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Do not make our country a land of orphans

Do not make our country  a land of orphans

(Possibly some of you may think this is an exaggeration .But it is not ,Our girls getting married very late  and then get their only child still later.Many of them do not have any child .So  inspite of our country  not introducing one child norm like China(after 37 years experimentation  they withdrew it) , we  are implementing it. This article shook me to the chore .Are our children marching fast to becme a generation of orphans?)


(The entire material is borrowed from  the  tamil speech of M.Porchelvi   in a debate   which was  posted by  ny friend Rajagopalan Srinivasan .It was with tears  that  I read it and wrote this.  Each and every relation that I have mentioned has a word in every Indian languages.(I am reproducing  the tamil word  as given n the face book  post of my friend . Each of them  have a great role to play  in our  joy and sorrow.Just  for a minute , I imagined a  world without them  and I felt extremely bad, One child norm is going  to create   a land  of rich orphans)

Words    indicating   relations in Indian languages like,
Elder brother , younger brother , younger sister  ,
Junior elder brother  , Senior   elder brother  ,
Junior elder  sister  , senior elder   sister  ,
Father’s  younger brother   and elder brother ,
Paternal aunt  , maternal uncle ,
Husband’s brother  and sister, Elder brother’s wife  ,
Wife’s brother   and sister , Paternal cousin  brother,
Paternal  cousin sister  , Paternal  aunt’s daughter   and son,
Maternal  uncle’s daughter   as well as son ,
(அண்ணன், தம்பி, அக்கா, தங்கை, சின்ன அண்ணன், பெரிய அண்ணன், சின்ன அக்கா, பெரிய அக்கா,
சித்தப்பா, பெரியப்பா, அத்தை, மாமா, மச்சான், மச்சினி, அண்ணி, கொழுந்தனார், நாத்தனார், தாய்மாமன், சித்தப்பா பையன், சித்தப்பா பொண்ணு,
பெரியப்பா பையன்,
பெரியப்பா பொண்ணு,
அத்தை பையன்,
அத்தை பொண்ணு, மாமன் பொண்ணு,
மாமன் பையன்,)
Would not fall  on the  ears  of any one , fifty  years later,
For no one would  have  any such relations in India,
And slowly words for such relations   would vanish from Indian  language dictionaries.

The reason   for this  is  that most  of the families ,
Have decided  to adopt   the  one child norm,
And how can these   relations   continue to exist,
When no one has   a brother   or sister.

After  this   there   would not be  maternal uncles ,
For celebrating  his nieces   attaining  majority,
There would not be  elder brothers   to Hoist,
The first  pillar during  marriage of his sister ,
There would not be younger brothers,
To put a ring  to  the groom of his elder  sister,
There  would not be   mother’s brother for any children
To keep little ones  on his lap  during their first head shave,
There would  not be younger  or elder brothers ,
To rush to   the help of any married   girl in trouble,
And each and every girl  are going   to sob their heart out,
With no  relations or brothers to wipe away  their  tears,
And each and every man   , when facing any crisis in life ,
Is  going to find that  there are no siblings   to bale him out,

After  this like the   bird developing   wings and flying away ,
When the only child  of the family  goes  his way for a job,
Or go away   after  marriage   with their partner  ,
For leading    a life  where  privacy  is more important  ,
All parents  like orphans  would be either put  in an old age home,
Or   rot and  die  alone with no one to care,   in their   palatial own homes.

This is definitely   going to happen to every one in India,
Who are adopting  the one child norm  ,
Aimed at enhanced  prosperity ,
Without bothering about  the banyan tree of shade,
That can only   be provided  by  chains  of relations.

If you  one day become sick in your lonely home  ,
Should you not have some   relation nearby,
Who would  postphne all his work and engagements  ,
And rush    to help you  , in that time of dire need?

It is those  sons of ours   who quarrel ,
Among themselves   for getting  even little things,
Who would  with tears  in their   eyes,
And anguish in their  heart , rush to your help, when you are in need
Even our daughters , engaged  in employment,
Looking after   their husbands , children and family,
Would throw  away all that  in a jiffy  and be by your side,
If  either  one of you   is  sick or in need  of help.

Just for once   do think of your  last days,
You  would  not be an orphan  without money,
But you would definitely  be one   without relations.

Are you  not  engaged   in bringing   up an orphan child ,
Without any relations   except   you in this earth ,
With  millions of bank balance , bunglow,
Chauffer   driven  car  and  modern gadgets all around him,
For  your dying  like an orphan and he also  having  the same  fate.

