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Upakarma/Avani Avittam-Some religious rules

XXVIII Upakarma
(Annual redemption Ceremony)

This has to be observed both by Brahmacharis and family men. It consists of two parts . Upakarma(Redemption) and Uthsarjana(learning of Vedas). These help the already learnt Vedic chants shine with great vigour. .Any actions done with such strengthened Vedic chants , would give good and better results. Due to our using Vedic cants for various purposes as well as our not being in a position to follow all the rules, make such chanting of Vedas very weak. So it is necessary to do Upakarma and Uthsarjana every year.

By the annual performance of Upakarma and Uthsarjana by the Brahmins, The power of the already learnt Vedic chants will increase.

Krishna Yajur Vedis should do it in the Pournamasya of the month of Sravana(avani in Tamil and Chingam in Malayalam.It occurs during august September) , Rig Vedis in the Sravana Nakshatra of Sravana Masa . The day should not be the beginning of the month or eclipse. Upakarma should not be done if it is eclipse or first day of the month(Solar month)

Krishna Yajur Vedis, who have learned the Taithreeya branch of the Krishna Yajurveda should do Upakarma on the full moon day of the month of Sravana. Rig Vedis should do it in Sravana (Thiruonam) star and Sama Vedis should do it in Hastha star.
For Krishna Yajur vedis , the pournami Thidhi should be there from the morning till noon.This is called Oudhayakhi.

If Pournami and Prathama join after 12 nazhigai after sun rise(called Sangha kala-4 hours 48 minutes) and before noon , that is the proper day for annual chant of Gayathri(Gayathri Japam) . If it joins before this time then previous day is Upakarma and next day Gayathri Samitha Dhanam.

4. Thidhi darpanam:-
Rig vedis should do Upakarma on the day when during sun rise Sravana star is there. Yajur vedis should do when Pournami extends beyond 4 hours 48 minutes . Sama Vedis should do it when Hastha Nakshatra extends beyond this time in month of Bhaadrapada(Purattasi/Kanni/September-October).
If the Simha Bhadrapada is not holy due to Moudya , then they (Sama Vedis) should do it in Kanya month during Krishna Paksha(waxing period of moon)
For Rik Vedis the lord of the Shaka(branch) is Guru, For Yajur vedis it is Shukra , for Sama Vedis it is Angaraka and for Atharva Vedis it is Bhudha. So they should do upakarma when the Lord of their Shakha is powerful.. If these planets are in Moudya(powerless) or when there is eclipse or when there is month beginning, Upakarma should not be performed on that day.
For Yajur Vedis, Pournami in Sravana month is important. If it is bad then they can do in Pournami of Aashada (AAdi/karkidaka/july-august) month . If that also is bad, then they should do in the Pournami of Sravana month after carrying out redemption rituals.
Rik Vedis should do Upakarma in Sravana star in the month of Sravana. If there is dosha during that period , they can do it instead on a day in the same month when Hastha star and Panchami Thidhi are together.
Shukla Yajur Vedis should do Upakarma on the full moon day of Sravana month.. If that has dosha they can do it on Sravana star of the same month or on the day when star Hastha and Panchami thidhi are together in the same month and if even that is unsuitable they can do it on the day when Hastha star is there in the Sravana month.They can also do it in the full moon day of the Bhadhra pada month. The decision has to be made based on the family custom.
Brahmacharis should do Upakarma after hair cutting. Yajur Vedis should start learning Vedas (Uthsarjanam) on a full moon day of the Pushya month. If this is not suitable they can do it in Magha(Maasi/Kumbha/ February-march) month also.

Upakarma should not be performed with wet cloths. If it is done , it is termed as Rakshasa. During Upakarma, a new sacred thread should be worn, That is Upakarma should be done with new cloths and new sacred thread by every one and in case of Brahmachari they should wear in addition a new belt, new deer’s skin and new staff.

These are taken from a book SamkshepaDharma Sasthra, Ramachander


Unknown said...


My Namaskarams. A great service to the brahmin community is being done by you by posting the Avani avittom 2009 mantras, after a long gap I will be rendering the mantras as it is for the Avani avittom .

May god bless u and us

Rajesh R

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the timely guidance. But It is incomplete and to suit other state's rigvedis, you may kindly improve on it or i request learned from Karnataka Rigvedis to supplement sri.Ramachandars guidance note. Regard.s Ramaswamy S Tarikere. Tucson, Arizona.

Anirudh said...

Respected Sir,
I have a doubt regarding vedic pronunciation. In the Grantha Lipi books on vedas (Which are unfortunately no longer in print), the ksha (क्ष) is replaced by khsha (ख्ष) everywhere, which contradicts every devanagari manuscript on Vedas I have come across. Which is the correct pronunciation? (Some how I am unable to convince myself that the age old srauta tradition of iyer community which follows grantha system could be wrong)