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This foul smelling body is mine

This  foul smelling body is mine

Saint Pattinathaar

Translated  by

(sage Pattinathaar also called  THiruvenkadar was  a great Saivite saint. There is a temple dedicated to him in Thiruvothiyur .  In this one verse  he tells  that this body we nurture    is a useless one , would become foul smelling and claimed   as food  by very many things. Looks , it is not useless?)

எரி எனக்கென்னும்புழுவோ எனக்கென்னும்இந்த மண்ணும்
சரி எனக்கென்னும்பருந்தோ எனக்கென்னும்தான் புசிக்க
நரி எனக்கென்னும்புன்னாய் எனக்கென்னும்இந்நாறுடலைப்
பிரியமுடன் வளர்த்தேன்இதனால் என்ன பேறு எனக்கே?

Yeri yenakkennum  , puzhuvo yenekennum  -intha mannum,
Sari yenekkennum-paruntho  yenakkennum-thaan pusikka,
Nari  yenakkennum –punnai yeanakennum – innaru udalai,
Piriyamudan valarthen-Ithanaal   yenna peru  yenakke

I nurtured   with great  love  this  foul smelling body ,
Which  would  be claimed  by the fire   as its own,
By the worm as its own, , by this mud   as  its own,
By the eagle   as its own , by the fox as its own  ,
For it to eat   and also  by the dog as  its own,

What greatness   did I  get by it?

Manu murai Kanda Vasagam

Manu murai Kanda  Vasagam

Ramalinga  Adigalar  or Vallalar

Translated by

(Ramalinga Adigalar    well known as Vallalar was a great Tamil saint    who lived in Tamil Nadu   from 1823-1874. He was  full of divine wisdom. I understand that  he was not allowed to enter the Natarajar temple  in Chidambaram   walked from there  and reached  a place called Vadalur  which is 21 km fropm Chidambaram. It is a divine experience to go to Vadalur and see  the temple at Chidambaram  very clearly  .There he opened  the  “SAthya gnana Sabha(The hall of pure   wisdom)”, where   the light  reflected on a mirror is  portrayed  as representation of God (Called Arut perum Jyothi-the great divine luster),He further said   that  compassion and mercy are  the only  path leading to god.
   In this great prose work, he lists 43   sins that  a person can commit.
It is written as if on the Grat Manu neethi chozhan who committed   error in judgement and beheaded Kovalan is wondering   about what sin he has committed in previous births to merit his  error.   There are many English translations of this great work. I had not   consulted any of them. You can hear it sung in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pbesO_7XVc )

Did I make   the minds of good people tremble ?
Did I leave the hands of some body in the middle of the river?
Did I needlessly quarrel, and   insulted   some one?
Did I block a road so that  people could not use  it?
Did I stop  , some one from giving charity?
Did I not bother about Dharma   and punished someone?
Did I   make  two good   friends  quarrel?
Did I  spy for  to help some one  for stealing?
Did I unnecessarily   gossip in destroy someone’s life?
Did  I increase tax and robbed people?
Did I fill  up the pond which had  water for drinking?
Did I make the belly of poor burn   by my actions?
Did I say deny  alms to those   who beg?
Did I help those   who were murdering?
Did I nourish my body  by eating meat?
Did I tell a lie , desiring for wealth?
Did I   break  a community   hall?
Did I tempt and deceive  people ?
Did I  make people who love me suffer?
Did I  employ some one and reduce their wages?
Did I cut the tree  that  provided  shade ?
Did I shut my eyes by not seeing  face of hungry people?
Did I destroy  the crop of others   due to enmity?
Did I destroy a family by spreading slander?
Did I point out those who had broken down and hiding?
Did  I make love to a lady who has lost her virtue?
Did I  rape a lady who was standing by her husband?
Did I destroy a  virgin who was protecting herself?
Did I  make some one abort and  became happy?
Did I unnecessarily shout against learned people?
Did I  not allow the cal to drink milk by tying it?
Did I  hesitate    to salute   the teacher?
Did I forget to give fees    to the   teacher?
Did I put the bird in nest and make it suffer?
Did I point out  errors in poems of greater people?
Did I mix paddy and sell it?
Did I speak ill of those who did penance?
Did I keep the temple    door closed?
Did I   with anger shout against devotees  of Lord Shiva?
Did I  talk bad words about wide intellectuals?
Did I   find fault    with mother and father?
Did I disobey my parents?
Did I become proud by  telling bad words about God?
What sin I did?  I do not understand

