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Why I am a Hindu?

Why I am a  Hindu?

Translated with minor  modifications

(I read the original text from a great  book by pOet Kannadasan. It was called “The  meaningful  Hindu religion” and wrote this .I felt  I am a proud  Hindu too)

1.A religion which   does not   find fault   with  even a person , who said, “God is not there
2.A religion which does not have a time schedule to visit  their temples
3.A religion    which does not insist  that one  should go to Kasi or Rameswaram
4.A religion which does not tell  that you have  lead your life  according to it
5.A religion which has no rule that   you have to wear a symbol of that religion
6.A religion which does not have  one person controlling it
7.A religion does not pardon even a Hindu   who commits  a crime
8.A religion   to which  everything  in nature  is  God

Tree is god (Banyan, Bilwa)
Plant is God  (Thulasi)
Stone is god  (shiva Linga)
Water  is God (sacred rivers)
Wind is God(vayu)
Monkey is God (Hanuman)
Dog is God  (Bhairava)
Wild boar  is god (Varaha)
Bird is God (Garuda)
Snake  is God(Adhisesha)
Plant is God(THulasi)
Fish is God  (Mathsya)
Wood cutter  is God  (Parasurama)
Plough man is  God(Bala Rama)
Cow  herd is God  (Krishna)

9.A religion   which says ,
You are God, I am god.
All that we see  is God

10.A religion    which prays,
May  all  the world  be Happy

11.A religion which   says,
Worship the   God whom You like,
It comes  to me, like  rain water  reaching the  sea

12.A religion which  is not based  on just one sacred book
A religion    who does not have a founder

13.A religion whose   books teach just   life to Humanity 
To  uphold truth and remove wrong passion
To remove   the  desire  to posses  earth
To tell you  about your duty
Artha Sastra 
To  teach you politics
Ayurveda , sidha sastra
For medical treatment
Vimana   Sasthra
To build  planes
Vedic Mathematics 
for education
Yogic science,
For building heath
For construction
Vasthu   Sasthra
To studyplanets

14.A religion   which does convert any one by war, bribe, force
15.The religion  which propagated  Ahimsa   and vegetarianism
16.A religion without a single   sacred book
17.A Religion which shows way   to salvation
18.A religion    which teaches tolerance   and peace
19.A religion whose    temples are  form of  human life
20.The religion that  taught  us   the secret of  management of world

Ad infinitum   we   can keep on telling   about our  religion

Let us be proud   to belong   to this  great religion

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Books (113) compiled/translated by me which are freely available on line

Books compiled/translated by me which are freely   available on line 


For the past 20  years under the guidance Of God , I have been translating several Hindu prayers and Carnatic Music Krithis in to English from Sanskrit, Tamil and Malayalam . I have decided to take stock of what I have done ,I myself was surprised to see that I have either translated or compiled 113  books during this period. This includes several epics , religious books , Upanishads, sahasra namams, books on Brahmin rituals , dance dramas based on Carnatic music , stories illustrating proverbs and very many other things. I have a humble requests to all my friends. Do go through the list and if you are interested in glancing any book, just click the Url. May God bless you my friends. Ramachander

