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Kali age has come -said Yudhishtra

Parents  being neglected  by children, Bad people   able to  achieve   difficult jobs easily , Government which  is supposed to protect  busily  engaged   in destroying , People wanting to earn dishonestly   and People not bothering about   contractual  obligations  are according to this story  , the symptoms of Kali age .

Kali age   has come  -said  Yudhishtra


(This is a famous folk story regarding coming of Kali age ,Many people have posted in Tamil .Possibly some one has posted in English also. I have written in my own words.)

 It was the ancient time   when Pandavas were ruling the country,
A  horse merchant    brought to the market place of the town,
A very  pretty   and perfect horse  and Sahadeva   the last Pandava,
Wanted to buy that horse but the merchant  said it was  not for sale.

He further added   that   the horse  would be given to that person,.
Who answers his questions correctly    and Sahadeva   told him  ,
“I will try”  and  the  merchant asked ”There was  big well   and also,
There were seven small wells. The water  of big well  filled up
All the  seven small wells  but the seven  small wells were unwilling to fill the big well, why?”

Since Sahadeva    could not answer    this question  , he sat there  thinking,
And Nakula   who came in search of  Sahadeva   wanted to buy that horse,
And Trader   asked Nakula ‘An  black elephant   entered through  ,
The nozzle   I of a needle but its  redtail could not go through it. why?”

Then Arjuna   came in serach of both of them   and wanted   to buy,
That horse   and the trader asked him,  “Rice in  had matured   and ready  to harvest, ,
In a filled     and people put    strong fence    to guard   the rice,
But next day  the fence itself ate   all the crop and   the field was  empty, Why?  ?’

When  all the three   brothers   did not return ,Bhima   came in search of them,
And  he too wanted  the horse   and the   trader   asked him , “ A man purchased,
A vacant plot from another,    two days before  and yesterday the buyer  found a gold mine in the plot,
And he went back to the seller and  wanted to   return the land as he could not afford to buy  the mine,
But Seller told him , “nothing doing  , you have paid for the land  and so the mine is yours,”
But today  the seller wants  the land back    but  the buyer  is not willing to return it , Why?”

Bhima  also sat there   and Yudhishtra  the eldest came and asked   the brothers,
Why they have  not returned   and  all the four   told him the questions  asked  by the trader,
And  Yudhishtra told , “’That   trader   is the Kali age   and he wants us to know  ,
That the Kali age   has come   and so it is time    for us to go to heaven.”

He further told , “Parents would fill up the coffers  of children but  the children,
Would not  bother   to look after  their parentsn the Kali age     and this is  indicated,
By the  water of big well  filling   up  all  the small wells but
The  small wells   not at all   willing   to fill the big well.”

In kali age. “ big dishonest deeds   would happen very easily   but  ,
Even a small good deed  would find  it difficult to happen as indicated,
By question of black  elephant and   in kali age   those whose job  is to protect people,
Would  not protect them  but destroy them as  indicated by question of  fence eating  the crop.”

He continued , “Till yesterday  it was not Kali age   and so   the buyer  did not want,
Money earned dishonestly   and the seller was not bothered about money but,
Was interested  in upholding the   contract  but today  Kali age   has come  ,
The buyer wants to earn dishonestly    and the seller wants  to break the contract”
And Yudhishtra said,” if we live in this age we would suffer a lot    and so let us go to heaven.”

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Some plain advice by father to his children

For some time a letter supposed to have been written by   a Hongkong  TV broadcaster to his son   is being   copied and pasted   in various forums   and even in Speaking tree. I try to find out the original   source  , I found it written in April 2007   and published  in  https://www.somersoft.com/threads/beautiful-letter-written-by-a-father-to-his-son.68748/. May be there    are earlier references . The pathos   is that  most of the people  in India   do publish it   even without reading it. For example   the  words of the father   that  he does not depend on his son and he wanted   his son not to depend on him  , Is definitely  not suited  to the Indian context. I have   rewritten the letter in my own words, changing concepts where  I do not agree  with them. I still do not know who is the author.  To him my worshipful salutations

Some  plain advice by father  to his children
Rewritten by

My dear   sons and daughters, because    events in life   cannot be predicted,
Because  no one  would dare   to tell you all  this     , except me    you father.
And  since they  are my personal experiences   which may be useful   to you,
I am writing   this letter   so that  you would remember  them  in your journey of life.

