always getting very low marks in school. His father Ramaswamy Iyer was very much worried. He tried to make him understand the need to study well . Then Sivarama Krishnan told, “Appa, I am studying well , but my teacher who does not like me always gives me low marks. “ Ramaswamy Iyer was surprised and he went and met the teacher . She showed him all the answer sheets of Shivarama Krishnan. It did not take long time to Ramaswamy Iyer to understand that his had answered almost all questions wrongly. He came and told his son “Aada theriyathavanukku Medai konal”

6.Adhaayam illamal chetti Kinathile Irangamattar

Without possibility of income , Chetti will not get down in to the well.

Ponnumalai was the panchayat president of Vayalur. After his being elected , he was never seen at Vayalur. Even middle class people found it extremely difficult even to meet him, Suddenly one day he came to Vayalur. Went to the hut of poor nanjan. He hugged him and told that he always wanted to come and help him. He also gave some money to Nanjan. After he went Nanjan’s neighbor told him that Ponnumalai was contesting as an MLA from Vayalur and that is why this visit. Then Nanjan told, “ Adhaayam illamal chetti Kinathile Irangamattar”

7.AAdi kathukku Ammiyum Nagarum

In the wind during July-august , even the grinding stone will move.

Krishnamachari though rich was a great miser. Even to his son and daughter , he was very strict with money. When the huts near his house were made in to ashes , he did not bother about it and never helped any of them. So generally people thought he will never be moved by anything. One day his son met with a serious accident. Krishnamachari was spending money like water to save his. One of his friends told about him, “AAdi kathukku Ammiyum Nagarum”

8.AAdu maadu illathavar adai mazhikku raja, pillai kuttio illatrhavar panjathukku raja.

People who do not have cattle are kings of torrential rain, and people who do not have kids are kings of famine.

 Ramu was ugly to look at . Due to that he was always feeling very bad . But he studied extremely hard. So he was always getting very high marks , In spite of that he was always dejected. In the SSLC exam he came first in the state . Every body was praising him. Then his teacher told him, “ Though you are ugly to look at , you are the king of this village . Have you not heard, “AAdu maadu illathavar adai mazhikku raja, pillai kuttio illatrhavar panjathukku raja.”

9.AAdu nanayuthunnu Oonai azhuthutham.

When the goat got drenched, it seems the wolf cried.

Muthu was a poor farmer in AAthur.He struggled to live. But then he took loan from the bank and built a small house. He was not able to repay his loan instalments. The bank decided to sell his house and take their money back. On that day there was big storm and the house of Muthu was greatly damaged . On that day the bank manager was terribly upset and was sad that he was not able to recover the money. Then someone else told “AAdu nanayuthunnu Oonai azhuthutham”

10.Aadura mattai aadi kara , padura mattai padi kara .

Milk the dancing cow dancing and milk the singing cow singing.

Chendur Pandian was a good student. But he was very fond of going to the cinema., and wanted to act in Cinema. Because of this he started getting very low marks .Though his parents chided him and even punished him he did not change. Pazhanivel was a very wise man of the village. Pandian’s father approached him. Then Pazhanivel called Chendhur Pandian and told him, “Do you know the hero of “Kongu veeran” is starving now . He did not get further offers because he has not studied acting. Nowadays offers are more for people who study acting in a college. So please study well . Then you will able to study acting. Pandian started studying well . Pazhanivel told Pandian’s father,” Aadura mattai aadi kara , padura mattai padi kara .”

11.Aakatha velayil pillai pethaal , adutha veetu karanai yenna cheyyum?

If you give birth to a child at inauspicious time , how will the neighbor be affected?

