Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How many of you would like her job?

How many  of you  would like her job?

Translated from Hindi

(I read it in Hindi in Whatsapp .I dedicate it  to every woman whom I know   and do not know)

When   some one asked   a housewife(home maker?)
Are you a  working woman or housewife?


What she replied   was really  heart touching

I am a full time working womam
Early  morning  I am the alarm clock for the entire home
I am  a cook , waiter  and servant of the home
I am part time washerwoman , tailor  and maid servant
I am the teacher   to the kids
I am the nurse of the   elders of the home
I am always present in the house and  I am its security
For the guests , I am the receptionist
I  dress and decorate myself and attend the function and a model to advertaise our wealth
To my husband I am a  friend  , lover  , dartboard and wife
I am the Alladin’s lamp to my children
I neither   have working hours nor holiday
I do not take pay, allowances and do not have promotion or increment
Inspite of this  they ask me
What  do you  do during the entire day time?

Monday, January 29, 2018

The farmer was a socialist

 The farmer    was a socialist


There  was one farmer  ,
Who said he  was a socialist,
And he decided  that every stage,
Of crop growing, he will share,
Half   with his  bullocks.

He grew the crop of paddy  ,
The straw , he gave  it to the bull,
And he   took the gain for himself,
And he told the   bull “I am a socialist”

Then  he took the rice    home,
Milled it and gave   the paddy husk  ,
To the bullock  and he took the rice,
And he told the bull, “I  am a socialist”

Later   he polished    the rice well,
Gave the   bran to the  bull,
And took the rice for himself,
And he told the bull , “I am a socialist”

Then cooked   the rice   in a pot ,
He gave the extracted   gruel to the bull,
And he ate  the cooked  rice himself,

And the bull told him, “You are a socialist”  

Friday, January 26, 2018

Children on path of adulthood and their Grand parents

Children on path  of adulthood  and  their Grand parents



With whatever   care and affection parents ,
Nurture   their children , from  the age  of thirteen
To twenty one, the children need very careful love,
Otherwise  they tend  to agitate   a lot and  .
Quarrels  and fights  fill up the home  the entire   day ,

Though the parents try   to do this with sincerity,
Children  think  it is a  selfish act    from them.
But  if the same  thing comes   from  their grandparents ,
They some how   seem to respond to this

Growing up   among  children  nearing adulthood .
Brings  lot of chemical changes  in them,
And unfortunately   this  is also the time  ,
When  both their parents  lead a very tough life .

At that stage   they would be struggling for money,
And there is a lot of pressure in them due to changes in life ,
And so each and every act   of their children  would be ,
Viewed with suspicion by them  and there is no peace for the family.

Parents would chide  their children saying that   their beds as well as rooms are unkempt,
They are always  speaking on the cell phone, even up to one PM
They  lack responsibility  , never bother   to help their  parents,
And  make  life  of them  miserable    day in   and day out.

The children would say, what a hopeless  parents we have ,
They are simply not bothered about our likes and dislikes .
For even small  disagreement  from what they order  they would shout .
And for every  small thing that we want, “No “ is their only answer.

The same children would show   great tender  affection,
To their  grand parents, They will spread bed   for them,
Slowly  massage  Grandma’s  leg  with pain ointment ,
And  they would obey whatever   they both tell them.

When the children say   , dhoni   should be the captain,
Or Padmvat   should be seen  by them on first day,
The parents   would harshly   argue with them,
But the grandparents would appreciate them and buy them gifts.

While the parents   would complain   about  their children,
To every one they know  , the grand parents   would be,
Paying  golden tributes   to their   grand son and daughter,
Wherever they go and with whomsoever   they meet.

The affection   shown by those  oldies to those young adults ,
Acts as a source  of  getting  out of their depressed  feelings ,
And also make them feel that  they have someone  who understands them,

And we   have to only pity   those children who  do not  live with   their grandparents.

Kamalam , who ?

Kamalam  , who ?

