Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A very happy 2011

Our dear friends,

A grand old Thatha sitting in front of his desk top.

And his great old lady sitting with the thousand great things that she does great ,

Are with happiness looking back at the road they had walked.

No doubt there were thorns , stones , pits and lions,

That made their walk difficult often times,

But having faced all of them with tears and smiles,

And now being able to take their well earned rest ,

Surrounded by their kids , kids in law and the grand kids,

And well realizing that their evening is neither hot nor cold,

They are all smiles and are praying God to give a little of their smiles,

To you , your family and your loved ones in this, Ramachander and Jayalakshmi

Thank you God for your blessings

Thank you god for making me take birth in a poor family in Kerala. Had I not been born in such a family, I would not be what I am today.

Thank you God for being born to my parents, who though not educated in the modern sense, were intelligent, inquisitive, caring and wise people. I inherited some of these qualities from them and me and my siblings, care for others, because of this.

Thank you God for giving me an opportunity for becoming a post graduate in mathematics and becoming an applied Statistician. Because of this, I was proud to be associated with many of the findings which have indirectly helped the farmers of India.

Thank you god for being born with a younger brother, who is a remarkable genius who cares not only for his fellow beings but to me as his elder brother. Thank you God for giving me a younger sister, who in spite of everything has chosen a life to do service to Cancer patients.

Thank you God for making me marry a girl, who has sacrificed all her wishes and wants to keep me happy. But for her I would not be what I am.

Thank you God for giving me two sterling children, who like me and my siblings care for all those who suffer. I am sure that when they get older and more secure, they will spend all their energy and wealth to wipe the tears of every one in the world. They too are extremely intelligent and inquisitive. Due to all this when the time comes for me to bid farewell to this world, I will do it without any care cheerfully.

Thank you God for giving me a very efficient and a very concerned son in law and a very caring and concerned Daughter in law.

Thank you God for the very naturally intelligent and inquisitive grand daughters and grand son. I am sure you would look after them well

Thank you God for my scientific contributions and the great recognition that I got from my peers. I know with my qualification and my subject of specialization, it is you who have done it.

Thank you God for giving me ability in astrology and made me work for a social cause. When unknown children thank me for leading a happy married life, I thank you.

Thank you God for my ability to write poems in English and my deep sense of humour. Without these, I would have considered me as incomplete.

Thank you God for making me choose astrology as a hobby after retirement. Due to this, I lead a very satisfied life as I am able to help thousands of people all over the world.

Thank you God for making me do research on Kerala Iyers and launching the web site. This has now grown in to a banyan tree providing knowledge and help to the needy of my community.

Thank you God for making me translate Stotras in to English. As on today, by your blessings and grace I have translated more than 550 stotras and 350 Karnatik music Krithis written in 4 languages. When unknown people from all over the globe phone to me, I always thank you for choosing me as an instrument to do your job.
Thank you God for my innate nature of a story teller to blossom in to a great web site for Indian children.

Thank you God for whatever I am. Because of your grace and blessing I would be 71 within a few days. You have made me healthy and wealthy (without any wants) and a great human being.Once again THANKYOU GOD.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Recipes for a Onam feast from a professional Kerala Iyer

Recipes for an Onam feast from a Kerala Iyer professional

Recipes by
Sri. M.Anantha Raman of
Vinayaka Caterers of Kadavanthra, Ernakulam
(published in Malayalam Journal Vanitha ,August 15-31 , 2010-12-07

                                                    Dedicated to the Nala Paka Chakravartthy

Translated in to English with comments



Needed materials

1.Grated coconut ¼ coconut
2.Grated coconut ½ coconut +1 tea spoon mustard+ 10 gm grrn chillies
3.Red Pumpkin( ripe Mathanga)
4.Pineapple 25 gm+ one ripe Nendran Banana +20 gm tomato
5.1 tea spoon turmeric powder+1 tea spoon pepper powder + needed salt + little curry leaves
6.Jaggery 25 gm
7 curd ¼ litre
8.Cashew 10 gm
9.Coconut oil 2 tea spoons
10.1 teaspoon mustard + 2 Dried chillies + Curry leaves

1.Extract milk from Number 1
2.Grind together in a mixie no.2
3.Cut Pumpkin, pineapple , nendran Banana and tomato in to small pieces
4.Boil the cut vegetables along with I litre water, + items mentioned in 5
5.Once vegetables are well cooked add jaggery till water becomes alonst nil,
6.Add coconut milk, Ground materials and curd and bring it to boil
7.After that add cut cashew nuts
8.Season with maerials mentioned in 10