From Puranas

1.Valmiki Ramayanam from Sanskrit -

2. Kamba Ramayanam From Tamil -

3.Adhyathma Ramayanam from Malayalam -

4. Sundara Kandam-

5.Madhvacharya’s SAmkshepa Sundara Kandam-

6.Samkshepa Sundara Kandam-

7. Devi Mahathmyam -

8.Bhagawad Gita in verse -

9. .Yaksha Prasnam -

10.Vishnu Sahasranamam

11.Lalitha Sahasranamam

12.Lalitha Sahasranamam Phala Sruthi

13.Lalitha Trishathi

14.Shiva sahasranamam

15. Lakshmi Sahasranamam
17. Sri Krishna  Kanamrutham  -

From Vedas



22. Advaya Tharaka Upanishad

23.Atharvasikha Upanishad

24.Atharva siras Upanishad

25. Brihad Jabala Upanishad

26. Dakshinamurthy Upanishad

27.Hayagreeva Upanishad

28.Jabala Darsana Upanishad

29.Jabali Upanishad

30.Krishna Upanishad

32.Kshurika Upanishad

33.Maha Vakhya Upanishad

34.Narayana Upanishad

35.Narasimha poorva and Uthara Tapaniya Upanishad

36.Pancha Brahma Upanishad

37.Pasupatha Brahmana Upanishad

38.Rama Rahasya Upanishad

39.Rama Uthara and Poorva Tapaniya Upanishad

40.Sarabha Upanishad

41.Trishiki Brahmana Upanishad

42.Vasudeva Upanishad

43.Yoga Chudamani Upanishad

44.Yoga Shika Upanishad

Other Great Bhakthi literature

45. Naryaneeyam-

46. Jnana pana -

47. Soundarya Lahari -

48.Shivananda Lahari -

49. Sri Ramo Dantham-

50.Sri Narada Bhakthi Suthram -

51.BHasha Karnamrutham(Malayalam) -

52.Abhirami Andathi(Tamil)-

53 . Sri Pada Sapthathi-

54 .Kandhar Anubhoothi(Tamil) -

55 .Kandhar Alankaram (Tamil) -

56 .Pasurappadi Ramayanam (Tamil) -

57.Pandava Gita -

58.Bhaja Govindam --

59.Lalithambal Shobanam (Tamil)

60.Prasnothara Rathna Malika

61.Mariamman Thaluttu (Tamil) -

74.Mangadu  Amman  Kamakshi amman vara  padalkal -1

75. Mangadu  Amman  Kamakshi amman vara  padalkal -2

79. Tamil prayer book  in English   for Tamil child

80.An E book  of prayers   addressed  to Ganesa( 25 Ganesa prayers)

Bhajan Literature

80. Nurani Shastha preethi songs-

81.Sastha Kalyana Manjari of Villivakam -

82.E book on prayers  to Goddess Kamakshi

104.More than 400 gothras   and their pravara  rishis

105.Rare Dharmopadesas for Brahmins -Srivathsa Somadeva Sarma

106.Iyer Marriages-Rules and Rituals

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One Vadhyar analyses why?

One Vadhyar  analyses   why?

Translated by

One person  who was an assistant  for another  “leader  Vadhyar”  has written a  very huge essay  on vadhyars  in tamil   and published  in whatsapp  .Here   are   some of the points  he mentioned

1.Vadhyars are not sanyasis  nor people   who do not have   any responsibility.
2.Once upon a time  manthras were taught  only orally   and later books came in  Grantha lipi.But nowadays you can get  in tamil.Any one   who learns  it by heart  claims he is a Vadhyar
3.There are Vedic Schools but no  Schools to train Vadhyars
5.Even fifty years back Vadhyar job always was in Vadhyar family and not outside.
6.The  Vadhyars were  looked after  by Agraharams 
7.For every sradha  good quality rice,, good  veshti   and good vegetables were  given to Vadhyars apart from  a small Dakshina then
8.Very few Vadhyars were  practicing  in towns and when they have a big ritual, they used to call  Vadhyars from nearby Agraharams.When called like that  they would be given transport expenses as well as good  Dakshina
9.When Brahmins started migrating to cities, Vadhyars also had to go there.They slowly left  tuft, pancha Kacham, Chanting of Vedas   etc and started having even moustache .
10People started going to sacred spots to do big Vaidheeka  Karmas
11.Due to this Vadhyars   started   demanding   more and more Dakshinai
12.Initially   they were travelling in cycle, later in scooter, motor cycle  and also cars
13.Many Grahasthas   did not know how to wear Pancha Kacham   and Vadhyars   had to assist them
14.Grahashas told if a ceremony was not done properly     the sin would go to vadhyars
15.Many people do not repeat   the manthras  told by vadhyars 
16.The house wifes started cooking food for rituals and started   employing  servants
17.Even contractors   are being employed for that
18.More money   is being spent by them for decorations , hall  rent   and feast  but they are  not willing to increase the fees  for Vadhyars
19.Women have not stopped participating in rituals   during periods
20.Vaidheekam has become   an unwanted affair   for many  of them
21.They do it only   for sake  of others finding fault
22.People   are  doing Sradha  only because they are  scared of Pithru sapa
22,If our parents were alive  and if we give them one cup of coffee  per day, it will cost rs 20  is 7300 rupees  per year.Can they not spend it on two sradhas, asks the Vadhyar.
23.Bokthas  for Sradha   are not available  and so Vadhyar says  , they can call their relatives   like son in law, brother in law uncle  etc for that purpose.There is no sin at all  it is done that way
24,Vadhyar says the manthras  of sradha   are  about 40 pages  and they can be learnt  by heart and we ourselves can be upadhyaya  for our friend and he to us

