Friday, October 3, 2008

There is no defeat

There is no defeat

Translated from Hindi

(Here is a translation of a great Hindi Poem called “Haar Nahi Hothi.” .I do not know who is the author of this work but I know that the message of the poem is universal.)

For those who try, there is no defeat ever,
Since a river can never be crossed.
Without an effort to cross it,
Even though one is afraid of the waves.

Small tiny ants that get hold of a grain,
Climb on the steep wall along with the grain,
They fall several times again, along with the grain,
But pick up the grain again and try again.
Falling never deters them from climbing,
For those who try , there is no defeat ever.

The small and tiny ants take the grain and move,
Up above the walls and drop the grain hundred times,
The belief in the mind fills our heart with hope and bravery,
Climbing and falling or falling and climbing does not deter them,
For his effort can never be wasted,
For those who try there is no defeat.

The divers, several times dive deep in to the sea,
Going and going deep they come back empty handed,
For the Pearl is not easily found in deep waters,
And the renewed vigorous effort is done due to the fact,
That every time you try ,you do not return empty handed,
For those who try there is no defeat.

Defeat is a challenge-accept it,
Examine what is the problem- improve it,
Till you get victory - forsake sleep and peace,
Do not run away - with problems in the arena,
For doing nothing- victory cannot be yours,
For those who try there is no defeat.

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