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Thiruvaarpu Agraharam Kottayam District and the Krishna temple in the village

Thiruvaarpu Agraharam  Kottayam District and the  Krishna temple in the village

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a.The agraharam

This is a village near Kottayam (7 km) and is only 20-30 miles from Monkombu. This village had about 20-30 houses in the eighteenth century and was on the   shores of Meenachilaru  The village was named after a  1500 year  old  Sree Krishna temple in it. The boatman of Vilwamangalath Swamiyar while traveling by boat in Vembanad Kayal encountered bloodstains in his paddle. The swamiyar jumped at the spot and recovered a beautiful statue of Krishna placed in a bronze vessel called Varpu. The statue was placed in the varpu and sent adrift. This statue along with the Varpu landed in the village and by the grace of God, there was an already constructed temple ready for prathishta for Sastha in this village. The villagers requested Vilwamangalath Swamiyar to do the Prathishta. This happened in the seventh century. Later a temple of Sastha was also built in the village.
 The  Famous people  Brahmins of this village

In the eighteenth century a group of iyers from Tanjore settled down in this village. But as of now there are hardly 10 iyer houses in the village. Some of the very rich people belonging to the yester era from this village are Sri. Annadurai Iyer of Vellakattu Madam, Sri.Anantha Iyer of Champakattu madam, Sri.Subramanya Iyer of Kadakkal Madam, Sri. A Krishna Iyer of KottarathuMadam and Sri.Subramanya Iyer of Oleshatu Madam. Sri.P.Anantha Iyer is supposed to have gold plated the pars and Dwaja Stambam of the temple under no loss and no profit basis. Three of his grand Children attained greatness in three different spheres. They were Sri.C.P.Krishna Murthy who was Judge in the high court of Karnataka, DrC..P.Anantha Siva Iyer, who was the Director of the Central Mango Research Station, Lucknow and DrC..P.Neelakantan of the Kerala Veterinary college, Trichur.
Another great Luminary of the village was Thiruvarpu Krishna Bhagavathar, one of the top ranking musicians of yester years. He was considered as an authority on Muthuswamy Dikshitar Kritis. Sri.K.Subramania Iyer, popularly known, as M.L.Mani Iyer was a famous lawyer of Madras High Court and Sri.S.Parameshwaran who was GM, Quality control of BEL also belonged to this village.