Rewritten in english   by

(Based on a tamil joke   reported in face book by several  persons. Thanks to all  of them. Posted just  in a light manner for a change   )

Kamalam the wife  wanted  divorce  from her husband ,
For being  in love   with  their maid servant  called “Kamalam”
And as proof   she said  her husband  used to murmur “Kamalam”
In his sleep , and  when judge told   that  it could be  her name,
She said , “Not possible   because   he dare  not  tell my name”
And when maid servant  “Kamalam “  was cross examined ,
She told  that , it could  not be her  name   because  ,
He always   called  her “Darling “or “Cutie “ but never Kamalam ,
And judge   dismissed  the case   as there  was insufficient  evidence,
AS the real third  “Kamalam “  whose name he murmured should be found out.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

God is there

God is there

Rewritten in english  by

(Based on tamil posting  in face book  by several people  .Thanks to all of them)

One wise man   sat  for getting shaved ,
On the barber’s chair  of an intelligent barber.”
While conversing   the wise man   told,
“I do believe  that   God   is there.”

Then Barber said , “Take a walk on this road,
You would see  , crowd  of  orphan children,
Very sick old men  , Very   good  people,
Who do  not get a   job   and starve.”

He continued, “If   your God   were  there,
These  people   should  not have been there,.”
The wise man paid   and came  out  of the shop ,
And found , an old man  with long dirty  hair and unkempt  beard.

He rushed back   to the   barber   shop  and told,
“Looks  like   there  are  no barbers  in our town,
For look at this  man  with horrible hair and beard.”
The barber   for some  time  was not able   to reply.

Then he said , “I am there  and I am a barber  ,
If a person  does not come to me, what can I do?”
Wise man replied “Right  , similar to this,
Those  suffering people  had not  approached god”

And  please  telkl me  “What    can the  poor God  do?”
He can take   care  of those   people    on the road,
If only   they had   approached   him,

And  I hope   t you  will agree “God is there.”

Mother the medicine

Mother   the medicine

Translated by

(I do not know     who is the author  of this great  Hindi poem .Thanks to him .There  is  no denying the fact that  mother  is  a  great panacea)

Mother  is the  medicine  for  all our problems,
She some times chides us but she also  some times  hugs us,
She   takes away  the tears in our eyes  and merges them in to tears of her eyes,
She returns back   the smile   of our lips.
BY mingling with our joy  mother   forgets   all  her  sorrow,
When we   get a beating some times, we immediately remember  our mother,
IN the  heat of this world , mother gives us cool  shade  of her  upper cloth,
Though she herself is tired , seeing us, she  will forget  about  all her  tiredness,
And using her  hands filled   with love  she always  used  to remove our tiredness.

Hindi original

हमारे हर मर्ज की दवा होती है माँ….
कभी डाँटती है हमें, तो कभी गले लगा लेती है माँ…..
हमारी आँखोँ के आंसू, अपनी आँखोँ मेँ समा लेती है माँ…..
अपने होठोँ की हँसी, हम पर लुटा देती है माँ……
हमारी खुशियोँ मेँ शामिल होकर, अपने गम भुला देती है माँ….
जब भी कभी ठोकर लगे, तो हमें तुरंत याद आती है माँ…..
दुनिया की तपिश में, हमें आँचल की शीतल छाया देती है माँ…..
खुद चाहे कितनी थकी हो, हमें देखकर अपनी थकान भूल जाती है माँ
प्यार भरे हाथोँ से, हमेशा हमारी थकान मिटाती है माँ…..

Maa ki hath ki Roti

A tearful  dedication to all  mothers 

Maa ki hath  ki Roti
माँ के हाथ की रोटी

Kumar Sasi

Translated by

mujhe har taraf , har taraf khuda nazar aata hai
jab sir par maa ka hath chuaa nazar aata hai

When Mother’s  hand touches  my head ,
To me  ,   ever where , every where  God appears

thak har kar jab bhi lauta, maa ne pani diya
nanhe gilas me amrit ka kua nazar aata hai

When I come back  tired and defeated mother  would  offer me water ,
It appeared  as if she was giving a  well of nectar  in that  glass

 majburi me nahi mohbbat me pkaya hai bhojan
maa ke hath ki roti me shahi bhoj nazar aata hai

When  i ate   the meals  not because  of need  but because of love ,
The  Roti made by my mother   appeared as if it was  a royal lunch

badi anuthi sakshiyat ata ki rab ne maa ko
uski god me bhuda bhi baccha nazar aata hai

God  has   given a very  unique   gift   in mother,
For even  an old man lying in her  lap  appears  like a child.

jab maa thi to amawas me bhi roshani thi doston
ab bhari dophar me bhi kala dhuan nazar aata hai

Oh friend  , when mother  was there  , there  was light  even on moonless  days,

But now even at noon  it appears   as  if it  is a black smoke 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Have deep faith in God Krishna to lead problem less life