You are all  struggling to earn  an orphan filled   India 

Monday, October 16, 2017

The temple which is open only for a few days during Deepavali (Hasanamba temple , Hassan)

The temple which is open only  for a few  days during Deepavali (Hasanamba temple  , Hassan)

Compiled  by

(One of my sisters  of face book  called  Smt Bhavani Mangalam   requested me to write   whatever I know of this temple. I am dedicating this small article to her.)

   Hassan is an important town in Karnataka. One of the important temples is that of Hasanamba  (The mother of Joy) This is a temple dedicated  to Goddess  Durga. Strangely  the deity inside  the temple  is represented  by an ant hill. The following is the belief.
    Once upon a time   the seven Mathrukas   viz  Maheswari, Kaumari  , Vaishnavi  , Indrani and Chamundi   came floating  to the southern part of India . They were captivated  by the beauty  of Hassan  and decided to make that town their home.  While Maheswari, Kaumari   and Vaishnavi decided   to live in  three anthills  , Brahmi decided to live in a place called  Kenchamma’s hoskote  in the  town   And Indrani , Varahi  and Chamundi   chose to live in three   wells  in Devegere Honda , The presiding deity, Maheswari among them took the name of Hasanamba (The mother who is smiling)  and the town was called as Hassan (old name Simhasanapuri)  in her honour.   The temple is open only for a few days during deepavali  . It opens on the Thursday next to Full moon day in the month of Aswija(October-November) and closes  on the Bali Padyami day i.e Prathama thithi following Deepavali festival. Several miracles   are believed to happen in this temple.Some of them are
1.The flowers offered t the deity do not fade and the lamp lit  before closing never gets puts out till the next year  when the  tample opens.
2.There was once a suffering daughter in law devotee to the Goddess who was tortured by her mother in law. Once the mother in law threw a stone at her daughter in law  and she was greatly hurt. When she appealed to the Goddess , she turned her in to a sone . This stone is in front of her  and it is believed  that it keeps moving nearer  to the Goddess . Devotees also believe , that once the stone reaches the Goddess Kaliyuga would end.
 3.It is also believed  that four robbers wanted to steal  the treasure of the temple and the goddess  turned them in to stones.Some people call the temple as Kallappana gudi( the temple of men turned in to stones)
      The structure seen at the entrance of Hasanamba temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva locally called Siddheshwara. It is renowned for its self-manifested linga. There's also an interesting idol of a nine-headed Ravana playing the Veena here. Honouring the devout nature of Ravana, every new moon day people gather at the temple. The annual chariot festival also takes place on the closing day of the Hasanamba temple during Deepavali.

      This year the temple has opened on 12th October 2017  and would be open till October 21st. The  temple would be closed daily from 1.30 PM to 2.30 PM , In this short period , it is expected that  about a million devotees would visit the temple.

Enjoy seeing a video about the temple

Do not make family wait , says dead mother to her son

Do not make  family wait  , says dead  mother  to her son


(based on a write up in Whatsapp.Thanks to the original author)

One day Malini’s husband   too her to an ice cream parlour
And Malini asked her husband ,”I wanted to ask you something”
“Go ahead “ her  husband told  and she asked “There is some change in you,
You come d from office  early, help me  by sharing  umpteen items of my work,
And more that  , I feel  recently you have   become   very close   to me.How come”

And he replied, “Dont be silly  , I have not changed   a bit ,”
Malini seriously asked, Dont hide, Have you fallen in love  with some one else?
And is your sudden behaviour change    due to guilt ?”
He  felt sad and he opened his diary took out a paper  and gave it to her and said “Read”

She opened   and found that  it was a long letter  from his mother ,
Addressed  to him  and she said  in it , “I am writing  this long letter,
When I was  a wife to your father   and I know  it is very long,
But please  do read it   with attention  for I want to tell you.”

“When I married your father   , I was a professor  in a college ,
But after you were born, your father  started becoming  very lucky,
And  got  completlly immersed  in his  real estate  business,
And as per his wish, I resigned my job, to look after the  house.”

“Your father  got drowned  in the dream of earning  more and more money,
And after this my life instead  of pleasure   was filled  with nothing but waiting,
He used to go very early   and come very late  and you and your sister  were  my only friends,
Then you  both started  going to school and I used to wait for you  to come back.”

