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Shiva Vishnu Temple of South Florida

Shiva Vishnu Temple of South Florida

Compiled from the  temple’s  Web Site

(There are  huge Hindu temples  throughout USA. I am writing about this temple    to bring out the fact that  Hindu temples  in USA  are not  only temples but centres  promoting  Hindu Culture. They also help Hindus conduct various domestic ceremonies at fixed charges.They also have very  learned priests    who  do the job of temple priests as  well as Vadhyars)
The Shiva Vishnu Temple of South Florida is a traditional Hindu temple based on Vaasthu and Agama Shaastra and imparting religious, educational and cultural values to our community and future generations.  It was built under the guidance of  Dr.Ganapathi Sthpathi  of Chennai  under the  guidance of twelve Shilpis from  Mahabalipuram. The Maha Kumbhabhishekam of the temple   was performed in 2001     
 The main temple building has two Raja Gopurams (entrance towers) and two Vimana Gopurams (Towers) over each of the main Shiva and Vishnu Garbagrahas (Shrines). There  are  following temples  within the  main temple viz Shiva , Venkateswara , Kamakshi , Ganesa, Krishna , Rama , Ayyappa  , Anjaneeya ,Saraswathi , Muruga, Lakshmi , AAndal, Nava Grahas,Vishvaksena Garuda  and Hayagreeva
 The total area of the temple is approximately 6200 sq ft. The temple ornaments and architectural style are of Chola, and Pandya dynasty (10th century) for Shiva and Parivar (associated) shrines, and Vijayanagara dynasty (12th century) for Venkateshwara and Parivar shrines. The Ayyappa shrine is built according to the Kerala style of architecture. There is also a  community hall which opened in April of 2001. It houses educational and cultural activities, and is occasionally rented for private ceremonies to Temple members and devotees..
THey have four well trained priests from India who perform daily puja services. The temple’s religious rituals strictly follow the Agama Shastras: Shiva agama for Shiva and parivara devathas, Pancharathra agama for Vishnu and parivara devathas. The temple organizes a number of religious services and celebrates major Hindu festivals throughout the year, which are open to the general public. Devotees have opportunity to sponsor any of these religious services. The temple priests can also conduct specific religious services on behalf of devotees either at the temple or in their homes
In addition to the religious activities the temple conducts a number of educational, cultural and voluntary service activities: The Educational Program (Vidyamandir) conducts classes for children, youth and their family members on yoga, Hindu Heritage, Indian languages and special topics of interest on Sundays during the school year.
The temple arranges a number of classical music and dance concerts throughout the year. Music, dance and mridangam classes are also conducted at the temple The temple’s Elders Forum meets on the second Thursday of every month for networking and discussing topics of interest to seniors. The Forum also prepares and serves meals at a local community center for homeless on the third Thursday of every month.
The charges  for various temple  worships as well as   domestic ceremonies are given below

1 Ashtotra Archana $ 10.00
2 Trishati Archana $15.00
 3 Suvarnapushpa Archana $ 25.00
 4 Sahasranama Archana $ 25.00
5 Sathyanarayana Pooja ( regular day) $ 101.00 $ 151.00 Full Moon days $ 35.00
6 Grihapravesham $ 151.00
7 Ayushya Homam $ 151.00 $ 175.00
8 Namakaranam $ 101.00 $ 151.00
9 Annaprashanam $ 51.00 $ 101.00
10 Vidyarambam $ 51.00
11 Navagraha Homam $ 51.00 $ 175.00
12 Abhishekam to any Deity only on scheduled day $ 51.00
13 Vahana Pooja $ 35.00
14 Upanayanam * $ 201.00 $ 251.00
 15 Kalyanam (Wedding) * $ 850.00 $ 1000.00
16 Sreemantham* $ 151.00 $ 201.00
17 Tharpanam or Hiranya Srardham $ 51.00 $ 101.00
18 Wedding Engagement* $ 151.00 $ 201.00
19 Sankatahara Chathurthi/ Pradhosham/ Navagraha Pooja (Temple Sponsored) $ 25.00
20 Kalyanothsavam (temple sponsored) Kalyanothsavam (Private sponsorship) $ 51.00 $251.00

* Additional hall rental fee may apply.
A. Flowers and Fruits are requested for services.
B. Acharya Sambhavana ( offering to the priest is optional) is not included in the fees above.
C. For home services devotees must provide to and from transportation to the priest.
 D. To sponsor any of the services, you may contact the priest at (954) 689-0471

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Old mother writes to her son

Old  mother writes to her son


(Based on a Whatsapp Write up.Thanks to the author)

The son  whom I  fondled ,
Holding him   above my head,
Has grown up   so much,
That he  is taller  than my head,

I have  a  fear   about him,
That   during  one of these  days,
He may   harshly   tell me,
“Do not  interfere in my affairs”

And  This is my letter   to him.

