Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dinamani a Tamil Newspaper writes about me

Expert in Translatuion
(From Dinamani  , tamil news paper  15/12/2013
P.R.Ramachander    who lives in Koramangala    is a tamilian .He had retired after 36 years of service  in Indian Institute of Horticultural Research , He  knows well  Carnatic Music as well as Stotras..He has   great interest in matching of horoscopes.
  Apart from that he has translated   more  than one thousand stotras   of Gods  in to English.   In this are included Vishnu Sahasaranamam,  Lalitha Sahasranamam  , Lakshmi Sahasranamam  , Soundarya Lahari  , Kandhar Sashtoi Kavacham , BHagawad Gita ,
  He has also translated   more than 1000 Carnatic music Krithis   without sacrificing their meaning . Some of the other books  he has translated   are
Bhagwatham,  Narayaneeyam  , THubjathu Ezhuthachan’s   Adhyathma Ramayanam written in Malayalam  ( The malayalis read it in the month of Adi), Valmiki Ramayanam, ^5 village Gods of Tamil Nadu  , *5 famous temples of Kerala  , The Periya Ezhuthu Vikramadithyan story .
P,R,Ramachander who tirelessly   do all this work is 74.