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Very nice Tribute to the Passing Year 2019.... A Poem by Gulzar:

Very nice Tribute to the Passing Year 2019.... A Poem by Gulzar:

Translation attempt

(Though   I am not  an expert in Urdu, I love their poems  .I am great fan of Gulzar.I hope he will pardon me for my shoddy attempt)

Oh life    , please go slowly,
There   are several  loans   to be repaid

There are some pains to be cured,
There  are  several duties be done

By going    with speed,
Some have become angry, some have left

To make angry   people agree  is remaining
To make   sad people   laugh is remaing

Some smiles   are still   not reachable
Some work also  needs definitely   to be done

The wishes   which ae remaining  in this mind,
They remain to be buried

Some relations which were  formed  , broke down
Some which were uniting, left   getting united

Of those   broken relations,
The   curing  of those  wounds  needs to be done

You go in front and I will come,
Can I afford to  leave you and go?

They who have the right to these breaths
Understanding them  remains to be done

Oh life go slowly,
Now several loans remain to be repaid

Original text

Ahista chal Zindagi,
Abhi kai Karz Chukana baaki hai.

Kuch Dard Mitana baaki hai,
Kuch Farz Nibhana baaki hai.

Raftaar mein Tere chalne se -
Kuchh Rooth gaye, Kuch Chhut gaye.

Roothon ko Manana baaki hai,
Roton ko Hasana baaki hai.

Kuch Hasraatein abhi Adhuri hain,
Kuch Kaam bhi aur Zaruri hai.

Khwahishen jo Ghut Gayi is Dil mein,
Unko Dafnana baaki hai.

Kuch Rishte Ban kar - Toot gaye,
Kuch Judte-Judte Chhut gaye.

Un Tootte-Chhutte Rishton ke
Zakhmon ko Mitana baki hai.

Tu Aage chal Main aata hoon,
Kya chhod Tujhe Ji paunga ?

In Saanson par Haqq hai Jinka,
Unko Samjhaana baaki hai.

Aahista chal Zindagi,
Abhi kai Karz Chukana baaki hai ....

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My maid servant has not come

Image result for meri bai nahi aai song lyrics

My maid servant has not come

Translated by

(A maid servant not coming in a home    can be compared  to  a cyclone, earth quake  and Tsunami  mixed together   for a  Housewife .Here is a lteral  crying in a  funny way by one of them.  Some Marathi words   are there and so if my translation is not up to mark  pardon me.

My  maid servant  has not come
Today  maid servant has not come
The vessels   have accumulated a lot
What will  happen to me, please tell  SAi
My  maid servant   has not come

I will    see   to her   salary
She who is  heroine of herself
She understands,
How to sweep with broom stick
Seperately    she also takes
But also in cleaning of bath room
Her hand was there
My maid   servant has not come

I will   do a cleaning  of her,
My  maid servant has not come

Her    address  has gone away
 I am dependent on her
She   takes advantage of that
I got manicyring done
With   great  love
By washing vessels they  may get broken
In my hands
My  maid servant has  not come

By  looks she is a butcher
My maid servant has not come

Maid servant  Khujli has  not come
I would bid her good bye
Yes, not even one vessel is left
My maid sevant  has not come

