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Differernces between body and soul

 Differernces between body and soul

Translated  by

(I read it in Tamil  in the post  of Athma sri  .Thanks to him)

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Om Namashivaya

Body is  made of five elements
The sensation of Soul   is the earlier one,
The body has a form,
The soul   has a form of a dot,
We can see   the body,
We cannot see   the soul,
Body is huge
Soul is micro
Body has a name
Soul does not have a name,
Body  can be male  or female  ,
Soul is  neither male  nor female,

Eyes see
Soul thinks 
Ears hear
Soul understands
Nose breaths ,
Soul   smells,
Mouth  eats,
The soul   tastes
The skin touches,
The soul feels

The body has five sense organs
The soul has    eight  powers
The body works
The soul thinks
The body gets the food ,
The soul gets   the sleep,
The body   grows in form
The soul grows  in wisdom
We can treat the body
The soul gives offerings and meditates
The body faces  the accident\
The soul    feels the pain
Breath is  basis of the body
Desire is the    basis of soul
Eyes   are  the light of body
Wisdom is the light of the soul
Body has   sixteen points of action
The soul has   sixteen qualities
The body is an instrument
The soul  operates  it
The body is the  house
The soul  is a tenant in that house
The body   is a  chariot
The soul is its driver
The body  is  a slave
The soul   is independent
The body is created
The soul has no beginning
The  father  of the body  is a different body
The father  of all souls   is the same one,
There  is blood relation to the  body
The soul    has   feeling relation
The body can die
The  soul  never dies
The body is burnt
The soul cannot be burnt
The body   can be buried
The  soul   cannot be buried
The body joins   with earth
The soul  joins  the  God
The body  is remembered
The soul is blessed
The body can be separated
The soul cannot  be separated
The body  is within boundaries
The soul does  not have boundary
The body   is a chapter
The soul is the    full story
Physical  science    deals  about body
The  spiritual science   deals about  soul,
Knowing about only body  is Asura  nature
Knowing   about  soul  is godly nature

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Maha Periyava speaks

Maha Periyava  speaks

Abstracted and  Translated by

(When I was  lad I was attracted  by  small book lets  published by rama Krishna mission  titled, Rama Krishna Paramahamsa  speaks, Vivekananda  speaks etc  . One of my aims was to bring out a book called “Maha Periyava speaks”
Jagadguru Shri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal (20 May 1894 – 8 January 1994) [birth name: Swaminathan], also known as the Sage of Kanchi was called as  Mahaperiyava (meaning, "A venerable sage") and  was the 68th Jagadguru of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.
     He was a very great Saint who has given several  discourses  to people visiting him,.These  has been compiled in a book form   and was  called  “Deivathin kural( voice of God) .
    I always thought   that we must have a very tiny book let  with the above title  . This month  The tamil Magazine called  “Kumudham Bakthi “ brought  a slightly bigger  book with this title. This has got 29 sections.
  I have  read it again and again , made  a small abstract of each lecture   and then translated  in to English. These  easy to follow   advices of “Maha Periyava”  would make  our   life meaningful. God bless  all those  who read it,.) 

Mahaperiyava's discourses has been written as magnum opus based on Hindu philosophy in a Tamil book titled - "Deivathin Kural" (Voice of God).

1.We can see  God

It is impossible  to explain,
What is sweet  to one,
Who does not  know  ,
What is sweetness ,
Similarly   to a person,
And to one  who does not  ,
Know   what is Godliness,
We cannot   explain  God.

2.What  offering we  can give to God?

A devotee  wanted  to give,
To his god  , what  he does not have,
After  great search  he found out,
That  God    does  not have mind,
And so  he  offered God  his mind.

3.The  stable mind

I f a lamp  keeps on shaking  ,
WE would  not be  able  ,
To see   anything   clearly ,
And similarly if our mind,
Keeps on jumping    from,
One thing   to another,
WE  cannot   feel God clearly.

4,Do not get angry

Like the rubber  ball ,  thrown on a wall ,
Comes   back   and hits  us badly,
Anger  thrown   against  others,
Comes back   and hits us badly,
Take a  selfie   when you are  angry,
You would not  like   your photo,
Imagine   how  our mind  ,
Would look like  , if we can,
Take a selfie  of   our angry mind.