Have  deep faith in God Krishna  to lead  problem less life

Rewritten by
(Based on a write up in tamil communicated in Whatsapp . My grateful thanks to him who wrote it)

Do not  wail  thinking  of something,
Do not cry   thinking  of some one,
Do not  ever be scared of life
Do not babble  due to desire in the mind
Do not get angry when what  you want  does not happen
Do not  get   disappointed ,  when what  you do not want happens
Do not get broken down  when you are  insulted,
Do  not feel  bad when you are  avoided by others
Do not lose  your life thinking of other  men
Do not ever lose hope  believing  in luck
Do not believe in lines in your palm  and lose Lord Krishna
Do not  believe   in horoscope  and decide about your life
Do not think that  your luck would change if you change your name
Do not  try to know forecasts  of your life

Please . please catch hold   of the concept of Lord Krishna,
You have  everything , you do not lack anything .
As long as you think  that  he is always with you.

Once  while travelling  in the middle of the forest  at midnight,
One person got  pain in the chest   but  for his good fortune
The  one  who was   with him was  a  doctor   of repute,
And when he told  the doctor  , he  searched  in his bag,
And gave him a round   thing  and asked  to keep on lcking it,
But never swallow it and slowly  his pain  disappeared ,
But when they reached home   and they found that ,
His daughter  was sick, he requested  the doctor ,
To  give  her  an injection  and the doctor  told ,
“I forgot my medicine bag”   and the person asked,
“What did you give me then?”  and spit the tablet,
That he was licking and   found that  it was  but a shirt button
And he asked  his friend ., “How did I  get cured?”
And his friend smile and told, “Due to your faith in me.”

Have faith in Lord Krishna  like that person had on his friend,
You would be completely   cured   of all your problems.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Brahmins and orthodox religion- A cursory look

Brahmins  and orthodox religion
A cursory look


The very  small  number of  Brahmins  in India are  further   divided  based on

Whether  they follow, Advaitha , Visishtadvaitha  or Dvaitha and  further  sub sects in each  of these  groups
By the Vedas  and suthras  and gothras  they follow
The  language   they speak
The   state  they belong 
Based on whether  they  are  orthodox or modern

The original   Dharma  of  all  the Brahmins   was either   learning  of Vedas  or learning of Agamas, with the main aim of preserving them. One of the foremost   duty of a Hindu king   was to look after  the Brahmins  and provide them  their needs   so that knowledge  of Vedas   and Agamas  , which are the foundation  of our religion are preserved.

     Since all Brahmins had  lot of  time to spare   and since their  profession was getting knowledge  , they contributed great amount of knowledge to their  country  in all most all  the scientificc subjects . They never  ever thought  that  the great knowledge  that  they have  could be sold   and that  they also  could become rich.

     Over time  with disappearance  of Hindu kings , though few rich people  helped them   to study Vedas , slowly  all  Brahmins  became   very poor.

     It was   at this time due to  compulsion of circumstances   that  they started  selling   their knowledge .Once they   understood   that  by doing so  , they can become rich  ,  they started  neglecting the   learning  of  Vedas and Agamas .A minority however  continued  to do that and they were looked after  by the rich  among  the Brahmins

    Modern education  showed the rich Brahmins ,  the luxuries  they can enjoy  , if they could spare the time  and they started    neglecting  rituals  also  , The poor Brahmins  thought   that they also  should become rich   and started  educating their children in modern schools.

    The very few and meagre  number  of  Brahmins   who had studied  Vedas  had all  moved to   big towns   where , by practice of what they have learnt  , they could also  become rich and  Instead of  the disciplined   simple life   that   they used to lead , they also started leading a life  of luxury.  The result was   , temples in villages are  not  able find experts in Agamas  to worship and the few Brahmin families  living in villages   are not able to find priests . And the few  Brahmin priests are  demanding huge Dakshinas  .Possibly  this  will  contribute further  to the destruction of our  religion
     Majority   of the Brahmins especially  in south ,  cannot be considered as poor . Most of them are  upper middle class, and few of them are  lower  middle class .

     What  is the future? Possibly only God can tell.

Atheist ?

Atheist ?


(Not my original idea  .Borrowed from various places)

X   challenged  Y  and said to him,
“I can prove   that   there  is no god”
Y said  , “ Go ahead  my   friend”
X  then broke  a  statue  of   a God

He laughed  out loudly    and  told  Y,
“I have   broken   your  God  in to pieces”
Y  smiled   and told him “Obviously  you believe in God ,
Other wise you would  have told me .
“I have broken     a piece of stone to pieces.”

