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Uzhavu-104th chapter of Thirukural- (Cultivation)

Uzhavu-104th  chapter  of Thirukural-
Translated by

  (Great  chapter  which must be read by   all people especially the cultivators. Tiruvalluvar says that only cultivator lives  independently   and others salute  and follow him  .)

1.Chuzhandrum  yer pinnathu  ulagam athanaal,
Uzhandhum uzhave   thalai.

1.The world follows  the  plough   which  rotates,
And so  though tiring  cultivation   is  the best

2.Uzhuvaar ulagathaarkku aani  akthaathu,
Yezhuvarai   yellam poruthu.

2.Those who cultivate   are  the axis  of the  world,
Because it is they  who support  all people  engaged  in other jobs.

3.Uzhuthundu vaazhvaare  vaazgvar, mathellam ,
THozhuthundu pin chelpavar.

3.Only the one who cultivates and feeds others live in the real  sense,
Others are  those who salute and follow them  for their food.

4.Pala kudai  neezhalum  tham kudai keezh kanbar  ,
Alai kudai  neezha lavar.

4.Those   who have only the  shade of the spike  of  the paddy crop,
Are capable of making all the land below  the royal umbrella.

5.Yiravaar  yirappaar  kondrivar  kaavaathu,
Kai cheithoon  malayavar.

5.Those who are habituated  who cultivate  by their hand,
Would only give and never  beg from others.

6.Uzhavinaar  kai madankin  illai  vizhaivathoom  ,
Vittemenparkku   nilai.

6.If the cultivator   stops   working,  even the sages,
Would be forced to stop  their life of renunciation.

7,Thodipuzhuthi kaksaa  unakkin  piditheruvum,
Vendaathu   chala ppadum.

7.If the cultivator reduces dust to one fourth  by ploughing ,
And drying, then even without a  fist of manure, he  would get a  good crop.

8.Yerinum  nandraal   yeruviduthal  kattapin,
Neerinum  nandrathan kappu.

8.Applying manure  is better than ploughing, after it,
Irrigating after  weeding and protecting the crop is better.

9.Vhellaan kizhavan   iruppin  nilampulathu,
Illalin   oodi vidum.

9.If  the cultivator does not  inspect  his  crop in proper times,
Like the wife not given love  , that land would also hate  him.

10.Ilam yendrasai   irupparai  kaanin,
Nilamennum  nallaaL  nagum.

10.When the land  sees a  cultivator  neglecting  her ,
Saying he does  not have money, She  would laugh,

At him within herself ,  at  his  bad ignorance.

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My work on line till 2015 end

Dear Friends,
      I am so happy to inform you   that  I took a stock taking of all the work done by me on line and  found that  more  than Three  and half million  people have visited my blog spots as well   as web sites from the year 2008. I hope you would agree  with me that  it is an achievement since   what  I write is mostly   about  Hindu religion.

1.  -contains  translation of more than 1800 stotras  written in  Sanskrit, Tamil , Malayalam   and HindiINcludes translation of  Bhagwad Gita, Sri Krishna Karnamrutham, Jnanapana , Devi Mahathmyam  etc - 642372 visitors  so far

2. -Contains translations of about   2000  carnatic  Krithis   written in Sanskrit, Telugu  , Kannada , Hindi  and Malayalam, contains  the English translation of all known Thyagaraja  Krithis- 468439  visitors  so far

3. Contains translation in to English of  SAmkepa Dharma Sastra , Rules of behavior   for Brahmins , manthras  of Sandhyavandana , Tharpana , upakarma for all the  three  Vedas -468357 visitors   so far.

4. Thoughts of Raja Thatha    and includes  several write ups including  translation of  Thirukural- 241542 visitors    so far

5. - Description of  119 village Gods  of Tamil Nadu .Sri  Jayaraman has translated   each of them in to Tamil  and put them as comments-1,72383 visitors so far .

6. Description of  118 temples  in Kerala- 48313  visitors    so far

7. -First English translation on line  of The entire  Vikramadithya   stories-35852 visitors so far

8. First  english transcription and translation  of   Thunjathu  Ezhuthachan’s  Adhyatma   Ramayana verse by verse.-32829   visitors so far

9. Verse by verse  translation of Meppathur  Bhattathiri’s Narayaneeyam-27890  visitors so far.

10. Some BHajans of Dakshina  sampradaya  Bhajan-19054  visitors so far

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13.  -Verse by verse  translation   of   the Kamba Ramayanam from Tamil-11799 visitors so far.

 14. -English translation of 100   spiritual songs of Kaviarasu Kannadasan- 6405   visitors   so far  .

15.  -Contains    very large number of stories , very many new rhymes   suitable to India , information  about   several  great people , translations of slokas for recitation of children

16.;item=all -30 poems and poem translations by P.R.Ramachander

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18,   -Translations of 23  rare  Upanishads   in to English

     Also  many  of  these  materials   are  also included in

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Kudicheyal vakai-103rd chapter of Thirukural- (Ability to enhance prestige of our family)

Kudicheyal  vakai-103rd chapter  of Thirukural-
(Ability to enhance  prestige of our family)

Translated by

(No family grows up   unless  some one works for it and sacrifices   everything. Thiruvalluvar calls such a person as  store house  of all sorrows. I wish that  this great chapter   should be  read by all  the  young  Indians.)

1.Karumam oruvan kaithooven  yennum,
Perumayil  peedudayathu yil.

