Monday, May 21, 2018

Software developer as groom?

Software  developer  as  groom?


In reply   to a  matrimonial   ad  ,  a groom  said  .
I  develop  software  for  any thing and everything
The girl   who was   an HRD   expert.  
The parent  of the   girl   asked her  opinion ,
And she said, “ Seems to be  okay , dad,
“He   would never   ask me to do anything ,
As he is accustomed to do everything  himself.
Perhaps    the only   problem that  I can foresee,
Is that  ,  for anything    and everything , he would say  ,
“I know  that” , though  he may  not know  anything about it ,
And if I get   really upset    with him  for not  understanding me ,
“He would say, “Daring sorry , I know   you are always right  ,
But  it would take  my software   brain , lots  of time  ,
And testing   and Okaying   again and again  , to say Okay to you,”

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Oh God , I am the one who is wrong

Oh God , I am the one who is wrong

Rewritten  by

(Based on a pretty write up by my friend   Sri vasu Iyengar   in tamil.Thanks to him for making me realize , my mistakes)

I said  , I was  leading a  life .
As per  God’s will  and they ask me,
Have you ever seen God  ,
And when did he   tell you  about his will.

I  said  that  the  society    has many ills ,
And there  is a need   to  reform them.
Have you carried out   all those reforms  ,
In your own home   and in your family, they  asked

I said   there  is a need to clean the   environment,
And I stopped people   from throwing  rubbish on roads,
And they   told me , WE want  to keep our home clean,
If you do not want , we will put all  this in your home

 When I   stared   at neighbour’s ynmarried daughter,
Going almost    dress less   along     with  some gent ,
Who did not appear  to me  of decent sort  , they tell me,
Do not stare  with evil eye   and  please  let others enjoy life.

When I stopped a car on the road  coming with great  speed,
Overtaking on left  and that to  coming on right  instead  of left ,
They told me , “granpa , these   are  all  none  of your business,
And if you want to be safe , do not follow   any of these  silly rules.”

When some  one  whose   only   job   was   troubling others ,
Comes with an artificial smile   during   election  , to ask for vote,
If I poing out   to the person , all that  need to be   done  in my locality,
My locality  people ask me   to shut up  as the person seeking vote is influential.

When I went   to the provision store  and   pointed   out  ,
That  everything  is adulterated   , that  owner  laughed at me,
And told , “You are  the only person    who does   not seem,
To be adulerated and if   you insist , none of us   would get food.

Oh God , give me

Oh  God , give  me

Translated  by

Belly  full of food  , even if  income is less ,
Healthy  life   without  sickness, even if , my life span is less,
Loving    relations and friends , even if  my wealth is less ,
Friends   who give even then  their life for me , even if   number of relations are less,
A job   when I  need not cheat  any body , even if my   qualification is less,
A mind devoted to God  , even if my prosperity is less ,
A mind which feels the pain of others, even if  I have  less health ,
A mind which asks me to give to others, Even if i have mountains of wealth

Musings of Raja Thatha , at the command of god

Musings of Raja  Thatha  , at the command of god

Raja  Thatha

I do not know ,  why  i came,
I do not know  ,why I grew up,
I do not know, Why I am living
I do not know, where  I am going,
I do not know, when I will reach there,
I do not know  , how far  I have to travel ,
Oh  son of Lord shiva
Who  is  the god within me ,

Please   for god’s sake  (oh no, your sake)

Destroy my pride,
Create  a feeling , that  I am nothing
Make me feel that  I am only a  cog in your wheel

Hey  , I   am erring   and you   are keeping   quite

When everything is you,
Why  you create this   thought of me  within me,
In this world, where not even,
A fist  of mud   is mine,
And where i am not sure ,
What   would happen  in the next minute

Am I permitted  to write Oh God ,
“This is written by Raja thatha,”
When it was    you  who made .
That thatha  old,
Made  him learn  to type,
Gave  him a lap top ,
And moved   his fingers ,
So that    this has  been typed
(ofcourse   including   this last para  )

Saturday, May 19, 2018

New Summary of Gita by me

New  Summary of Gita  by me


(I   got  inspiration    to write  this after   reading  “Gita Sar” in Hindi)

Q.How can I be troubled  by my own brothers?
How can I kill   my teachers  , brothers  and Uncles?

A.The soul  in you   can never  be  troubled  or killed,
Nor can you   trouble  or kill the   soul  of some one else,
And so no one      has    ever   troubled   you  ,
And  a revenge   towards   any one else   does not arise.

Q WE  earned  by our   own   efficiency  lots of things,
And  we are sorry   that those   were   taken away by some one   by deceiving us?

You did not   bring   anything  with you  ,
Nor can  you take   anything   away with you  from here,
No one can  give  or take     what   was not yours ,
And where  is the question  of feeling sorry for it.

Q. Our   father’s brother  cheated   us    and
No one helped   us  and I am sad   about  it?

Never feel sorry    for all that  happened in  the past ,
Never   worry about   what is going   to happen in future,
But   only think about    what is happening   to you now,
And if you  follow this teaching , you will never  be sad.

Q.My brother’s took away what   was ours  and was  it not unjust?

What you   claim    as belonging to you today,
Belonged    to some one else     somewhere,
And is going   to belong    to  some one  else in future,
And where is the question  of some one  taking away what was yours?

