Friday, March 13, 2009

Honey moon at 70

I am racing towards 70 and my better half has just crossed 60. We normally spend our days by temple hopping. For a change we went on a sponsored conducted trip to Malaysia and Singapore in the first week of February. This was our first honeymoon.
When we got married only heroines and Heroes of Indian Cinema used to go for honeymoon., According to them, the couple used to spend all the time in singing and dancing. This word is translated as “Then Nilavu” in Tamil and more Romantic “Madhu Masam (Honey filled month) ” in Malayalam. As far as I understood it was a time for the young couple to spend all the twenty four hours of the day in understanding each other without any responsibilities or day today duties. Had they been at home there would be several jobs for both of them and a huge chunk would be cut off from the honey filled 24 hours. I personally feel, that it has lost its relevance today because , understanding each other does not lead to adjustment in habits and pattern of life either by the husband or wife nowadays.
Due to not being a practice during those days, me and my wife never had any honey moon. Ofcourse over these 40 years we have understood each others angularities and have been leading a life of peace and happiness. This peace used to get broken once in a while by squabbles or violent difference of opinions. But it did not matter because we knew each other well and were prepared to adjust with each other.
During of first honey moon at 70 , though we did enjoy the sight seeing and rushing from one place to another, our mind was filled with thoughts of our daughter, son, grandson and grand daughters. When we saw some thing , we thought , how our children would enjoy it better. When we got a time of our own our thoughts raced to the well being of children.
But in spite of all these turmoil and worries in the mind, we did enjoy the time together from our lonely home , though even in our home we were alone and with each other all the time. I who am very busy with computer related activities all the time and my wife who used to be busy in group chanting of stotras and chit chatting with her friends, , found out that we liked each other’s company . Had we been not rushed by the tour operator from place to place, we possibly would have done lot of talking with each other. We would have planned out future senior citizen years , and would have discussed our future plans.
This first honey moon , made us want for more such honey moons in each other’s company , possibly at a much slower pace and with some body to take care of the hassles and arrangements for the tour, stay and sight seeing.

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rama said...

Beautifully written. I think everybody deserves a honeymoon, we are only as old as we think ourselves to be.