 Ambrose Shanmugam nadir was a very rich man belonging to Palayam kottai. He was well behaved and greatly religious. He never used to miss going to the church on Sundays and pray the Lord before taking anything. Vincent was his rich neighbor . He was also rich but of a bad character . Nadar tried to advice Vincent as much as possible but he only laughed at him. One day , Vincent was caught by the police . Someone told them that Ambrose Shanumugam Nadar was his friend. The police came to enquire in his house,. Then the wife and mother of Nadar started crying . Then Nadar told them, “Aakatha velayil pillai pethaal , adutha veetu karanai yenna cheyyum?. Why are crying? WE have never done anything wrong and so nothing will happen to us.”

12.AAkkam ookam tharum

More income , more enthusiasm

Mardhu naidu and Sivam pillai were two cultivators in Karur town of Erode district. While Marudu naidu was very miserly , Sivam pillai was very generous. Once year rains failed in the town. The only option was to draw water from a deep well nearby and irrigate the lands. Marudu Naidu employed 40 laborers to do the job but per head , he gave wages of Rs 50 per day. The labourers wanted more but Naidu did not agree . Anyway they started doing the work. Sivam pillai called another set of forty laborers and offered them fifty rupees per day. When they wanted more , he agreed to give them Rs 80 per day. After the season when the crops were harvested , Sivan Pillai got double the yield than Marudu Naidu . When Marudu Naidu complained Sivam Pillai told, “When the workers wanted more wages I gave it to them. They worked very hard with lots of enthusiasm . In fact they were more worried about the irrigation than myself. But your laborers worked very less . Please know that AAkkam ookam tharum. The aakkam (income ) of my workers lead to more enthusiasm and more income to me.”

13.AAl pathi AAdai pathi

 Good dress contributes to half the impression

 Ramu was a very poor boy belonging to a village . He was very intelligent and with lot of struggle passed his SSLC examination , very well. Thamizharasu was the son of the rich man of the same village . He never bothered about studies but somehow he too passed out his SSLC with very low marks. Both of them applied for a job of a clerk in a company located in a nearby town. Both of them were called for interview. Ramu had hardly anything nice to wear. He washed his cloths well and wore it. Thamizharasu ofcourse wore very costly cloths for the interview . After the interview Ramu was selected for the post ,. When Father of Thamizarasu went to complain, the manager told , “AAl pathi AAdai pathi. As soon as I saw Ramu with good marks and clean but poor cloths , I decided that he would do hard work for my company. When I saw your son with poor marks and great looking cloths, I knew that he will not be of any use to me.”

14.AAlayam thozhuvathu chalavum nandru

To pray and worship in a temple is extremely good.

Anbu was a girl who did not believe in God. Though she did very hard work, she was not shining in her studies. When her classmate told her to pray God she simply laughed at her. One day Anbu’s grandpa came from the village . When he saw that Anbu was moody, he asked her the reason why. Then Anbu told him about problem. Her grandfather told her , “AAlayam thozhuvathu chalavum nandru” and so on your way to exam , go to the temple. Anbu told him that she did not believe in God. Then her grandpa told her that it does not matter but she would find peace in the temple and she would do well in the exam. And that is what exactly happened.

15.AAlum , velum pallukku uruthi, nalum random chollukku uruthi.

The sticks of Banyan and Babool make teeth strong and Naladiyar and THirukkural makes our words strong.

AArumugam belonged to a small village . His parents used to clean their teeth with sticks of Banyan and Babool tree . He did not like it and started using tooth powder . After some time he developed pain in his teeth. Then the village doctor told him, “AAlum , velum pallukku uruthi, nalum random chollukku uruthi.” . Your fingers cannot reach the nooks and corners of your teeth. Using the sticks of banyan or Babool you can reach corners and clean them properly. This is similar to use quotations from the Naladiyar (four lined verses) and Kural (two lined verses) to make your arguments strong. AArumugam understood that and started using the sticks.

16.AAnai chethalum aayiram pon.

Even if an elephant dies , it I worth one thousand gold coins.