Tamil original
மனு முறை கண்ட வாசகம்

நல்லோர் மனத்தை நடுங்கச் செய்தேனோ!
நட்டாற்றிற் கையை நழுவவிட்டேனோ!
வலிய வழக்கிட்டு மானங் கெடுத்தேனோ!
வரவுபோக் கொழிய வழியடைத்தேனோ!
தானங் கொடுப்போரைத் தடுத்து நின்றேனோ!
தருமம் பாராது தண்டஞ் செய்தேனோ!
கலந்த சினேகரைக் கலகஞ் செய்தேனோ!
களவு செய்வோர்க்கு உளவு சொன்னேனோ!
மனமொத்த நட்புக்கு வஞ்சகஞ் செய்தேனோ!
மண்ணோரம் பேசி வாழ்வழித்தேனோ!
குடிவரி யுயர்த்திக் கொள்ளை கொண்டேனோ!
குடிக்கின்ற நீருள்ள குளந் தூர்த்தேனோ!
ஏழைகள் வயிறு எரியச் செய்தேனோ!
இரப்போர்க்குப் பிச்சை இல்லையென்றேனோ!
உயிர்க்கொலை செய்வோர்க்க உபகாரஞ் செய்தேனோ!
ஊன்சுவை யுண்டு உடல் வளர்த்தேனோ!
பொருளை இச்சித்துப் பொய் சொன்னேனோ!
பொதுமண்டபத்தைப் போயிடித்தேனோ!
ஆசைகாட்டி மோசஞ் செய்தேனோ!
அன்புடையவர்க்குத் துன்பஞ் செய்தேனோ!
வேலையிட்டுக் கூலி குறைத்தேனோ!
வெய்யிலுக் கொதுங்கும் விருக்ஷ மழித்தேனோ!
பசித்தோர் முகத்தைப் பாராதிருந்தேனோ!
பகைகொண்டு அயலோர் பயிரழித்தேனோ!
கோள் சொல்லிக் குடும்பங் குலைத்தேனோ!
கலங்கி யொளித்தோரைக் காட்டிக்கொடுத்தேனோ!
கற்பழிந்தவளைக் கலந்திருந்தேனோ!
கணவன்வழி நிற்போரைக் கற்பழித்தேனோ!
காவல் கொண்டிருந்த கன்னியை அழித்தேனோ!
கருப்பமழித்துக் களித்திருந்தேனோ!
கற்றவர் தம்மைக் கடுகடுத்தேனோ!
கன்றுக்குப் பாலூட்டாது கட்டிவைத்தேனோ!
குருவை வணங்கக் கூசிநின்றேனோ!
குருவின் காணிக்கை கொடுக்க மறந்தேனோ!
பக்ஷியைக் கூண்டில் பதைக்க அடைத்தேனோ!
பெரியோர் பாட்டிற் பிழைசொன்னேனோ!
கல்லும் நெல்லும் கலந்து விற்றேனோ!
தவஞ் செய்வோரைத் தாழ்வு சொன்னேனோ!
ஆலயக் கதவை அடைத்து வைத்தேனோ!
சிவனடியாரைச் சீறி வைதேனோ!
சுத்த ஞானிகளைத் தூஷணஞ் செய்தேனோ!
மாதா பிதாவை வைது நின்றேனோ!
தந்தைதாய் மொழியைத் தள்ளி நடந்தேனோ!
தெய்வதை இகழ்ந்து செருக்கடைந்தேனோ!
என்ன பாவம் செய்தேனோ! இன்னதென்றறியேனே!

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Lord Vamana

 Lord Vamana

Injimedu Kalyanam

Translated from Tamil by,

Egoistically   Mahabali    asked,
That Brahmin boy, “What do you want?”
Sukracharya  quickly   decided.
That the boy with lustrous eyes  is  the  pretty Vishnu  himself,
And he said  , “ Oh idiot, send back that  boy,”
And  Bali replied, “ All the three  worlds   are mine,
And giving away in charity  is my right.”
Shukra blocked   the nozzle  of vessel as a bee,
And Bali using  a Dharbha grass blinded  his one eye,
The boy was  given three  feet of land,
By first feet   he measured   all  the heavens.
  And  by second feet he measured  all the earth,
And  he asked”What about third feet?”
And Mahabali replied”My head for third feet, Oh  endless one”,
The God told ,  “Even after  knowing  it is me,
You did   not go back  on your words,
So you please   rule  over Patala,(nether world)
And  all would praise  your greatness.”