b. detailed note about  the temple

This is one of the famous temples of Krishna in Kerala which is at least 1500 years old. This temple is located in Thiruvarppu, which is 6-8 km from the town of Kottayam on the shores of Meenachil River. (Varppu is the cast used by smiths to make bell metal vessels)
There are several stories about its origin. All of them talk of recovering the idol of Lord Krishna with 4 hands which was kept in an Uruli (Flat vessel made of bell metal). Here are some of the stories:
This temple is connected with Mahabharata. When the Pandavas lived in the forest, Lord Krishna gave them his statue with four hands so that they can daily worship it. It seems when Pandavas finished their sojourn in the forest and wanted to go back, the people of that area, requested for that idol. This was worshipped by the people of Cherthalai. But after some time due to reasons beyond their control, they were not able to continue their worship. So they simply dropped the idol in the sea.
After a long time a great sage (some say it was Vilwamangalam Samiyar and other say it was Padmapadacharya, the disciple of Adhi Shankara) was travelling by a boat in these parts. Suddenly his boat became immobile. When some one got in to the sea to find out the reason, the sea dried at that spot and they were able to recover this idol. The divine person took the idol with him. Though he wanted to go west, the boat travelled to the east via Kunnam and Pallikkara and reached the present spot of the temple.
The divine person got down there along with the idol and found that a temple of Dharma Sastha was without any idol and hence he consecrated the idol in that temple.
Another version is that the above divine person got down from the boat along with the idol but due to inclement weather he was unable to proceed any further. Hence he kept the idol in an Uruli, which he found near the tank and went away. Later when he came back, he found that the idol had got fixed to the Uruli. That Uruli belonged to an individual called Kunnan Kari Menon. As soon as he heard about this incident, he gave the land for temple construction and completed the temple with the help of a saint called Madappurathu Samiyar. Even today special Pushpanjali ( offering of flowers) is done on behalf of the Asram of Madappurathu Samiyar in this temple.
Another one is that the Pandavas deposited the idol they were worshipping along with their Akshaya Pathra in the sea, before leaving for their Agnatha Vasa. Some fishermen fishing in the Vembanad back waters at a place near Vechur (called Mangalathu Vila) recovered only the idol but not the vessel. They built a temple in a place called Chara Mangalam and consecrated the idol there. Soon various calamities occurred in their village and hence,they returned the idol to the backwaters. This time the idol fell directly into the original vessel itself. It was then that the divine person referred to earlier recovered the idol as also the vessel.His boat travelled via Kunnam and Palikkara and was not able to travel further due to dense aquatic plants. The people of the area swam in to the water and made way for the boat to reach the shores. The idol in the vessel was kept in the shore temporarily in a structure called Valiya Madam. On that day they were able to offer to the God only tender mango pickles and tender coconut water. Later the idol was shifted to the present temple. During the Arattu, the idol is taken to Valiya Madam and Tender mango and tender coconut water is offered to it even today.
The Lord faces west along with his four hands. The temple opens very early around 2 AM in the morning. Around 3 AM a special offering called Usha Payasam is offered to this lord. This is prepared using rice, jaggery, ghee, kadali banana fruit and dried coconut. When the rice is cooked well, the melted Jaggery is poured in to it till it stops by itself. This method of preparation is very peculiar to this temple.
Another peculiarity of this temple is that, the priest is given an axe as well as the key to open the door in the early morning. People believe that this God cannot tolerate hunger and so if there is any delay in opening the door with the key, the priest is permitted to break open the door with an axe. People believe that Lord Krishna’s idol in the temple is of the very exhausted Krishna after he killed Kamsa. So after the Abhishekam is over, the Lord’s head is first dried,, the Naivedyam offered to him and then only his body is dried.I understand this offering of Usha Neivedyam is booked for the next five years.

There are five times pooja but the Deeparadhana is only after the Athazha pooja (last pooja carried out at night 7 PM ).Since people believe that the statue came from Cherthalai, the priest after the Athazha pooja asks “Is there any body from Cherthalai here who is hungry?”. It is believed that no body from Cherthalai in the temple should go hungry.
Another peculiarity of this temple is that even during eclipse, the temple is not closed. People believe that this God would become hungry. It seems once, the temple was closed during eclipse. When they reopened the door they found that the waist belt of the Lord has slipped down. Vilwamangalam Samiyar who came at that time told that, it was because God became very hungry. From then on, they stopped closing the temple during eclipse.
This temple has a very peculiar drum made of bell metal. It is said that Lord Krishna announced the killing of Kamsa, playing on this drum. There is a 12 tier brass lamp in this temple gifted by a Christian devotee.This temple also has a sub temple for Bhoothanatha.All offerings to the main deity are also offered to him Outside the temple there are temples for Subramanya, Ganapathy, Yakshi , Shiva and Bhagawathy.
The temple festival is during the first ten days of the month of Medam.(april-may).On the tenth day there is a race of Elephants like the one in Guruvayur. During the festival time girl children who are less than ten years of age dress themselves as Lord Krishna and offer lamps to the Lord during morning and evening. On the tenth day of the month when the sun sets, his rays enter inside the sanctum sanctorum and this is referred to as Pathaam Udayam,
Krishna’s birthday during Ashtami Rohini is celebrated in this temple. Sundays and Thursdays are special in this temple and attract lot of devotes.
Another peculiar celebration of this temple is Pullattu Pooja,. The story is that there was a rich Nair gentleman without children in the Pullattu house. He wanted to donate all his wealth to the temple and requested them to observe his death anniversary. When astrologers consulted the God, his consent was given. On the Thai poosam day, Pullattu Nair came inside the temple, kept all his wealth including keys to treasures and documents for all his properties before the Lord. Then he prostrated before the Lord and it is said that he died then and there. Even today three special poojas one day before his death and fifteen special poojas on the day of his death are performed in his name and referred to as Pllattu Pooja.
Milk Payasam, Ghee Payasam, Appam etc are offered to the Lord usully. There is a special offering called Chathurchathadam also.

