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Nectar of the Gods

Nectar  of  the Gods

Shivram  (In Dinamani  news paper)

Summarised and translated by

(I would not have come across this great story but for the posting of the full story by my  Face book friend  Swarnalatha  Natarjan .Kudos to the great writer  and thanks to my friend. I am convinced the  Tamil original is superb and my translation  has lost the soul of the story )

Gayathri  prepared   fresh   filter coffee,
And kept   it by side table  of Sri Dikshith,
Who was seventy five   and he  enjoyed,
The great coffee   and got drowned  in his newspaper

Then chanting    several prayers  in  pretty tune,
Gayathri prepared   the needed  food ,
For her father in law, took a   share from that ,
To be delivered to her mother  in  the next street.

She then rushed back   to her own home  wakened up,
Her darling daughter Pavithra and sent her to school,
And  then she went to office to attend   to her office chores.
She also  had to keep in contact   with her husband  Balu who  was in USA.

One day an e mail came    to sri Diikshith    from his son Balu,
Who had enclosed a  paper for divorce   from his wife  ,
As she was not  wiling to leave Dikshith  and her mother ,
In a g five star  old age home , and go to USA  and  live with him.

He had said that   he would come in three  months ,
And do all  the necessary formalities to admit dikshith ,
In a five star old age   home   , so that  he would be,
Taken care  of extremely well and  be happy.

All that Dikshith knew was prayer   and with tear filled eyes,
He blessed Gayathri   and   requested God   to grand her a great life ,
And seeing him crying several times Gayathri    asked him ,
With great affection, “Father  what happened?” but he did not answer.

After three months  Balu arrived    from USA   but did not speak ,
With any one and so Gayathri one day night   said to him,
“Dear husband  , I want to discuss   an important matter  with you,”
And Balu said , “I have explained everything to father  and I have nothing more  to tell you.”

Gayathri told him, “He did not tell me    anything but  I have read your mail”
And Balu angrily  retorted “Then what is there to talk, sign the divorce papers.”
But she replied, “I would   and I do not have  any objection  for you marrying some one else,
But you have to leave your father   and our child with me   and I assure you, I will not marry again.”

Balu asked, “Why are you worried about my father?”  and she said , The day,
I got married to you, he became  my father.I simply cannot   afford to lose,
A great father  like him from my life and I want to  be with him till he dies.
I am not agreeable to put him in an old age home  and we cannot take him to USA  at this age.”

Gayatri continued, “Your father  and my mother   are my two eyes and,
I cannot leave my eyes in the safe deposit locker   which is like  leaving them  in old age home.
Don’t you have conscience  . Is  the life in USA and lots of wealth,
Necessary for us? I am ashamed of your selfishness.”

She continued, “ What a great man is your father   and how dared,
You to hurt  him so much by sending that mail to him . From that day  onwards  ,
He has not eaten, he has not slept   and  he did not tell  me about it,
And I only read   it without  his knowledge and felt  that  you can never be pardoned.”

Balu was shocked and jolted and told  , “Gayathri  pardon me.,
I was thinking of  keeping my eyes in safe deposit box ,
And lead a life of a blind brute   devoid  of eyes and devoid of  mind.
I will search for a job here and we will all  stay together here.”

Dikshith who heard all this   when he came   to the kitchen,
To drink water   felt relieved   and  in that darkness  went to the prayer room,
“For three months , Oh God , I was suffering a deep stress  and my daughter,
Solved it in three minutes .I asked for nectar  but you gave me  nectar of Gods.”

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Roadblocks in settling marriage alliances among Brahmins –I .Horoscope matching

Roadblocks   in  settling  marriage alliances   among Brahmins –I .Horoscope matching


( I belong to an ancient  family odf astrologers but I am definitely not a great expert  in that science. I know there  are several  very talented  and professional astrologers  in  face book . I  am sure many of them may not agree   with what I say . I beg for their forgiveness.
   But I am a member of great society of human beings . I some how have started feeling that   matching of horoscopes is one of the most important factors that   is an impediment  in  getting people married. Based on  my experience I know that   atleast about 90%   couple who got married after matching horoscopes lead a comfortable married life     but if due to this system    a large number of people   are not getting married , we need to take   some action.)

   All our Puranas  contain a chapter  on Astrology(Jyothisha)   and one of the important aspects   emphasized is horoscopes matching. The horoscopes are matched   by examining:-

1.Whether there is Nakshatra  porutham ?
2.Whether   there  is dosha samyam?
3.Whether there   is dasa  Sandhi?

