Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am 70 today

The age of 70 is a middle age today. In fact in USA , they are employed and work hard at this age. But to me it is an old age. By the grace of God, I do keep up a good health till today.
Also by the grace of God, I have achieved all that I wanted in life. As a boy belonging to a poor family, my dream was to help my family to become rich. I think to a large extent I succeeded. As a scientist, my dream was to help Indian agricultural science as well as the Indian farmer. I have succeeded even here. I have published more that 150 research papers and three books, My recommendation of how to select arecanut seedlings , is being practiced by farmers for the past thirty years. My dream of developing soft ware for Indian farmers met with a resounding success. As a husband and father too I succeeded in doing what I want . When I retired in 2000, I wanted to do something to my community, my religion and people in general. My efforts lead to research on my community and establishment of the web site It also lead to to several yahoo groups and a trust called KIT (Kerala Iyer Trust) to help my community. I have translated so far 449 stotra rathnas in to English and these are available in
With help of my friends like Mr.Ravi, many of these are being published as books.
AS a grand parent I wrote several stories for children and put it in All these are being read and re read by children all over the world.
In the last 10 years , I have helped thousands of people belonging to different communities and different countries in matching horoscopes for matrimony as a social service.
All these have been made possible because of the 1000% blessings of God. I want to salute him on this occasion, Ramachander


Geetha said...

It is our pride Sir to have people like you in our community and of course our country.Keep up your remarkable and thankless service.

Geetha said...

wishing you a belated happy birthday Sir..may you live with health,wealth and prosperity.

Kaushik said...

Raja Thatha, many more belated birthday wishes. You can very well be happy at how your 70 years have panned out, if not your other accomplishments, simply the fact that so many of us the world over have become a little bit more enlightened thanks to your efforts.
My best wishes for much more good work to you thatha.
Earnestly praying for your good health and best regards.

Brahmanyan said...

Many Happy Returns Sri Ramachandran. As an elderly person I wish you a Happy Birthday and may you continues to lead a healthy and satisfied life for many more years by the blessings of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Belated Birthday wishes to you! I am glad that you have recovered from your illness and back in action! I enjoy reading your blogs and really really appreciate the work you are doing for the brahmins of this generation, who are clueless about many things.
My kids enjoy the stories you have written and the way you have explained BhagavadGita in such a sweet tone.
I hope you could add some important learnings from BhagavadGita which can be related to the "current" yugam.

Thanks a lot once again!

parudeesa said...

there is another site..
Parudeesa Matrimonial :- The largest Christian free matrimonial website,over 3000 centers in kerala

by Society of St. Vincent de Paul

raju said...

I saw the blog today only.

First of all my Birthday Wishes---(Taking today as your birthday because I saw your post today only)

Needuli Vaazga.

I belong to KI community.
I had been familiar with & KIT.

I had an opportunity to contribute an insignificant mite in one project a few years ago.Afterwards I did not see the KI .com .Now I saw it revitalised.

It is a pleasant surprise that you are the great person behind the site. I bow my head before you Sir.

I have mentioned about , in a fraternal site, when there was a need for some help for a needy community member.

As far as my brief data, about 30-33 yrs ago I had been working in one of the premier scientific institutions in our country. As the necessity of more salary was an urgent need for a poor brahmin boy with lot of priorities in family, I quit the job and joined
a slightly better paying job.(A few years now to go before retirement). It could help me in fulfilling the priorities.
God has been kind always.

After office hours I try to surf and go through brahmin/brahmin sympathetic spiritual sites in internet. That is how I came to your blog.

Thanks & Regards ,Sir.


I note to revisit your blog again.
Kindly inform if I can provide link to a fraternal site (openly or to some well meaning members in private).Pls

Kerala Brahmin said...

Thanks a lot for all of you. I always consider that I am only the instrument and I am being used by God to do what I am doing, Ramachander

seetha Hariharan said...

Dear Ramachandra Mama,

I saw all your works and i am very much touched.I am a devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan and i read all your sloka .
Happy Birthday and wish you a very happy and healthy life.

D.Nair said...

Congratulations.May god bestow on your all good health and long lifw.1000 poorna chandra darshanam labhikkattee.

You are doing a great service and helping many like me.Please keep up the good work.

Kindly visit my blog and give your valuable advises.I have given link to your blog also in one of my articles.

வடுவூர் குமார் said...

Request your wishes to me and my family Sir.