Saturday, October 20, 2018

What all would get spoiled

What  all   would get spoiled

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Neglected   crop would get spoiled
By  too much affection  children   would get spoiled
Without asking back   loan   would get spoiled(not  come back)
When we   ask back , relation    would get spoiled
Wealth got without searching  would get spoiled
Over eating would make  feast  spoiled
Without learning   education would get spoiled
Without good conduct life   would get spoiled
Incompatible   relations    would get spoiled
The   friendship which  we did not seek   would get spoiled
The words   which do not have   diplomacy    would get spoiled
The  child  to which we are not strict would get spoiled
If we run in to debt our life would get spoiled
By separation  joy would get spoiled
By money   peace would get spoiled
By great anger   life would get spoiled
Action without thought  would get spoiled
BY laziness   growth    would get spoiled
Without selfishness , work would get spoiled
Due to passion   nature  would get spoiled
Improper  relations    would get spoiled
Due to fear  , valour  would get spoiled
By ignorance  results would get spoiled
Without ploughing   land would   get spoiled
Without  work  body  would get spoiled
Without regular use  well would get spoiled
By  spoiling nature  ,   country   would get spoiled
Without wife   clan   would get spoiled
Without  mercy humanity   would get spoiled
By attachment   detachment would get spoiled
Without support  life  would get spoiled
Without rest old age    would get spoiled
Without virtue   a lady would  get spoiled
Without limitation  desire  would get spoiled
By fear a   coward   would get spoiled
Without   destination a travel would get spoiled
Due to desire  , mind  would get spoiled
Without   truth love   would get spoiled
Without feeling, humans would get spoiled
Without wealth   our importance   would get lost
If  our words   become lie  , our name  would get spoiled
The wick which is not raised   would get spoiled
The words   which criticize   would get spoiled
The trees which do not fruit would get spoiled
If  forest  is  cut off  , rain would get spoiled
Without  proper aim , hunting   would get spoiled
If we  only find fault  , relationship would get spoiled
If we do not live  in it, the homes   would  get spoiled
If poverty comes  , everything   would get spoiled
If we do not take  bath  , body   would get spoiled
If it becomes   cold  , food would get  spoiled
Due to  make up   , beauty  would get spoiled
By telling lies  our fame   would  get spoiled
Without  being alert  youth   would   get spoiled
If  we hesitate  our victory would get spoiled
If we do not sleep  , night would get spoiled
If we sleep   day time   would get spoiled
Without  concentration all activities  would get spoiled
Without ideas  ,  writing   would get spoiled
Do everything   without  spoiling , our life   would  become a pretty spring

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Humble lunatic request to the mother of the world

Humble lunatic request to the mother  of the world

Sri Kumar  Ramanathan

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 Does   the lotus hesitate  to grow ,
In a slushy mud  feeling  it would become  dirty?
Oh mother  , then why do you  hesitate ,
To keep   your lotus like feet  on my head.   

Oh mother  of the universe  who wore  the moon,
Without  bothering to see the stain in it,
Even though you  consider me unsuitable,
Please keep your divine feet on my  Head.

Oh  Shyamala  , who made a  foolish wood cutter,
In to one  of the greatest poets ever,
Without bothering  to see my suitability,
Please keep your lotus feet   on my head.

Oh great lady, who searched, loved  and married,
A beggar  wearing animal hide  and living  in cremation ground,
I, the great ignoramus came  in search of you,
Please gave  me alms  of great   wisdom

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

If only soul can be transplanted

If  only soul can be transplanted

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Did you not introduce me to this world,
Did you not make me reach the mansion  of respectability,
By making me climb the stair case of   education,

Did you not hug   and comfort me  , when I was sad,
Did you not go far , far away , to see and enjoy, when I was happy,
 Did you  not kiss  and comfort me  when I was ugly

That kiss  oh mother  is the rarest treasure  that I have,
And this daughter of yours, is getting drowned,
In her own tears and  longing for  that love from you again.

Life like portrait

Life like portrait

Translated by

Mother is the  portrait  drawn by the artist called   God
And I was the colour that added  beauty to that portrait,
Every one who saw us said ,”What a great  beauty?”
But  possibly   some one among them had an evil eye ,
Day by day  the beauty  of the portrait  got reduced,
And that portrait   , along with many such  portraits .

Is in the  old age  home

Mother and me – A tamil poem

Mother   and me – A tamil poem

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Mother, if you are honey, I am the taste of honey,
Mother ,if  you are the  poem  , I am the  words of that poem,
Mother , if you are   the rain,  , I am the   drops  of the rain,
Mother, if you    are  the rainbow  , I am the colours  of the rainbow,
Mother  , if you   are the God, I am  the  creation of God

What is the Value of wife

What is the  Value of wife

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Value  of water  can be seen in the crop,
Value  of land can be seen in crop yield
Value of qualification can ve seen in the  job that  you hold
Value of money can be seen in poverty
Vakue of mother  can be seen in  affection’
Value of father  can be seen in our knowledge
Value of friend  can be seen in his felp,
Value of elder brother can be seen in his presents
Value of elder sister canbe seen  in her care
Value of younger  brother  can be seen his kindness
Value  of younger sister can be seen in feast she gives
Value  of daughter   can be seen in the respect   she gives
Value of son   can be seen in the burden we  lift

But   the value  of wife can be seen in each and  everything

Unfortunately   we realize it only   when she is not there

Beneficial effect of chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam

Beneficial effect  of chanting  Vishnu  Sahasranamam

Quoted  by

   A research article entitled  “Beneficial effect of twelve weeks Sri Vishnu Sahasranama chanting on stress, cognition and autonomic functions: A pilot study
in International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy7(5):87-89 · November 2016 with 1,242
concluded   that 
1,Vishnu Sahasranama means 1000 names of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. The 1000 names are in the 108 slokas are segregated and recited individually. In the present study, we have observed the effectiveness of Vishnu Sahastra nama chanting for stress management in a research scholar. The participant was given a training session of pronouncing the namas by Sanskrit expert for week days. After that he started chanting Sri Vishnusahastram every day at 8 am for 12 weeks.

2. Depression, anxiety, stress and cortisol was significantly decreased and blood pressure was regulated within normal limits and MMSE scores and spatial memory was significantly improved followed by chanting. Though there is improvement in spatial memory, it is not statistically significant. Our study provides preliminary evidence for beneficial effects of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama chanting.