X was disappointed but  he  laughed at Y ,
“Ok , slip of toungue , please   do tell me,
How can a piece   of stone  become god to to you?’
If I   hit it   with a stone , would you be  you bothered?

Y   simply laughed   and brought  out ,
A photo   of X   and started  beating that photo,
With a stone  making  X very angry,
For he believed that  Y was insulting him.

X caught  hold of Y   and told him,
“How can   you do that   to me  ?”
But Y smilingly   told him  , I  was,

Only hitting  a piece of paper  and not you.”

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Reference to girls in Thiruppavai of aandal

Reference   to  girls  in Thiruppavai  of aandal 

Translated by

Another   reference  indicated   that Kothai   in her magnum opus  Thiruppavai   has used   several words  indicating   girls .That author feels there is a evolution  of the usage   from little  girl to a lady   as the work progresses. So really wonderful.”Aandal  thamarai paadangal saranam”The tamil  write up is given after  my translation .
Song 1 Aaipadi  chelva chirumeer – very  small  girls
Song 2 Nerizhayeer -  pretty  girls wearing ornaments
Song 7  Pei penne  - Ignorant   damsel
Song 9 Maaman magale-Uncle’s daughter- by  custom bride
Song 10 Arunkalame –Ornament  like  girl
Song 11  Por kodiye – golden climber –pretty  girl
Song 11 –Pun mayile-She who is as pretty as a peacock
Song 11  Chelva pendatti -  dear   wife
Song 12- THangaai  -sister
Song 13-Pillakal- girls
Song 14- Nangaai-  Lady
Song 15-Ilam kiliye  -She whose talk is like a  bird
Song 16- Nangaimeer-Ladies
Song 16-  AAyar  chirumiyar-Cow herd girls
Song 17- LKOzhunthe-The   first daughter
Song 17-Kula Vilakke  -Lady who  lights up a family
Song 17 Yem perumatti Yasoda-Our honourable  Yasoda
Song 18  Napinnai- Her name
Song 18  Marumagale-Neice
Song 18 Gandham kamazhum kuzhali-A girl with perfumed hair
Song 19 Poonkuzhal Nappinnai-Nappinnai with hair   decorated with flowers
Song 20-Nappinnai nangai- Grown up girl Nappinnai
Song 28, Ariyatha  Pillaigal- Innocent girls
Song 30  Cheyizhaar – Well ornamented cow herd maidens

பாடல்: 01 ஆய்ப்பாடிச் செல்வச்சிறுமீர் - பருவமடையாத சிறுபெண்கள்.
பாடல்: 01 நேரிழையீர் - அழகோடு இயைந்த வினைத்திறனுடைய
அணிகலன்களை அணிந்த இளம் பெண்கள்.
பாடல்: 07 பேய்ப்பெண்னேஅறிவில்லாத பெண்ணே.
பாடல்: 09 மாமான் மகனேமுறைப்பெண்.
பாடல்: 10 அருங்கலமேஆபரணம் போன்ற பெண்.
பாடல்: 11 பொற்கொடியேஅழகிய வடிவுடைய பெண்.
பாடல்: 11 புனமயிலேமயில்போன்ற தோற்றமுடையபெண்.
பாடல்: 11 செல்வப் பெண்டாட்டிவிரும்பப்படும் மனைவி.
பாடல்: 12 தங்காய் - சகோதரி உறவுடைய பெண்.
பாடல்: 13 பிள்ளைகள் - பெண்பிள்ளைகள்.
பாடல்: 14 நங்காய் - நிறைவான பெண்.
பாடல்: 15 இளங்கிளியே - இளமையான கிளிபோன்ற சொற்;களையுடையவள்
பாடல்: 15 நங்கைமீர் - நிறைவான பெண்களே
பாடல்: 16 ஆயர் சிறுமியர் - இடையர் பெண்கள்.
பாடல்: 17 கொழுந்தேமுதன்மையாகப் பிறந்தபெண்.
பாடல்: 17 குலவிளக்கேமங்களதீபம் போன்றவளே.
பாடல்: 17 எம்பெருமாட்டியசோதாஎமது பெருமைக்குரிய யசோதா
பாடல்: 18 நப்பின்னாய் - நப்பின்னைப் பிராட்டி.
பாடல்: 18 மருமகளேமருமகள் முறையான பெண்.
பாடல்: 18 கந்தங்கமழுங்குழலீபரிமளம் வீசும் கூந்தலுடைய இளம்பெண்
பாடல்: 19 +ங்குழல் நப்பின்னைமலரணிந்த கூந்தலுடைய நப்பினை
பாடல்: 20 நப்பின்னை நங்காய் - நிறைவான பெண்ணான நப்பின்னை
பாடல்: 28 அறியாத பிள்ளைகள் - உலகவழக்கம் அறியாத இளம்பெண்கள்.
பாடல்: 30 சேயிழையார் - செவ்விதான ஆபரணமணிந்த கோபிகாஸ்திரிகள்

