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Utpakai-89th chapter of Thirukural- (The enemy within)

Utpakai-89th chapter  of Thirukural-
(The enemy  within)

Translated by

( Here s a remarkable   chapter of Kural, which talks of  the problems which can be created   by an enemy within.He ends u it saying ”To live   with an enemy  within our house , is like  living   with a snake  in a hut.)

1.Nizhal neer  innatha   inna  thamar neerum ,
Innavaam   inna  cheyin.

1.When  the  useful  shadow and water  cause trouble  to us ,
They are  not desirable   and similar is the  case   of relatives.

2.Vaal pol pagaivarai anjarkka  , anjuka ,
Kel pol pagaivar   thodarppu.

2,There is no need to fear a sword like enemy who can cause harm,
But we have to be scared   of enemies who are with us  like our relation.

3,Utpakai anjithan  kaakka  , ulaividathu,
Matpakayin maNa therum.

3.We have to be scared of an insider enemy because  when we are weak,
They  would cut you like  a needle(Blade equipment)   which cuts the mud pot

4.Manam maaNaa utpakai   thondrin  inam maaNAA,
Yetham   palavum  tharum.

4.If an inside enemy who would not change   his mind is there,
He would cause our  relations   to go away from us.

5.Ural  murayaan   utpakai thondrin   Iran murayaan  ,
Yetham palavum tharum.

5.If   one of our relations  becomes   our insider enemy ,
That would cause him trouble which may cause his death.

6.Ondraamai  ondriyaar  katpadin   yenjjandrum,
POndramai   ondral    arithu.

6.If a person gets    enemy from his relations who are united with him,
It is extremely rare that he would not be destroyed by that.

7.Cheppin punarchi pol  koodinum   koodaathe  ,
Utpagai uththa   kudi.

7.If the inside enemy  is there   within family ,
He would be like a container    and lid ,
And would never join with the family.

8.Aram porutha pon pola theyum   uram poruthu,
Utpakai utha   kudi.

8.The family with an insider enemy   would ,
Be weak   like a metal  rubbed by a file.

9.yetpakavu anna chirumaithe aayinum ,
Utpakai uLLathaam  kedu.

9.Though   the inside enemy is like a very small hole  of gingelly,
It is big and capable of destroying a family.

10.Udambodu ilathavar   vazhkkai  kudangarul,
Pambodu udanurai  thaththu.

10.Living with a   a person without  mental understanding,
Is like  living with  a snake   inside a hut

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Pakai thiram arithal-88th Chapter of Thirukkural- (Knowing power of enemy.)

Pakai thiram arithal-88th  Chapter  of  Thirukkural-
(Knowing  power of enemy.)

Translated by

(Thiruvalluvar though he does not like enmity , tells us which enemies are  the worst,.)

1.Pakai yenum panpilathanai   oruvan,
Nakayeyum   vendar paththu  andru.

1, Even as   a mere sport   a  person,
Should not like  the evil called  enmity.

2,Viller uzhavar pakai kolinum  kollarkka,
Choller uzhavar pakai.

2.You can make   an expert in bow  as enemy,
But never an expert in use  of words.

3.Yemuththavarinum ezhai  thamiyanaai  ,
Pallaar pakai  kolpavan.

3. A Person who is alone making number of  enemies,
Would be considered  far worse  than a mad person.

4.Pakai natpaa kondozhukum  panbudayaalan,
Thakaimaikan   thangithu  ulagu.

4. The greatness  of a good person capable  of making 
Even his enemy as   friend would  stay   in this world,

5.Than thunaii indraal  pakai yirandaal   thanoruvan,
In thunayaa kolkavaththin  ondru,

5.If there is none to support   and   if there  are two enemies
To a   single person, he should make  one enemy his friend.

6.Therinum theraa vidinum  azhivinkan,
Theraan  pakaaan vidal.

6.If we know about  or not know about   a person,
When   trouble comes, we should neither join him or remove him.

7.Novarkka nonthathu  ariyaarkku  mevarkka,
Menmai pagaivar akathu.

7.We should not tell our sorrow to a person  who  does not know it himself,
And like that   we should never inform our weakness  to the enemy.

8.Vagai arinthu  than cheithu  than kappa maayum,
Pakaivar  kan patta   cherukku.

8.Suppose a person knows what to do  and  arranges for  all  things that are  needed,
And is capable  of protecting himself, the pride of enemy  would be destroyed.

9.Ilaithaka  mul maram  kolka  kalayunar  ,
Kai kollum   kaazhtha   idathu.

9.A thorny tree should be destroyed  even when  is young,
For when it grows  up , it would hurt  the hand of a person  who cuts it.

