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I was   translating a prayer.

I n one place it has been told
If a widow   chants it, she will die quickly!

In another  place it has been told
If a widow   chants it,
In her  next birth   she will not become a widow

I was shocked.My mind went back to my   childhood.

When I think of  my child hood I remember some young ladies  with head shaved  completely  . After  growing up I came to know  that they were widows , I also remember a common word of abuse  among Brahmins  , which I much latter knew that it means “Widow”.Over time when I came to know  about of the plight  of those  fourth class  citizens of the community, I felt sad.When I was young my father told me that  they are not elegible for properties of their husband  or father.
   My uncle told me a Sanskrit sloka , which said, one widow  will destroy a family, two the street, three  the country
   Later  I read about  Easwar Chandra Vidhya Sagar of Bengal   who fought against society  for permitting them to get  married again,

    When I was a boy I came to know that  ladies of Brahmin families  considered  them as  ill omen.I also came to know that if they do not shave their head( ie give away  their beauty) they were kept  outside the society.I heard about  Matas of Hindus where such  widows are not permitted to enter

I then read my translation of Vamiki Rammayana  to see whether  the  widows of Dasaratha  lived a normal life.  In the chapter on Rama Pattabisheka the following  a verse occurs

Afterwards the  very joyful Kausalya   who loved her sons   made  auspicious decoration of  the wives of all monkeys  with   great effort.                                                                                                          128.18

Which clearly indicated that Kausalya  was alive when Rama returned  and had a honourable position.

    WE all know   About the role Kunti the widow of Pandu played in making her sons great.

Things have changed a lot  .I personally know  few widows in a family  known to me, who  had remarried and leading a happy  married life.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Golden words of advice

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Golden words of advice

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(I was charmed by the simplicity abd grandeur  of these advices  which were in Tamil. They were in whatsapp .I do not know   who is the author.I found a tamil video on it  )

Some wounds  get cured by medicine
Others  by  forgetting

Luxury takes you to destruction
Health  gives you good life

Problems   for man,
Because of it worship to God

When poverty comes   you should not fade,
When  prosperity  comes   you should not   dance

A hero  never dies
A coward  never lives

It is better to go slow   on a right road,
Than going fast  in a wrong road

I do not have  beauty   for you to admire,
But I have  vacancy in my heart   for you to stay

Man knows ABCD but does not  know how to stand in Q
Ants do not know ABCD but they know how to go in G

Stand opposing 1000 people,
But do not stand expecting  one person

Take loan if you need,
But do not take  it, because  it is available

The blood  of Black Man is red,
The  shadow of red man  is black

If you  want to get married  it is desire,
But if you live forever  happy after that it is  great desire

Those   who worked hard  never went forward,
But  those whp  worked with concentration   went forward

Sweat  may be salty,
But  it would turn life in to sweet

Whether   it is loan or  it is love,,
Your greatness lies in returning it

Wich living relative is important  ,
Is determined  by lifeless  money

Gie loan, you will know  what a great  fool you are,
Ask for loan you will how the other man is wise

Give money   to others, they will praise you,
Ask  the given money back, they would throw mud at you

It is a lie  that people decieve  by going on talking,
It is true  that we  get deceived  by their talk

He who purchases everything his wife  desires is intelligent,
He who promises   to purchase and manages like that is efficient

Half the  worries are  imaginary
And others   are temporary

He who searches problems wthin himself   succeeds,
And he   searches problems in others is scandalized

There is a place in home for  cut off slipper
But there is no place  there    for the dead  body

Falling down is pain,
Getting up afterwards is  greatness

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Problems caused by Sani after Sani Peyarchi and what can be done

Problems caused by Sani after Sani Peyarchi and what can be done

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On January 24th Saturn is leaving the Dhanu Rasi and entering the Makara rasi .according to Drik Panchangams
This would mean that
1.It will not be ashtamathil sani for those born in Rishabha rasi (Karthikai 2,34, Rohini , Mreigaeersham 1,2 Padams)
2. It would not be Ezharai Sani (sade sathi) period for those who are born in Vruschiga Rasi ( Visagam 4th padam, Anusham and kettai)
3.It would not be Janma Sani for those born in Dhanu Rasi(Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradam 1padam) )
4.Ashtamathil Sani would start for those who are born in Mithuna Rasi (Mrugaseersham 3, 4 padam, THiruvadirai, Punartham 1,2,3 padam)
5.Ezharai sani (sade sathi) would start for those born in Kuumbha rasi Rasi (Avittam 3,4, Chadayam, pororattathi 1,2,3)
6.Janma sani would start for those born in Makara rasi (Uthradam 2,3.4. thiruonam and Avittam 1,2 padam) )
A general prediction would be
1. Those born in Rishabha rasi and vruschiga Rasi would get rid of all problems caused to them by Sani.(it is recommended that they do an archana to Lord Sani on 24th.
2. Those born in Mithuna rasi and Kumbha rasi would start facing problems due to Sani*
3. Those born in Dhanu rasi would find their problems to be of reduced intensity.
4. Those born in Makara Rasi would find their problems of increased intensity .
What type of problems and how intense etc would be decided by the position of Sani in their horoscope as well as power of Sani in their horoscope and these can only be predicted by an astrologer after thoroughly studying a person’s horoscope
I have been finding that those who with faith read the “Sani Vajra Panjarika Kavacham “ or hear it on Saturdays , would find that their problems becomes manageable as told in the Kavacham
If the son of Sun God is in eighth(ashtamathil sani ), twelfth, first or second house,(ezhara sani) m
By daily reading or hearing this Kavacham , no misery would ever be caused due to sani
This is true to a very large extent .
You can find the Kavacham with english translation in…/sani-vajra-panjarika-stot…
Worship of Lord Hanuman or Lord Venkatachalapathy or Lord Ayyappa on Saturdays have also been found beneficial.
Reading of Kurma stotram (…/prayers-to-kurma-avathar… ) or chanting of Hanuman chalisa…/… or chanting Prayer addressed to Lord Narasimha by Sanischara (…/nrusimha-sthuthi-by-sana… ) on Saturdays by Sri Vaishnavites

