Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Oldies and conservation of environment

Oldies  and conservation  of environment

Rewritten    from original English
With deep sense of acknowledgements   to that author

We hear   the need to preserve  enviorment, the need to conserve energy  , eat   ready made food and  to conserve fuel  , whenever we opened a newspaper  or switched our TV. Our little ones  chided us for being careless   to the environment. A recent essay  in English made  me think whether   all that is true . For:-

We used to buy   milk in bottles, wash it and reuse it,
Initially we filled   ink in our pens   and purchased   just a pen,
We used   refills   for our ball pens  and never purchased  new pens,
We bought    just one razor    and used  it for ever   by changing blades,
WE walked    whenever   we needed to nearby places and did not use  petrol,
WE walked   up and down the stairs  and did not use  fuel for the escalator  ,
We used cloth nappies to babies , washed  and reused   them,
WE had just one Tv or one radio  in our home and not in every room,
And that Tv was    size of a   slightly   bigger  hand kerchief  and not a foot ball ground,
WE used   manual grinders  , mortars and pestles    and did not waste   electricity,
WE walked, climbed up and worked hard and did not a gym to excercise,
WE   drank water  from a tumbler washed  and reused it  instead of throwing plastic bottles,
WE knew   that most of the   food was seasonal and did not import or export it,
WE never food that came from a packet  and our grocer packed   everything in old news paper,
WE  washed , cut and cooked our vegetable and did not buy pre cooked ones,
A house at most had   two or three electric sockets,
Each of us knew where a   shop selling a product was and we  did not google for it,
We  bought newspapers  ,  and used to  pack things in that and to cushion   fragile material
WE used manual lawn mowers and not ones   driven by the fuel
WE never used  anything that   was preserved  or which had  preservatives
WE conserved all rain waters  in ponds and lakes

Please tell whether  I am right or it that  they are  right?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The greatest among them all

 The greatest   among them all

Posted   in facebook by
Sri J K  Shivan

Translated  by

(This   small write up by   my great friend who has   given up his entire life   to Lord Krishna  shocked me to tears. How many of us    will  think like my friend.)

There was a great king   and he wanted   to identify,
The best citizen   in his country   and give him or her a great award.
His  ministers  worked   doubly hard , without any rest,
And brought   the four   great citizens  , so that  the king can identify the  best.

The first among them was   not only very rich  but had  spent,
Crores  of money   in charity and also fed millions of people,
The second was   a great doctor who treated  patients   for charity,
And he had   saved thousands  of people   from death and   suffering.

The third was   a great justice  and  all his judgements ,
Were greatly   appreciated   as several criminals were  punished  by him,
And the king   was astounded   to see   the fourth   well chosen great person,
For she was   only a  lady, who wore   tattered cloths   and no ornaments .

The king was surprised , Where   is the very rich   charitable  man,
The doctor  who saved   thousands  of lives  and judge   who prevented crimes,
And this very old   and extremely poor   lady  and he  stared angrily   at his ministers,
And they  saluted him   and told, “She is   the  teacher  of the  other great three.”

The  king stared   at that  poor lady  in tatters   and poverty ,
Once again and told her , “Mother  , do you  not recognize me ,
I too  like these  four greats  was   your student and you had told us ,
I may not become   great but definitely you will, and mother.”You are  greater than all of us.”

Saturday, April 22, 2017

“To cut or not cut “ is the question?

“To cut or not cut “  is the question?

Translated   from  a face book post by A.G.Kesavan   in Tamil

Wife asked “Shall  I  cut my   hair?”
Her husband replied  , “Please   cut.”
She replied ”If I cut  , to again grow  it would take a lot of time”
Her husband   replied “Do not cut”
She replied “Maintaining  less  hair  is  the modern fashion”
Her husband   replied”Do cut”
She replied , If I cut  . my friends  may tease me.”
Her husband  “do not cut”
She said, “My mother says  that for my small  face , it would look good.”
Her husband  “Do cut”
She said, “Suppose  in Beauty saloon, they do not cut it properly?”
Her husband  “Do not cut”
She said , “I feel cutting is better.”
Her husband “do cut”
She said, “If I cut and it is not good  , you only are  responsible”
Her husband “Do not cut”
She said, “If I cut  management of hair would be easy”
Her husband  “Do cut”
She said , “I am scared   it may  look ugly”
Her husband “Do not cut”
She said, “Whatever  it may be , I have decided  to cut”
Her husband  “Do cut”
She said, “ I am not sure   you will like it”
Her husband “Do not cut”
She said, “My throat is  paining , What should I do?”
Her husband “Do cut it”
She said, “What happened? I am talking  about our doctor”
Her husband  “Then do not cut”
She daid, “What nonsense  are  you talking”
Her husband , “Then do cut”
She said “ Oh God”
Her husband  “Then cut”

   This poor husband is now in a lunatic asylum   muttering “Then you cut, Then you   do not cut”
Please decide  to cut or not cut quickly.

