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My own declaration

     My own declaration        

 Many  of my  friends have  recently  made a declaration  about several   aspects . I too   would  like to make my own declaration.

            For the past 16 years  all my contribution is aimed   at a future  generation Hindu youth   who may not know how to read or write Sanskrit   or their mother  toungue  .These young people   would  be very intelligent and curious .They would not   accept anything   without  understanding  their  meaning   and implication.  For these people I have been   translating  multitude of  Hindu literature  in English and also typing  it in English.I want this  message  to spread .I do not want any copy right  for these contributions. If you   want to copy it  and put it any where  else  well and good , as my aim   would  be achieved  faster.I  would request God to bless   you for that. I   am not interested  in being recognized   or getting  fame  .

           May God  bless you all  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mother-a topical Tamil poem



Translated by

(Very topical poem. Knowing well that  the bird mentioned in Tamil is Eagle m I have translated  it as vulture, because  I thought , it is more appropriate .Would Sri Ganesh Kumar  Pardon me. )

Even when I kicked  you,
With my baby legs  ,
Did you not shower  love on me

When I ran and fell   down,
In  the army of  boys,
And when I   failed  to get,
A prize in music competition,
Did you not with kindness encourage me,

When as  a matured  child,
I got  caught  in the  eyes of vultures,
And even  when the  next door lady ,
Told about it to you,
Did you  continue to believe  me.

When I dreamt  ,
That the vulture is my world ,
That  flying  is the only joy
And after   running away  ,
My body  is thinning down mother  .

Flying gives me pain,
And the vulture gives  me bites

Oh Mother,  Oh mother
Would you give a  place for me ,
On your lap   and hug me  ,
Either alive or dead

Tamil text

. கணேஷ்குமார்
பிஞ்சு காலால்
நெஞ்சில் உதைத்த
போதும் அன்பு
மழை பொழிந்தாயே!
சிறுவர் பட்டாளத்தில்
ஓடி விழுந்தது போதும்
பாட்டுப் போட்டியில்
பரிசிழந்து நின்றபோதும்
ஊட்டம் கொடுத்தாயே!
பருவ குழந்தையாய்
பருந்துகளின் கண்களில்
மாட்டிய போதும்
அடுத்த வீட்டுப்
பெண் எடுத்துச்
சொன்ன போதும்
என்னை நம்பி இருந்தாயே!
பருந்தே உலகம்
பறப்பதே இன்பம்
என கனாகண்டு
ஓடி வந்தபின்பு
உடம்பு இளைக்கிறதம்மா!
பறப்பது வலிக்கிறதம்மா!
பருந்தும் கடிக்கிறதம்மா!
அம்மா! அம்மா!
உன் மடியில் எனக்கு இடந்தந்து
என்னை அரவணைப்பாயா
உயிரோடு அல்லது

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father (A hindi poem)

Father  (A hindi poem)

Translated by

When the respectability of my home  is my mother, its existence lies with my father,
When flowing tears are   with mother, self control  is there  before father,
Mother cooks food for both times, all our life,
But we tend to ordinarily  forget the father who makes arrangements for food,
When get small hits and small  wounds we tend to cry “oh mother”
But while crossing a road when a lorry  comes ,
And suddenly put the breaks, “Oh my papa”   are the words  which ome out of us,
Because for small, small worries we depend on mother,
But when we suffer huge losses, the memory of our father comes,

For  father  is a great banyan tree.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mother – a few verses in Tamil.

Mother – a few verses   in Tamil.

Translated  from Tamil


( Can  a mother or her  love be ever described. The great Sankara has told , “There could be a bad son but never a bad mother.Moving verses  taken from
1.Oh mother ,
I have become your slave,
Where is the  relation ,
Who has   affection,
Towards me , comparable  to you.

2.In this earth  ,
There are thousands of relation ,
In spite of it  , would any of them,
Be equal to relationship with mother.

3,A form without any words ,
A love which can never be measured,
A heart  without selfishness,
A face   which can never show hatred,

4,.Once during a sweet time,
You were  sleeping on my chest,
One side  I was greatly worried,
Whether  my heart beat,
Would wake you up,
Said “The mother.”