Dear Son

Oh son , even forgetting yourself  ,
Do not  ever  tell  me like that,
I would   go away  to my God,
In this   very  young age  itself.

You used  to ask me questions,
And I used  to answer them ,
Without   ever getting bored,
And never   ever   saying  “no”.

Like you  , I also may ask you questions  ,
Just like a baby  , though I am not one,
Please  never   ever   shout  at me ,
Do not ever shout at me   and say” shut up.”

I am an innocent one  who is older,
Who can never ever   suffer a  pain,
And if you shout  , I would   start,
Sobbing  uncontrollably   for a long time

While you were a little baby  ,
I used to lift all the  rice that  you spilled
While  taking  your food   and as my fingers are old,
Some  rice  may fall on the ground, do not chide  me.

My  kidney  might have  lost    its strength,
Due to that    some  urine might    have spilled,
Please  do  not show an angry face and say “nasty”
For even today the smell of your urine  is there in my sari tips

I should die   when I   do have  the ability  ,
To  walk and reach    the  cremation ground ,
Please  my son please  never  even think  of,
Admitting  me  in any   old age   home.

I  was a blood donor   to you   and  transformed,
My blood  in to milk  and made you   drink it with glee  ,
So please  never   ever leave  me to suffer ,
And at least once  allow me  to sleep on your lap.

When my soul  leaves    from my body  ,
Please  be  near  me , with affectionate tears ,
And I beg   for this favour , with folded   hands,
Your mother   who forever cherished  and loved you.

You  know me   and you have affection towards me  ,
I want you   to see the motherly feminineness  in me  ,
I know you will cry after   reading  this  , don’t cry,
But honour all females, Thank you my son.

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Shuklambaradaram Manthra-What does it mean

Shuklambaradaram Manthra-What does it meaN


Before   we start  any ritual   we recite the  prayer:-

Shuklambaradaram  Vishnum  Sasi Varnam  Chathurbujam,
Prasanna  Vadanam Dhyayeth , sarva Vigna upasanthaye.

The smarthas   consider it as  prayer   addressed to Lord Ganesa  , the remover of obstacles
And translate it thus:-

I meditate  on the cheerful faced  god   who  is the remover  of all obstacles,
Who is clad in white silk, who is peaceful, who is moon coloured  and has four hands.

(Lord Ganesha also wears  yellow silk    and is supposed to have  five hands- his tusk is considered as one hand . He is supposed to be red coloured)

The Vaishnavites  consider   that it is a prayer   addressed   to Lord Vishnu  and  translate it as follows:-

I meditate  on  Lord Vishnu wearing silk  white cloths, who is  of colour of moon,
Who has four hands  and has pleasant face   and pray to him  to remove all obstacles on my way.

(Please note  Lord Vishnu wears   yellow silk (Peetambaram)  )

Maha Periyava   gave a humorous explanation  to this (

White (milk) and black (decoction) mixed
Will become   coffee of the colour of moon,
And when Wife holding the cup in 2 hands
Hands it over to husband  , who receives it  with two hands(4 hands)
Imaging   this scene, your  face  become pleased,
And  once you take it, all problems would get solved.