1.There is no greater feeling  for a person  than claiming ,
I would never  get tired till  I complete  the job.

2.Avvinayum aandra arivum  yena irandin,
Neel  vinayaan  neelum  kudi.

2 Effort  and wisdom along  combined  with  acts  ,
Without break   would raise the status  of his family.

3.Kudicheival  yennum oruvarkku deivam,
Madithaththu  thaan mun thurum.

3.To a person  who after telling “ I will elevate  the status of my family”.
And puts effort to do it  ,God would tighten his cloth   and provide help.

4.Choozhaamal  thaane  mudiveithum   than  kudiyai,
Thaazhathu   uluththu pavarkku.

4.Those  who put effort  to speedily   raise the status  of their family  ,
That  aim would  be realized  even they  think about it.

5.Kuththam yilanai  kudi cheithu   vaazhvaanai,
Chuthumaa chuththum ulagu.

5.The  faultless person   who tries  to increase the status of his family,
Would be helped   by all people   as if he is their relative.

6.Nallanmai  yenpathu  oruvarkku  thaan pirantha  ,
Illanmai aakki  kolal.

6.Good masculinity   is that  virtue that makes  him ,
Administer  his  family  in a  proper  manner.

7.Amrakathu  vankannar  pola thamarakaththum,
AAththuvar  methe  porai  .

7.Just like a fearless  person is entrusted to lead army in battle field,
The  bearing  of the heavy  load  of  the family  would be entrusted  to responsible people only.

8.Kudi cheivaarkku  yillai  paruvam  madi cheithu  ,
Maanam  karutha  kedum.

8.There is no proper time to attempt to raise  the status  of the family,
And the  entire family would perish due to lazy and proud  person.

9.Idumbaikke  kolkalam  kollo kudumbathai  ,
Kutham maraippan udambu.

9.IAlas,  the body of one who  stops all  the  faults  that come to his family,
And bear the sorrows due to that  act   is  the store house  of all sorrows.

10.Idukkan kaal  kondrida veezhum  aduthoondrum  ,
Nalllal  ilatha   kudi.

10.When sufferings   try to  overturn  the tree  of the family,
Unless  a responsible person   does  not allow  it to fall by holding it  ,
Then that  family   would fall   and get destroyed.

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Nanudamai-102nd Chapter of Thirukural- (Possesing sense of shame )

Nanudamai-102nd Chapter  of Thirukural-
(Possesing sense of shame )

Translated   by

(Valluvar feels that   we should feel ashamed if we do an evil act  , for  otherwise  there is no difference between us   and  the animals.)

1.Karumathaal  naNuthal  naNuthirunuthal,
Nallavar  naNaupira.

1.Becoming ashamed  due  to undesirable action is Shame,
Others are  like  the natural feeling of shyness of  ladies with pretty forehead.

2.OONudai  yecham  uyirkkellam   veralla,
NaNUdamai  maanthar  chirappu,

2.Food and dress are  common to all beings,
But sense of shame  is special to human beings.

3.Oonai  kuritha uyirellam NaaN  yennum,
Nankai kurithu chalpu.

3.All souls live in  their bodies made of flesh ,
And sense of shame lives   in greatness.
4.ANiyandro NaNudamai  chandrorkku, akthindrel,
Piniyandro peedu nadai.

4.Sense of shame  is an ornament  to learned people,
And forgetting  it  and walking proudly is a  disease  .

5.Pirar pazhiyum  naanuvaar  , nanukku  ,
Uraipathi   yenum ulagu.

5.Those who get ashamed of bad name to them   as well as to others,
Are called  as residence  of the  sense  of shame.

6.Nanveli kollathu  manno  viyan jnanam,
Penalar  melaayavar.

6.Great people   would consider sense of shame as   a fence,
And would like to live in this  wide world   without it.

7.Naanaal  uyirai thurappar  , uyir poruttaal,
Naan thuravar  naaNaalpavar.

7.Those who live   with a sense of shame  would prefer ,
To  sacrifice their soul and would not leave shame  for  soul.

8,Pirar naana  thakkathu  thaan naanaan  aayin,
Aram naana  thakkathu   udaithu.

8.If a person  without shame does an act  which would make ,
Others ashamed, then Dharma  would be ashamed to live with him and leave,

9.kulam kedum kolgai  pizhaippin  nalam  chudum,
Naaninmai  nindara kadai.

9.If you leave away principles  your family would  get a bad name,
But  if shamelessness  lives with him, he would lose  everything that is good.

10.Naan akathillar   iyakkam  marappavai,
Nanaal   uyir maruttiyathu.

10 The life of those  who do not have  sense of shame with them ,
Is like the life of a wooden doll being pulled   by a rope

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Nandriyil chelvam-101st chapter Of Thirukural- (Thankless wealth)

Nandriyil chelvam-101st chapter  Of Thirukural-
(Thankless   wealth)

Translated by

(This chapter  is about  the wealth that has not been used properly. According to Thiuvalluvar it is  perfect  lady   becoming a hag without getting married.)

1.Vaithan vaaichandra  perumporul  akthunnaan ,
Chettan  cheyakidanthathu  yil.

1,If  a person dies  without   enjoying the  great wealth  
He has at home, that wealth  would not be  able  to help him.

2,Porulaanaam yellamendru   yeeyathu   ivarum,
MaruLaanaam  maaNAA pirappu .

2.A person  who feels that  wealth is everything  and,
Does not give anything to others, would later get a  low birth.