Q.We suffered  a lot  and we are  going to take revenge,Who can prevent it?

What you intend to do , is  the God’s intention,
What you did   earlier was    the God’s will .
And what you are doing now   cannot be done by you,
If God thinks  that   you are  not going to do it  .

Sinning against parents and teacher

Sinning against  parents and teacher
(Quoted from  Vaidhyanatha  deekshitheeyam)

English translation by

(I saw this with tamil translation in Whatsapp.When most of us  do not think  that Abortion  is a sin , Possibly , we need not bother   about  sinning against parents or teacher   also. ) 
उपाध्यायं पितरं मातरं वा ये द्रुह्यन्ति मनसा कर्मणा वा
तेषां पापं भ्रूणहत्त्याविशिष्टं नान्यस्तेभ्यः पापकृदस्ति लोक ।।

உபாத்யாயம் பிதரம் மாதரம் வா யே த்ருஹ்யந்தி மநஸா கர்மநா வா |
தேஷாம் பாபம் ப்ரூணஹத்யாவிஶிஷ்டம் நாந்யஸ்தேப்ய: பாபக்ருதந்தி லோக || 

Upadhyayam  , pithram  , matharam va  ye ,
Druhyanthi  manasa  karmana  vaa,
Thessam papam   bruna hathyaavisishtam,
Nanyasthebhya papa  kruthanthi lokaa

Sage Vyasa
 Those  who by mind or act  , bear malice  or hatread,
Towards   their   teacher  , father  or mother ,
Are committing a  much greater  sin  than abortion,
There are  no greater   sinners than them in this    world

உபாத்யாயர், பிதா, மாதா இவர்களுக்கு எவர்கள் மனதினாலாவது, செயலாலாவது த்ரோகம் செய்கின்றனரோ, அவர்களுக்கு, ப்ரூணஹத்தியை விட அதிகமான பாபம் ஏற்படும். அவர்களைவிட வேறு பாபி உலகில் இல்லை.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Mahalingeswara Temple, Puttur (SK)

Mahalingeswara   Temple, Puttur  (SK)

Compiled by

(There  is a g huge temple pilgrimage    going to temples of South Kanara  District of Karnataka  .Maost of them pass very near  by this temple  but do not visit it  .Near   the temple   there  is also a chilsdren’s zoo   established  in memory   of the Great Siva  Rama Karanth  .He was the first one to write a  Children’s encyclopedia   in India,)

Once up on a   time three   Brahmins went to Benares    and all three of them were returning back   to their homes along with a  Shiva linga each, which they were   carrying in a box. . On the way they  reached Uppinangady(SK)  which was known as  Gaya Pada Kshethra .Two of   the Brahmins decided   to stay  there itself but one of them along with his Shiva  Linga  reached  Puttue which was   during those times ruled by  Banga king.  It seems on the day he reached Puttur, the sister  of the  king   of Puthur was   in great labour pains  .When the  minister  of the king approached   the Brahmin, he took out   his Shiva  Linga, kept it on the floor   and did Pooja   and blessed the princess  . She had an easy delivery and was saved .The king gave lot of presents to the Brahmin but when the Brahmin wanted   to remove    the Shiva Linga from the floor, he found that   he was not able to move the linga. The   king sent his entire army to help him but they were  not able to move it.Then the royal elephant was brought  .But when it tried to move the Linga  , the k Linga became very huge  and still when the   elephant tried   it seems the elephant   broke in to pieces   and fell in different parts

        The place the tusk(kombu)   fell was  called  as Kombettu
        The place where  its leg fell   was called  Kariyala
         The  place where  its trunk fell was   called Kalpala
        The place   where its tail fell was  calledBeedimajlu
        The place   where  its head fell was   called  Taleppady
        The  place  where  its  back fell was called Beripadavu 
                  (all  these places   are existing even today)

The elephant died   falling in the temple tank  and   even today devotees believe that  any elephant drinking   water  of that tank will die.
       The Nandi   in this temple has only three legs. There  is a story behind it. It seems the   farmers roiund the temple found that   crops were eaten by  some animal at night. So they  waited with a big knife and threw it at that animal, when they heard some sound.Later  only they realised  it was   the Nandi of the temple   and they have cut off  , one of his legs. Other sub temples inside the temple are   that of Dharma sastha , Parvathi and Ganapathi

       The  following festivals    are celebrated  in  the temple:-

1.Nagara  Panchami  (Panchami of Sravana  month)
2.Kadiu (On Hastha  Nakshatra of Bhadrapada  Shukla)
3.Ganesh Chathruthi
4.Nava Rathri
5.Bali festival on Deepavalu
6.Pookare  Uthsava   on Hastha  Nakshatra   of Karthika month
7.Laksha deepothsava   and Thepothsava   amavasya night  on Karthika month
8.Makara  Sankrama
9.Shiva Rathri
10 annual Jaatre(festival)   April 10th to 20th
11.Pattananje   End of may every year

Contact particulars
Executive Officer,
Shree Mahalingeshwra Temple,
Endowments Department,
Puttur, Dakshina Kannada,
Karnataka, INDIA.
PIN Code : 574 201

Tel : 91 82511 230511
Email :

       The temple is about 52  km from  Mangalore   and  72 km from Dharma Sthala temple