My fifteenth mile stone

My fifteenth mile stone


In 2010 (8 years   after  I started  my translation efforts)  I wrote that  I have completed  till then .I had  completed translation of 500 stotra rathnas  , 300  Carnatic music Krithis ,I also wrote   that it was all made possible  due to the unstinted   cooperation of my wife.
Some one unknown to me wrote  in a letter  addressed to me  (given below) ,

       Now   another   8 years later  when II count  , I find that  I have translated about 2000 Stotra Rathnas   which include   three  Ramayanas written in three  different languages ,Narayaneeyam, Bhagawad Gita , Jnapana   etc)  , about 2000  carnatic music Krithis, hundred of poems, nursery rhymes , short stories  etc etc  Ofcourse  everything  has been  made  possible   due  to great encouragement   and cooperation from my wife  . Manuscripts of rare   stotras  and Krithis simply came pouring  in from    every home I visisted, Without them all these  would have been impossible

    I do believe that  letters like this  and unstinted encouragement from   all of you friends have helpmed me do that .Thank you Ramu.Thank you friends

Dear Shri Ramachander (written in 2010)

Oh Sage !, You have released from the Cage (of printed media) many a Page of our holy scriptures by digitalising it and making it as a Webpage. Truly, the milestones are not made of 'concrete' or 'granite' but of 'diamonds' and 'pearls'.

From Shri Nandu's mail, I came to know about your great achievements. Man, You have truly "lived", and Swami Vivekananda would greatly be proud of you, as according to him : "Those who live for others alone live, the rest are more dead, than alive."

I Salute the thought, (of sharing, all the best with others)

I Salute the Feat, (ala a Bhagirathan),

I Salute the Feet,

and above all

I salute the nimble fingers, which made all this possible.

Such is the composition of great Souls, who position themselves in the service of others, at the appropriate time.

Thanks a million for sharing the compositions of all great works of all ever greats in the 'digital world', for which the whole world is Ever Grateful to you. This again shows what a determined Mind can achieve.

My pranams are also due to your dear Dharmapathni, who permitted you, supported you and made this all possible by maintaining a 'peaceful homefront', for the last 40 years happily with you, true to the role she accepted in your life. You two have given a new meaning to the word 'Together', which is the Key to a successful family life. Kalidasa's opening prayer in one of his great epics poems (Kumarasambhava ?), exemplifying Lord Shiva and Parvathi, starting with वाक् and its inseperable 'अर्थ्", comes to my mind. You two have proved it a fact.

It is all because you had your Priorities right and you treaded a right line. Truly your 'service' is Music to the digital world, going to ever reverberate like all the ever green krithis and keerthanas you have helped translate ad place it on the net. Your site has become a reference point for all the sthothras and is always one and also will remain the only one, which any devotee would like to sight.

May the blessings of the Lord be ever on you and your Great Family, so that you all can continue to bless the humanity in your own great way.

അനന്ത കോടി നമസ്കാരങ്ങളുടന്‍.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Positiva and negative results of same action

Positiva and negative results of  same  action

Translated by
 (At least fifteen  people have posted it in the face  book   as their contribution, Whom to thank?)

