Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A very happy 2011

Our dear friends,

A grand old Thatha sitting in front of his desk top.

And his great old lady sitting with the thousand great things that she does great ,

Are with happiness looking back at the road they had walked.

No doubt there were thorns , stones , pits and lions,

That made their walk difficult often times,

But having faced all of them with tears and smiles,

And now being able to take their well earned rest ,

Surrounded by their kids , kids in law and the grand kids,

And well realizing that their evening is neither hot nor cold,

They are all smiles and are praying God to give a little of their smiles,

To you , your family and your loved ones in this, Ramachander and Jayalakshmi


Anonymous said...

Raja thatha garu

Namo Namaha.

Best Wishes for the New Year.

I sincerely thank you for your terse translations on Hindupedia -- especially the Visnu Sodhasanama Stotram.

Keep pulling ignorants like me out of utter darkness and void that India seems to regale in these days.

Subham Bhooyat

chakravarti said...

Dear Sir,
I am a great admirer of your translations of Sanskrit Stotras.
I have a request to make:
Could you please post the translations of
1. Sri Shankaracharya's Lakshminrisimha Karavalamba stotram
2. Dashavatara Stotram which starts
Vedoddhara Vicharamate Somaka daanava samharane,with the refrain:
Namasmaraandanyadupaayam nahi pashyaamo bhavatarane
Rama hare krishna hare tava naama vadaami sada nrihare.
Kind regards

chakravarti said...

Dear Sir,

I have now found a translation of Karaavalamba Stotra. I would still love to see a translation of the Dashaavataara Stotra.

Kind regards


Kerala Brahmin said...

Dear Sir,
Can you sent me the dasavathara stotram so that I can attempt to translate it.Please e-mail it to ramya475 at hotmail dot com, Ramachander