(Comments of P.R.Ramachander: In homes, this Pachadi could be prepared also with red pumpkin, ash gourd and Brinjal added with turmeric or raw mango for the sour taste.
It could also be prepared without Nendran Banana. Several brands of ready made coconut milk , which are of good quality are available and they could be used instead)

Yerisseri (Erisseri)

Needed materials

1.Chena (Elephant food yam)-25 gm
2.Raw Nendran Banana -one
3.One table spoon of pepper powder+ 1 ½ litre water
4.Turmeric powder one teaspoon and necessary salt
5. ½ coconut grated + jerra seds ½ tea spoon
6.One table spoon of coconut oil tea spoon mustard
8. ½ grated coconut
9. one table spoon ghee
10.Jeera seeds ½ tea spoon


1.Cut yam in to small pieces and put in water
2.Remove skin of banana, split it in to four pieces length wise and cut it in to small pieces
3. Mix pepper powder in water and wash it to remove skin portion .Filter it in a nice cloth
4.Boil yam and items in 4 for some time in the water where pepper powder is added.. When three fourth cooked add cut banana pieces and boil till well cooked
5.Grind items in 5 add it to the boiled vegetables and bring it to boil
6.Take little oil , heat with mustard. When it splutters add grated coconut mentioned (in a low fire) in 8.
7.Add ghee to the frying coconut mixture, When coconut turns brown season it with jeera
8.Add the fried mixture in the boiled vegetables and heat.

(comments by P.R.Ramachander: This preparation could be also done only with yam or carrot or red pumpkin pieces. Though adding ghee would add to the taste , in small scale preparations it is not a must.)

3. Aviyal

Needed materials

1.Yam (Elephant foot yam) 15 gm
2.Snake gourd 5 gm
Cucumber 5 gm
Carrot 10 gm
Drum stick 10 gm
Cow pea (Payar) 5 gm
3.Cooking Banana ½
4.Raw mango little
5.Coconut oil three teaspoons
6.Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon+pepper powder 1 tea spoon, needed salt
7. ½ coconut grated + 1 teaspoon jeera seeds + 10 gm green chillies
8.Curry leaves
9 coconut oil 3 tea spoons


1.Cut yam in to thin 2 inch long pieces.Put them in water
2.Cut vegetables mentioned in 2 and 3 in to long thin pieces and put in water.Put Cucumber separately.
3.Cut raw mango in to thin pieces
4.Heat oil mentioned in a thick bottomed broad vessel and put all cut vegetables one , one and Yam at the top.
5.Over Yam , you can put cucumber
6.Over the vegetablesput powders mentioned in 6
7.Heat them, closing with a heavy lid over a low fire.When it comes to boil stir it.
8.Once every thing is coked well, Make a crator like hole in the centre. Whatever water oozes out from the sides,It has to be poured on vegetables stacked on sides.
9.When all water has died, grind items mentioned in 7 loosely , and mix it with the vegetable along with curry leaf. Switch off the stove
10.Add oil mentioned in9

(Comment:The sourness to Avial can also be got through, raw mango, sour curd or tamarind or a combination of any of them. We have tried Amchoor (dry raw mango powder) instead of mango. Though it is not as good , it does indeed taste like avail. Depending on the availability many other vegetables like Chow chow, Avarakkai , capsicum etc can also be used. In Kerala potato is never used in avial. In our part of Kerala, pepper powder is not used in avial.)


Materials required
1. Dried cow pea seeds (Rajma)-10 gm
2. Green sweet pumpkin-15 gm
3. Tender ash gourd-15 gm
4. Cow pea 5 gm
5. Green chilies 4
6. ½ grated coconut
7. Coconut oil -1 table spoon


1.Soak cow peas seds for 8 hours
2.Cut pupkin and ash gourd in to thin square slices
3.Cut cow pea in to two inch pieces
4.Add cow pea seeds and green chiles to cut vegetables and cook till everything is properly cooked
5.Extract milk out of the grated coconut
6.After taking out the vesselfrom the stove add the Coconut mil and raw coconut oil (7) and stir well.

(Comment by P.R.Ramacander:Olan is possibly the simplest dish to prepare. It could also be prepared only using ash gourd or only pumpkin. Chow chow olan also can be made. Though Cowpea adds to the taste and makes it superior, Olan can be prepared with out that also. In USA , we have tried preparing olan using Squash. It tasted Ok )

Onam Mezhukku puratti

Materials required

1.Yam (elephant foot yam) 30 gm
2,Green Nendra Banana 2
3.Cow pea 20 gm
4.Turmeric powder 1 tea spoon, salt as per need , Green chilles 6
5,Coconut oil -2 tea spoons


1. Cut Yam in to small sqayre pieces after removing the skin
2. Cut Raw nendran Banana in to small square pieces
3. Cut cow pea oin to one inch long pieces
4. Wash all vegetables and cook them in water along with what is mentioned in S.No.4
5. Try to add less water so that the water is absorbed comnpletly by the vegetables
6. Heat coconut oil , put the cooked vegetables and stir so so that the vegetables get evenly coated by the oil.

