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The four candles and life –my version

The  four  candles    and life –my version

Re written by

(Here is a very famous story   in my own words. See it as a video  with entirely different commentary- )

There were  four candles  burning in a house,
Storm called “misfortune “  was blowing  in to that    house,
“Peace “ the   first candle   murmured,
I would be put out   and it was ,
“Love”   the second candle  flickered ,
And   was   next put   out,
“Knowledge  “ the third    candle  ,
Could   not stay  in the breeze and was put out
But the fourth candle   struggled  and won.

At that time   a little boy   entered the room ,
And was worried  that  three candles  were put out,
The fourth candle  smiled and told   that boy,
“when I am there , you need not get   worried,
And light  all those  three candles  using me”
The boy was happy   and asked   the fourth candle ,
“What is your name?”  and it replied ”Hope.”

All that   you lose  in life  due to bad luck,
Can always   be built  , if only  hope survives.

Fifth standard A section- A tamil poem

Here s a great poem  by Na.Muthukumar  posted by  Vasantha  Krishnaswamy  ,
Read it   and you would ask  yourself , Dreams  are meaning less . I have posted the Tamil original  below my translation

Fifth standard  A section

Naa Muthu kumar

Translated by

The  roja poo teacher   who always  comes,
With an yellow umbrella    even if it is not raining,
Once  on the first day   of the school    asked us,
What are  you going to do after  studies.

Kavitha and Vanitha    who never vacated the first bench,
For any one  in chorus  replied, “Doctor”,
Once in a while I see Kavitha  who  got married,
Standing   in a ration queue    with a child,
And  I see Vanitha too   bidding farewell ,
To her kids with a    comb  in her hair.

Saravana    who wanted   to be an engineer,
Failed  in the exam   and is  a weaver of silks.

Rajesh of the last bench  had told   that,
He would mind   the   iron business of his father,
And made all people laugh is a great doctor,
In New Jersey  and  is doing research in microbiology.

Augastin Chella babu  who said  he would drive a plane 
And made us wonderstuck is a peon  in state  government

I who told    that   I would become ,
A nuclear scientist am now writing songs for films,

Though the wind of life   shattered  all our dreams,
Gundu Kumar who told that  he would become a  teacher,
Is a teacher   in the same school where  we studied,
I asked him, “You became   what you wanted,Buddy  , how is life?”
He caught hold of my hand with his chalk dusted  hands and told,
“I never ask students , “what are your dreams?””

Tamil original

ஐந்தாம் வகுப்பு
'' பிரிவு
-நா. முத்துக்குமார்
மழை பெய்யா நாட்களிலும் மஞ்சள் குடையோடு வரும் ரோசாப்பூ டீச்சர்
வகுப்பின் முதல் நாளன்று முன்பொரு முறை எங்களிடம் கேட்டார்
"படிச்சு முடிச்சதும் என்ன ஆகப் போறங்க?"
முதல் பெஞ்சை யாருக்கும் விட்டுத் தராத கவிதாவும் வனிதாவும்
"டாக்டர்" என்றார்கள் கோரசாக ....
கல்யாணம் முடிந்து குழந்தைகள் பெற்று ரேசன் கடை வரிசையில்
கூந்தலில் செருகிய சீப்புடன் குழந்தைகளை ப்பள்ளிக்கு வழியனுப்பும்
எப்போதாவது பார்க்க நேர்கிறது.
"இன்சினியர் ஆகப்போகிறேன்" என்ற எல்.சரவணன் பாதியில் கோட்டடித்து
பட்டுத் தறி நெய்யப் போய்விட்டான்.
"எங்க அப்பாவுடைய இரும்புக் கடையைப் பாத்துப்பேன்"
கடைசி பென்ச் சி.என்.ராஜேஷ் சொன்னபோது எல்லோரும் சிரித்தார்கள்.
இன்றவன் நியூஜெர்சியில் மருத்துவராகப் பணியாற்றிக்கொண்டே
நுண் உயிரியலை ஆராய்கிறான்.
"பிளைட் ஓட்டுவேன்" என்று சொல்லி ஆச்சரியங்களில் எங்களைத் தள்ளிய
அகஸ்டின் செல்லபாபு டி.ன்.பி.ஸ்.சி. எழுதி கடைநிலை ஊழியனானான்.
"அணுசக்தி விஞ்ஞானியாவேன்" என்ற நான்
திரைப் பாடல்கள் எழுதிக் கொண்டிருக்கிறேன்.
வாழ்க்கையின் காற்று எல்லாரையும் திசைமாற்றிப் போட,
"வாத்தியாராவேன்" என்று சொன்ன குண்டு குமார் மட்டும்
நாங்கள் படித்த அதே பள்ளியில் ஆசிரியராகப் பணியாற்றுகிறான்.
"நெனைச்ச வேலையே செய்யற,எப்படியிருக்கு மாப்ளே?" என்றேன்.