Friday, April 21, 2017

God knows what you need

God knows    what you need


(Based on the tamil  post in Face book. My acknowledgements   to whoever  wrote it.)

There was a   young man in a  village ,
Who went on wandering   doing nothing,
And one day he saw   some people chanting ,
The names of Lord Krishna   again and   again.

He approached    the  one who appeared  as their leader,
And asked him, “What is the  use   of chanting    this name,
Again and  again   And I feel   you are   wasting your time .”
And that one replied,”There  is nothing   that cannot be achieved by such chanting.”

Hearing it   that person     who was   very hungry   went    to a nearby  forest,
Climbed on a tree   and  wanting to test  the power  of Chanting God’s name ,
Started again and again chanting   the name   of Lord Krishna  praying for food
And suddenly he saw  a  wayfarer coming to take   rest under the tree.

After some time the wayfarer  left the shade  of the tree  leaving  there,
A huge packet of food and though he wanted   to eat the food ,
He did not  because  God has not given that food  to him  but it was left there by  a stranger,
And again after   some time  a gang  of dacoits    came to take   rest   under the tree.

They had  some wealth stolen by them    and  when they saw   that packet of food,
Since they were  hungry   they felt like   eating it but desisted , feeling the man ,
Who was chanting God’s name must have mixed poison  in that   food to kill them,
And they caught hold of him   and force fed  him so that his  hunger vanished.

When they saw that not only   nothing happened  to him  but   that,
He was also cheerful after being well fed , ate some of the food  themselves  and gave that man,
Lots of money from their loot  and that man realizing   the power of chanting ,
Name of God  , went to the temple   and put all  the money he got in to  the  coffers of temple.

Then that person decided that  he would   forever   chant the name of God,
Not to get anything    nor to achieve   anything  but  to   get  whatever,
God wanted  him to get  ,  as he knew , that God knew   what he wanted,

And eventually  he worked hard   and   became a rich satisfied man.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

This room of thousands of mirrors

This room of  thousands   of mirrors


(Idea is copied from   a tamil posting of face book. Thanks to original author)

Once one rich man approached  his scholarly Guru and asked,
“Sir,   this whole world  seems to be   an extremely place,
All  my servants, my relations  , my children and   even my wife,
Seem to be  very  bad people   as they    do  not like me   at all.”

The  Guru roared   with   laughter    and  told the rich man,
“There was  a  room with  one thousand  mirrors placed all round it ,
A  young  smart   , very happy  playful   and smart girl   entered  that room,
And all round her   she saw   smart , happy  , playful and jolly   girls  in that room.”

“She became   happy and   enjoyed    being in that  room   and went there again and again,
But    a mad man who  had a scowling face   who shouted  in anger   at every one   entered there,
And all around him , he saw   angry  , undesirable   people  shouting and scowling at him,
And he decided that he disliked    that room    and would never   go to the room  once again.”

“This society   where we both  live is that room with the room  with one thousand  mirrors,
It only reflects    again  and again  our own emotions    and attitudes towards   all others ,
So if you keep    your  mind like   that of a child  and  enjoy everything   and love every one ,
You would    see that the whole world  is a very nice place   where  every one loves us.”

How did South India cook pungent dishes before Chilly was introduced in India?

How did  South India  cook  pungent dishes before Chilly was  introduced  in India?

  Chilly  or Chilli pepper   was discovered by Christopher  Columbus in the  Norther America.  Since one of his aim was to find a spice to replace  Pepper, he brought it with him to Europe  in 1493  . The first chillies  must have arrived in India  along with Vascoda Gama  in to India in the year 1498. That means   till  1500   all pungent dishes in India   were prepared  using  only pepper. Pepper got replaced  because of huge cost of pepper compared  to red chillies 

    This would mean the sambar that we know  I or even Vettal Kuzhambu   or puli inji   or   other several tamarind based   dishes  were either  prepared  using a pepper  or they did not exist at all. The cooking  in India without chillies   , tomatoes and potatoes has been discussed in detail   in  https://www.quora.com/What-was-Indian-cuisine-all-about-before-potatoes-chilies-and-tomatoes-were-brought-to-India?redirected_qid=793453  .Most of the North Indian dishes even to this day   can be prepared  using  pepper but  when we come to the south the story is different  .WE are 100% dependent  on Chilles   for preparing pungent   and sour  main dishes as on today .Some of these dishes are Pulungari in Kerala, SAmbar /Pitlai  in Tamil Nadu  , Pulusu  in Andhra   and Huli in Karnataka .It is interesting to note   that Chilly(Kappal milagu- pepper which came in a ship  ) is completely avoided by people undergoing  Ayurvedic treatment.