If some one insults    you  and talks   to you   very harshly,
Please   do not mind , as except  , no one   needs  not   to behave like that to you,
If any one else  is good   to you   definitely thank him   but   to ask yourself,
Why he was  so good do to you and do not be hasty in making that person your friend.

NO one in the world  is indispensible and  possession of nothing again is indispensible,
And once you are clear of this   you can   enjoy life wanting none   and wanting nothing,
No one can tell   when this life would   end   but  is   clear  that   it is short,
And so  daily make up your mind  not to waste  that   day   of your life.

Love   towards    any one is a temporary  phase   in your life , though  ,
It may appear  permanent   and never fading  and so do not break  in to pieces  when love ends.
It is true    that   many people without    education  or great wealth   succeed in life ,
That does  not mean, all people can go from rags to riches   wiyjout study or without work.

I thank God    that  I am financially   independent  and  may not need monetary support,
But one day  I may become physically disabled   and I may need    your   support,
I  always    pray God that   you support   yourself  and are not dependent on me,
But   due  to misfortune  , you are sinking in difficult  , till I die  , I would support   you.

You may be honest  , you may be truthful    and you may also  be helpful to others,
But because  of that  do not expect   that people  are always , honest , truthful  and helpful to you,
Without    doing hard work and just by luck    do not expect to succeed in this  world,
And if   some one    succeeds   without them, it is never usual  but  a sheer accident .

Today   any  of us may be   alive    and talking   to others  but   tomorrow,
Any of us   would not be there   to talk , to laugh    and to listen to others,
And so  let us try   to greatly enjoy   the moments    of talk , laugh  and endearment ,
That we   have    as long as    we are together , as I am not sure  that I would meet you in next life.

Names are just labels to identify you

Names  are just labels to identify you


  There was a man who was named Papi(sinner) by his parents. He felt extremely bad about it and went to his Guru to  get his name changed. The Guru requested to him to take a walk in the village  , chose a name    and come back ..Papi first met a man who had lost his way. When Papi asked him    about his name, he told that , it was Marga DArsi meaning, one who shows the way.Papi thought that he also has been given a wrong name and  then saw one man’s dead body being carried to the  cremation ground.The curious Papi    enquired about the dead man’s name    and they told him that it was  Mrutyunjaya, the person who has won over death. Papi immediately returned back to   his Guru and told him , “Sir I have realized   that  the name that people give it to a person is a luggage label   and is only a means of identification.”   This is a famous story from Upanishads . Whenever I remember this story , I remember the  white Karuppans,  the rich  Pichai,  the ugly murugans , the blind Meenakshi ,  the very clean Kuppai swamy , the merciless  Karunanidhis, the very thin Parvatha Vardhinis, the very selfish Thyagarajans, the  natarajan who does not know how to dance, the Sangeethas   who does not know  how to sing, the mangalams who are inauspicious , the Nallan who is not at all  good and so on . Yesterday I saw a poem about funny Hindu names in Kerala which I have given below..Again  my request is please  understand that our names are  only labels  which helps others   to identify us. Its meanings  and our characters may not have any connection whatsoever

WE do not know   whether Kerala   was named .
AS Cherala  , the garden   of chera   dynasty ,
Or as  Kera Ala  , the garden of coconuts ,
But the names  of people   there  also  is interesting

There  is a girl   called  Pankaja  valli  there ,
Which means she is as tender   as the  tender  vine  ,
Of the lotus  plant , but   she would   be so fat  ,
That  cannot walk and sari would have length sufficient to her,

There is another  girl call  “AAsa latha” which would mean,
The climbing plant of desire but if   you   happen to see her ,
You would realize   that   she  is a very dejected  lady,
AS none of her   desires   were ever  fulfilled.

