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Old age secrets

Old   age secrets

Trichy N.A.Prasannan

Translated in to english by

(This is a remarkable well written document written in Tamil  .I have translated it  so that, those who do not know Tamil  can read it. Very many thanks  Sri Prasannan)

1.For all my friends   who have retired

2.Life’s secrets  in one word Before middle   age do not get scared and after  middle age  do  not be sorry

3.When you can enjoy life and do not wait till you  become old and not able to walk. AS far as possible  Visit all  the places that  you desire to see

4.Whenever you get chance spend  time with   your  old time friends  and collegues.Enjoyment does not mean only eating

5.The money in the bank may not be yours. Spend when needed. You are becoming old  , look after  yourself well as much as  possible.

6.Eat all that   you want   for this helps you to be happy

7.Eat  healthy food as far as possible  , but that  is not everything .Avoid food which affects health .If there is no other option   eat less of that

8.Seek treatment for diseases with a hope that  you will get cured. Whether you are rich or poor , you have to   face old age  diseases.

9.When you become  sick do not get scared or worried. Finish off  all uncompleted  responsibilities  quickly .By doing this  you can say “bye”  without any sorrow.

10.Let doctors treat  your body .Let God and nature   control your soul .But  you only are  responsible to your state  of mind.

11.If by worrying  , your diseases  can get cured, by all means worry, If worries  is going to increase  your life span  , please worry.If worries can make you happy  , by all means worry.

12.Our children would make good choice and life  by themselves

13.Take care  of the following great  treasures

1.Your body –by  taking care of it your confidence  will increase
2.Your savings  -Keep it under   your control. You may not know   when you need it
3.Your  old  aged partner- No one can say which partner will go first  and so every moment with them is a golden moment
4.Your young age friends=The chances  of meeting them would keep  on reducing

14.The   things that  you should do daily
1.Live with a smiling  face
2.Laugh  heartily

       15.The running water  never runs back.Life is also like that. Keep it happy.

My dear   senior citizens
  1.Do not get scared  of old age
2.Do not think  old age  is a curse but think it as a  boon

Monday, September 17, 2018

Please do not throw your stored garbage on me

Please   do not throw  your  stored garbage on me


(Many of  us shout at others  for no reason at all. After  one or two such shouting  when we became calm, we claim   that we   are   short tempered. “The law of the Garbage   truck” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRd6_4CxNas ) is about such persons  .I have just written it in my own words.)

One day I engaged   a taxi to go somewhere,
On the way one rashly driven car was about  to his us,
And due to the expertise   of our   driver  ,
I was saved  and our taxi   stopped  little ahead.

The driver of the car  which was   about   to kill us,
Got down and shouted   at  my driver   who simply smiled,
And waved him off and I was    shocked   as well as  surprised,
And asked. “Thank you   for saving me  but why did you smile at  our murderer”

My Taxi driver told me “That driver  has  stored  lots of anger,
Disappointments, jealousies, frustrations   and  hatred , deep   within his mind”
And he was waiting   to offload    all that   garbage  on some one else,
And I happened   to be the reciever but I did not want to get  it from him”

“So I simply waved   him away  and I would go home with a  clean mind,
And  his garbage   would have increased, due to my refusing to accept it,
And he would be wandering all over the world  in search of a garbage  can,
So that   he can hand over all   that scum to some one else and make him sad.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

In the heaven of lonely Hell

In the  heaven of lonely  Hell


(Based  on a tamil whatsapp  message  from a group called Hell   which   some old man forwarded.
Dedicated  to all lonely  old people   all over  India) 

With blessings of God , we gave birth,
To son  and a   daughter  , educated  them,
Established  them   in a   very good position,
And  got them married to a   very good  person
And they went  away  to  some other   town ,
In   some other state   or some other country .

WE become lonely  in our   own bustling home ,
In which we have  lived    for seventy long years ,
WE walked   through  own home   and remembered  ,
“Here it was   where  my daughter   studied,
Here it was  where  my son  played caroms ,
Here  is the window  which he broke while playing cricket.”

Just  like an archaeological   scientists  me and  my lady ,
With our   eyes   filled   with flowing tears saw  all over our home and then,
My lady   entered  the kitchen and did   not know how  much and what  to cook,
To these  two  oldies  because  , whatever  she  cooks will  always be  more,
And  also  almost all vegetables    and cereals   were  not suitable to them,
And I just   sat   in my old chair   and cried    , knowing well that  i should not.

Suppose we both thought   that  we will go to their  place,
The travel whether it is in a bus or train or plane  was a torture,
Buses  would not stop   in places   for us  to relieve ourselves,
In trains   we  would not get  lower berth  and in planes,
To sit like dolls   in those horrible    chairs  is indeed  a torture,
Apart   from that  is torture  of getting Ola  and Uber in time with reasonable charge

Apart   from that when we   thought of   climbing   the stair cases ,
In  stations, airports  , metros   etc etc  it made  us shiver,
So  we decided  that  we would  see, chat   and play  ,
With our children  in video call  ,  whatsapp  or Skype,
But always  they   would be busy just at that  time in some office,
Or busy purchasing   things   in Malls or in beauty parlours.