      Normally an astrologer who matches  horoscopes also examine whether   there is SAnthana BHagyam for both   of them.NoW I would try to   give a very short   note of what all these   would  indicate?

1.Nakshatra  porutham
      This is mainly   examined   to find whether   the groom and bride are  physically   and mentally   compatible and whether   they would adjust with each other.

2.Dosha samyam.
   This is examined    to   ensure that the couple who  get married   have a very long married life.  About 60%  horoscopes would not match according   to this criteria   for boys with Shuddha Jadagam and girl’s with chevvai dosham .

3,Dasa  Sandhi
      This is mainly examined   to see   whether   difficult periods  in life for the wife and husband occur    at the same  time.

      Even when I was a child , every village  used to have its own astrologers. None of the   villagers   would pay   for  consultation   of horoscopes. But when the marriage is fixed  , a substantial present  iused   to be given to the  village astrologer. Those who own land    would also give a  certain measure of paddy    at the  time of harvest reaching their homes to the village  astrologer.

   With most of the agraharams becoming empty  ,  these village astrologers migrated to towns. Many who got who good jobs   still offer their services free of cost. Others have started   to charge   very heavily . To  get more and more money there  is a possibility  that   few of  these professional astrologers  keep on saying  “Horoscopes do not match”   till the  parents become desperate   and ask for Pariharam.  Then very costly Pariharms which would be performed by astrologers themselves are prescribed. This   made  people scared of approaching  astrologers. Many of them have already discontinued  consultation with astrologer  Some of them do  down load software  for match making   (Which are most of the time wrong)  and some think  that the parents who initiate the proposals must have already seen to it.

  Thus  more than 50% people have already   stopped  matching of horoscopes.  Since marriage   is an important  requirement of every human being  , I feel it is time   that   we stop this practice altogether.

A angry outburst of a 40+ iyer bachelor

A angry outburst  of a 40+  iyer  bachelor

Translated by

( I felt sad  on reading it in Whatsapp. I do have  the name and e mail id of the man who wrote  it. What else I can do except sympathizing with him.)

  Once upon a time  the poor Brahmins  gave their 20 year old daughters  in marriage to 60 year old men  and created  large number of young widows.

  I am one of those 40+  Brahmin leading a very orthodox life, who went on searching for an iyer   girl who was willing  to marry me and have sacrificed  my youth   at the altar  of  the temple  of matrimony.
The torments that a girl’s parent  give to the boys who  search for brides  has  become too  much unbearable and have pained   me a lot.

Thet y all want to know whether  I am a government servant or employed in a private firm..If in a private firm they ask whether  my monthly income is more than fifty thousand rupees. They also want to know whether  I have my own house  in the city besides   the house  of my parents.. They are bothered to know whether I have an income sufficient to run the family well or whether  I have  any bad habits or whether I lead a religious life.

AS soon as I tell them I lead a stain free  orthodox life , I am asked to immediately  drop the alliance and get out of their home.

Some times I used to feel , may be the girl  is very highly educated  and the family  is prosperous, usually I am shocked to know they are a lower middle class family   and the girl has just completed  tenth standard.

There is nothing wrong in parents of girls wanting their girl to lead a life  of prosperity, But I do not feel it is just for them to neglect  the education, handsomeness, sterling character and only  getting bothered about money.

I know a  Iyer groom who has been giving matrimonial advertisement in a monthly iyer  magazine  ever since he attained forty , every month for the past five years . So far no one has bothered to reply him.  And that gentleman is very rich and employed in an MNC in Singapore.

Seeing that I have   concluded that  for me who  belongs to a middle class family , with   average qualification and average income  ,  there is no chance to get married at all.
I know about a girl whose   engagement with a very rich groom was celebrated. The groom wanted her to resign her job before the datwe of marriage and fifteen days before the day fixed for marriage   the groom , said he is not interested in the marriage. The girl turned mad  and even attempted suicide.
  In other castes , even if the groom is not employed the family of the girl  would get him a job to do and also give their daughter in marriage to him.

 But among Brahmins  the practice of  auctioning the groom  for his wealth is prevalent. They are not bothered even if their girl marries from other caste  or religion. Will this change at all  ?Why are the caste  leaders   not bothered about it? We are also people with love and affection, sterling character, people who treat other ladies as their mothers or sisters and people who  forever dream about  a  happy married life. Please help us to live a married life   and do not send us to the  cremation ground
Money only is not life .It would not accompany you after your death .Start thinking “Character is   difficult to get and money is easy to get.”.Please  help us to get married.

A  forty year old Iyer   groom  who is sad .