இட்டுக் கெட்டது காது*
*இடாது கெட்டது கண்*
*கேட்டுக் கெட்டது குடி*
*கேளாது கெட்டது கடன்*
*பார்த்துக் கெட்டது பிள்ளை*
*பாராமல் கெட்டது பயிர்*
*உண்டுக் கெட்டது வயிறு*
*உண்ணாமல் கெட்டது உறவு*

By putting  the ear  called  spoiled
By not putting the eye got spoiled
By asking   a family  got spoiled
By not asking the koan got spoiled
By   seeing  the children got spoiled
By not seeing   the crop got spoiled,
By   eating the stomach called   spoiled.
By not eating relations got spoiled


By  inserting  a twig, ears  got spoiled,
By not putting  Kajal eye called spoiled,
By  hearing  and obeying gossip, the home got spoiled
By not asking frequently loan  would never be repaid
By seeing affection and not correcting children get spoiled,
By not seeing often the   crop got spoiled
By eating too muchstomach got spoiled
By not eaing in their homes  , relation got  spoiled

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Allegory story of Samudhra Madhana

Allegory  story  of  Samudhra  Madhana

Rewritten by

(I read this great interpretation in a whatsapp  message   in Malayalam.AS usual   whoever posted it  is an asura  who copied and pasted great writing by   a great man but  omitted his name. I humbly thank the original author  of this piece  of writing . May God bless him.)

When the children troubled   for a story  in the  park, mother  told them,
“For removing the curse of Devas , the ocean of milk   was churned ,
Using a mountain to churn it , a serpent   was used as a rope and ,
It was pulled  on one side by the devas   and another by the devas,
When the mountain   drowned in the sea  ,Vishnu became a tortoise,
Lifted it up and gave  it stability and then  from the   ocean came  out, Jyeshta devi ,
Goddess Lakshmi , A horse, a cow  and at last  Amrutha  the nectar.”

Her  youngest   son shouted   after   she completed   the story,
“Sheer nonsense   in unbelievable,  how can there be ocean of milk,
How can a mountain  be used to churn , how can a tortoise lift it ,
Who can catch a  snake and how can ladies  and animals   come out of the ocean?’
When all the   children joined him , an old man  sitting near  by  told them,
“Looks like  , you are right , but  let me   try to   explain it,”

“All stories like  this great  story   have  an inner meaning  ,
Which is not that clear  and I would try to explain   this story.”
The  children were happy  and became   calm and said ,”Please uncle”
He said, ‘our mind which is always not at rest  is the ocean of milk,
And the what the poet  said by churning  is “Trying to find out ,
BY churning the mind  which has  lots and lots  of knowledge.”

“ The mountain  is the huge wisdom   that  is available  to us  ,
The snake  is our sensations like passion, anger  , avarice etc.
Devas are  good thoughts  and asuras  are  bad thoughts ,
Which   keep  on pulling our sensations to and fro,”
The children said  , “What you  say seems to be okay  ,
But what is this mountain drowning  and tortoise lifting it?”

Uncle continued, “  I told  that our   wisdom is the mind,
And when it is pulled to and fro by good  and bad,
Wisdom would sink , and to lift it   up   ,
Our conscience should   wake  up  and,
The tortoise  is indeed our conscience ,
Which can pull  inside  all our   actions ,
So that  our   wisdom   becomes  more stable.”

“So When our mind  is churned by   wisdom,
And our  senses  are completely   with drawn,
Good and bad thought   within the  mind would come out ,
Jyesta devi is good, Lakshmi devi , which is desire for wealth represent that
And  further when we churn it   we get speed (horse),
Strength(Elephant), , Peace   as represented  by the cow,
Power to get anything (Karpaka)  and if we continue,
WE would get   the ultimate  all  realising divine knowledge  called Amrutha “

“And I am sure once you get that divine knowledge  , you would never age”

And that uncle told, “Children do you  agree  that  the story  is not a myth.”

Reason for outbursts and need for depositing love.

Reason for outbursts and need for  depositing love.


(Some one  send me a Malayalam video .The  video   with the background  of tender emotional bond between   husband and wife , tries  to  explore in a wonderful fashion  , the reason  for  mutual angry outbursts   and the need  to deposit love  with every one around, I have tried  to summarise what has been told so that   the non Malayalis   can understand  what is happening.
   I do not know the maker of this video.My humble pranams to him. If you know  the author , do inform  me, so that I can acknowledge to him or her )

If you knock on an empty vessel, you would hear  a shattering  loud  sound,
Fill it up with   any material , and knock it , you would hear only a muted sound,
Similarly   if the  mind  of husband and wife   are  filled   with tender emotions,
Like love , affection, mercy , kindness  and so on , no angry tones  would  come out  from them.
So  if you are  a person  who hears  shattering  angry retorts   from your partner,
It would mean that you have  not filled  up you partners mind well.