சாக்பீஸ் துகள் படிந்த விரல்களால் என் கையைப் பிடித்துக்கொண்டு
"படிச்சு முடிச்சதும் என்ன ஆகப் போறீங்க? என்று மட்டும் என் மாணவர்களிடம்
நான் கேட்பதே இல்லை! " என்றான்.

Dedicated with tears to our strict , morose but loving father

Dedicated   with tears to our strict , morose but  loving  father


(Based on write up in Malayalam   received via Whatsapp.Whosoever is its Brahma  , Thanks )

He is   the head of the   household  ,
He is the one who takes  care of it , all his life.

He  is short tempered  , quarrelsome
He punishes you  and  is very strict
He is very adamant  and  is  rough
And he   does not have love in him at all.

He is the one  with all these qualifications,
As if some one pushes it forward    , time runs ahead,
WE know distance   of our connection  with mother,
Is the length  of the umbilical   chord.
But what about the distance  to the heart of father?

Mother’s love is  the truth, it is her power of endurance,
And there  is no stain  or scar  or shortcoming in it.
But is  father   only a machine    without love ,
Who is interested  only in earning money for us.

Is  he the one who does not know how to laugh,
Is he  the one    who does not know  to crack jokes?
Is he the one  who stares   at you if  we  spend money?
Is he the one who chides us and beats us  at home?

Father is rain  , which is your  future cool climate ,
Father  walks in sun, his sweat  is your   future   health,
Father’s anger and adamancy  is your future  good life,
Father’s roughness would  turn you in to  good path of future,
Father’s day and night work   would lead you  to high income.

Hiding his  love silently father   used to stare  at  us,
If we are sick, it is father    who used  to take us to hospital,
Father is the plank   used  to bind  our  arms  when it is broken,
It is he who would put you  in school  ,
And it is he who was  yesterday’s right   and your today’s path.

Who is there  in the world  who without getting anything ,
Had spent most of his life   towards the welfare   of his family?
What is there  in the world which is substitute  for father’s love?
Knowingly or unknowingly in most houses  father becomes a sob.

After   working extremely hard   all his life till health permits,
And after   establishing   all his children in good positions,
When he   wants to take  rest, do not even disturb  him by  your loud talk,
You should know his  needs and spare  no effort   to look after  his heart.

Do not allow the luster   in those  eyes  to  ever fade away,
Do not allow   his pretty smile    ever to vanish from his face ,
Do not ever  allow the hope   to fade  till  he  moves away,
To the security of God;s  hands  and keep him safe with you.

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Anger causes never healing wounds

Anger causes  never healing wounds


There was  a young man,
Who used   to get angry,
 Without any reason,
And extremely   quite often.

His father  gave him  a hammer ,
And a bag   full of    nails  ,
And told him , whenever you get angry,
Drive one nail in behind  wall of our home.

First day he    drove   ten nails ,
Next day   he drove   five nails,
And next day he drove two nails,
And day by day   it went  on decreasing.