Story of Skanda as contained in Valmiki Ramayana

Story of  Skanda  as contained  in Valmiki Ramayana

From Translation  of Valmiki Ramayana


Today  is Skanda  Sashti and many of you  may be wondering , which  is the first  book  , which tells   about  the stiry of Skanda

     I am sure  many  of you do not know   that  Sage Viswamithra  told   the story  Of Skanda, possibly   for   the first time in our  epics to Sri  Rama  and his brother  Lakshmana (Chapters 35, 36, 37  of  Bala Kanda .Those interested  to know  the full story  may read  my  translation
    You may also  be interested to know   that  the famous  sloka  of Waking up Rama  “kausalya  Supraja Rama,,,” is the first  sloka of chapter 35  .  The story told in these  chapters is slightly different from the story of  Lord Subrahmanya  that we all know)

Summary of the story  contained   in these  chapters  of Ramayana

Rama along with the sages reach the banks of river Ganges and they stay there for a night. When Rama asks about the river Ganges, Viswamithra starts telling him about the river. He tells them she was the first daughter of “ Himalayas and  Mena”   and as per the request of devas, she becomes a river and   is taken to deva loka.
Her sister Uma does penance and marries Lord Shiva Shiva and Uma lead a family life but no children are born to them. Worried that all the three worlds would be destroyed if a son to both of them is not born to them , at the request of devas, the earth receives the seed of Shiva  , which  flowers in to a God within fire. That God is Karthikeya.   Uma curses the devas as well as earth and Shiva and Uma do further penance.
The devas   who needed a commander to their army approached Brahma       and he asked them to  make the seed of Shiva which was with fire God to be placed in the wombs of Ganga. Since she was not able to tolerate his heat, he was slid down on the rivers and for suckling him the Krithika maidens are appointed.  He develops six faces to drink milks from six maidens. He grows up in a day and is anointed as  their commander  by the devas.

Saying this   sage Viswamithra  says

“Oh Rama, Now I have told you in great detail    the story of Ganga  and also told you   about  the birth of the divine  and honored  lad.” 37.31
“Oh Rama the devotees among  human beings of earth of this Karthikeya  would live long, have sons and grandsons  and in the end would go to the world of Skanda.”

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The sastha who sits below a jack fruit tree –Palavadi Sastha

The sastha   who sits below  a jack fruit tree –Palavadi  Sastha
(on whom three leaves of the tree shed  after pooja)

Compiled  By

(Only micro info is available about this temple on line)

   This temple is near  Amba Samudram  of Thirunelvelii, which is 37 km from TEnkasi   and 47 km from  Thirunelve;li town .The God Sastha  with his consorts  , poorna  and Pushkala, in the form of three SWayambu Lingas is sitting under a  Jack fruit tree(Pala maram in Tamil, PLavu in Malayalam)   here.There  is no temple building

    His Vahana  , the elephant  is found in front of him 
The speciality  of the temple is that  , if the God is satisfied  with the special pooja   given to him, three  leaves  of  the  Jack fruit tree , falls and get  placed on the   three  lingas
    There are  several huge forms of Parivara  Devathais  in this temple

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We have only today with us and not tomorrow

We have   only today   with us and   not tomorrow


(Based  on a whatsapp   story.Thanks  to he  who   thought about it .May God bless  each one of us  and help us  to lead  a life of joy, today as well as tomorrow)

One  orf the richest mill magnets  of India,
Gave his son one thousand crore  worth sares,
And to day  he   is   struggling   to live,
And is fighting  case  with his son with tears

A lady   who was   billionaire   died  in her flat,
In Mumbai  , but her  son    discovered  it 
One year  later  because   he never   had  ,
Any contact  with his mother  in normal course

A very senior level government  officer  ,
Committed   suicide   like many others like him,
Because He   could   cope  up with the stress,
Caused by expectations  of his family as   well as  outsiders.

One with   greatest   wizard    of moter racing  ,
Wjo earned    several   shields    as well  as,
Billions  of dollars as  prize money is fighting  ,
To stay alive  with almost all his money spent in hospitals

All these  indicate  that  nothing  is permanent in earth,
Saving money    should not become   a race  of life ,
For what   will happen  ,  He   alone  knows ,
And so lead a  happy contented  , blessed  life as long as you can

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Sori Muthu Ayyanar Temple

Sori Muthu Ayyanar  Temple (The pearl  like Ayyappa who rains wealth)

Compiled   from different sources

   THis is a famous  Ayyappa(sastha) temple  located between Papanasam  Karaiyar dam..It is located In side The Kalakad-Mundam THurai  tiger resort , in Amba SAmudram  Taluq of  Nellai district of Tamil nadu,(12 km from Papanasam dam and 61 km from Tirunelveli temple) on the shores of  Thamravarni river

