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Prayers addressed to nine planets

Dear Friends,
      All of us undergo good and bad times in our life. When things do not  go as per our wish, there is a high probability that these   are caused by planets. .Planets at the time of birth indicate , the problems  which are likely to be caused by absence of wealth, bad married life, lack of children and many other such aspects. Also the period  in our life  which  a particular  planet controls our life  is  called Dasa of that planet. These dasas again determine the bad and good periods of our life depending on the  nature of the planet  and its strength.  After this  the planets keep on travelling in their course. When these reach particular  houses , they also lead to problems. A well trained astrologer would be able to find out   which planet (s)  caused a particular problem at a particular time. Once we know this information , astrologers suggest  various methods to get rid of these problems or  lessen  the impact of these problems like prayers, homas , Yanthras(Thalisman)  , gems , pilgrimages to certain temples etc. One of these is  the direct prayers  to the planets. Over years I have collected many such prayers and have  translated them.  I am listing all of them here .

1.Navagrahas (nine planets)
      These prayers are addressed to all the  nine planets    and are chanted  daily so that problems caused by all of the planets are  avoided and for beseeching all the planets to shower their grace on us.

1.Veda Vyasa’s Nava Graha Stotram  http://stotraratna.sathyasaibababrotherhood.org/n2.htm
2.Nava  Graha peeda Hara  Stotram http://stotraratna.sathyasaibababrotherhood.org/n5.htm
3.Nava Graha Stotram of Vadhi Raja Theertha http://stotraratna.sathyasaibababrotherhood.org/n6.htm

2.Surya ( also called as Ravi, Adithya, Bhaskara etc)
     He is the son of sage Kashyapa  and is  believed to ride on a chariot driven by Aruna  and dragged by seven horses. Ruby is his associated  gem stone and Lord Narayana  is the God associated   with him.  He goes through one rasi in  one month time.  The stars associated with him are Krithika, Uthram and Uthradam. People with Surya in  7, 8 and 12th rasi from Lagnam   are  requested to chant any one of these stotras on Sundays . During the months in which low scores are  there in Surrya ashta vargam , it is recommended that  one of these prayers is chanted on Sundays..

9.Trilokya mangala  Surya kavacham http://stotraratna.sathyasaibababrotherhood.org/n31.htm

3.Chandra  (Moon)
    Chandra is the God born out of the ocean of milk when it was churned. There is another story that he is the son of  sage Athri . He married 27 daughters  of Daksha Prajapathi and was cursed  for being partial to Rohini . Later Lord Shiva   wore him on his head. Shiva is his God  and moon stone/white coral are  the gems associated. The Stars associated with him are  Rohini, Hastham and THiruonam,(Sravanam) .People with moon in the 6th, 8th and 12th Rasis from Lagnam are likely to have problems. They should chant one of these on every monday

3.Kuja (Mars is called Mangal  in Hindi and Chevvai in Tamil)
         Kuja  is  the son of  Bhoomi Devi and  the incarnation of Boar  of Lord Vishnu.  Lord Subramanya is the God associated with him  and red coral  is the gem associated with him. He causes dosha when he is in first, second, fourth, sixth, eighth and twelfth houses. He  reduces the number of offsprings if he is in the fifth house.  The stars associated with him are  Mrugaseersha, Chithra and Dhanishta.  People pray him for getting married and also freedom from debts.

4.Budha (Mercury)
     Budha is the son of moon and Tara   the wife of Guru.  He is the planet governing intelligence. The God associated with him is Lord Vishnu and the  gem associated with him is Emerald.  The stars associated with him are Ayilyam(aslesha) , Kettai (Jyeshta and Revathi.  BUdha  in third and twelfth house leads   to problems of intelligence. Such people are  requested to chant one of these stotras.

5.Guru (Jupiter)
     Guru is the Guru of all Devas. He is also called Brahaspathi . He is the son of  sage Angeeras.  The God associated with him is Lord Brahma  and Lord Dakshinamurthy. The stars associated with him are   Punarvasu , Visakham and Pororattathi. When he is weak, marriage would get delayed. In third and twelfth house in the horoscope he leads to negative results. People with such problems are requested   to chant one of these stotras on Wednesdays.

6.Shukra  (venus)
    He is the Guru of all asuras.He is the son of sage Brugu(Some say he is sage Brugu himself) ,The God associated with him is the Goddess Parvathi  and the gem associated with him  is diamond. The stars associated   with him are Bharani, Pooram   and Pooradam. He also gives negative results  in third and twelfth houses. He is the planet associated with love.

7.Sani (Saturn also called Mandha)
    He is the son of sun God. Once  his  half brother threw a stone and broke one of his leg. So he can  only move slowly. He takes two and half years  to cross one rasi. The god associated with him are  Lord Venkateswara, Lord Ayyappa and Lord Hanuman. The gem associated with him is blue sapphire. When he travels  In 1,2, 4 ,6, 8 , and 12th rasis from moon, he leads to untold sufferings. It is requested that  any one of the following stotras be chanted on Saturdays during those times. His dasa which lasts up to  19 years is supposed   to result in various misfortunes.   The  stars associated with him are Pooyam, Anusham and Uthrattathi.

4.Sanaischara  dwadasa nama stotram http://stotraratna.sathyasaibababrotherhood.org/n35.htm

   Rahu is  the head portion of  the son of sage Kashyapa  and  a Rakshasi called Simhika.  He is only considered as half a planet.  Rahu in 7th and 8th house  delays marriage and in 5th house leads to less of children.  The stars associated with him are Arudhra, Swathi and Chathayam.  The God associated  is Lord Subramanya and the gem associated is Gomedhaka . Those having problems  due to him should chant  one of the following on  Tuesdays.

   Kethu is the body part of the son of sage Kashyapa and Rakshasi  Simhika. He is also considered as half planet. Kethu in 7th , 8th house is supposed to delay marriage  and in fifth house  is supposed to lead to few children.   The stars associated    are Aswathi , Makam  and Moolam. The God associated is Lord Ganapathi   and the gem associated is  Vaidoorya.Those having problems due to him should chant  one of the following  on Saturdays.


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