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Mobikural (THirukural for Mobile)

Mobikural (THirukural for Mobile)


Translated by

(Anon has written only  9 kurals though  THirukural has ten per chapter  .)

1. செல்போனில் சூப்பர்போன் ஸ்மார்ட்போன்
அப்போன், செல்போனில் எல்லாம் தலை...

Superphone  among   cellphone is smart phone  ,
That phone   is greatest among all cell phones

2. தந்தை மகற்காற்றும் நன்றி சேம்சங்கில்,
ஸ்மார்ட்போன் வாங்கித் தரல்...

The help that   father  can do   his children,
Is buying  him a  Smartphone  of Samsung

3. மகன் தந்தைக்காற்றும் உதவி அப்பாமுன்,
செல்போனை நோண்டா திருத்தல்...

The help that  a son can  do his  father  ,
Is not to meddle   cellphone before him

4. 3G யினால் ஸ்லோவாகும் டேட்டா ஆகாதே,
4G யில் போட்ட டேட்டா...

Data   would   get slow with 3 G but ,
Not in case  of 4G

5. உடுக்கை இழந்தவன் கைபோல ஆங்கே,
இடுக்கண் களைவதாம் சார்ஜர்...

Just like  hand of  person loosing   a mini drum,
Is  the charger  which would destroy  problems

6. பட்டனைத் தடவும் மணற்கேணி மாந்தர்க்கு,
டச்ஸ்க்ரீன் தூறும் அறிவு...

To  those people  digging for water in sand  who  feel for button,
The touch screen   is the  spring of knowledge

7. முகநக நட்பது நட்பன்று வாட்ஸப்பில்,
அகநக நட்பது நட்பு...

A face   with a smile is not   friendship  but  smiling,
Within whatsapp  is the   real friendship

8. மிஸ்டுகால் செய்தாரை ஒருத்தல் அவர்நாண,
கால்செய்து பேசி விடல்...

To make   the fellow  giving a  missed call ,
Give him a call   back

9. ஜியோவோடு வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார் மற்றெல்லாம் ,
பில் கட்டியே சாவார்

Only those   who live with G  live , others,
Would die  paying the bill

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Krishna goes to meet Duryodhana

Krishna   goes to meet Duryodhana


(Based on a  slightly  different write up , Which I enjoyed ,. Thanks to that author)

Lord Krishna   was one day  busy ,
Dressing  up nattily and was often,
Seeing the mirror, applying scents ,
And  was  dressed in the best  dress that  he had

His consort  Rukhmani   watched   all this ,
And asked him “Why  Lord all this,
Are   you going   to see a  new girl?”
Krishna  laughed  and said “Only Duryodhana”

Rukhmani was wonderstuck   and asked ,
“But why lord?”  and Lord  Krishna  replied,
“He is a peculiar  person and  he   sees  only  my outside ,
And He does not bother  to see What is in my mind?”

Rukhmani  then said “Oh”  but  she said,
“Oh Lord, he  is younger  to you   and  ,
Not as  great as you, can you not call him,
Possibly   you have   reason  for that also?”

Lord Krishna said  , “Definitely darling ,
Always    bright light   travels to meet  ,
Darkness   so  that darkness  becomes light,
But darkness  some how never  goes to meet light.”

Chandrasekhara Puram, Edathara , Palakkad

Chandrasekhara Puram, Edathara  , Palakkad

Compiled by

This is a Palakkad village named after the temple of Lord Shiva   called Chandra Shekara is in the banks of Soka Nasini River(Thekke Puzha, which is a tributary  of  Bharatha puzha) ) The village is 10 km from Palakkad town.. The land of this village belonged to the Pathayikkara Namboodiris in the olden age.It is told that these Nambbodiris donated the entire land to iyers and left the place.There is only one street with houses on both sides of the street.In the olden times there were about 150 brahmin houses in this village.Now there are only about 80 houses.There are three main temples that of Siva, Kroshna and Ganapathi.There is also a temple of Sastha along with his consort, PoornaPushkalamba. The siva Parathishta was done by the Tamil Iyers who settled here but the BhagawatiPrathishta in this temple is of the Namboodiris.
Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated in the Ganesha Temple with an Ezunnellathu.In the month of Thula, there is Annabishekam in the siva temple.In the month of Makara Sastha Preethi is celebrated in a grand scale in this village.During Ashtami Rohini there is festival in the Krishna temple in which there is Uriyadi.
In the olden times some of the villagers adopted to Sanyasa and their samadhis are in the river bank.There were many musicians and Vedic Pundits belonging to the village like Krishna Vadhyar, Mathru Jada Vallabhar, Viswanatha Bhagavathar, Vaidyanatha Vadhyar,Chellappa Deekshidar, Yagnendra Deekshidar etc.There is an active welfare association of this gramam

