Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mom of Dad /Appatha

Where did you Go, my mom of my dad (Appatha)
Ramya Chendhi Shanmugam, Bangalore
(Tamil poem From Mangayar Malar , September 2008)
Translation attempt
I have never even murmured a word.
When I passed by you, even at times ordinary,
When I happened to see your sunken face,
I have not even thrown a soft smile at you.

In this world of hurry bury,
In which we are drowned in our thoughts,
I have never asked from you,
Those paths that you have passed with pain or pleasure,
Nor the burden that you carried always with a smile,
Nor listened to your stories that you wanted to share.

My mind which did not bother about you,
And my body which disregarded you ,
When you called me at rarest of the times,
Are making me sad with sorrow now.

You have gone leaving all of us sad,
To the place , where no one comes back.
Even if I shout, drenching it with copious tears,
Will you be able to hear my voice now?

Why did you go away, mom of my dad?
I would be waiting for you with anxiety,
With all the love that I had for you,
For your coming again to my house.
Would you come as my daughter, mom of my dad?

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Seshadri Kannan said...

I read with interest your views on brahmins, namboodrtis ec,I undertand you were a scientist, retd. I am also scientist, nuclear agriculture, BARC, retired in 1987 and now in chennai. Agri grad 1948, ayear junior to MSS.,doctorate in Hort., worked in US. I want to write to you. If you do not mind, can you give me your email id?
Dr. Seshadri Kannan