Yet another   girl    is Santhamma    whose  meaning ,
Indicates that   she is the personification of peace,
But if she gets angry , tigers   and lions would get  ,
Sacred and run away  and she would break everything she sees.

If  an unfortunate  person   like   you would    be fated ,
To see   eyes of Kamalakshi, the lotus    eyed one ,
And Meenakshi,  the one who has fish shaped eyes,
You would see   that she has  round  protruding     eyes.

Like that, the  Pankajakshan   would be   having  tilted eyes,
Vidhyadharan   the one carries wisdom would have failed in third standard,,
Pushpangathan   who is suppose  to have soft body like flower  would have itches all over his body,
Manikandan   whose voice is suppose  to sound like bell, would have a horrible   voice.

Santhosh the   ever happy  one will never  ever be happy in life,
Sathyan, the truthful one   would never ever   tell the truth,
Vijayan , the victorious  one would get defeated  in everything in his life,
Gopalan , the one who looks after  the cow  would be the butcher  of cows,

Viswambaran  the one whose home  is the  universe  would never  any home,
And to know   whether  saji, suji   Sanu  , Soonu  , Sunil .Kamal and Vimal,
 Are females are males  , you  would have to  see them personally  ,
And unless   you  realize that name is only a label. You would never be at peace.

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Yeh Hai Mumbai meri jaan

Yeh  Hai Mumbai meri jaan

Recreated by

(Rewritten based on the write up   of Arpan Kumar de   given in  huffington  post.in
Since I have never lived in Mumbai for more than two days I am simply not capable  of writing   this.)

From my cosy nook  in  Bangalore, One  day  , I did reach that place ,
And since  I had to  travel a lot  to reach   the house  of my fiend ,
I did engage  an auto    and the meter   showed that I have to pay  rupees sixty  three,
I scoured my pockets and took  out  rupees   seventy    and gave it   to him,
And As I always   do in Bangalore started  walking   away   , but the auto driver chased me,
With a Vada Pav in his hand  and told me  that he  did  not have rupees  seven, to give back ,  please take  this and go.

And I heard some one playing “Yeh hai  Mumbai meri jaan, jara hatke , jara bach ke…

Next day evening  I did   go to   a famous beach in that famous city   and we  were watching,
Three girls and two boys    drinking beer  in their car   and  all of a sudden started  an outpour,
The like of which I have   never seen in my life and  those  three  girls and two boys,
Got out of the car  and started singing   and dancing   in that  torrential tsunami ,
And I also saw  an old  senior  citizen couple    sitting on the bench by the beach,
Enjoying    the rain  , chit chatting   as  if nothing   ever was happening outside.

And I heard some one singing  “Yeh hai  Mumbai meri jaan, jara hatke , jara bach ke…

My friend  took me by a local train ,   so full that  it appeared  as if no one can get in,
But not only us but very  many of those  outside   did get  in  and started  chit chatting,.
And my friend told me that in their city  ,” WE  always gave space and made themselves a bigger we.”
And he said they played cards , played chess, chanted Vedas  , Did Namas  and cut vegetables inside that  train.

And I heard some one’s   cell phone was blaring  “Yeh hai  Mumbai meri jaan, jara hatke , jara bach ke…

Next day  I had a meeting to  attend   at eight AM sharp and the city  seemed to drown in water,
And I thought  I had to swim to catch the local train   but I walked  , jumped  , joined with the big WE in the train
I reached   that office expecting no one would   have come   to office that   day and no meeting would take place,
But imagine my surprise when the office was full   and meeting started  exactly at eight.

