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English rhymes for Schools in Kerala

 English  rhymes   for  Schools  in Kerala


(When we were little kids  , we were mesmerized by    the pretty rhymes    that were   taught to us in Malayalam class. Should we not     translate    them in to English and teach those   rhymes    to our English students in Kerala  , so that  they  grow in the culture of Kerala and not in the  culture   of the English or American children?  I have attempted to translate them . Learned people who are much better   than me can possibly translate them better  . Will some body make   this reach     the ears of Chief minister   of Kerala?)

1.Onnum onnum randu

(Here is a fascinating rhyme teaching children to do addition, and also attempts to teach  general knowledge))

Onnum onnum randu, 
Kayum kaalum randu; 
Onnam randum munnU, 
Thengayin Kan moonu; 
Onnam munnum nallu, 
Pashuvinn kaalu naalu;
Onnum nallum anchhu,
Kayyil viral anchhu; 
Onnum anchhum aarau,
Vandin kal aaru, 
Onnam aarum ezhu; 
Jnayar thingal ezhu, 
Onnum Ezhum ettu ; 
Dikkukal ellam ettu.

English equivalent

One and one makes it two,
Legs and hands are two,
One and two makes it three,
The eyes of coconuts are three,
One and three makes it four,
The legs of the cow are four,
One and four makes it five,
The number of fingers is five,
One and five makes it six,
The legs of the bee are six,
One and six makes it seven,
The days of the week are seven,
One and seven makes it eight,
And the directions round us are eight.

2.Kaale , Kaake  Koodevide?

(What a fascinating and charming rhyme . What a great concept to teach our little  babies?)

Kaake kaake koodevide
Kootinakathoru kunjundo
Kunjinu theeta kodukkaanjal
Kunju kidannu karanyeedum
Kaake kaake nee tharumo
Ninnude kayyile neyappam

English equivalent

Crow, crow, where is your nest,
Is there a baby in the nest,
If you do not feed the baby,
That baby will wail and cry,
Crow, crow, will you give,
The Appam* that you have in your hand.

*Appam-sweet pan cake .

3.Punkozhi, Punkozhi

(This    rhyme perhaps introduces  the Kerala early morn to the little one)

Punkozhi Punkozhi,
Kuvunathu  endinnu punkozhi;
Poovukal vidarum , vidarum nerattu,
Punkili padum nerattu;
Neram pulram nerattu,
Aare unarthan kuvunoo?
Cock, Cock, why do you crow, oh cock
When the sweet flowers open,
When the pretty birds sing,
And when it is the time of dawn,
Whom do you want to wake up?
4.Vaa Kutuvi
(The baby tells the sparrow  it would help him to build its nest .What a wonderful notion.)
Vaa Kuruvi,
Varu Kuruvi;
Vazhakka mel iru Kuruvi
Naaru tharam, Chakiri tharam,
Koodundakkan Koode varaam 

Come sparrow, please come sparrow,
Sit on the plantain fruit,
I will give you rope,
I will give you coconut fiber,
And I will come and build a nest for you.

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ramachandran narayanasamy said...

good post. reminds me of my old days in school and my grand parents who taught these rhymes. thank you sir.