Indianised English Rhymes for Indian children

Indianised   English  Rhymes for Indian children


I always felt that the english rhymes meeted out to our kids would not strike a chord with them. They contained foreign names, foreign action and were about situations unknown to our kids.

I made a fun attempt to Indianise a few  popular rhymes. They are not meant to take the charm away from the originals, but only to make them dearer to the children

I did this work about 12  years back, I always wish  that similar  rhymes   should be taught   to our children going  to English medium schools .I humbly request all the great poets   of India , take  writing better   rhymes  as their mission.

1,Shyam and Sita

In India people do not go up the hill, to fetch water and when a boy gets wet, he would rather search for a towel to dry himself.

Shyam and Sita,
Went to the river,
To fetch a pot of water,
Shyam fell down ,
And wet his dress,
In the river,
Sita fell with him,
In the river.
Up got Shyam, and home did trot,
As fast as he could,
To his old Granny,
So that he could,
Dry his head,
With the red and blue towel.

2.The Tanjore Doll

Humpty Dumpty as represented by an egg is not a popular doll in India.The Indian child is more familiar with a Tanjore doll. The present day children would appreciate a police uncle rather than all king's men.

The little tanjore doll,
Sat on the wall,
The little tanjore doll,
Had a great fall,
All the police uncles,
Could not put,
The little tanjore doll,
Together again.

3.Rain , Rain Come Again

In a tropical hot country like India, rain is a welcome event at any time, even when the child wants to play.In fact Indian children enjoy playing in rain

Rain , rain,
Come again,
For little Ramu,
Wants to see,
All round him,
Green again.

One, two, three , four, five
Pity to the little fis taken out of water is a positive emotion in an Indian child.
One, two, three, four, five –
Once I caught a fish alive.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten –
Then I let it go again.
Why did I let it go?
Because I felt very sorry so,
To the little fish that swam,
In the water with a wham.

4.Moo , moo Red Cow

In most of the tropical India sheep are not bred for wool. Even if it is a domestic animal , it is not a play mate. An Indian child would be more familiar with a red cow which gives milk.

Moo, moo red cow,
Have you got any milk,
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three pots full,
One for the farmer,
Who gives me food,
One for the lady,
Who takes care of me,
And one for little Shyam,
Who plays with me.

5.Hungry active mice

A more familiar scene in the Indian context is drawn here. If rain pours down the water pipe, mice would fall down.

The hungry active mice,
Climbed up the water pipe,
Then poured down the rain,
And washed the poor mice out,
The sun came out,
And all the water dried,
And the hungry active mice,
Climbed up the pipe again.

6.How many? How many?

Counting and understanding numbers should be done with familiar objects. Bags, books and pages are easy for an Indian child to understand.

As I was going to the way side park,
Met I a man with seven sons,
Each son had seven bags,
Each bag had seven books,
Each book had seven pages,
Sons, bags, books and pages,
How many were going to the way side park?

7.Hot steaming rotis

Hot cross buns are not easily understood by an Indian child.They are more familiar with hot rotis.

Hot steaming rotis,
Hot steaming rotis,
One a rupee, two a rupee,
Hot steaming rotis,

Hot steaming rotis,
Hot steaming rotis,
Give them to your daughters,
Give them to your sons.

8.Ding Dong Bell

Putting a cat in the well should not be encouragged. This rhyme also teaches the children, the role of the fish.

Ding dong bell,
Little fishes in the well,
Who put them in,
Little Renu thin,
Who put them out?
Little Akash stout,
What a naughty boy was he,
To try to kill the poor little fishes,
That never did add any dirt,
And kept the water of the well fresh

9.Dance for your Appa

The more familiar name for father is "Appa" in Tamil Nadu. It could be substituted by "Pithaji" in north, "Anna" in Karnataka and so on. A child expects sweets and Sherbhat as present.

Dance for your appa,
My little Ramu,
Dance for your appa,
You shall have a liitle sweet,
In your little dish,
You shall have a little sherbat,
In your little glass.