3.Yeettm  ivari  isai vendaa aadavar,
Thoththam  nilakku  porai.

3,Those who desires to save    wealth and due to that,
Does not  want any fame  by giving  it  to others,
Would   remain as a burden to the earth.

4,Yechamendru  yen  yeNNUm  kollo oruvaraal,
Nacha  padaathavan.

4.What does a person   who never helps others ,
Think  about as to   what would   remain after  his death?

5.KOduppathoom  thuippathoom  illarkku  adukkiya  ,
Kodi yundayinum  yil.

5,The wealth of those   who do not give it  nor enjoy it,
Even though it is in crores is equal to nothing.

6.Yetham peruchelvam  thaanthuvvan thakkarkondru,
Yeethal   iyalpilaathaan.

6,He who   does not enjoy his great wealth  nor give it,
To others is a disease  to that wealth.

7,Aththaar kondru  aaththaathaan  chelvam mika nalam,
Peththaal  thamiyal moothaththu.

7.The wealth of a person who does not give even a little is like,
The life of a  faultless  lady becoming old  without marrying.

8.Nacha padaathavan  chelvam  naduvooruL,
Nachu  maram  pazhuthaththu.

8.If there is wealth  with a miser  who is not  like others,
It is similar  to  poison  tree with fruits  in middle of the  street.

9.Anboree tharcheththu aram nokkathu  yeettiya,
ONporul  kolvaar  pirar.

9.The wealth  earned by  losing affection ,by suffering oneself  ,
And without  thought of doing dharma, would be taken away by  others.

10.Cheerudai   chelvar   chiru thuli  maari  ,
Varam koornthanayathu   udaithu.

10.If  wealthy people  who are   great become poor   for sometime  ,

It would be similar to  the sorrow caused by  cloud  refusing to rain ,

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Panpudamai-100th chapter of Thirukural- (possessing culture)

Panpudamai-100th chapter  of Thirukural-
(possessing culture)

Translated   by

(Being cultured is desirable .Valluvar says “The great  wealth got by a  person without  culture,
would get spoilt  like  good milk kept in a bad vessel.”)

1.Yenpadathaal  yeithal  yelithenpa yaarmaattum,
Pabpudamami   yennum vazhakku.

1,If people are   able to approach you easily  ,
You can  easily attain the way to be cultured.

2.Anbudamai  aandra kudipirathal   ivvirandum,
Panpudamai   yenum vazhakku.

2.Haviing  love   and being  born in a good family,
Are the proper steps   to become   cultured.

3.Urupothal  makkaloppu   andraal  veruthakka,
Panpothal  oppathaam oppu.
3,.You cannot become similar   to others by matching  of  body  parets,
Only you can match them  if your activities are  similarly cultured.

4,Nayanodu  nandri purintha payanudayaar ,
Panpu  parattum ulagu.

4,The culture of those   who live  usefully  ,
With  justice  and good would be appreciated  by the world.

5,Nagayullum  innahu  igazchi , pagayullum,
Panpula   padarivar  maattu.

5.Criticising others even for fun is bad  but those who are,
Cultured would show  good behavior even to their  enemies,

6.Panpudayaar pattundu  ulagam  , athu indrel,
Manpujkku  maivathu man.

6.The world continues   to live due to cultured people,
If they are not there, the world would get buried in mud and get destroyed.

7.Aram polum  koormayarenum  maram poalvar,
Makkal  panpu  illathavar.

7.Those who are  not cultured  m, even if they are sharp,
Like a saw  , can only be compared to wood  , which  does not have intelligence.

8..Nanpaththaraki nayam ila  cheivarkkum,
Panpaththaaraathal  kadai.

8.If we do not do good to those  who are not friendly ,
But inimical  , we would  become uncultured.

9.Nakalvallar  allarkku  maayiru  jnaalam,
Pakalum paal pattu andru irul.

9.To those without culture who cannot get   joy  by mixing,
With the world, even at  day time the world would look dark.

10.Panpu ilaan  peththa  perum chelvm  nanpaal,
Kalam theemayaal   thirinthaththu

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Chaandraanmai-99th chapter of Thirukural- (The quality of being learned)

Chaandraanmai-99th chapter  of Thirukural-
(The quality of being learned)

Translated by ,

(Valluvar  says in this chapter  that  Love ,  fear to do bad  acts , behaving like others. Mercy  and truthfulness  are  the  important  characters  of a learned person. How many of us  are  having  them all?)

1.Kadanenba  nallavai   yellam   kadan arinthu,
Chandranmai   mer kolpavarkku,

1,Those who understand their duties  due to their  quality of being learned,
Would naturally    have all the good   characters.

2..Guna nalam chandror  nalane  pira nalam,
Yennalthullathumandru  .

2.The welfare of the learned  is the welfare of the good qualities in them,
All other type  of welfare are not really   their  welfare.

3.Anbu naan opuravu   kannottam  vaimayodu  ,
Iynthu  chalpu   oondriya  thoon.

3.The five pillars   that  support  learnedness   are  .
Love ,  fear to do bad  acts , behaving like others. Mercy  and truthfulness.

4.KOllaa nalathathu  nonmai   pirar theemai  ,
Chollaa nalathathu   chalpu,

4.Dharma/penance     is not killing   anything and learnedness,
Similarly  is not pointing  out mistakes  of others.

5,AAththuvaar  aaththal  panithal  athu chandror  ,
Maaththarai maththum padai.