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The World laughed when I cried

The World laughed   when I cried


( Based on the great write up in face book by my friend     Mannargudi Sitaraman Srinivasan .My pranams to that great artist  of words. )

I  don’t understand , where  I am,
I seem to be floating   in some   fluid,
And am attached   with  something ,
By the   use   of a silk like   thread.

I am   not hearing   any sound ,
Except    the sound of a  heart beat,
And I feel as  is some  one is  ,
Caressing  me   and speaking to me.

Since I was not  capable of raising   any sound,
I have moved   my   arms and legs   several times,
Some times  I used to hear    some rough   sound,
Which will move away but I used  to always  hear that heartbeat

For the past two   , three   days  , I seem  to ,
Want to get   out of this  place and I tried ,
My best by kicking and waving my hands,
But  I was   not able    to get out of there.

One day  I started  being dragged some where ,
In that fluid , I became  up side   down ,
The sound of the heart beat   got very much reduced,
I was scared  that I was going out of my world  to some where  else.

That soft soothing voice   that I used to hear  was ,
Shouting   and crying  in great  pain , I felt bad,
That I must of hurt   that some one with a  soothing voice ,
By my kicking    and moving about here and there.

All of a sudden the   fluid  in which I was swimming ,
Start ed to  flow out  of that bag and I reached ,
A very narrow  passage   and I felt as  if ,
Some one was holding my head  and pulling me out.

That soft voice was   shouting in great agony,
And I  was also feeling    some amount of pain,
Suddenly I came out    from darkness  to light ,
And some one cut   the silken thread  which attached me.

I was not able to hear   my constant companion –the heart beat,
I was also not    able to hear  the crying sound of the soothing voice,
And I cried   and fun of fun, every one around  laughed.
And I understood that   this new world   is very unkind

They washed  me , tied me tightly   in a cloth   and every one,
Was seeing some thing below    my hip and laughing with joy,
I  did not like   this new   world and those  unkind ones,
Who lifted  me up carefully and put me beside some one.

Suddenly  I started   again hearing   that heart beat,
And I stopped my crying   and some  one touched me ,
Caressed me just like   earlier and then talked to me,
And  I  wanted to see  who it was but  I was not able to.

Then two soft hands   lifted me up  near  to her face ,
And I saw  the  very pretty smile of joy   in that face ,
Which had just undergone      very great  pains,
And  I did not find any way to express  my joy.

Then  I realized    that   she was   my mother ,
Who would   give a very incomparable  love,
But she   was   laughing     when I cried, but

I knew later  she would get  upset, if I open my mouth   to cry.

Gist of Face book Dharma

Gist of Face book Dharma


(I got the idea   from a face book post of my friend Nagasubramanian Jayaraman   in Tamil. My thanks to him)

Whatever you have posted in face book   , has been posted for good

Whatever you are posting in face book   is being posted for good,

Whatever you are going to post   in face book   would be posted for good,

Why  no one is liking it? Why you are  crying? How many have you liked?

What  have you  posted that is original? What have you really  lost?

Whatever  was  posted  in  face book by you,  came  there due  to copy and paste

Whatever   you  liked  in facebook   would be posted  in some Whatsapp  group by you?

You brought   nothing  with you   when you joined,

You are not taking anything  , when you quit   the face book.

Whatever  is your post today was some body elses’s  yesterday,
And will be   some body else’s tomorrow.

Change , copy , paste   is the law of face book.

Thank you my father

Thank you my father


Based on write up in Tamil bt my face book friend  Hamsabai   Santhana Krishnan

To become a father  is an easy job,
But  to be a father   is a difficult job,
The courage    and strength of   every human being  ,
Is basically  rooted   in his father  , and in fact ,
He is  their  roll  model  for all their acts.

The greatest gift given by God   to every human being,
Is  the father and he is equal to  one thousand teachers to them,
And    the sacrifice   of this   guiding post of their  lives,
Is something  indescribable    and immeasurable..

To bring up    a  little one  in to a great being,
The sufferings     due to the financial burden,
Of a father    causes   great  pain to him,
Which makes  him sport   a  grin of suffering always.

To lead their children    in  to  the  proper path,
There is a great need  to be very strict  towards them,
Possibly because   of this   though   the love of father,
Is in no way less than the mother, their children do not realize it.

If the plants called   children  , during  their growth,
Receive the sun light    from the   Sun called father,
And if they also receive  the moisture   from mother’s love ,
They would   all grow extremely well as assets of the world.
He is  the greatest guru  to all the lads and lasses,
Who teaches   them the knowledge  of experience ,
And when we see   a good citizen,
WE can be sure that he   had a great father to boast.