All of us know   that  we can withdraw only   what  we have deposited ,
From the bank account , sometimes  perhaps   with added interest,
Similarly  if you had deposited   ten kg of love   in your partner’s heart,
You can always   expect   to get back  that ten kg   with some interest,

Suppose  a  person   feels extremely unhappy   that  none of his family ,
Are    supporting   or loves  him back  and his life  is miserable  ,
Find out  from that person , please   find out   from him  ,
The deposits  of tender  emotions  in each and every one  of those ,
And if he  takes time to answer, it would mean   the deposit is weak,

And then please advice him that happiness comes out of  strength of what he gave them.

Do not meddle in other’s affairs

Do not  meddle  in other’s affairs


(Based on a post in face book by Ms Seetha Narayanan. My Thanks are  to her)

Once a   saint   saw  a  centipede,
Which was   crawling   with great  speed,
And he asked “Why this great   hurry?’
And it replied ‘”The cart  is coming  with great speed,
And I thought   it would  crush me  to death.”

Jeeringly    the sage laughed    and told ,
“What   would be lost to the world if you die  ?
And then centipede   told    that   great sage,
“Oh saint    are you  jealous   of me?”

“God has made   me in such a way that  I need not,
Do any ritual   whatsoever  nor do I   have  ,
Any family responsibilities   like   you people,
And you are  fool not even to  know that.”,

The saint  realised   that  it was  none of his business ,
To watch the centipede’s movement   and ask  it ,
The reason for it and he realised   that  by his needless,

Curiosity  and meddling even an insect  insulted  him

Take care of that old person who is a baby

Take care  of that old person who is a baby


(Based on a   write up of Jayaraman Venkatraman Dindigul.Thanks to him)

Old age  is definitely  the return  of infancy .
It makes you tell   the same thing again and again,
It would make  you talk a lot  and also  sometimes,
Make   you keep silent  and be adamant  about it

It would make   one  like   or even dislike  food,
Make one tell  a lie that he is  sick   some times  ,
And some times   make   one hide his sickness,
And  it would make   one  needlessly angry and sad.

Look after these   very old babies   with great  care,
Talk to them of old stories,  give them  what they like ,
Make them feel that  as long   as you are   there ,
There is no need to  worry at all  for anything

Never   tell bad   about them with  any one else,
Never leave them   for it  is through   them,
That you have come   and once  upon a time, they   did,
Take care  of  you this   way when you  were a  baby”.

If not today   once after   some more  time,
You, yourself    would  again become  a baby
And when you are skowly  transforming in to ne ,
You will  feel extremely sad  that  you did not help ,
That  elder   who was a  baby  and did not realise it

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Search of God

Search  of God


(Idea   borrowed from Kumudam BHakthi)

One day  a person who was  in search of God  ,
Went   to a great  Guru  and requested   him,
To help him find  God and that Guru   told him,
“God is everywhere and there is no need  to search him.”

When the person said, that  he was  not able   to see,
God anywhere , the Guru sent him  to Gangothri   and told him,
“That is the place where  river Ganga   originates ,
And in that  of Ganga , you would find   a floating fish”

“And   that  floating fish  could possibly help you”
And the person reached  Gangothri   and found that g floating fish,
And asked  “I would  like to find   God  and my Guru told ,
That  you would help me “. But the fish said “I am very thirsty”

That person laughed, “You  are in water still you   are thirsty”
And the fish told , “You are  surrounded  by God  but still search for him”
And then that  person old ., “Please do not float   but change your direction”
And the fish laughed “If you  turn the direction of your love to God , you will see him.”

Friday, January 5, 2018

Best Country in the world

WE know that   each line  of this poem to a large extent is true, To which direction   shall we proceed?

பாருக்குள்ளே நல்ல நாடு*
Best Country    in the world

Kavikko  Abdul Rehman

Translated by

I   met them  all in a prison,
And I asked  them, “What crime  did you commit?”
And one  by one they told

One thief stole things from my home  and was running away,
And I shouted   at the  top of my voice”Thief, Thief”
They arrested me for disturbing peace  .

Some one  asked   about  my income,
“I said, “I am a non employed   graduate,”,
They arrested  me for  hiding my income.

I am a labourer  lifting coal bags ,
And  the note  received   as wages,
Had a black stain  from coal,
I was arrested   for keeping black money.

I was making  bunds   to my field,
And they arrested me for being a secessionist.

“My  boss was  taking bribe  and I stopped him,
And I was arrested for preventing,
A government   servant   from doing his duty.”

I was pasting poster  of the popular film,
“Alibaba   and forty thieves,
And they arrested  me  for defaming ,
An elected   representative   of the country.”