Tamil original

Injimedu Kalyanam
அந்தணச் சிறுவனே யாது வேண்டும் 
அகம்பாவத்தில் கேட்டான் மஹாபலி
சுதாரித்துக் கொண்டார் சுக்ராச்சாரியார்
சுடர் விழிச் சிறுவன் சுந்தரத் திருமாலேயென
முட்டாளே! சிறுவனைத் திருப்பியனுப்பு
மூவுலகம் என்னுடமை! தானம் என்னுரிமை
வண்டாய் அடைத்தார் கமண்டலத்தை 
வண்டின் கண் அழித்தார் தர்ப்பையினாலே
மூன்றடி தா! முதல் அடி விண்ணுலகம்
முழுதாய் பூமி இரண்டாமடியில்
மூன்றடிக்கு என் செய்ய
முடிவில்லாதவனே மூன்றாமடி என் சிரசே
வந்திருப்பது நானென யறிந்தும்
வார்த்தை நீ தவறவில்லை
ஆட்சி செய்க பாதாளத்தில்
அனைவரும் கொண்டாடுவர் உன் பெருமை
இஞ்சிமேடு கல்யாணம்

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Wife is like Sun, Husband like moon?

Wife is like Sun, Husband like moon?

Translated from Malayalam by

(this cute comparison  was given by my face book friend Sunilkumar Surendran  in Malayalam.I am sure you may  be able to compare  )

Dear  husband sent a SMS  to his wife.

All that I need  is the wife   and the sun,
Sun  cooks food  for the plants and wife for me,
Sun makes us drink   water    in summer ,
And wife makes  me  do it everyday,
Both of them   would always be hot,
Saluting Sun  as well as wife  are  good for health,
Do not stare  either   at wife  or sun,
If  you do   the result would not be comforting.
But I wish   my wife be    as pretty  and cool as  a moon

Pat came the reply SMS    from wife

All that I need  is husband   and the moon,
Both of them would  be missing in day time,
Both of them would come with a smile   at night,
Both are   normally   cool, when I see them
Both would be missing    on  at least a day,
Both of   them  change their forms   daily,
Some times a sandal paste    and some times a sickle

But I do not wish my husband to be   as harsh as the Sun.

A bride searching for a groom in modern times

A bride   searching    for a  groom  in modern times


(Lot of exaggeration    and unrealistic  , you may say  but  we are speedily  travelling  towards  this situation)

 After  lot of technical  education   , earning   great many degrees,
An employed  girl past twenty six  decided   to get married,
And   as a  nice , good and obedient   girl  , she said to her mother,
“Mummy   I have   decided    to get married and want a suitable groom”
Mummy said  ,”That news  is great , please tell  what we  should look for .”
The girl said, “ I have been thinking about   it and also searching in google.,
And   I have  made   up my mind   as to what type  of groom I want..

“I am not very particular   that  our   castes are same  or gothras are  different.
I want him very much to look like  a   present day  Bollywood  hero,
With  a  thin moustache    and a  well  groomed beard ,

I want him to be  maximum  one or two   years  older than me ,
With  one  year   better   than  two, as I think he will understand my needs better,
I definitely want him to be younger than   my elder sister’s husband,

I want him  to  be two to three  inches  taller   than  me.
I want him  to work in an MNC  and earn at least fifty thousand more than me ,
I also want    his salary  higher   than my elder  sister’s  husband.
I am very particular  that  he  should not be a businessman Or orthodox .

I want the  groom to live  in  my  own  home town,
With his   parents living as far as possible from that place.
I  want him  to have at least one brother , preferably elder,
I want him to  agree for me  to spend money , I earn  on my parents,
And the rest     to be in my name  to be spent as  per my  wishes,
I want him to  convert all   his  bank accounts ,
To  be  joint ones, the other   being me,

Though I   am slightly   short tempered,
I want him not to have any anger at all,
I  want him never   to object  me,
From going to a party  along with my friends,
And always take me to a party when he goes.
That is all  dear Mummy  for  the present .
And whenever I   go for shopping  .