The strength   of an elephant  lies on its trunk,
And similarly   the strength of human beings ,
Lies on their trust and hope, and these feelings,
Have   their birth place  in their father.

A child tries to   stand  due to the trust  ,
Which it has   on its parents and    it,
Learns to fall , get up  , suffer pain,
And walk again due to the  trust   it has on its parents.

A mother carries the baby  on her hips  ,
AS she wants the baby   to  be with her,
But the father  lifts the baby on ,
His shoulders so that , it is taller than him.

Every father   to achieve  his dream  for his children
Suffers lot of sorrow and would have met several insults.
He  would have met   several people to help them.
He would have  taken Loan from many people,
And struggled to return that  loan back,
He would   have spent several sleepless nights,
He would have   carried unbearable   burdens for their sake,
Without   their children   knowing   about any of these things.

In their   bald heads, cracked feet  , Legs   where nerves can be seen,
White moustaches , you can read   the  history of their toil.
How many times to  avoid seeing the   sorrow of their children,
They would have hidden their pains and sicknesses?
How much extra effort , they would have to   put  to pull.
The cart of burden  family , so that  their children go in a car?

They would go to work  when   children sleep, after  giving them,
A soft kiss of love  taking care not to wake them up   and then after,
Very hard work return home  again   to see  their children sleep,
And most of them would have silently wept, just to hear the  talk of their kids.

Even after  their children grows    up and they  themselves ,
Become parents, their father   looks at them like a kid,
And says to them words like   “Do not be  scared of   anything ,
Am I not there  for you? I am there , there is no need to worry?

F or the children their fathers   are
---  Load bearer   stones
--- the staff used to  push them up
---   The nail which keeps the axils  in tact
--- The suns
---  The direction indicators
--- The Gurus
--- their hopes

Father  is
--- Pure  love
---unsullied interest
---  Just   thought
---  stable hopes
---  words that  do not wound
---  majestic advices
---  stainless smiles
---  your best friend
---  your best help

        Please   do not forget to say thanks  to these martyrs  everyday   for  making you great by sacrificing themselves   in the altar  of the joy of life.

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Be a good husband

Be a good  husband


(Based on tamil write up of  Balasubramanian  Nannilam Ranganathan. I did make a few   changes )

Not only   in your bed room but also,
In Kitchen give   her company  ,
Become her mother  when she is weak and in pain
Become her child   to her  on all  other days ,
To wash  her cloths   is not  at all a shame,
But it is   the   gift that   you give her.

AS much as  possible try to reduce ,
Going  home  very late    after  work,
If you   feel that  she looks tired,
Do not shout at her  if salt is not proper in a dish,
See to it that   you also   eat  the dish  with relish.

Have small   quarrels   with her  everyday,
But see to it  that it does not  turn big due to anger,
Share   half  of her   work  and be nice to her,
On Holidays allow her to sleep till noon,
And wake her  up  with hot steaming cup of tea.

If you are  late    tell her   the reason for it  ,
If it is your mistake ask her pardon,
At  the time of going to work   and return from work ,
Present  her   with a pleasant mischievous   smile,
And yell her she  is pretty and you love her.

Whenever you   go for special occasions ,
See to it that   she accompanies you ,
If she is in pain, become her mother,
Let the tears   that  she anytime   sheds ,
Because   of you be   only  the tears  of joy.

If you   get very angry   , just  stifle it,
If she is  sick, you become her nurse ,
Fulfill her desires and avoid  all pain for her,
If she does a mistake hug her   tightly,
And become like her father , when she was a little baby.

Allow her   to keep her  old friendships  ,
And if you know    what is n her mind ,
Respect them like her brother ,
Daily  sleep  along with her,
And in death bed   hold her hand.

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Reflex action of sub conscious mind=men's in car and lady's in kitchen

Reflex action of   sub conscious   mind
Translated by

(based on write up in Tamil  of my face book friend  Sri Gurumurthy. Thanks to him.)

Once  I was   driving  my car ,
Along with my wife in front seat,
My wife   suddeny  said  in a scared voice,
You are driving too fast , be careful.
I told her , “I am driving carefully only.”
Then she started    shouting  ,
There is a scooter  driving along with us,
Looks like he will dash    against our car,
I told her , “he can see  well and nothing would happen.”
Then she said, “Hey see   there  one car is turning towards us”
I told her , I have seen him and he has seen me , do noy get bothered.”
Then she almost got up shouting , “A lady  is crossing the road,
You may  hit and even kill her” and having nothing to tell,
I kept silent    and reached  our home in least possible time.