10.Uyirppa   ularallar  mandra  cheyirppavar,
CHemmal  chithaikkalaathaar,

10.Those who cannot destroy the  pride  of   their enemies,
Cannot keep  their life  till he completes  his breathing  and this is for sure.

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Pakaimatchi-87th Chapter of Thirukural- (The importance of enmity )

Pakaimatchi-87th  Chapter  of Thirukural-
(The  importance of enmity )

Translated by

(THiruvalluvar feels even in enmity we should be choosy  and selective  .He gives a small guide as to when Enmity would lead to success)

1.Valiyaarkku  maareththal  ombuka  ombaa,
Meliyaa mel  meka  pakai.

1,We should completely abandon enmity with those   who are ,
Stronger  than us but  we can afford  ,
To have enmity with those  who are weaker than   us.

2.Anbilan  aandra  thunayilan   thaan thulvaan,
Yenpariyum  yethilaan   thuppu.

2.How can a person who does not love  those surrounding him,
Does not have  powerful help  and is weak , weaken his enemy .

3,Anjum ariyaan  amaivilan  yeekalaan,
Thanjam   yeliyan   pakaikku.

3.An enemy can  easily defeat   the  a person who is scared,
Who is ignorant of needed  knowledge,
Who cannot move with others and who does not help others..

4.Neengaan  vekuli  nirayilan  yenjjandrum,
Yaanganum  yaarkkum yelithu.

4.A person who cannot control  his anger and also his mind  ,
He is weaker  always  to every one.

5.Vazhi nokkaan  vaippana   cheyyan  , pazhi nokkan,
Panpilaan  paththarkku  inithu.

5.An enemy can  easily defeat  who does not  think about  good paths ,
Who does not do what he should, who does not  bother about bad name  ,
And who  does  not posses   good character.

6,Kanaa chinathaan   kazhi perum kamathaan  ,
Penaamai  pena pedum.

6.The enmity of a person  who gets  angry  without thinking of his  and others state ,
And has  immeasurable passion  , would be welcomed  by his enemies.

7.Koduthum kolal vendum  mandra   aduthirunthu ,
MaaNaatha  cheivan pakai.

7.Definitely enmity of a person  , who is near us  but  does evil to us,
Should be had    at any cost.

8.Gunan ilanaai  kuththam  palavaayin  maththarkku,
Inan yilanaam   yemaapudaithu.

8.A person without character who has  done several crimes,
He would not have any protection and that state ,
Would be a great protection to our enemies.

9.Cheruvaarkku cheNyikavaa  inbam   arivu ila,
Anjum  pakaivar   perin.

9.To those   who fight  ,  pleasant victory would be very near,
If  his enemy is ignorant   and  is  scared of his enemies.

10.Kallaan  vekulum chiru porul  yenjjandrum,
Olaanai  ollathu  oli.

10.A person   who cannot take  little wealth   from an ignorant person,
Would  never be able   to get  any fame.

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Pullarivanmai-85th Chapter of Thirukural- (Absence of intelligence)

Pullarivanmai-85th  Chapter  of Thirukural-
(Absence of intelligence)

Translated by

( Thiruvalluvar again and again emphasizes that ignorance is a curse.This chapter is worth reading   by every one)

1.Arivinmai  inmayul  inmai  pirithinmai  ,
Inmayavaiyathu  ulaku.

1.Abscence of intelligence is   the  worst form of poverty,
For poverty  would not be  considered  as stable  by the world.

2.Arivilaan  nenjuvanthu  eethal  pirithuyathum,
Illai  peruvaan  thavam.

2.If a person without intelligence  gives something with joy,
It is only due to the good fortune  of a person getting it.

3.Arivilaar  thaam thamai  pizhikkum pizhai  ,
Cheruvaarkkum  cheithal  arithu.

3.The sorrows that  the person  without  intelligence causes to himself,
Cannot be caused  even by his enemy.

4.Venmai  yenapaduvathu  yaathenin  onmai ,
Udayam yaam  yennum cherukku.

4. The pride  that  , “I know  everything “ is  ,
The sign of person without  intelligence.

5.Kallatha mer kondu  ozhukal  kasadara ,
Vallathoom  iyam  tharum.

5.The claim  of a person without intelligence   that he  has read,
The books that  he has not read  , would  make others feel .
That he does not know even the book that he has learnt.

6.Aththam  marainthalo  pullarivu  thamvayin,
Kuththam marayaa  vazhi.

6.It is  also  ignorance to hide   their parts of body  only,
Without trying to remove   the problems that one person has.

7.Arumurai chorum  arivilaan  cheyyum,
Perumirai  thaane thanakku.

7.The ignorant person  lets out important secrets  which should  be hidden,
And would  invite great sorrows  to himself.