10.Cobbler, cobbler , mend my shoe.

Going to school at half past eight and the hurry in the home during that time is more familiar in India
Cobbler , cobbler mend my shoe.

Get it by half past eight.
Half past eight is too late,
To go to my school,
So get it done by half past ten.

11.Ball , ball come before my bat.

Cricket is a more familiar game to an Indian boy.

Ball, ball come before my bat,
And I’ll give you a coat of wax,
And when I bat,
I ‘ll give you a hit,
So that I score a sixer big.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The modern world of absorbing gadgets

The modern world of  absorbing gadgets

Translated by

(Here is  translation of a very meaningful post  by my facebook friend Rajagopal Srinivasan   about our being busy with gadgets, which makes us move away from those who love  us.)

I am not able  to see faces,
Of those   who  cross me to the front ,
I was not able to understand  the thought,
Of those  who stand behind me and laugh,
My journey is done with bent head,
Hands touching  the  screen,
For the world  was in  my palm.
My cell phone  became my sweet darling,
The Wife whom I had  married   went off far   away.

Very close friends and relatives  were in family   group ,
My friend and his friend  in the   Friends group,
After the cock of the dusk   crowed,
And before hearing the sound of cock at dawn ,
I started getting   drowned  in Whatsapp.
I started forgetting  the spring   called realty,
Due  to the shadow ,
Birthday greetings to all and sundry ,
Condolences for some unknowns death ,
When some body messaged  me “Hi” ,
I sent back the message  “Hai”,
For some  peculiar   reason ,
When my own son called  mr “Dad”,
I lifted slightly  my eye brows,
And burnt him just by my look.
I saw   the “Status of others”  and enjoyed it ,
I wondered seeing  the “Profile”,
I got merged  seeing  “The picture messade,
In the mad interest in downloading  Videos,
After  washing my  hand  I started  thinking ,
About “What  I ate  just before that?”
The fish dish   of the uncle’s home,
The Papads   fried   by my own aunt ,
The tomato rice prepared by my younger sister,
My elder brother’s wife  told  “it is a mixture side dish”,
I started   fighting   day in and day out ,
With wife   who gave  me nectar,
And I  laughed within myself  saying,
“It is worse than poison”
I started   crying  within myself ,
I started wondering within myself,
I myself started  appreciating ,
Not only  myself  ,
Complained that everything is in Android,
And started  wandering in search of Network.
Enen in Keemoji  ,
Laugh, cry, sorrow , shyness ,
Dance  , song , family , friendship   are there.
When I straightened up and saw  ,
There was no one  before me ,
Relations and friends,
Started crossing me with the  world in their palm,
Oh relations ,
Please smiling    seeing me directly  ,
Oh friend,
Come the way  side stalls ,
Is p doing penance   for our coming.