5.To live  nicely

When a  machine  works constantly,
We stop it , lubricate  it  and rest it,
Our  ancestors  told   that  if we keep on working,
And eating  , do we need  a rest  by  not eating,
And lubricating  our mind  by praying  to God?

6.Everything is one.

Though we   eat  very many   sweets or even sugar,
We are able   to enjoy  only   the taste  of sweetness always,
Like that   whichever  God   we pray  , in whichever  form,
And whichever prayer, we  get mental  peace  .

7. We  can control mind

When we  get million dollar  lottery ,
For a second  our breath stops  and revives,
When suddenly   our close    relative  is no more ,
For a   second    we are not able to breath,
Proving that mind   has  something to do with breath,
And so by  controlling breath, mind can be controlled.

8.Ills  would  disappear

We wash ourselves  , our cloths  and our teeth daily,
And we never think  , we need not  do it one day,
Should we not clean  our mind  daily , by ,
Thinking and meditating  and praying  to God,
Will  our inside  not get dirty , if we stop it one day?

9.Anna dhana  (Charity  of food)

Gita   says that  a person   who only   eats food,
For himself   and never gives it to others are sinning,
The only   charity  which   can fully  satisfy a person,
And make him say , “This is sufficient” , is Anna Dhana(Charity  of food)

10., I , you  and that

There is only  one   sun in the sky  , but if we sprinkle,
Water  on the floor  , in each drop we   see a  Sun,
Like   that   there  is only   one God  to all of us,
But   he   appears  in every one’s mind  as very many gods.

11.The  seat  of God

If you see   a tin  not coming up the  water,
If you examine it  , it would be filled   with mud,
The more , more   mud we take out of it  ,
It starts   floating and similarly  , if we want,
To God to sit in the   throne of our mind,
Our mind should be clean of bad thoughts.

12, Sandhya  vandhana

At   dawn and dusk  the mind  is calm,
And the  wind   of  godliness  blows at these  times,
I request all  people to say  “Hari , hari…” at dawn
And “Shiva..Shiva..”  at dusk, so that  mind achieves  concentration.

13.North is  problem

Our  ancestors  advised us  , not to sleep ,
With head towards  north  and a few  generations,
Called  it blind belief but now  scientists have  ,
Identified  the north –South  electro  magnetic  waves,
And  are   advising us  to do same thing.

14.Navaneetha  mind

When we churn butter  comes out of milk,
But milk gets diluted   when mixed   with water,
And butter  floats and never  gets diluted.
While living in this world   , we should ,
Be like butter, floating all  over and not attached,
And the God who wants to have our   unattached  mind,
Is called “Nava  neetha(butter)  chor”  and “Chitha(mind) chor”

15.tHe cause of the act

When baby eats mud , mummy  ties  his hand ,
And   when the baby cries  , she laughs, “A cruel monster”
Thinks   the baby  without understanding  his mother,
Our Ambika(goddess)  , some times    ties   our hand  ,
And without understanding    her  good intentions,
We too call her “Cruel monster” , what  a tragedy?

16,Try to be a baby

When we  pray  and  worship  our goddess ,
In the form of a baby  , our mind   also  would become that of a baby?
If we  become “anger proof  “ and passion  proof” ,
She would become  our mother  who feeds  us “wisdom milk”
Our  villagers  knew it and called  their baby goddesses,
As “Kathayi (karthyayni) and “”  and “BHattarikaa”
Let us all  worship our gods as babies  with a  baby mind

17.Learn before  quarter  of your life span

We  consider  that  a human being  can live 100 years.
The first quarter(Kaal) of it  is the   age  to study,
Can we call  it “Kaal age” or  College and If ,
We  do not  concentrate  on learning  at this age ,
We would  not  be able  to learn anything in life.

18.Learn devotion

The  central aim of  learning  is to know   God,
But  nowadays  those who  learn do not believe in God,
The central aim  of getting knowledge  is getting humility,
But  those   who learn nowadays   are  proud,
Though our  girls get knowledge , they are not submissive,
Most of our students   have  lost devotion to teachers,
Though what   we learn or taught   has not changed ,
We have changed and this would  mean ,
WE may get knowledge  but we will  not get intelligent

19.Social  service to repair our temples

Our age  old temples , where  we  used to pray God,
Need lot of repair    and rebuilding and I feel,
That each and every  one of us  have  to contribute  something.
It need not  be always  monetary  donation  but,
Some  voluntary   effort  and we have  to learn   from,.
Saivite  saint Appar , who used  to cut the grass around  the  temple.

