Sunday, May 17, 2015

Raja’s dream of white mountain of north
Raja Thatha
The teacher thundered in the geography class,
There is a white mountain in the great India of ours ,
The nine year old Raja was aghast to hear that,
For he has only seen green mountains and rocky ones ,
And desired to see that white mountain of the North .
Raja not a Raja but a boy from struggling poor home ,
Could only dream about the white mountain of the North.
The giant called time , Ran with the speed of the horse,
Lillle Raja became a lad and lived in great cities ,
Within throwing distance of the white mountain,
But he was not fortunate to see that white mountain of north.
Struggles and struggles were written on his head ,
To pull himself and his family from that state ,
And so he could never even imagine the white mountain of north.
Raja became a Thatha to his sons and daughters who were grand ,
He forever thought his dream would never get fulfilled ,
But one day the angel to whom he was Papa,
Told to him , “Daddy I am going to show you the white mountain of North”
Surrounded and helped by them who loved him a lot ,
Raja Thatha has returned after seeing , the white mountain of North ,
With his mind full of glee and joy and with a dream fulfilled.


Unknown said...

Lovely pictures. Looks like you had a good time.

Raja Thatha said...

Looks Like you are going through my blogs thoroughly .I have to thank you for that .