முன் கடந்து போவோரின்
முகம் காண முடியவில்லை.
பின் நின்று சிரிப்போரின்
எண்ணம் எனக்கு புரியவில்லை.
தலை தாழ்ந்தே எங்கும் பயணம்.
தொடுதிரையை தொட்டபடி
உள்ளங்கையில் தான் உலகம்.
என் கைபேசி காதலியானாள்- நான்
கட்டிய மனையாள் நெடுந்தூரம் போனாள்...
உற்றாரும் உறவினரும் Family குரூப்பில்,
நண்பனும் அவனின் நண்பனும் நட்பெனும் குரூப்பில்.
சாமக் கோழி கூவிய பின்னும்,
கொக்கரக்கோ கேட்கும் முன்னும்,
வாட்ஸ்சாப்பில் மூழ்கலானேன் - நிஜமெனும் வசந்தத்தை நிழலாலே மறந்தும் போனேன்.
எவர் எவருக்கோ பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்து.. அடுத்தவர் இழப்பிற்கு துக்கச்சேதி.
Hi என எவரோ அனுப்ப
Hai என பதிலுரைத்தேன் - ஏனோ
நான் பெற்ற பிள்ளை
சற்றே புருவம் உயர்த்தி
பார்வையாலே சுட்டெரித்தேன்...
Status பார்த்து ரசித்தேன்,
profile பார்த்து வியந்தேன்,
Picture Msg பார்த்து லயித்தேன்,
video பதிவிறக்க ஆர்வத்தில்.
கை அலம்பியபின் யோசித்தேன்.
நான் என்ன சாப்பிட்டேன் என்பதை...
மாமன் வீட்டு மீன் குழம்பு,
மாமி பொறித்த அப்பளம்,
தங்கை வீட்டு தக்காளிச்சோறு,
மதனி சொன்னாள் கூட்டுக்கறி என்று இத்தனையும் மனதில் கொண்டு, நித்தம் நித்தம் சண்டையிட்டேன்,
அமிர்தம் தந்த மனையாளிடம்.
இது நஞ்சை விட கேவலமென்று...
நானாய் சிரித்தேன்,
நானாய் அழுதேன்,
நானாய் வியந்தேன்,
நானாய் ரசித்தேன்-ஏனோ
நானாய் மட்டும் இல்லை...
ஆண்ட்ராய்டில் அனைத்தும் உள்ளதென அங்கலாய்த்தேன்.
என் குடும்பம் விலகி போவதை கண்டும் கூட
Network கிடைக்கும் இடம் தேடி அலையலானேன்...
கீமோஜியில் கூட
சிரிப்பு, அழுகை, சோகம், வெட்கம் ,
ஆடல், பாடல், குடும்பம், நட்பு என அனைத்தும்.
நான் நிமிர்ந்து பார்க்கும் போது
என் முன்னே எவருமில்லை.,
சுற்றமும், நட்பும்
உள்ளங்கை உலகத்தோடு எனை கடந்து போயினர்...
இது வாட்ஸ் ஆப்(பு) உலகம்-போதும்
இனி என்னோடு நேரினில் புன்னகையிடுங்கள்.
நட்பே., வா தெருவோர டீக்கடை நமக்காய் தவம் தவம் கிடக்கிறது...!

Poems on father in Tamil

Poems on father in Tamil

Translated by

(I got these pretty collection of  verses from  They charmed me  .I wanted you  all to enjoy them . I do not know  who wrote it.)

1.Though my achievements ,
Were  appreciated by many,
The only  soul  who appreciates my  problems ,
  Is my father.

2.In my happiness  ,
And in my  sorrows,
The only soul who is my shadow ,
Is my father.

3.I do not have the luck to carry you in my belly,
And so By carrying you in my heart,
I would  demonstrate my affection to you.
“My father”

4.I did not get   what  God gave ,
But I got , God himself  as boon
“My father”

5.Keeping deep  affection  in  mind  ,
But appearing  just like my enemy ,
There is one  relation  ,
“My father “

6.Even a person who  does not have self-control,
Can become  a   father  to a baby ,
But only   a person with great  responsibility ,
Can become “The father”.

7.A god who carries  in his mind,
All the members  of his family ,

8.To remove   the thorns ,
From the path ,
Where  these  baby feet  ,
Are going to walk   is only my work,

Monday, June 20, 2016

Our father even now saves money

Our father even now   saves money
(पिताजी आज भी पैसे बचाते है )

Translated  by

(I saw this gem of poem   about the father   who saves money , posted by  my face book  friend  N Ramdas Iyer. The author ultimately concludes that   all the saving of money which the father  does is for the sake of his children.)

He stitches and mends his old pants wears it and used to  go out,
When we give him  a branded  new shirt he  used  to show his eye,
He used to try to   read the newspaper  wearing his  broken spectacles,
He used   to shave himself using a topaz blade only ,
Our father   even now saves  money ,

Carrying a dirty  cloth bag , he used to go to the distant market,
After  lot of haggling   he used to buy   fruits and vegetables,
He never used to buy wheat flour , but used to get it by grinding the wheat,
Our father  even now saves money,

He used to come home from station by walking,
 He used to dodge  for taking a Rickshaw
He  used to keep on advising on savings,
He used to get worried over raising costs,
Our father even now   saves money.