Robert who belonged to the forest area of Tamil Nadu had heard about organ donations. He simply could not understand what it is . One day he asked his father about it . Then his father told “ When someone passes away , we have to bury him in a casket . But his eyes could be made use of to give eye sight to two blind people . Those two people then would live all their life , live happily and earn lot of wealth. So even if someone passes away , his eyes are worth a million if donated to the blind people. It is like “AAnai chethalum aayiram pon.”. Even after death of an elephant its tusks give ivory and will be extremely useful.

17.Aanal varum pinne , mani osai varum munne

Even before you can see any elephant , you can hear the sound of bell tied on his neck.

 Murugan teacher was teaching his students about thunder and lightning . He told them that you first see the lightning and then only hear the sound of thunder . This is because Light travels faster than sound. The students did not understand. Then Murugan teacher explained , Suppose there is a hair pin bend and suppose you hear the sound of a lorry coming , would you be able to see it? . All the students told “No, sir, we will first hear the sound and only after the lorry turns we can see it.” Murugan teacher told, “ That is because Sound travels faster than the lorry and also , even if it is hidden you can hear it. This is like “Aanal varum pinne , mani osai varum munne”. In case of thunder and lightning , you can see the light first because it travels fast.” The children then understood.

18.Aanaikkum adi charukkum

 Even an elephant can slip and fall .

Guru Sitaram was very proud his knowledge . Whenever he talked he used to tell how great he is. He also used to criticize others in a very hurting way. Kuppuswamy was a very religious villager who used to be scrupulously honest. Once he lost some money due to theft. People told him to approach Guru Sitaram. The guru told Kuppuswamy that he was a sinner. He does not know anything about religion and this was the way that God has punished him. Kuppuswamy became sad and returned home . He told his friends what happened. They who knew Kupuswamy well also became sad. After a few days, There was a very big theft in the Asram of Sitaram. Then the friends of Kuppuswamy told among themselves. “However great Guru Sitaram is , he does not have the right to criticize poor Kuppuswamy. This theft in his Asram has happened because of this. “ Then kUppuswamy told them, “Aanaikkum adi charukkum”.

19.AAru kadakkira varayil annan thambi ,  AAru kadantha pin nee yaro , naan yaro

Till you cross the river , you are brothers but once you cross it you are strangers.

Velu was a good and honest but a poor uneducated villager . One day a new government officer called Robert Paul was posted in his village. Robert came to the village and wanted to get a house for rent and also get some food prepared in some house as hotels were not there in the village . He tried his best but was in great trouble. One day he met Velu outside his office. He had come there to get a license to run a shop. Robert then told him his problems. Velu who had an extra house happily gave in on rent to Robert. He also cooked food in his house and supplied to Robert. Robert said that Velu was like his own brother and he said he would help him. Nadar who was a rich dishonest man in the village heard about this , He immediately went and met Robert and gave his big house without any rent to him. He also instructed his cook to help Robert. Once the problems of Robert were solved , he stopped speaking to Velu . When Velu went to his office , he refused even to see him. The friends of Velu told, “AAru kadakkira varayil annan thambi , AAru kadantha pin nee yaro , naan yaro”

20.AAsai vetkam ariyathu

The one who desires does not have any shame.

Neelakandan belonged to a very good and rich family . Because he was having Asthma , his mother never used to give him ice-cream. When Neelakandan used to see his friends eating ice-cream , he used to feel very bad about it. One day he went to attend a marriage reception. As usual , his mother avoided ice-cream for him. So later when his mother was talking to her friend, Neelakandan took a half eaten icecream kept on the table and started eating it. The man who had kept the half eaten cup came just then. When he started chiding Neelakandan, “ Do not have any shame? .When icecream is freely available there , why did you eat mine?” His mother rushed there and told the man about Neelakandan and said “AAsai vetkam ariyathu

. 21.Aathirakkaranukku Budhi mattu

Wisdom is less for an angry man

Suresh was a very intelligent soft ware engineer . He was very good at work but was very short tempered. In his office he used to get angry against all people. One day he was working in the office late at night. Then he got a phone call from USA from one of their important clients. Suresh who was working late at night attended the call . When that gentleman asked him several doubts, Suresh got very angry and shouted at the client. Next day the client informed company of Suresh that they were not interested in working with them. The boss got very much upset and dismissed Suresh. When friends of Suresh asked the boss, he told them , “Aathirakkaranukku Budhi mattu”

22.Aathula kottinalum alanthu than kottanam

Even you throw out something in the river , you should know how much you threw out.