Next day my   wife   was very busy  in the kitchen doing her chores,
I went and said, “Ypu are lifting a big vessel   with a small  tong,
Suppose   it slips    and falls  on your feet  , what will happen?”
My wife smiled and told , How many times I have done it , nothing wll happen.”
Then I shouted , “The  oil is boiling in the vessel,
And you are putting mustard in it , suppose  it f splutters  anfd falls on you.”
She said, “Nothing wil happen , if it is put  in a proper manner.”
Then I said, “It would have   , had  I not told you in time.”
I continued  “Ypu are putting lotd  salt  and may spoil the taste of food.”

Then my wife switched  off the stove   and started shouting ,
“What happened   to you today. I have been cooking   for so many years,
All that  I do would only be correct   because it is due to reflex action of sub conscious mind.
If you stand   and keep on irritating me , I would commit some mistake.”

Then I told her ,” Darling wife, I too have been driving  ,
For a very long time  and do everything  due to  ,
A reflex action of my sub conscious   mind, but if you,
Sit besode me  and keep on scaring me,

Everything  I would do  would become wrong .”

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kali age has worsened

Kali age has worsened

Smt . V. Padma  Priya  Rajagopal

Translated  by

(Smt Padma  Priya  is a very talented poet   who has published   books of poems  in English    as well as  Tamil.Here is a great poem written in Tamil –(Tamil text given below) .The poet in her cries  about what  is happening  to this great  world of ours.)

Kali age has   greatly worsened,
The world   has  become  greatly spoiled,
The conduct of all humans    have changed
No one knows   what is good and  what is bad

The god has become a  silent idol,
Humans are no more afraid of Him,
Concept of Dharma   has become topsy-turvy
The  truth has  been swallowed   by lies

The meaning of love has changed,
The behavior of humans has also changed,
Everything in the world is  standing on its  head,
Truth has   been lost   somewhere.

The beauty of woman has   become  a confused notion
Money has now become everything everywhere,
Justice   and good behavior has become  meaningless,
The relations and friends    have moved   far far away

The respect to  learned people has got reduced,
The  shouting and loud laughter of a young ones has increased,
There is no respect for the law laid down by ancestors,
The   Life has become   without   any meaning

WE have paved the way to   destruction of the world,
The destruction of nature    has begun,
Negative  thinking has    come to the fore,
The period of destruction has come and living with us

கலி முத்திபோச்சு

வி. பத்ம ப்ரியா ராஜகோபல்

கலி ரொம்ப முத்திபோச்சு,
லோகம் இப்பொ கெட்டுபோச்சு,
மனிதன் குணம் மாறிபோச்சு,
naல்லது கெட்டது தெரியாம போச்சு!
தெய்வம் மௌனமாய் சிலையாச்சு,
மனிதனுக்கு அவன்கிட்டே பயம்போச்சு,
தர்மம எல்லாம் தலைகீழாய் போச்சு,
பொய்மை மெய்யை விழுங்கியாச்சு.
நேசத்தின் அர்த்தம் மாறிபோச்சு,
மனிதன் நடவடிக்கையும் மாறிபோச்சு,
எல்லாமே பூமியில் தலைகீழாச்சு,
சத்தியம் எங்கோ மறைந்துபோச்சு,
பெண் அழகு அலங்கோலமாச்சு,
பணம்தான் இங்கு எல்லாமாச்சு,
niயாயம், ஒழுக்கம் அர்த்தமில்லாதுபோச்சு,
சொந்த பந்தங்கள் விலகிபோச்சு.
அறிஞர்கள் மதிப்பு குறைந்துபோச்சு,
அரை டிக்கெட்டுகள் அட்டகாசம் ஜாஸ்தியாச்சு,
முன்னோர் வகுத்த நியதிகளுக்கு மறியாதைபோச்சு,
வாழ்க்கை ஏனோ தானோ ஆக்கிவிட்டாச்சு
உலகம் அழிய வழி வகுத்தாச்சு,
இயற்க்கை அழிவு தொடங்கியாச்சு,
விபரீத புத்தி வந்திரிச்சு,
வினாசகாலமும் வரவழைத்தாச்சு!

In Whose hand is the garland?

In Whose hand is the garland?

Smt.V.Padma  Priya Rajagopal

Translated  by

(After   seeing all around her , the poet  laments     at what is happening  around us. She requests   the God to take  an incarnation   and  destroy the  evil of this world. Her Tamil  text is given after   the translation)

We have handed over  the  flower garland  to the monkey,
Within a minute   it  has  been torn  into bits  and pieces,
What is the state   of our country,
In the hands of  the unsuitable people , it has become a bare thread

In the   eyes  of our mother land , there  is a stream of tears,
No one seems to understand her   sufferings,
All that we   see is celebration of  useless people,
The castle  built by our ancestors  has started  shaking .

