Wednesday, October 16, 2019

She  is a mega magnifier

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Give  her a house, she will  make it a home,
Give her a child  , she will make him in to an adult
Give her a student , she will turn him in to a genius
Give her a great prayer, she will  make ii in to a bhajan
Give her  provisions and vegetables, she will make them  a great feast
Give   her your smile, she will  give her heart
Give her  an appreciation , she will make  it in to a heaven,
Give  her a gossip, she will make it into international  news
Do not give her trouble  , she may  make it  in to an earth quake

Friday, October 11, 2019

An activity of Raja Thatha other than translation which gave him great happiness

An activity   of Raja Thatha   other than translation which gave him   great  happiness  


My father  used to help   people in matching  horoscopes to those   who approach him personally  .I learned that   art from him   and I was also  doing it like him.In the year 2000, I went to USA for the first time. Spending my time in computer  on line  , I came across   a person called  Sri Murugavel   who was maintain   a web site called .He   wanted to start  an on line  matrimonial  web site.He did and he named it as “”. I did help him by telling him about  matching of horoscopes and how horoscopes should be fed there  .One day he told me “Sir, do you know   that, a person in USA  is spending  more than 2 months  to get  the horoscopes matched  for marriage , by sending it by post  to his relatives, consulting an astrologer there  and getting reply  by post””.He then requested me  to match horoscopes through e mail.  I gladly agreed  to do it free of cost and he put  an advertaisement  in his  own web site about, how to send  the horoscopes to me through e mail.  This caught  up very quickly  and Ihad to match 40-45   horoscopes per day   Www.cyberkerala .com also put  an announcement reagarding  this .Later Murugavel  consulted me in formulating  the Bharath Matrimony. He soon became very busy and we lost contact. My  e mail help in matching horoscopes(first time in the world) gave me great  satisfaction .I was able to help   thousands of families   whom I have never seen  in matching horoscopes.   Slowly some one put a programme   to match horoscopes on line  .Also people slowly lost interest  in matching   horoscopes, But  I do continue  doing it. I have great  satisfaction in life that  I have helped  more than 1000 marriages take place and  none of them  have so far  anything  to complain about the decision that  they have taken.
  I realize , I am just an ordinary astrologer, with nothing  great in me but  this activity has  given me  immense  satisfaction in life Several families have taken my help in matching horoscopes for all their children. I have made hundreds of friends through this hobby. There  are families   who do not  take any decisions   without consulting me 
Looking back ,  though not a great  astrologer , I think I have so far done a great job. I am getting old and I am not sure how long I will be able to continue what I am doing.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Seven wonders of your life and the Ultimate wonder

Seven wonders  of your life and the  Ultimate  wonder


(Though the words are  mine, the idea  is stolen from online)

Your mother  , whom you see  first,
Is the  first  wonder  of your life

Your  father  who does  anything  in life,
To see  you smile   is the second wonder of your life

Your   sisters  and brothers who  taught  you,
That giving  is joy and playing is fun  are  the third wonder  of your life

Your bosom  who teaches  you love not expecting anything,
Is   the fourth   wonder  of your life

Your wife  , who  left her  own home  , only to  be with you ,
And make you happy   is the fifth   wonder  of your life

Your children   who made you realize   that  their joy ,
Is your life    are   the   sixth   wonder  of your life

Your grand children who  love you  and make you laugh  ,
Even when you  are in great pain   is the seventh  wonder  of your life

The God  , who does  not  want  anything from you  but  is happy  ,
To see you with these  seven wonders is  the ultimate  wonder  of your life

Become a friend to tame the tough

Become a  friend to tame the tough


(Read it in Whatsapp   long time back. Here  is the summary)

One farmer  who grew  sheep   was living  in his little house,
A hunter who has   several  pet dogs  came in next house,
The hunter  never  tied his dogs   and they  used to kill,
The goats  of the farmer, and  poor farmer  met his  Guru

His Guru told him   a simple trick and next day , the farmer ,
Presented one  very pretty lambkin  to  each  of the children  ,
O f the hunter   and the children loved them,
And the hunter had to tie  his dogs  and become  friend of farmer,

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Iyengars of GadiBero , West Bengal

