Friday, August 13, 2010

About me in a city news paper

Dhainik Jagaran has a weekly called city plus circulated free in different cities of India. It carries a write about me.Ramachander

Steeped in astrology & religion

P R Ramachander

"Astrology plays a very important role in all aspects of one's life, especially in matrimony. Even with modern day changes in perception of what is right and what is wrong, a person (mostly Hindus) regardless of caste and religion casts horoscope of the child, approaches the astrologer when he or his family faces problems, uses the medium of astrology to invoke God's blessings and verifies matching of horoscopes of the bride and the bridegroom before they marry," says P R Ramachander, a retired Principal Scientist and Head of the Division of Statistics of the ICAR research institutes.
Ramachander has been offering free service in matching horoscopes for the last ten years to a large number of people who contact him through e-mail or in person at his residence in Koramangala. Till date, thousands of people from all over the world have availed of his service. Those interested can send their horoscopes to and he will reply in a day or two. Even those who like to see him also can fix up an appointment through the same e-mail.
Learning astrology from his father at the suggestion of Murugavel, the owner of Bharath Matrimony, Ramachander started offering services for matching of horoscopes for matrimony as a free service over the internet. His customers are mainly NRIs who find it difficult to find an astrologer and even if they find one, it is also expensive to consult him. Ramachander himself has seen many people struggling and that is why he started this free service.
A Post Graduate in Mathematics, Ramachander hails from Chelakkara, Kerala. He specialised as a biometrical statistician as well as an applied geneticist and served as Head of the Division of four different ICAR research institutes in India as Head of division of Statistics. During his 36 years of service he has written about 150 research papers and three books till he retired in the year 2000.
Besides that, he has played a pivotal role in developing various softwares for the use of horticultural scientists and farmers as well. He was recognised by an institution in England as one of the top scientists of the millennium.
After retirement, he was deeply interested in bringing out the majesty of his religion to the young. As a result, he took up translation of Hindu prayers into English. The result of the work of God, got done through him is this website. So far, he has translated 500 famous "stotras" in Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi into English. Almost all the well-known "stotras" have already been translated.
Besides he has brought to light very many obscure "stotras". You can find them at Among his translations are also the Bhagawad Gita in English. Many of his translations have been published in book form and many spiritual websites have reproduced his translations. Also he has translated 21 minor Upanishads into English. You can find them at As if that was not enough, he has translated 300 Carnatic music "Krithis" from Telugu, Tamil, Sanskrit, Kannada and Malayalam into English. You can find them at Yet another hobby of his is writing stories for children with Indian background.
He has rewritten several English rhymes to suit the Indian condition and published two books, one on Rudram and another on Lalitha Sahasranamam. If you want to know all about the 65 village deities of Tamil Nadu, then see
He has also written about the temples of Kerala. You can find them at You can find many more information in several of his websites and blogs given below:For reading Raja Thatha's 77 Blogs :
For reading about rules and rituals of Brahmins:
For reading stories and rhymes for children:
For reading poems by Ramachander:;item=all
For stories illustrating Malayalam Proverbs:
Ramachander is not only an astrologer, but he is also a poet. Realising how important proverbs are in our cultural life, he has illustrated 100 Malayalam proverbs with stories and pointed out how these can be used in conversations. Ramachander is now 71 and lives with his partner in life Jayalakshmi who is his inspiration in life.
—Akshaya Deva


k v srinivasan said...

you are are a benchmark to retired people .k v srinivasan

Krishnaas said...

Good Morning and great service sir. Namaskarams.

Suresh Krishnan, Hyderabad.

Sethumadhavan said...

You are fully blessed. It is really great that you are helping thousands of people with your astrological services. May God bless you with a long life full of good health so that many many more persons can be fortunate to avail of your yeoman services.