After a few days  he d found  that,
He has not driven any nail on the wall ,
And went and told   his father ,
“So far  forty five nails   and from tomorrow none.”

Father told  him , every day  , you do not get angry ,
Pull out   one nail  from the wall please ,
And   after  forty five days   were over,
He proudly shower his father  the wall.

Father told him, true   all nails    are out,
But have you seen that there   are ,
Forty five holes    in that wall ,
Wounding  that wall  as long as it stands.

Similar    to that  , every time   you are angry,
You   wounded  one person   with your words.
And though    you told  that person  that you are sorry,
The  wounds   that   your  words caused would not go away

 Have you not   heard    the great   poet  in Tamil wrote,
The wounds    caused   by the fire would heal,
But those    caused  by words  would never heal,
And so son, do not get angry and cause  a wound.

Eerie silence in home of two oldies on Deepavali day

Eerie silence in home of two oldies on Deepavali day
( Read also comments of my daughter given at the end)


The festival of lights has come,
The festival of crackers and sparklers has come,
The festival of shining new cloths has come,
But in a dark corner in the eerie silence ,
Sit a very old man and his companion for life.
The old man cannot hear, the old woman cannot properly see,
The old woman was busy for a week preparing sweets and savories,
The old man used to peep in the kitchen and massage her paining hands,
And ask “What for darling , What for so many sweets and savories,
And she chuckled and amusingly looked at him and told,
“Our son likes Pal Koa, My daughter like wheat Halwa,
My grand son likes mohan dal and my little grand daughter likes Gulab Jamun,
My second grand son likes Mixture , My first grand daughter likes Manoharam,
My daughter in law likes Thattai and my first grand son likes Pakkodam,
And I have just finished making all of them but true I am tired”
In their dark nook , sitting all alone , surrounded by painful silence,
The old man asked his wedded old wife,”But where are They?
You know I cannot eat many sweets and you cannot consume fat,
And so darling whatever shall we do with all these things.
My hands shiver to light a lamp and you are scared of crackers,
And who is there to see the new cloths that we wear.
Possibly some one would send us a whatsapp message,
Which we find it difficult to answer back , using the phone.
Twenty years back each and every one of them,
Would have been dancing around us in their new cloths,
And all of them would be hugging you for their pet eatable,
The little children would then would have lighted their crackers,
And even compelled you and me to light one.
Ten years back we both could hear well and used ,
To talk with them about this and that on this Deepavali day.
But today You and me , two oldies are all alone ,
Knowing not what to do on this Deepavali day.

My daughter Meera Venkatesan on reading this wrote Lights up in thehome of two oldies on Deepavali day

The festival of lights has come,
The festival of crackers and sparklers has come,
The festival of shining new cloths has come,
But in a dark corner in the eerie silence ,
Sit a very old man and his companion for life.
The old man cannot hear, the old woman cannot properly see,

But the festival did sing with bright lights for them.

For they were blessed with each other's company,
The old woman still the Queen of her kitchen, was busy churning out the magic,
Even though her hands hurt and her feet begged her to rest
She did not worry about who would eat this mouthwatering spread,
For her, the fun waz in making it, the accomplishment was in knowing she still had what it takes to be a master chef
Those who were lucky to taste it , she was happy for them.
The old man ruled his little kingdom as he always had,
The number of his subjects reduced, But this did not worry him ashis most favourite was still around.
He made it up by creating a virtual kingdom of minds and hearts, which reached far beyond his little home
When earlier, Deepavali wishes was a small intimate voice, now the wishes were a crescendo echoing from every where,
He revelled in the difference he made in people's mind,if not in their life.

There were no crackers, no lamps to light, perhaps those wanted to do this had left the nest.
Their hands shivered as they lit the lamps and they were afraid of the crackers.
But then they had sailed past the time together, when the light came from lamps outside and the joy needed to be borrowed from the world
As their little world lit up from within, with the light of their friendship and love.
The light put to shame the pathetic little flickers from the LED lights and diyas for theirs was the light of true friendship.

