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Avani Avitta (Upakarma) Manthras for the year 2014.

Avani Avitta  (Upakarma) Manthras    for the year   2014.
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   AS per my usual practice I am    putting the Avani Avitta/Upakarma Manthras for the year 2014.  For the fourteenth year in Succession.  When I started  doing it, such Manthras were   not available  over the interne. But for the past few years   very large number of people are  putting  these  Manthras   in their web sites and blogs  .But still   very few people put the relevant  Manthras    for  Rig Vedis and Sama Vedis.  About 10000 people have made    use of my compilations last year. The Manthras   for this year are given as follows:-
1.Yajur Veda  Avani Avitta manthras  (10-8-2014)
2.Rig Vedi Avani avitta Manthras    for year 2014.
       Rig Vedis   do their Upakarma on  Sravana(thiruonam)  Nakshatram  in the month of Sravana(Chingam) , which is a must for them.  In spite of that majority of the compilations   say that their  Avani avittam is on  10-8-2014  , which occurs in Kadaka Masa. A few of them are of the opinion that it is on  7-9-2014 (Sravana Nakshtra in Sravaa Masam) ,. Please do follow     what your Guru says regarding it ,
1, Rig Vedi Avani Avitta   Manthras on 10-8-2014
2,Rig Vedi Avani Avitta   Manthras  7-9-2014.
3.Sama Vedi Avani avitta Manthras  2014(29-9-2014)
      Like all the usual years , this year  the Avani avittam   is on Ganesh Chathrthi day    for Sama Vedis.
It is given in

        I hope you would find it useful  .  Ramachander

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