They will say  , “Pa  , is it urgent  “ and  they cut  off the phone ,
And  they would  call us   ten days  later and enquire  , why we called them,
And   inform   us that it was time   for them   to sleep   or eat  lunch or dinner.
Though we  do love  our grand children  more than them,
Their lingua   and style  of  their  talk    scared  us  as we did  not,
Understand  each other and phone was kept back in a jiffy.

In some rare  occasions    , when we   were able  see  the children in Skype,
They  would  say “Hi thatha  , thathi ,  we are busy    and would  talk to you later.”
WE both   also  did  not understand  how to make  ourselves   attractive to them.
Realizing that  our life is here  in our lonely home ,  we start living there
But  soon  start hating the TV  for its  lies  , vulgar dances  and shows far  beyond culture,
And slowly  our own home became    an old age home   for two people.

Due to Whatsapp   and Face book  , we were  able to retain our sanity ,
The silly forwards   by so called friends , the photos  posted ,
By our children daily  in the d face  book    are our only entertainment
But when our    friends and relatives   asked  us   “how    are you both?”  ,
We do say “Superb with children and grandchildren”  though  ,
IN reality  we  should tell  them with  tears “In horrible  loneliness”

Who is God?

Who is God?

Poet Kannadasan replies and  Sri P.R.Ramachander   tries to understand.

Poet Kannadasan was an atheist and became later as a great believer in God  . At that time   some of his old friends    came to him    and requested  him    to show them the God . What he replied in Tamil  is given after  this effort of translation. It is extremely   difficult to understand  .I have tried my best     and put   all that the  great poet told in my own words,I hope possibly now you will understand  a little of the great words of the poet.( http://www.manithatheni.com/2018/05/blog-post_43.html )

Understand the  person  who  rules   the  world
Without anything   and  without  even understanding it-
He is God

Understand  the  person who  puts a    drop of air  ,
Within  a body  with nine holes and releases  it in this world ,
He is God

Follow the  person who becomes a  relation to all those ,
Who saw everything as  bitter  and  are completely   detached,
He is God

Understand a  person who is   like  the  flesh of coconut,
Within  a tender    coconut  ,
He is God

Understand the  person living   inside a water   spring,
Falling    from top to bottom  ,constantly   cleaning the soul ,
He is God

Seek   the  person  driving  the   chariot of wisdom ,
In the expanse  of sky in a  round wheel of intelligence  ,
He is God.

Think of the person who removes  the flower of heart  ,
If it opens as desire   in   the forest of  five flowers ,
He is God.

Follow him  who gave eyes to those  who  learn ,
And  hands to those   who do not have anything,
And who  is the creator of your parents ,
He is God.

The one who solves   your problems , when you suffer
Understands   the changes in your heart . solves your fear
And grants you solace,
He is God

He who feeds  the  insect   within the stone,
And baby inside   the womb from inside 
And who eats with them   and enjoys with   them,
He is God

The one   who is  above the  first  and below the end,
Would come running to help you,
Understand  him, 
He is god

The one who makes  fire hot and water cold
Is the  one who   has kept white   inside black,
See  him with a light  inside your  heart   ,
He is God

Expanding with in  the heart  and becoming a part of it,,
He would show that  he is there without any form,
He is  God

He has kept egg  inside the hen and   hen inside the egg,
He has kept a progeny  even to a banana plant  
And He is  a poor one,
He is God.

He maintains and rotates  souls in his wheel,
Makes them  forget   who they were,
He is  God  ,

He makes   good and bad days even to the great and rich,
He is the   one who   carries out this drama ,
He   is God

Kannadasan’s words in Tamil

🙏 பூஜ்ஜியத்துக்குள்ளே ஒரு ராஜ்ஜியத்தை ஆண்டுகொண்டு புரியாமலே இருப்பான் ஒருவன் - அவனைப் புரிந்துகொண்டால் அவன்தான் இறைவன்

🙏, It ,

ஒருதுளிக் காற்றை வைத்து
சந்தையில் விற்றுவிட்டான் ஒருவன் -அவன் தடம் தெரிந்தால் அவன்தான் இறைவன்

🙏முற்றும் கசந்ததென்று
பற்றறுத்து வந்தவர்க்கு சுற்றமென நின்றிருப்பான் ஒருவன் - அவனைத்
தொடர்ந்து சென்றால் அவன்தான் இறைவன்

🙏தென்னை இளநீருக்குள்ளே
தேங்கியுள்ள ஓட்டுக்குள்ளே
தேங்காயைப் போலிருப்பான் ஒருவன் - அவனைத்
தெரிந்து கொண்டால் அவன்தான் இறைவன்

🙏வெள்ளருவிக் குள்ளிருந்து
மேலிருந்து கீழ்விழுந்து
உள்ளுயிரைச் சுத்தம் செய்வான் ஒருவன் - அவனை
உணர்ந்து கொண்டால் அவன்தான் இறைவன்

🙏வானவெளிப் பட்டணத்தில்
வட்டமதிச் சக்கரத்தில்
ஞானரதம் ஓட்டிவரும் ஒருவன் - அவனை
நாடிவிட்டால் அவன்தான் இறைவன்