I  exhorted  “Let us  remove the boundary  of poverty”
And they arrested  me for stealing  government property.

I wrote, “All corrupt  people should be banished from the country”
And they arrested me for being a smuggler.”

I  am a newspaper   editor    and in my editorial,
I wrote  the truth  and they ,
Arrested me  for destabilising  our  country.

Some one was   singing  our national anthem,
Due to continuous   starvation  i was lying down,
And they arrested  me for dishonouring  the National anthem.

Some one in a platform told  “Krishna has  told us,
To arm ourself for fighting   against  Adharma,
And  since my  name    was Krishna ,
They arrested   me saying I was a terrorist.

Then after  hearing all this  I came out  of the jail,
And my country  did not have any   problems ,
And it was peaceful and was greatest in the world.

*பாருக்குள்ளே நல்ல நாடு*
* கவிக்கோ அப்துல் ரகுமான்*
அவர்களைச் சிறையில் சந்தித்தேன்.
என்ன குற்றம் செய்தீர்கள்” ?
என்று கேட்டேன்.
ஒவ்வொருவராகச் சொன்னார்கள்..
எங்கள் வீட்டில் திருடிக்கொண்டு ஒருவன் ஒடினான்.
திருடன் திருடன்என்று கத்தினேன்.
அமைதிக்குப் பங்கம் விளைவித்தாக என்னைக்
கைது செய்து விட்டார்கள்.
என் வருமானத்தைக் கேட்டார்கள்
நான் வேலையில்லாப் பட்டாதாரிஎன்றேன்
வருமானத்தை மறைத்ததாக வழக்குப்
போட்டு விட்டார்கள்.
நான் கரி மூட்டை தூக்கும் கூலி
கூலியாக கிடைத்த ரூபாய் நோட்டில்
கரி பட்டுக் கறுப்பாகிவிட்டது.
கறுப்பு பணம் வைத்திருந்ததாகக்
கைது செய்து விட்டார்கள்.
என் வயலுக்கு வரப்பு எடுத்துக் கொண்டிருந்தேன்
பிரிவினைவாதி என்று பிடித்துக் கொண்டு
வந்து விட்டார்கள்
அதிகாரி லஞ்சம் வாங்கினார், தடுத்தேன்.
அரசுப் பணியாளரை அவருடைய கடமையைச்
செய்ய விடாமல் தடுத்ததாகத் தண்டித்து விட்டார்கள்.”
அலிபாபாவும் நாற்பது திருடர்களும்படச்
சுவரொட்டியை ஒட்டிக் கொண்டிருந்தேன்.
சட்டமன்ற உறுப்பினர்களை அவதூறு
செய்ததாக அழைத்துக் கொண்டு வந்து விட்டார்கள்
வறுமைக் கோட்டை அழிப்போம்என்று பேசினேன்.
அரசாங்க சொத்தை அழிக்கத் தூண்டியதாக
அடைத்துப் போட்டுவிட்டார்கள்
ஊழல் பேர்வழிகளை நாடு கடத்த வேண்டும்
என்று எழுதினேன், “கடத்தல்காரன்என்று
கைது செய்து விட்டார்கள்.
நான் பத்திரிக்கை ஆசிரியன். தலையங்கத்தில்
உண்மையை எழுதினேன். நாட்டின்
ஸ்திரத் தன்மையைக் குலைத்ததாகக்
கொண்டு வந்து விட்டார்கள்
சுதந்திர தின விழாவில்ஜன கண மனபாடிக்
கொண்டிருந்தார்கள். நான் பசியால் சுருண்டு
படுத்துக்கொண்டிருந்தேன். எழுந்து நிற்க முடியவில்லை.
தேசிய கீதத்தை அவமதித்து விட்டதாகச்
சிறையில் அடைத்து விட்டார்கள்
அக்கிரமத்தை எதிர்த்து ஆயுதம் ஏந்தச்
சொன்னான் கண்ணன்என்று யாரோ
கதாகாலட்சேபத்தில் சொல்லியிருக்கிறார்கள்
என்பெயர் கண்ணன். “பயங்கரவாதிஎன்று
என்னைப் பிடித்துக் கொண்டு வந்து விட்டார்கள்.

நான் வெளியே வந்தேன்.
சட்டம் ஒழுங்குப் பிரச்சினை எதுவும்
இல்லாமல் நாடு
அமைதியாக இருந்தது.