What is the use of  six senses   given by God  to us,
After  humans have gone back  to where  he has come  from.
Monkeys are a  species   that jump from branch to branch,
And we are seeing out people   jump   from party    to party,

Oh God , you should take an incarnation now,
And destroy all  these   evil people  who are  shaking us from our  roots,
And  you should protect    your very pretty creation,
And  you  should  help us establish the Rama Rajya   which we dream  about .

For quenching the    thirst of freedom they   suffered  beats by sticks,
But  today the   selfish   people  have made  this  country in to  their slaves,
When will the voice  of the  people of  this republic be heard,
And it would be better that  all the evils are   swept away.

Oh Society of youth, Emotion should fill and overflow in you  ,
You should get the   strength   of well researched  thinking,
You should   wipe of the tears  of our  mother land ,
And justice and Dharma   should  grow tall  in our land

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Today's world scenario, a Tamil poem for rectification:

பூமாலை யார் கையில்?
வி. பத்மப் பிரியா ராஜகோபால்
குரங்கு கையில் பூமாலையை கொடுத்தாச்சு,.
ஒரு நிமிடத்தில் அது சின்னபின்னமா போச்சு,
நம் நாட்டின் நிலமைதான் என்னவாச்சு?
தகுதியற்றவர் கையில் உருகுலைந்த நாராச்சு!
தேசத்தாயின் கண்களில் இன்று நீரோட்டம்,
யாரும் உணரவில்லை பாவம் அவள் திண்டாட்டம்,
நாம் பார்ப்பதெல்லாம் தகுதியற்றவர் கொண்டாட்டம்,
சாண்றோர் பார்த்துக்கட்டிய கோட்டை கண்டுவிட்டதே ஆட்டம்!
நமக்கு ஆண்டவன் ஆறறிவு கொடுத்து என்ன பயன்,
மனிதன் இன்று எங்கிருந்து வந்தானோ அங்குசென்றுவிட்டப்பின்?
மந்திகள் கிளைக்குக்கிளை தாவிடும் இனம்,
கட்சிகள் மாறி மாறி தாவுவது காண்கின்றோம் தினம்!

ஆண்டவனே! இன்று நீ மறு அவதாரம் எடுக்கவேண்டும்,
இங்கு நம்மை ஆட்டிவைக்கும் பல சூரர்களை சம்ஹாரம்
nee படைத்த அழகான சிருஷ்டியை காத்திடவேண்டும்,
நாம் கனவில் காணும் ராமராஜ்யம் நிலைத்திடவேண்டும்!
சுதந்திர தாகம் தணிந்திட பிரம்படிப்பட்டாரே அன்று,
சுயநலவாதிகள் நாட்டை அடிமையாக்கிவிட்டாரே இன்று,
குடியரசின் மக்கள் குரல் ஓங்கி கேட்பது என்று?
அனைத்துத் தீமைகளை மாற்றி விடுவது நன்று!
இளய சமுதாயமே! ஆவேசம் பொங்கி பெருகவேண்டும்,
ஆராயிந்து சிந்திக்கும் வலிமை நீங்கள் பெற வேண்டும்,
தேசத்தாயின் கண்ணீரை நீங்கள் துடைத்திட வேண்டும்,
நீதியும், நல்லறமும் நாட்டில் ஓங்கி வளர வேண்டும்!
Discliamer: This does not pertain to any particular section of the

Life is hell if there is no give and take

Life is hell if there  is no give and take


( I have taken the first   story from the post of my friend  Rajagopal Srinivasan  . Thanks to him)

A dear  husband  and his darling wife quarreled.
And they stopped   speaking   to each other.
One day  the husband  had   to catch an early morning flight.
And he was  one who used   to sleep  deeply ,
And so he wrote  a note   to his  wife ,
“I have to catch an early morning   flight  ,
Please , please  wake me up   at 5 Am  sharp.”
And kept it   on  his wife’s   pillow   before he slept.
Next day   he  woke up  at 7 Am   and shouted,
“Did I not   request you  to wake me up at 5 Am?”
And she smiled  and showed   him  another  note,
On his pillow  which said “It is 5 AM  , please get up.”
Had the husband   instead of shouting  at  her,
Gave up his pride   the previous  night  and told her,
“Please  wake me at  5 Am, he would not have missed his flight.”