“After you return   you both  would tell the story of  day to day  happenings,
IN the school   and as a teacher , I knew   that  more than half were lies.
You  both further grew up   and slowly you found that  you have nothing  to tell to me,
Then you started going out  and when you would be back, only God knew  and I would wait.”

“Then t your father became sick  and I had to look after  him,
I used to give physiotherapy   and then I   was forced  to wait,
AS he was  not in a mood to speak  to me  and then one day,
WE gave your sister  un marriage and then I had to take permission to talk to her,”\

“You took up the  business  of your father  as he was often sick,
And even then he  never  used to speak to me  , He  used to read,
He used  to eat  and he used   to sleep as  he had never knew,
On what aspect he should talk to me  and thus I lead my silent life.

Whenever  I used to go out  , I used to notice  this longing ,
Of Companionship in the eyes of ladies as old as  me,
And I used to see  young ladies  talking without stop to their husbands,
On the  holidays when they used to come out  as they knew ,
That  for one  more session of talk  , they have to wait  for six more days.

You must be wondering , why I am telling   all these  to you,
I failed with your father as he never heard what I talked ,
Even when I was alive  I was not able to tell    all this to you,
As you were busy like your father and thought That I was wasting your time.

So after  my death  I wanted   you to hear  all that I wanted to tell,
You have a wife and a daughter   who are   waiting   to you at home,
You do not know hiw much your sister  loved   your father  ,
But at the time she   was ready to show it , he was bedridden.

He was so busy that  no one her school knew that he was her father,
All her dreams    of visiting various places  along with her father   were sgattered,
And when he wasa bed ridden and had  only time   with him,
She was not able to talk with him, as she  had gone to her husband’s home  .

Please for god’s sake do not  punish   your daughter like that,
So not make your wife   write a similar  letter to her son,
You have sufficient money    to lead   a peaceful life.
And in fact what you have saved is   suffeceint for you three  for the rest of your life,

You are struggling in your office  to make more and more money,
So that    you will leave  lot of money to your children,
I have a humble request   do not blow more air  in to the balloon of your dreams,
Come back early , give time to your wife and daughter,
Because  it is an unspeakable   to make others  wait   .

Though it was a posh parlour  , his wife was sobbing ,
She knew   that  the torture  of waiting  is over for her,
She knew  that  her husband has realized  that he has erred,

And she thanked her late   mother  in law   for that,

Letter from a married daughter to her mother

Letter  from a married  daughter   to her mother


(Completly based on the post of my friend  Rajagopal  Srinivasan .Thanks to him)

Dearest  mother  mine , just like ,
Every one else I got married  to him,
Whom I liked , with your consent ,
And expected life to be a sweet dream.

Only now I realize   that my life   really starts,
Only  after   the “end”  slide is shown in the cinema,
I came to know   there  is much more things  in being,
What is desired in life and about that  some one desiring you.

How  many responsibilities  , burdens ,
Expectations    and sacrifices  it  involves  was unknown to me,
For example I am not able to have a late morning wake up,
And am forced to get up in dawn and start my work before others wake up.

When I was with you , I used to fly in dresses  that I liked,
But now they want me to wear   dresses that they  like,
I used to simply vanish telling   you , I have to meet a friend,
But nowadays  , I have  to change my programme  according to others needs.

I am not able to sleep when I want  ,
Watch the   TV serial   which I like  ,
And Some times  I feel  married life is boring ,
For Have I not sacrificed my freedom   for its sake.

Was I not    flying  with joy when I was with you,
Some times I even  feel like  coming   back to you  ,
I want to lie on your lap  and make you  force me  ,
To eat  at the proper time and make you prepare  all  sweets that I like.

I feel  that without any worry , I should  be,
Enveloped  in your dear hug  and talk all nonsense with you,
But Suddenly I start  thinking  that you too  ,
Would have  undergone all   these sufferings in your life,

Had you thought like  me, would I have been there,
Should I not return your toil, sufferings   and affection,
I know that  even this thought  , I have  learnt from you,
And when I think like that  Life seems to be easy  and not hard.

AS times go by  , I also would   start loving my family ,
I would become   ready to make  sacrifices like you,
The mental strength we gave you, would be  given to me by my family,
And So Sweet Mummy , I have become  ready to give like you.

Affectionately  yours

Your pet   daughter

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Words have not changed but who tells whom has changed

Words have not changed  but  who tells whom  has changed


   9Based on a facebook post  of Vasantha  Krishnaswamy in face book.)

