Monday, March 23, 2009

A son joins the father.

My father who studied only up to third standard , some time in the first decade of the twentieth centaury knew how to read and write Tamil, Malayalam, English, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada. The versatility which he showed in expressing his ideas were remarkably great. Though he was a struggling hotel worker before independence , he thirsted for the independence of his country. I as a small boy of five , knew all about the great nationalist leaders. I used to quote Verbatim, the arguments of the great lawyer called Bhulabai Desai who defended successfully the soldiers of INA against charges of waging war against their country .He slowly guided me in to the great world of knowledge and writing. He used to be very proud of his ancestors who were Shastris, musicians and astrologers of Puducode village of Kerala. He used to tell me that a branch of our family were the ultimate source of consultation on any aspect of Acharas. Possibly I did get a small bit of it from him and my ancestors. This blog was created to put my random thoughts in to the web. My next generation consists of three people, my son Ramesh Chander, My daughter Meera and my brother’s daughter Roopa. All these three learnt the art of reading, analyzing and thinking along with the cups of milk they drank in the infancy. All of them read a lot and write extremely well. I am proud to put the thoughts of my son in Raja Thatha’s blogs.Unlike me his thoughts are more modern.

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