20.Where  is happiness?

Real  happiness  does not come   to us  from outside,
But  comes  deep from our mind and it comes,
When we  identify   some thing as ours and ours only,
Suppose we get more and more yield   we get happy,
Suppose  one year yield decreases   we feel sad,
And suppose  we sells  and buyer  gets  ,
Much high yield   next year   , we get   sad.

21, All are  his work

When we get  in to trouble  or get worried,
If we go to the temple   and  tell him our complaints,
Slowly we   get in to the habit  of remembering that God
In trouble and joy and  peace  and joy would fill our life.

22.   Mastery of speech
God has given only   man the   ability  to speak,
So that, he chants   the name of god and if,
He does not do that, God may decide,
That  there is no use  in giving this ability to him,
It has been told that  in this Kali age,
The best  and most easy  of  praying God ,
Is repeating   his name  again     and again.

23.What is prayer?

It is true that  we should not beg from God ,
But in Gita, human   beings are   classified,
As Not only as those  trying or getting salvation,
But those  who pray to get  cured  of  diseases,
And also those   who pray  to get wealthy,
Indicating that  God does approve  our asking him.
And so   do pray, pray   for anything  you like.

24Service to others

.Every one  should   do service   to others,
The rich can give money    and the poor service,
Wise people   who are not rich can teach the  people,
Without   expecting any thing and once people,
Decide   to help other do their   best possibility,
The world will improve  and no one   will suffer.

25.Our Dharma

There  is a lot  of quarrel  based on religion and caste ,
If all people do the prescribed  proper method of living  for them,
Without anger  and passion , without   bothering  ,
To compel others to  change their  Dharma,
The world   would be a quiet peaceful  place to live.

26.Good thoughts

We  are  all  always sad and sorry  without any joy,
And we are  always worried , about, who will help us ,
To come out of this  life  of problem but if we  understand,
That  catching hold of god  firmly    and coming  ,
Out of misery is the only   way  out, our life will change.
If we   are drowned in  mud,  we need   to catch  ,
Something  firm to  get  out of there   and that is God.

27.  You can become that

.The water  of all sacred  rivers  joining the  sea,
Would  become  sea water and cannot be identified,
Like that if we  understand   we are  a part of god ,
From  that second , we   would  become him.

28.Think that  which is only good

If mind thinks  always   about something,
It changes  in to that thing  and even doctors agree to it,
And if we always  think of God  , the ocean of love and mercy,
We ourselves would become  people  pervaded with love and peace,
It seems when Sita in Lanka   was always  thinking of Rama,
She had a doubt that  she will become Rama  and Trijata,
Her friend told , true, and Rama  there  would become  Sita there

29.Hari and Shiva are one

 When we go to a new place  , we do not know  ,
Which is east  or west and even if you  enquire  and know,
When we proceed further we would  get further confused,
But if we remain at the same place  we would be able to identify  directions,
Initially  when we   start  devotion to gods  , we wil get confused,
Whether Shiva is our god   or Lord Vishnu  is our God,
But when our devotion becomes   firm and matured,
Such differences would not  occur   to us.

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Should young parents not do something about this?

Should  young parents not do something about this?

Compiled by

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One  of my serious hobbies  has been astrology    for the past 20 years, though  I am not at all  great astrologer.
About 20   years back  , people used  to ask, when their daughter   would get married   and would their sons  become prosperous.
But during last  one or two years , many  people   with great  sorrow ask me

1.When will my son get married?
2.Will my divorced  daughter  get remarried?
3.At age  of 50 , I lost my job  .Will I get a Job again?
4.I am nearing 35 .I lost my job.I had taken loan to purchase a house?  Will I get another job?
5.We have a  child with autism and what we   should do?

   For the first 4 situations, I  check whether  they are going through a bad period    and request them to chant some prayer .

But for the fifth question , what can I do? Almost nothing? I decided to do some search  and I found that  age of parents(especially  father) increases the chance of getting  autistic child  (  ) Ofcourse  I went back, checked   and found, this is not always the case , among those   who consulted me

   With extremely late  marriages and each couple  , postphoning  child birth  by 4-5  years,  there is a great chance  that they  become parents of autistic children. If you tell them, this is the fact, those youngsters enjoying life   will laugh at us  and ask us, to look after  our own jobs?