Once upon a time

    The mother used to tell  her daughter while bidding her  farewell to her  husband’s home:-

Do not talk unnecessarily
Be a good daughter  in law there
Adjust your  life to  his home
Get good name


    The daughter   tells her mother  while bidding  her farewell  to her   son’s home:-

Do not talk unnecessarily
Be a good  mother in law  there
Adjust your  life to  his home
Get  a good name

Friday, October 13, 2017

Interview with God

Interview  with God


(I read this in Tamil  in Whatsapp.To the great author my pranams)

One journalist   of a  modern TV  channel,
Went to heaven and the first thing  he wanted,
Was to interview  the  God   himself   and,
Without any fuss  God gave  him time immediately.

Journalist asked,”What makes you surprised about human beings?”

God laughed and told, “They do not want to  be babies and want to grow up  , but after  growing up , they live  more like babies,

They sacrifice their health  for money and loose money to regain their health ,

They are worried always  about  their future , forgetting  about  their present
So they do not have past or future,

Also They live not to die and die  without really living”

Journalist asked  again “What advices  you want to give your children on earth?”

God said  “Ten plus  one advices ”  and listed  them:-

1.“Dear child, do not ever want to be loved  but live in such a way  that others love you,

2.The  amount  of wealth  that you have earned is not important  , but how you earned it , is,

3.Never ever compare  one with the other   or one person    with another  ,

4.Do not think the person  who has everything is rich but understand that only one who does  not want anything is rich,

5.It takes only few seconds to hurt any one who loves us, but the curing of the hurt  takes very long,

6.Know that  It is true that  many people who love us do not know  how to express it  .

7.Know  that with money you can buy everything , for instance  happiness  can never be brought  .

8.Understand   that every person has  his own way of knowing  or understanding things.

9.Understand that a friend knows all your friends  abd circumstances  and also loves you.

10.It is not suffecient if you  know how t pardon others, you should also know how to pardon yourselves.

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Read the story to know your wealth, number of children and age .

Read the story to know  your  wealth, number of children and age .


(I read it in Tamil in a face book message .It is told by THiru Muruga Krupaanda Variaar , who  lived all his life  teaching religion  and way to live,)

There   was a great sage   who only   told truth,
And  ate  only  in a home  where  truth is told.
One day when he went   to a village   and wanted to eat,
And told about this, they showed   the home of a  rich ,
AS well as old  merchant, who had   four sons.”

As soon  as the sage went there   the merchant  ,
Came running  to hospitably receive   him and give him food,
But the  sage told him  , “I only eat in a home  where  truth is told”,
And the  merchant assured  him that  he only told the truth.

The sage wanted   to test  the merchant   about that  and,
He asked ”How much wealth you have?”  and he told “Twenty two thousand rupees”
Saint again asked “How many children you have.” And he said , only one sir”.
And saint asked  “How old are  you?”  and he said ,”three years
Five months, seven hours and sixteen and a  half hours”

The sage got livid with rage and when he   was about to walk out,
The merchant told him   that  he had only said the  truth and nothing but truth,
And the saint asked him, “Others say   you have one lakh rupees wealth”,
And the merchant told, “Yes, that  is the money in my box , but,
I have given only twenty two thousand as charity so far ,
And that is the only wealth   that  would be mine even when I die.”

The sage asked “People say you have   four sons” and the merchant said,
“Four were born to me  and I will summon them before   you now and he called,
“Hey Nataraj” and he replied , “Father  I am playing cards  and cannot come now”
Then he called “Hey Velu” and he said “Why are  you shouting, shut up”
Then he called “Hey Siva” and he said, “Hey fool, why don’t you die”
And then he called “Hey Muruga” and the boy came running to  help him:,
And then the merchant told , “Do you now   agree  that  I have only one son.”

The sage  then asked, “You look about 70 years old  and what about ,
The non sense   you told ?”  and then the merchant told  him,
“Every day I worship God  only for one and half hours,
After  the age   of attaining   ten years  of age  and I believe,
That this is my age  and multiplied by sixty  I told you my  total age,”
The sage was convinced that  it was truth and ate in his home.

This story   tells us all  that what money we gave in charity only is ours,
The son  who respects  us and obeys  us is our only son,
And the ime  we spend in worship is the time   we have really lived.,
This  was a great story by  the great Thiru Muruga Kripananda  Varriaar.