8.Yevavum  chikalaan  thaan theraan  , avvuyir  ,
Poam  alavum  oar noi.

8.A person of ignorance   who does not obey others  and ,
Does not it himself also  , would be a sickness  to the world , till he dies.

9.Kanaathaan kattuvaan  thaan kaanaan  kanaathaan,
Kandanaam  thaan kandavaru.

9.If one tries to give wisdom to a person  of ignorance m,
He would not be able to do it and ultimately  sorrow of it.

10.Ulagathaar  undenpathu  illenbaan  vayathu  ,
Alakayaa  vaikka padum.

10.A person who says no to  the fact that the  world  has  learned people  ,
Would be considered as   the devil who walks  in the world.

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Pethiamai-84th chapter of Thirukural- (Folly)

Pethiamai-84th chapter  of Thirukural-

Translated  by

(I have used the dictionary meaning of Pethaimai(Folloy) to translate this chapter .But I some how feel  Man of folly   should be substituted by  simpleton.)

1.Pethaimai   yenpathondru yaathenin  ,yethamkondu,
OOthiyam  poka  vidal.

1.Folly consists of taking things that  are harmful,
And leaving  out those  which are good.

2.Pethaimayul  yellam pethaimai  kathanmai  ,
Kayyalla   than kan cheyal.

2.The greatest t folly   is getting attached ,
To habits that  are harmful to us.

3.NaaNamai  , naadamai   naarinmai  yaathondrum,
PeNaamai   pethai   thozhil.

3.Not getting shyness , not getting  desire , not getting  love, and,
Not  providing  protection  all at proper time are the ways  of person with folly.

4.Othi unarnthum  pirarkuraithum  thaan adangaa ,
Pethayin pethayaar yil.

4. A person  who does not read  and learn  , then teach  it to others ,
And then  follow  what he knows , is the worst  possible  man of folly.

5.Orumai cheyal aaththum  pethai  , yezhumayum,
THanpukku  azhunthum   aLaru

5.A man of folly   would undergo the sorrow of hell,
Of  his last seven births  , in his one birth.

6.Poi padum ondro  punai poonum  kai ariyaa,
Pethai  vinai mel kolin.

6.If a  man of folly who does not know how to act ,
Tries to do the act, he would fail  and  would be chained.

7.Yethilaar  aara thamarpasippar pethai,
Perum chelvam  uththa kadai.

7.When a man  of folly gets wealth  , it would be enjoyed ,
By the unconnected ones and his relatives   would starve.

8.Mayyal oruvan kalithu  aththaal  Pethai than,
Kai ondru udamai perin.

8.When a man of folly gets wealth, he would be ,
Like a mad person  losing his stability  due to Alcoholic   drinks.

9.Perithu , inithu  prthayaar  kenmai  , pirivin kan,
Peezhai tharuvathu   ondru yil.

9.In a certain sense relation  with  a man of folly is pleasant,
Because   if you part  with him  , you  will not feel sad.

10.Kazhaakkal  palliyul  vaithu  aththaal  chandror  ,
Kuzhaa  athu   pethai  pukal.

10.A man of folly entering  an assembly of  wise people,
Is like  retiring to bed with an unwashed dirty  feet.

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Kooda Natpu-83rd chapter of Thirukural- (Friendship that should be avoided)

Kooda  Natpu-83rd chapter  of Thirukural-
(Friendship  that  should be avoided)

Translated by

(Thiruvalluvar wants us to leave  those who are only friends outside . He  cautions us never  to be friends with our enemies.)

1.Cheeridam  kaanin  yeritharkku  pattadai ,
Neraa niranthavar  natpu.

1.The friendship which is outwardly  but does not come from inside,
Is like a black smith’s hammer to be used   to hit us when chance occurs.

2,Inam pondru inam allaar  kenmai  , makalir  ,
Manam pola   veru padum.

2. The   friendship between those unlike persons,  who look as  if they are  similar  ,
Would  be very unstable   like the mind of  ladies.(one commentator says prostitutes)

3.Pala nalla kaththa kadainthum  mana nallar  ,
AakuthalmaaHaarkku arithu.

3.Uncultured  people   who may be learned cannot ,
Change their mind and become good friends.

4.Mukathin   yiniya  nakaavu  akathinnaa,
Vanjarai anjappadum.

4.Those  who are sweet outwardly  but  not sweet,
Inside their mind are cheaters and we should be scared of them.

5.Manathin amayavatharai  yenaithondrum,
Chollinaal  nerar paththu andru.

5.The words of those who do not  mix with us  mentally ,
Cannot be relied upon  even to a little extent.

6.Nattaar pol nallavai  chollinum ottaar  chol,
Ollai   unara ppadum.