5. Those  who are very  able  will have  humility with others,
And that  humility  is a weapon   to remove enmity  from enemies.

6.Chalpirkku kattalai yaathenin  tholvi  ,
Thulayallar  j kannum kolal.

6.The touchstone  for learnedness   is accepting  defeat ,
From those   who are  no way comparable   to them.

7.Inna  cheithaarkkum  iniyave cheyyaa kkal  ,
Yenna bhayanthatho chalpu.

7.What other thing , other than  doing good    to those ,
Who trouble us  , can  be expected from learned  people.

8.Inmai oruvarkku  ilivandru  chalpennum ,
Thinmai  undaka  perin.

8.When one has     the strength of learnedness  with him,
The state  of being poor  is not  a bad thing   for him.

9,OOzhi peyarinum   thaam peyaraar  , chandranmaikku  ,
AAzhi yenapaduvar.

9,Even if  being destroyed   by the deluge, leaned people ,
W ho are wide like an ocean would not  change their state.

10.AAththuvaar   aaththal  panithal  , athu chandror  ,
Matharai  mathum padai.

10 , If very learned  people change their state  to lower position,
This world    would not be able to  bear their burden.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Perumai-98th chapter of Thirukural- (greatness)

Perumai-98th chapter  of Thirukural-

Translated   by

(THiruvalluvar   analyses in this chapter   “Greatness of person ”   and tries   to   define it. So true  and  so natural)

1.Oli oruvarkku  ulla verukkai   ini oruvarkku,
Akthu iranthu  vaazhthum yil.

1.Greatness  of a person is due  to  great  enthusiasm ,
And inferior nature  of a person  is  due to,
The feeling   that they can live   without enthusiasm.

2.Pirapokkum yella uyirkkum  , chirappovva  ,
Chei thozhil  vettumai yaan.

2.Though  by birth everyone is equal ,
The nature  of the job he does , gives rise to differences.

3.Melirundhum mel allar , keezhirundum  ,
Keezhallaar   keezh allavar.

3.Though in great  place , a person not  having great qualities is not great,
And though a person is in a low position  who does not  have ,
Low type of qualities   is  really not a low person.

4.Orumai makalire poala perumayum  ,
THannaithaan  kondozhukin  undu.

4.If a person  is like a  women of great virtue,
Is stable   in his  good  character,
And is able to protect his character  he is great.

5,Perumai udayavar aathuvar  aathin,
Arumai udaya  cheyal.

5.Great people  engage themselves  in doing acts,
Which are rare and complete  them.

6.Chiriyaar  unarchiyul   illi  periyaarai ,
Peni kolvomennum nokku.

6,The lower people   do not understand   how,
Praise  the great ones and do not try to do their type of deeds.

7.Irappe purintha thozhiththaam  chirappum  thaan,
CHeerallavar  kan padin.

7.If  the  greatness of life   are  h got by a people of low nature,
It would increase their pride and it would not fit them.

8.Paniyumaam yendrum  perumai  , chirumai,
Aniyumaam  thannai viyanthu.

8,Greatless  would always   be along with humility,
And lower nature  would make them  praise  themselves.

9.Perumai  perumitham  inmai  , chirumi,
Perumitham oornthu  vidal.

9.Greatness is  due to absence of pride and ,
Lower  nature  makes them proud   for no reason.

10.Aththam maraikkum perumai  chirumai thaan,
Kuththame  koori vidum.

10.Great people would  hide  fault  of  others but the low ones,
Would hide the good qualities  of others and only  say their faults.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Maanam-97th chapter of Thirukural- (Self-respect)

Maanam-97th chapter  of Thirukural-

Translated  by

(Indian culture  gives    very great importance   to self respect ,Valluvar says that  A man losing his self respect  does not have even right to live  .Please remember Bhima’s words  in Mahabharatha , “Even by losing life  , I would protect  my  self-respect , for life is temporary but  self  respect  would live as long as sun and moon,)

1.Indri amayaa chirappina aayinum ,
Kundra varupa  vidal.

1.Wven the acts  are  unavoidable , if it,
Brings down your self respect, those should not be done.

2,Cheerinum cheeralla cheyyare cheerodu,
Peraanmai   vendupavar.

2.Those   who desire to have greatness and great respect,
Would not  do evil acts  which may lead to fame   and  wealth.

3.Perukkathu vendum  panithal  chiriya,
Karukkathu vendum  uyarvu.

3.Those with great respect  should behave  with humility  even ,
When they are rich and should  protect ,
Their self respect when wealth   s decrease.

4.Thalayin izhintha mayiranayar  maanthar,
Nilayin   izhitha kadai  .

4.When  a person slips   from high status to low,
He would be neglected like the hair  that has been shaved  from the head.

5.Kumdrin anayaarum  kundruvar , kundruva,
Kundri abaya   cheyin.

5.Even those  who are as great as a mountain , by doing  a little seed measure,
Of  evil acts , would loose  their self respect.

6.Pugazh yindraal  putheLnaatu   uyyathaal  yen mathu,
Yigazhvaar pin chendru  nilai.

6,. The  act  of standing behind those  who berate us , would not give,
Fame in this world    and nor take  us to heavens.

7.Ottar pin  chendroruvan  vaazhthalin   annilaye  ,
Kettan   yenapaduthal nandru.

7.Living  along those  who disrespect us  is worse than ,
Being told “He got destroyed  in  his own state of affairs.”

