Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An appeal to Lord Krishna

An appeal  to Lord Krishna
Sri Ravi subramanyan
(Translated from Ananda Vikatan of 2-1-2013 ,page138-139, translated by P.R.Ramachander
An appeal to lord  Krishna who has not posted any message in the Facebook
You post a  message only during Ekadasi  and Gokulashtami  and then retire to sleep.
For  how long do you propose  to hear sahasranamas and Pasurams(Tamil prayers)  and lie in a trance.
Ask that  goddess Lakshmi to stop massaging your legs, read her this  facebook message  and take  some action.
In the film we thought that the comedian was joking playfully  that  you were not  to be seen and we laughed.
Truly now ,  we are not able to see  our lakes and also ponds, mountains  and  fields.
Today morning we also did not see  some of us.
When we came  to the temple  to inform you, we also found you missing.
We are  not able to understand  how all these disappeared.
Asuras  are coming and going, we are able to really see certain happenings, but we are not able to detect  any signs.
Hey , see it,
Even for this  , if you keep laughing, even the Govardhana mountain, sea  as  well as Adhisesha would  disappear  from your vision.
Do you,  who have gone up to USA  and updated  the information , not know about all this.
Does all our e mails  sent to you by us ,   go to the Spam  instead of the inbox. Are  you reading the news?
Am I talking all right?
If you are  also not there, I would turn mad.
Is this appeal  to you via  the facebook sent by me or  an animated ogre created by one with a  hoax  ID.

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