(Comment by P.R.Ramacander:Normal Mezhukku peratti is prepared using raw cooking Banana and not using raw nendran Banana. Koorkai adds a lot to the taste of Mezhukku peratti)

Kurukku Kalan

Materials required

1.Sour curd ¾ litre
2.Pepper powder 1 teaspoon
3. Yam (Elephant foot yam) 15 gm
4.Green nendran Banana 1
5,Curry leaves, 3 green chillies, I tea spoon turmeric powder ,salt
6.Ghee –one tea spoon
7. ½ green coconut , one spoon jeera seeds, Green chillies 10 gm
8.Mentha seeds -1 teaspoon
9.Coconut oil –one table spoon
10.Mustard – ½ teaspoon , red dries chillies 2 , curry leaves


1.Churn the curd well and remove impurities
2.Wash and clean the pepper powder
3.With this pepper add water, cut yam, cut nendran Banana , and items mentioned in and boil
4.After the Yam has cooked well and water has almost disappeared add ghee and stir well
5.Add the churned curd in to this
6,When it becomes very thick , add grinded articles mentioned in S.No.7 and boil
7.Switch off the stove
8.Season with articles mentioned in S.No.10

(Comment by P.R.Ramacander:Kalan can be prepared using only yam or only Nendran Banana. During mango dseason, Mambazha Kalan is also prepared.Instead of black pepper powder, if we use white pepper powder, it need not be cleaned.)

Puli inji

Materials required

1.Tamarind 50 gm
2.Turmeric powder 1 tea spoon+pepper powder one table spoon+ L .G. Asofotida powder 20 gms +Powdered Jaggery 75 gms+curry leaves
3. Coconut oil 3 tea spoons
4. Mustard one tea spoon+few pieces of dried red chillies
5.Curry leaves
6.Ginger cut in to very small pieces-75 gms
7.Chillies 10 gms –cut in to small pieces
8.Mentha seeds


1,Soak tamarind in two and half litres of water , take out juice and sieve it
2,Take one litre water add things mentioned in and boil well
3.When starts boiling add one tea spoon of coconut oil
4.Heat two tea spoon of oil in a heavy bottomed vessel and put the mustard seeds . When it splutters add cut dried chillies and curry leaves
5. Add cut Ginger and cut green chillies and keep stirring
6.Continue this till ginger is three fourth cooked
7.Boil the three and half litre of water mentioned earlier till it becomes one and half litres
8.Add the fried chilli +ginger mixture and stir well
9.Dry heat Methi seeds till they turn colour, powder it and add.

(Comment by P.R.Ramacander:In some areas, pepper powder is not used. When Naranga is available, we can reduce the tamarind and substitute it by Naranga pieces.)

Sambhar and Rasam


Materials required

1.Coconut oil -1 table spoon
2. Asfotida powder 10 gm
\3.Bengal gram dhal-5 gm
Mentha seeds 5 gm
Black gram dal -5 gm
4. Coriander seeds -10 gm
5.Curry leaves
6.Dried red chilies 10 gm
7.Tur dal 200 gm
Turmeric powder ½ tea spon
Curry leaves
8.Tamarind -40 gm
9.Turmeric powder – ½ tea spoon
Pepper powder -1/2 tea spoon
Salt to taste
Asafotida-10 gm
Jaggery –little
Curry leaves –little
10.Coconut oil – I teaspoon
11.Drum stick-10 gm
Bitter gourd- 5 gm
12.Brinjal-15 gm
Okra(Ladies finger)-15 gm
13.Coconut oil -1 table spoon
14. Mustard –one teaspoon
Few pieces of dried red chillies
Little curry leaf
15.Coriander leaf