I feel that both os us are correct in our own ways

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An old widower talks to a young husband

An old widower  talks  to a young husband

Translated  By

(Again another  emotional  masterpiece  in Tamil   from a face book  friend Unfortunately I did note the authors name.My acknowledgements to that Anon.)

1.Outside   a department    store,
A husband and wife had a  tiff,
He sent   her inside   to shop,
And was   sitting  outside  bored.

2.One old man who was  watching all this,
Approached   the young man and asked,
“younger brother, If you do not mind  ,
Can I know    the reason for your  Quarrel.”

3.The young  man replied  “Nothing   serious unclew,
She wanted me   to  come in and shop with her ,
And I felt tired and uncle  , all ladies are like that.”
The   old man smiled   and told  the young man.

4.“When  my wife    was alive , five months back,
I used   to go to all   places   along  with her always.
WE were  of the same age and we were both teachers.
After   we retired  , we went  on pilgrimage   together.”

5.“We have three  sons , all settled separately,
And we were  living in our   own home,
As  per God’s will  , my life   had several  health problems,
And  she was weak and had to take  several medicines.”

6.“It was me who looked after her  most of the time,
But now she is no more    there   with me.
My days are long    and nights are   very lonely,
And  if I see  any thing of hers, tears rush to my eye.”

7.“I have her  cell phone   number but   she would not reply,
If I whatsapp    her, she would not read them ,
Once on the bed we used to lie down  on both  sides,
But now in the same bad  , Only I am lying in the centre.”

8.“I go alone to the kitchen  and cook   some  thing,
She is not there   to cook tastey    food for me,
To  spend the  the ever lasting time ,
I do go to the temple  but   without her.”

9.“So my   younger brother , when they are  there,
You have to love them more, you have to praise them,
I go to  her  burial ground   and say to her ,
Without me  You have gone, for preparing my coming  there.”

10.With tears  that old man told , “I would  soon join her”,
Annd took leave   of the young man   ,
And the young man    whose  eyes  were full,
Went inside the store   to search his wife.

11.No one should ever think , after all  she is my wife,
And so I can treat her   in any way that I want,
And the wife   should not think , he is my hubby,
Whatever I do he    will tolerate

12.When we first meet a person , we say , “Good day”,
When we sneeze  , we say  “We are sorry sir “,
When we part  we say, “nice meeting you sir”,
And also heartily   wish him a good  bye.

13.Does a husband respect  his wife  ,
Who was with him almost all her life,
Does the wife    respect  the needs,
Of Him who does not  have a life without her?

14.When the   wife   spends lots of time   and ,
Serves  tastey food, does husband  appreciate,
When the husband   returns   home after tiring work,
Does any wife tell him, “I missed   you darling.”

15.If only all these   happen in a  home of a  couple  ,
Life   would become sweet,
Only in a home with mutual undersatanding,
There  is  love  and happiness.

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Hawker of Greens and old lady selling Idli -a poem

Hawker of Greens and  old lady  selling Idli


( I had heard of this  old story earlier but yesterday  it was posted by  my friend Bhanu Ravi. My acknowledgement to him  and if only this lesson is   learnt  by our business  people…)

1.Once a  very tired hawker  of greens,
Wandered  all   over    the  town,
Without being able  to sell,
Atleast  one bundle of amaranth

2,when she   was  about to collapse,
She  was called   an old  lady  ,
Minding her   way side  shop,
Selling fluffy idlis and crunchy vadais

2. That old lady asked  the hawker of  greens ,
How much do you charge   for  this bundle  of green,
And the hawker whose  face  lit up with expectation,
Replied  in a voice  loaded    with anxiety “Five rupees per bundle”

3. Then the old  lady   laughed  loudly and jeeringly,
And told “If it is one rupee   per bundle  ,
I would definitely     buy    two bundles  from you .
And the hawker lady told ,” No madam , it is too less.”