6.Though enemies   tell  words that  do good like friends,
The real truth of their words  would be realized soon.

7.Chol vanakkam onnaar kaN kollarkka, vil vanakkam,
Theengu kurithamayaan.

7.The bent of  a bow is aimed  at causing harm  and so ,
The word of an enemy who bows down   caould cause wrong  and  should not be believed.

8.Thozhuthakayullum  padai odungum onnaar  ,
Azhutha kannerum   anaithu.

8.When enemy folds his hands , he could be hiding a weapon,
And similarly his   tears   also may be  similar.

9.Miga cheithu  tham yelluvaarai  naka  cheithu  ,
Natpinul chaappullal  paaththu.

9.Those  enemies   who outwardly show friendship but  find fault  with us  ,
inwardly  , should be made happy   and we should keep away from them.

10.Pakai natpaam kalam  varumkal muka nattu,
Aka natpu oree  vidal.

11.Even if a  time comes when  we have to be friends with enemies,
We should show only  friendship on our face and not have friendship in the mind.

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Sri Agneeswarar – Karuthaar-kuzhali Ammai Temple, Thirupugalur, Nagappattinam District, Tamil Nadu

Sri Agneeswarar – Karuthaar-kuzhali Ammai Temple, Thirupugalur, Nagappattinam District, Tamil Nadu

Compiled by
Elango Kadirvel

Ø  Thiru-pugalur is a village panchayat located in the Nagappattinam district of Tamil-Nadu
Ø  The temple is located on Nagappatinam to Nannilam bus route, towards 25 kilometers west to Nagappatinam
Ø  It is about 255 kilometers from the State Capital city Chennai and about 120 kilometers from Pondicherry

Presiding Deities
Ø  Sri Gnana Vinayaka
Ø  Sri Agneeswarar (Lord Shiva), also known as a Sri Kona-Piran
Ø  Goddess Karuthaar-kuzhali (Goddess Parvathi)

Ø  The temple is believed to have been built about 1,500 years ago
Ø  The temple deity has been revered and sung by The Moovar (the three most revered Saint Shaivite Tamil Poets, GnanaSambandar, Appar (Thirunaavukarasar) and Sundarar)

Ø  Saint Poet Thirunaavukarasar attains Salvation
o   In this sacred temple, Saint Poet Thirunaavukarasar also known as Appar attained salvation after serving the Lord by cleaning the temple ground and path to enable devotees to walk comfortably
o   He sang his last hymn (99th) of the Sixth TalaMurai here at this temple
Ø  Muruga Nayanar, one among the 63 celebrated Shaivite Nayanmaars was born here
Ø  Lord Agni graces in the temple with 7 Jyothi lines, five hands and three legs, as a rare idol
Ø  Presiding Deity as Sri Kona-Piran
o   The Shiva Linga is slightly titled, so the name, Kona-Piran (Kona in Tamil means, slant/tilt)
Ø  Anugraha Shani
o   The temple has a single shrine for Emperor Nala and Lord Shani (Saturn)
o   After King Nala came out of a bath from the Bana Theertha (in this Temple), a voice from Lord Shani (Saturn) said that He would leave the king from his adverse aspects at ThiruNallaru 7 kilometeres far from this temple
o   Lord Shani (Saturn) is this temple is praised as “Anugraha Shani”– merciful Shani
Ø  This is a temple noted for Vasthu prayers
o   Before beginning the construction, devotees from nearby places bring the bricks to the temple, perform pooja and take them back for the building work

Ø  Banasura belonging to the demon community, wanted to facilitate his mother’s Shiva puja (His mother was a staunch Shiva Devotee), Banasura was bringing many Swayambu-Linga (Swayambu meaning appearing on Its own)
Ø  He once came to Thiru-Pugalur
Ø  He found a Swayambu-Linga but could not move it
Ø  He dug a deep and vast Agazhi (pit) around the temple and tried to move the Linga again but in vain, except that the Agazhi was full of water springing from the ground
o   This Agazhi is known as the Agni Theertha or Bana Theertha
Ø  He decided to end himself in frustration
Ø  A voice from the sky told Banasura, “I will make Myself present for your mother’s Shiva puja”
o   Lord in the name of Kona-Piran with Punnai flowers on HIS head, appeared before Banasura's mother
Ø  After the puja was over, Lord returned to Thiru-Pugalur

Name Reason for the Lord Sri Agneeswarar
Ø  This is the place where Lord Agni worshipped Lord Shiva and got relieved from a curse – So the Presiding Deity is called Agneeswarar
o   Though Agni has no form as such, He appears here with two faces, 7 hands, 7 jwala sparks, four horns and 3 feet
o   This is a very rare Lord Agni idol, which cannot be found elsewhere

