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Guruvayurappan and the empty temple (A malayam poem)

Guruvayurappan  and the  lock down (A malayam poem)

Translated by

Guruvayur Temple - Tripadvisor

(read the text typed in english at the end)

It is not like what you think,
If we think, It is interesting here,
There is no push and pull, THere  is no,
Sound pollution, here it is peacefully pretty

WE can play  run and catch, laugh some times
WE can upturn  the  Uruli  having Kunnikuru
On the beams   of the dining hall,
Ganesa   has tied a swing

Removing  the upper cloth  of the Bhattathiri,
Who  is chanting in the outer   corridor,
Below the flag pole  and the southern gate,
Along with elder brother, one play  of hide and seek

The   deva maidens    who are  the gopi maidens
Would reach carrying butter, milk   and   curd
After  lunch an entertaining   talk  of this and that
Along   with  Lord Brahma  and Lord  Shiva

At the dusk after  swimming  and  taking bath,
We will just spend  time engrossed  in music of Chembai
After feeding the dinner, after  making me urinate
Kuroor  Amma will make  me sleep  singing Lullabies

I am bored having been tied and sitting   in this,
Very narrow  sanctum   sanctorum , for all these  days,
Though I have  told you  things like these,
I am understanding   your great  sorrow

None of you  please get worried, all that is happening,
In between the  walls of the temple   have some reason
If you remember , what all  I have told  ,
To Arjuna, everything  would end auspiciously  

Text typed in english 

Ningal vicharicha poalonnum alla,
Ividenthu  rasamaanithonno ninakkukil
UNthilla thallilla   sabdha pradhooshanam
Yennathum illa, ividam  Saantha sundaram

Odi kalikkam, chirikkam Chilappozhu
AA  kunni kuruvin uruli marichidaam
OOttu purayile utharathil,
Oru  oonjaalu  kettiyittindu Ganapathi

Naalambalathil irunnu  japikkunna
Patteri thannude mel mundu  yeduthittu
Thekke nadayilum kodi mara chottilum
Yettanodothoru kannu ketti kali

DEvanganakalaam  gopanganamar oro
Vennayum paalum   thayirum  aayi yethidum
OOnu kazhinjaalo Brahma Maheswaran,
Maarum onnichu oru  narma  sambhaashanam

SAndhyakku neendhi kulichu vannal pinne
Chembai than paattil layichu ingirunnu pom
Athaazham oottittu moothram ozhipichu
Tharattu paadi  urakkum kuroor amma.

Ithrayum naal yi idungiya   sri kovil
Kettinagathirunnoottu maduthu naan
Yingane okke  parunju vennakilum
Ningal than   dukham  thirichariyunnu jnan

AArum vishamikkaruthu yee nadakkunnathu
Yellathinumoru karanamundennu
Pandu jnan  parthannu   cholli koduthathu
Orkkukil yellam   shubhakaramyi varum

Monday, May 18, 2020

Jogada Siri Belakinalli –Forever festival to you, mother

 Jogada Siri Belakinalli –Forever festival to you, mother

Nisar Ahmed the Nithyothsava  poet 

Translation attempt by

(I  was  once working  in Indian Institute of Horticultural research ,I was in a senior  position  and when some  staff members  wanted to celebrate  “Kannada Rajyothsava  “ I supported their cause and they  started  celebrating it  ,Once late NIsar Ahmed  was called  to preside over the function. Some how the duty of taking care of him fell on me, I told him that my mother toungue  is not Kannada  but  I wanted to talk him in Kannada. He laughingly agreed. After  the function he told me “You have  honoured  your mother toungue today  , by speaking  in Kannada. From now on try to speak in Kannada , to a  person  whose  mother  toungue  is kannada. Whenever  I do it , I remember him. In his honour, I have made an attempt  to translate .If I have  made a mistake do pardon me)