8.Maruntho maththu oon vombum  vaazhkkai  , perumthakaimai,
Peedazhiya   vandha  idathu.

8.Would keeping  the body only alive by medicine for deathlessness
Better than  living  when our self respect  is destroyed?

9.Mayir neepin vaazhaa kavari maan,  annaar,
Uyir neepar maanam varin.

9.A musk deer would not live when it loses its hair,
And  People similar to it  would not live when they lose  their self-respect.

10.Ilivarin vaazhaatha maanam udayaar  ,
OLithozhuthu   yethum ulagu.

10,Those who do not prefer live when they lose  their self respect,

Would praised  and saluted by the entire world.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Kudimai -96th Chapter of Thirukural- ( Good Heritage)

Kudimai -96th  Chapter  of Thirukural-
( Good Heritage)

Translated  by

(What  does well born or good heritage  indicate? THiruvalluvar  tells   the answer to this question  in this chapter.Please read it, it  should definitely elevate   you.)

1.Irpiranthaar  kannallathu   illai   iyalpaka ,
Cheppavum  naNUm  orungu.

1.Those  who are born in a good family would have  both  ,
Natural  absence of bias   and  shame to do wrong things .

2.Ozhukkamum vaimayum  naanum  immondrum  ,
Yizhukkar kudi piranthaar.

2.Those  born in high families would never fail from ,
Good character, truth    and sense of shame.

3.Nagai yeegai   yinchol  ikazhaamai   naankum,
Vakai yenba  vaimai kudikku.

3,Smile  , charity , sweet  words, and not taking ,
Ill of others are the four properties of  good  heritage , say  good people .

4.Adukkiya kodi perineum kudi piranthaar ,
Kundruva  cheithal   yilar.

4.Even if they have several   crores of wealth , person with good heritage.
Would not engage themselves  in demeaning acts.

5.Vazhanguvathul   veezhntha  kannum  , pazhamkudi,
Panbin  thalaipirithal  indru.

5.Those people  who  are not in a position to great charity  as before,
Due  to slipping  in poverty, would never slip from their nature.

6.CHalam paththi  chalpila  cheyyarmaa chaththa ,
KUlam pathi  vazhthum  yenbar.

6.Those who are  living   with culture  of good heritage ,
Would not engage  in base acts due to anger  or with intention to cheat.

7.Kudipiranthaar  kan vilangum   kutham  visumbin,
Mathikan  maruppol   uyarnthu.

7.The  drawbacks of  people   with good heritage , would be visible ,
To all like   the stain  in the  moon, high in the sky.

8.Nalathin kan  naarimai  thondrin avanai,
Kulathin kan  iyya padum.

8.If a person develops dislike   to good character,
We would  be forced to start   doubting  about  his heritage.

9.Niathil kidanthamai  kaalakaatum  kaatum,
Kulathil  piranthaar vai chol.

9.The sprouts  in a land   would   indicate nature of the land,
And the words   from the mouth  of a person would indicate his heritage.

10.Nalam vendin  naaNudami  vendum  , Kulam vendin  ,
Vendum  yaarkkum panivu.

10.A person who aims at  comforts   should  have sense of shame ,
But a person desiring good heritage   should have humility.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Marundhu-95th chapter of Thirukural- (Medicines)

Marundhu-95th chapter of Thirukural-

Translated by

(Here is remarkable exposition of the knowledge  of  sickness and its treatment  . After reading it, all of will wonder  , why  we do not follow its  advices.)

1.Miginum, kurayinum , noi cheyyum noolor,
VaLi muthalaa  yenniya  moondru.

1.Increased or decreased in take would lead  to diseases.
Caused by imbance of the three viz  Vatha, Pitha   and Kapha.

2.Marunthu yena veNDavaam  yaakkaikku  , arunthiyathu,
Atthathu   poththi unin.

2.If a person after knowing digestion  of food taken earlier,
Takes food, then there  may not be   any need for  medicines.

3,Aththaal aLavu  arinthu  unka , akthu  udambu,
Peththaan  nedithuikkum  aaru.

3.After  understanding  the measure of  digestion  , if one takes food,
And that is way to be followed  by a person with body, to preserve it for long.

4.Aththathu arinthu  kadai pidithu  maaralla,
Thuikka   thuvara  pasithu.

4.After understanding  the digestion , people should  take food,
Which does not cause  harm  to  him , when he is greatly hungry.

5.Marupadu illatha undi maruthu unnin,
OOrupadu  illai  uyirkku.

5.If   limited food   which are  not harmful is taken,
The person  will not undergo  the suffering  of sickness.

6,Yizhivarinthu  unban kaN inbam poal nirkkum,
Kazhiper irayaan kan noi.

6.Like health   staying with  people who  eat slightly less than need,
Sickness  would stay forever  with peope who eat food more than necessary.

7.THeeyalavu  andri theriyaan  perithu unnin,
Noi alavu   indri padum.

7, Those  who  due to ignorance, eat too much  not caring ,
 For the need of the stomach, he would suffer   very many diseases.

8,Noi naadi  noi mudhal  naadi   athu thanikkum  ,
Vai naadi  vaippa cheyal.

8.After understanding symptoms of the sickness ,after understanding its cause,
And after understanding  the method of curing it, a learned  doctor should treat.

9.Uththaan  alavum  , pini alavum  , kalamum,
Kaththaan  karuthi cheyal.

9.A learned doctor  should understand the age  of the patient, the severity ,
Of the disease and the time when sickness  occurred   and   treat  the patient.

