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Effect of doing good deeds

Effect of doing good deeds
Srivathsa Somadeva Sharma
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Every religion believes that  doing good deeds  would lead to blessing of God and  personal benefits in life. Ofcourse  this differs slightly from religion to religion.  Hinduism believes  that every one should lead a good life. This list of good deeds and  the gift that we are likely to get by doing them is given by a great Scholar  called  Srivathsa Somadeva Sarma. This material is the English translation of the information that he has given in a book called  “Stotra ChinthamanI”  published in Tamil by  Sri Surabhi Jagatguru Publications , Madras in the year 1998.Most of these good deeds are extremely easy to perform. Even if you do not believe in them, Why not try to do them and see for yourself whether they are true or not?

1.Grow a forest of Thulasi (ocimum), your sins would go away.
2.Worship a Brahmin,  your dangers  would go away.
3.Grow trees, your life in this world and in heaven would be pleasant.
4.Digging a public well or tank , would repay the loan of a son to his mother.
5.Worship of the guest, would take you to heaven.
6 . Bath for performance of a yaga or bath with  the  God in tank or river   would lead to strength and food.
7.Building a temple to either Shiva or Vishnu would ensure your place in Kailasa  or Vaikunta.
8.Sweeping and cleaning a temple  and drawing a kolam (Rangoli) there  would ensure life in heaven.
9.Thilahoma(Fire offering of gingelly along with Manthra)  would remove committed sins.
10.Reading  of Rudra, Chamaka  and Purusha Sooktha  would make you be  a Brahmin in next birth.
11.Reading of ri Suktha  would give you wealth.
12.Planting a Banyan tree , Performing Upanayana   and Pradakshina(Going round the deity)  would remove sins and give you great  luck.
13.Daily Sradham  would make Pithrus(Manes) pleased and would ensure growth of the family.
14.Observing fast   would lead to strength of the body and health.
15.Taking Pancha Gavya, would remove sins from bones and skin and would cure lunacy.
16.Feeding grass to the cow and comforting it  would lead to birth of children.


john sano said...

Very Great sir. Thank you for posting. Can you please tell me if chanting of the mantars has to be done i asan all the time to have the benefit or they can be done in any way like walking and doing some work while on foot wear ? sitting in asan is not possible for me due to less time and more chants.
Thank you

john sano said...

Hello Sir, Can you please tell if mantra japa has to be done in asan or it can be done while we walk and with foot wear on too? Many thanks