And the boy supplying tea   was  humming “Yeh hai  Mumbai meri jaan, jara hatke , jara bach ke…

I did pass   through many slums there , with houses   surrounded  by evil  smelling water,
But I never  saw a single  human being  ,  in those slums    who had    a very sad face ,
And my friend showed me a couple   with a child    not having    any  roof over their head,
But  when I  saw them properly made  up   with a smile and singing songs I could not believe

And I heard some one  singing loudly “Yeh hai  Mumbai meri jaan, jara hatke , jara bach ke…

The roads were hell, crowded   with people  , vehicle  , police   as well as animals.
I would have  cried to drive  in those roads  thinking I would never   come back ,
But I saw a  twenty five year  old Sardar   driving   his bike   through that crowd,
Laughing , singing , making  fun of  the  girls and  chitchatting  with  all other   drivers

A road side  Pandal   was playing “Yeh hai  Mumbai meri jaan, jara hatke , jara bach ke…

People ran there , people fought there  , people played   there , people worked  there,
For it is the city   of their dreams   and when you   took   pity  on them for everything .
They laughed  loudly and said , “in our city    we  do not live but   we struggle” but they said,
No one is different from any one there as   even Ambani   has to come to petrol bunk to fill duel to his car
And  with tears  in my eyes  I was singing  “Yeh hai  Mumbai meri jaan, jara hatke , jara bach ke…

Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan

If you have  not hear the song  , you do not no Mumbai .
Read the song    and hear it  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlAOZrst6fQ

दिल है मुश्किल जीना यहा
ज़रा हट के ज़रा बच के, ये है बॉम्बे मेरी जान
दिल है..

कही बिल्डिंग कही ट्रामे, कही मोटर कही मिल,
मिलता है यहां सब कुछ इक मिलता नही दिल..
इंसान का नही कही नाम--निशा
ज़रा हट के ज़रा बच के, ये है बॉम्बे मेरी जान
दिल है..

कही सत्ता, कही पत्ता कही चोरी कही रेस,
कही डाका, कही फाका कही ठोकर कही ठेस..
बेकारो के है कई काम यहा
ज़रा हट के ज़रा बच के, ये है बॉम्बे मेरी जान
दिल है..

बेघर को आवारा यहा कहते हस हस,
खुद काटे गले सबके कहे इसको बिज़नस..
इक चीज़ के है कई नाम यहा
ज़रा हट के ज़रा बच के, ये है बॉम्बे मेरी जान
दिल है..

बुरा दुनिया वो है कहता ऐसा भोला तू ना बन,
जो है करता वो है भरता है यहा का ये चलन..
तदबीर नही चलने की यहा
ये है बॉम्बे, ये है बॉम्बे, ये है बॉम्बे मेरी जान

दिल है मुश्किल जीना यहा
ज़रा हट के ज़रा बच के, ये है बॉम्बे मेरी जान
दिल है आसा जीना यहा
सुनो मिस्टर, सुनो बंधू, ये है बॉम्बे मेरी जान
दिल है मुश्किल जीना यहा
ज़रा हट के ज़रा बच के, ये है बॉम्बे मेरी जान

Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yaha    
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan
Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yaha
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan
Kahin building kahin traa
Me kahin motor kahin mill
Milata hai yaha sab kuchh
Ik milata nahin dil
Kahin building kahin traa
Me kahin motor kahin mill
Milata hai yaha sab kuchh
Ik milata nahin dil insaaf ka
Nahin kahin naam o nishaan
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan
Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yaha
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan
Kahin satta kahin patta
Kahin chori kahin res
Kahin daaka kahin phaan
Ka kahin thokar kahin thes
Kahin satta kahin patta
Kahin chori kahin res
Kahin daaka kahin phaanka
Kahin thokar kahin thes
Bekaaro ke hain kai kaam yaha
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan
Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yaha
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan
Beghar ko aavaara yaha
Kehate hans hans
Khud kaate gale sab ke
Kahe is ko business
Beghar ko aavaara yaha
Kehate hans hans
Khud kaate gale sab ke
Kahe is ko business
Ik cheez ke hain kai naam yaha
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan
Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yaha
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan
Bura duniya jo hai kehata
Aisa bhola tu na ban
Jo hai karta vo hai bharta
Ye jaha ka hai chalan
Bura duniya jo hai kehata
Aisa bhola tu na ban
Jo hai karta vo hai bharta
Ye jaha ka hai chalan
Dadageera nahi chalne ki yaha
Ye hai bambai ye hai bambai
Ye hai bombay meri jaan
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bombay meri jaan
Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yaha
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan
Ai dil hai aasaan jeena yaha
Suno mister suno bandhu
Yeh hai bambai meri jaan
Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yaha
Zara hat ke zara bach ke
Ye hai bambai meri jaan.