Ø  According to the Sthala Purana, Goddess Karuthaar-kuzhali Herself as a midwife took care of a woman in labour pain and ensured safety to both mother and child
Ø  The grace of Mother Goddess Karuthaar-kuzhali  towards Her devotees is boundless
o   "Sool" in Tamil means pregnancy
o   As SHE took care of a woman during her labour time and ensured safe delivery of the child, She is praised as "Soolikaambaal"

Quotes/Hymns -  Tamil Hymn by Sri Thirunaavukarasar, also known as Appar (Stanza from the Final Hymn composed by the Saint before His Salvation)
தெருளாதார் மூஎயிலும் தீயில் வேவ,சிலை வளைத்து, செங் கணையால் செற்ற தேவே!மருளாதார்தம் மனத்தில் வாட்டம் தீர்ப்பாய்!மருந்துஆய்ப் பிணி தீர்ப்பாய், வானோர்க்கு என்றும்!அருள்ஆகி, ஆதிஆய், வேதம்ஆகி,அலர்மேலான் நீர்மேலான் ஆய்ந்தும் காணாப்
பொருள்ஆவாய்! உன் அடிக்கே போதுகின்றேன் - பூம் புகலூர் மேவிய புண்ணியனே!

Transliterated Text
TheruLaathaar moo-yeilum theeyil Veva,
Silai vaLaithu, Seng-kaNNaiyaal setra TheVe!
MaruLaathaar-tham manathil vaatham theerpaai!
Marunthu-Aaip piNi theerpaai, vaanorkku endrum!
Arul-aagi, Aathi-aai, Vetham-aagi,
alarMelaan neerMelaan aainthum aaNaap
porul-aavaai! Un adike podukinren –
Poon Pugalur Meviya puNNiyaNe!

The Merciful Sublime Lord at ThiruPugalur
                YOU Destroyed the three forts of Tirupurasura with YOUR Arrow
                YOU Remove the troubles from the minds of the devotees who focus on You with clarity
                YOU are the Medicine for all ills
                YOU are the FORM of GRACE for all beings
                YOU are the BEGINNING of all
                YOU are the Revered Vedas
                YOU are the Beyond the search of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu
We surrender!


Thee Natpu-82nd chapter of Thirukural- ( Bad friendship)

Thee Natpu-82nd chapter  of Thirukural-
( Bad   friendship)

Translated  by,

(Friendship with  people   without culture  is useless   and should be   avoided  , says the poet. A friend should help you when you are in need  and  should not desert   when you are  in trouble.)

1.Paruguvaar  polinum  panpilaar  kenmai,
Perugalin   kundral  inithu.

1.Even if  people  without culture seek your friendship ,
Like we seek the  food we like, that friendship  will decrease not increase.

2.Urun nattu   arinorum  oppilaar kenmai,
Perinum   izhappinum  yen.

2.What would happen if we lose   the friendship  of a person,
Who cultivates it when  he gets benefit  and leaves it when he does not get anything .

3.Uruvathu cheer thookum  natpum  peruvathu,
Kolvarum  kalvarum ner.

3.Friends  who measure benefits of friendship, those  who do not bother,
About love but are bothered   about  only the thing they get  and thieves   are one and the same.

4.Amarakathu  aatharukkum kallaamaa  annaar  ,
Thamarin   thanimai  thalai.

4. Rather than getting friendship  of a person  who is like an ignorant  horse ,
 Which  pushes  you off  when war starts in the battle field, it is better  to be alone.

5.Chithemum  charaa chiriyavar pun kenmai  ,
Yeithalin yeithaamai  nandru.

5. It is better  not to have   friendship   of an inferior  person ,
Who grants us friendship  but  does not bother to protect us.

6,Pethai  perumkkezhee  natpin arivudayaar,
Yethinmai Jodi perum.

6.Not  having  friendship  of a  wise person,
Is crore times better  than having close friendship of an ignorant  person.

7.Nakaivakayarakiya  natpin  pakaivaraal,
Pathadutha  kodi perum.

7.The harm caused by open enemies is crore times better,
Than  friendship of a person  who does not love you but shows a smiling face at you.

8.Ollum karumam   udaththupavar kenmai,
Chollaadaar   chora vidal.

8.The friendship of those who make    the act  which we   are capable of doing,
Not possible  to do , should be left even without  informing him.

9.Kanvinum innathu  manno  vinai veru,
Chol veru   pattaar   thodarpu.

9.Friendship of a person who tells something   and does  some other thing,
Is not desirable   to us even in dreams.

10.Yenaithum  kurukuthal  ombal  manai kezhee  ,
Mandril  pazhippar   thodarpu.

