Sunday, October 25, 2009

A change of my home

About 3 months back me and my wife were infected by Chikungunea. We were not able to move due to very painful swollen joints. We were not able to move out of our home even to get a glass of milk. Our dear daughter leaving her two little kids drove more than one hour every alternate day to cook us food and help us to procure the necessities. The courage in my mind melted down. I suddenly knew that I simply cannot afford to live far, far away from my only daughter and only grand daughters. Coincidentally my son and family became American citizens . So I decided to lease out my humble house for rent and move to a rented house near to my daughter’s. This decision was heart wrenching for me, for I loved Ramya(the house that I built) as much as I loved my children. One of my dreams was to die one day peacefully in the lap of my Ramya. I struggled . But there seemed to be no option. Then I remembered what I preach to everybody. We are too small people to question the decision of God. Suppose he wants me to move away from my Ramya, who am I to question it. So with bleeding heart and tearful eyes , I moved to a new rented house. Many of you may not know that among all the names for e-mail Id I chose, the name of Ramya as mine.
Inspite of all that I have settled down in the new home. I am finding it as comfortable as my Ramya. But I do not love the new house. Ramya was my home but the new house is a place that I live in.


The Mendicant said...

All things will get past soon. Don't worry. I really admire your work of translating lots of shlokas from Sanskrit to English for inquizitive youth like me. Thanks a lot sir. I earnestly pray that you and your wife recover fully from Chickungunya as soon as possible. I would like to learn the Vedas and meaning of many shlokas from you, Is it possible as I stay in Bangalore?

RVR said...

I can understand the difficult decision to choose between your home and your daughter and grand-children.
God willing you will be blessed for the best as your noble deeds is indeed very great. Wishing you all the best--RVR

S. Krishnamoorthy said...

ராஜா தாத்தா!
ஆசையும் பற்றும் தாத்தாவுக்கு எதற்கு?
“ரம்யா” பிறந்தபோது இருந்ததில்லை.
நேற்று வந்தது. நாளை நடக்கப்போவது யாருக்குத் தெரியும்?
எல்லாம் நமை ஆளும் ஈசன் செயல் என்று நினைத்து ஆறுதல் பெறுவோமாக!
இன்னொரு தாத்தா

Anonymous said...

Hello Rajathatha,

Hope you and your wife have recovered well!
Fantastic is the only word that comes to mind while reading your blog. I have always wanted to know the why's and how's of religion and spirituality and what better place than your blog. My grandparents live in Palakkad and every trip of mine to Palakkad takes me back to thoughts about how the concept of Kerala Brahmins came into being. Sorry if you have already written about it. Could you please guide me?Thanks!

kalpas said...

It is wonderful and amazing to visit your blog and get the best knowledge. I would like to contact you by mail. Can I?

kalpas said...

Can I contact you Pl by email?