Jogada siri belakinalli
Tungeya tene balukinalli
Sahyadriya lohadalira
Uttungada nilukinalli
Nitya haridvarna vanada
Tega gandha tarugalali
Nityotsava taye nityotsava
Ninage nityotsava taye nityotsava

In  the Jog fall’s opulent  luster,
In the thunga river’s tassel like swirl,
In the lofty structure of the ore laced western ghats
In the teak and sandal  plants of their  ever green forests
Forever festival oh mother forever festival
To  you oh mother, forever festival, forever festival

Itihasada himadallina
Simhasana maleyalli
Gata sahasa sarutiruva
Shasanagala salinalli
Itihasada himadallina
Simhasana maleyalli
Gata sahasa sarutiruva
Shasanagala salinalli
Olegariya sirigalalli
Degulagala bhittigalali
Nityotsava taye nityotsava
Ninage nityotsava taye nityotsava

In the background of history.
In the  throne like mountain,
In the past  years,
 where   the adventures   of the past  is written,
In the throne like mountain,
n the back ground of history
In the past years,
where   the adventures   of the past  is written,
In the letters written on palm leaves,
in the inscriptions  on the walls
Forever festival oh mother forever festival
To  you oh mother, forever festival, forever festival

Olavemmaya sirimeye
Kulavemmaya garimeye
Sadvikala shila nudiya
Lokamruta simeye
Olavemmaya sirimeye
Kulavemmaya garimeye
Sadvikala shila nudiya
Lokamruta simeye
E varshada e harshada
Hala udara mahimeye
Nityotsava taye nityotsava
Ninage nityotsava taye nityotsava

The excellence  in the pride  of our manifold history,
the  dignity of  the greatness of our clan,
The story  of virtue  of our women
Take us to  the nectar  like end of the world
In this  glory   and joy of your children
we  touched    the   end points  of the  nectar like joy,
Forever festival oh mother forever festival
To  you oh mother, forever festival, forever festival

Friday, May 8, 2020

“Old is gold”vs “old is in trash bin”

“Old is gold”vs “old is  in trash bin”


Old is gold — yesterday, today & tomorrow - The Hindu

(Not original   but written based on what I read in tamil, with additions  and changes)

Relatives  and friends   inviting us,
For staying a week   with them ,
To take great food, to  laugh and  to cry,
Together and take leave of them with tears
Used to take place  once   upon    a time

“Why are  you  coming here? Are  we ,
Your servants and  where is space here?
Saying this  , our own   relatives   and friends,
Pushing us out   of their   own house,
Is what  is taking place    in modern time

Father  used to buy a huge long cloth and village tailor,
Used to stitch   dress with that for every one,
And if it gets torn before next festival  , Granma,
Wearing thick glasses  used  to stitch them  in dark rooms,
Used to take  place once   upon a time 

Every one of the family purchasing   for every new  journey,
Or festival, a very costly  new dress   and  throwing  them,
Out much before they look slightly old and youngsters,
Spending hard earned  money to  wear torn dresses,
Is what   is taking place  in the modern time

Mother  and granma  preparing wonderful  dishes,
And serving   with care  and noting who ate  what,
And preparing that  dish  which they all liked,
Again and again and the food being spiced  with affection,
Used to take  place   once upon a time

Family members   preferring    hotel   or swiggy food,
All the days   and all the time and most of families,
Having a  Bihari cook   who does  not know ,
How to cook  traditional    south Indian dishes,
Is   what  is taking place  in modern times

With all streets  in roads   filled   with young boys.
Playing cricket   and foot ball  and  with  most  of homes,
Filled  with girls  learning   all the work at home,
With grandparents  roaring with laugh along  with parents,
Used to take  place   once upon a time
With parks    and beaches   filled   with  youngsters  in love,
With  Mummy and daddy  more interested in party than home,
With grand parents  counting    days     to go to old age home,
Wi Is   what  is taking place  in modern times
th no one laughing  , with no one roaring and  every one serious,

Obey the elders  , salute   your parents  ,
Go to the temples  on all holidays,
Boy’s wearing  sacred   ash  and girls,
Having long hanging braid and kumkum,
Used to take  place  once  upon a time

Most  of elders  being admitted  in old age homes,
Most of us  forgetting   all our   daily rituals,
Boys  with spouting goatee  beard  and moustache,
Girls  with short hair  going to  salons  every week,
Is  what  is taking  place in modern times

“Old is gold  “ with tears  say the oldies,
“Old is in trash  bin “with roaring  laugh  say the youngsters

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

சூரியன் #வருவது#யாராலே? By Whom does the sun comes?