He spends the entire summer only under fan  ,
As soon  as winter comes he goes under the quilt ,
He used to term AC or  heater  as enemy of saving,
He used to get angry  when lights are not switched off,
Our  father  even now saves money.

He used  to very much like the food prepared by mother,
He used to connive   from  taking   the food from outside,
He used   to  have great regard for  cleaning and cleanliness,
He used to get scared of spicy Masalas and oil,
Our father  even now saves money,

He used to keep on telling incidents of the past,
He used to be proud as how  he made all these wealth,
He used to make us   remember  those olden days,
He makes us  understand the  great need for saving,
Even today he  fulfills quickly  each of our wants,
Our father  is saving money  only our sake.

पुरानी पेंट रफू करा कर पहनते जाते है,
Branded नई shirt  देने पे आँखे दिखाते है
टूटे चश्मे से ही अख़बार पढने का लुत्फ़ उठाते है,
Topaz केब्लेड से दाढ़ी बनाते है
पिताजी आज भी पैसे बचाते है ….

कपड़े का पुराना थैला लिये दूर की मंडी तक जाते है,
बहुत मोल-भाव करके फल-सब्जी लाते है
आटा नही खरीदते, गेहूँ पिसवाते है..
पिताजी आज भी पैसे बचाते है

स्टेशन से घर पैदल ही आते है रिक्सा लेने से कतराते है
सेहत का हवाला देते जाते है बढती महंगाई पे चिंता जताते है
पिताजी आज भी पैसे बचाते है ....

पूरी गर्मी पंखे में बिताते है,
सर्दियां आने पर रजाई में दुबक जाते है
AC/Heater को सेहत का दुश्मन बताते है,
लाइट खुली छूटने पे नाराज हो जाते है
पिताजी आज भी पैसे बचाते है

माँ के हाथ के खाने में रमते जाते है,
बाहर खाने में आनाकानी मचाते है
साफ़-सफाई का हवाला देते जाते है,
मिर्च, मसाले और तेल से घबराते है
पिताजी आज भी पैसे बचाते है

गुजरे कल के किस्से सुनाते है,
कैसे ये सब जोड़ा गर्व से बताते है
पुराने दिनों की याद दिलाते है
,बचत की अहमियत  समझाते है
हमारी हर मांग आज भी,फ़ौरन पूरी करते जाते है
पिताजी हमारे लिए ही पैसे बचाते है

Pranayama a yogic Exercise during SAndhya Vandhana- Post on International Yoga day

Pranayama a yogic Exercise during  SAndhya Vandhana- Post on International Yoga day

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    Hope all of you  are aware of the Joke ”Vadhyar told  the  NRI Iyer. Mooka pidiyungo(Catch the nose) . That NRI  immediately caught   hold of the nose of   the Vadhyar. This catching  of the nose  is a prelude for a great  Yogic exercise  called Pranayama  (Control of  Life giving breath) .I would like a few words about it:-        

Today is  the International Yoga day  . On this day  I wish to point out  that every Brahmin  during two Sandhya Vandhana   and Madhyahneeka is supposed to  do 36 times Pranayama .This Pranayama   is really a yogic exercise, if we do it properly :-
Pranayama  Procedure :-
Sit on the floor   assuming the lotus pose(Padmasana  preferable)
Hold both Nostrils with Thumb and the little and third finger of the hands and recite the following Manthra:-
   Close right nostril with  thumb and inhale   slowly through  Left nostril (Pooraka) and chant without moving the lips

Om Bhoo
Om Bhuva
Ogum Suva
Om Maha
Om Jana
Om Thapa
Ogum Sathyam
Close both nostrils  and do not breath  (Khumbaka) and chant without moving the lips

Om Tat savithur varenyam Bargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yona prachodayath
Close  Left nostril   with  Little and third finger   and leave Exhale    slowly and chant  (Rechaka)  without moving the lips