🙏அஞ்சுமலர்க் காட்டுக்குள்ளே
ஆசைமலர் பூத்திருந்தால்
நெஞ்சமலர் நீக்கிவிடும் ஒருவன் - அவனை
நினைத்துக்கொண்டால் அவன்தான் இறைவன்

🙏கற்றவர்க்குக் கண் கொடுப்பான்
அற்றவர்க்குக் கை கொடுப்பான்
பெற்றவரைப் பெற்றெடுத்த ஒருவன் - அவனை
பின்தொடர்ந்தால் அவன்தான் இறைவன்

🙏பஞ்சுபடும் பாடுபடும்
நெஞ்சுபடும் பாடறிந்து
அஞ்சுதலைத் தீர்த்துவைப்பான் ஒருவன் - அவன்தான்
ஆறுதலைத் தந்தருளும் இறைவன்

🙏கல்லிருக்கும் தேரைகண்டு
கருவிருக்கும் பிள்ளை கண்டு
உள்ளிருந்து ஊட்டிவைப்பான் ஒருவன் - அதை
உண்டுகளிப் போர்க்கவனே இறைவன்

🙏முதலினுக்கு மேலிருப்பான்
முடிவினுக்குக் கீழிருப்பான்
உதவிக்கு ஓடிவரும் ஒருவன் - அவனை
உணர்ந்து கொண்டால் அவன்தான் இறைவன்

🙏நெருப்பினில் சூடு வைத்தான்
நீரினில் குளிர்ச்சி வைத்தான்
கறுப்பிலும் வெண்மை வைத்தான் ஒருவன் - உள்ளம்
கனிந்து கண்டால் அவன்தான் இறைவன்

🙏உள்ளத்தின் உள் விளங்கி
உள்ளுக் குள்ளே அடங்கி
உண்டென்று காட்டிவிட்டான் ஒருவன் - ஓர்
உருவமில்லா அவன்தான் இறைவன்.

🙏கோழிக்குள் முட்டை வைத்து
முட்டைக்குள் கோழி வைத்து
வாழைக்கும் கன்றுவைத்தான் ஒருவன் - அந்த
ஏழையின் பேர் உலகில் இறைவன்

🙏சின்னஞ்சிறு சக்கரத்தில்
ஜீவன்களைச் சுற்ற வைத்து
தன்மைமறந்தே இருக்கும் ஒருவன் - அவனைத்
தழுவிக் கொண்டால் அவன்தான் இறைவன்

🙏தான் பெரிய வீரனென்று
தலை நிமிர்ந்து வாழ்பவர்க்கும்
நாள் குறித்துக் கூட்டிச்செல்லும் ஒருவன் - அவன்தான்
நாடகத்தை ஆடவைத்த இறைவன்!

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Ubuntu-I am happy because we are


Rewritten by

One  scientist   devised  a new game in Africa,
He kept a  basket full of sweets  hundred feet away,
Amd told   fifty children   that  , the one  ,
Who reaches   first   the basket  would get all  the sweets.

They all smiled, held   each others   hand tightly  ,
Ran together  , reached  the basket together  ,
And divided   the sweets   equally among themselves,
And the scientist was aghast and   asked them why?

They all  said in chorus  in a very loud  voice “Ubuntu”
Which in their  language  meant , “How can any one ,
Be happy ,  when all his    friends   are sad” and the scientist,
Understood “I am happy  because   we are-Ubuntu”

To get the paper called money

To get   the paper  called  money

Translated by

Some people  loose  their  affection and love,
Some  people losse   their culture
Some people loose   their friendship
Some people loose their relations
Some   people loose   their virtue
Some people  loose their honesty
Some people   loose   their religion
Some people loose   their humanity
Some people  loose   their youth

Some people loose   even their life?

The wife who does nothing!

The wife   who does nothing!


(Based in an essay in Malayalam. Thanks to author)

One day   a husband  returned   to his home from  his office ,
All his children   were  playing   in their drawing room,
All their school bags    and Tiffin bags    were  lying on  their sofa,
The TV   was running  but no one   seemed to be watching it.

The dining table   was dirty with unwashed  plates  ,
Spilled   food items    and   half   full   vessels.
The door of their fridge   was   half open,
And he entered their kitchen in search of her.

It was a mess and dirty  smelling and  unwashed  vessels were lying,
He went to the next room, the dresses  he had changed ,
IN the morning   along with children’s cloth   were lying on the floor,
And he turned  to the children  and shouted “Where is your mummy?”

They said, “She is inside    and continued   with their  play  ,
He entered   their bed room and asked   her  with concern “What happened?”
She said “Nothing “   and then he asked her  , “Everything  in our home,
Seems to be in a  mess  , What really happened   to you?”

She smiled   and told him, ”You normally  ask me  , what do I  do,
At home when  you go to  your  office , is it not  ?” he nodded his head,
She said  , “I wanted   to answer   your question , I did not do anything  today”
And then that husband understood    what  all things she  keeps on doing , all the day.”