Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thank you God for your blessings

Thank you god for making me take birth in a poor family in Kerala. Had I not been born in such a family, I would not be what I am today.

Thank you God for being born to my parents, who though not educated in the modern sense, were intelligent, inquisitive, caring and wise people. I inherited some of these qualities from them and me and my siblings, care for others, because of this.

Thank you God for giving me an opportunity for becoming a post graduate in mathematics and becoming an applied Statistician. Because of this, I was proud to be associated with many of the findings which have indirectly helped the farmers of India.

Thank you god for being born with a younger brother, who is a remarkable genius who cares not only for his fellow beings but to me as his elder brother. Thank you God for giving me a younger sister, who in spite of everything has chosen a life to do service to Cancer patients.

Thank you God for making me marry a girl, who has sacrificed all her wishes and wants to keep me happy. But for her I would not be what I am.

Thank you God for giving me two sterling children, who like me and my siblings care for all those who suffer. I am sure that when they get older and more secure, they will spend all their energy and wealth to wipe the tears of every one in the world. They too are extremely intelligent and inquisitive. Due to all this when the time comes for me to bid farewell to this world, I will do it without any care cheerfully.

Thank you God for giving me a very efficient and a very concerned son in law and a very caring and concerned Daughter in law.

Thank you God for the very naturally intelligent and inquisitive grand daughters and grand son. I am sure you would look after them well

Thank you God for my scientific contributions and the great recognition that I got from my peers. I know with my qualification and my subject of specialization, it is you who have done it.

Thank you God for giving me ability in astrology and made me work for a social cause. When unknown children thank me for leading a happy married life, I thank you.

Thank you God for my ability to write poems in English and my deep sense of humour. Without these, I would have considered me as incomplete.

Thank you God for making me choose astrology as a hobby after retirement. Due to this, I lead a very satisfied life as I am able to help thousands of people all over the world.

Thank you God for making me do research on Kerala Iyers and launching the web site. This has now grown in to a banyan tree providing knowledge and help to the needy of my community.

Thank you God for making me translate Stotras in to English. As on today, by your blessings and grace I have translated more than 550 stotras and 350 Karnatik music Krithis written in 4 languages. When unknown people from all over the globe phone to me, I always thank you for choosing me as an instrument to do your job.
Thank you God for my innate nature of a story teller to blossom in to a great web site for Indian children.

Thank you God for whatever I am. Because of your grace and blessing I would be 71 within a few days. You have made me healthy and wealthy (without any wants) and a great human being.Once again THANKYOU GOD.


rama said...

You won't believe it, but I also thank God everyday that I know you.
Everyday when I channel Reiki to everybody you are always there in my thoughts and prayers.
Happy belated birthday to you.
Happy New year to you and your wife and your family.

Kerala Brahmin said...

Dear Friend,
Thank you for the thanks that you expressed, Ramachander

Anonymous said...

Namaskar and Pranam, I am from kolkata, and I am a Bengali kanyakubj Brahman..Recently I visited ur blog..What you wrote about the Brahmans is true..I am a journalist and we have newspaper. You can also visit my With Best Regards From-SUJAY

Rads said...

Hello Thatha, I happened to come by your blog site and thanks for such a storehouse of information. I especially enjoyed the recipes and I am going to make sure I make a copy of them for the sake of posterity.
I am from a Palghat iyer myself and try out my paati's recipes sometime from what my memory serves me.
You website states that you have taken up astrology as your hobby and mostly matrimonial matching at that. Can you please let me know if you would also consider general horoscope related enquiry ? Please do let me know.

t.p.visalam said...

namaskar and prananam, iam from ernakulam. iam from an tamil brahmin family Recently my daughter showed me your blog. i also enjoyed your recipe
i also enjoyed the sanskrit stotras.can you give me the full stotras of which i used to chant in front of nilavilakku. stotra is like.......vilakke thiruvilakke kolamudan ettivaithen, pottumitten kumkumathal................

Anonymous said...

Gratitude. That is everything. It is heartening to see your feeling of gratitude expressed right from the heart. It is indeed true how grateful we should be for what God has given us! Thank you for re-insisting that in me Sir!