Summary  English meaning
(Pardon for liberties in translation)

Oh  darling mine  , it  is difficult  to live here.
By  slightly moving , by slightly  trying to live,
This is Mumbai  My darling

Oh my darling  buildings are here , Trams are here  , Cars are here and many mills are here,
But darling though one can find everything , you cannot find true love here
There  is not a speck  of human beings here  any where,
By  slightly moving , by slightly  trying to live,
This is Mumbai  My darling

Oh darling mine    some one gambles , someone bets on races   and someone steals ,
Some of them starve, some are   always insulted and some   are always sorrowing,
But  even  the useless  idle ones   will get some job in some places here.
By  slightly moving , by slightly  trying to live,
This is Mumbai  My darling

Those   who do not houses  here are called   as  vagabonds here,
Some of them cut other’s throats  but call it their   job,
All  such jobs here  do have very many names.
By  slightly moving , by slightly  trying to live,
This is Mumbai  My darling

Do not  ever say that  it is a very bad world and do not become   innocent ,
The rule of the game here is , “he who does   , pays    for his work”
And if   you show your muscles, no one cares  for it here,
By  slightly moving , by slightly  trying to live,
This is Mumbai  My darling

Oh Darling  , it is difficult   to live  here,
By  slightly moving , by slightly  trying to live,
This is Mumbai  My darling
Oh Darling it is really    easy to live here,
Listen sir  , Listen   friend ,  this is Mumbay  , oh my darling
Oh Darling  , it is difficult   to live  here,
By  slightly moving , by slightly  trying to live,
This is Mumbai  My darling

Uthanga Gita teaching that all the creations of God are one

Uthanga Gita teaching  that  all  the creations of God are one.

Rewritten by

(The  incident narrated below   is supposed to have taken place  in Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram  Located in the Nagapatinam district of Tamil Nadu is the charming temple of Arimeya Vinnagaram. This serene temple is home to the Deity of Vishnu as Gopala, the cowherd. You can   read  this story  in  the web site  https://itihaskaar.wordpress.com .
Please   also   Read  the Maneesha Panchakam of  Adhi Sankara   to know  more   about   what has been told here-http://stotrarathna.blogspot.nl/2013/04/maneesha-panchakam-meanings-given-by.html )

Sage  Uthanga was   a  great  devotee of Lord   Krishna,
And he knew   that Lord Krishna    would come   anywhere,
If the devotee   calls  , like   he went   to save  Draupadhi  from disrespect,
And he   rushed  to the aid   of Elephant  Gajendra   when he was in  distress.

When Krishna   was  returning   after  the great   mahabharatha   war ,
He met Sage Uthanga    who had   just woken from a great penance ,
And to the questions of the   sage Lord   Krishna   informed him,
That  among the males   who participated in the war only seven were alive

The sage  who knew   the powers  of the great lord  who was god himself ,
Got   extremely angry   and  took some water in his palm   and   was about to curse  him,
The lord hit at his hand and   the  water  meant for cursing   fell down on earth,
And the  Lord told him, “my incarnation  is meant   for destroying Adharma and I had to do it.”

