Saturday, September 20, 2008

Babu, Shivadas and Sundararaman

In 1957 I passed out my intermediate class and much against my wishes got admission in Annamalai University near Chidambaram. Slowly the fact that I was very poor was sinking in o my mind. Unlike all other students of the university, I was not dressed according to the norms of the day. Possibly God brought Sundararaman as a solace to me. He was a son of Sri Dorai Samy of the Kanchi Kama Koti Mutt of Kanchipuram. The Acharya paid his fees and requested one of his devotes to feed Sri Sundararaman. The only condition the Acharya put was that he should maintain a tuft. Sri Sundararaman was poorer than me and we both got attracted to each other. Since I could not get hostel accommodation during the first year, I was staying in a relative’s house at Chidambaram as a paying guest. Daily after the class, me and Sundararaman used to walk home. Almost the entire year, he was the only student to whom I did talk. We became close friends.
In the next year, I got admission in the hostel. Life became more difficult. The monetary position of father was becoming bleaker. He was not even in a position to buy me the white Dhothi in sufficient numbers. I had four tamilian room mates, whom I did not like .Some Malayali students near my block used to tease me for my unseemly looks. One day an angel decided to look after me. His real name was Nalinakshan and he was studying M.A, in Social sciences. His college name was C.K.Nalina Babu. He understood that I am suffering from deep inferiority complex and used to spend a lot of time in correcting me. In those two years, not only I got rid of my inferiority complex but became a normal human being. Another of Babu’s protégé was P.Shivadas, . Babu made our life. We both were known as Babu’s kids. Unlike me, Babu and Shivadas were dressed extremely well. Both of them drove car. They had many girl friends. In fact they were extremely popular people in the hostel. I do not have any qualms in saying That , I am like this because of Babu .Babu used to call Sundararaman my wife and he used to call me Sami.
After I left Annamalai University Sundara Raman became a teacher there. He chose teaching as his profession. He went to various places and has settled down in USA as a teacher. He continues to be a great follower of Kanchi Mutt. I had last met him when he was working in Madras some 7 years back, I spoke to him over phone when I was in USA.
Babu also became a teacher in Ernakulam.I met him twice or thrice. Once I did visit him in his house, took lunch with him. At that time I saw his very pretty wife and equally pretty daughter. Later after my marriage, when things seem to be breaking down, I interacted with Babu. He bolstered my life by very encouraging words. True to his advice things did take a turn for good. Two years back, I was informed that Babu is no more by our friend Shivadas. I cried a lot. He was the elder brother, hat I never had. A true angel of God, who appeared in my life and showed me the right path. Babu, my pranams to you.
Shivadas after a stint of service as a scientist is settled down in Ernakulam. I met him last year , when he visited Bangalore. I do exchange mails with him.


Dr.C.K.Radhakrishnan said...

I very much appreciate your love and kind rememberences about Prof. C.K.Nalina Babu,who was my eldest brother.I am so happy to know the story of your friendship with my brother.
Prof. C.K.Radhakrishnan
Cochin University of Science & Technology

P.R. Ramachander said...

Babu was the God who steered my life to a meaningful one .Do you have a photo of him.If it is there please send it to me at ramya475 at hotmail dot com. I knew your brother Bharatan who was studying in Mangalore.Dr.Sivadas is my very close friend.MayGod bless you.