     The temple is that of Mahalinga SWamy and Ayyanar (muthaiyanar)  with his wives poorna and Pushkala    is the security guard  of Lord Siva, He is there  with his assistants Sangili Bhootham, Thoosi Madan , Pechi, Isakki and Pattavarayan. He is normally referred as” Pon  Soriyum  Muthian” meaning “Muthiah   who  rains gold”. He is the “family God” of many families here. People believe that once when traders camped in the forest blood started flowing from a stone when the hoof of bull hit it. Then they heard a voice which instructed them to build a temple this way.    The temple is under the administration of Singampatti Zameen who takes adequate care in maintaining the temple with all piety and divinity

It is believed that Lord Ayyappa as lad came here to learn  martial arts . His devotees believe that  this is the first temple of Lord Ayyappa and term this as Mooladhara  temple.Because of this many SAbari Mala  devotees   begin their annual pilgrimage    from this temple

   Lord Dharma Sastha appears with His left leg bent and the right hanging down slightly siding on the left. Saptha Kannikas (seven maidens) are also  in His shrine. Those who are not aware of their family deity, pray here. There are Nandhi the bull, elephant and horse vahanas. Lord Bhairava graces in the front mandap with His dog vahan before Him.

    A Brahamin, Muthupattan by name, fell in love with two girls born in a different community. He died in a battle to protect the cows. Later, a shrine was built for him-Pattavarayan- where he appears with his wives Bommakka and Thimmakka. Though a Brahmin, as advised by his father-in-law, he also learnt the cobbler art. Hence, devotees tie  chappals in the shrine. When the devotee visits the shrine next year, he will find that the chappals are worn out though not used by any body. This seems to be miracle in the temple. As the temple is in a jungle region, there are not much human movements. Yet the chappals are found used and old.

   Villagers in the region come here in large numbers to worship Pattavaraya Sami for the welfare of their cattle. There is an Iluppai tree in the temple complex. The bells tied by devotees get stuck to the tree which is considered as the Lord acknowledging their prayers.

   There is a five day festival  in this temple during Aadhi Amavasya(Karkidaga Vavu).All other Amavasya are also important festival days , with Thai Amavasya being more important

Address  and telephone number of the temple 

Arulmigu Sorimuthaiyanar Temple,
  Tirunelveli district.,
    Pincode : 627 416 ,
  Manager:   0842435896

   E-Mail :

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Happy birthday greetings from younger brother to her elder brothe

Happy  birthday  greetings   from younger  brother  to her elder  brother

Transcreated by

(I  was  the eldest  son  of a  lower middle class  family. The  greatest   relations in the earth  to me are  my younger   sister  and younger  brother. With tears  I read the tamil original , because  I thought  ,my  brother  would   write like that only . He is only a few years  younger to me   but to him I am father, mother and God)

We will quarrel  with each other , beat each other,
Quarrel with each other  , but never  part with each other

All elder  brothers  are  another  father,
In  showing love  they are  our mother,
And in  disciplining  when in need  they  are our father.

My elder brother   would always  be chiding me,
Which shows    the depth of his affection to me

My brother  wanted me to be great  and will  teach me well,
He would spend  all his money  on me without asking me

My brother   will buy several gifts to me , though he cannot afford ,
Without ever asking me  but all of  them  were  greatly liked by me

If  My brother seems me  sad ,  tears  will  gush out of his eyes,
He is more than a mother  to me and always want  my good

Though he   shouts and   walks   away from me  ,
Within half a day  , he will come back  and hug each other

Path may   change , Partners  may change,
But the affection   between us will never change,

Though    our  eyes are   two  , our    sight  is only one,
Though anger  and affection are two, Only  affection comes  out

He was   my another  mother  , who lifted me up,
When I Fell down, he is   my brother  and first friend,

Happy birthday  brother, you should   grow like Kalpaka  tree,
And I will be always with you, under your shade  , my brother

Happy birthday greetings from younger sister to her elder brother

Happy  birthday  greetings   from younger sister  to her elder  brother

Transcreated by

(I  was  the eldest  son  of a  lower middle class  family. The  greatest   relations in the earth  to me are  my younger   sister  and younger  brother. With tears  I read the tamil original , because  I thought  ,my sister  would   write only like that only  She may be  almost as old as me  but to her I am father, mother and God)

Only in places    where  there  is great affection ,
There  would be simple  teasing ,  fight as well as anger

The affection   between a   brother  and sister,
Is one   such and it  is difficult to describe  it in words.