Then Lord  Krishna  showed   him his Viswa roopa    and requested     the sage to ask any boon,
But the sage  told him “” except devotion to  you Lord  Krishna  , I do not need  any thing “
But the Lord  insisted  and then the sage   said, “suppose  I get thirst   somewhere,
Do please  come    and give  me  a pot of water    so that my thirst  is quenched.”

Long ,long  afterwards  one day  the sage   was trying   to cross a great desert,
And he felt   extremely thirsty   and then he said , “Oh Govinda , give me water.”
And  then one poorly dressed   hunter , obviously   not belonging  to a  high caste,
Carrying a pot on his head, with four dogs  with him   came before him    and   told him as   follows.

“Oh sage, this is a middle of the desert and even if   you walk  several days,
You would not see  any source   of water, but fortunately  I  do have some ,
And shall I give some     water  to you from that,” but sage   became angry,
And told him,  “Move away   and get  lost   from here, before  I push you out.”

The hunter laughed , “Whom are  you asking   to move away , my body or my soul,
I know my body does not have any caste   and as for soul, it does  not have even  sex.
I thought   as a sage   you knew   all this  “  and before   the sage  could   ask him,
Who you are , That hunter  along with his pot as well as   the four dogs  vanished.

Then he   heard a music of the flute   and saw   the mischievous  Lord  Krishna  with a smile,
And the lord told him,”I did  give you a boon that  I would give   you water when you are  thirsty,
But did I ever tell you  that I would bring it? The hunter   was Lord Devendra  who  came ,
Along with a  pot of nectar but he told  me  that  he would offer it to you  as a hunter.

The four dogs   were four Vedas  who have   followed  him, but you seemed ,
Not  to  like   him because   you thought  that   he was  of a low caste ,
And I am now wondering   about  your  maturity  as a great sage,
Have you  not heard the  Vedic teaching  “You are that” and did you feel that it is applicable  only to you?

The sage Uthanga   realized     his great pride  as well as error  committed by him,
But  the Lord continued “I have created several animals, insects, plants  , trees and castes,
So that  this earth   would be properly  looked after   and also nurtured , and so please know,
No one  is low or high in this world ‘Sage Uthanga   returned  as a very   wise sage ,
Who was devoid of pride   and ego  and this is the Uthanga  Gita.
It seems the sage requested the Lord to quench the thirst   of all creatures in desert ,

And the Lord said , “so be it”    and to this day  the clouds  in desert in north are  called Uthanka clouds

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Advice to a young wife by an old lonely lady who is a widow

Advice  to a young wife  by an old lonely lady  who is a widow


(Based on   the post Sri Rajagopal Srinivasan in face book.)

A  very young couple   went to attend a marriage   held in a home ,
After a  war of words  husband went in  the Pandal    and   the wife   sat  outside  on a chair,
A sixty   year old woman   was also   sitting   on another   chair outside,
And she asked , “Excuse me , May I know   what you both argued   about.”

She replied  “No problem aunty . Today is the marriage   of my sister in law,
When my husband  whom no one  respects   in his   own home and every one ignores,
Wanted me to join the function   and all that happens there as  his wife,
I  told him, “Just because  I am a lady  , I am not  your slave, to do all that you want.”

Then old lady with a  pleasant smile told  ,” Oh daughter , once upon  a time,
I would accompany my husband wherever   he went ,  and he passed away eight months back,
We were almost of the same age and we   were   both teachers and after we retired,
WE would go to all pilgrimage  centres  as our three married sons  were   living separately.”

“Unfortunately my husband    had diabetes,  hypertension  , high fat content,
And Wheezing    and due to that  he was weak and  it was me   who gave him,
Medicines in time  , looked after   him well  , household chores,
Bank   visits  ,  bill payments  , purchases etc  and we were  happy.”

“Now he is not there and I am feeling    very lonely  and my days are long,
And I sleep alone   in our twin bed  and also I go to kitchen alone   hating it,
Cook   something without any interest  and I do not go out any where alone.
My daughter  , I am not a great  poet to make you understand  the torture of being alone.