4.The haggling went on for  more than thirty minutes,
The deal was   struck and   the old  woman bought  ,
Three  bundles    for  a complete  four rupees,
But suddenly saw  the hawker fainting  and falling  due to hunger.

5. The old woman rushed   near her , sprinlkled,
Some water   on her face , woke her up  ,
And gave   her  four of her fluffy  idlis  ,
And one   of  her crunchy Vada, which the hawker ate.

6.With tears  in her eyes  the hawker   returned  back,
The four rupees  which she just got and told,
“Madam thank you , this is the only money I have”.
And the old  woman with a smile   refused  to accept any payment.

7.The  old   woman’s son , watching   all this great drama,
Asked his mother, “Ma ,  I do not understand you  ,
For four rupee   cost you haggled   thirty  minutes,
But gave her   food  that  is worth twenty rupees.”

8.The old woman   replied, “True  my dear son.
When I am doing business , there  is no charity there,
And when I am giving   charity , there is no business there”
This  has  been the lesson   that my life has taught  me.”

The festival to herald prosperity and healthy life- Dhana Throyadasi or Dhantheras or Dhanvanthari Jayanthi (27-10-2016)

The festival  to herald prosperity   and healthy life- Dhana Throyadasi  or Dhantheras or Dhanvanthari Jayanthi (27-10-2016)


Tomorrow is   the festival of Dhantheras  ..It is also called  Dhana Throyadasi and Dhanvanthari Tryodasi(Jayanthi)  .People make it a point to buy  gold or  silver or vessels on this day . Some people worship God Dhanvanthari for health, some people   worship Dhanadha lakshmi  and some others Goddess   Lakshmi   with Khubera,
Stories about  Dhantheras
   1,Story of Goddess  Lakshmi   and the farmer
      Once Lord Vishnu along with Goddess  Lakshmi went to the world of dead   for doing good   to their devotees.Lord Vishnu   went to southern portion forbidding  Goddess  Lakshmi   to follow him  but in spite of that she did. She saw very rich farms all over the way. In one place she    saw a sugarcane garden and  plucked a cane and ate it .God Vishnu came back and cursed her that   she should work  with that owner of the farm foe 12 years. He then went to churn the milky ocean. Twelve years later Dhanvanthari   arose from the ocean carrying  Nectar(Amruth) .It was a Tryodasi day   and that day is celebrated  as DHanvanthari Jayanthi  .When Vishnu returned back to the form where  Goddess Lakshmi was working , that owner refused to send her back . He was asked to bathe in Ganges river   and when he did that   Goddess  Ganges rose up and told the farmer to let Goddess Lakshmi  go. When he returned   and agreed to   sent back the Goddess , She asked him to buy, gold etc and worship her on that day so that  he would always be prosperous..Not only he did it but later  he advised others to do it   and all people became prosperous.
2. Story  of son of king Hima(from Wikipedia)
.King Hima had  a  16 year  old son  His horoscope predicted his death by snake-bite on the fourth day of his marriage. On that particular day, his newly-wed wife did not allow him to sleep. She laid out all her ornaments and lots of gold and silver coins in a heap at the entrance of the sleeping chamber and lit lamps all over the place. Then she narrated stories and sang songs to keep her husband from falling asleep. The next day, when Yama  the god of Death arrived at the prince's doorstep in the guise of a Serpent , his eyes were dazzled and blinded by the brilliance of the lamps and the jewellery . Yama could not enter the Prince's chamber, so he climbed on top of the heap of gold coins and sat there the entire night listening to the stories and songs. In the morning, he silently went away. Thus, the young prince was saved from the clutches of death by the cleverness of his new bride, and the day came to be celebrated as Dhanteras. The following day came to be called Naraka Chaturdashi ('Naraka' means hell and Chaturdashi means 14th). It is also known as ‘Yamadeepdaan’ as the ladies of the house light earthen lamps or ‘deep’ and these are kept burning throughout the night glorifying Yama, the God of Death. Since this is the night before Diwali, it is also called 'Chhoti Diwali' or Minor Diwali
Procedure for Lighting Yama’s  lamp on Dhantheras day
   On that  day , you have to light a lamp  for Yama –the god of death  , outside our house   and see to it , that  it is not put out, At the time of Lighting  the lamp you have   to chant the   following Sloka:-
Mruthyunaa pasa hasthena, Kaalena bharyayaa saha,
Trayodhasyaam dheepdhanaa  sooryaj  priyathamiva

The  God of death   with rope holding hand
Tried to snatch  away him along    with his wife,
And by lighting lamp on THryodasi ,
The son of  Sun god (Yama)   would  get pleased.