10.Friendship of those who  praise you while  being alone in the house
But chide  you in public  should not be accepted even toi a small extent.

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Pazhaimai -81st chapter of Thirukural (familiarity in friendship)

Pazhaimai -81st  chapter of  Thirukural
(familiarity in friendship)

Translated by

(The poet feels   that  when friendship  matures , it  induces   the friends  to take   some independence  with each other.He feels that  when   your close friend  , causes   sorrow  to you  because  of familiarity , you should not mind it.)google images

1.Pazhaimai yenapaduvathu  yathu yenin , yathum,
Kizhaimayai  keezhnthida  natpu

1Familiarity is that   which makes  you not neglecting ,
Opinions   of  close friends but  acting according   to that.

2.Natpir kuruppukezhuthagaimai  maththatharkku  ,
Uppathal  chandror   kadan.

2.Friendship implies   acting with  familiarity and   agreeing to it ,
Sweetly  is the duty of  learned  people.

3.Pazhakiya  natpevan  cheyyum  kezhu thagaimai,
Cheithangu amayaa  kadai.

3.though   we do not agree   about  action  by a friend with familiarity ,
If we do not consider  it as done by us  and agree to it, what  is the use of friendship.

4.Vizhai thagayaan  vendi  yiruppar  kezhuthagayaal  ,
Kelaathu  nattar  cheyin.

4.If a friend   does an act due to familiarity , a learned man,
Would act as  if  that   he likes   it much.

5.Pethaimai ondro  perum kizhamai   yendru  unarka,
Nothakkaa  nattar  cheyyin.

5.If a  friend  does acts   which we do not like , we should act ,
As if it was done due to great familiarity or due to ignorance  .

6.YEllai kan nindraar   thuravaar  tholaividathum .
THollai kan nindrar   thodarppu.

6.Those whose   friendship has matured would  not ,
Leave friendship of a familiar friend , even if problems arise  because of it.

7.Azhi vantha cheyyinum  anbaraar  anbin ,
Vazhi vandha   kenmayavar.

7.Those who have loving friendship which has  cause familiarity ,
Would not leave that friendship  , even if that  friend does destructive acts.

8.Kel  izhukkam  kelaa  kezhuthagaimai   vallarkku,
Naal izhukkam nattaar  cheyin.

8.Those who not bother about the words  of  others about mistakes ,
By a familiar friend of theirs, would have a useful  day  when  that familiar  friend does mistakes.

9.Kedaa vazhi vantha  kenmayaar  kenmai  ,
Vidaar   vizhayum  ulagu.

9.As long as a person  having  friend   who has  familiarity  ,
Does not  leave   that friendship , would  like and appreciate  him.

10.Vizhayaar vizhaya padu pazhayaar  kan,
Panpin   thalai piriyaathaar  .

10.Those who do not  forsake familiarity  from a friend   who does a mistake  ,
Would be   even considered desirable  by their enemies.

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1960 batch of B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics of Annamalai University-An appeal for any information

1960 batch of  B.Sc (Hons)  Mathematics    of Annamalai University-An appeal for   any information.
Sought  by

      Many  of  my young friends   may not about  the Intermediaate course  after  SSLC   and  the  post graduate  Hons programme  which  was existing  about  60 years  back in  South Indian  Universities. During those   times after  ten years  study in Schools   and completing SSLC or matriculation  Examination , students desirous of  higher studies joined  Intermediate  , which was a two year course  .This was followed by   graduation  of two years  duration  or a three  year post graduate   study  called Hons. The advantage  of Hons  course  was you can save one year  of post graduate  study  and the disadvantage  was  that once  you  fail in the final examination  , you   do not get any chance   to  re appear in the exam  but become an ordinary  intermediate  . I studied INtemediate  in 1955-57 in Kerala(last batch  of intermediate  of Madras  university)  followed by  B.Sc(hons)  in Mathematics between the years  1957-60 in Annamalai University (Again the last batch of Hons  course of south Indian universities). We were  13  students  in the maths  hons class, Our Professor and Head of Department was one Dr.Ganapathi  iyer  .  All the 13 students were  extremely studious  and were  considered as Intelligent  . Yesterday  I happened   to browse through  the  My autograph  book signed  by my friends  and teachers .My memory went back   to my dear  classmates  and friends.

    Among the 13  students, there  were three  lady students and ten  male students  including me . I  was  suffering  by  poverty induced  inferiority complex   and throughout  the   three   years  never spoke a word  with my  three  lady classmates. Thogh the other ten were  my friends  ,  three of them were   close with me  . Though after 1960 when we  completed  the study we went   to different directions, me and my closest friend  kept contact with  each other  till last year when he attained the   feet of  God  last year . I am jotting the names of my classmates and What  information I remember about them.  They all must be in the late   seventies. If  any one of you  know about   any of them,   do inform me.

