Wednesday, November 2, 2011

After retirement hobbies- 3 stotra rathnas in English

After retirement hobbies- 3 stotra rathnas in English
During the time I was 16 till I reached 60 , I was fond of praying using several stotras. When I was studying in the university I used to get charmed by reading Sri Krishna Karnamrutham, Vishnu Sahasranamam, Lalitha Sahasranamam, Devi Mahatmyam , Dakshinamurthy stotram and so on. Though I used to read them with devotion and was happy , I thirsted to knew the meaning of what I was reading. Fortunately I could get books on some of these great stotras. Then I drifted off by getting busy in my job and problems of my little poor family which I was trying my best to raise up. From then on , till I became 60 , I used to chant many stotras but recite only few of them understanding their meaning. So one of the first job that I took up was translation of some of these stotras in to English. I was not sure that I was doing a correct job. So I took a print out and them to the Kanchi and Sringeri Mutts. Swami Jayendra Saraswathi immediately replied. The draft that I had send was over all OK. This made me little more confidant. It was at this time that I went to the second time to USA. By that time I had translated about 40 stotras which included two sahasranamams and Abhirami Andathi. Our new daughter in law helped me by teaching me the first lessons on web design. BHagyam Ramaswamy put my translation of Abhirami Andathi in his web site. Several internet friends like Achalam encouraged me for launching a web site. So my new web site of Stotra rathnas was launched under tripod
I came back to India and started putting lot of efforts for translating more and more stotras. All these were put in my own web site under Slowly and steadily this web site grew up. helped me further by putting some of my translation in their web site. An organization called Rajajinagar Bhaktha Sabha released a CD containing 260 of my translations. A young gentleman in north started a web site called for putting my translations . Sri Lakshmanan of requested me to translate 21 minor Upanishads. They also put all my translations in their web site. It was at this time that the closed all free web sites. I was worried that all my translations would be lost. One of my admirers from Hyderabad printed a few of my
Translations. A web site called from Holland allowed me to post all my translations in their web site. Giri Traders published my translations of Lalitha Sahasranam and Rudram. The Kanchi Kamakoti mutt made my translation of Devi Mahatmyam , a part of their book. who were trying to build up an encyclopedia of Hinduism, made me as one of their editors. As on today I have translated more than 600 great stotras. In few more blogs I will make a brief review of what I have done so far, Ramachander


SREE said...

Dear Raja Thatha,
I have always reffered to your blog when I needed meaning of some slokas and thank you for publishing the same. I also wish you to translate Gopala sundari kalp! Thanks and Regards,
S. Sreemahalakshmi

Kerala Brahmin said...

Dear Madam,
I have not come across this stotra. Can you please send it to me at ramya475 at hotmail dot com,