         But on Sradham days  in Tamil  Brahmin homes   chillies   are  not used  but sour pungent   dishes are prepared. The  traditional  Nambudiri cusine  again  depended  only   on pepper  for adding pungency but they preferred   curd or butter milk   for adding sour   taste   when needed. I am giving below   some of the pepper  only based  dishes   from Tamil Nadu  and Kerala 

1.Cook  well needed  green gram dhal   and Bitter gourd in Tamarind water
2.Fry  without oil  Black gram dhal and pepper
3.Grind  the  fried pepper   and Dhal   along with coconut and add  salt
4.Season it   with  Mustard  . coconut and Curry leaves
    I feel all Kuzhambu    was  prepared  this way  .

2.Podi Podicha Pulungari
This is possibly the Kerala substitute for Tamil Nadu Sambhar.Here is the recipe:-
1.Cut into long thin pieces, Brinjal, red Pumpkin, ash gourd or Chow Chow.
2.Cook in pressure cooker in tamarind water.
3.Fry in a dry pan rice and pepper.The colour of the rice should turn ivory.
4.Powder the rice , pepper
5.Add to the vegetables and boil.
6.Season with mustard and garnish with curry leaf

3.Yerisseri (Erisseri)

Needed materials

1.Chena (Elephant food yam)-25 gm
2.Raw Nendran Banana -one
3.One table spoon of pepper powder+ 1 ½ litre water
4.Turmeric powder one teaspoon and necessary salt
5. ½ coconut grated + jerra seds ½ tea spoon
6.One table spoon of coconut oil
7.one tea spoon mustard
8. ½ grated coconut
9. one table spoon ghee
10.Jeera seeds ½ tea spoon


1.Cut yam in to small pieces and put in water
2.Remove skin of banana, split it in to four pieces length wise and cut it in to small pieces
3. Mix pepper powder in water and wash it to remove skin portion .Filter it in a nice cloth
4.Boil yam and items in 4 for some time in the water where pepper powder is added.. When three fourth cooked add cut banana pieces and boil till well cooked
5.Grind items in 5 add it to the boiled vegetables and bring it to boil
6.Take little oil , heat with mustard. When it splutters add grated coconut mentioned (in a low fire) in 8.
7.Add ghee to the frying coconut mixture, When coconut turns brown season it with jeera
8.Add the fried mixture in the boiled vegetables and heat.

(comments by P.R.Ramachander: This preparation could be also done only with yam or carrot or red pumpkin pieces. Though adding ghee would add to the taste , in small scale preparations it is not a must.)

4.Kurukku Kalan

Materials required

1.Sour curd ¾ litre
2.Pepper powder 1 teaspoon
3. Yam (Elephant foot yam) 15 gm
4.Green nendran Banana 1
5,Curry leaves, 3 green chillies, I tea spoon turmeric powder ,salt
6.Ghee –one tea spoon
7. ½ green coconut , one spoon jeera seeds, pepper powder
8.Mentha seeds -1 teaspoon
9.Coconut oil –one table spoon
10.Mustard – ½ teaspoon , red dries chillies 2 , curry leaves


1.Churn the curd well and remove impurities
2.Wash and clean the pepper powder
3.With this pepper add water, cut yam, cut nendran Banana , and items mentioned in s.no.5 and boil
4.After the Yam has cooked well and water has almost disappeared add ghee and stir well
5.Add the churned curd in to this
6,When it becomes very thick , add grinded articles mentioned in S.No.7 and boil
7.Switch off the stove
8.Season with articles mentioned in S.No.10

This is possibly one of the very simple Kerala recipes. It is also called Karingalan by some Here is the method:-
1.Choose either plantains and Chenai(Where Chenai is not available choose carrot instead).Cut into small pieces.
2.Boil till coked with turmeric powder, pepper powder and salt with medium water.
3.Season it either with raw coconut oil or mustard and uzhuttam parippu
6.Mulagu Vellam
This needs very sour buttermilk to prepare. Here is the method
1 Cook pepper powder in water for some time.
2,Add sour butter milk , salt and turmeric powder and boil till it is reduced to half the quantity,
3.Season it with mustard, red chillies and fenugreek.