10.Uththavan theerppan  marunthuzhai  chelvaan   yendru,
Appal   naal  kooththee marunthu.

10.Treatment    is the study of  the four   divisions  of   the patient  , of the doctor  ,
Suitable medicine    and time   and dose of medicine 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dedicated to the memory of my friend K.C.Ramachandran aka Rajan of Perinthalmanna

      Dedicated to the  memory of my friend K.C.Ramachandran aka  Rajan of Perinthalmanna

      By  his friend

     Sri .K.C.Ramachandran aka Rajan lived in Perinthalammanna   which is a town adjoining the famous Angadipuram temple of  THirumandhankunnu Bhagwathi.  He was running a  small unit producing ready made  Adai for making  Ada Prathaman  , a great delicacy in Kerala. I am reminded of a story   when I write about Ada Prathaman. 

         It seems one Namboodiri family  conducted a Sradha in which another Brahmin was fed. According to tenets the Guest  Brahmin should eat to the fill and not eat anything  on that day  afterwards..The Namboodiri kept on asking the Guest Brahmin  whether his belly is  really full. At last the guest Brahmin declared that , there was not even space  to put his fingers  in his throat . When the guest Brahmin came out  , he was offered Ada Prathaman by  his friend who was in the opposite house and  he drank it .Unfortunately   the Namboodiri who fed him earlier   saw it and became very angry.He asked the guest Brahmin , how come he  could introduce so much of Ada Prathaman, when he did not have  even place to insert even his fingers.It seems  the guest Brahmin told, “Will there  not be way to the  king to go even in overcrowded roads?  Don’t you know that  Ada Prathaman is the  king  of food?”

       KCR  who did not know me saw an advt  in  internet put by me about   free  matching of horoscopes  by me and   sent me a mail  , attaching his daughter’s horoscope and a few more horoscopes.   As per my normal practice  I replied  to it , next day early morning .Then the mails containing horoscopes   kept on coming  from him. I was surprised once he remarked to me   that I see  the horoscopes   early in the morning around 5 Am.  The very shrewd  KCR could make it out by  seeing my replies .Once in a while he used to phone to me. Then some crisis occurred in the peaceful life of KCR. When he told me about it  , I got the horoscope of all the members of his family    and told him not to worry .I also   was able to   console him pointing out to him that   his problem would get solved.

     . He then became my friend .Later whenever I needed  any Malayalam book  , I used to write to him and he would   search heaven and earth and send it to me  .His daughter’s marriage was celebrated in Palghat .I do not have the practice of attending marriages outside Bangalore but he compelled me to attend his daughter’s marriage .I was the VIP  guest of the marriage and put up in possibly   a great hotel in Palghat.  His  son was  attending to my needs all the time .  I have never been treated that way in any other marriage .
     After a few months   when me and wife went to Guruvayur  , we engaged a Taxi   and  went to his house as well  as the  Thirumandhamkunnu temple .It was there  that I came to know  that it was his family who were  the pioneers  in production   of readymade  Ada  in Kerala .Though initially  the idea was given by  his mother and they started  doing it in traditional way and sun dried it   and sold it..Slowly 90%  of the activity was  mechanized as per his ideas.  He told that most of his family members   were running  independent companies   in  several places of Kerala as well as   in Pondicherry .I felt that  every one who  drinks the Ada Prathaman made  by instant Ada   should  visit his home   and see the  mechanic devices   that  he was using .

       Our friendship continued   as his  son came to study in Bangalore  .Every time he came back from Perinthalmanna  , My friend  KCR  would send some  new book. About a month back ,His son informed me  that he has passed away .I lost a great friend of mine   and became greatly sad .I am sure  KCR with his sunny temperament must be happy in heaven too  in company  of Gods.

Soodhu -94th chapter of Thirukural- (Gambling)

Soodhu-94th chapter  of Thirukural-

Translated  by

(These golden words of Valluvar about Gambling    are so true that  , it would never get out of date.)

1.Vendarkka vendridinum  choothinai , vendrathoom,
Thoondil pon meen vizhungiyathu.

1.If you are winning   do not desire to gamble as victory,
Is like   the  iron hook  swallowed by the fish.

2.Ondreythi  noorizhakkum   chootharkkum  undangol,
Nandreythi vaazhvathor  aaru.

2.To the gambler losing  hundred things, due to winning ,
Of   one thing, is there  a way to live well.

3.Urulaayam  oovaathu koorin  porulaayam,
Poai purame padum.

3.If a gambler keeps on rotating   the dice by telling the bet,
The income of wealth would desert him and reach others.

4.Chirumai pala cheithu  cheerazhikkum choothin,
Varumai  tharuvathondru yil.

4.There  is nothing else   worse   than gambling ,
In causing sorrow  and in giving  poverty.

5.Kavarum  kazhakamum  kayyum  tharukki  ,
Yivariyaar    yillaki yaar.

5.Those who do not estimate the dice , the casinos and skill ,
In gambling  and leave gambling would loose  everything.

6.Akataraar   allal  uzhappar choothu   yennum,
Mukatiyaan mooda pattaar.

6.Those who   are influences by Gambling which is  Goddess Jyeshta*,
Would   not eat sufficiently and   sorrow greatly.
        *.Goddess  of misfortune , elder sister of Goddess  Lakshmi

7.Pazhakiya chelvamum panpum  kedukkum,
Kazhakathu kaalai  pugin.