1.DR.D.Sundara Raman. 
            He was my closest in the class.  He  was possibly much poorer than me. His father  Doraisamy Satrigal   was a follower  and assistant of Maha  Periyavaa.When my friend showed flashes of intelligence  Maha Periyava   himself   asked one of his followers  in Chidambaram to pay his fees  and another to provide  bording and Lodging for him. Ofcourse  he insisted that  my friend should maintain a tuft. After the studies he worked for some time as lecturer  in the university itself , completed his Ph.D  , became  a mathematical expert   and  served various  universities   and settled down in USA . Any one  can read about him  in his great  essay  “I lived with God”- and also homage    to him after his death written by me

2.Smt  R.Rugmani. 
        She was an extraordinarily brilliant student and got first rank  in our batch. I understand she belonged   to Mannargudi  in Tanjore district   and was an Iyengar . After the course  , she got  married and moved   to Germany .Afterwards  I did not hear   anything about her.
3.DR.A.R Padmanabhan 
        He was another brilliant student in our class.After  working for a few years, he   went to Indian statistical Institute   and completed his  Ph.D there   and then he got a teaching job in mOnasch university Australia .He settled down in Austraila. I did contact  him about ten years back  and I do not know  his whereabouts now.
      We used to call him “lead”  because he was Pb .He belonged to Sirkazhi   , a temple town near Chidambaram .All his life he was in the teaching   section of Annamalai   university . I did meet him  some 20 years back, when I visited the  University. At that  time he said he had a daughter  living in  Bangalore .
5.Sri Muthukumaraswamy
     He was  a simple individual who some how did not jel with  higher mathematics  . Some how he  completed the course. Later  I heard that  he became prosperous  by running  a Tutorial coaching centre in Pondichery . I  heard he became   very rich and popular  because of this.
6.Sri M.Thyagarajan
       He belonged to Nagapattinam town of Tamil Nadu. After few years I heard that  he was working  in LIC  in Tanjore. Some 6  years back my friend Sundararaman told that he  had come to visit his daughter  in USA. I could not get his contact details from my friend.

7.Sri Chendur Pandian
     Mr.Pandian was my very close friend. Unlike me he was not an Hons student but a student studying for M.A.  (they joined in the second year  of the course) .He belonged to a village called THalaivan Kottai in  Tirunelveli district.Among us 13  , he was the  only married student.I vaguely rember   that his wife’s name was Kottathai . Me , Pandianm and  Sundara Raman once went  together  once  to see Kumbhakonam and Tanjavur . He was an extremely simple and jovial person .

8.Sri.N.Sundara murthy
     He belonged to averi Patnam of  Salem district and again was a  close friend of mine.He was a very good chess player    and had reached the finals of tAmil Nadu chess  tournament.  He was not able to complete   his M.A. and  after a long time I heard he was a school teacher  in one of the schools of  Salem district.

9.Smt Meenalkshi Veerappan
         She was the only student in our class   who belonged to the Nagarathar  community and belonged to a village  called  Natarajapuram. Later  I understood that she was working as a  professor in  Meenakshi college Madurai   and  was married to some gentleman who was   registrar  of Annamalai university.

10.Sister M.Scholastica,
          She was an extremely intelligent student.  In the 90s I heard that  sg he was a principal   of a ladies  college in Nagar koil.

11. Sri Sundararajan
        He belonged to Chidambaram    and was a day scholar   and I did not hear    about him after  I left Chidambaram.

        I had one more class mate   about whom  I do not remember   any thing.

All of them would be spending their evenings of life in various corners of the world and unlike  me may not be net citizens  .If any of the readers  are their children or grand children do contact me as I am very much interested  in knowing   about them,  P.R.Ramachander 

Natparaithal-80th chapter of THirukural- (Investigating a friendship)

Natparaithal-80th  chapter  of THirukural-
(Investigating a friendship)

Translated by

(The  poet is of the opinion that one should accept from  a person   only after thoroughly investigating him. Being born in a good family , being afraid of bad name, willingness to help  in time of crisis etc   are important criterian for a   suitable   friend)

1.Nadathu  nattalir  kedillai , nattapin ,
Vedillai   natpalpavarkku.

1,A man developing  friendship cannot  leave the  friendship later,
So  there is nothing   bad like  friendship without  investigation

2.AAitnthainthu  kollaathaan  kenmai  kadaimurai  ,
THanchan  thuyaram tharum.

2.The friendship  entered in to without investigation after investigation,
Would    give him sorrow that  would  cause his death.

3.Kunanum  kudimayum  kuthamum knundraa
Inanum  arinthiyaakka  natpu.