Original in English letters

Meri Bhai nahi aayi
Aaj Bhai  nahi Aayi
Bharthan  pe jum  gayi  kaai
Kaun majhe   bolo sai
Meri Bhai nahi aayi

Kaat loongi  pagaar mai uski
Apne aap ko  heroine
Voh hai  samajhti
Jhadu  poche  ka
Alag se  hai leti
Phir bi  bathroom  saaf karne main
Uski hai haat ti
Aaj bai nahi  aai
Meri bhai nahi aayi

Karungi  uski  dhulai
Meri bhai nahi aayi

Chal gaya  pata   uske
Mai depend hum  uspe
Isika toh  utathi hai who
Faida jumke
Manicure karaya   tha maine
Bade hi pyaare se
Bartan dhoke  padd  gaye  chaale
Mere haathon mein
Meeri bhai  nahi aayi

Shaqal  se  hai  voh kasai
Meri bhai nahi aayi

Khujili bhai nahi aayi
Kar doongi usko  good bye
Haan  bachi  nahi  ek bhi  kadhai
Meri bhai  nahi aayi

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Kalidasa tried to introduce himself to a village belle

Kalidasa  tried to introduce himself to a village belle

Translated by

Image may contain: 1 person

Once   Kalidasa , after   writing   dseveral great works,
Was   travelling  in a village   and he   became  thirsty,
And saw   a village  lady  drawing    water  from the well,
And  she agreed  but wanted to know   who   he is ?

Kalidasa thought   that this   rustic  village  boorish lady ,
May not    about   him or his   very great   creations,
And replied  “ I  am nothing    but   a traveler   and she smiled,
And said” Only sun   and moon are  travelers and who are you?’

Kalidasa  wanted   to snub     that  ignorant   lady  and replied..
“I am only a guest”   and she said “ Youth  and wealth  ,
Are  the only  travelers, because  there are  there  day ,
And next   day  they are  not there” and he  got angry,

He said I tolerate  your  silly  questions  and  so I am,
A tolerant  person”   She smiled   and said with   a sneer,
“Only   earth     and tree    are   two  tolerant persons,
You did the earth , throw stones  at the tree but they  nurture you.”

Then He said  “Without getting    what I   want  I wont go,
I am a stubborn person” and the lady   said in a calm,
Only   the hair   and the nail   are   two stubborn people,
However  much    we cut   them  , they continue to  grow”

Kalidasa  then said  , I was expecting   to get water  from you,
And so I am a fool   and she said “only an incapable king,
And the  Minister  who flatters   are fools for   the minister,
Tells lies   while praising and the king   thinks  they   are truth.”

Then  Kalidasa  fell at    the feet   of the lady    and she said,
You are  a human being first   and all other   things later,
And   you seemed to have  not realized  this and,
Any one who does not realize he  is human being is an ordinary one,

Lord Krishna tries to introduce himself to Radha

Lord Krishna tries to introduce himself to Radha

Translated by

Image result for Lord Krishna knocks at the door

Once   Radha   was in her house   and  the proud Krishna,
Knocked at her door   and she   asked him    from  ,
Behind the door  “Who are   you?”    and Krishna,
Replied  “I am Hari”   and she said  Hari  means ,
Monkey  and you  should   better  go to the forest ”

Then Krishna replied  “Darling   I   am Krishna”
And she said  Krishna  means   “black”
And so you   are a black monkey,
Whom   I am greatly   scared, go away  from here”

Krishna   then told   her  “no darling  , I am,
Madhu soodana” which would mean ,
One   who hunts for honey  and said,
Go to my garden plenty of flowers   there.