7.If one   spends  all time  in casinos , the wealth,
And culture  which he is used to  would get  destroyed.

8.Porul keduthu  poi merkolee  arul keduthu,
Allal   uzhappikkum choothu.

8.Gambling causes loss of wealth , make one a liar  ,
Make him loose his  culture and  make him sad,

9.Udai chelvam   oon  oli   kalvi   yendru iynthum,
Adayaavaam   aayam kolin.

9.A gambler   would loose  five  things   namely , dress,
Wealth , food , fame   and education.

10.Yizhasthoroom  kadalikkum  choothe poal  thunbam ,
Uzhathorum  kadaththuyir.

10.Gambling which makes you  love it more  when you lose ,
Is like the person who loves the body more  when it suffers.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Kal unnamai-93rd chapter of Thirukural- (Not drinking alcoholic drinks)

Kal  unnamai-93rd chapter  of Thirukural-
(Not drinking  alcoholic  drinks)

Translated  by,

( Thousands  of years  back  the great poet has clearly brought  out   the sorry state  of  a drunkard. He says, “The effort  to make a drunkard  understand  the evil of drinking Is like searching  a man who has sunk in water  using a lamp.”)

1.Uthka padaar  oli izhappar   yenjjandrum,
Kal   kaathal  kondu  ozhukuvaar.

1.Those  who like to drink alcohol  would   never   scare ,
Their enemies and also would lose  their  respectability.

2.Unnarkka kallai  , unil unka   chandroraal  ,
Enna  pada  vendaathaar.

2.Do not drink alcohol  but those  who not want,
To v be recognized  by wise people can drink if they want.

3.Eendraal  mukatheyum  innaathaal  yen mathu  ,
Chandror  mukathu   kali.

3.When even the mother would feel sad to see  drunken face of her  son,
Imagine   the   hatred that   well behaved wise  people  would feel.

4.NaNennun  nallaal puram kodukum  kal ennum,
PeNaa   perum kuthathaarkku.

4.The good maid called shyness  would  not see  and go away,
If she sees   a person who dies the great crime of drinking.

5.Kayariyaamai  udaithe  porul koduthu  ,
Meyyariyaamai   kolal.

5.Only ignorance will lead   a man to buy drinks by  exchanging ,
The wealth he has  earned with difficulty and it is his bad fate.

6.Thunjinaar  chethaarin  verallar  yenjaandrum,
Nanjunbaar  Kal unbavar.

6,Like   those   who  sleep are   no different from the dead , those drunkards,
Who have lost their brain   are not different  from those poisoned  people who have swooned.

7.Ulloththi  ulloor  nakapoduvar  yenjandrum,
Kalloththi  kan chaipavar.

7.Those  who have lost their   brain due to drinking  ,
Would be  detected    and forever be laughed  at.

8.Kalithariyen yenpathu   kai viduka , nenjathu  ,
Olithathoom aange   mikum.

8.Aman who drinks in hiding  should leave saying “I have never drunk,
For that crime  would come out of his  mouth  when he is drunk.

9.Kalithaanai  karanam  kattuthal  keezh neer  ,
Kulithanai   theenthhoree yathu.

9,The effort  to make a drunkard  understand  the evil of drinking ,
Is like searching  a man who has sunk in water  using a lamp.

10.Kallunnaa  pozhthil  kalithaanai  kanumkaal,
Ullan  kol undathan   chorvu.

10.Possibly a drunkard   when he is not drunk  , on seeing another drunkard , possibly ,
Would not understand the sorry state  of   his  unconsciousness  ,

Varaivin makalir-92nd chapter of Thirukural- (Common women )

Varaivin  makalir-92nd  chapter  of  Thirukural-
(Common women )

Translated by

(This chapter   about  courtesans/harlots /common women .)

1.Anbin vizhayaar  porul vizhayum  aaithodiyaar ,
In sol  izhukku   tharum.

1.The sweet words  of common women who do not have love
 But  only want person’s wealth, would cause  only trouble to him.

2.Payan thooki  panpu uraikkum   panpil  makalir  ,
Nayan thooki   nalla   vidal.

2.Those uncultured women  who   talk sweet words   based only ,
On the compensation   she   gets ,should  not be desired  after  proper  judgment.

3.Porut  pendir  poimmai muyakkam  iruttarayil,
Yethil  pinam thazhee  yathu,

3.The  pleasure that you get of women   who only  like riches,
But not the one gives them , is like the pleasure  ,
Thar a person  he gets by hugging a corpse  in a  dark  room.

4,Porut porulaar  punnalam  thoyaar   arutporul ,
Aayum arivilar.

4.Wise People who are bothered about  wealth of Dharma  would not enjoy
The  silly pleasure from  those ladies who are  only bothered   by  the  wealth.

5.Pothu nallathaar  punnalam thoyaar  mathi  nalathin,
Manda   arivinavar .

5,Those learned people who are  naturally  wise   would   not enjoy,
The silly pleasure given by common women.

6.Thannalam parippar  thoyaar  nakai cherukki  ,
Punnalam  parippar   thol.

6.Those  wise men who protect   their character   would not hug  the body,
Of those  ladies  who sell themselves  using dance , song   and beauty.

7.Nirai nenjam  illavar  thoivar  , pira nenjil,
Peni  punarpavar   thol.

7.Those who are  not able to control  their minds would only hug,
A  common woman  who has desire in everything except love.