சூரியன் #வருவது#யாராலே?
By  Whom does   the sun comes?

#நாமக்கல் #கவிஞர் #வெ. #ராமலிங்கம் #பிள்ளை
Namakkal   poet V,Ramalingam pillai

Translated by

சூரியன் வருவது யாராலே?
சந்திரன் திரிவதும் எவராலே?
காரிருள் வானில் மின்மினிபோல்
கண்ணிற் படுவன அவைஎன்ன?
பேரிடி மின்னல் எதனாலே?
பெருமழை பெய்வதும் எவராலே?
யாரிதற் கெல்லாம் அதிகாரி?
அதைநாம் எண்ணிட வேண்டாவோ? 1

Sun comes   due to whom?
Who makes  the moon   rotate?
What   are those which  are visible to the eye
Which shine  like fire  flies in the sky?
What is the reason for thunder and lightning?
Who makes  torrential rain fall ?
Who is responsible for all this?
Should we not think about   it?

தண்ணீர் விழுந்ததும் விதையின்றித்
தரையில் முளைத்திடும் புல் ஏது?
மண்ணில் போட்டது விதையொன்று
மரஞ்செடி யாவது யாராலே?
கண்ணில்தெரியாச் சிசுவை எல்லாம்
கருவில் வள்ர்பதுயார் வேலை?
எண்ணிப் பார்த்தால் இதற்கெல்லாம்
ஏதோ ஒருவிசை இருக்குமன்றோ? 2

AS soon as   water  falls on earth  ,
Which is that grass   grows without  any  seeds?
Due to whom the seed that  was put on earth,
Grows   in to plant   and tree?
Whose work is is to grow the  babies,
Not  visible   to the eye , inside the womb?
If we   think about  it, would there be,
A switch  for   all these  things?

எத்தனை மிருகம்! எத்தனை மீன்!
எத்தனை ஊர்வன பறப்பனபார்!
எத்தனை பூச்சிகள் புழுவகைகள்!
எண்ணத் தொலையாச் செடிகொடிகள்!
எத்தனை நிறங்கள் உருவங்கள்!
எல்லா வற்றையும் எண்ணுங்கால்
அத்தனை யும்தர ஒருகர்த்தன்
யாரோ எங்கோ இருப்பதுமெய். 3

How many animals, how  much fish?
How many crawl, how  many fly?
How many types of insects  and worms?
The  plants and climbers  which can never be counted,
How  many colours, how many forms?
If we think about all these
It is  true  that  some doer is  there   some where,
For   giving   all these  things.

அல்லா வென்பார் சிலபேர்கள்;
அரன் அரியென்பார் சிலபேர்கள்;
வல்லான் அவன்பர மண்டலத்தில்
வாழும் தந்தையென்பார்கள்;
சொல்லால் விளங்காநிர்வாணம்
என்றும் சிலபேர் சொல்வாகள்;
எல்லா மிப்படிப் பலபேசும்
ஏதொ ஒருபொருள் இருக்கிறதே! 4

Some people  tell it is allah,
Some say  it is Hara   and Hari,
Some will say  it is  the father  who is able,
Who lives  in the divine  world
Some will say it is the nude one,
Who cannot be explained by words
So there  is some thing   which is described,
By  so many  people  in very many ways