With    tears   flowing from her eyes    she further   told  “All his   materials,
Make me remember  him,  and  I have his phone number   but  he is not there,
To respond and if  I send a  whatsapp   message    he would  not read it ,
And so   when they are alive   do love them and make them happy by praising  them.”

“In the victory , defeat   and insult suffered by the   husband  , wife   has,
A very equal share and  the insult   suffered  by the husbands  ,
Due to   their wives  not supporting  them  , makes him suffer  too much,
It would wound him and the scar   of that  particular  wound never heals.”

“When I used to f go  out   with my husband , he used   to rush fast ,
And    reserve a seat for me  and always he used to make me comfortable,
And several times  when I  only used to get a   seat in the bus
He used  to   keep awake   all the time   to see that I am not disturbed.
Daily   I go to his  grave   and tell him  , “have you gone early there,
To reserve a comfortable seat to me, I would be soon following you.”
Saying this the old woman said bye  and    went away and the young lady,
Went in search of her husband  so that   she could stand in support for  him in insult   and respect.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Epic hero saint Ramanuja

Poet Vali has   penned  an epic on Saint Ramanuja , which he called  as  Ramanuja  Kaviyam.  This short poem on Ramanuja   is taken from   that book. I have great admiration to  the saint    Ramanuja as a great social reformer born 1000  years earlier. I know  many  of my friends   will disagree with my opinion but here  is a great  poem on him.

Kaviya thalivan Ramanujan 
Epic   hero saint Ramanuja 

Kavinjar Vaali

Translated  by

(I always look   Saint Ramanuja    who lived  one thousand years   back  as the greatest  Indian social reformer .He was  one of those   great religious scholars  , who thought  one thousand years back   that

1.There  is no  difference  between  human beings due to  their birth
2. That our God understands   not only Sanskrit  but all  languages   that we speak.

He was  possibly  the first  Brahmin leader   who thought  the Vaishnavism of Tamil Nadu   propagated  by people  belonging to a  mix of religions is really   great  and not only he respected  it but merged it    with the  Brahmin religion.  He made it a rule   that no worship or ritual  is complete    without   reciting   few  Tamil Pasurams. . This great poem of Vali   is possibly  one of the greatest   tribute  that  we can give to that   great sage   during his one thousandth birthday.)

பாட்டில் வைத்துப்

எதிராஜன் -
எனப்படும் ராமானுஜன்தான்...
அற்றை நாளில் -

தனியார் துறைக்குத்
தாரை வார்த்த முக்தியை -
பொதுத் துறைக்குப்
பெயர்த்து வந்தவன்;உய்வழி -
பேசிய மறைகளைப்
பெட்டியில் மறைக்காது -
தேசிய மயமாக்கி
தேசத்தவர்க்குத் தந்தவன் !
It was  that Ramanuja   who was also known as Yathiraja,
Whose   greatness    spread   by the   songs  composed  by king of poets Bharathi  Dasan,
Who caught   hold of “Salvation”  which was  given away    to private  enterprise ,
And  transferred it to the Public sector  and who  did not hide in a box  ,
The secret  Vedas which taught   the way    to   salvation,
But nationalized  it   and  gave it to our   country men.
சமயப் புரட்சி - ஓர்
இமயப் புரட்சி !
அயல்சனம்; இரண்டும் -
சரிசனம் - என
சாதித்தது இவன் தராசு;
உடனே -
உறுமியது வைதிக மிராசு !
The revolution  of religion that   be brought about   was a  Himalayan  revolution,
His balance    told him that Harijans  and other people   were  just equal,
And when he told that the  Vaidika   capitalists    roared.
 வர்ணங்கள் நான்கால்
வரையப் பெற்றிருந்த -
மன்பதை -

ஒரே வர்ணத்தால் - இவன்
ஒஹோவென வரைந்தான்;
வழக்கம்போல் -
வைதிகன் இரைந்தான் !
 The humanity   that   was drawn by four colours   was drawn,
In a great manner    by him with only  one colour,
And as usual    the Vaidikas    shouted.
இவன் -
கீழ்சாதிமேல் கைபோட்ட
மேல்சாதி; இதனை -
முதன் முதல் செய்த
முப்புரி நூல்சாதி !