8.AAyum  arivinar  allarkku  aNangenpa  ,
Maya  makalir  muyakku.
8,Those thinking wise people   would  consider  joining  with ,
Common women   who are cheaters as illusory  faint.

9,Varaivilaa  maaNizhayaar   men thol  purai ilaa  ,
Pooriyarkal  aazhum   aLaru.

10.Irumana  pendirum   kallum kavarum,
THiru neekka  pattaar thodarpu.

10. Only those who are   by Goddess of prosperity ,
Would have connection with two minded women, toddy and  gambling.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pen vazhi cheral-91st chapter of Thirukural - (Going the way of ladies.)

Pen  vazhi  cheral-91st  chapter of Thirukural  -
(Going the way  of ladies.)

Translated by

( THiruvalluvar  tells that  obeying ladies  is not very desirable  for a male. This he tells  strongly  .This is not in tune   with  modern thought .WE think  that both should obey each other  and  have a peaceful and nice life.)

1.Manaikizhavaar  maaNpayan   yeithar   vinai vizhaivaar ,
Vendaa porulum athu.

1.Those  who love their wife and because of  that obey her,
Would not get Dharmic results and  is an action ,
That has to be avoided  by those  who want to  complete  their duty.

2,PeaNaathu pennizhaivan aakkam  periyathor,
NaNaaka naNum tharum.

2.The person who does not improve  his wealth  but only  obeys the  lady,
Would give them  shame  seeing  which the world would be ashamed.

3.Yillal kan thaazhntha iyalpinmai   yanjandrum  ,
Nallarul  naanu tharum.

3.Being  always  be completely be subservient   to the  wife ,
Would make him ashamed , when he   goes before   good people.

4.Manayalai anjum  marumayilaaLan,
Vinayanmai veereithal indru.

4,A person who is scared of his wife and does not bother about salvation,
Would not be able to get   fame in the way   he works.

5.Yillalai anjuvaan   anjumathu  uenjandrum,
Nallarkku nalla    cheyal.

5.A person who is scared of his wife, would be  scared,
To good   to the  good people.

6.Imayarin vaazhinum  padilare illal,
AmayarthoL anjupavar.

6,A person who is scared of his wife  with a bamboo like   shoulders,
Even if he lives like devas, would not have any greatness.

7.Pen eval cheithozhukum   aanmayin  nanudai,
Penne   perumai   udaithu .

7.A lady    with a normal trait of shyness  is greater  than,
A man  who shamelessly   obeys   his wife.

8.Nattaar  kurai mudiyaar  nandraaththaar   nannuthalaal  ,
Pottangu  ozhugupavar.

8.Those who obey    their wife with crescent like  forehead,
Would not help their friends by removing their  problems.

9.Ara vinayum   aandra porulum   piravinayum,
Penneval cheivar kaN yil.

9.tHose  who do acts as per their orders of their wife  ,
Do not have Dhama, the wealth to follow it   and  their other  duties

10.Yen cherntha nenja thidanudayaarkku  yenjandrum,
Pen chernthaam   pethaimai   yil.

10.Those  who have habit of thinking and have the  needed status,
Would not  have the ignorance   of acting as per wishes of  his wife.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Periyaarai pizhayamai-90th chapter of Thirukural- (Not finding fault with great people)

Periyaarai pizhayamai-90th chapter  of  Thirukural-
(Not finding fault with great people)

Translated  by

(In this chapter  Valluvar advises that enmity   with great and learned  people  be avoided.)

1.AAththuvaar  aaththal ikazhamai  poththvaar ,
Poththalul yellam thalai.

1.Not finding  fault  with great ones  who can  do a job,
It greatest  good quality of a  person.

2,Periyaarai penaa thozhukin  ,periyaaraal  ,
Peraa idumbai   tharum.

2,If  one does not respect and follow   great people,
He would have  to bear unending   sorrow  because  of them.

3.Kedal vendin  kelaathu   cheika adal  vendin,
AAththupavar kan  izhukku.

3.If one wants to get destroyed , let him do  jobs without  consulting great people,
And suppose  one wants to get killed, let him create problem for   strong people.

4.Koothathathai kayyal vilithaththal  , aathuvaarkku,
AAththaathaar  inna  cheyal.

4.If a person without strength   cause harm to one with strength ,
It is like   calling the god of death  to  himself.

5.Yaandu chendru yaandum   uLaraakaar venthuppin,
Venthu cherappattavar.

5.Those  who  make   a powerful king angry, Cannot  ,
Keep  their life safe  anywhere else  from that  king.

6.Yeriyaal chuda padinum  uyvundaam  ,,uyyar  ,
Periyor pizhathozhugupavar  .

6.Even if we are burnt by fire   there is a chance to live  but
Those who harm great people   do not have any hope.

7.Vagai manda vaazhkkayum  vaanporulum   yennam,
THakai maanda   thakkar cherin.

7.If   great learned people   get angry against  a person,
What is the  use of having great wealth   and great life.

8.Kundraanar  kundra mathippin  kudiyodu,
Nindarnnar  maivar  nilathu.

8.If a  great  person  who is like a mountain  is  estimated badly  ,
Even those  who are well established would get destroyed  with their   family.

9.Yenthiya   kolkayaar   cheerin  idai murithu  ,
Vendhanum vendhu kedum.

10.Iranthamaintha   charpudayar   aayinum  uyyaar  <
Chiranthamanitha  cheeraar   cheRin.

10.If  one makes    a very learned   person angry with him,
Even those  with great help   would not be able   to escape.