The detailed procedure  for  Pooja is given in English in

Those of you who are interested   can do that  .

But  those for whom this is not a custom can

   Chanting all these   would help you  lead  a  prosperous healthy life.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Man O’ man” , written by his wife

“Man O’ man”  , written  by his wife

Transcreated  by

(Acknowlwdgements to my face book friend  Hamsabai Santhana  Krishnan. My grateful thanks. I have Added   some material to that  tamil write up)

             Dedicated    to all men who try to lead a responsible and happy family life

Man is  the first and great   creation of God ,
Even sweets are  given up by him   for sake of his sisters,
He  gives up    all  his dreams ,plans and happiness
For making   his parents  happy.
For  giving   a present   to  his sweet heart,
He  empties his purse and prefers to starve.,
For making his children happy  ,
There  is nothing  that  he would not give up,
By these  he simply mortgages   his youth   for  the sake of,
His   parents, wife and children and works day and night,

He builds up his future    by taking  loans ,
And to repay  those loans    , he  wanders like a  dog,
And in between  these struggles , he runs,
Getting  abused by all  ,in office by his boss,
And in the home by parents  , wife and children,
And even though he is the dart board  of all,
He  should  not  cry, because  he is a man,
And even though  he works  and becomes like  a  wet hen,
He cannot say that he is tired, because he is a man.

He is the one  dedicating  his life  to others,
If he  wanders  outside, he is useless,
If he   sits in the home , he is a lazy one,
If he  is strict with children, he is short tempered,
If he does  not do it , he  does not have any responsibility,
If he does not permit  his wife to work, he is jealous,
If he  does indeed permit, he lives with income  of wife,

If he listens to his mummy  , he is a mummy’s boy,
If he  listens to his wife , he is hen pecked
To sum up   the world   of man ,
Is surrounded by sweat , misunderstandings and  sacrifices.

Please share  it with other human beings,
And make a man laugh and the lady  understand him.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Father in law to the new son in law- A humble request

Father in law to  the new  son in law- A humble request


(Parting with the daughter   after marriage is a time of great   worry to the father because  she was his everything   and  he  would be worried  about her future life   with an unknown person.  A tamil  prose request   was posted   in face book by my friend Murali Venkatramani  , which he had read  in facebook. I being a daughter’s father   it moved me and I want to dedicate it to   all fathers of   daughters)

1.Our daughter , we  have  given to you,
And now   we need   to take rest,
But there  is a  condition for that,
You have  to keep  her happy  .

2,WE believe   she  would be as joyous,
In your  house    as in our    home,
WE believe    she would be more sprightly,
Than   when she    was   with us in our home

3.But  in spite   of  all that  , just like ,
An average   dad , I keep on  repeating,
“Please see to it   that there  is no ,
Shortage to her   joy in your home.”

4.She was never  a burden for me  ,
Till today  and she   will not be considered,
As a burden by  me   even in future,
For wherever  she is, she  is a part of me.

5. This  is because  the reason  for  ,
My natural breath  as well as ,
The flowering  of smile in my lips,
Is her, but still I  have given  her in marriage.

6.I am doing  this as it is a natural rule,
And bound by culture  , I am sending ,
Her who  is  my box  of joy to your home
So that  it will  brighten your home.