Path may   change , Partners  may change,
But the affection   between them  will never change,

Though   eyes are   two  , the   sight  is only one,
Though anger  and affection are two, Only  affection comes  out

You   were  my another  mother  , who lifted me up,
When I Fell down, You are  my brother  and first friend,

Happy birthday  brother, you should   grow like Kalpaka  tree,
And I will be always with you, under your shade  , my brother

Differences  in marching  time   is not there between them,
For the greatest   relation  in this   world is this relation..

Our quarrel  is our affection and it is  the miracle  ,
That helps  our love to grow   deep and forever

It is like   the water   that falls  on the raging fire.
And  it  is  the blanket  which   prevents  cold

Let spring  blow, let   light  sparkle  ,
Let every day  be  always  be your day

Let the seconds  and minutes become  your step stones,
Let Joy always  ebb in your life, Let   our affection  forever increase

Greetings  for your birthday, from your darling sister

The great fixer is God

The great fixer is God

Recreated by

(I read this essay in Tamil  written in face book  by Visalatchi Iyer   and enjoyed it. I have   absorbed it within myself   and rewritten it  .Thanks  Visalatchi iyer)

A  portion for  us  to live  in the world was  fixed.
For every  birth   a  womb was fixed
A form  and its growth  for us  was fixed
A time  of birth  for us was   fixed

A time to lisp was fixed
A time to start eating was fixed
A time to talk   was fixed
A time to walk was  fixed
A time    to be affectionate was fixed
A time   to sleep was fixed
A r time to wake up was fixed

A time  to think was fixed
A time to act was   fixed
A  time to fall in love was fixed
A time to accept that  partner was fixed
A time to mix was fixed
A time  to get a child was fixed
A time  to nurture that   chld was fixed
A time for us to learn from that child was fixed
Many  such times  in our life  was fixed

 So the one who fixes is the God always
If we dig further  deep

Fix  me   to think like  my partner
Fix me to run after    what I want
Fix me to get what  all is needed  by me
Fix so that  all that is not needed  is not with me
Fix and join me with that   which will make me happy
Fix me so that  I once in a while get deceived

Fix me so that I know that he does everything

Fix me so that  by experience I know what is not good for me
Fix me so that  I enjoy that   which I should  experience
Fix me so that  all my desires are  fulfilled
Fix me so that  I do act all that  has to be acted
Fix me so that I feel, “Oh only this much”

Fix so that  all lies  go away from me
Fix so that  I  feel  that which is the truth
Fix me   to feel that  He is there  to hug me
Fix me so that I realize that he  fixes and I do not and make me  feel joyful

Oh  Great fixer, Thanks for making me understand

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Sage in search of herb and his wife

Sage  in search of herb   and his wife


(Got from Whatsapp .Please  follow the very important moral)

One saint  took his old wife  deep in the forest  .
All the time   he was   searching    for something,
And never  , ever  told what  it is   to her  ,
And she spent  all her   time   cooking   for him,

One day  the saint returned   to eat  and ,
Near the  cooking pot   was standing  a  young beauty,
And he asked   her hesitatingly , “Who are you?”
And she  replied  “Ofcourse   your wife”

Then she told ,::”since  I did not bring a  ladle ,
To stir  the  gruel, I took   some stick and stirred it,
And the gruel became  black   and instead of throwing it,
I drank  it  and  I became   young and pretty like this

The saint shouted “Oh my God , I was searching  for it only,
As I wanted   to become young “ but  his young pretty wife replied,
“You never told me  , to prepare  more  gruel  for you , I used  it as firewood.”
Sage wept saying.”Do not do  anything without knowledge of wife”

Baby and Cell phone

Baby and Cell phone 


One  day  my darling   daughter  whom I loved,
Asked me “Have i confused you   at any time?”
And  I said , “Yes , daughter  , once  , long ago,
You were just one year old and used  to crawl

I  kept   a pen, a coin, a pen and a toy   little away from you ,
And I was   sitting  slightly   further   away and wanted to  know,
Whether  you would  choose  wealth  or learning or  happiness,
When you grow   up, but you left all  of them and  came  took my cell phone 

Me and my God

Me and my God


(idea borrowed from Whatsapp  .THankyou, Anon)

I was a lady and    my  God  was sitting  on the  top of a  mountain,
People  advised me  not to go there   empty handed,
And I took   some thing simple  like Kuchela’s   beaten rice,
Since  the mountain was  too high, I felt  I may not be able to climb.