Saturday, January 18, 2020

My Celebration of birthday

My  Celebration of birthday

Raja Thatha

    I decided  not to cut a cake  nor   blow the candle. WE placed a lamp and all round it  we kept  cups of  Gulab Jamun(my most favourite sweet ) ,Before  a small  group  of Brother, cousin, daughter  and children, I (80 year old Raja Thatha) lit the lamp.All people sang

Pasyama Sarada  SAtham,
Jeevama  SArada SAtrham
Nandama   Sarada Satham

May he see   hundred autumns
May he live hundred   autumns
May he   enjoy hundred Autums

As well  “Happy birth day to you Raja Thatha,”

I distributed the cups of Gulan Jamuns  to every one present and ate my favourite  Gulab Jamun

I felt immensely happy

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Why bulls and cows work for men?

Why  bulls and cows work for men?


(Based on a folk tale  told by my daughter Mrs Meera Venkatesan)

One   day  Lord Shiva   called  his Nandi,
And told him, “Go to earth,
And tell     all those  human beings there,
To daily take bath and  take food  once ina month”

Lord Nandi    did go  but   instead  told them all,
Daily take food and  take bath once   in amonth,
And they started   following it and there  was,
Great   sacarcity for food and intense   bad smell.

Lord Shiva   when he   came to know called Nandi and told.
“it is your mistake  , go down to earth    and help them,
To produce more food”and  Lord Nandi   went back,
And started   working day and night  to produce food.

Lord Shiva   then sent the serpent on his neck   to earth,
To scare  all human beings  to daily     take bath,
And that  serpent came and hissed   at human beings,
“If you do not take bath, I will  bite you”   and all of them took bath regularly

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Twenty years after I retired from service God made me a ………………..

Twenty years   after I retired from service  God made me  a  ………………..

1. person who has translated  2000 prayers  written in four languages  to English
2. person  who has translated  3000 songs   written in  six  different languages  to English
3.person who has translated  three  different versions  of Ramayanam written in three different languages  to English
4.person  who has translated Abhirami  Andathi  to English andathi
5.One of the persons  who has  translated Narayaneeyam in to English
6. person   who has translated  complete  stora works of poonthanam in to English
7.person who has translated Devi Narayaneeyam to English
8.person who translated  entire Vikramadhithya stories  and poated on line
9.One the few persons  who has translated  Gita  in to English poem
10.person who has translated  21 minor  Upanishads to English

Lord Ayyappa has become lonely again

Lord Ayyappa    has become lonely again

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(I was greatly moved by this Malayalam poem in whatsapp)

After month of Makaram, devotees have  got down from mountain,
Anf again Mani Kanta has become all alone,
Wild elephants,   tigers  , cheetah ,
Have again ncome to keep him company

The statue which was  taking Bath in ghee,
Has been drowned in sacred   ash and resting,
 The Thathwamasi has   started  doing Thapas,
And wheel of time started rotating again,

The forest where crores and crores were standing,
Has once again become   empty,
The priest and his Lord Ayyappa,
Except for them  are there any  other human beings there

മകരം കഴിഞ്ഞു മലയിറങ്ങി ഭക്തർ...
മണികണ്ഠൻ വീണ്ടും തനിച്ചായി...
കാട്ടാനകൾ.. കടുവാ.. പുലികൾ..
കൂട്ടിനായ് വീണ്ടും വരികയായി...

നെയ്യിൽ കുളിച്ചൊരാ വിഗ്രഹം വീണ്ടും..
ഭസ്മത്തിൽ മുങ്ങിയിരുപ്പായി..
തത്വമസി വീണ്ടും തപസ്സിലായി..
കാലചക്രം വീണ്ടും കറക്കമായി...

കോടാനു കോടികൾ കൂടിനിന്ന..
കാടെന്തു സൂന്യമായ് മാറിടുന്നു..
തിരുമേനിയും തൻ അയ്യപ്പനും ..
അല്ലാതിവിടുണ്ടോ മറ്റൊരു മർത്യജനം..