He should give his card  and wait patiently”

Perfect bride search -a consultation

Perfect   bride  search  -a consultation

Translated by

(This is based on the posting of  Hamsabai  Santhana  Krishnan. My thanks to her   The groom is  nearing thirty , anxious  to get married  but not getting suitable bride decides to consult  an elder . This is the result.)

One very elegible   , handsome   groom    wanting to find out,
What type  of girl  he has    to  search to  be his partner,
Some one suggested  him  r to consult  a  well known and great pundit,
That pundit  gave a   seat to the  groom  , gave him  coffee  he has prepared and told,
“Do not choose   a pretty girl , as other people  may start loving her,
Do not   choose  a very ugly girl, as you may start hating   her,
Do  not search  for a tall girl as  you would be forced to look  up to her,
Do not search  for a dwarf girl , as   you would be forced  to look down on her,
Do not search for a very fat girl as id sge dashes against you , you will fall down,
Do not search for a  thin girl,  as possibly she may not be visible to you,
Do not search   for a white girl , for she will remind you of a candle,
Do not search for a black girl, for  in darkness  she may not be visible to you,
Do not search for a uneducated girl, for she would not understand  what you say,
Do not  search  for a well educated girl, she will argue   with you   always,
Do not marry a rich girl, as she will tell you are   spending  her money,
Do not marry a poor girl, for   after your death , no one will support her ,
Do not search for a girl  who loves a lot , for after  your death, she will love another,
Do not marry a short   tempered girl, your life would become hell,
Do not marry an  all knowing one, she  will  waste all your moey,
Do not marry a girl who does not know anything ,she will make you her servant,
Do not marry a peaceful girl, she would be peaceful , even you die,
Do not marry a girl who creates great noise, for every insect,, she would assemble the entire  village ,
Do not marry a girl of  your own town, as she  will always be in her mother’s house,
Do not marry a girl from a far off place  , as your entire life would be spent in journey,”

The young man saluted that  wise man and told, “Now I know why you are  not married.”

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Be positive as there are many who are negative

Be positive as there are many who are negative

Translated from  Hindi

(Again great   material quoted  in face book)

Follow   the habit of listening ,
For   there is no dearth of people  who taunt

Follow   the habit  of smiling  ,
For there  is no dearth of people  who make you cry

Follow   the habit   of going up,
For there is no dearth of people   who pull you down

Follow the   habit of encouraging ,
For there  is no dearth of people  who discourage

A good person could be a theist or atheist ,
But a good  person would always be truthful

By  keeping and storing small , small  things in heart,
Big and big   relationships   get weakened

If  some people talk    behind your back , do not be scared,
For   he also has something , which would be talked  behind his back,

Only that man who is alive  suffers  insult,
For after death  , there  would only be praise.
Hindi text

🏻 *सुनने* की आदत डालो क्योंकि
ताने मारने वालों की कमी नहीं हैं।
https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/fdd/1/16/270d_1f3fb.png🏻 *मुस्कराने* की आदत डालो क्योंकि
रुलाने वालों की कमी नहीं हैं
https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/fdd/1/16/270d_1f3fb.png🏻 *ऊपर उठने* की आदत डालो क्योंकि टांग खींचने वालों की कमी नहीं है।
https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/fdd/1/16/270d_1f3fb.png🏻 *प्रोत्साहित* करने की आदत डालो क्योंकि हतोत्साहित करने वालों की कमी नहीं है!!
https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/fdd/1/16/270d_1f3fb.png🏻 *सच्चा व्यक्ति* ना तो नास्तिक होता है ना ही आस्तिक होता है
सच्चा व्यक्ति हर समय वास्तविक होता है......
https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/fdd/1/16/270d_1f3fb.png🏻 *छोटी छोटी बातें दिल* में रखने से
बड़े बड़े रिश्ते कमजोर हो जाते हैं"
https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/fdd/1/16/270d_1f3fb.png🏻 *कभी पीठ पीछे आपकी बात चले*
तो घबराना मत ... 
बात तो 
उन्हीं की होती है"..
जिनमें कोई " बात " होती है

https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/fdd/1/16/270d_1f3fb.png🏻 *"निंदा"* उसी की होती है जो"जिंदा" हैँ मरने के बाद तो सिर्फ "तारीफ" होती है