6.Jeera  Rasam
1.Boil Tamarind water    along   with  Turmeric powder  and salt
2.Fry pepeer and jeeragam (cumin)   and powder it
3.Add to the boiled Tamarind water   and boil it further

4.Season  with mustard   and cumin seeds and add  curry leaves

கண்ணின் மொழி-Language of the eye

                        கண்ணின் மொழி-Language  of the eye

(Possibly before human beings invented the art of talking with the mouth , they talked with each other  using their eyes,. But even after   we invented the art  of talking, we needed   to convey many secret emotions   without  opening our mouth.  Because of this   the art of talking  silently  using the eyes   continued. Poet Kamban , about meeting of Rama   and Sita says, “He saw  and she saw   and then afterwards what is the need of language  of words. I saw  this Tamil write up in Whatsapp. My thanks   to the one who  originally   wrote it.)

1. கண்கள் வலப்புறமாக பார்த்தால் பொய் சொல்கிறது
If  eyes   see   to the right side, that person   is telling a lie
2. கண்கள் இடப்புறமாக பார்த்தால் உண்மை பேசுகிறது
If eyes   see to the left side , that person is telling the   truth
3. கண்கள் மேலே பார்த்தால் ஆளுமை செய்கிறது
If eyes  are seeing to the top  , He is ruling
4. கண்கள் கீழே பார்த்தால் அடிபணிகிறது
If eyes are  seeing to the bottom , he is surrendering 
5. கண்கள் விரிந்தால் ஆச்சர்யப்படுகிறது,ஆசைப்படுகிறது.
If eyes    are   wide open, He is either   wondering   or desiring
6. கண்கள் சுருங்கினால் சந்தேகப்படுகிறது.
If  eyes are slightly folded , He is suspecting
7. கண்கள் கூர்ந்து பார்த்தால் விரும்புகிறது
If eyes   are sharply staring , He is desiring
8. கண்கள் வேறு எங்கோ பார்த்தால் தவிர்க்கிறது
If eyes   are  seeing somewhere   else, he is avoiding
9. கண்கள் வலமும் இடமும் மாறி மாறி ஓடினால் பதட்டத்தில் உள்ளது.
If eyes  speedily move from right to left    and left to right, he is nervous
10. கண்கள் படபடத்தால் விரும்புகிறது, வெட்கப்படுகிறது
If eyes    are beating fast  , he  or she is shy
11. கண்கள் மூக்கைப்பார்த்தால் கோபப்படுகிறது
If eyes are seeing his own nose  , he   is very angry
12. கண்கள் எதை பார்க்கிறதோ அதை விரும்புகிறது.
Eyes desires    those it is seeing  constantly
13. கண்கள் கழுத்துக்கு கீழே பார்த்தால் காமம்
If eyes   look below your neck, it is passion
14. கண்கள் கண்ணுக்குள் பார்த்தால் காதல்
If eyes see   within other’s eyes  it is love
15. கண்கள் இடமாக கீழே பார்த்தால் தனக்குள் பேசிக்கொள்கிறது
If eyes see downleft , he   is talking   with himself
16. கண்கள் இடமாக மேலே பார்த்தால் பழைய நினைவுகளை தேடுகிறது
If eyes see  up left  , he is  reminiscencing  
17. கண்கள் வலமாக கீழே பார்த்தால் விடை தெரியாமல் யோசிக்கிறது
If Eyes are seeing down to the right , He is baffled   and searching for an answer
18. கண்கள் வலமாக மேலே பார்த்தால் பொய் சொல்ல யோசிக்கிறது
If eyes  are seeing up   to the right, he is making up his mind to tell a lie
19. கண்கள் உயர்ந்தும் தலை தாழ்ந்தும் இருந்தால் காம வயப்படுகிறது.
If eyes are raised and hear  is bowed  he is trying to  show his passion
20. கண்கள் ஓரப்பார்வையில் அவ்வப்பொழுது பார்த்தால் விரும்புகிறது.
If Eyes are  throwing side long glances   again and again, he is desiring for some thing
21. கண்கள் மூடித்திறந்தால் உள்ளுக்குள் தேடுகிறது
If eyes are kept on shutting   and opening, he is searching  for something inside
22. கண்களை கைகள் மறைத்தால் எதையோ மறைக்கிறது
If palms are kept over the eyes, he is hiding   some thing
23. கண்களை கைகள் கசக்கினால் தஞ்சம் கேட்கிறது.
If Palms are rubbing the eyes, He is seeking  protection
24. கண்கள் மூடித்திறந்தால் வெறுக்கிறது.
If eyes are closed and them opened, He is hating something
25. கண் புருவங்கள் உயர்ந்தால் பேச விரும்புகிறது
If eye brows are raised   up, he wants to talk  something
26. கண் புருவங்கள் சுருங்கினால் பேச விருப்பமில்லை.
If Eye brows  are stitched together , he does not want to talk
27. கண்களும் புருவங்களும் சுருங்கியிருந்தால் கோபம்

If eyes as well as eye brows are folded, then he is angry