Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Which Man has a womb?

Which man has a womb?

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The food we eat,
The words that we talk,
All are meant to the baby,
When we are carrying him

I would deliver your child,
After floating in blood ,
For four to five hours,
So that he travels with you,
And puts your initials,
In front of his name.

If I request,
You would kiss me,
You would fondle and hug me,
And you would console me.

Do we give milk to the baby.
After he requests for it?

Which man has a womb,
To carry the girl,
Doing penance for a child,
To carry him in her womb.

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S. Krishnamoorthy said...

Dear Sir,
Your blog is wonderful.
Highly readable and interesting.
Provides food for thought.
My appreciation and congratulations.
S. Krishnamoorthy