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Krishna teaches philosophy of pride destruction

Krishna   teaches  philosophy  of pride  destruction


(Based on Tamil post of Sri Guru Murthi  .My  pranams and thanks to whoever has written it .If only we all learn and practice it.....)

Lord Krishna   was trying to take a  nap one day,
And Garuda  his steed,   and Chakra  his weapon  .
Were  guarding him  and all   his    very  pretty  wives,
Were   standing all around   him and gossiping.

Lord Garuda said, “But for me  Lord Krishna,
Cannot achieve   anything at all , Had I not been there,
How he would have   reached to help  the  elephant,
Whch was  caught   by a   crocodile.”

Lord Chakra   could not stifle  his laughter  and told,
“True , Garuda but  had I not    been there ,
He would have reached that place  because of yu,
And would  bestanding   there , not able to do anything.”

Within himself  Lord Krishna  smiled    and thought ,
“Both of them forget about  my greatness and think,
That they are   the people  who are powerful ,
Had They been like Hanuman, who lacked  pride but had humility.

Then Lord Krishna’s   attention was diverted    to his women,
Who were chattering    and gossiping  as all woman do ,
One of them told  that  the lord   married her  due to g her beauty,
And each of them shouted at her    they  were more pretty   and lord loved thrm more.

Lord Krishna   felt so bad because  they were proud of their beauty,
Though none of them had     a pretty soul; and mind like  Radha or Sita,
And so he summoned Garuda   and he reached  there with great speed,
And lord  told him,” I want you do    a very difficult  job for me.”

Garuda with pride said, nothing was   difficult for  him and lord said,
In the lake of Khubera   on the top of the Gandhamadhana  mountain,
There is a rare   lotus floer called  “Saugandhika Kamala “ and if you,
Bring them, I can present it to  my wives     and make them drown in joy.

Garuda rushed with all the speed  and reached     the lake and saw,
Than Hanuman the personification of humility    was meditating there,
And when Garuda    was about to  pluck the flowers  , he opened  his eyes and told,
“The flowers belong to Khubera    and have you taken gis permission to pluck them?”

Garuda said he was  the most powerful  being  of the world and he was sent by Krishna,
And so he need not take   any one’s  permission and hanuman simply caught the bird  ,
And kept him in his arm pit   and reached Dwaraka And asked “who is Krishna,
Who has sent this proud bird  who was stealing the  divine flowers?” and roared.

Lord Krishna acted    as if he was scared   and ordered  the proud Sudarshana wheel,
To teach  the  monkey a lesson  and when wheel went   to fight   with Hanuman,
He caught him and kept him on    his other  arm pitand this made   the queens of Krishna,
Greatly scared   and   they wanted  their Lord   to some how send the fierce  monkey back.

Lord Krishna  told them “That monkey is Hanuman, the devotee of Rama,
And no one can defeat him   and the only way  for us is to make  Lord Rama,
And Sita to tell him to go    and i would just now    transform myself to Rama ,
And the one who has most beautiful in mind and body   can  transform to  bre Sita”

Lord Krishna requested each of them to pray to become    Sita  if they are pretty,
But none of them could transform herself and at this time Radha  came there,
And by  praying that she is nothing  and Krishna is everything    , she became Sita   
And when  Hanuman saw  Sita and Rama,he saluted them, released Garuda  and Sudarshana and went back.

Garuda   as well as Sudarshana  became humble    realizing    that  ,
All their powers    were   derived    from Lord Krishna and they went back,
And all the queens realized that   to be pretty   mind should be  pretty,
And be devoid of pride and saluted Radha  as well as  Krishna.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

K.S.Natarajan my friend for past 60 years

My friend  and classmate Kalakkad Sundaram Natarajan –Who played an important role in my life