And poor  Krishna   not  knowing  ,
What   to do, started   going back  ,
And she  opened   the door  and toldhim,
“Could you not say   that you are my darling”

(कोऽयं द्वारि हरिः प्रयाह्युपवनं शाखामृगस्यात्र किं
कृष्णोहं दयिते बिभेमि सुतरां कृष्णादहं वानरात्।
राधेऽहं मधुसूधनो व्रज लतां तामेव पुष्पान्वितां
इत्थं निर्वचनीकृतो दयितया ह्रीणो हरिः पातु वः॥

Sloka sent to me  by one of my very  scholarly  friends. Thanks to him)

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The curse of dependent old age

The curse  of dependent  old age

Compiled  by

The second most important  problem   faced by us is that” There  is no one  to take  care of us  at old age especially   when we   are  physically dependent”

   Even about   80 years   this  problem was not there  because

1.Every one had   several children    and  some one  of them   will take care of them

2.Most of the children were   financially   dependent  on their parents

3.All old and young lived  in India and after  retirement  old people used   to retire to their native village to live amidst   friends and relatives  

4. People used to die   around 60 years  of age  when  they    are not physically   dependent

45Every   individual  in India felt that it is their primary   duty to take care of old people

56There   were  no old    age   home to go,

At the present time

1.      Each of has have  one or two children
2.      No child is financially   dependent   on his parent
3.      Retired people   settle down in the place  they retire, far  away  from their close  relations
4.      Most of the people  live very long, subjected  to physically  depilating diseases and the curse  Alzheimer’s  disease
5.      Children do not feel    that it is their   duty to look after  their parents
6.      There   are very large  number  of old age homes

What can be done

1.Start   having a large family with many children
2.Become  financially  not dependent  on your children, if needed do not support them beyond an age   as done  in foreign countries
3.Before retirement  , along with relatives  and friends buy flats in the same apartments(your own old age  homes)
4,Nothing can be done about  old age diseases  except suffer and try  to lead   a healthy life3
5.Nothing can be done  to make children realize that it is their   duty to look after you
6.If you are  financially okay   go to an old age home

All these  I understand  are impractical, Nothing can be done  .If God wants  you to suffer    in old age   there is no other option  except praying him

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Sabarimala Swamy Ayyappan- The second indian with his own post office

Sabarimala Swamy Ayyappan- The second indian  with his own  post office

Compiled by

Only two person in India have  their own post office, which receives  posts addressed  to them only
They are
The President  of India
Sabarimala  Sami ayyappan

In case  of Sabarimala Ayyappan    his post office works only 73 days in a  year and his PIN code  is 689713.
During these days thousands of letters addressed  to the God   from all over the world  , requesting  personal favours  and money orders   are  received, .The post office is managed  by a post master  and two postal assistants
  If you pay rs 300, they will  make 12 stamps  bearing your photo  in the back ground of the temple   and these  would handed over to you  These  can used like any other   postage stamps . A special cover  is also available  in the Ayyappan post office

     After  the season the post office is transferred  to Pathanamthitta

I am just another human being

I am just  another   human being

Image result for sarvam krishnarpanam

Daily   to sing about You  I am not Andal
To give you AVal(beaten rice)  and get wealth from you  , I am not Kuchela
To fondle you  , even in my dreams, I  am not a Gopi,
When you say “do your duty without attachement,to hear, I am not Arjuna
Daily to repleatedly  chant your name, I am not Narada
To open my chest  and show you  , I am not Hanuman

Thinking a second in my mind and go to attend my job,I am a human being
Oh Madhava, don’t you  have willingness  to remove my sorrow, I am onlya human being

I give  away   everything to Krishna

(translated from  whatsapp –P.R.Ramachander)

அனுதினம் உன்னைப் பாட அடியேனும் ஆண்டாள் இல்லை
அவல்தந்து செல்வம் வாங்க அட நானும் குசேலன் இல்லை
கனவிலும் உன்னைக் கொஞ்ச கண்ணாநான் கோபியர் இல்லை
கடமைசெய் பலனில்லை என்றால் கேட்கநான் அர்ச்சுனன் இல்லை
தினமுந்தன் நாமம் சொல்லித் திரியநான் நாரதன் இல்லை
திறந்து என் நெஞ்சில் உன்னைக் காட்ட நான் அனுமனும் இல்லை.
மனதிலே ஒருநொடி எண்ணி மறுவேலை பார்க்கப் போகும்
மனிதன்நான் என்துயர் போக்க மாதவா மனமா இல்லை?

சர்வம் ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம்....