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Tragedy of becoming old

Tragedy   of becoming old


Translated by

(The tamil original   is given after  my  so called  translation)

Becoming  old  ,
Gives   you   several    shocks,

When age   increases ,
Tiredness  also increases

When  further age  keeps on increasing,
WE get  the reward  of forgetting  as a present

Old age    swims  towards ,
Some  old old memories

Did  poverty come to us .
Due to our inability to work

Are we seeking  help ,
Because  of  the  increasing  of old age

Why no one is coming ,
Near us  , even  to talk with us

Why this state of  ignorance   ,
As  the end only  for old age  

வயது முதிர்வு


வயது முதிர்வு பல
அதிர்வுகளைத் தருகிறது

வயது ஏற்றம் பல
அசதிகளை ஏற்படுத்துகிறது

வயது அதிகம் ஆக ஆக
நிகழ்கால மறதிகளைப் பரிசளிக்கிறது

வயோதிகம் சில பழைய
நினைவுகளில் நீந்துகிறது

இயலாமை வந்ததால்
இல்லாமை வந்ததோ

முடியாமை முளைத்ததால்
உதவி தேடுதோ

முகம் கொடுத்துப் பேச
ஒருவரும் வராததேனோ

முடிவு தெரியாத இந்நிலை
முதுமைக்கு மட்டும் ஏனோ!!

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Party for getting rid of an old man

Party   for getting rid  of an old man


(Not truth but based on some slightly different  incident in face book, It could happen !)
One railway  porter saw an old  man  sitting on the bench.
In the morning  and later   again after   two hours,
He  thought   that  may be the  old man has  missed his train,
And when he asked him  that  old man  told  that he  had not

Another  six  hours later  the same  porter saw the same old  man,
Sitting on the bench  and he   went and asked  him , whether he can help,
And the old man said, “My son brought me here   today morning ,
And he told me, he has some  work  and asked me to sit here.”

“And I am waiting   for him since then  and now  I am little  worried.
Whether   any thing has happened to my son, Can you help me”
The porter   escorted    the old man to  the “May I help you desk?”
And the weeping old man told them   what has  happened to him.

They asked  him the name of his son  and where he works  ,
He told him his name but said he  did  not know his office name,
They asked him his address  , he said he did   not know,
Because only  last week they had shifted but  he told that locality

When May  I help you  was about to  contact  the police ,
One person in the crowd   said he knew   that this old man,
Shifted to his street  one week before   and knew  his house,
And they reported to police  and they  took the old man there.

The old man was only worried   about  his son and not himself,
And when they  knocked  the house  of his son, they could,
See some celebration was going on and some one  opened the door,
And he told that they were having party, for getting rid of the old man of the house.

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Summary of Bhagawad Gita

Summary of  Bhagawad Gita

A learned man

“Leave  , tie,
If not, tie , leave”

(I am sure   you have not understood.My friend  Rajagopalan Srinivasan    has written about it in Tamil .With acknowledgements to him , I am rewriting it in english)

I asked the    author of this  summary ,
Can you please   explain  what it means?”
He said  “Simple  , leave  out  ties of all your attachments,
And  then tie   yourself    to the feet  of the lord”

I  said , “impracticable , how do I,
Leave  out  all my     attachments?”
Then he told    then tie  yourself,
To his feet, all  your ties    would leave.”

I said , “How can one tie  , make another tie go?”
And He said ,”If a bundle  of sticks  is tied well,
And you make another   very tight    tie,
The first tie   would  definitely   fall out”

So Gita says  “Tie yourself   to the feet of lord,
As tightly as  possible   and then all   the ties,
That you have   due to deires, pride  , anger,
And Jealousy   would fall out without any doubt”