After I completed my post graduation in Annamalai University, (1960) I was lucky to get admission in the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta. On the day that I had to start to Calcutta, I received an appointment order as Statistical assistant in National Sample Survey in Trivandrum. I knew that I should accept that because the financial condition of the family was not good. But my great father told me that I should study further, because I was getting stipend. He said he will manage the affairs of the family for two or three years more. The first problem to be solved was dress. For the five years preceding, I was wearing only white Dhothi and White shirt. I along with my father felt that I should at least have a few pants. There was no tailor in my village who could stitch pants. The time left was short. Father had a very close friend Sethu mama , who was running a hotel in Vishakapatnam en route. My cousin Visweswaran was working in his hotel. I got down there by one train and within a day, a few white, poor looking pants were stitched at lightning speed. Next day I reached Calcutta. I had not spoken in the phone till then and for the first time was forced to call the warden of the hostel to get directions. That gentleman was speaking a benglish accent. Some how, I reached ISI. I stayed there in the hostel for the next one year. I made many friends. .
    Sri  Kalakkad  Sundaram Natarajan  a son of school teacher  Sundarm Iyer  of Thirunelveli, became  one of my closest friends there. It was through him that  I became friends   with other  Tamil   and Malayalam speaking  people who were  in ISI hostel  . (For example  DR.K.R.,Parthasarathy, who  joined    the mathematics s department of IIT , Madras, Sri T.A.Anathaswamy Row   who  joined Brakes India Limited Madras . DR.Balasubramanian who joined later   as  professor in Christian college , Madras , One Mr.Krishnan who was a great sportsman and joined  ,IIM , Calcutta  for further   studies, Dr.G.Narayana Murthy  of Batlakundu  who settled down in  Mumbai, Dr.N.C.Chidambaran  and DR.Panchapakesan   who   both  settled   down  as professors in USA , then itself, DR.SWaminthan   who went to Canada   and settled down there , DR.P,S.Nair(still a face book friend)  , DR.T  Sankaran Kutti , Dr.Subramanyam Swamy   who is now  Rajya Sabha MP  and so on and on) ,Though I   became friends   with all of them ,I was specially attached  to  Sri.K.S.Natarajan and I always think , he played a great role in making me what I am today.
    After  one year , when he had vacation ,  we   both had saved some money  from our stipend  and we wanted   to buy   some presents   to  our family members ,We went to Ballygunge   and  waited it Rash Behari avenue for some time    and  located a  Tamilan Brahmin mami . We both told about our problems and she helped us . I remember   that   during   those times  Calcutta  Karandi was   famous  and we bought  one each, That Mami   also directed us to a shop   selling Saris . I remember   we bought one each., Both of us went to Delhi from there some time in July . Our North Indian class mates in New Delhi   scared us by saying that  unless   we buy a suit   we both will die in winter . We were wondering what to do   and fortunately met a senior of ours called Sri.V,Gopalan. When we  told about our problem, he said   he was very much alive   after passing through a winter  wearing a  half swetter. That time  we were  getting slightly more stipend. I remember  we purchased   one each of a rexine  brown suitcase and one each of a  reversible double coloured  pull over.
   Life went on. I specialised   in Biometrics  of tree crps and my   friend rose to very high positions  in  Census commissioners office.
   My friend  Kalakkad Sundaram Natarajan is a face book member like me   and has settled down in Madras   and I have   settled down in Bangalore. Our friendship as on today is nearly sixty years old.

   My deep sense of gratitude  my friend

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Negative images  of  Indian daughter  in law? (Pardon   for sheer  exaggeration), which I do not agree at all 


Most of the  inlaws  of a girl   think all their problems including  their   sickness, dementia   or being put  in an  old age  home  is squarely  due to the daughter  in law . I always  thought   that  it was an old women’s tale   and such   things  have disappeared  and I happened to read an article by scholarly  face book friend  Jabalimuni Putrevu  based on  the writing of one  Dr.Hemant Mittal (social influencer and Motivational writer) .Do such circumstances  hinted below exist   for modern daughter in laws ? Though I have listed  a few based i on the above article , I some how feel  it does not exist nowadays . Exagerration no doubt , I am sure  it would shake  the erring in laws (micro percentage)

1,Daughter  in laws   are  outsiders,
So discuss  nothing in front of them,
Daughter  in laws are thieves ,
Who have   stolen our son.

2.Daughter in law  does not know ,
About   the needs   of our home ,
And she needs to get adjusted  to ,
Our home,. Its  people   and their needs.

3. Our son  might have   been a  useless  drunkard,
Who specialises  in loving  one lady after  another,
But   we have  brought  a daughter  in law  to correct him,
And  if he is not able to do that , it is her fault not our sons.

4.Daughter in laws are   our slaves,
Who should   cater   to our monetary needs,
Both by   doing all our jobs    as also ,
By handing over to us   all that   she earns

5.Daughter  in law   can and should  cook in our house ,
But the recipes   she uses   should not be that  of her home,
But  that  of our home , taught to her  in a shoddy way,
And if it is not Okay , we can and will  shout   against her.