Om Apa
Jyothj rasa
Amrutham brahma
Then do the inner  cleaning 

Touch the ears three times saying
Om, Om, Om

Manthra in Sanskrit:-
भूः भुवः ओग्ं सुवः महः जनः तपः ओग्ं स॒त्यम्
तथ्स॑वि॒तुर्वरे॓ण्यं॒ भर्गो॑ दे॒वस्य॑ धीमहि
धियो॒ यो नः॑ प्रचोदया॓त्
ओमापो॒ ज्योती॒ रसो॒‌உमृतं॒ ब्रह्म॒ भू-र्भुव॒-स्सुव॒रोम्

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kathril Kalantha Geetham - Poem about MS

Kathril  Kalantha  Geetham
The song that   Got merged  in the wind

Sri .N.Ranga nAyaki, Coimbatore
(From Mangayar malar, june 16-30)

Translated by

1.SAdahshivam karam pathiya  sadanai   arasi,
Mahaankal  aasi petha  Maharasi ,
Illatharasiyai   matchimai  pethai,
Isai arasiyai   kolochinai

Oh queen of Achievers   who married  Sadashivam,
Oh  great queen blessed  by  very great  people,
You established   yourself   as the  queen of the home,
And  you   ruled    as   the queen of the   song.

2.Kathrellam un geetham kalakka   cheithai,
Kathukkul  thenaaga   paya cheithai,
Kuyil yena padddi, un isai mazhayil ,
Kuvalayathaye  kulikka  vaithai.

You made   your songs  merge  with   all winds ,
You made your songs flow  like honey  in our ears,
You sang like   a nightingale   and in the  your rain of songs ,
You made the  entire   universe  bathe.

3.Kurai ondrum illayendru  marai moorthi kannanidam,
Niraivu pada cholli , nee isaitha  padalai ,
I na sabhayile  athmathamai  arangethi,
Akilathaye   aat kondu  asara  vaithai

The song with full belief to , Krishna  the lord of the Vedas ,
That  “You do not have  any wants” was   sung by you ,
In the  UN  assembly as a  debut song  with full consciousness,
And  by that  made the universe  as yours  and started  it.

4.MS yendra  mandhira peyaraal  ,
Yellor manathayum eernthu  nindrai,
Padma  viruthukalaal   magudam   chooda patta ,
Bharatha  rethiname, Un paar pugazh vaazhiyave.

By the magical name   called  MS,
You attracted   the mind  of every one,
Oh Bharatha Rathna (gem of India) ,
Who  was crowned  by Padma   awards,
Let  your fame all over the world , live forever.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Homage to my father on this father’s day

Homage  to my father  on  this father’s day

P.R.Ramachander  - who is an old thatha  himself.

Oh my father , this  son whom you  have made ,
With   eyes   blinded   with flowing tears,
With hands  together  saluting you ,
With  voice   tottering due to emotion  .
Wants   to tell you   that  though  very old  ,
There is not a  single day ,  no, not a moment in my life ,
When I have   stopped  thinking  about you  ,
Loving you  and   holding   you in great reverence ,
For  what  I am  today, is entirely  because  of you .
I am sure   from the heaven where   you are for sure  ,
You would be blessing me and praying to God for me

Father’s day all the way -Happy father’s day 2016

Father’s day  all the way  -Happy father’s day 2016


     Father  is  the pillar  on which children stand  tall to climb up in  this life  and become great . The higher   and higher they climb  , they  seem to forget  that  the pillar   called father  is where  it  was  standing initially  . Due to helping them  all  to  go up in life  , the pillar  gets old and  gets damaged, Unable   to stand straight , that pillar looks up to see  all those  who climbed  on him  and went up. Some times , it sees only the bare   sky as those who went  up in prosperity  because  of it  , do not have  time to come down and hug that pillar. The sad pillar   cracks down   due to ware and tare , sheds  tears and falls down with a thud   on the bare earth , I have   a humble request to all  children whose fathers  are alive   . Come down from wherever   you are , hug  that pillar  tightly  .Wet  and wash  that pillar with your tears   and tell him , “Father  , we would never leave  you , come what may  . We are now   what we   are,   because of you. Not only happy father’s day father. Forever  for all times father  , all  our  times  belong to you.”
Here  is the  English version  of a great Hindi poem  Bringing the  thoughts  of the father to your mind. If you have a father  is   living any where  , do not forget  to   call him  and  tell  him, “Father  ,I love you.”