7.Today   I am giving to you  for ever,
My  world for ever   and ever,
With a humble   request   to you ,
To keep my world  pretty as well  as joyous

8.I am sending  my princess  to your home,
Please   make her    the queen of your home.
She has been made a stainless   gold like this,
 By my blood, sweat as well as  love .

9.She is bringing   along with her  ,
Love, concern , beauty  and comfort,
And I am hoping  to compensate  this culture ,
She brings, you will reward  her with joy.

10.No one is perfect  and suppose ,
She   does small mistakes ,
Please chide her but never ever,
Reduce your love towards  her.

11.She is  very tender and if she fades,
Please be with her  and console her.
And all that you need   for that,
Is showing   your concern to her.

12.Suppose   she gets   sick  ,
Please    show  your  sympathy ,
For that   would certainly be ,
The    greatest  medicine for her.

13.Please understand her  and ,
Please  keep her with joy , for,
Her joy is  my only aim  in life ,
Please   keep her   with joy.

14,My dear   , dear son in law ,
You may not understand  me,
As of now,  but  when you give away,
Your daughter to some one , you will know.

15.At that  time  every beating of your heart,
Will tell , “My daughter  should be happy”,
And possibly  you will  then understand,
That I am not  mad  but a daughter’s father.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mind of Human being – a quick survey

Mind of Human being – a quick survey

 These  very great  thoughts about  mind  were  written in Tamil and posted  By Hamsabai  Santhana  Krishnan .My grateful thanks  to this great thinker

Translated   and put in verse ,

1.The  mind of human being  ,
Who knows   how to pardon,
Does   not    have a  need,
To carry   worries with it

2.The mind of a  human being ,
 Who  wants   to punish  others,
Does   never    ever know ,
How to be peaceful.

3.The mind of a human being  ,
Who is busy  in fault  finding,
Is never   able  to ever  see,
The  mental  fulfillment  .

4.The mind of a human being ,
Who is busy  in search  of greatness,
And appreciating  it  would ,
Never   forget    to be   happy  .

5.The  mind   of a human being  ,
Who   wants   to make  others,
Happy , joyful and contended,
Never    ever  loses sweet joy.

6,The mind  of a human being ,
Who wanders  spreading  gossips,
About   all other   people  ,
Is forever   dark and gloomy

7.The mind of a human being  ,
Who  can  always  bear sorrows,
Does  not   ever  fade   away,
Due to  mental    sorrow  .

8.The mind of human being  ,
Who is forever   engaged ,
In search  of pleasure,
Never reaches  the ebbing joy.

9.The mind  of a human being ,
Which is   full of suspicion  ,
Does never   ever   enjoy,
Happiness   and joy  .

10.The mind  of a human being  ,
Which  is always   stable  ,
Never  ever  meets  ,
The  sorrow   of the mind

11.The mind of a human being,
Which is full of friendliness,
Never   ever   gives up,
The affection to all  .

12.The mind of human being ,
Who searches   for help ,
Will never   ever  lose  ,
The   smile    of joy

13.The  mind   of a human Being ,
Who wants     to give to others,
Never   ever   tries  to stoop.
To   evils   and bad behavior

14.The mind of a  human being,
Whose mind   wants to do evil,
Never ever tries   to remove,
The mental  pain of others.

15. The mind of human being ,
Which tries   to console  others,
Never ever tries   to cry,
When   it is soaked in difficulty

16.The mind of a   human being ,
Which is not bothered  about .
Self praise   never   ever ,
Falls in to  baser   state .

17.The mind of a human being  ,
Which can  be patient  ,
Never ever   happens to see,
Emptiness   in life.

18.The mind of a human being  ,
Which fails to think  ,
Never ever  be stable,
IN the state  of mental peace.

19.  The mind of Human being  ,
Which is   filled with good thoughts,
Never ever   has to undergo ,
The state  of mental death.

20.The mind of  a human being,
Which is afraid    of God  ,
Never ever   undergoes,
Any  fear to any thing

21The mind of a human being ,
Who   realizes    all these,
Never ever  undergoes ,
Destruction of thoughts