6.Daughter  in laws  parents   are outsiders,
They can visit us   but with ample presents,
But  after   wedding  it is not the responsibility,
Of Daughter in law  to help them or   spend for them.

7.However   efficient and gracious   she is,
And even if daughter in law   serves us well,
She  can never   become our    daughter,
Who is an angel   who has all rights in  our home.

8.If Daughter in law   does not present us ,
With a baby within one or two years after  marriage ,
It is entirely   her fault   and never can be fault  of our son,

And we   have the right to talk about it behind her  as well as in her front,

The letter of a daughter to her dear daddy

The letter  of a daughter  to her dear daddy

Translated by

( i found    this heart moving  poem in  tamil posted by Banumathy Kannan  and many others  .When I read it  my   eyes filled with tears. My thanks to the original author   , whoever he/she is )

You are  the  first lover   whom I loved,
But  do not ask me  when I started  lovng you , Daddy,
It would have happened   when you talked to me ,
Keeping  your hands caressing  the belly  of my mother.
Or it could have happened   when you  took me  in your hands ,
And fondled me   and kissed  me even before my umbilical chord  had not been taken out.

Though mummy told me  thousands of  pretty  stories   and made me sleep,
I never got   the pleasure that I got   when I slept on your   broad chest.
My eyes would be searching for you   when my  mummy gave me bath,
Possibly because you were  an expert  in giving bath  without hurting  my eyes.

I do not remember  my feet  ever touching    the floor ,
After I  learnt to walk  , for I   remember   sitting   always on your shoulders,
With the  anklets of my legs   touching  the buttons of your shirt,
I do  remember  Daddy, your celebrating saying , “The angel has  been,
Born as my daughter” , When I wore a  new petticoat with  little gems,
Why did   you  earn the  chidings of ma when you brought  me sweets,
From the shop  , though she had told , “even rice is not there  in the home  to cook.”

Except me who knows you better Daddy, at the time   when  you  forced  me ,
To sit on the school bench and moved away  with a tear filled   eyes?
When I stood    with great shyness , twiddling   the corner  of my Half Sari,
Possibly thinking that  not much time is left  for me to part from  you,
You wiped off  the rain of tears  from your eyes  with no one noticing it .

Though  I used to argue   and fight   with you always  , Oh Daddy,
I never ever  disobeyed    your words   any time  , Oh Daddy,
Without any   sense of shame   you used   to tell   very tall lies  ,
And praise  any  hoeless food   that  I tried    to cook  just for you, Daddy,
There  used  to be a love  at that time   even  in your lies  , Daddy,

If some one  asks me , whether  you who used  to fulfil,
All my desires just by   the move of my eyes is equal to god ,
I would say “No”,because  God gives boons  only if you have devotion,
But   you who protect me always  without any expectation is yourself a great boon.
Why is it that  you who  never used to be bothered   about even for a mountain like sorrow,
Used to  get broke  down completely  when you see a drop of tears in my   eyes?
You have never forced me to accept anything  that I did not like,
And you never   did hate  any of my likes

My only worry is that  once   you send me to my husband’s home,
There   would  be no one   who is left  there  to console  you , Oh daddy,
I would never   ever   compare    you with my husband  because I know,
You are the only male  of this entire world   who loves me completely,
I never   think that  I would be born once more  , Daddy,
But if that happens, please    give me   a boon,
To   become   once again  my father  , Oh daddy

Lord Gruruvayrappan

Lord Gruruvayrappan

Kumar Ramanathan

Translated by

(The very pretty  verse  in Tamil of the author is given below my translation.Thanks to the author. I am also borrowing the  pretty picture  of Baby Krishna posted by him in facebook)

Oh Guruvayurappa, I  saw the very pretty peacock feather  moving on your head,
Oh Guruvayurappa, i saw  a smile   caressing   your face,
Oh Guruvayurappa,I saw the perfume of sandle paste  wafting up everywhere,
Oh Guruvayurappa, I saw the  thulabharam   being weighed,
Oh Guruvayurappa, I heard   the  sound  of your flute,
Oh Guruvayurappa,I heard   the sound of “OM, OM” being chanted,
Oh Guruvayurappa, I heard the booming sound of  Pancha Vadhya,
Oh Guruvayurappa,I saw   your devotees becoming ecstatic,
Oh Guruvayurappa,I saw the beauty of Pananquin on the elephant,
Oh Guruvayurappa, I saw your form   that   puts an end to fate,
Oh Guruvayurappa, I forgot  the strength of the early morning cold,
Oh Guruvayurappa, I was anxious to see you   and I  was able to see your divine form,
Oh Guruvayurappa, I saw little babes    eating rice,
Oh Guruvayurappa, I saw the prettiness of  your cheeks with pretty  dimples  when you smile,
Oh Guruvayurappa, Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna  who is of the    colour of the cloud,
Oh Guruvayurappa, your  lotus like feet is my only refuge