Hindi  Poem translated by  P.R.Ramachander

When  my mother was chiding  me,
Some one    was  silently    smiling ,
He was my father

When I was  sleeping  ,
Some  one was silently  ,
Waving his hands   over me ,
He was my father

When  I got up in the morning  ,
Some one though   greatly tired,
Was going to attend to his work,
He was my father

He  who himself was standing  in the  sun,
Was making  me sleep in the Air conditioned room,
He was my father

The dreams ofcourse were mine  ,
But some one else   showed me ,
The way to fulfill those dreams ,
He was my father

I used   to laugh when I was happy,
But someone  else seeing me laugh,
Forgot his suffering   and was laughing
He was my father

He was in more need to   eat a fruit  ,
But some one was making me  eat an apple,
He was my father

I should have   become happy ,
Because  I got him  ,
But someone else  celebrated  my birth,
He was my father

This world  was moving    due to money,
But someone  else  was  earning money ,
For the sake of myself ,
That was my father

Many people  in my home,
Were showing their love   to me  ,
But some one without   showing it,
Was greatly loving  me,
That was my father

The tree cannot eat its own fruit  ,
And was giving it to all of us,
But some one  kept  his belly empty,
So that  my  belly   was kept full,
That  was my father.

I was greatly sad to  go away,
From home  for the sake of a job,
But some  one shed  more tears ,
Than me  because  of my going away  ,
That was  my father

I do not know   whether ,
I fulfilled   the duties  of  the word “ son” ,
But some one   made meaningful,
The word “father “  all the way ,
That was my father


Ask God to live with you , you will get everything

Ask God   to live with you  , you will get everything

Translated by
P.R. Ramachander
(This was written in Tamil by my  face book friend sri  Sridhar Ramasami .I have summarized what he has written and  translated  what he has   written.My deep sense  of acknowledgements to him.)

One king used to always  send his ministers   along with four  helpers  to collect tribute from smaller kings every year.Once when they were returning through  thick forest   Dacoits attacked them. The minister and others  not knowing what to do prayed God .Suddenly   six youngsters came from some where and saved them  .They also accompanied   the  minister till the  king’s palace.  The minister  introduced them to the king. The king thanked those youngsters    and requested them ask for anything they want.
First youngster   wanted wealth
Second youngster   wanted a  mansion to stay,
Third youngster  wanted the roads  in his village to be made  “grand”
Fourth wanted to get married to a rich man’s daughter
Fifth one   wanted his family  to be recognized as noble.

The King Promised to fulfill all their wishes  and asked the sixth one  what he wanted. He told “every year , the king should come and stay with him for a week.”,. The king asked “That’s  all”  and said yes. But on deeper thinking  he  found that  if he were to go and live   with the sixth youngster  for a week, then he should become wealthy, he should live  in a mansion  , the roads going to his place should be great  ,  His wife should be from a noble family    and his family   should be recognized as noble . So the king made   the sixth youngster his son in law   and they lived happily .

  Like this when  you are asking god, do not ask , foe wealth, great house, rich wife  , great roads   and becoming noble.