When I read  this story   in the pages  of face book today    , I recalled   another story

There  was a couple  in a town  who used to quarrel always,
One day the Husband   told   his wife , “The door  is open,
You are only watching a  serial , please   close  the door.”
The wife got  very angry, “  You talk to me as if  you are,
Doing some important work  and all that you  do  ,
Is checking   your whatsapp  messages.You close the door.”
Then they shouted at   each other    for some time,
And decided, “Whoever speaks first would  have to close the door.”
After some time , Wife got   bored    and    went for a walk ,
And the lonely husband   not knowing  what to do  kept silent.
At that  time   a  vagabond came to their home  and wanted alms,
And when he saw   that the doors were open and   the owner  was silent,
Entered    their house  , made a bundle of  all costly things and went away.
The husband  kept quiet   because  he would have to close the door.
The food for lunch   was kept on their   dining   table  and a dog entered,
Ate all the food and went away and at that time   the wife returned,
And seeing the  horrible  state  of their  home asked, “what happened?”
And the husband  jumped   with joy and told,” Now close the door.”

Excess  pride made the life of both couple   miserable ,
And if only they had realized  that   they are parts of a whole,
And the pleasure  in their life depended  on give and take ,
They would have   be living in heaven and not the  hell of their creation.

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Golden gift

The Golden  gift


(Based on a little story  by  my friend Jabalimuni Putrevu .I think , million  thanks  would not be enough  to thank him .To all  my friends. Do not punish  little innocent children, They are a treasure to you and their mind is a treasure   to you. If you do you will  repent as long as you live.)

There  was a middle class  gent little hard for money,
And one day when he saw   his  little daughter  of  three,
Cutting   and wasting   costly   golden paper,
He  yelled at her “Don’t you dare  to  do that.”

The little one   scared and with   tears  flowing from her eyes ,
Withdrew in fear  to the corner   of the room, hid herself ,
With her raised  hand  and told, “Daddy I am scared of you,
I was only trying  to make  a birthday  present for you.”

The rude gent , felt slightly   bad and   told the little one,
“Okay , you could have   told me that   before.”
Next day   the little  one came   with a golden box,
And told her pa, “ Happy birthday   Daddy.”

The pa , with   expectation of a great present  opened the box,
But that  golden box   to his chagrin   was completely empty,
And he flew in to a rage and beat  that  little one  and she cried,
And told, “Daddy , it is not empty,  all yesterday night I blew  kisses  in to it.”

That Pa broke down in to tears   , begged  pardon of that little one ,
Kissed her   , hugged her, rolled her up    and laughed,
Wept, laughed , again wept    and then laughed.
And  that  day   decided  that  nothing in the world is as  valuable as that box .

He kept that golden box with golden kisses of  that little one ,
Near his bed  and whenever he was mentally  down , he used  to open it,
And whiffed    a golden kiss out of  that golden box,
And felt that he has to live some more time , to whiff   another kiss.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A humble request to celebrate Men’s day

A humble request  to celebrate  Men’s day


(Based I on a tamil post in face book by  Sundararajan Ambi iyer. Ninteenth November every year is “International men’s day”. Have you seen any one exchanging gifts on that day? Have syou seen any one praising the role of men on that day. This poem brings out the good pof men, in these days  when  they are well known for their bad.)

It seems   today is the Men’s day ,
No one to seem to greet any of us,
And so we ourselves would greet ourselves,
For in truth    all men are   really good.

When a lady occupies men’s seat in the Bus,
WE never complain and in face love it.
IN the home  howsoever  much,
Our wife beats us , we never tell it outside

We never get angry   when any girl,
Says to us “I love you”   but  only tell her”I don’t”
WE  have never   shouted   at  any lady,
Who asks us lift I on the way 

NO daddy ever has called his son separately,
And asked him , “Does your wife look after  you well?”
Whatever    degrees  we earn   from anywhere  in the world,
WE never seek   a girl living abroad   yto get married

When we   are eating dosas   for breakfast ,
WE  would wait  patiently   for  the next dosa,
Till the serial   in  TV   serial comes  to an end,
And wife   is  free  to make   the next dosa.

WE would recharge  our mobile  ourselves ,
And not ask our wife    to do it for us,
And mainly just for her  we would  ,
Discontinue all    bad habits   that we have.

When a girl gives   us a missed call ,
WE would stop all the   work we do,
And in spite  of cruel stare  of the boss,
Immediately   contact her  and talk to her.

Even sacrificing   seeing  of  the final   of India-Pakisthan,
Cricket one day international, we would allow ,
Our wife to see  some useless  godforsaken,
Serial  in which nothing happens for a week.

Just like this   we can keep on telling   all,
The great sacrifices   we do for the sake  ,
Of the fairer   sex morn to night   and night  to morn,

But still   no one greets us for a Man’s day.