அந்தப் பொருளை நாம்நினைத்தே
அனைவரும் அன்பாய்க் குலவிடுவோம்,
எந்தப் படியாய் எவர் அதனை
எப்படித் தொழுதால் நமக்கென்ன?
நிந்தை பிறரைப் பேசாமல்
நினைவிலும் கெடுதல் செய்யாமல்
வந்திப்போம் அதை வணங்கிடுவோம்;
வாழ்வோம் சுகமாய் வாழ்ந்திடுவோம். 5

Thinking   about  thaose aspects  they thing  ,
We will  talk  about it to each other with love,
What does it matter to us   how   that thing,
Is saluted by people  in their own way
Without talking  ill of others,
Without doing harm even in thought,
We will bow  and we will salute,
We wil live, we will live  comfportably.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Some conondrums for” stay at home” thought?

Some conondrums for” stay  at home” thought?
We should   think   about  how  and why,
Sun  and moon   rise   and travel through the sky,
Stars  shine  like fire   flies up above   the sky in darkness and
Huge   rains lash   with   thunder and lightning?

WE should    think about   how and why,
Large number of  grasses sprout on the first rain,
The seed  put in the earth grows in to tree
The   foetus in womb grows in to a child?

WE should    think about   how and why,
The count sand varieties of animals and plants  came  in earth and sea
The  millions of six legged  , eight leged  insects that seem to exist
And the number  of species  of birds that fly

WE should think about   who is the real God.
Is he     the creator of one religion   ,
Is  he one makes us  act,  of yet   another religion,
And   the all pervasive spirit taking umpteen forms  of another religion?

We should think   how   we   should respect that god,
By going  on a day to a temple   and some great one  talking to us,
By meditating ,  saluting  , worshipping   and  singing  ,
Or doing prescribed rituals or   doing nothing in the forest?

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The School teacher

The School teacher


Old Teacher Woman Stock Illustrations – 543 Old Teacher Woman ...

The doctor who saved millions of people,
The great IG who prevented several great crimes,
The great minister well known for his efficiency ,
The religious savant who taught religion to all,
Were all invited by a president of a great country,
So that He could honour all of them .

And they all got down from their car near the gate of his mansion,
And fell at the feet of a very poor old women,
Who was with curiosity standing there.
And when the President asked why , they all told ,
She was our school teacher and we are ,
What we are because of her Teaching ,

The President with tears in his eyes went out of his mansion ,
Fell at her feet and Told her “Teacher I have become like this because of you”

Monday, April 20, 2020

Description of human life from Vidhura neethi

Description  of human life  from  Vidhura neethi

Rewritten by

(I read this in tamil in a post  of my friend  Sri Vasu Iyengar. What  a wonderful description of life?)

One person entered  in to a forest,
Wild animals  started chasing him,
He was scared and then a very  ugly ,
Whom no body will like  embraced him
He some how  escaped  and started  running
He fell in a  well  covered by plants and grass,
He caught hold of a  climber and felt safe,
Then he saw a huge snake  below  him,
He wanted   to escape   and   saw  upwards,
He  saw an elephant there  with  six faces,
And twelve  legs and then  he also  saw,
Some black and white rats cutting away,
The plant on which   he was  hanging

Suddenly    drops of honey from a bee hive,
Started   dripping  in to his  mouth  and he enjoyed it

Strange  story  and you may think   that person very silly.
Let us read  the story  once more  with  real implications

One person entered  in to the forest called his life  ,
Sicknesses started chasing him,
He was scared and then his old  age  ,
Whom no body will like  embraced him
He some how  escaped  and started  running
He fell in to his  body   covered by illusion ,
He caught hold of  hope  and felt safe,
Then he saw  death    below  him,
He wanted   to escape   and   saw  upwards,
He  saw  the  passage of time with six seasons,
And twelve  months and then  he also  saw,
Some day and night  cutting away,
The hope  on which   he was  hanging

The honey   drops   falling   on him ,
Was from the other sex and it was passion,
And come what may he      enjoyed  it