Monday, September 22, 2008

Political Parties

Political Parties
(published in Kalki, 31st August 2008)
Translation attempt

Political parties,
Make fun of our country,

One parties name is written in blood,
Taken from the wounds of our religion.

Film posters are pasted,
On the back of the democracy,
Talked about by Russo.

Elections are not able,
To prevent a country,
From becoming land of terrorists,

Make the camaraderie evaporate into gas.

Empty the black money,
From some where else,

A miser,
Who did not get a post,
Paints a new party flag,
Using the colours of his desire.

Tearing the screen of a cinema house,
A hero comes out with anger,
For registering a name to his political party.

People who set fire to themselves,
Drag and bring their family members,
Near the sacrificial altar of a party.

Never have flags flown at half mast,
For the people dragged away by Tsunami,
Nor the people swept away by raising waters,
Nor the people who died of starvation,
Nor those who were buried by an earth quake.

I do not want to see,
My nation’s flag,
Being defeated by any party’s flag.

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