The final Bye to old age

The final Bye to old age

Translated by

(I have become old. One by one I am loosing my faculties  and I am sad. I can only bid farewell  to this old age   when my soul leaves   the body. Based on a post by my face book friend Hamsabai  Santhana Krishnan.  Thanks to her.)

In  the rotation of  wheels of time ,
I did not realize    that old age  has crept in.
Though my mind was     as fast as that of a youth,
The youth   somehow   deserted my body.

All that I  used see clearly  were seen through a smoke  screen,
My legs  which used  to  run with speed slowed down,
Both my hands  whose catch was  strong, searched for support,
And some  unknown   scare  entered my mind and troubled me

My body became weak  and  my soul wandered in side,
The  events  of the past   ran in my mind like a film,
All  the  errors  that I did  resurfaced  and bore in to my heart,
And this   state  me realize what is  to understand  life.

In utter confusion  my soul was stupefied not knowing what  to tell,
My old age   saluted the god with clasped    hands and cried,
The soul unable to bear the pain   of body started crying,
And I started   seeing  the form  of  god through my eyes.

IN the light of his smile  I saw lightning  as well as a flame,
I bid farewell   to old age   and my soul  merged  in  to that light,
The cage of the body lay  there   without   any pain,
Is this  the body that   did all the song and dance.

My   body merged in to  air and another body was born. Bye old age

Mein aur meri Tanhai (Me and my solitude)

Mein   aur  meri Tanhai
(Me and my solitude)

Translated  By

(This   song is    from   the Cinema   Silsila. It is actually   sung by Amitabh    and Lata Mangeshkar . But the  portion  sung by Amitabh   became very popular.Hear  the  great song as sung by Amithabh-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4W7xOPecO8 . . I have tried to translate  it relying on  Urdu-english dictionary   and some guidance  by Urdu knowing people .Hear the song again and again understanding   the great poetical lyrics)

Mein aur meri tanhai
Aksar ye batein karte hain
Tum hoti to kaisa hota
tu yeh kahti, tum woh kahti
Tum is baat pe hairan hoti
tum us baat pe kitni hasti
tum hoti to aisa hota, tum hoti to waisa hota
Mein aur meri tanhai ,aksar yeh baten karte hain

Me and my lonliness,
Often  converse  like this,
Had you been there, how it would have been?
You would say this  , you would say that,
Possibly you would get astonished by this talk,
Possibly  how much would you have  laughed  in that talk,
Had you been there, It would have happened like this,
Had you been there , it would have happened  like that,
Me and my loneliness  , often   talk like this

Yeh raat hai ya teri julfe khuli hui hain
hai chandani, ya tumhari nazron se meri raatein dhooli hui hain
Yeh chand hai ya tumhara kangan
sitarain hain ya tumhara aanchal
Hawa ka jhoka hai, ya tumhare badan ki khusboo
Yeh pattiyon ki hai sarsarahat, ki tumne chupke se kuch kaha hai
Yeh sochta hoon main kabse gumsum
jabki mujhko bhi yeh khabar hai,
Ki tum nahi ho, kahin nahi ho
Margar yeh dil hai ki kah raha hai
ki tum yahin ho, yahin kahin ho.

This is  the night ,  is it that  your  tresses  have been let down,
Is it the moon , is it your  glance , which has  begun my night,
Is it the moon  or is it    your bangle .
Are  they the stars or  is it  your upper cloth,
Is is the pleasant smell of wind   or is it your  fragrance,
Is it the sound of rustling of leaves   or is it your  silent murmur ,
How long have I been thinking    about it silently,
Whether   you are here or  whether  you are no where,
But this mind  of mine is telling me,
You are  here , you are somewhere here.

Majboor yeh haalat edhar bhi hai udhar bhi
Tanhai ki ek raat edhar bhi hai udhar bhi
Kahne ko bahut kuch hai magar kisse kahain hum
Kab tak yuhin khamosh rahein aur sahe hum
Dil kahta hai duniya ki har ek rasm utha dein
Deewar jo hum dono mein hai aaj gira dein
Kyun dil mein sulagte rahain, logo ko bata dein
Aub dil mein yahi baat edhar bhi hai udhar bhi

There  is a situation  of compulsion  here   as well as there,
A night of solitude   is here    and there also.
There is lot of things to tell  but with whom?
How long should I remain silent ,  how long should I bear with this,
My mind tells me to leave  of  all the rules of the world,
Make fall the  wall  that   is between us ,
Tell all people   abiout how the heart is nurning ,
Yes I am in love , in love , in love  ,
Now this  is there  here   as well as there.