Method of preparation

1.In a heavy bottom Kadai, heat coconut oil, add asfotida and when it is sufficiently hot , add item in S.No.3
2.When this is properly fried, add Coriander seeds and curry leaves
3.When the leaves are properly fried add pepper.
4.When the pepper splutters, take out from the stove add little water and grind oit and keep separately. This is the fresh sambhar Masala (Keep two table spon of this masala to make Rasam)
5.Boil one litre of water. Add the Well washed Tuar dhal . turmeric powder and curry leaf. Boil it till Dhal is completely cooked. Add One and half litre of well boiled water. Stir and allow it to cool. The sediments of Dhal will be in the bottom and clear yellow colour water will stand at the top. Separate out the water and keep it for making Rasam. The Dhal with little water can be used to make Sambhar.
6.Put the tamarind in hot water and extract the juice completely..Add one litre of water and also add the items mentioned and S.No.( and boil .Add little coconut oil
7.Add Cut drum stick and bitter gourd and this boiling mixture.
8.After bitter gourd is properly cooked add cut pieces of Brinjal and Okra and contine boiling
9.After these vegetables are well cooked add the Dhal for Sambhr and continue boiling
10.Once this comes to boil , add the freshly prepared sambar masala and once this comes to boil , remove the vessel from stove.
11.Season with items mentioned in 14
12. Add cut coriander leaf. Mix it well and serve.

(Comment by P.R.Ramacander:In normal days, Sambhar also can be prepared by any one of the vegetables mentioned.)


Materials Needed

1.Dhal water 1 ½ litre saved while preparing Sambhar
2. Tamaring 15 gms
3.Water 15 ml
4.Turmeric powder one tea n+ Pepper powder 1 ½ tea spoon+Asfotida 5 gm +little jaggery +jeera seeds ½ tea spoon + ¼ tea spoon Methi seeds, + cut tomato 50 gm + curry leaves
5.Cut tomato 50 gm
8. Sambar masala (refer SAmbhar recipe)- 2 table spoons
7. cut coriander leaf
8.Coconut oil
9.Mustard ½ tea spoon
Dried red chillies few pieces
Curry leaves

Method of preparation

1. In the turmeric juice add items in S. No.4 and boil for some time, till the water reduces to half
2. Add The dhal water(S.No.1) and tomato in S.No.5 and continue boiling
3. Add SAmbar Masala and again boil.After boiling well add coriander leaf and take it out from the Stove.
4. Season it with items mentioned in S.No.9
5. Dry heat little pepper, Coriander seeds, Jeera seeds and Curry leaf, Powder it and add one tea spoon to the Rasam prepared.

Pazha Prathaman

Materials needed

1. Five well ripened Nendran Banana fruits
2. Jaggery 175 gm
3. water 1 ½ litre
4. Ghee 2 table spoons +2 teaspoons
5. Coconut 2 ½
6. Two spoons of small cut pieces of coconut
7. Cashew nut pieces -2 table spoons
8. Cardamom 15 gm

Method of Preparation

1.Peel the Bana fruits , remove the centre spindle , add little water and boil
2.When it becomes like a pulp , switch off the stove.
3.When the fruit becomes cool, grind it in the mixie adding little water
4.Mix Jaggery in 1 ½ litre water , boil till it reduces to hal ,Strain the jaggery mixture
5.Add the Banana fruit mixture till it becomes almost without water.Add ghee and mix it and remove from the stove
6.Grate the coconut , grind it with ¼ litre water, extract the first milk and keep aside
7.Add 1 ½ litre water , grind further , extract the second milk and keep aside
8.Add two litres of water , grind further and extract the third milk
9.Boil the banana fruit mixture with third milk . When it is attains fluid consistency add Second milk and Boil till it becomes thick (payasam)
10. In the heavy vessel heat the oil. Fry the cut coconut pieces , add cashew nuts , fry further and add it to the payasam
11.Add first milk and powdered cardamom
12. never add cow’s milk or Buffalo’s milk to this Payasam, because it will split.

Palada Prathaman

Materials needed

1.Unakkalari (Short grained raw rice with bran)-300 gm
2.Sugar -50 gm
3.Coconut oil 2 teaspons
4.Milk 4 litres
5.Sugar 800 gm

Method of preparation

1.Wash the rice and grind it in to a paste
2.Add sugar and coconut oil and add water till a consistency less than that of Dosa batter is attained
3.In a banal eat , where the mid stem is removed and sligfhtly heated, spread this dough and roll it
4.Boil water and put the rolled leaf with dough tillit is well cooked
5.Remove from stove , strain the water and after leaves are cooled, remove the dough made dosa like material
6.Make them in to very small pieces. This is Ada
7.Boil milk and sugar and make it till it reaches slightly thick consistency
8.Add the Ada and boil, Remove when you reach the serving consistency.

(Comment by P.R.Ramacander.Ready made Adai is available nowadays. Though the superior quality will be lost, A good Ada prathaman can be prepared using readymade Adai.)