There were  several ways    to reach   the top  ,
Peaceful way  , By meditation, By   Yajna  ,
BY rituals , By Yoga  By worship and numerous  others,
For every way there was  a guide   standing.

Each of them promised  that  their way is the best ,
And then they  told me   , they  would  climb   to the top,
Instead  of me  , if I pay   sufficient   fees  to them
And  there were  many who told  , I am not  permitted to climb there.

I was   wondering what   to  do and was   about  to return,
One  poor hungry  woman asked me , “please   madam,”
And i gave the offering  meant   to god to her
And she  blessed  me  and  then only  I looked  at her

She  was  the  god and asked her ” Oh God what are  doing here?”
Then that  God said  , I stay here  only”   and then I asked  him,
“What about  there? “ and showed  him the top  of the mountain,
He said  “I am there too, those   who cannot  see me here , come there.”

Then I told “Oh God , I saw  a lady here  and how  can that be you?”
He said “I do not have  any specific form or sex . All forms are mine.”
Then I asked  him , “Oh God   does it mean  ,I need not  climb the mountain,
He said , “Did I not tell you  , I am there  too, if you  wish  you can  come there too”

I blinked   and   God continued, “If  you  are ,
Living only for yourself , You have  to climb up there to see me,
But if you are  living  for all beings on earth , you,
Would be able to see  me  everywhere.”

God smiled  and  I told   him with a sob,
“Now  I see you , wherever   I see “

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Beta Mar Jayaga

“Beta  Mar Jayaga”


The year  was   1963 . Two years back  I  had arrived as a  mango lad  at Delhi in the month of may along with my best friend KSN  .WE started   staying in our hostel   which was  behind NPL .Every one who saw     us both  use to advise  us to buy  a  suit. When we said   we cannot afford they said, Suts can be purchased  in instalments .WE were  worried   and one day asked  our senior  Sri Gopalan  What to do? He said he had  spent two years  with  just half sweater , WE decided  to follow him and before   winter on the foot paths  of Ajmalkhan road  purchased   two  sweaters  , full sleeved  and reversible .  One   winter  was   some how over  , In the  winter  of 1963, one day  , as  was  my practice I had  gone to Karolbagh by walk and was returning  by walk around 9 PM by  a  dark road  by the side  of PUSA  Institute.
     Suddenly  a lavish Car   stopped  near  me . A sardarji   got down from the car  , came near me and told , “Beta  Mar Jayaga” .I asked him why? He said  temperature was  one degree   and with my shabby dress  I may not reach  my hostel. I simply smiled.He compelled me to get in to his car , took me to the hostel and dropped me there
 During every winter  of my life  , I used  to recollect  that SAradarji    and with a wet eye  , used to thank him.

Cell netizen-=ahoy

Man  has started  going alone- Likely to suffer

(Hey I read it in Tamil Whatsapp  net only  .Thanks to another netizen)


No need of parents   top wake us up- There is- Alarm app
No need of mother to cook                  -There is –Zomato , swiggy etc etc  app
No need of bus to travel                       -There is- Ola, Uber app
No need to ask  for directions              -There  is –Google  Map  app
No need    of provision   shop               -There is – Big Basket, Amazon app
No need  to visit cloth   shop                 -There  is  - Amazon, Flipcart  app
No need to go to pharmacy                   -There is- Medplus app
No need  to carry money  with us         -There  is- PayTm, Bhim    app
No need   to have experts  to get info   -There is-  Google app
No need   to meet a friend to talk          -There is-  Whatsapp, face book   apps

               All  these help us  to live alone without meeting any one

                     WE think it is as clear   as a gooseberry in the palm,
         But  we have been caught   in the net , from where we cannot escape
                          Oh God help us  to get out of this cell net
                                         And  be no more  cell slaves
                               Help us to knit a net with relations and friends
                                                             Oh God please