Tamil text by  Kumar  Ramanathan

ஸ்ரீ குருவாயூரப்பன் எழில் அழகு பீலி தலையில் அசையக்கண்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
முகத்தில் புன்னகை தவழக் கண்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
சந்தனமெங்கும் மணக்க கண்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
துலாபாரம் தூக்கக் கண்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
ஓடக்குழலின் ஓசையை கேட்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
ஓம் ஓம் என்னும் ஒலியை கேட்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
பஞ்ச வாத்யம் முழங்கக் கேட்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
பக்தர்கள் பரவசம் அடைய கண்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
வேழச் சிவிகையின் எழிலை கண்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
வினை தீர்க்கும் வடிவம் கண்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
காலை குளிரின் கடுமையை மறந்தேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
காணத் துடித்தேன் கண்டேன் தரிசனம் குருவாயூரப்பா
குழந்தைகள் சாதம் உண்னக் கண்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
குமிழ் சிரிப்பின் இதழகைக் கண்டேன் குருவாயூரப்பா
கண்ணா கண்ணா கார் முகில் வண்ணா குருவாயூரப்பா
உன் திருவடி மலரே சரணம் சரணம் குருவாயூரப்பா! !

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Try to catch God’s blessings

Try to catch  God’s blessings


(Based i on a story   told by Sri Sukhi Sivam which I got from Whatsapp. My acknowledgements to   that great scholar)

It was a village deep in South india,
Where in people walked  one  mile,
To the river   to bring a pot of water,
And one day  the  skies  opened up,
And there was a heavey downpour of rain,
And the grandma   called her  grand daughter,
And said “Please keep  the big vessel  in the rain,
So that   we can get  lots and lots of water.”
But  the little one was reluctant   and when chided,
Dragged  a big vessel    and kept it in the rain ,
And  after the rain  , with great expectations  ,
Of lots and lots of water , the grandma ,
Went outside , only to see  that ,
The vessel was closed   with a lid,
And  there was not even a   single  drop of water saved

God  showers   his blessings    like a torrential  rain,
With   an open mind  , you could catch it all ,
But with a closed  mind , you would not get even a drop,

And so when you lack God’s blessings , blame yourselves and not God

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Philosophy of life taught by our food

Philosophy of life taught  by our food


(It is only a rewriting  in my own style what I got  free  in Tamil through whatsapp .I thank the original author)

Defeat   is like asafoetida ,
It would be bitter  to taste,
But if mixed  in sambhar the victory,
It would   add    aroma   to it
(Without defeats victory is inspid)

Be  always  like a  pressure   cooker,
When pressure mounts ,
Celebrate  it  by whisting,
And let out   all pressure.
(Let out tension by celebrating)

Aim  in  our  life    as well   as ,
An egg    are   greatly   fragile,
Once it slips   it   breaks.
(Be stable   with your aims)

Laziness  is like   the stalk  of chillies
For  adding pungency, It   should  be nipped.
(Laziness should be nipped off for adding pungency to life)

Life   is complicated  like Idiyappam(rice noodles),
If  you add  the love   called coconut milk ,
Complications    would  indeed disappear
(Love   removes knots and complications)

Lie   is as slippery as   noodles,
But Truth    is   as stable as an Idli.
(Lies  give  temporary  victory only)

Anger  is   much more  like salt ,
When used in excess , life is not tastey.
(Too much anger  leads us no where)

Delayed   victory  is like fried  savouries,
WE   get   after   we loose our teeth ,
You cannot enjoy   what    you get.
(you should get everything in time )

Formula  for  self confidence ,
Is like   the recipes  we get for cooking,
Using them properly  is in your  hands.
(Achieving  victory by using  known methods  are in your hands)

Achieving  victory  is like cooking Idli,
Only after  you cook  you will know,
Whether it is useful  or well cooked
(Only after   completion of a job , we know whether   we have won or not)

Enjoying victory  is like  eating Idli,
Without  friends to share , yoiu cannot enjoy,
And without side dishes  Idli  would  not be tastey

(to enjoy anything , company is needed)