   Ofcourse   to revert back to early marriages  is now impossible but can the period for getting the child be reduced?

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Gods without mother?

Gods  without mother?


(Hindu god’s thought that   being born from a mother’s womb would make them inferior.If you search their names, “Aja- not born”   would be one of them..Ganesa  was not born to Parvathy , she created him. Subrahmanya   was created  by Lord Shiva.  IN spite of that , we worship our  childless  goddesses   as mother.)

Lord  Vishnu   had no mother,
Lord Shiva  had no mother.
Lord Brahma   had only father,
They were all “Aja” not born to a lady

Lord   Ganesa was not born to a mother,
Lord Subrahmanya    had   only a father ,
Lord  Ayyappa was born to a male  not female,
They   were all “Aja”  not born to a lady

Goddess  Lakshmi   was not born to a mother,
Goddess Saraswathi   was not born to a mother,
But   goddess  was born to Mother  Mena,
But all  of us  call  these , as our  mother.

Rama’s wife Sita  bore him two children,
Krisna’s wives   bore him very many children.
All other  incarnations    were   barren,
And those children born to incarnations  are not God,

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Admirer from Poland Writes

Admirer  from Poland  Writes 


I hava  an admirer in Poland known As Siwam.He  is a  follower of Sathya Sai  .He wrote to me:-

Sai Ram,

Mr Ramachander, I've been admiring and so rightly so, your, no doubt,
Divinely inspired translation work which you share with the humanity. Be
really blessed, additionally blessed, as no doubt you are highly
bleeesed already.

Indeed, I greatly thank you in the name of people like me, reading the
results of your work. I am moved, emotionally, when I think of your

Aum, in the name of Sathya Sai, may the words of mine
do again some justice to the ample work of thine!
Mr Ramachander, when I look at the number 
of stotras you've translated.. You struck the evil forces like Divine Thunder
When your pals just sat or slept
you repeatedly, laborously made
pearls of hope, of greatness so accessible
to the multitude of readers, while many a winter, fall,
spring summer of others were simply wasted, youshared a wall
of protection made of bricks of mantras, of Divine Help
be indeed pleased of that yourself.
Oh, Golden Sailor on the Sea of Life
may you be bold forever, invincilbe in fight
in whatever world you go into
be crystal clear and pure like dew.
Much as I may try to reward you for your string of gifts
it's just unadequate and will be, when I see your list.
Giant of Work! of Holy Labour!
Accept my thanks as humble payment for your great favour.

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The 1.5 millionth visitor has visited my blog on Rules and Ritual of Brahmins

The 1.5 millionth   visitor has visited my blog on Rules and Ritual of Brahmins” today(3/5/2019)


My humble  pranams  to all  my friends  , admirers and fans.

I have a blog dealing with  “Rules  and rituals  Of Brahmins”  ,I informed  on  July 30  , 2017( )  That my blog which was started  in the year 2010  had the one millionth  visitor.

Today  I am thanking and welcoming the 1.5 millionth  visitor to  this blog.It is a great  blessing by God  that a blog  which is normally  visited by only Brahmins , had   achieved this  phenomenal success.Ofcourse it is  because  of all of you.  Thanks to all  my friends.

I would also like to inform you  that my Stotra  Rathna  blogs (translation  of about  2000 prayers written in  Tamil, Malayalam , Hindi and Sanskrit)  has .1,7 millionth visitor   this week and my blog on meaning of Krithis (translation of about 2000 krithis  composed in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada , Hindi and Sanskrit)  has   the 1.4 millionth  visitor this week

I have been following   the policy that   any one can copy and paste  it with acknowlwdgements to me. I do not have any regrets .

I am nearing 80 years  of age   and am very happy and contended with the encouragement received by all of you. I would continue doing whatever I could do   ,till I can with blessings of God.

I met a great auto driver

I met a great  auto driver


Today  I was returning in an OLA  auto from some where .The Road  was choking  in traffic.One ambulance was  struggling in one lane .My OLA auto driver  who was in the next lane  , stopped  and applied  the break   when he reached  near the Ambulance. He stood like rock  so that the ambulance could  enter our empty lane and proceed with speed to its destination. I was  greatly moved.When we reached home  , I gave him  some large tip and told him, how  much I was  moved.He told me he always realized the  importance of ambulance and from now on would always  help an ambulance to proceed .He was a very great human  being