Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tharpana Sankalpams for the year 2014-2015(Jaya Varsham)

Tharpana Sankalpams for the year 2014-2015(Jaya Varsham)

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I have followed the details given in the Acharyal Madathu Panchangam. I have also given the time of change of Thithi and Nakshatra  so that people who are living abroad can also use it correctly.  Amavasva Tharpanams are supposed to be done after Madhyahneekam but by practice people do it in the early morning and go to office. Such people also see  if there is a change in  Thidhi and Dasa. As soon I get information about it, I will modify  this list. As per the Panchangam  lunar eclipses  and solar eclipses of the year  are not visible in India.  So I have not included it. I have putting this before every year for the past 13   years. I know that many more people are compiling such lists andare also putting it nowadays.  I know that  my compilation is not that necessary now but am putting it by force of habit. I am already 74   and I do not know for how many more years God wants me to do it.


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Dear Shri Ramachander, happy to see your work. Can you please take a look at www.upanishad.info and give me / us a few tips / pieces of advice? Swami Chidananda = chidananda9@yahoo.com Dr Sid Gautam and Shri Rajesh Rao (both in / near Raleigh, North Carolina) appreciate your contributions and have asked me to contact you. We would like you to contribute to our website.. - Swami Chidananda in Solan, HP (originally from Udupi)