3.You should enter in to a  friendship  after investigating ,
His character, heritage , crimes and reltive and friends.

4.Kudi piranthu  than kan  pazhi nanu  vaanai,
Koduthum kolal vendum  natpu.

4.If a person is born in a good family  and is afraid,
Of possible bad name , his friendship should be sought,
By all the things   that  he may want  ,

5,Azha cholli allathu  idithu  vazhakkariya,
Vallaar  natpu  aainthu kolal.

5.You should  investigate   and search   for a  person  ,
Who would make   you cry if you do an act against the rules  ,
And would punish you  for it  and make him your friend.

6.Kettinum  undu oar  uruthi  kilainjarai  ,
Neeti   alappathu   oar  kol.

6.Even at bad times a person   has  good because of it,
For that bad time would help him measure ,
The  good qualities   of  his friend.

7.Oothiyam yenpathu  oruvarkku  pethayaar  ,
Kenmai   ore vidal.

7.The  great  salary that  one can get is  , the state,
Where  he can avoid  friendship of ignorant people .

8.Ullarkka  ullam  chirukuva  , kollarkka ,
Allal kan  aaththu  aruppaar natpu.

8.You should never  have thoughts  which reduce your enthusiasm,
And also leave friends who do not help you  in times of misfortune.

9.Kedumkalsi  kai viduvaar  kenmai  adumkalai  ,
Ullinum  ullam kedum.

9.Going away from person when he is in bad times is not friendship,
For that thought   even  while he is dying  , would  hurt  him.

10.Vizhayaar  vizhaya padupa , Pazhayaar kan ,
PaNbin   thalai  piriyaathaar.

10.Those   who do not  forget  old friends  even when they  ,
Cause problems  , would  be liked even by their friends.

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Padai cherukku-78th chapter of thirukkural- (Pride of the army)

Padai cherukku-78th chapter  of thirukkural-
(Pride of the army)

Translated  by,

(THiruvalluvar in this chapter    deals with the essential pride that   any soldier should have .When he says , hero is one who killed an elephant   with a spear  and   when he   was unable to find a spear to kill another elephant, He becomes happy to  a spear   which has gone deep in him. I wish this  chapter is made compulsory  learning to all over soldiers,)

1,Yennai mun  nillanmin  thevvir  palar  yennai,
Mun nindru  kal  nindravar.

1.Oh Enemies, do not stand  before  my leader  ,
Because  there  are many  tomb stones planted,
Over  the bodies  of those who  opposed him.

2.Kana  muyaleitha   ambinil  yanai,
Pizhaitha vel   yenthal   inithu.

2,It is better  to have a spear  which missed the aim on a great elephant,
Than having  a arrow   which has killed  a rabbit.

3.Peranmai   yenba tharukan othutha kaal,
Ooranmai   mathathan  ekku.

3,The great virility  lies in fighting  the enemy  without getting scared,
But the sharpness of virility lies in helping them when they  fall in great sorrow.

4.Kai vel kaliththodu  pokki varupavan ,
Mei  vel  pariyaa  najum,

4.A person who killed  an  elephant attacking with spear  and
Is searching for a spear  to kill another   elephant,
Would be happy to see  an enemy spear  which has entered him.

5.Vizhitha kan  vel konderiya   azhithimai  pin,
Ottandro van  kanavarkku.

5.If the   eye   which angrily   saw the enemy  closes  and opens  .
His eyes seeing  the spear thrown by the    enemy  ,
Then  it is a defeat   to the fearless  hero.

6.Vizhu pun padatha naal   yellam  vazhukkinul,
Vaikkum   than nalai yeduthu.

6. A hero  will count   the days he lived   and would consider  ,
Those  days as useless  when his face  and chest   are  not injured.

7.CHuzhalum  isai vendi  vendaa  uyiraar,
Chuzhal yaapu   karikai  neerthu.

7.Those heroes   who are  not bothered  about  their life aiming,
At fame   all over the world  wear  heroes  anklets only for beauty.

8.Urin uyir   anjaa maravar   iraivan ,
Cherinum   cheer   kundral   ilar.

8.Those  heroes    who are   not bothered   to die  ,
Would not loose their enthusiasm  even if their  king prevents   them.

9.Izhaithathu  ikavaamai  chavaarai   yaare ,
Pizhaithathu    orukkirpavar .

9. People  would not blame   that hero   who fought  greatly,
And died as per their oath , as having sought an early death.

10.Puranthaar  kan  neer malka  chakin   pin chakkadu  ,
Iranthu kol  thakkathu udaithu.

10. If a hero   dies  bringing out tears   in the eyes  of his king,

That  great death   is suitable   to be got  by begging.