Tamil text  by Sri Sridhar Ramasami

ஒரு *"ராஜா"* தன் மந்திரியை எப்போதும் சிற்றரசர்களிடமிருந்து கப்பம் வசூலித்து வர அனுப்புவார்.
திரும்பும் போது ஒரு அடர்ந்த காட்டை கடந்து வரவேண்டும். 
மந்திரி கூட நான்கு காவல்காரகளையும் அழைத்துச் செல்வார்.
ஒரு முறை அவர் திரும்ப மிக நேரமாகி விடுகிறது.
காட்டு வழியே வரும்போது
திருடர்கள் வந்து வழிமறிக்கிறார்கள்.
மந்திரியும் காவலர்களும்
வந்திருக்கும் கூட்டத்தைப் பார்த்து திகைத்து இறைவனைப் பிரார்த்தித்துக்
கொண்டு நின்று விடுகிறார்கள்.
எங்கிருந்தோ *"ஆறு இளையர்கள்"* வந்து
அவர்களை காப்பாற்றுகிறார்கள்.
மந்திரியுடன் ஆறு இளையர்களும் *"ராஜாவிடம்"* வருகிறார்கள்.
ராஜாவும்"* மிகவும் சந்தோஷமடைந்து இளையர்களிடம்,
உங்களுக்கு எது வேண்டுமானாலும் கேளுங்கள் தருகிறேன்என்று கூறுகிறார். 
முதல்"* இளைஞன் பண வசதி வேண்டும் என்று கேட்கிறான்.
*"இரண்டாவது"* இளைஞன் வசிக்க நல்ல வீடு வேண்டும் என்று கேட்கிறான்.
*"மூன்றாவது"* இளைஞன் தான் வசிக்கும்
கிராமத்தில் சாலைகள சீர் செய்ய வேண்டும் என்று கேட்கிறான்.
*"நான்காவது"* இளைஞன் தான் விரும்பும் செல்வந்தரின் மகளை திருமணம் செய்து வைக்க வேண்டும் என்று கேட்கிறான்.
*"ஐந்தாவது"* இளைஞன் தன் குடும்பத்தினர் இழந்த
மிராசுதார் என்ற பட்டம் மறுபடி வேண்டும் என்று கேட்கிறான்.
அனைத்தையும் தருகிறேன் என்று சொன்ன *"ராஜா"*,
*"ஆறாவது"* இளைஞனைப் பார்த்துஉனக்கு என்ன
வேண்டும்என்று கேட்கிறான். 
இளைஞன் சற்று
*"ராஜா"* மீண்டும் கேட்க இளைஞன் கூறுகிறான்,
"அரசே எனக்கு பொன், பொருள் என்று எதுவும் வேண்டாம்.
வருடம் ஒருமுறை நீங்கள் ஒரு வாரம் அல்லது 10 நாட்கள் என்னுடன் இருந்தால் போதும்என்று சொன்னான்.
*"ராஜாவும்"* இவ்வளவுதானா என்று முதலில் கேட்டான்.
பிறகுதான் இளைஞனின் கோரிக்கையில் ஒளிந்து இருந்த உண்மையை.
தெரிந்து கொண்டான்...
*"ராஜா"* அவன் வீட்டில் போய் இருக்க வேண்டுமென்றால்,
அவன் வீடு நன்றாக இருக்க வேண்டும்.
அந்த ஊருக்கு செல்லும் சாலைகள் நன்றாக இருக்க வேண்டும்.
வேலைக்காரர்கள் வேண்டும்.
அவனுக்கும் ஒரு தகுதி இருக்க வேண்டும்.
சொல்லப் போனால் முதல் *"ஐந்து"* இளைஞர்களும் கேட்து எல்லாம் இவனுக்கும் இருக்க வேண்டும்.
என்று தன் மகளையே திருமணம் செய்து கொடுத்தார் ,
என்று . . . ,
இந்தக் கதையை முடித்தார்
இந்தக் கதையில் கூறிய *"ராஜாதான்"* அந்த *"இறைவன்"*.
பொதுவாக எல்லோரும்
இறைவனிடம்"* கதையில் கூறிய ,
முதல் *"ஐந்து"*
இளைஞர்களைப் போல்,
தனக்கு வேண்டியதைக் கேட்பார்கள்.
கடைசி இளைஞனைப் போல் *"இறைவனே"* நம்மிடம் வர
வேண்டும் என்று பிரார்த்தனை செய்தால் ,
மற்றவை எல்லாம் தானாக வந்து சேரும் என்பதற்கு,
எடுத்துக் காட்டாக இந்தக் கதையைக் கூறினார்.

நான் கேட்ட பேச்சில் என்னை மிகவும் கவர்ந்தது இது...