The Iyengars of GadiBero , West Bengal 


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Tamil Brahmins were migrated to many places, but can you imagine that many tamil Brahmin families were settled in a small village in purulia district of west Bengal and became landlord, Rajguru of 4 Royal Dynasties.     Few know about such a village in west Bengal. Our great ancestor named Sri Gopalachari became first deekhsa guru of Panchakot Raj King Sri Nilmoni Singh deo about 250 years ago. According to my knowledge, he met the King at either Puri or in Gangasagar, when both went there for pilgrimage. Sri Gopalachari was spiritually very powerful man, and the King liked his look and message.   After Sri Gopal, 3 more royal families became our disciple and gave us ownership of 57 mouzas (one mouza = 3 to 4 villages). So we became Landlords. Later 22 more Iyengar families from tamilnadu and 7 from AP ( both Vadagalai and Thengalai including  swayamachar) also migrated to that village. They were given agricultural land and also property to construct houses. The word "Gadi" means power and the word "Bero" originated from "Beda", in bengali means boundary wall, because the village surrounded by hills. The Landlords constructed two Shiva temples and one Devi temple apart from three Vishnu temple. They built many lakes, established three schools and one Charitable Ayurvedic dispensary. The Landlord family later divided in to three branches. Our family is the second branch.  The Iyengars  of GadiBero started speaking local Manbhum language, which is a local dialect of purulia district . Most of them forgot tamil or telugu and Bengali veg food became their favourite. However they have maintained their Iyengar culture, celebrating Avani avittam, navrathri, Dhanurmasa and other festivals, preparing tamil foods were not forgotten. They used to come south for searching alliances for their children. Later many moved to Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata or even abroad in search of better life. Now only 7 families are there. At present no vaidhyars are available in that village, so they are going to Jamshedpur or to Kolkata  for any religious rituals. The Ayurvedic dispensary was handed over to govt is closed now. My mother's cousin Dr Sri Raghavachari once worked there as consultant. CPM MP from Bankura constituency (from 1980 to 2014) Mr Basudev Acharia also from our community. While our ancestors hailed from Ambasamusram of Thirunelveli district, 3 more families also hailed from Sanyasigramam, Deshamanikyam and Papanashanam of the same district. Others are from Thanjavur, Kumbhakonam, Kanchipuram and Chingelopet region. While the telugu Iyengars were from Bobbili and Guntur areas. Two Tamil Iyer families came to a village named "Ekoinja" to work as priest in Shiva temples of a Landlord  in first half of 19th century, but they did not stay long, because the village is situated in very remote area and they left to Tamilnadu much before independece. I have little knowledge about them. 
The GadiBero village is situated in Purulia district which was earlie known as Manbhum district and was in bihar. After independence it was given to west Bengal. The village in situated near Purulia - Bankura high way and 2.5 km from the bus stop and Bero railway station on Adra Junction - Asansole Junction rail way. The Bero railway station is about 3 km from the village. Interestingly in Adra Junction, there are some tamil Brahmins who are railway employees and some of them are living there even after retirement. According to my knowledge 5 tamil and some telugu Brahmins are there. My distance cousin brother married to a Iyer girl of Adra. Asansole is in west Bardhaman district, which is on coal belt and also industrial area. Earlier many tamil Brahmins were working there. Now most of them left, but few still there. Purulia is a drought pronr district and except Kangsawati no other big rivers are there. The Kangsawati river is there near the Purulia town which is about 44 km from GadiBero village. Western side of the district is Jharkhand's Singhbhum and coal reach Dhanbad district. Kolkata is 126 km from the village.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Brahmin marriage market once upon a time and now

Brahmin  marriage market   once  upon a time   and now


Once upon a time  ,

a. Brahmins  were  abysmally  poor and believed  that   Girls should   be got married  when they were young.
b. The sex ratio at that  time   was more favorable to females  , because   their life span   was much longer
c. The groom’s family   used to conduct very long  interviews  of the   brides. They   used ask several  questions and conduct  practical  interviews . I know  of a family   who even made  the  bride to walk  because they suspected  that  she may not be able to walk properly .All  brides were  asked to sing.
d. Men used to die   young  and   almost every home had a widow
e. The  newly married wife  was  much more than an  unpaid servant  of a joint family  than a wife
f. Huge demands  of dowry were made
g. The age  difference was not at all, anything important  .Sixty year old man  used to marry a sixteen year old as the  third  wife
h. Families with single child   was preferred as   after  death of parents   they will  inherit  lot of wealth
i. The parents of  girl only families   suffered a lot and died   with no body  to take care  of them
j. Divorce  or widow remarriage    was not at all common
k.I f rare  inter caste marriage took place  , the parents banished such children  and never  even attended   their marriage
l. The marriages  were ritual bound  and except for dowry  , expenditure  was not much
m.   99% of marriages   took place  in Bride’s   home town
n. Greatest  worry  of all families was  unmarried girl  above 20

At the present time

A, Most Brahmins    are  upper   middle class
b. Sex ratio  is favourable to men. The average life span  is the same  for both sexes
c. The   girl’s family does   conduct   a big interview, mostly in restaurants  The grooms are asked to tell about their pay, whether they are willing to shift away from joint family, whether  they are  willing to look after  the girl’s parents, whether  they know how  cook,  Whether they will take their wife to parties   so on and on
d. Almost every home has a    40 year  old unmarried  or divorced  boy
e. Dowry has   reduced a lot
f. Age difference has reduced a lot. No girl is willing to marry a person who is more than 2 years  older  than her
g. Families with one son is not preferred at all   as the responsibility  of looking   after  of parents would fall on him
h. All families suffer with no one prepared to look after them
i. Divorce and widow remarriage are  very common
j. Inter caste marriage is very common. The parents of   groom and bride conduct    the marriage  in so   called religious fashion
k. Marriages are extremely  outside rituals .Mehandhi  and Sangeeth entered the  Brahmin marriages. Marriages   are extremely expensive   with huge money   spent on  hall rent , food etc
l. Resort weddings    are slowly   becoming common
m. The greatest worry of all family is unmarried boys   above  35

Farmers and God

Farmers   and God

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Once all Farmers   did a  Dharna   of God   and demanded,
“You are  spoiling  our rice crop, no water , no wind  and  too much sun,
And so please  given them  all under  our control   and ,
God  smilingly agreed  and  withdrew  his control.

Farmers  told rain to start  and stop  as they wanted,
Made   wind blow when they wanted   and also,
Controlled   the sun light and the crop   looked  as if,
It was very healthy and all  the farmers  were  very happy.

But when the farmers  harvested their crop , they found,
Hundred  percent  of grains  were  chaff and they   again,
Gheraoed   the God    and innocently  , God asked,
“What  happened, plenty of water and wind and less  sun light? “

When they   cried  God told them with a smile” perhaps  I was right,
I gave  lot of wind  to crop , so that  it became  sturdy to avoid  lodging,
I  gave  them not too much  of water  and they sent  their  roots deep,
And   I gave  them sufficient  light , so that  they   could produce food.”