Abdul was a rich man but he never used to spend unnecessarily . But his son Ahmed was not like that . He used to spend money lavishly and never even knew how much he had spent. Abdul wanted to reform his son. So he one day called and told him, “ Son , we are losing lot of money in business . So you cannot spend as much money as you want. From now on , I would give you only thousand rupees per month to spend. ‘ But the first 1000 rupees given to Ahmed did not last even for two days, But Abdul refused to give him more money. So that entire month Ahmed suffered and did not go out. His friends who used to enjoy his money , avoided him. So next time he got the money Ahmed was very careful as to how much he spent per day and he was happy all through the month. . Then one day Abdul called Ahmed and told him, “Son, I am very happy with you. We are not losing any money but I wanted you to know that “Aathula kottinalum alanthu than kottanam”. Now I know that you know it, I will give you any amount of money you want.”

23.AAthule vellame ponalum, nai nakki thane kudikkum.

Even if there is flood in the river, a dog drinks water only by licking.

THirunavakkuarasu was a very wise teacher of religion. His son Ramu was neither interested in education nor did he believe in God. Thirunavukkuarasu tried his best to teach his son. One day he asked his father why one should believe in God. Thirunavukkarasu told him that great sages and thinkers of all religions have written about God and he gave a book to read. After a few days he asked his son whether he has read the book. Ramu told that he has only read the first page and found it useless. Then Thirunavukkarasu told, “AAthule vellame ponalum, nai nakki thane kudikkum.” And like that since you were not interested in learning anything, you would find it difficult to read the book
24.AAvathum pennale , azhivathum pennale

Things are built by women and they are also destroyed by them.

Muniswami who was a rich boy was attending a school in a place called Karur. He had a classmate called Vikram who was very poor.. While Muniswamy’s mother was not interested in teaching her child , Vikram’s mother though she was not as educated as Muni swamy’s mother was spending a lot of time on teaching Vikram . Both their fathers had to work hard and so did not get any time to teach them. When Muni swamy failed in the class and Vikram got first rank , their teacher told, “AAvathum pennale , azhivathum pennale” The welfare of the house including future of the children can only be looked after by woman.

25.Aazham theriyamal , aathile kaalai vidathe
Without knowing the depths do not enter the river.

Venkatraman belonged to a middle class family . He got married and his earning was just sufficient to look after his family . One of his friends told him to start investing in shares. Venkatraman jumped at that idea though his father told him that without being an expert you should not invest in shares. He told him, “Aazham theriyamal , aathile kaalai vidathe”. Venkatraman ignored this advice and slowly lost all his savings in the share market because he did not know anything about shares.

26.Achamillathavan ambalam yeruvan

He who does not have a sense of fear would get in to trouble.

 Pazhaniappan was a strong boy in a middle class family. He had lost his father at an early age. Seeing all the cinemas in the Television, he thought that because of his strength he need not have any fear . So he started misbehaving with one and all. He shouted at everybody and threatened everybody. One day his mother told him, “Achamillathavan ambalam yeruvan”. Please be careful with people. What is the need for fighting with everybody. “ Pazhaniappan did not bother . Next day he threatened a middle aged person in the market of dire consequences. That man immediately arrested him for misbehaving as he was the sub inspector of police. Later he warned and left him. Pazhaniappan then understood that what his mother told was true.

27.Adakkam udayar arinjar , illaathaar kallaar.