தீண்டாமையைத் -
தீண்டியே கொன்றான்;
நிற்க -
சாயச் -

தெருக்குலத்தார் தம்மைத் -
திருக்குலத்தார் என்றான் !
He was the higher caste   who hugged    the lower  caste,
And was the first  Brahmin   to do so.
He destroyed  untouchability   by touching them,
And he called   street living poor  who did not have  shade over them,
And did not have wall    for them to lean as  “Divine people”
இது மட்டுமா விந்தை?
இன்னும் இயற்றினான்
எந்தை !

காமக்கிரியை புரியும்
கணிகையர்குலப் பெண்ணுக்கு -
ஈமக்கிரியை புரிந்தான்;

புள்ளினம் யாவிற்கும்
பறந்திட இடங்கொடுக்கும் -
வெள்ளிவானாய் விரிந்தான் !
ஈர மனத்தவன்; எனாமலே -
ஈயும் இனத்தவன் !
Is this    the only miracle    that , he   who is our father   did much more,
He did  cremation  rites   to a girl from a  family of prostitutes whose job was   selling passion,
He  spread in to a silver   sky which gave  place    to all the   birds,
He had  a  very soft mind  and without   another asking  , he was giving  them.
இருக்கும் நீரெலாம் -
இரக்கும் நிலத்திற்கீந்து -
இறக்கும் மேகமும் -
இவனும் ஒன்று;
நரகம் வருமென -
நன்கு தெரிந்தும்...

ஓதற் கரிய
ஒரு மந்திரத்தை - ஊர் உய்ய

ஓதினான் கோபுர
உச்சியில் நின்று !

இது மட்டுமா விந்தை?
இன்னும் இயற்றினான் எந்தை !
He  and  the dying cloud  which gave  all the water   which it had  ,
To the land    that   was begging    for it , were   exactly the same
He  climbed up on a  temple tower and taught  a manthra ,
Which should   not be taught  to any one  , so that the town people would become great,
Is it the   only miracle    that he did  , no, this father  of us   did very many more
முக்கா டிடுகின்ற -
முகமதியப் பெண்ணுக்கு -
நிக்கா முடித்தான் -
நாராயண னோடு;

அரங்கன்பால் -
அவளுக் கிருந்த...
அலுக்க வொண்ணாத
அன்பைக் கண்டு - அவளைத்
துலுக்க நாச்சியாய்த்
துதிக்கிறது நாடு !

ஆக -
ஆயிரம் ஆண்டுகட்கு முன்பே...
மதப்புரட்சி செய்த
இவன் கைக்குள்
இருந்தது -
சண்டித்தனம் செய்த
சனாதனக் குதிரையின் லகான் !
He celebrated the marriage of a lady of islam    who wore a  Burqua   with lord  Narayana,
And seeing   her love towards Ranganatha, the   country prays as  Islamic    wife of the lord
Yes,  that great one  performed   religious revolution one thousand    years  back,
And in his hand was  there  the  the string to control  the adamant  horse

இருபதாம் நூற்றாண்டின் - இரு
இணையற்ற சிந்தனையாளரோடு...

உவமித்து ராமானுஜனை -
உரைக்கப் போயின்...

பூணூல் -
போட்டிருந்த -
பெரியார் எனலாம்; திருமண் -
ஆறிரண்டு -
அணிந்திருந்த -
அம்பேத்கர் எனலாம் !

If we compare   this Ramanuja   to two incomparable social reformers  ,
Of the twentieth centaury   and tell   about it ,
He can be called  Periyar with a sacred  thread  ,
And Ambedkar   wearing   the twelve Vaishnavite marks.