Those with humility are learned peopled , those who do not have are ignorant.

Subramanyan was a very intelligent man. He was also greatly proud about it. So he used to show off his intelligence to one and all . Because of this nobody liked him. Ramu came on transfer to the office of Subramanyan. He was such a lovely person , who never talked about himself. One day the manager called both of them. He said that he had to depute one of them to USA. Naturally he would decide about it. Subramanyan then started talking about himself. He said Ramu was not as qualified like him and he did not know anything. Ramu simply kept quiet. Then the manager told Subramanyan, “Dear fellow , Ramu is twice as qualified as you . He is well known for his efficiency not only in our company but elsewhere also. But unlike you, he does not keep on boasting himself. I have decided to depute him to USA , because, Adakkam udayar arinjar , illaathaar kallaar.”

28.Athatti valarkkatha pillayum , murukki valarkkatha meesayum ozhungaga irukkathu

A boy who has not been brought up by telling his faults and a moustache which is not grown twirling it will not be proper

Rama and Krishna were neighbors in a small village .Both of them were sufficiently educated as well as rich. Rama had a son called Kannan and Krishna had a son called Shivan. Both Kannan and Sivan were of the same age. But While Rama believed in pointing out the faults of Kannan and correcting them, Krishna believed that he should not find fault with his son. Kannan grew up in to a very efficient and right thinking individual while Siva grew up in to an arrogant and bad individual . Eventually one day Sivan was arrested by the police for a crime. Then Rama told Krishna , “Athatti valarkkatha pillayum , murukki valarkkatha meesayum ozhungaga irukkathu”

29.Adi mel adi vaithaal ammiyum nagarum.

If we move step by step, even a grinding stone will move.

Sundari was a very intelligent but lazy girl . She felt that everything is difficult to do. So when her parents requested her to do something, she used to refuse to do it. One day her mother who was not as educated as Sundari chided her for being like this. Then Sundari told, “You do not know what all I can do? Can you operate the computer like me? If you do it, I will also do what all you tell. “ Sundari had completely forgotten about it. One day she got an email from her mother. She was surprised. When she asked her mother told, “Just to prove you wrong, I joined the computer school next door. I had to struggle hard but I can do all that you do in the computer. Adi mel adi vaithaal ammiyum nagarum.” Sundari now learned the lesson and changed herself.

30.Akalakkal vaikkathe

Do not keep a wide step

Picchandi and Abdul were friends. Both of them were interested in business and owned a provision shop each. Both shops were progressing well. One day Pichandi decided that he would take loan at high interest and expand his business. Abdulla told him that it is not the right thing to do as slowly their business was prospering. Pichandi laughed at his friend , took a huge loan and made his shop in to a department store. His usual clients did not come to the new shop and every month Pichandi was forced to give huge money as interest. A stage came when he was forced to close his shop. Then Abdul came and told , Did I not tell you”Akalakkal vaikkathe”. You have not lost everything. But in my case though I did not become very rich, now I am in a position to save you. Pichandi accepted the friends help and decided to expand his business in small steps.

31.Agathin azhagu mugathil theriyum

The beauty of your mind can be seen in your face.

Amudha was a simple lady who did whatever was possible to help others. She never dressed in pretty cloths and never wore ornaments. But all the people of her village worshipped her . In the same village Ramaswami was a very rich man . He had a daughter called Maithili. Naturally she wore nothing except silk and wore large number of ornaments. She was proud of her riches. One day a holy man came to their village. He taught the villagers about the need for humility and social service. Since he was very famous sage , Maithili as well as Amudha went to meet him. Both of them requested the sage permission to serve him , while he was in the village. That sage chose Amudha and requested Maithili to go back. When the villagers asked him , he told them, “Agathin azhagu mugathil theriyum. Just by seeing Amudha I could see her humility and the ebbing love to all who are poor or rich.. Maithili however had a proud face. So I knew that she was not the one to help my cause of helping poor people.”